This section contains descriptions and photos where available of all Courtship of Eddie's Father memorabilia that I am aware of and have in my collection. If anyone has any additional items, please e-mail me with a description and a photo if at all possible.

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TV Guides

Miyoshi Umeki, Brandon Cruz, and Bill Bixby

  • July 4-10, 1970

    Brandon Cruz and Bill Bixby

  • June 19-25, 1971

    Comic Books

    The Courtship of Eddie's Father comic book #1

  • No. 1, January 1970

    The Courtship of Eddie's Father comic book #2

  • No. 2, May 1970

    Promotional Poster

    Promotional Poster for ABC affiliates

    Still photographs

  • See the Picture Galleries for 5 of these photos

    Detroit Free Press TV Week

  • August 10th, 1969 (includes one-page article on the show)

  • Also released by: The Washington Post

    TV Time and Channel

    TV Time and Channel

  • February 21st-27th, 1970(?), Philadelphia/New York edition

  • Who's Who in TV Television - 1969-70 (previews and photos)

  • Kids on T.V. (1971 paperback)

    Kids on T.V.

  • Spec Magazine (8/70) (Brandon Cruz)

  • Spec Magazine (1/71) (Brandon Cruz)

  • Tiger Beat Magazine (Brandon Cruz)

  • Poster, 1969, (17 x 12, features entire cast)

  • Flip Magazine (2/1/70)

  • Flip Magazine (5/1/70)

  • L.A. Times TV Magazine (10/21/62) (Miyoshi Umeki)

  • TV Times (11/9/69) (photo cover)

  • Scripts (various - I have 'The Encounter Group)

  • Script (10/05/70) for the episode "To Catch a Thief", 26 pages, orange cover. Script personally used by Vince Van Patten who played "Mark" on the episode. Sold for $42 in a recent online auction

  • Teens Now (May 1972) (Brandon Cruz)

  • TV Magazine (Sunday Star - Washington, D.C.) (October 5-11, 1969) (Brady Bunch girls on cover, COEF article inside)

  • 16mm films (various episodes)

  • I've read that there was a lunchbox made for The Courtship of Eddie's Father, but it was not marketed when Myoshi Umeki (Mrs. Livingston) rejected the artwork.

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV Magazine with color photo of Bill Bixby (Tom Corbett) with Tomorrow magazines from "Courtship of Eddie's Father." September 7-13, 1969.

  • 7 7/8" x 10" notepad with full-color portrait photo of Brandon Cruz in a scene from the TV series (c. 1969). Sold for $26.00 in a recent online auction to myself. Photo coming soon as soon as I scan it in.

  • Pressbook from the show's debut

  • 45rpm single of show's theme song

  • Color promo postcard

  • Facsimile autograph poster of cast

  • Movieland and TV Time Complete Encyclopedia of 1970 TV (magazine)

  • Bill Bixby and Brandon Cruz - "Best Friend" from the MGM TV series "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" / MGM K14198. Yellow Promo Label 45 / "Special Disc Jockey Record & Not For Sale printed across both sides. The flip side has the STAR, designating it as the A-side / this is a Shel Silverstein song: "Daddy, What If?" sung by Bixby and Cruz. Sent exclusively to radio stations. Recently have sold for $15-40 in online auctions like eBay.

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