Photo Gallery 2: (click any of the thumbnails to see the larger image)

Dana in white dress Dana (3 years old) Dana and son Tyler Lambert (1986) Dana and Heather O'Rourke (who was in the Poltergeist movies) Dana and Chris Petersen Dana Plato

Dana in bikini Dana in sweater Dana wearing parrot shirt Dana wearing green dress Dana Plato autographed photo

Dana in red Dana (slide) Dana Dana (French poster in magazine) Dana and Jasmin (1996)

Dana in the tv movie High School U.S.A. Dana in print ad for Arco Dana in 1991 Dana in 3 photos Dana in 4 photos

Dana on trip to the Bahamas on Norwegian Cruise Line (1987) Dana and her friend Colleen O'Leary Chula in Sunland - 1994 Dana and friends at 1994 Academy Awards Party Dana, son Tyler Lambert, and friend Colleen O'Leary Chula (1997) Dana, son Tyler Lambert, and friend Colleen O'Leary Chula (1997)

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Many more Diff'rent Strokes cast photos with Dana can be found at:

Diff'rent Strokes Online

Dana Plato Memorial Screensaver and Mini Fact Sheet - courtesy of Rolland Heiss

If you are looking for the adult photos, I would suggest locating: the June 1989 issue of Playboy (the photos were really tastefully done, I think Dana liked them) or the 1997 movie Different Strokes. Both of these items and other Dana photos for sale and other items related to her can be found on eBay:

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