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Lara Jill Miller

So, you think your favorite cartoon character sounds familiar? Well, you’re certainly not alone. That’s because the voice you’re hearing is very likely that of LARA JILL MILLER, the talented young actress who has gained the industry’s attention as a premier voice talent.

You’ll probably recognize her face as well. That’s because she spent 6 seasons in your living room, in perhaps her best known role on the hit NBC sit-com GIMME A BREAK. Although a stage veteran since the age of eight (she appeared on Broadway alongside the legendary Dick Van Dyke in THE MUSIC MAN), it was the role of leggy tomboy “SAMANTHA” that etched her face (and that voice!) into the minds and hearts of TV viewers everywhere.

But despite being much in demand after her series’ lengthy run, this dynamic teen was determined not to become just another casualty of the Hollywood lifestyle that had wreaked havoc on so many of her peers. Deciding it was time to ‘give herself a break’ - she was determined to finish her education.

After graduating from NYU with a degree in Politics and French (Dean’s List, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude, Varsity Tennis), she went on to obtain her JURIS DOCTOR from FORDHAM UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW - passing the Bar Exam in three states (NY, NJ & PA).

Between classes Lara continued to cultivate her passion for acting, maintaining an active theatre and voiceover career. Even while pursuing her studies, she was regularly accepting theatre offers on the east coast - the title role in JERRY FINNEGAN’S SISTER, the U.S. premiere of THE DALY NEWS, Neil Simon’s BAREFOOT IN THE PARK. She even flew as PETER PAN in the musical of the same name, leaving her law school graduation early to catch that flight to Never Never Land!

An accomplished singer, upon her return to L.A. Lara was selected to perform the role of “DOROTHY” on NPR’s acclaimed adaptation of the classic THE WIZARD OF OZ (alongside Annette Bening, John Goodman, Rene Auberjonois, and Robert Guillaume). Over the next two seasons she became familiar to kids everywhere as “KATHY” on NICKELODEON’s THE AMANDA SHOW, and in a similar stint on the NICK hit ALL THAT. More recently she could be seen in the role of “KATE WHITAKER” on GENERAL HOSPITAL. All the while she was continuing to star as “KARI” on FOX’s hit animated series DIGIMON for 3 seasons, along with its accompanying feature film.

Space doesn’t allow for a complete list of her voice credits, but Lara is excited to be voicing her two favorite roles to date: “CLIFFORD THE LITTLE RED PUPPY,” the celebrated red canine in the award-winning PBS series CLIFFORD’S PUPPY DAYS (opposite Henry Winkler as his friend Norville the bird), and the title role of “JUNIPER LEE” in THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUNIPER LEE for CARTOON NETWORK. Last, she is currently working on NICK JR's new production WOW WOW WUBBZY, playing the problem-solving, tool-toting "WIDGET."

Also listen for her as “OLIVIA” in NICKELODEON’s ALL GROWN UP (she gives Tommy Pickles his first kiss), “HARUKA” in ABC FAMILY’s DAIGUNDER and doing triple duty as “ALEJO,” “VIVIENNE” and “MIMI” in SONY’s ASTRO BOY. In addition, she voiced the roles of “WANDA” in WANDA WEST, “ELI THE ELEPHANT” in JUNGLE BOOK, “ANNE BRONTE” in THE BRONTES, and “MOUSE” in DUCK ON A BIKE - all pilots for DISNEY.

Lara is an example of how the combination of talent, perseverance and diversity can lead to long-term success. The public certainly sees (and hears) it - she has a strong fan base, and nearly every day Lara is recognized on the street, her name a frequent buzz on many popular web sites. With her solid credits and great acting chops, she will impress and delight you.

Other facts about Lara Jill Miller:

  • Lara Jill Miller, was born on April 20, 1967 in Allentown, Pennsylvania where she grew up and attended school. Both her mother and father sacrificed a lot to help their daughter become a successful actress at a young age. Lara's parents started her acting career in dinner theatrics when she was very young.

  • In 1981 at the age of 14, Lara landed the part of Samantha Kanisky in the comedy sitcom, "Gimme a Break!". Lara and her mother, Lois Miller, moved out to Hollywood, California leaving behind her father and two sisters in out east in Pennsylvania. In "Gimme a Break!", a Black housekeeper named Nell inherited three girls: wild ditzy one, Katie, there was a smart levelheaded one,Julie, and finally Samantha or "Sam", the youngest and cutest one of all.

  • Lara Jill attended William Allen High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

  • Lara Jill Miller appeared on the $100,000 Pyramid game show. She played from August 10, 1987 to August 14, 1987 with Harry Waters Jr.

  • She also appeared in a wood care and an acne cream commercial a few years later.

  • Lara Jill has a Phi Beta Kappa key.

  • She skipped her law school graduation so she could play Peter Pan on stage.

  • Lara Jill has 2 older sisters named Sharon and Cindy.

  • She is not married and has no children. She has a boyfriend since 1996 named Reed Armstrong. He is an actor.

    Lara Jill Miller Filmography

    TV/Video Games/Films:

    The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005-present) as Juniper Lee, Additional Voices
    Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge (2005 Video Game) as Dinky Juju
    Psychonauts (2005 Video Game) as Milka Phage
    Zatch Bell! (2005) as Koko, Additional Voices
    Ever Quest II (2004 Video Game)
    Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams (2004 Video Game) as Dinky
    Rave Master (2004) as Haul
    Phantom Brave (2004 Video Game) as Castille (uncredited)
    Astro Boy (2004) as voice of Alejo
    Clifford's Puppy Days
    (2003-present) as Clifford
    Astro Boy (2004) as voice of Alejo
    Daigunder (2003) as voice of Heruka
    Argento Soma (2003) as voice of Second Lt. Sue Harris
    Digimon Tamers (2001) as voice of Nami Asagi
    Digimon: The Movie (2000) as voice of Kari Kamiya
    Digimon: Digital Monsters (1999) as voice of Hikari 'Kari' Kamiya/Yagami (1999-2001 / Season 1 and 2) and Nami Asagi (Season 3)
    Scryed (aka s-Cry-ed) as voice of Scheris (Sherrie)Adjani
    Vampire Princess as voice of Miho
    Touch and Go (1986 movie) as Courtney
    Circus of the Stars #10 (1985) as Performer-Juggler
    Gimme a Break! (1981-1987) as Samantha Kanisky (Seasons 1-5, episodes 113-114 and 133-134)

    Notable Guest Appearances:

    Megas XLR as Kelly (voice, 11/27/04 - Thanksgiving Throwdown) Grim & Evil as Girl/Kid C (voice, 07/30/04 - Which Came First?/Substitute Teacher)
    All Grown Up as voice of Olivia (episode: Fear of Flying, 2004)
    Higglytown Heroes as Wiki/Tini/Higglyhune (voice) (episode: Higgly Islands)
    Rocket Power as Girl (voice, 11/29/02 - Beach Boyz and a Girl/X-treme Ideas)
    Digimon: Digital Monsters as Miss Asajli (05/18/02 - Shadow of the Beast King)
    Static Shock as Teen Girl #2 (voice, 02/02/02 - Power Play)
    General Hospital (2002) as Kate Whittaker (2 episodes - 01/04/02 and 01/08/02)
    The Mummy Nanny as Little Girl (voice, animated)
    Uncle Gus as Gwennie (voice, animated, pilot)
    The Amanda Show (2000-2001) playing the production assistant Kathy (13 episodes on Nickelodeon)
    All That (2000-2001) (2 episodes, recurring)
    Chicken Soup for the Soul as The Teacher (01/25/00, with Ed Asner - 14 Steps/Damaged Goods/Ballerina Dreams)
    Mathnet playing Terri in episode: "The Case of the Masked Avenger" (episode # 3.6) 1990


    The Music Man as Amarylis (June 1980, opposite Dick Van Dyke at age 13)
    The Daly News
    Jerry Finnegan's Sister
    Barefoot in the Park as Corey Bratter
    Peter Pan
    Spiders (2000) as Annie


    blemish cream company
    wood care company
    Kit Kat


    100 Greatest Kid Stars (2005, VH-1)
    PBS' award-winning "NAGS"
    Sang in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1983 or 1984
    TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes (with Kari Michaelson and Lauri Hendler)
    Circus of the Stars as a Performer (1985, Special #10)
    Star Games
    (with Lauri Hendler and Telma Hopkins - 1985)
    $100,000 Pyramid game show - August 10, 1987 to August 14, 1987 with Harry Waters Jr.
    Super Password (with Bert Convy as the cost and Marty Cohen as the other star)
    Sang National Anthem at Dodgers game on June 8th, 2000
    The Wizard of Oz as Dorothy (audio theatre for The Children's Museum of Los Angeles, National Public Radio Special)
    Adiboo's Discover Series as Adiboo (voice, video game)
    The Ninja Turtles as April (voice, Pilot Presentation, Warner Brothers)
    Balder's Gate as Girl (video game)
    Static Shock! as Girl
    Digimon Tamers as Jenny
    E! Child Stars of the 80's (2002 - interviewed)
    E! True Hollywood Story: Gimme A Break (2003 - interviewed)

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