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Episodes 101-150

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#101- Nose for News (12/13/77)
After getting a "D" in his investigative reporting class, Richie searches for a big story.

#102- Grandpa's Visit (1/3/78)
Howard's father, who is a retired police detective, pays a visit.

#103- Potsie Gets Pinned (1/10/78)
Potsie thinks about proposing to his new girlfriend.

#104- Joanie's First Kiss (1/17/78)
Joanie is asked on a date by a senior in high school who owns a car.

#105- Marion's Misgivings (1/24/78)
After a family friend leaves his wife for a younger woman, Marion thinks Howard might do the same thing.

#106- Richie Almost Dies (1/31/78)
Richie is involved in a very serious accident with his new motorcycle.

#107- Spunkless Spunky (2/7/78)
Fonzie's dog, Spunky, has no energy for some reason.

#108- Be My Valentine (2/14/78)
Joanie dreams about love songs that would befit her friend.

#109- Our Gang (2/21/78)
Flashbacks show when Richie first met Fonzie.

#110- My Favorite Orkan (2/28/78)
Mork from Ork chooses Richie to go to his planet to be the subject of an experiment. Note: First appearance of Mork (Robin Williams).

#111- The Fourth Anniversary Show (3/23/78)
Lori Beth uses a college report to look back on some past adventures.

#112- Do You Want to Dance (5/9/78)
Fonzie falls in love with a ballerina who has hopes of becoming a superstar.

#113- Second Wind (5/16/78)
Al wants to go to an awards ceremony with his first true love, Rosa Coletti, but meets a new girl.

#114- Rules to Date By (5/23/78)
When Lori Beth is friendly to other guys, Richie becomes upset.

#115- Fonzie for the Defense (5/30/78)
Fonzie thinks a biker is innocent of a purse snatching and tires to convince the other jurors.

#116- Westward Ho! Part 1 (9/12/78)
The Cunninghams and company visit the ranch of Marion's uncle in Colorado.

#117- Westward Ho! Part 2 (9/12/78)
Further adventures for Fonzie and the Cunninghams in Colorado.

#118- Westward Ho! Part 3 (9/19/78)
Fonzie rides a killer bull.

#119- Fonzie's Blindness (9/26/78)
After getting hit on the head, Fonzie loses his eyesight.

#120- Casanova Cunningham (10/5/78)
Richie must escort a baton twirler to a frat dance, but he tells Lori Beth that he will be out with the police on a special journalism case.

#121- Kid Stuff (10/10/78)
Fonzie bonds with the son of his girlfriend, whose father had walked out on him.

#122- Sweet Sixteen (10/17/78)
Joanie goes to a Sweet Sixteen party with the QB of the high school team.

#123- Fearless Malph (10/24/78)
Richie writes a paper about fear using Ralph as a subject.

#124- The Evil Eye (10/31/78)
A curse is placed on Al by a little old lady.

#125- The Claw Meets the Fonz (11/3/78)
A gangster named the Claw wants to take over Al's restaurant.

#126- The Fonz is Allergic to Girls (11/14/78)
Fonzie thinks he is allergic to girls from Oshkosh.

#127- The First Thanksgiving (11/21/78)
Marion tells a story about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

#128- The Kissing Bandit (11/28/78)
Richie is accused and arrested for being the kissing bandit.

#129- The Magic Show (12/5/78)
After a magician drinks a glass of vodka instead of water by mistake, Fonzie is asked to perform the magic act.

#130- Richie Gets Framed (12/12/78)
Richie is in a election race for class president.

#131- Christmas Time (12/19/78)
Fonzie has bitter Christmas memories about his father who left him.

#132- Smokin' Ain't Cool (1/16/79)
Fonzie tries to convince Joanie to not smoke.

#133- Ralph Vs. Potsie (1/23/79)
Ralph and Potsie write to Aunt Fanny's advice column about their roommate conflicts, not knowing that Richie is Aunt Fanny.

#134- Stolen Melodies (2/2/79)
Richie and company and Leather Tuscadero audition for a musical talent show, and have their songs stolen from them by another band.

#135- Married Strangers (2/6/79)
Howard and Marion go to a second honeymoon to a lodge.

#136- Marion: Fairy Godmother (2/13/79)
Ralph Malph and Leather Tuscadero go to a military ball.

#137- Fonzie's Funeral, Part 1 (2/20/79)
Fonzie discovers some counterfeit bills in a coffin while he fixes a hearse, and then disappears.

#138- Fonzie's Funeral, Part 2 (2/27/79)
A funeral is held after everyone believes that Fonzie is dead.

#139- Mork Returns (3/6/79)
Mork returns to Milwaukee to learn about relationships in the 1960s.

#140- The Duel (3/13/79)
Fonzie fights a duel with a bigoted Frenchman.

#141- Chachi's Incredo-Wax (5/8/79)
The new wax that Chachi tries to sell destroys whatever it shines.

#142- Potsie Quits School (5/15/79)
Potsie thinks that he might have flunked his anatomy course.

#143- Shotgun Wedding (09/11/79)
Richie and Fonzie chase a farmer's daughter, which upsets the farmer who totes a shotgun. Note: This cliffhanger concludes on an episode of Laverne & Shirley.

#144- Chachi Sells His Soul (9/18/79)
Chachi makes a pact with the bedeviled Melvin Scratch to be transformed into a older guy, while Fonzie must go without a kiss for a day to win back Chachi's soul. Note: crossover episode with the short-lived series Out of the Blue.

#145- Fonzie Meets Kat (9/25/79)
When a merchant ship docks in Milwaukee, a mysterious woman and an old enemy get off.

#146- Marion Goes to Jail (10/2/79)
Marion hits Arnold's restaurant with her car and winds up in jail.

#147- Richie's Job (10/9/79)
Richie loads newspapers on a truck for a local newspaper company.

#148- Richie Falls in Love (10/23/79)
Richie falls for a female photographer.

#149- Fonzie's a Thespian (10/30/79)
Fonzie takes up acting.

#150- Burlesque (11/6/79)
Howard's burlesque show is delayed, and the gang decides to put on a talent show when the performers are stranded in Buffalo.

Episode #'s: 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201-255

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