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Broadcast History:

First Telecast: February 29, 1988
Last Telecast: June 25, 1989

Feb 1988, NBC Mon 8:30-9:00
Mar 1988, NBC Thu 8:30-9:00
Mar 1988-Jun 1989, NBC Sun 8:30-9:00 (OS)

Total number of episodes: 33


Douglas Sheehan as Brian Harper
Linda Kelsey
as Kate Harper
Christopher Daniel ("C.B.") Barnes
as Ross Harper
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
as Eileen Swift
Courtney Thorne-Smith
as Kristin Carlson
Thora (Thora Birch)
as Molly
Garrett Taylor
as Blake
Chris Finefrock
as Justin O'Donnell
Robert Chavez
as Sammy Schrom
Mark Gordon
as Buddy Schrom (1988)
Gino de Mauro
as Stiv Miltman
Catherine & Mary Donahue as Emily Harper

Theme Songs:

"Day By Day" by Sammy Cahn, Axel Stordahl, and Paul Weston (1945 popular song), sung by Clydine Jackson

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Series Summary:

Day By Day cast

One of the wave of "yuppie comedies" that sept TV in the late '80s, Day By Day was about a couple of suburban overachievers who dropped out and opened a daycare center in their home. Why? Well, with the arrival of their second child, stockbroker Brian and his wife Kate, a lawyer, decided that they were missing their children's best years and wanted to be at home. Gangly teenager Ross, who enjoyed his independence and girl chasing, was not sure that was such a good idea--especially the "quality time" his underfoot dad now wanted to spend with him. But there were compensations, notably the sexy 19-year-old assistant Kristin whom his parents had hired to help run the center.

Eileen, Brian's single and sarcastic former business associate, could not understand the Harpers' decision at all (observing the children in organized activities: "Oh, you've got them to march around in a circle. Are you going to enter them in a show?"). Numerous cute kids were seen, including super-smart little Molly, who the Harpers hoped would not turn out as they almost had.

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Episode Guide:

1. Birthday Presence (02/29/88) New employee Ross makes a child a promise he can't keep.
2. How to Succeed in Day Care (03/03/88) Brian and Kate clash over the center's curriculum.
3. One Big Happy Family (03/06/88) Kate and Brian decide to spend more time with Ross.
4. That Saturday Feeling (03/13/88) Ross hides his reasons for including Brian in activities.
5. Community Service (03/20/88) Caught in a stock scam, Eileen receives a sentence worse than death: community service at the day-care center. Meanwhile, Ross's bathrobe, Baby, seems to have escaped from his custody.
6. Birth Wait (03/27/88) Kate and Brian's romantic plans run into trouble.
7. What I Did For Love (04/03/88) Brian advises Ross on how to woo Kristen.
8. Great Expectations (04/10/88) An aptitude test suggests Ross' grades should be higher.
9. How Now, Dow Jones (04/17/88) Brian returns part-time to being a stock broker.
10. Life at a Glance (04/24/88) Eileen pursues an attractive single father.
11. The Age of Dinosaurs (05/01/88) Ross's lecture on dinosaurs is a big hit with the preschool kids, leading him to conclude that he's meant for a teaching career.
12. Do You Think I'm Sexy? (05/15/88) Aided by amateur counselors Elaine and Kristin, Kate tries to rekindle the romance in her marriage, as hamsters and finger painting replace dining and dancing.
13. The Field Trip (05/29/88) Brian cancels a field trip when Kate doubts her skills.
14. My World and Welcome To It (10/30/88)Eileen gives Ross a student internship, but will the pressure of being a successful pre-stockbroker drive him into early retirement?
15. Won't You Be My Neighbor? (11/06/88) The intimitable Eileen is moving next door, and it's not a pretty sight as she demoralizes the remodeling men and, in a pinch, babysits Emily.
16. Trading Places (11/27/88) Brian's college pal Steven Keaton (Michael Gross) visits.
17. Girl Wars (12/04/88) Ross and Stiv clash over a girl.
18. Harper and Son (12/11/88) Brian's father (Leslie Nielsen) thinks Ross is a wimp.
19. Merry Kristin (12/18/88) Kristin tries to re-create a traditional Danish Christmas.
20. You Gotta be a Football Hero (01/01/89) Ross goes out for football to make a pass at a girl who loves the sport, and Brian is carried back to his gridiron glory days.
21. Smart Woman, Nice Refreshments (01/08/89) Eileen ropes a reluctant Kate into joining a professional women's group, but before long, Kate "the Organizer" has tied down the lead over Eileen in the race for club secretary.
22. Out For a Stretch (01/15/89) Ross takes a job baby-sitting, but an evening out cruising in a stretch limo is too tempting to turn down, so he takes Molly and Emily along for the ride.
23. The Music Man (01/29/89) Eileen finds love with a song-and-dance man.
24. A Very Brady Episode (02/05/89) Ross dreams of life with a "perfect" family.
25. My Mama Done Tol' Me (02/12/89) Ross battles Kate's low opinion of his new girlfriend, who has a very high opinion of herself.
26. Fraternity (02/19/89) While Ross admires Brian's practical joking fraternity brother Stan, Brian thinks Stan still has some growing up to do.
27. Tears of a Clown (02/26/89) Ross and Stiv enroll in home ec to savor the presence of their female classmates, but Ross finds his cooking teacher's company most appetizing.
28. Harmless Harper (03/05/89) Brian is flustered but flattered by the amorous attention of an attractive stockbroke, but Kate invests her complete trust in her husband.
29. Three Men and a Babe (03/12/89) Ross loses big with his buddies when he begins spending all of his time in artistic pursuits with his girlfriend, instead of joining the guys for their manly game of Risk.
30. Foul Play (03/23/89) Eileen figures to benefit when her "best friend" Kristin begins going out with Eileen's grateful boss.
31. The Reunion (04/02/89) Eileen needs a pseudo husband for her high-school reunion.
32. The Lost Weekend (04/16/89) While Brian, Kate, and Emily spend the weekend visiting Kate's parents, Ross hopes for a romantic weekend at home with his girlfriend.
33. Father Knows Best (06/04/89) An overprotective dad pulls his son out of preschool, while Ross is pushed into a date with the daughter of one of Eileen's clients.

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