Gimme a Break!: Episode Guide 

137 episodes of Gimme a Break! were made during the show's 6 seasons. The listing below is the production order (the order the episodes were originally made, and not the original airdate order).

Season 1 (1981-1982) (19 episodes)

1. Katie the Crook (original airdate: 10/29/81)
Katie is arrested for shoplifting.

2. A Good Man is Hard to Find (11/05/81)
The chief tries to improve Nell's love life.

3. The Second Time Around (11/21/81)
A high-school sweetheart re-enters the chief's life.

4. Do or Diet   (11/26/81)
    Nell and the chief go on a diet.

5. Mom's Birthday (11/19/81)
The girls ignore their late mother's birthday.

6. A Man in Nell's Room (12/03/81)
The chief objects to Nell's overnight guest.

7. Your Prisoner is Dead (12/10/81)
The chief is forced to shoot a robber.

8. Julie's Rejection (12/17/81)
Julie tries for membership in an exclusive club.

9. Julie's First Love (1/7/82)
Julie meets the boy of her dreams.

10. Nell's Ex (01/14/82)
Nell's charming former husband visits.

11. Katie the Cheat (01/21/82)
Katie asks Julie to take an exam for her.

12. The Emergency (02/04/82)
The chief learns Katie is practicing birth control.

13. Nell Goes Home (02/11/82)
Nell's father suffers a heart attack.

14. Samantha Steals a Squad Car (02/18/82)
Neglected Samantha takes off in her father's car.

15. Grandma Fools Around (02/25/82)
Grandpa learns Grandma had an affair 40 years before.

16. Hot Muffins (03/11/82)
Katie's singing group is offered a job in Hollywood.

17. Sam's Affair (03/18/82)
Samantha mistakenly believes she is pregnant.

18. The Robbery (03/25/82)
The Kaniskis come home to find burglars at work.

19. An Unmarried Couple (04/04/82)
Katie's pregnant friend appears on the doorstep.

Season 2 (1982-1983) (22 episodes)

20. Grandpa's Visit (10/23/82)
Havoc results when Grandpa comes for a visit.

21. Nell Goes to Jail (10/02/82)
Nell takes on the telephone company.

22. Brother Ed and the Hooker (10/09/82)
The chief learns his brother's date was a prostitute.

23. Sam's Imaginary Friend (10/16/82)
Samantha won't admit an imaginary friend isn't real.

24. Sam Faces Death (12/04/82)
Samantha is terrified when the chief is injured.

25. Take My Baby, Please (10/30/82)
Katie's friend wants to give her baby up for adoption.

26. Porko's (11/06/82)
Nell learns a secret about her diet group's founder.

27. The Chief's Gay Evening (11/13/82)
The chief learns one of his officers is homosexual.

28. Katie Steals Julie's Jock (11/27/82)
Julie and Katie clash over a football player.

29. Nell Goes Door to Door (12/11/82)
Nell falls for a get-rich-quick scheme.

30. Love Thy Neighbor (12/18/82)
Nell takes a neighbor to court over her dog.

31. Love, Kidney (01/06/83)
The chief learns his brother needs a new kidney.

32. Glenlawn Street Blues (03/10/83)
Samantha spends a day at the police station.

33. Julie Smokes (01/13/83)
The chief is angry to learn one of the girls smokes.

34. The Centerfold I (01/20/83)
The chief fires a woman officer who posed nude.

35. The Centerfold II (01/27/83)
The chief must reinstate the officer he fired.

36. The Custody Suit (02/10/83)
The girls' aunt challenges the chief for custody.

37. The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls (02/18/83)
Nell recounts the formation of the Doo-Wop Girls (with the Pointer Sisters).

38. Eddie Gets Married (02/24/83)
Uncle Ed has second thoughts about marriage.

39. Grandpa Robs a Bank (03/03/83)
Grandpa is mistaken for a bank robber.

40. Nell Gets Sick (05/05/83)
Grandma helps out when Nell is taken ill.

41. Nell and the Kid (04/28/83)
Nell helps a girl caught shoplifting.

Season 3 (1982-1983) (22 episodes)

42. The Way to a Man's Heart (10/13/83)
Nell is attracted to a man in her diet group.

43. Joey (Part 1) (10/27/83)
Nell takes in 6-year-old con artist Joey.

44. Katie's Commitment (10/20/83)
The chief forbids Katie to date an older man.

45. The Groupie (09/29/83)
Julie tries to meet singer Andy Gibb.

46. Joey (Part 2) (11/03/83)
Nell wants Joey to be her foster child.

47. Grandpa's Rebellion (12/08/83)
Grandpa objects to moving into the Kanisky house.

48. The Mayor (11/10/83)
The mayor's price for a new squad car is Nell.

49. Nell's Friend (12/01/83)
Nell's high-school nemesis (Telma Hopkins) returns.

50. Herbie (01/05/84)
Samantha becomes depressed over the meaning of life.

51. Melissa (11/17/83)
The date Nell finds for the chief used to be a man.

52. James Returns (01/12/84)
Nell learns her former husband has remarried.

53. Samantha's Protest (01/19/84)
Samantha protests a historic school's demolition.

54. Kanisky Christmas (12/22/83)
Nell wants everyone home for Joey's first Christmas.

55. Valentine (02/09/84)
Nell gives advice to everyone in the Kanisky household on Valentine's Day, but her advice turns out all wrong.

56. Flashback (01/26/84)
Nell recalls how she joined the Kanisky household.

57. The Big Apple (Part 1) (02/16/84)
Nell and Addy find trouble in New York.

58. The Big Apple (Part 2) (02/23/84)
Nell and Addy become part of a drug bust.

59. Knock Three Times (02/02/84)
A post hypnotic suggestion causes trouble for Nell.

60. Katie's College (03/15/84)
Katie wants her own boutique. Guest: Whitney Houston

61. Class of '84 (05/03/84)
Nell is accused of cheating in night school.

62. Rodeo (03/08/84)
Grandpa becomes ill after taking Joey to a rodeo.

63. The Center (04/19/84)
Teens invade the Senior Citizens' Center.

Season 4 (1984-1985) (25 episodes)

64. Nell's Birthday (10/13/84)
Nell is depressed about turning 33.

65. Daddy's Little Girl (11/17/84)
A man Nell met has a surprising connection to Addy.

66. New Orleans (Part 1) (09/29/84)
Joey sees his father in New Orleans.

67. Joey Goes to New Orleans (Part 2) (10/06/84)
Nell fears she has lost Joey to his father.

68. Grandpa's Secret Life (10/20/84)
A father insists Grandpa marry his daughter.

69. Sam's First Love (10/27/84)
Samantha's boyfriend takes advantage of her family.

70. Who Dunnit? (11/03/84)
Nell has an odd encounter with singer Ray Parker Jr.

71. Breakdance (11/10/84)
Joey secretly helps Katie raise cash for a boutique.

72. Baby of the Family (12/08/84)
Nell forbids Samantha to go on a camping trip.

73. Carl's Delicate Moment (11/24/84)
The chief is accused of sexual harassment.

74. T.V. or Not T.V. (12/15/84)
Nell thinks the family watches too much television.

75. The Answering Machine (01/12/85)
Nell's beau takes a business trip with another woman.

76. Julie's Lie (12/01/84)
Nell learns Julie lied about her skiing trip.

77. Spirit of Christmas (12/22/84)
Addy and Nell spend an early Christmas together.

78. Grandpa's Will (01/05/85)
Consulting a lawyer about a will upsets Grandpa.

79. The Gift (01/19/85)
Nell is robbed on the way to a gala ceremony.

80. Alabamy Bound (Part 1) (01/26/85)
Nell's sister wants their mother to live with Nell.

81. Alabamy Bound (Part 2) (02/02/85)
Nell considers having her mother live with her.

82. Earthquake (02/09/85)
Nell and a deaf woman become trapped in a basement.

83. Monkey See, Monkey Do (03/30/85)
The chief's rigidity causes everyone to move out.

84. The Lookalike (02/16/85)
Nell's plans for Sammy Davis Jr. to perform go awry.

85. Cat Story (02/23/85) (this episode was shot before a live studio audience and was aired live on the East coast)
Simpson, believed drowned, has left Nell $5,000.

86. Police Mamas (or Police Mommas) (03/23/85)
Addy and Nell are deputized when the police fall ill.

87. Friendship (05/04/85)
Angry at Addy, Nell finds a new best friend.

88. Julie's Birthday (05/11/85) (this is Dolph Sweet's last episode, he died shortly after the filming of this episode)
Julie's 18th birthday brings a big surprise.

Season 5 (1985-1986) (24 episodes)

89. Joey's Train (09/14/85)
Joey's toy train awakens memories of the chief.

90. So Long, Jonathan (10/26/85)
Jonathan is asked to go on an archaeological dig.

91. Ship of Fools (Part 1) (09/21/85)
Nell takes a job with Tony to pay the mortgage.

92. Ship of Fools (Part 2) (09/28/85)
Nell discovers Tony has wed her teen-age niece.

93. The Man From Zoron (10/05/85)
A man who saved Joey's life claims to be an alien.

94. Mama (11/02/85)
Mama Maybelle undergoes a cataract operation.

95. Addy's Goodbye (10/19/85)
Nell is furious after she learns Addy lied to her.

96. Sam's Little Girl (11/09/85)
Nell tries child psychology on a troubled girl.

97. Katie's Apartment (12/07/85)
Nell discovers Katie is involved with a married man.

98. Nell's Gifted Child (11/30/85)
Nell overreacts when she learns Joey is gifted.

99. Nell's New Car (11/23/85)
Nell's purchase of Addy's car causes hostility.

100. The Elevator (11/16/85)
Addy and Nell become stuck in adjoining elevators.

101. Snippets (12/14/85)
The family recalls past Christmas celebrations.

102. Second Chance (Part 1) (01/04/86)
Nell has a mutiny on her hands when she's unable to book a concert date for her fledgling rock band. Guest: Gary Collins.

103. Second Chance (Part 2) (01/11/86)
Nell appears on "Hour Magazine".

104. Pride and Prejudice (02/15/86)
Rejected job-applicants Nell and Addy claim racism.

105. A Lesson For Nell (02/08/86)
Nell sees Grandpa dining with a younger woman.

106. Bienvenido, Jonathan (01/18/86)
Jonathan seems changed after returning from Mexico and his archaeological dig.

107. The Gun (02/01/86)
Joey accidentally shoots Nell with the chief's gun.

108. Family Reunion (02/22/86)
Nell deals with her sister's marital woes.

109. Getting to Know You (03/29/86)
Nell's eligible date does not like children.

110. Found Money (05/03/86)
Nell urges the family to spend her inheritance.

111. Katie's Corner (04/05/86)
Katie's romance and business go under together.

112. The Purse Snatcher (05/10/86)
An alleged purse-snatching upsets Nell's friends.

Season 6 (1986-1987) (25 episodes)

113. Below Sea Level (Part 1) (10/01/86)
Joey's father has a surprise for him.

114. Joey Meets Matthew (Part 2) (10/08/86)
Tim wants custody of Joey and Matthew.

115. Nell Goes Back to New York (10/15/86)
Nell decides to move to New York City and tries to get Joey back.

116. The Apartment (10/29/86)
Nell tries for a job and rents an apartment.

117. Sam Goes to College (Part 1) (09/24/86)
Samantha may not get her college scholarship. (Part 1)

118. Sam Goes to College (Part 2) (09/24/86)
Nell is left alone when the last girl leaves.

119. Someday My Prince... (05/05/87)
An African prince courts Nell.

120. The Scam (12/03/86)
A con man steals Maybelle's savings from Nell.

121. Nell's Secret Admirer (01/07/87)
Nell's high-school secret admirer gives her a call. (Joey and Matt perform Johnny B. Goode - Joey on keys & Matt on baby electric guitar)

122. I Love New York (11/05/86)
Nell begins to regret having moved to New York.

123. Nell the Boss (11/12/86)
Nell hires Addy as her reading assistant.

124. Harry the Hamster (11/19/86)
Nell accidentally kills the boys' hamster.

125. Joey the Gambler (11/26/86)
Joey is arrested for illegal gambling.

126. Christmas in New York (12/10/86)
Nell, Addy and the boys have a New York Christmas.

127. The Loan (01/14/87)
Nell loans Addy $300 to buy a dress.

128. Joey's First Crush (01/28/87)
Joey develops an infatuation for Maggie.

129. The Window (Part 1) (01/21/87)
Nell's promotion keeps her away from the boys. (Matthew Lawrence sings Rock & Roll Music Is The Music For Me)

130. The Window (Part 2) (01/21/87)
Nell comes home to stay with the boys.

131. Joey's Teacher (02/04/87)
Joey's teacher sues after falling at Nell's house.

132. Joey's Hero (02/11/87)
Nell unknowingly donates her blood to a bigot.

133. Joey the Gigolo (early 1987)
Nell matches Joey and her new boss's daughter.

134. Parents' Week (Part 1) (02/25/87)
Sam announces she will wed and leave college.

135. Parents' Week (Part 2) (03/04/87)
Nell tries to get Eric's book published.

136. Save the Church (04/28/87)
Nell learns her old church is to be demolished.

137. Mama's Date (05/12/87)
Nell learns that Mama is dating an old flame.

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