Happy Days: Launch Transcript

ERIN MORAN (Joanie Cunningham), MARION ROSS (Mrs. "C"), TOM BOSLEY (Mr. "C") and CATHERINE SILVER (Jenny Piccolo)
Live from the Starlight Diner in New York City
September 17, 1996

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OnlineHost: Your host today is AOLiveMC10 (Rusti I).

OnlineHost: Thanks for coming to Nick at Nite's Online Happy Days Launch Party. Tonight you'll have the chance to chat with "Happy Days" stars like Erin Moran, Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Pat Morita & more! Don't be a nerd, stick around 'til 9pm ET!

AOLiveMC10: Good evening, NICKitti!

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: Hi everyone out there! The party atmosphere is great here! I'm very excited to be here with my idols from HAPPY DAYS! So, without further ado...

AOLiveMC10: Our Happy Days guest is Erin Moran, who played Joanie Cunningham.

AOLiveMC10: Send in your questions for Erin Moran now.

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Hi. Glad to be here. I hope everyone's doing great out there. I'm here to talk to you.

AOLiveMC10: We're glad to have you on AOL Erin. Ready for some questions?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Sure. Go ahead.

AOLiveMC10: Here's our first question:

Question: Was it really you doing the hula hoop thing

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Yes, it was.

Question: how did it feel to grow up on TV?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Wonderful. A little hard only because I see my age so well.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: She does not look old at all. She looks GREAT!

Question: Is it true that you hated playing Joanie? Why?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: No, it's not true. I only had a hard time with my other family. But that's all done and over. And the future is much brighter than ever before.

Question: Are you glad Happy Days is showing again?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Yes, very glad. Because everyone can experience and see what they should with the great values and morals that HAPPY DAYS provides.

Question: What do you do now that you're not acting?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Well, I just did a movie..a cameo on a film called...DEAR GOD, directed by Garry Marshall, and hope to do more movies and maybe a play or two, whatever...and maybe get my singing career going.

Question: How did you come into acting?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: My mom had a friend...that had a friend...that was just starting out as a child's agent. I went and interviewed with her. She liked me. She thought I had potential. I signed up with her...and the first interview I went on, I got! And worked ever since.

Question: Do you feel like you were left out of the show?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Yes, at one time I did. Because I loved it so much and wanted to be with everyone so much...but at that time...the guys were more important and...that's where they wanted to base the storyline of HAPPY DAYS.

Question: Erin how was your relationships with the other actors?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Excellent! They're the most loving...wonderful...positive...people I know.

AOLiveMC10: We have time for one more question for Erin Moran.

Question: What was your favorite episode?

HpyDysStar: ERIN: There's not one...there's a few...but I'd have to say...I'm not sure the name...but it was with...Suzie Quatro when I wanted to be a Suede. And the other one...would be...the one where Marion tries to tell me about the birds and the bees. And I help her out. And tell her...that "oh yeah...it was my SEX talk."

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: Sorry for the delay with the LEATHER TUSCADERO answer...we were just reminiscing. (or however you spell it). Signing off for now.

AOLiveMC10: Thanks for being with us Erin Moran.

HpyDysStar: ERIN: Keep watching the show. Thank you for being there for me.

AOLiveMC10: Back to you NICKITTI.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: I'm almost in tears...and so is Erin. Marion Ross is just getting ready to sit down, so get your questions ready!

AOLiveMC10: Our Happy Days guest is Marion Ross, who played Mrs. C.

AOLiveMC10: Send in your questions for Marion Ross now. Welcome to AOL Live, Marion Ross.

HpyDysStar: MARION: We're thrilled that Nick at Nite has brought us back...and this is the perfect time for us to have this reunion with everyone. It's a real compliment to see how valued the show is.

AOLiveMC10: Here's our first question for Mrs. C.

Question: What have you been up to???

HpyDysStar: MARION: I've just made a wonderful movie...it is the continuation of TERMS OF ENDEARMENT with Shirley MacClaine and Jack Nicholson.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: I can't wait to see it!

HpyDysStar: MARION: It'll be coming out this Christmas and it's called...THE EVENING STAR. It's going to be the big picture of the year for Paramount.

Question: Did you have a favorite Happy Days episode?

HpyDysStar: MARION: I love the one where I dance the tango with the Fonz...and seeing it now I was screaming to see how well I danced with Henry Winkler.

Question: Marion, did you ever get tired of all those dresses?

HpyDysStar: MARION: Actually, I took that blue linen dress with the white collar and cuffs. And I took it home when the show closed. I can't fit in it now. ;-)

Question: What do you miss most about H.D.?

HpyDysStar: MARION: We don't really miss it because the cast stays very much connected...and we can see it rerunning somewhere all the time.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: Nick at Nite Nick at Nite

Question: Marion--how did you get your start? Have you done lots of theatre?

HpyDysStar: MARION: One thing -- I want to thank Barry Greenberg for bringing us all here. We think it was just genius how they found all those Cunningham people.

HpyDysStar: MARION: Back to the question. I came from Minnesota to San Diego...I went to San Diego State College...acted in The Globe Theater there. Was under contract to Paramount when I was 22. Paramount is my home in a way...11 seasons with HAPPY DAYS...the series BROOKLYN BRIDGE...and now THE EVENING STAR.

Question: Do you think there will be a reunion?

HpyDysStar: MARION: We did the reunion show about 5 years ago...and it was very emotional for us all...we haven't seen each other because everyone's working so hard and so successful.

Question: Who was more fun to work with Ron or Henry?

HpyDysStar: MARION: Oh...Jerry Paris was the one who was fun! He filmed all of these crazy little gags... We spent a lot of time inventing these gags. Well, my kissing the Fonz on the mouth was a gag...and we didn't tell the rest of the cast...or the producers...

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: I remember seeing the outtake on the reunion show a few years ago.

Question: How did you like playing Mrs. C?

HpyDysStar: MARION: I loved being Mrs. C...it was like playing house...I'd come to work to rest up from raising my children...and running my career.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: We're only ready for one more question.

Question: what was Henry Winkler like?

HpyDysStar: MARION: Oh Henry was the greatest and he was so different from the Fonz...But anywhere I went...I went to Nice, France...like the Cannes film festival...Henry was made the Chevallier of France...and was given a medal from the government. He makes an absolutely wonderful ambassador to the world.

AOLiveMC10: Thanks for being here on AOL, Marion Ross.

HpyDysStar: MARION: Thank you.

AOLiveMC10: Back to you NICKITTI.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: What a sweet, nice person! I am loving my job right now. Everyone is circling Pat Morita, who is sitting down right now.

AOLiveMC10: Our Happy Days guest is Pat Morita, who played Arnold.

AOLiveMC10: Send in your questions for Pat Morita now. Welcome to AOL, Pat Morita.

HpyDysStar: PAT: Hi folks! Ba ha ha ha ha ha ha...

AOLiveMC10: Here's our first question for Pat Morita.

Question: Why did you end up leaving Happy Days?

HpyDysStar: PAT: I didn't, I weren't, I stopped...I was invited to do a show of my own called MISTER T & TINA...and the only mistake I made was...not covering myself so I could come back to HAPPY DAYS if the new show failed.

Question: I really enjoyed growing up with Happy Days. What was your favorite memory while doing the show?

HpyDysStar: PAT: My favorite memory was doing the show...and meeting a lot of nice young ladies.

Question: What have you been up to?

HpyDysStar: PAT: I've been up to having a new life with my new young bride...who tells everyone she was waiting for me to grow up.

Question: What was it like going from Happy Days to Karate Kid?

HpyDysStar: PAT: A long time...

Question: Hey Pat...can you really fry a good leg of chicken?

HpyDysStar: PAT: Ba haha hah hahahahahahahaha...Of course, I can't.

Question: Pat what was your favorite episode ?

HpyDysStar: PAT: My favorite episode was...the first time I appeared on HAPPY DAYS...it was a two-parter called... FEARLESS FONZIE...that's the one where he jumps over a dozen garbage cans...and Arnold is trying to push chicken wings...which were lousier than his hamburgers.

Question: Did you like being with the kids?

HpyDysStar: PAT: I'm still a kid. I will be forever the world's oldest kid.

Question: What was it like playing with the Fonz?

HpyDysStar: PAT: Well, the Fonz and I never really played around too much because...he was busy flying and...Arnold was busy frying...Ba haha hah ahahahahahahahaaa.

Question: Does it seem like it's been almost 13 years ago?

HpyDysStar: PAT: No. Because...as I said in an answer to an earlier question...I probably will always be a 13 year old....and I hope it will always stay that way for the next 13 years...Ba ha ha ha hah ha ha ha!

AOLiveMC10: Unfortunately, that was our last question for Pat Morita. Thanks for being here, Pat Morita.

HpyDysStar: PAT: Thank you for having me. Ba ha ha ha ha ha.

AOLiveMC10: Back to you, NICKITTI.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: Here's comes Tom Bosley...It was hard to tell Pat to leave...he had such a great time.

AOLiveMC10: Our Happy Days guest is Tom Bosley, who played Mr. C.

AOLiveMC10: Send in your questions for Tom Bosley now. Welcome to AOL, Tom Bosley.

HpyDysStar: TOM: Hello. It's a pleasure being here. This is the first time that I have been online. And although the print is small...I'm sure I will enjoy it.

AOLiveMC10: Here's our first question for Tom Bosley.

Question: Tom...did you ever jokingly, off camera of course, call Ron Howard "Opie"?

HpyDysStar: TOM: No, I may have called Ron a lot of things off-camera but I never called him OPIE...and I think the main reason..is that I never saw the show...until after I met Ron.

Question: Tom - what was your fav. episode?

HpyDysStar: TOM: I had several favorite episodes...but I think I will always remember the last one...the final show. Which to me...seemed to wrap up all that we tried to accomplish...in the 11 years that we were on TV. We didn't take bows. We didn't do curtain calls. The audience didn't applaud us individually. And we just said good-bye and thank you for all that the audiences everywhere had done for us.

Question: What happened to your "son" Chuck?

HpyDysStar: TOM: The first 39 shows...were done with one camera... which in a way...is like shooting a fast film. At the end of that time...Fred Silverman...who was the head of ABC...realized the importance of expanding...the character of Fonzie...as well, as wanting us to do the show...three cameras in front of an audience.

HpyDysStar: As a result, Garry Marshall...realized that we could not develop enough material...to make Chuck...a viable character in the show. We didn't kill him...We didn't hide him...We more or less ignored him...and when the audience would ask Garry Marshall...Whatever happened to Chuck...He would reply...Chuck is on a twelve year scholarship at the University of Outer-Mongolia.

Question: Has it been hard for people to accept you in other roles?

HpyDysStar: TOM: I have been very fortunate that people have remembered me for various roles that I have done...and I am often called HI, FATHER DOWNLING...as well as...HI, MR. C.

Question: How did you like playing Mr. C?

HpyDysStar: TOM: I enjoyed it very much...We developed a total family relationship...that gave each and every one of us...a second family that spent...5 days a week together. I must admit...it was easier being a father...to the HAPPY DAYS kids...with scripted material...as opposed to making up the real words...in dealing with whatever problems there were...that had to be answered with my own children.

Question: Do you have a favorite character(other than Mr. C if he's your fave)??????

HpyDysStar: TOM: I truly enjoyed playing FATHER DOWLING...in that mystery series...it gave me the opportunity to be more than funny. And the idea...of finally having my own show...was most rewarding.

HpyDysStar: I look forward to the opportunity of creating even more characters and I hope that I am able to please my audiences as well as they have accepted me in the past.

HpyDysStar: I have to go now...and I want to thank all of you for taking the time to question me online. And I thank you for the wonderful way...in which you have all responded to the resurrection...of HAPPY DAYS.

AOLiveMC10: Thank you for being here, Tom Bosley.

AOLiveMC10: Back to you, NICKITTI.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: If only you could hear his voice too. Catherine Silvers is here now.

AOLiveMC10: Our Happy Days guest is Catherine Silvers, who played Jenny Piccolo.

AOLiveMC10: Send in your questions for Catherine Silvers now.

HpyDysStar: Hi. Glad to be here. Anybody want to chat?

AOLiveMC10: Welcome to AOL, Catherine Silvers.

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: Hi.

AOLiveMC10: Here's our first question for Catherine Silvers.

Question: Jenny, do you think you bear any sort of resemblance to NICKITTI?

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: YES! Big time -- Major!

Question: What was it like playing Jenny Piccolo?

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: It was the most fun thing I've ever done in my life.


HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: I loved it. It was a lot of fun...Jenny Piccolo was a riot.

Question: What's your favorite episode?

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: This is the HAPPIEST moment of my life.

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: The one my father did...and the one where I married the Fonz.

Question: Did you really like Fonzie?

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: Henry Winkler is a lovely man.

Question: Where have you been since the show? You're so funny.

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: I left the business for 10 years to go to college...got married and had two kids. Now I'm back. I co-starred in Sgt. Bilko - the film...and two series...TOO SOMETHING and CLEGHORNE on the WB. I'm doing the Fox Christmas movie-of-the-week.

Question: How did it feel to play a role that was talked about for several years before being seen?

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: Frightening. No less.

Question: Do you stay in touch with Erin Moran?

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: I had not spoken to her in 13 years...and on this trip...press tour I must say...we have met once again...and I love her as I did before.

Question: How much of an influence did your dad have towards your acting?

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: Everything. All of it--and more. Thanks from Jenny Piccolo.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: This was amazing. Thanks to everyone who joined us.

AOLiveMC10: Thanks for being here, Catherine Silvers.

HpyDysStar: CATHERINE: Thank you.

HpyDysStar: NICKITTI: Don't forget to visit us to talk about HAPPY DAYS in Nick at Nite TV Land Online!

AOLiveMC10: Thanks NICKITTI and all our Happy Days stars. And thank you to our audience members for being here.

OnlineHost: Copyright 1996 Nick at Nite; licensed to America Online, Inc.

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