Gimme a Break!: Pictures 2

This section contains cast photos, individual cast member photos, etc. Please e-mail if you have any additional photos for inclusion on this page. Click any of the thumbnails to see the larger, clearer image.

Gimme a Break! cast Miller, Carter, Michaelson, and Lawrence Hendler, Miller, Michaelson, and Lawrence Nell Carter Kari Michaelson in TV Guide

Telma Hopkins Nell Carter autograph TV taping tickets (front) TV taping tickets (back) TV Guide ad - 10/29/81

TV Guide ad - 11/5/81 TV Guide ad - 11/19/81 TV Guide ad - 2/11/82 TV Guide ad - 2/18/82 TV Guide ad - 3/25/82

TV Guide ad - 5/5/82 TV Guide ad - last of the 1st season TV Guide ad - 10/2/82 TV Guide ad - 10/9/82 TV Guide ad - 11/6/82

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