Mork & Mindy: FAQ

Question: How did Mork and Mindy become a television series?

It all began at the home of the shows producer Garry Marshall. His son asked him to put a man from outer space on Happy Days. Garry thought this was a good idea and created the character of Mork, an alien from the planet Ork. Mork appeared in two episodes of Happy Days.

During this time Pam Dawber was under a one year contract with ABC for a series. She had done a pilot about a street-wise nun called Sister Terri which didn't sell.

The company wanted to use both Pam and Robin so took film excerpts of Pam from Sister Terri and clips of Robin on Happy Days and electronically matched them on screen so it looked like they were talking to each other. This is how the company sold the series to the network.

Both Pam and Robin did not know they had been signed for the show. Pam found out from an article in Variety magazine.

The above information is from Sai Wong's great Pam Dawber page (found on the links section).

Question: Where can I buy Mork & Mindy memorabilia?

There are two good places that I have found. The first is the eBay auction website where you bid on items against others with the high bidder winning the item and sending the money to the auctioner. I would recommend doing a search for 'Mork', 'Robin Williams', etc. and any other search terms you can think of. The url is .

The second place that I found that sells Mork & Mindy memorabilia is . I have bought from them before and found them very reliable.

Question: Why was Mork & Mindy cancelled?

The series had continually dropped in the ratings since it was the breakout hit of the 1978-1979 season ranking tied for 3rd with Happy Days, behind Three's Company (#2) and Laverne & Shirley (#1).

Question: Where is the Mork & Mindy house located in Boulder, Colorado?

It is located at 1619 Pine Street. It's not far from the historic Hotel Boulderado, and just a few blocks from the Boulder mall area.

Question: What does Na-nu, Na-nu mean?

Goodbye in the Orkan language.

Question: Why a Mork & Mindy page?

I have been a long-time fan of the show and Robin Williams. After watching several episodes on the Fox Family Channel, I became a born-again fan. I also have several other tv pages including the show from which Mork & Mindy spun-off, Happy Days, and also pages for Diff'rent Strokes, and Gimme A Break to name a few.

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