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Gimme a Break! cast

Nell Carter as Nellie Ruth "Nell" Harper

Dolph Sweet as Chief Carl Kanisky (1981-1985)

Kari Michaelson (Michaelsen) as Katie Kanisky (1981-1986)

Lauri Hendler as Julie Kanisky Maxwell (1981-1986)

Lara Jill Miller as Samantha "Sam" Kanisky

Howard Morton as Officer Ralph Simpson (1981-1986)

John Hoyt as Grandpa Stalney Kanisky (1982-1987)

Jane Dulo as Grandma Mildred Kanisky (1982-1983)

Pete Schrum as Uncle Ed Kanisky (1982-1983)

Joey Lawrence as Joey Donovan (1983-1987)

Telma Hopkins as Addy Wilson (1984-1987)

Jonathan Silverman as Jonathan Maxwell (1984-1986)

Matthew Lawrence as Matthew Donovan (1986-1987)

Paul Sand as Marty/Esteban (1986-1987)

Rosetta LeNoire as Maybelle Harper (1986-1987)

Rosie O'Donnell as Maggie O'Brien (1986-1987)

Alvernette Jimenez as Angie (1981-1982)

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Notable Guests:

Grace Albertson as a customer (episode: The Purse Snatcher) and the landlady (The Apartment)
Brian Backer (from Fast Times at Ridgemont High) as restaurant manager's partner (The Purse Snatcher)
Rebecca Balding as Wendy (Herbie)
Harry Basil as the restaurant manager (The Purse Snatcher)
Elizabeth Berkeley (from Saved by the Bell) as girl in pink sweater at party (Getting to Know You)
Crystal Bernard as Kelly (Hot Muffins)
Milton Berle as Leopold (Grandpa's Secret Life)
Ken Berry (The Man From Zoran)
Frank Bonner as Officer Baxter (The Chief's Gay Evening) as deadbeat husband (Police Mamas)
Don Bovingloh as desk clerk (Julie's Lie) and the head waiter in all of the episodes that had scenes in Skipper Dwayne's House of Halibut
Johnny Brown (from Good Times) as the minister (Nell Goes Home)
Dennis Burkley as Dr. George Avery (Porko's)
Victoria Carroll as Melissa (Melissa), a con man's wife (Nell Goes Door to Door), a job applicant (Take My Baby Please)
Mary Jo Catlett (Do or Diet)
Jack Carter as another patient (The Emergency)
Blake Clark as Maggie's husband BJ (Harry the Hamster, Joey's First Crush)
Gary Collins (Second Chance, Part 1 and 2)
James Cromwell (from Babe and Murder By Death) as Russell (Class of '84)
Sammy Davis Jr. as himself/Melvin (The Lookalike)
Michael Dorn as Addy's date (Valentine)
Michael Dudikoff as Greg Hartman (Nell Gets Sick)
Jason Edwards (from Herman's Head) (Julie's Lie)
Jack Fletcher as Swackhammer (Nell Goes to Jail, Glenlawn Street Blues)
Alice Ghostly (from Bewitched and Designing Women) as the neighbor that Nell takes to court (Love Thy Neighbor)
Andy Gibb as himself (The Groupie)
Paul Gleason (from The Breakfast Club) as a con man (The Scam)
Danny Glover as a overnight guest (A Man in Nell's Room)
Arelene Golonka as Eddie's girlfriend Maxine (Brother Ed and the Hooker, Eddie Gets Married)
Julie Anne Haddock (Julie's Rejection)
Hakeem as little Jerome (Alabamy Bound)
Ernie Hudson (Someday My Prince...)
Helen Hunt as Valerie (An Unmarried Couple)
Whitney Houston (Katie's College)
Jay Johnson as priest (An Unmarried Couple, Your Prisoner is Dead), as stand-up comic (Nell's Ex)
Aron Kincaid
George Kirby as Mayor Quimby (The Mayor)
Edward Koch as himself (The Big Apple, Part 1) Jack Lindine as The Mad Bomber (The Centerfold, parts 1 and 2)
Joseph Maher as Professor Dudley (Parents Week)
Sean E. Markland as waiter (Nell's New Car)
Whitman Mayo (Grady on Sanford and Son) (The Center)
Rue McClanahan (Second Time Around, Grandpa's Secret Life)
Kurt McKinney
John P. Navin Jr. as Samantha's friend Scotty Sherman (Sam's Affair)
Michael O'Leary as Katie's boyfriend
Harrison Page as roving reporter Hamilton Storm (Nell Goes to Jail, The Robbery, The Centerfold), as a guy who Nell and Addy try to impress (Spirit of Christmas)
Harrison Page (The Spirit of Christmas)
Ray Parker Jr. as himself (Who Dunnit?)
Richard Paul (Nell Goes Door to Door)
The Pointer Sisters - Anita, June, and Ruth (The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls)
Ben Powers as Tony (Nell's Ex)
Tony Randall (The Big Apple, Part 2)
Donnelly Rhodes as the mayor (The Centerfold)
Don Rickles as Max (Nell and the Kid)
Jack Riley (Second Chance)
Bumper Robinson as Boomer (Breakdance)
Eugene Roche as Officer Gerry (The Chief's Gay Evening)
Pat Sajak as himself (The Big Apple, Part 1)
Liz Sheridan (The Emergency)
Sharon Spelman as Margaret (Flashback)
Liz Torres as Mr. Brown's secretary (Return of the Doo-Wop Girls)
Lynne Thigpen as Nell's sister Loretta Harper (Alabamy Bound, Family Reunion)
Bonnie Urseth as Doris (Hot Muffins), as pregnant woman (Greenlawn Street Blues), as Valerie (Take My Baby, Please)
Gwen Verdon (The Center)
Ray Vitte as Ken (A Man is Hard to Find)
Nedra Volz (Adelaide on Diff'rent Strokes) as babysitter (The Apartment), (The Big Apple, Part 2)
Marcia Wallace (Glenlawn Street Blues)
Ray Walston (The Center)
James Watson Jr. as Nell's boyfriend/fiancee (Way to a Man's Heart, James Returns, Knock Three Times)
Vanna White as herself (The Big Apple, Part 2)
Hal Williams (from Private Benjamin, 227, V mini-series) as a doctor (Julie's Lie)
Paul Williams as Captain Jerk (Joey's Hero)
Steven Williams as Nell's date who didn't like kids (Getting to Know You)
Tonya Lee Williams
Teddy Wilson as the nightclub owner (Flashback)
Gretchen Wyler as Aunt Blanche (The Custody Suit)
William Zabka (from The Karate Kid) as Samantha's first boyfriend (Samantha's First Love)

Special thanks to Brian Mitchell for providing much of the detailed info. for many of the notable guests and the episode(s) they appeared in!!

Please send any additions to the list to me at the e-mail address below, thanks.

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