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First Aired:
Last Aired:
Plot: In this spin-off of Sanford and Son, Fred Sanford's pal Grady Wilson has moved out of Watts and into the middle-class neighborhood where his daughter Ellie and her family resides. Hal was Grady's hard-working son-in-law, and Laurie and Haywood were his grandchildren.

Whitman Mayo - Grady Wilson
Carol Cole - Ellie Wilson Marshall
Rosanne Katon - Laurie Marshall
Joe Morton - Hal Marshall
Haywood Nelson - Haywood Marshall
Jack Fletcher - Mr. Pratt

First Aired: March 15th, 1980
Last Aired: July 10th, 1981
Network: NBC
Total # Of Episodes: 26
Plot: Further adventures of Fred Sanford. The old cast is here, except Lamont. Fred has a new partner, and a new girlfriend.

Dennis Burkley - Cal Pettie
Clinton Derricks-Carroll - Cliff Anderson
Redd Foxx - Fred G. Sanford
La Wanda Page - Aunt Esther
Margueritte Ray - Evelyn "Eve" Lewis
Nathaniel Taylor - Rollo Larson
Percy Rodriguez - Winston [ 1 ]
Sanford Arms

First Aired: 1977
Last Aired: 1977
Network: NBC
Plot: Fred and Lamont are gone, and the old Sanford house has become a hotel. Old friends Aunt Esther, Bubba and Grady are still around and run the hotel.

LaWanda Page - Aunt Esther
Whitman Mayo - Grady Wilson
Don Bexley - Bubba Bexley
Teddy Wilson - Phil Wheeler
Tina Andrews - Angie Wheeler
Bebe Drake - Jeanie


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