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1. Different Strokes (aka Jack & Jill...and Jill or Jack and Jill) as Jill Martin (1997)
Will it be Jack & Jill... Jill and Jill... or...? Dana Plato, Bentley Mitchum and Landon Hall star in this erotic love triangle; Jack has it all; good looks, a home in the Hollywood Hills, an enviable career as a top fashion photographer, and a girlfriend whose beauty rivals any of his models. But his perfect life will take an unexpected turn when an attractive New York Art Director Opens up new sexual possibilities; just not the ones Jack has in mind... Direct-to-video erotica movie.
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2. Blade Boxer as Rita (1997)
Detective Rick Morgan, a renegade cop, is forced undercover in the terrifying world of L.A. to face the fight of his life. With the help of a beautiful lady cop Rita, Rick joins the world of the Blade Boxer- 'human sacrifices' fighting for their survival. Bloodthirsty promoter Jonathan Carter rules over these bloody battles to the death. Non-stop cut-throat action rips the screen wide open with flesh-on-flesh combat. Steel talons replace fists and caged arenas replace the ring in this no-way-out human cock fight to the death.
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3. Compelling Evidence as Dana Fields (1995)
Rick Stone is the world's biggest action star but unfortunately, he is also the prime suspect in his wife's death. He must enlist the help of a conniving tabloid reporter named Dana Fields and the trust of his mistress Stephanie to try and clear his name.
4. Bikini Beach Race (aka The Sex Puppets) as J.D. (1992)
Rev up your engines as the most gorgeous and charming Bed Race Team of all, The Sex Puppets, heat up the raceway. Clad in bikinis and sexy lingerie, they'll bump and grind their way to victory aboard comical "Bedmobiles". Dana Plato ("Diff'rent Strokes") stars as the saucy J.D., a hydroplane speedboat pilot who's cajoled by four college oddballs into joining their Bed Race Team. But watch out - there's dangerous curves ahead as the local Mafia pits the odds 100 to 1 against our zany team. The gears shift as Milo (Daniel Barquet) perfects a fantastic invention that'll blast this year's event into Gran Prix history. Hang on to your jockstraps as "Bikini Beach Race" swerves you out of control through this rally between the sheets.
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5. Night Trap (video game) as Kelli Medd (1992)
6. The Sounds of Silence (aka Distortions) (1992)
A man with paranormal abilities discovers that one of his coleagues is cheating the firm they work for. When he threatens to denunciate his coleague things become dangerous...Also stars Todd Bridges and Erik Estrada.
7. Prime Suspect (aka Trauma (U.K. title) as Diana Masters (1989)
8. High School U.S.A. (tv movie) as Cara Ames (1983)
Everybody is in this movie! Michael J. Fox, Nancy McKeon, Anthony Edwards, Todd Bridges, Dana Plato, Michael Zorek, and Crispin Glover! The ultimate in cheesy 80's entertainment! The nerds, the jocks, the prisses, the teachers, the robot, the car race, and the party at the end! This movie is a must for every child of the 80's!
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9. Diff'rent Strokes (tv series) as Kimberly Drummond (1978-1984, 1985-1986)
10. California Suite (aka Neil Simon's California Suite) as Jenny (1978)
A Neil Simon comedy in which five couples face their own personal struggles during a pre-Academy Awards weekend at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The four-part storyline runs the gamut from touching introspection to outright slapstick. Academy Award Nominations: 3, including Best (Adapted) Screenplay. Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress--Maggie Smith.
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11. Return to Boggy Creek as Evie Jo (1978)
Starring: Dawn Wells & Dana Plato. Out in the dismal swamplands there is a creature lurking. Spine tingling film that takes you to the cross roads where reality and the supernatural meet. Will keep you on the edge of your seat!!
12. Exorcist II: The Heretic as Sandra (uncredited) (1977)
Legendarily terrible sequel follows further attempts to dis-possess young Regan McNeil. Hallucinatory visuals, pretentious dialogue, and ultra-70s look make this box-office bomb a cult favorite.
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13. Beyond the Bermuda Triangle (tv movie) as Wendy (1975)
14. Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Killed (she plays a starring role of twins, one sane and one crazy)
15. He's My Baby Now (also called Schoolboy Father - costars Rob Lowe) as Daisy Dallenger (Afterschool Special)
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16. Silent Fury (1993)
17. Altered Instincts
18. Lethal Cowboy
19. Silent Scream (was scheduled for release around Halloween 1999, has not been released yet)
20. Millenium Day (1995)
21. The Hostage (1998)

Many of the out-of-print movies and the DVD version of Different Strokes can be found on the eBay auction website

Notable TV Guest Appearances:

1. "Growing Pains" playing "Lisa" in episode "Mike's Madonna Story" (11/05/85)
2. "CHiPs" playing "Darla" in episode "Nightingale" (episode #3.23) 03/23/80
3. "CHiPs" playing "Herself" in episode "Roller Disco: Part 2" (episode #3.2) 09/22/79
4. "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1975) (episode that was the pilot for 'The Bionic Woman')
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5. "Family"
6. "Circus of the Stars" (tv specials - 2 appearances, 12/14/80 and one in 1981), she performed as a trapeze artist and a horseback rider
7. "Celebrity Daredevils" (1980, she skydives - click here for a mpg video clip - it is about 4 minutes long and 42MB in file size)
8. Sang on an Easter Seals telethon
9. Battle of the Network Stars (if anyone has the date(s), please e-mail me)
10. Walt Disney World's 10th Anniversary Special (01/21/82 - CBS, with Ricky Schroder and John Schneider)
11. The Gong Show (1977 or 1978)
12. The Love Boat in episode "Baby Sister" (1984-1985) with guest stars Christopher Knight from The Brady Bunch, Vera Miles, and Jayme Lyn Bauer
13. The Best of Ed's Night Party (1996 compilation tape, Canadian talkshow - 'Ed the Sock' interviewed guests)
14. "The Facts of Life" playing "Kimberly" in episode "Rough Housing" 08/24/79

Plays/Las Vegas revues:

1. Tropical Heat (Las Vegas)
2. Last of the Red Hot Lovers (Canada)


Over 100 including Kentucky Fried Chicken, Arco, Dole bananas, Noxema, and Hallmark.

Dana Plato tape trade/have/want list:

I am trying to get as many Dana Plato tv appearances, movies, talk show appearances, commercials, etc. on tape as possible for my personal collection. I will list what I have on tape as well as a want list of things that I would like to get:

Have list:

  • all Diff'rent Strokes tv series episodes and first episode of The Facts of Life she was in
  • CHiPs (both episodes that she appeared in - one was a good-sized role, the other was a cameo as herself)
  • movies: Schoolboy Father/He's My Baby Now afterschool special; Return to Boggy Creek; High School U.S.A; Blade Boxer; Different Strokes; Prime Suspect
  • E! True Hollywood Story: Diff'rent Strokes (taped December 1998)
  • Night Talk with with Jane Whitney (November 1992 - with Erin Murphy, Butch Patrick, Danny Bonaduce, Donna Douglass, Ron Palillo, and Dana Plato)
  • Vibe (November 6th, 1997 with Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, and Dana Plato)
  • Inside Edition (February 1999 - her last broadcast tv interview)
  • Sally Jessy Raphael Show (05/21/99)
  • Inside Edition (05/10/99), (05/11/99)
  • Entertainment Tonight (05/10/99), (05/11/99), (05/12/99)
  • Extra (5/10/99), (05/11/99)
  • CNN (05/9/99)
  • Leeza (05/17/99 - with Johnny Whitaker, Brandon Cruz, Paul Petersen, Lisa Loring, and Charlotte Rae)
  • Leeza (06/03/99 - Dana Plato: Her Mother's Heartbreak - interview with Dana's birth mother Linda Strain and videoclips of the memorial service
  • Dateline NBC (05/12/99)
  • E! True Hollywood Story: Dana Plato (11/21/99)

    Want list:

  • any of her movies that I don't have
  • any specials that she appeared in including: Circus of the Stars, Battle of the Network Stars, Celebrity Daredevils, Easter Seals telethon where she sang, Walt Disney World's 10th Anniversary Special 01/21/82 - CBS
  • her appearance on The Six Million Dollar Man, Family, and The Gong Show
  • Inside Edition (05/12/99), (07/15/99)
  • Entertainment Tonight (05/17/99)
  • CNN: Larry King Live (05/13/99)
  • any talk show appearances on The Jenny Jones Show, Maury Povich, Leeza (05/08/95), Sally Jessy Raphael, etc.
  • any interviews or segments on Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, American Journal, Hard Copy, A Current Affair, Extra, Access Hollywood, etc.
  • any of the commercials she appeared in
  • anything else unique that you may have, please contact me:

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