Diff'rent Strokes: Write the cast members

Todd Bridges, 10508 Dora St., Sun Valley, CA 91352 (Willis Jackson)
Todd Bridges, 7550 Zombar Avenue #1, Van Nuys, CA 91406
Charlotte Rae, 10790 Wilshire Boulevard #903, Los Angeles, CA 90020-44448 (Edna Garrett)
Mary Jo Catlett, 4375 Farmdale Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604 (Pearl Gallagher)
Danny Cooksey, 9300 Wilshire Blvd. #410, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (Sam McKinney)
Danny Cooksey, 9255 Sunset Blvd. #706, Los Angeles, CA 90669
Rosalind Chao, 924 Westwood Blvd. #900, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (Miss Chung)
Mary Ann Mobley, c/o TRC Entertainment, 8424A Santa Monica Blvd #770, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (Maggie McKinney #2)
Jason Hervey, 1280 Sunset Plaza Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90069 (Charlie)
Shavar Ross (Dudley Ramsey), contact form on his official site: ShavarRoss.com
Visit his Official Website at ShavarRoss.com / Get Shavar's Autograph
Melanie Watson-Bernhardt (Kathy Gordon), has an e-mail address: mbernhardt@trainrite.org

  • Note: All of these addresses have been gathered on the internet. I haven't personally tried writing any of these addresses yet. I have heard from people that have received a response from Conrad Bain, Charlotte Rae, and Nedra Volz.

  • Rob P. Thitoff wrote to Conrad Bain on January 15, 2002 and received a response on October 3, 2002.

  • Kim reports that she received received a reply from Mary Jo Catlett in about a week (05/21/08).

  • If you have a successful response, please let me know what address you used and approximately how long it took to get a response. Thanks.

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