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This section contains the most recent picture of each cast member that I could find along with what they have done since Family Ties ended and biographical information when available.

Meredith Baxter

Meredith Baxter (formerly Baxter-Birney) was born June 21st, 1947 in Los Angeles, California.

In film, television and on stage, Meredith Baxter is noted for her accessible portrayals of intelligent, independent women who struggle with the challenges before them. Baxter achieved success early in her career with a string of hit television series including "Bridget Loves Bernie," the critically-acclaimed drama "Family", and most notably, the long-running and extremely popular "Family Ties." Meredith made a seamless transition to drama after seven years as one of America’s favorite sitcom stars and quickly became one of the most sought-after actors for television movies.

Baxter relishes the challenge of characters in stories that evoke thought, even antagonism, and is often courageous in her choice of roles. In 1991, she earned an Emmy nomination for her performance as the lead character in "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story." She reprised her acclaimed role in "Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, The Last Chapter." In 1993, Baxter earned another Emmy nomination for her performance in the CBS School Break Special, "Other Mothers," portraying the lesbian mother of a teenager who encounters prejudice.

Over the past few years, Meredith has made about thirty-five movies for television. Besides the Betty Broderick movies, some of the most notable include: "Winnie", "Darkness Before Dawn", "My Breast", and "After Jimmy".

A force behind the camera as well, Meredith formed her own production company to develop and produce her own material, and currently has several television projects in various stages of development. Under her own banner, Baxter executive-produced her most recent TV series, "The Faculty" for ABC. She has served in the same capacity on a number of her movies for television, including "My Breast," "Betrayed: The Story of Three Women," "Darkness Before Dawn", and "The Long Journey Home."

On the stage, Baxter’s credits include "Spine,"" Butterflies Are Free," "Guys and Dolls," "Talley’s Folly," and many different productions of "Love Letters" in theaters across the country. In addition, as an artist-in-residence at Dartmouth College, she starred in "The Country Wife," and appeared and co-produced the stage presentation of "The Diaries of Adam and Eve." This production was later taped from a Dallas stage for broadcast on PBS. The production of "Vanities" in which Meredith starred was taped from the stage and broadcast on HBO.

Meredith had a cameo role in the Robert Redford/Dustin Hoffman feature film "All the President’s Men" and co-starred in several others. Most recently, Meredith completed the independent feature film, "Elevator Seeking" and two movies for CBS, "Holy Joe", and "Down Will Come Baby."

Meredith has devoted much of her time to speaking out on issues about which she is passionate. A champion of women’s rights, she is an active supporter of NARAL and Planned Parenthood. For her work on "My Breast"," she received a special award for public awareness from the National Breast Cancer Coalition. Meredith is a member of the board of The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence and has lobbied extensively on behalf of the Brady Bill, the National Crime Bill and gun control measures. Meredith has also been working with members of the California Senate and Assembly on state legislative matters.

Over the last few years, Meredith developed a line of skin care products. The initial intention had been to correct her own dry skin problem; the product was so good, however, that she decided to bring it to the public. The original line was test-marketed with great success on the Home Shopping Network for one year. That line is currently available in various drugstores everywhere. After much urging, Meredith developed a full gift line of skin care products, as well. These products are available in fine gift stores around the country.

Because life has been kind to Meredith, she was looking for a way to share the good fortune. She decided to take her concern about breast cancer prevention into the business area. She created a foundation and arranged that a portion of the profits from the sales of all her skin care products goes to the Meredith Baxter Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. The intent is that funding will go toward prevention and research, including the funding of free mammograms for low-income women.

Meredith's most recent tv movies include: The Wednesday Woman, Murder on the Orient Express, A Mother's Fight for Justice, and Aftermath.

She married screenwriter Michael Blodgett on October 21st 1995. They filed for divorce in 2000. Twins Mollie and Peter born in 1984, still live at home in Santa Monica, California. Son Ted is 31 and daughters Eva and Kate are 29 and 25 respectively. Her mother is actress Whitney Blake from the old sitcom "Hazel". She has two siblings, both older brothers.

She was married to David Birney from 1974 until they divorced in 1989.

Note: Biography from the Meredith Baxter Fan Club site with minor additions, if you have any additional information to add - please e-mail me.

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Michael Gross

Michael Gross was born June 21, 1947 (the same exact day as Meredith Baxter) in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Gross has a long list of movie and tv credits beginning with the tv movie A Girl Named Sooner in 1975. In addition to many tv movies including: F.D.R. The Last Year, Little Gloria...Happy At Last, A Letter to Three Wives, Right To Die, The FBI Murders, Vestige of Honor, Manhunt in the Dakotas, With A Vengeance, and Deceived By Trust; he has appeared in the theatrical movies Big Business, Alan and Naomi, Tremors, Tremors 2: Aftershocks, and Ground Control. He did a voice for a January 1999 episode of Batman Beyond.

He is a veteran of America's regional theaters, and has worked at the Actor's Theatre of Louisville, Baltimore's Center Stage, the Guthrie, Yale Repertory, and Indiana Repertory Theatres. In Los Angeles, he received a Drama Logue Award for the west-coast premiere of The Real Thing. The Broadway premiere of Bent earned him a Drama Desk Award nomination and Off-Broadway's No End of Blame won him an Obie. He can be heard in a growing body of work for spoken word audio, and can still be seen in reruns of "Family Ties". He is a recipient of the American Hero Award for his charitable work. He appeared in Chicago in the Northlight Theatre production of Later Life. He is a graduate of Chicago's St. Genevieve grammar school, Kelvyn Park High School and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In 1999, he starred in "A Cup of Coffee" by Preston Sturges at the Yale Repetory Theater in New Haven, Connecticut from November 26th thru December 18th, 1999.

During the 1999-2000 tv season, he guest starred on two episodes of 'Norm', one episode of Law & Order, and the season finale of Spin City. Also in 2000, he appeared on Broadway in "McBeth" with Kelsey Grammer.

He has a recurring role on ER as the frosty father of Noah Wyle's Dr. Carter - John "Jack" Carter. He reprised his role of Burt Gummer in Tremors 3: Back to Perfection in 2001. In January 2002, he appeared on an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

In 2003 he was seen on the Sci-Fi Channel series "Tremors".

He has been married to Elza Bergeron since 1984 and has 2 stepchildren. He is the brother of actress of Mary Gross and cousin of actor Ron Masak. He is 6' 4" tall.

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Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox was one of Canada's most successful exports during the 1980s, and he has continued to excel ever since. With his boyish good looks and squeaky clean image, he's the definition of boyish charm.

Fox was born Michael Andrew Fox on June 9th, 1961 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He adopted the "J" as an homage to legendary character actor Michael J. Pollard. He is the fourth of five children born to Bill and Phyllis Fox. Michael's older brother, Steven, is a construction worker. His two elder sisters, Karen and Jackie, are secretaries, while his younger sister, Kelli, is an actress. Bill, who died in 1989, used to be a jockey. After the children began to arrive, he made a career change and joined the Canadian Army. The Fox family were stationed at Army bases all over Canada and when Bill's 25-year stint ended, they finally settled in Burnaby (a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia). Bill then joined the Vancouver Police Department as a dispatcher, Phyllis worked for a local company as a payroll clerk and 13-year-old Michael started at Burnaby's Central High School.

As a youngster, Michael's passion was ice hockey (today he is a big Rangers and Bruins fan). He played an aggressive, fearless game and made the PeeWee and Junior leagues. Playing hockey was Michael's first career choice, but as he grew older, one obstacle blocked his path... his size. His team mates were developing into large muscular types, and Michael, who was then only 4'9" (today he is 5'4"), had to make a tough decision... he quit! Michael has always been small for his age and longed to be taller. He read that eating made you grow so started to eat as often as he could. He did grow, but unfortunately, it was in the wrong direction! He gained 20lb in weight. A below average student at school who had a tendency to daydream, he took an interest in drawing and in drama. The drama teacher saw great potential in Michael. He knew that CBC were looking for a ten-year-old boy to play the part of "Jamie" in a new series and persuaded the casting agency to test Michael. At first, they didn't want to audition a 15-year-old, stating that he would not be able to pass as a boy five years younger. The drama teacher told them the Michael was small for his age and would pass. Eventually, they agreed to see him and when Michael auditioned, passed with flying colors and the studio snapped him up. He began acting professionally at 15 on the CBC television series Leo and Me. The studio became Michael's second home during the time that "Leo and Me" was being filmed and Michael became completely hooked on show business. From the minute he got his first pay packet, he told his parents he was going to quit school and act full time. Phyllis was hard to convince. She wanted her son to finish high school. Michael dropped out of 12th Grade. It was Michael's grandmother who finally brought her round. To this day, Michael's one regret is that she did not live long enough to see him in "Family Ties".

In 1978, while recording a TV movie called "Letters From Frank", Art Carney told Michael he should try working in Hollywood. On Michael's 18th birthday, Bill drove his son to Los Angeles. Michael had sold his most treasured possession, his Fender guitar, and had $2000 in his pocket and a movie contract in his suitcase. After "Midnight Madness" came a short lived but critically acclaimed series for CBS called "Palmerstown USA", a drama set during the depression. Originally meant to fill the slot left by "The Waltons", it only lasted two seasons. In 1981, Michael made his second movie "Class of '84", a violent story which was banned in many countries, was filmed in Toronto and was set in a school in Los Angeles. Michael has a small role as "Arthur Summers", a student who gets stabbed by a drug-pushing gang who think that Arthur has talked to the police.

After "Class of '84" offers of work dried up. He was nearly 20-years-old and for the first time he was made aware that appearance is important in movies and in television. There were many parts that Michael wanted to play and although he always read well at the auditions, was never called back. He was either "too short" or "looked too young". There were a couple of guest appearances on "Lou Grant" and "Trapper John MD", but soon Michael was $30,000 in debt and selling off his furniture to have enough money to buy food. Michael realized that there was nothing he could do about his height, but he could do something about his weight. "Why should producers hire me when I look like a snowball?" he told himself. So he went on a crash diet. "I stopped eating" he says. His diet was simple one, but not one that could be recommended. He lived on packet macaroni cheese... he lost 20lb and his whole image seemed to change.

Michael was about to return to Canada when he received the phone call that changed his life. His agent got word that a new comedy series was looking for a young actor to play the teenage son. To Michael, it was a step backward. he was anxious for adult roles and he didn't feel ready for comedy. But he put his negative doubts aside - after all, it was an opportunity to work. Nearly every teenage actor in Hollywood (including Matthew Broderick who was first offered the role but did not want to leave New York) auditioned for 'Alex'. And although Gary David Goldberg did not know exactly what type of actor he was looking for, he knew the instant the Michael read for the part, that he was all wrong for it. Michael fell in love with the character as soon as he read the pilot script and before he even auditioned, his mind was made up... he wanted that part! However, his eagerness blew the audition - Gary made that clear to the casting director. But she disagreed, she felt Michael was perfect for 'Alex' and Gary agreed to give Michael a second audition. This time Gary was satisfied with Michael's performance and he had found his 'Alex P. Keaton'. He played the role of Alex P. Keaton, the neo-conservative son, obsessed with money and politics, amongst a white middle class family, headed by two former hippie parents. Fox soon became a network favorite and the recipient of approximately 500 fan letters per week. The show was a hit around the world, and Fox would win three Emmy Awards for his role. "Family Ties" ran from September 22 1982 to May 14 1989, an impressive 7 year run.

Ironically, it was the flexibility and solid support of Family Ties producer Gary Goldberg that made it possible for Fox to schedule his series and a motion picture at the same time. From mid-January through mid-March 1985, a typical day in the life of Michael J. Fox meant reporting to Paramount Studios for his TV show Family Ties from 10 AM to 6 PM, and then on to Universal for Back to the Future from approximately 6:30 PM to 2:30 AM. But it was his Friday schedule that left both crews shaking their heads in wonder. Since Family Ties taped in front of a live audience on Friday evenings, Michael would rehearse with his TV family from noon until 5 PM, perform two tapings, and then report to the set of his film at 10 PM. The motion picture crew would then film until 6 or 7AM., leaving the exhausted actor a weekend in which to rest and recuperate, only to start the routine all over again on Monday morning.

"When I first started on the movie, we filmed several special effects sequences, and I remember being a bit intimidated by it all," says Fox. "On the very first day of work, I climbed out of a DeLorean wearing a yellow space suit, into a barn full of smoke and hypnotized chickens. After a while I learned to relax and enjoy all the commotion around me." Upon thinking of all the hanging and flying that Marty does, and the number of devices necessary to implement their successful filming, he is reminded of a saying that he and director Zemeckis would quote in situations of that nature. "Pain is temporary, film is forever." Michael once jokingly described Back to the Future as a "comedy-action-fantasy-adventure-coming-of-age film," adding, "It's got a lot of everything, comedy, gadgetry and a story that doesn't quit. I call it a $20 investment, because you may have to see it four times before you absorb all the terrific things that are going on in those two hours. I think what made it such an immense hit is that it was cross-generational. Just by the nature of the story, its appeal reached people who remembered the '50s, and interested a whole new generation in the period. It was also a very life-affirming story about relationships, as well as a 'what if?' movie, which is another thing audiences love. It's hard to analyze, and maybe it's best left that way. It's like Mark Twain's analogy between comedy and a frog. If you dissect it, you might find out what makes it work, but it'll die in the process."

On July 16, 1988, after a 14-month courtship, Michael married his former Family Ties co-star Tracy Pollan.

Around the time Family Ties was wrapping up Fox filmed the two Back to the Future sequels. The filming of the sequels in 1989-90 brings thoughts of happiness and grief for Michael J. Fox. If filming a motion picture and a television show at the same time wasn't enough, Fox also had the added, but welcome distraction of the imminent arrival of his first child, another challenging role which the actor acknowledges as the best yet -- that of father. During the production of Back to the Future Part II, his wife, actress Tracy Pollan (who played his first girlfriend on Family Ties), gave birth to Sam Michael Fox on May 30th, 1989. Happily, the baby's sense of timing was as good as his father's, and Sam was born after his father had completed filming chores on Family Ties. But while Back to the Future Part II brings the actor thoughts of joy of being a father, Back to the Future Part III often reminds him of the tragic passing of his father during the filming of that sequel.

Way before there was ever any hint of the two sequels yet to come, Michael J. Fox was asked in a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the original Back to the Future where he would choose to go if he could actually travel through time. His answer? "The Old West." Five years later, in Back to the Future Part III, the actor got his wish, as Marty McFly traveled to Hill Valley in the year 1885 to rescue Doc Brown. "It was that proverbial dream come true," says Fox of filming the western adventure.

Having completed his work on Back to the Future Part III, the actor reflected upon the unique experience. "It's been a lot of hard work, to say the least. I've lost out on a lot of sleep and picked up a few bruises along the way, but I treasure every moment that I've spent on these films, with these people. I'm also very proud to be a part of a trilogy of films that, if they do nothing else, allow people to check their problems at the door, sit down and have a good time." Michael loves to do his own stunts and has sustained a few minor injuries doing them. Whilst filming "Back To The Future Part Three", he almost died when the hanging stunt went horribly wrong... the rope around Michael's neck tightened. The rest of the cast and the crew thought he was giving a very convincing performance until he lost consciousness. He was revived by a doctor on the set.

Between the Back to the Futures series, Fox was not content to rely on his sitcom success. He appeared in a number of films, although none matched the success of his adventure trilogy. After Family Ties ended, Michael appeared in a string of box office duds. It didn't look like Fox would be able to make the transition from young star to adult actor. Then came The American President and a renewal of Fox's career. The role he played in the 1995 film was similar to a grown up version of Alex P. Keaton and it reminded the world just who Michael J. Fox was. He followed that up with The Frighteners, a memorable, and spooky comedy and then with a small role in Mars Attacks!.

On February 15, 1995, Michael and Tracy welcomed two more additions to their family, their twin daughters Aquinnah Kathleen and Schuyler Frances Fox.

Michael has his own production company called Lottery Hill Entertainment. His directing career started when he wrote a short sketch for the Letterman Show. He also directed and starred in this short film called "The Iceman Hummeth". He hosted Saturday Night Live in 1991 and appeared in the play "The Shadow Box". His commercial credits include McDonald's, Tilex, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi and Integra. He has also written, directed and starred in an episode of "Tales from the Crypt" entitled 'The Trap', and has been executive producer to a fairly recent film called 'Coldblooded'. "Don't Drink The Water" hailed Michael's return to TV. The two-hour TV movie starred Woody Allen, Mayim Bialik, Julie Kavner and Dom DeLuise.

Michael is also a talented singer and excelllent guitar player. He was in the band 'Helix' from 1975-1978. Michael's singing and guitar playing can be heard in the film Light of Day with Joan Jett. Michael loves listening to music by the Hothouse Flowers, the Pogues and Bruce Springsteen.

After a 7-year break from sitcoms, Michael made a triumphant return to the small screen in September 1996 with 'Spin City'. Also written by Gary David Goldberg and co-produced by Michael. In the series, produced by Dreamworks, Michael plays the deputy mayor of New York City. The series is a combination of political satire and slapstick humor. It has received good reviews and is in the top ten shows in USA. Michael and Tracy were in a TV special called "I Am Your Child" and Michael is executive producer of Tracy's sitcom, "Anna Says".

In 1999, he was the lead voice for the animated film Stuart Little.

In the summer of 2001 he was the lead voice in Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Michael has won numerous awards, including four Golden Globes, four Emmys, two Screen Actors Guild awards, GQ Man of the Year, and the People’s Choice award.

Fox recently announced that he has Parkinson's, a debilitating disease which cripples the nervous system. He has suffered from it since 1991.

Although he will no longer be a regular on Spin City during the 2000-2001 tv season, he said he will make some guest appearances.

Michael lives in New York. He also owns a farm in Connecticut and a beach house at Long Beach, California. The family normally holiday up at Martha's Vineyard, an island just off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Michael J. Fox is keeping busy since leaving "Spin City." The former sitcom actor became the father of his fourth child on November 3, 2001, when wife, and fellow actress, Tracy Pollen gave birth to baby daughter Esme Annabelle.

Esme joins sibling Sam and twins Aquinnah and Schuyler. The couple, who have been married since July 1988, met on the set of Fox’s first American series, "Family Ties." Pollan played Ellen on the show, the girlfriend to Fox’s Alex P. Keaton.

The children are likely helping to keep Fox busy. The actor left "Spin City" last year to focus on educating people on Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological disease. Fox first revealed he was diagnosed with the condition in 1998.

Fox opened the Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and also signed a deal with Hyperion Press to author a book about his life with the disease. The biography, "Lucky Man," is due to appear in stories this April 2002.

In 2013, he starred in The Michael J. Fox Show on NBC.

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Justine Bateman

Justine Bateman was born February 19th, 1966 in Rye, New York. She has dark brown hair, greyish-blue eyes and stands 5'7". When she was 11 years-of-age the Bateman family moved to Los Angeles, California.

Justine's dad, Kent Bateman, is a writer, producer, director & actor. Her younger brother Jason is also an actor and has starred or co-starred in quite a few TV series like "Little House On The Prairie", "Silver Spoons", "The Hogan Family". Jason also appeared with Justine in the 1985 ABC TV film production of "Right to Kill?" & again in the 1986 documentary video "How Can I Tell If I'm Really In Love?" centering around teen sex & teen relationships. Justine also served as production consultant on the project.

When Justine was 16 she originated the role of Mallory Keaton on the long running NBC sitcom "Family Ties" ( 1982-1989 ) and was twice Emmy nominated, 1985/86 & 1986/87, as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her portrayal of Mallory. In 1985 she was further honored with a Golden Globe nomination for her exceptional work as Deborah Jahnke in "Right To Kill?".

Previous to "Family Ties" Justine's acting experience consisted of 2 commercials. During her starring tenure on "Family Ties" Justine suffered with bouts of bulimia, anorexia and compulsive overeating.

In 1988 Justine made her feature film debut, starring as Jenny Lee, in the "Satisfaction" also featuring Liam Neeson & Julia Roberts. Justine's ensuing feature appearance was in "The Closer" ( 1990 ) costarring as Jessica Grant, the razor tongued daughter of super-salesman Danny Aiello. She has since starred in numerous TV, on stage, and big screen productions.

In the past Justine has dated or been romantically linked to: Billy Idol, Peter ( "Thirtysomething" ) Horton, singer Leif Garrett, and Richard ( "MacGyver" ) Dean Anderson. Most recently she has been dating producer Frank Von Zerneck - "God's Lonely Man" (1996 ), which Justine also starred in.

Justine, from Sept. 1996 until mid 1997 was co-starring, as Sarah Stretten, on the popular NBC TV sitcom "Men Behaving Badly." Much to the dismay of her fans, she quit the series because of re-occurring production problems. In 1996, she appeared in 4 episodes of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as Sara/Zara.

Justine is: a licensed pilot, a certified Scuba diver, a confessed "Internet Junkie", loves and drives a 1970's "Muscle Car," and resides in Los Angeles, California.

In 1995 Justine announced that she had become a Born Again Christian.

Justine's latest film offerings are: Highball (1997), Strangers In Transit (1997), The Death Artist (1996).

She was in the murder mystery movie called Kiss and Tell with David Arquette. Justine Bateman plays Molly, a performance artist who turns up dead with a carrot up her butt by LAX. Three detectives interview her friends lead by Heather Graham to find out who killed her and why. In 1999, she also did the movie Say You'll Be Mine.

On stage credits include: "The Crucible", "Carnal Knowledge", "Speed The Plow" - (Williamstown Theater Festival), "Lulu" - (Title role-Berkley Repertory Theater), "The Pony Pony Show" - (Justine produced & performed) at various Los Angeles locations.

Of late, she has sworn off acting and launched her own fashion design business, Justine Bateman Designs, wherein she makes the sort of stuff that Britney Spears would wear on TRL. She designs clothers under the brand name Bad Baby Boy. Rockers Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera are fans of Bateman's knitted caps and crocheted bikinis. As Bateman has said, "This is my second big career."

She stared in the Out of Order Mini Series earlier this year on Showtime (June 2003).

The Family Ties alumna just wrapped Dead Hollywood Moms Society, a TV movie set to air on Hallmark Channel in March 2004. "It's a murder mystery," she tells TV Guide Online. "I play the wife of Andrew MCarthy, who's a suspect, and I'm trying to clear his name. Elizabeth Peña, George Hamilton and Angie Everhart are also in it. It's funny."

Justine is married to Mark Fluent (married in January 2001) and has a son Duke Kenneth Fluent (born June 18th, 2002).

Justine Bateman Expecting Second Child

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Justine Bateman Designs

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Tina Yothers

Tina Yothers (real name: Kristina Louise Yothers) was born May 5, 1973 in Whittier, CA. She has been in the business since age 3, her father Bob Yothers is a producer.

Tina had a major role in the movie Shoot the Moon in 1982 before she landed the role of Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties. The story is that she was sick with the flu on her first day of filming "Family Ties"; she ran to the bathroom every 5 minutes, and was afraid that the producers would fire her.

Since Family Ties ended, she has appeared in tv movies including: Your Place or Mine, Crash Course, Laker Girls, Spunk: The Tonya Harding Story, and A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Jealous Jokester. In 1991, she briefly hosted a talkshow called appropriately enough "The Tina Yothers Show". In 1996, she appeared on an episode of Married With Children as herself.

Today sporting short jet-black hair, she sings in the band Jaded (formed by her brother Cory), and hopes to become a rock star. The band released their first cd,, last year and plans to tour this summer and release their second cd.

She is a future wife and stepmom. "I just got engaged on Christmas day (2001)," Yothers beams, proudly displaying her engagement ring from Robert Kaiser, 36, who's an electrical contractor. (It's a lovely Princess-cut diamond — "over a carat" — in a platinum setting, for any curious girls out there.) "My fiancé also has twin 12-year-old boys," she smiles, adding that "a lot of the music they bring home is very depressing and harsh. You don't have to see a psychiatrist after listening to my stuff. I'll just say that."

She has three brothers, Jeffery, Randy and Cory, and one sister, Kari. She now lives in Huntington Beach, California.

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Brian Bonsall

Brian Bonsall was born December 3, 1981 in Torrance, California. He landed the role of Andrew Keaton at the age of 4.

Following Family Ties, he has appeared in several TV and theatrical movies including: Mikey, Fatherhood, Distant Cousins, and Blank Check. He also played the character of Alexander Rozhenko on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

At age 18, he fronted a rock band called Late Bloomers with 2 of his skateboarding friends (formed in 1998). They released a cd called This One's for Dick. He got a black armband tattoo on his 18th birthday and attended Missouri Military Academy for one year, returning to local high school in 1998.

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Marc Price at a radio station with Emmanuel 'Webster' Lewis

Marc Price was born February 23rd, 1968.

Price began performing comedy as a child when he appeared in the standup act of his father Al Bernie in the "Borscht Belt" resorts of the Catskill mountains. When asked if he ever appeared in the Poconos as well, Price started singing the old jingle for "wonderful Mount Airy Lodge." Price would introduce his father, trade jokes with him, and even dance a little. When he began at age 13 to perform his own standup act in New York, he even used his father's jokes until he was able to develop his own. While performing in now famous venues such as the Improvisation in the early eighties, his age didn't protect him from audiences. Price recalled, "Sometimes even the other comics would heckle."

His credits include: the 1983 sitcom Condo and 1992 series Hearts Are Wild; movies The Zoo Gang, Trick or Treat, Class Cruise, Killer Tomatoes Eat France!, and Little Devils: The Birth. He also hosted Teen, Win Lose or Draw beginning in 1990 for 4 seasons.

Today, he travels around the country performing as a standup comedian.

Marc Price's Official Site

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Tracy Pollan

Tracy Pollan was born June 22, 1960 (or 1962 according to the FiloFox Fan Club and Tracy Pollan page) in Long Island, NY. She is a lead actress, onscreen from Baby, It's You (1983). She made her Broadway debut in Hugh Whitemore's Pack of Lies. A native of NY, Pollan studied acting at the Herbert Berghof Studio and later, the Lee Strasberg Institute. While studying at the 78th Street Theater Lab, she landed her first professional role in the Off-Broadway play Album.

She appeared in Woman In Mind at the Manhattan Theatre Club. Tracy was living/involved with Kevin Bacon for six years in New York, before she met Michael J. Fox. They married on July 16, 1988, with whom she appeared in the movie Bright Lights, Big City (1988); they met while she was playing his love interest on the '80s TV sitcom Family Ties, on which he starred. She and Michael have four children, namely Sam Michael (born May 30, 1989), twin girls Aquinnah (a Native American word meaning beautiful colors by the sea) Kathleen Fox and Schuyler Frances Fox (born February 15th, 1995), and daughter Esme Annabelle Fox (born November 3rd, 2001).

She has appeared on two episodes of Spin City with her husband. She has appeared in many tv movies including: The Abduction of Kari Swenson, A Special Friendship, The Kennedys of Massachusetts min-series, Fine Things, Dying to Love You, and Children of the Dark.

Her parents are Corky and Stephen M. Pollan. Tracy is one of four children - she has two sisters and one brother, named Michael Pollan.

Note: Biography from the Tracy Pollan page with minor additions

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Scott Valentine

Scott Valentine was born June 3, 1958 in Saratoga Springs, New York. He later moved to the city and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and later moved to the Actor's Studio. At the age of 22 he had the misfortune of being hit, run over and dragged by a truck and was laid up for about three and a half years.

Ten months after moving to Los Angeles, he landed the part of Mallory's boyfriend Nick Moore. He was on the show for four years.

Three pilots for the Family Ties spinoff series "The Art of Being Nick" were filmed. The first was with Hershel Bernardi as the grandfather. He died of a massive heart attack two weeks before NBC was going to put it on the schedule. The writing was bad in the 2nd pilot attempt. The third was written by Bruce Helford who went on to be an executive of Roseanne. The pilot aired and although it came in 2nd, it was not picked up.

He has stayed very busy with acting since Family Ties ended with theatrical, tv, and independent movies as well as appearances in some tv series. He has also done some theatre work and voice work for cartoons.

In 2000, he appeared in the film "Black Ball". In 2001, he appeared in the tv series "Black Scorpion" and the movie "Black Scorpion Returns".

He is married and has atleast three children.

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Courteney Cox Arquette

Courteney Bass Cox was born June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Courteney is the fourth child of Richard (born in 1930) and Courteney (*1934) Cox. She has one brother, Richard, two sisters (Virginia respectively Dottie Pickett) and nine half-siblings. Courteney's parents divorced when she was ten. She stayed with her mother who married businessman Hunter Copeland (*1918) in 1976. Her father, a building contractor, moved to Florida where he remarried in 1975. After graduation from the Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham (1982) she began to study architecture/interior decoration at the Mount Vernon College in Washington. In the summer holidays she went to New York where she was subsequently signed by the Ford modeling agency. After some shoots for magazines like Teen Beat and Young Miss, and for romance-novel covers she started working in television commercials for Maybelline, Noxzema and the New York Telephone Company, among other sponsors.

Courteney made her acting debut in 1984 on the daytime soap "As the World Turns", and later that same year, she was casted by Brian de Palma for Bruce Springsteen's video "Dancing in the Dark". After the video which probably opened Courteney some doors for her acting career later, Courteney hosted a music show called "This Week's Music". She also worked in 1984 at F.B.I. (Frontier Booking International) a concert booking agency in New York run by Ian Copeland (brother of Stewart of the Police) and a cousins of Cox's.

Her first well known work as an actress she did in 1987 when she was cast as the bright, perky girlfriend of Michael J. Fox on "Family Ties".

Following the series, she did several feature films which had disappointing box office performance. Courteney had her first success as a movie actress when she appeared in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" together with Jim Carrey. Her stage work includes "King of Hearts" at the Tiffany Theatre in L.A., where she starred with Michael Spound (1989).

The final break-through to a star she achieved in 1994 with the hit tv-series "Friends" where she is playing "Monica Geller". The show's producers originally envisioned her in the role of Rachel but Courteney convinced them to give her the other role.

In 1995 Courteney co-hosted the "MTV Movie Awards".

Her biggest success on the big screen so far was the movie "Scream" (1996) which made more than $100 million in the US. After the low budget movie "Commandments" (release 5/97) she continued the success with the sequel of Scream ("Scream 2"). It was released December 12, 1997 and made almost $40 million at its opening weekend.

Since the summer of 1998 Courteney was engaged with David Arquette whom she met during the shooting of Scream. She married him on June 12, 1999 and is now known as Courteney Cox Arquette.

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Internet Movie Database entry

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