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Diff'rent Strokes Online

Message Board
read and post messages about the show and cast
Show info
broadcast history, total number of episodes, general info and history of the show
Cast info
listing of the cast and a link to the IMDB which gives a filmography for each actor/actress (last updated 05/20/01)
Episode Guide
a listing of the title and brief summary of all 189 episodes - also includes the guest appearances for every episode and original airdates for most episodes (last updated 07/30/01)
Picture Gallery
pictures of the cast, individual characters, etc.; divided into 6 pages (last updated 01/20/00)
Sound Library/Video Clips
wav and mp3 files of the theme song (opening and closing), midi files of the theme songs, wav files of famous quotes, lyrics of the theme song, video clips of the opening credits and 4 full episodes available (last updated 05/14/03)
trivia questions and answers about the show (last updated 03/06/03)
Notable Guest Appearances
listing of notable guests who made an appearance on the show (last updated 03/25/02)
Did you know?
interesting facts about the show and the actors and actresses; history of the show (last updated 03/06/03)
Broadcast stations
listing of where around the country and world Diff'rent Strokes can still be seen (last updated 05/11/07)
listing of some of the more memorable lines on the show (last updated 03/06/03)
Biographies/Where are they now?
a recent picture of each cast member and listing of what they have done since the show ended and some biographical information when available (last updated 07/13/05)
Write the cast
mailing and e-mail addresses where you can write the cast members and ask questions or request autographed pictures (last updated 11/04/02)
pictures and descriptions of items such as TV Guides, coloring books, etc. (last updated 06/04/99)
The Dana Plato Memorial Site
site devoted to actress Dana Plato (last updated 07/23/02)
Hello, Larry Online
page devoted to the short-lived crossover series which starred McLean Stevenson and Kim Richards (last updated 07/15/02)
The Facts of Life Online
site devoted to the show spin-off series The Facts of Life - same format as this site (last updated 10/23/03)
The Gary Coleman Show
page devoted to the Gary Coleman animated series (last updated 04/09/02)
Mailing List
join and talk about the show, characters, cast members, etc. (last updated 01/03/00)
links to articles on the show and cast members (last updated 07/13/05)

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