Family Ties: Cast information 

Family Ties cast

Meredith Baxter (Birney) as Elyse Keaton

Michael Gross as Steven Keaton

Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton

Justine Bateman as Mallory Keaton

Tina Yothers as Jennifer Keaton

Brian Bonsall as Andrew Keaton (1986-1989)

Marc Price as Irwin "Skippy" Handleman

Tracy Pollan as Ellen Reed (1985-1986)

Scott Valentine as Nick Moore (1985-1989)

Courteney Cox as Lauren Miller (1987-1989)

Notable Guest Stars:

Jane Marty Brody
Mason Prof. Lloyd Rhodes (Paper Lion)
Jane Ms. Worthy
Michael young Jake
Bill Roger
Bridgette Young Mallory Keaton (episode: Christmas Show)
Christina Kitten (Band on the Run)
Beverly Sue Barker
Edith Aunt Trudy (Auntie Up)
Hank guy in the design studio where Mallory does her internship
Rebecca Karen
Talia Carrie Newman (Tender Is The Night)
Barbara a neighbor
Matthew Scott
Frances Mrs. Menlo
Doris Mrs. Willis
Amy Eve Kimball
Bibi Dr. Hewitt (Read it and Weep) (#144 and 145)
Bernadette Mrs. Cromwell
Jack Leonard
Alan man at garage sale
Earl the attendant (The Fugitive (Part 2); as Ed Barker
Raleigh Mr. Handleman
William The Policeman
Christopher Bill
Maryedith Young May
Timothy Doug (several episodes total)
Tom Rick (Ready or Not)
Bill Lyle (Best Man)
Adam young Steven Keaton
Kate Sandy (Go Tigers)
Molly Frances Wilder
Christian Mr. Flaherty (Read it and Weep)
John Scott David
Jeff Dougie Barker
Kelly Ann Sherie (Tender Is The Night); as Sherry (Sherry's Baby)
Bill Dr. Witt
Robert Max
Ronny Franklin Reed (Where's Poppa?)
Karlene Marge
James Cromwell....#61
Melinda Rebecca (episodes: Beauty and the Bank; A Tale of Two Cities (Parts 1 and 2)
Hannah Melissa (Sweet Lorraine)
Geena Karen Nicholson (Help Wanted; Karen II, Alex 0)
Lois De Mrs. Handleman
Stephanie Holly
Tate Clancy
Stephen Dorff
Julia Louis-Dreyfus....(#149)
Moose Arnie (The Fifth Wheel)
John Jeff (Go Tigers; The Fifth Wheel - #'s 19,22,27,36)
Edward Rubin Tadesco (The Harder They Fall)
Woody Rob Peterson (The Fugitive (Part 2)
Nancy Robin
Matthew Mr. Cromwell
Terry Liz Oberman
David Keith (To Snatch a Keith)
Corey Feldman
Tanya Arlene (Batter Up)
Edith Mrs. Fletcher
Margaret Mary Beth (Video Jitters)
Deborah Mary Catherine (Video Jitters)
Julie Suzie
Niall Brett
Toni Doug's Mother
Jami Jocelyn (Double Date)
Rick Don Caruthers
Crispin friend of Alex (#33)
Bill the janitor (Go Tigers)
John Gus (several episodes including: Not An Affair To Remember
Anne Mrs. Matthews (Margin of Error)
Tom (Uncle) Ned (The Fugitive (Parts 1 and 2)
Ernest the pastor
Wiley Mr. Kretzer
Noah Adam Galardner
Dan Hedaya....(#149)
Hanna Mrs. Kietzer
Grant Doug (The Fifth Wheel)
Heather Stacie
Peter Professor Jenkins
John the heckler
Susan Linda (Ready or Not)
Rachel girl giving book report
Seth the pit boss
Melanie Dr. Alexander
Jeffrey James Jarrett
Ron Bud
Cristen Cindy (Oops)
Enid Phyliis (Have Gun, Will Unravel)
Kaleena young Mallory
Robert Klein....(#152)
Wyatt William
Sam Dennis McKay
Carlos Petey (Video Jitters)
Ellen Hamilton Latzen
Tammy Marilyn (Father Time (Parts 1 and 2)
Judith Stacey Hughes (Not An Affair To Remember)
Chez Bill
Amy Chrissy (It's My Parts - Parts 1 and 2)
Philip Charles Dan Matthews (Margin of Error)
Albert Ivan
Eli Tracy
Mark young Robert Keaton
Lily Eleanor
Lenora Margon (Ready or Not)
Macon Professor Spanos (Teacher's Pet)
Constance Evelyn Mitchum
Michael Professor Bronski
Donna Cynthia (To Snatch a Keith)
Eda Reiss the woman (The Fugitive (Part 2)
Michelle Jane (Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only The Messenger)
Joshua John Kenneth
Penelope Ann Joyce (Higher Love)
Isabell The Waitress (To Snatch a Keith)
Richard the waiter
Michael B. Grover (Video Jitters)
Warren Fred
Tracy Deena Marx (episodes: Ladies Man)
Kerry Mary Margaret (Video Jitters)
Danny Rick
Milt Andy
Robert O' Chuck (The Fifth Wheel)
Norman Robert
David Larry
Steven Man in restaurant
John the reverend
River Eugene Forbes (My Tutor)
Ben Mr. Wertz (Say Uncle)
Robert Dean McCall
Martha Jessie (You've Got A Friend)
Rick Jackie Jackerman
Danny the shoeshine boy
John Neal (several episodes, 1982-1986)
Anne Mrs. Warfield
John Jake Keaton (I Never Killed For My Father)
Fran Judy
Duncan Dean Memminger (Go Tigers)
Stan the doctor
Christopher Craig Duvall
Dick Mr. Donnelly (Elyse's Father) (No Nukes is Good Nukes)
Shawn Schepps (Darlene Driscoll)
Peter Santa Claus
Campbell Scott....(#133)
Kim Eunice
Anne May
Carolyn Lorraine (Sweet Lorraine)
Kurt the waiter
Suzanne Tricia (The Real Thing - Parts 1 and 2)
Barry Petey Gordon
Blake Jonathan
Michael Neil (The Fifth Wheel)
Richard Stu Devin
Amy Stephanie Brooks (Summer of '82)
Garn Elizabeth
Philip Mr. Winkler
Gail Doroty Canell
James Richard (To Snatch a Keith)
Arthur the dealer
Jay Thomas....
Maura Tierney....
Peter Van the janitor
Richard Mr. Carlyle (The Fugitive (Parts 1 and 2)
Richard Jail Guard
Sal Richard
David Zane Axelrod
Charles the waiter
Marsha Doris
Marcianne Ellen Barker
Wil Tim Higgins ('D' is for Date)
Sam Bill; as Jack Driscoll
Kathleen Kathy (Ready or Not)
Terry Dr. Schulte
Michael Flaum
Daphne Rachel (Double Date; The Graduate)

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Cast photo courtesy of the: Meredith Baxter Fan Club site

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