Family Ties: available on home video from Columbia House

Family Ties video from Columbia House

Family Ties has been released on video by Columbia House. They have released a total of 10 volumes with 4 episodes per tape. Each tape generally revolves around a similar theme.

The first video costs $4.95 + $3.79 for shipping and handling. Additional videos are then sent every 4-6 weeks for $19.95 plus shipping and handling. These are tremendous copies, uncut in their original NBC format without commercials (the episodes that are syndicated typically have a minute or two cut).

Note: The episodes are only available to people in the USA and Canada.

To order, visit the direct link for Family Ties, or the main site for Columbia House.

You can also call them at 1-800-667-0364 or write to:

Columbia House Video Library
1400 N Fruitridge Ave
Terre Haute, IN 47811

Below are the tapes with episode titles that are available, they are listed in the order they are sent:

Tape 1 (Here Come The Keatons)
Pilot episode
Diary of a Young Girl
Lost Weekend
Bringing Up Baby

Tape 2 (School Ties)
The Homecoming
The Harder They Fall
Go Tigers
The Old College Try

Tape 3 (Alex & The Older Women)
Summer of '82
Help Wanted
Karen II, Alex 0
Oh Donna

Tape 4 (Fathers & Sons)
I Never Killed For My Father
Keaton & Son
Remembrance of Things Past (Part 1)
Remembrance of Things Past (Part 2)

Tape 5 (Father Knows Best)
A Christmas Story
Heartstrings (Part 1)
Heartstrings (Part 2)
Heartstrings (Part 3)

Tape 6 (Battle of the Keatons)
This Year's Model
Keaton vs. Keaton
Walking On Air

Tape 7 (Dear Alex)
Ready or Not
Hotline Fever
Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger
High School Confidential

Tape 8 (Cry Uncle)
Give Uncle Arthur A Kiss
The Fugitive (Part 1)
The Fugitive (Part 2)
Say Uncle

Tape 9 (Alex & Friend)
Last of the Red Hot Psychologists (Part 1)
Last of the Red Hot Psycholigists (Part 2)
Invasion of the Psychologist Snatchers
Quittin' Time

Tape 10 (Going To Extremes)
Big Brother Is Watching
Speed Trap
Birthday Boy

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