Happy Days: Warren "Potsie" Weber

Warren "Potsie" Weber

Warren 'Potsie' Weber

His real name was Warren Weber, but he was only ever called Potsie. The unusual moniker was bestowed on him by his mother, due to his fondness for making things out of clay as a child.

Potsie was Richie's childhood friend and the two of them attended the same schools their entire lives. Together with Ralph Malph, they were constant companions. Although Potsie was quite nerdy, he was gifted with one popular talent--a great singing voice. He provided the lead vocals for the "Happy Days" band and, in one episode, sang professionally at the Vogue Terrace Club.

Like Richie and Ralph, Potsie eventually graduated from Jefferson High School and attended the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, where he studied psychology. After college, Potsie ended up working for Richie's father at Cunningham Hardware.

The above profile is from the Nick-at-Nite site. I will be adding additional information that I have available soon. Please e-mail with any corrections or additions.

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