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Gimme a Break! by Mark Sinacori

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the 1987-1988 season

Remembering Glenlawn (Part 1)
Remembering Glenlawn (Part 2)
Getting Adjusted
Reunion Blues
Joey's Problem
Mama Mia!
The Sam Scam
It's Christmas Time Again
Simpson Speeds
Addy's Admirer
Grandpa Robs Again
Try and Try Again (Part 1)
Try and Try Again (Part 2)

the 1988-1989 season

Nell's Diner
The Boss Who Knew Too Much
Fire the Turkey
Sam's First Date
Santa Gauze Is Coming To Town (Part 1)
Santa Gauze Is Coming To Town (Part 2)
Be My Valentine
The New Yorkians Visit
Mama Moves In
Mama Gets Married
Joey's Report Card
We're In Disneyland (Part 1)
We're In Disneyland (Part 2)

the 1989-1990 season

My Boyfriend Lives Upstairs
A Blast From The Past
Tim's New Job
Flames Of Destruction
Matthew's Mistake
I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas
Dream On
Let The Games Begin
Hello Grandpa My Old Friend
Addy's Date
Ex-Lovers Reunite
Graduation Day (Part 1)
Wedding Bells and Blues (Part 2)

the 1990-1991 season

The Call Of Death
Joey's Choice
Matthew's Dream
Deck The Halls
Nell's New Job
Matthew's Friend
Joey The Man
Matt's The One
Joey's Lesson
Nell's Addiction
Sam's Wedding (Part 1)
A Best Friends' Wedding (Part 2)
What More To Expect! (Part 3)

What More to Expect by Mark Sinacori

cast information
The Fourth Grade Felony
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
Dreams Can Come True
No Time For Nell
Angie's Kids
Sam's Promotion
Questions And Answers
Vikki's Game

Gimme A Break by Larry J. Hall

Gimme A Break in Matt's All Folks!
Gimme A Break in Joey's Combo
Gimme A Break in Super Stardom

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