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Episodes 51-100

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#51- Three on a Porch (11/18/75)
Richie and company rent a cottage at Lake Whitehead for a week's vacation.

#52- Fonzie's New Friend (11/25/75)
Fonzie's new friend, Sticks Downey, comes to Milwaukee.

#53- They Call It Potsie Love (12/2/75)
Joanie has a crush on Potsie.

#54- Tell It to the Marines (12/16/75)
Ralph considers joining the Foreign Legion.

#55- Dance Contest (1/6/76)
Marion and Fonzie enter a television dance contest.

#56- The Second Anniversary Show (1/12/76)
Features flashbacks of previous episodes.

#57- Football Frolics (1/20/76)
Richie and company start a babysitting operation to raise cash to attend an important football game.

#58- Fonzie the Superstar (1/27/76)
Fonzie learns to sing so he can perform at the school dance.

#59- Two Angry Men (2/3/76)
The Cunningham's roof caves in due to Fonzie's birds.

#60- Beauty Contest (2/10/76)
Richie and company host a beauty contest and rig it so there is no winner.

#61- Bringing Up Spike (2/17/76)
Fonzie watches Spike for a week.

#62- A Sight for Sore Eyes (2/24/76)
Fonzie is told he needs glasses, but he does not want to wear them.

#63- Arnold's Wedding (3/2/76)
Arnold wants Fonzie to be the best man at his wedding, but "the Fonzie Curse" looms.

#64- Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 1 (9/21/76)
Fonzie and Pinky enter the Third Annual Auto Demolition Derby.

#65- Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 2 (9/21/76)
The Malachi Brothers try and sabotage Pinky's car on the night before the derby.

#66- Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 3 (9/28/76)
Fonzie wins the demolition derby and then proposes to Pinky.

#67- A Mind of His Own (10/5/76)
Fonzie goes to see a psychiatrist.

#68- Fonzie the Father (10/19/76)
Fonzie takes care of the pregnant wife of his friend.

#69- Fonzie's Hero (10/26/76)
Potsie saves Fonzie's life and tries to serve Fonzie in any way that he can.

#70- A Place of His Own (11/9/76)
Richie brings his date over to Fonzie's apartment.

#71- They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They? (11/16/76)
Joanie and Fonzie enter a dance marathon at Arnold's.

#72- The Muckrakers (11/23/76)
Richie does a story for his school newspaper about Fonzie's fear of beef liver.

#73- A.K.A. the Fonz (11/30/76)
The new sheriff wants to run Fonzie out of town.

#74- Richie Branches Out (12/7/76)
Richie wants to meet the pin-up girl of his dreams.

#75- Fonzie's Old Lady (1/4/77)
Fonzie dates an older woman.

#76- Time Capsule (1/11/77)
Richie and friends get locked in a vault at Mr. C's hardware store.

#77- The Book of Records (1/18/77)
A clumsy cousin of Fonzie comes to Milwaukee and works at Arnold's.

#78- A Shot in the Dark (1/25/77)
Richie hits the winning shot at a championship basketball game.

#79- Marion Rebels (2/1/77)
Marion wants to work and becomes a waitress at Arnold's.

#80- The Third Anniversary Show (2/4/77)
Features flashbacks of previous episodes. A surprise party for Marion's anniversary is given.

#81- The Graduation, Part 1 (2/8/77)
The boys graduate from high school and Fonzie reveals that he has also just earned his diploma in night school.

#82- The Graduation, Part 2 (2/15/77)
Fonzie finds out that his diploma will be mailed to him, but he is able to join the graduating class ceremony.

#83- The Physical (2/22/77)
Richie, Potsie, Ralph, and the Fonz report for their army physicals.

#84- Joanie's Weird Boyfriend (3/1/77)
Joanie joins a motorcycle gang called the Red Devils and gets in some trouble.

#85- Fonz-How, Inc. (3/8/77)
Fonzie and Howard team up to invent the Garbage Gulper, a trash compactor.

#86- Spunky Come Home (3/15/77)
Potsie and Ralph lose Fonzie's dog, Spunky.

#87- The Last of the Big Time Malphs (3/22/77)
Ralph becomes a big-time gambler in a football pool operation that he starts.

#88- Fonzie's Baptism (3/29/77)
Following a motorcycle accident, Fonzie wants to get baptized.

#89- Hollywood, Part 1 (9/13/77)
Fonzie is offered a screen test.

#90- Hollywood, Part 2 (9/13/77)
Fonzie and company go to Hollywood.

#91- Hollywood, Part 3 (9/20/77)
Fonzie accepts a challenge to jump over a shark tank while water skiing.

#92- Hard Cover (9/27/77)
Richie goes to a local college and Fonzie takes him to the library to meet some girls.

#93- My Cousin the Cheat (10/4/77)
Chachi cheats on an exam in order to work at the garage.

#94- Fonsilectomy (10/25/77)
Tonsillitis sidelines Fonzie from a Halloween party.

#95- The Apartment (11/01/77)
Richie, Potsie, and Ralph move into a rundown apartment where the landlady is Chachi's mother. Note: Pilot for unsold spinoff (Ralph and Potsie)

#96- Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (aka Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero - Part 1) (11/8/77)
Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes audition at Arnold's.

#97- Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (aka Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero - Part 2) (11/15/77)
Joanie wants to go on tour with the rock band.

#98- My Fair Fonzie (11/22/77)
Fonzie is invited to a yacht club by a socialite.

#99- Bye Bye Blackball (11/29/77)
The boys want to pledge a fraternity and have to endure the initiation rites.

#100- Requiem for a Malph (12/6/77)
Ralph is challenged to a boxing match after he dates the girlfriend of a football player.

Episode #'s: 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201-255

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