Charles in Charge Episode Guide:

This episode guide contains the title, brief summary, and guest stars for all 126 episodes. 22 were made during the first season on CBS in 1984-1985. Then it moved to first-run syndication from 1987-1990 where 104 more episodes episodes were produced.

Season 1 (1984-1985)

1. Pilot (original airdate: 10/03/84)

Charles invites Gwendolyn to the Pembrokes'.

Guest Stars: Michael Sharrett as Alexander Morgan, James Saito as Chines Food Delivery Man

2. Extracurricular Activity (10/10/84)

Charles urges the children to try new hobbies.

Guest Star: Julianne McNamara as Paula Thackery

3. Another Saturday Night (10/17/84)

Buddy disrupts Charles date with Gwendolyn.

4. War (10/24/84)

Charles stays neutral as the children squabble.

Guest Star: Meg Ryan as Megan Harper

5. Cousin Elliot (11/07/84)

The children abandon Charles for a fun cousin.

Guest Stars: Jerry Levine as Cousin Elliot Pembroke, Mario Baio as Instructor

6. Slumber Party (11/14/84)

Charles must chaperone Lila's pajama party.

Guest Stars: Julianne McNamara as Paula Thackery, Christina Applegate as Stacy, Jade Chan as Linda, Betsy Chasse as Valerie, Mandy Ingber as Enid, Samantha Smith as Kim, Allisun Sturges as Heather

7. Discipline (11/21/84)

Charles discusses Douglas' grade with a teacher.

Guest Star: Barbra Horan as Ms. McCoy

8. Trick or Treat (11/28/84)

Charles checks out a dream date for unsure Buddy.

Guest Stars: Kimberly Ross as Diana Marks, Nicole Rosselle as Princess

9. A Date With Enid (12/05/84)

Douglas' first love undergoes a make-over.

Guest Star: Mandy Ingber as Enid

10. Friends and Lovers (12/12/84)

Charles seethes when Gwendolyn dates another.

Guest Stars: Romy Windsor as Lisette, Parker Jacobs as Max Shrimer, Diana Barton as Niki; Co-Star: Calon Blackledge as London Girl

11. Home for the Holidays (12/19/84)

Mr. Pembroke's mother visits for Christmas.

Guest Star: Rue McClanahan as Irene Pembroke

12. Accidental Puppy (12/26/84)

Charles lets the children keep an injured dog.

13. The Commotion (01/02/85)

Arguments disrupt Charles' important schoolwork.

14. Mr. President (01/16/85)

Charles vies with Elliot for class president.

Guest Stars: Jerry Levine as Elliot Pembroke, Brian Robbins as Todd Baldwin, Vincent Barbour as Tony Abruzzi, Diana Barton as Jackueline Bloom, Stewart Wilson-Turner as Bradley Simpson, Warren Berlinger as Lamplight Manager

15. Jill's Decision (01/23/85)

Jill is offered a job with long hours.

Guest Stars: Michelle Nicastro as Michelle, Mary-Ellen Dunbar as Brittany, Michael Harrington as Waitor

16. Pressure From Grandma (01/30/85)

Grandma Irene makes Charles a business offer.

Guest Stars: Rue McClanahan as Grandma Irene, Raymond Singer as Lamplight Manager

17. Snowed In (02/06/85)

A snowstorm traps Charles with Lila's friends.

Guest Stars: Kit McDonough as Counter Woman, Kathy Ireland as Woman in Line, Christina Applegate as Stacy, Betsy Chasse as Tracy, Fran Robinson as Maxine, Allisun Sturges as Heather

18. Hurricane Meagan (aka Charles 'r' Us) (02/13/85)

Buddy and Charles begin a family-helper business.

Special Guest Star: Meg Ryan as Megan Harper (Listed as Meagan Parker in Credits)

Guest Stars: Peter Parros as Eddie Dootabuta, Nick Segal as George Franklin, Loren Lester as Clarence Norman, Kenny Tessel as Man

19. Charles' Spring Break (02/20/85)

Florida spring break is a disaster.

Guest Stars: Kristi Somers as Linda, Rodney Kageyama as Mr. Asuka, Hannah Cutrona as Patsy Lewis, Holly Gagnier as Susan

20. The Wrong Guy (02/27/85)

The Pembrokes disapprove of Lila's new love.

Guest Stars: Matthew L. Perry as Ed Stanley, Gary Riley as Van

21. Mr. Brilliant (03/13/85)

Charles invites an old chum of Jill's to dinner.

Guest Star: Renny Temple as Max Ziegler

22. Meet Grandpa (04/03/85 - postponed from 03/06/85)

Grandpa Harry arrives for a visit.

Special Guest Star: Dick O'Neill as Grandpa Harry

Seasons 2-5 (1987-1990)

23. Amityville

A new family awaits Charles upon his return.

Guest Stars: Michael Pearlman as Jason Pembroke, Lisa Donovan as Jill Pembroke; Co-Stars: Jeff Robie as Sid, Karen Mistal as Heidi, Tammi Caudell as Patti

24. The Naked Truth

Charles' new girlfriend is a nude model for art class.

Guest Stars: Signy Coleman as Rebecca Stansbury, Jack Fletcher as Professor Wycliff

25. Feud for Thought

Family troubles test Charles' philosophy.

Guest Stars: Robert Costanzo as Hank Holloway, Lisa Aliff as Gina, Mark Venturini as Herman Holloway

26. The Egg and Us

The girls care for eggs as a school project.

Guest Star: Betsy Palmer as Gloria

27. The Loan Arranger

Charles loses his loan when his grades drop.

Guest Star: Ben Stein as Stanley Willard

28. American Teen

Charles gives Sarah advice he should take.

Guest Stars: Jeff Robie as Sid, Julianne McNamara as Paula Thackery, Nicolette Scorsese as Louise

29. Buddy Comes to Dinner

Injured guest Buddy upsets Charles' romance.

Guest Star: Maylo McCaslin as Lauren Andrews

30. A Fox in the Henhouse

Cmdr. Powell's amorous shipmate visits Ellen.

Guest Star: Stephen Parr as Matty Whitford

31. Pizza Parlor Protest

The local pizzeria may become a parking lot.

Guest Stars: Jeff Robie as Sid, James Harrison as Bartlet

32. Trade Off

Charles encourages the family to trade favors.

33. Dating

The Powells and Charles suffer dating woes.

34. Music, Music, Mayhem

A cassette player fosters several arguments.

Guest Star: Julianne McNamara as Paula Thackery

35. Buddy in Charge

Buddy takes over while Charles visits his kin.

Guest Star: Susan Ursitti as Debbie

36. Isn't That What's Her Face?

An actress asks Charles' help to stay incognito.

Guest Star: Dawn Merrick as Dorothy

37. A Date From Heck

Charles charges come along on his dream date.

Guest Stars: Kenneth Mars as Poppa Grudov, Diane Franklin as Anna Grundov, Jacque Lynn Colton as Momma Grundov

38. Mama Mia

Charles' mother takes over during a visit.

Guest Star: Ellen Travolta as Lilian

39. Weekend Weary

Mrs. Powell insists Charles take a weekend off.

Guest Star: Rafael Mauro as Claude Craven

40. U.F. Oh No

Charles and Adam think they see a UFO.

Guest Star: Iona Morris as Nancy Mayo

41. The Case of the Mock Turtle Mystery

Accused turtle-killer Adam demands a trial.

42. A Job From Heck

Charles chaperones newly hired waitress Jamie.

Guest Stars: Ellen Travolta as Lilian, Dorothy Parke as Karen, John Zarchen as Daryl

43. Twice Upon a Time

Charles' first love returns. (Part 1 of 2)

Special Guest Star: Jennifer Runyon as Gwendolyn Pierce

44. Twice Upon a Time

Gwen hesitates after saying "yes" to Charles. (Part 2 of 2)

Special Guest Star: Jennifer Runyon as Gwendolyn Pierce

45. Baby Doll

Promotion manager Charles rejects offers of help.

Guest Stars: Pam Potillo as Lisa Taylor "Baby Doll", Andrea Palmer as Andrea, Jemmabel Bosch as Jemma, Tammy Townsend as Tammy

46. Lilian Puts a Round

Charles worries when Lilian begins to date.

Guest Star: Hank Brandt as Alan Barlow

47. Her Brother's Keeper

Charles agress to help a shy boy.

Guest Stars: David Knell as Duane, Michelle Johnson as Joyce, Cheryl Arutt as Stephanie

48. The Undergraduate

Ellen's married cousin makes a play for Charles.

Guest Stars: Julianne McNamara as Paula Thackery, Kay Lenz as Joan Robinson

49. Yule Laff

The family is snowbound in a cabin on Christmas.

50. Piece of Cake

Charles prepares for Cmdr. Powell's visit.

Guest Stars: Doris Hess as Guard, Leslie Danon as Heidi, Kate Poole as Jessica

51. Dorm Warnings

The family thinks Charles wants to live in the dorm.

Guest Star: Barbara Rhoades as Pat Walker; Co-Star: Marianne Corney as Professor Harris

52. Speechless

Buddy helps Charles fight a fear of public speaking.

53. Infatuation

Charles' crush on a model could alienate Linda.

Guest Stars: Kris Greenberg as Linda, Susannah Woodside as Trish

54. Role Model

Charles is suspicious of Jamie's modeling school.

Guest Stars: Nita Talbot as Allsion Lane, Suzi Dean as Julie

55. The Extremely Odd Couple

Charles gets between feuding Lilian and Walter.

56. Poppa, the Sailor Man

Charles arranges a visit by Walter's father.

Guest Stars: Dabbs Greer as "Buzz" Powell

57. Bottle Baby

Charles sees the other side of Buddy's sister.

Special Guest Star: Mindy Cohn as Bunny Lembeck

58. Dear Charles

Charles takes a job as an advice columnist.

Guest Star: Susan Burrell as Gayle Landis

59. The Pickle Plot

Uncle Joe makes Charles a business offer.

Special Guest Star: John Astin as Uncle Joe; Guest Star: Ben Stein as Stanley Willard

60. The Buddy System

A confidence class turns Buddy into a boor.

Guest Star: Dick Gautier as Harry Hileman; Co-Star: Robin Bach as Turkeyman

61. Sarah Steps Out

Sarah dates a smooth-talking ticket scalper.

Guest Stars: Scott Grimes as Gary Marlin, Pam Potillo as Lisa Taylor, Co-Stars: Al Pugliese as Man, Pat Benson as Woman

62. Trading Papers

Charles gets an A for Sarah's work.

Guest Stars: Jack Riley as Professor Kleeman, Christopher Templeton as Mrs. Williams, Pam Potillo as Lisa Taylor

63. Five Easy Pizzas

A restaurant critic visits the pizza parlor.

Guest Star: Vito Scotti as Dino Forenzi; Co-Star: Sandra J. Marshall as Woman Customer

64. Getting In

Charles and Buddy try to join a fraternity.

65. Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow

Charles and Buddy foil a pizza-parlor holdup.

Special Guest Star: Mark Blankfield as Eddie Drummond/Louis Brenner; Co-Star: Gary McGurk as George

66. Dutiful Dreamer

The family's bad luck causes Charles to dream.

67. Berkling Up Is Hard To Do

Charles' advice causes misunderstandings.

Guest Stars: Michael Rich as Steven Berkle, J.D. Roth as Brad

68. Runaround Charles'

Charles makes three appointments for one evening.

Guest Stars: Courtney Gebhart as Julie, Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Phillip

69. Where the Auction Is

Sarah, Jamie and Adam purchase Charles' services.

Guest Stars: Lorie Griffin as Jeanie, Lisa Fuller as Buyer of Charles; Co-Stars: Diana Barrows as Pushy Co-ed, Laura Lee Patterson as Auction Bidder 70. The Boy Who Loved Women

A boy dates both Sarah and Jamie.

Guest Star: Adam Carl as Mark Emerson

71. Barbelles

A girl's ex-beau, a bodybuilder, threatens Charles.

Guest Stars: Nancy Valen as Tammy, Brenda Swanson as Beth, Richard Brose as Mike Novac; Co-Stars: Shaun Weiss as Max, Janice Falconer as Janice

72. The Blackboard Bungle

Charles accepts a job as a teacher's aide.

Guest Stars: Jerry Van Dyke as Mr. Merken, Bobby Jacoby as Peter Curtis, Kelly Meadows as Tina

73. The Heart Burglar

The family learns to be honest about their feelings.

Guest Stars: Leslie Ryan as Carol Fuller, Jason Zahler as Sean Detwiler

74. May the Best Man Lose

Adam schemes to win a school quiz contest.

Guest Stars: Mark Venturini as Herman Holloway, Richard Marion as Mr. Nichols

75. No Nukes Is Good Nukes

Sarah is arrested for protesting at her father's ship.

Guest Star: James O'Sullivan as Commander Powell

76. Ninny and the Professor

Charles stands by a grade he gave a student.

Guest Stars: Raf Mauro as Professor Flack, Susan Jennifer Sullivan as Muffy

77. Duelling Presleys

Lilian hires an odd Elvis impersonator.

Guest Stars: Peter Wilcox as Elvis, Erika Eleniak as Stephanie Curtis

78. Adam See, Adam Do

Adam observes Charles' way with women.

Guest Stars: Greg Mullavey as Mr. Curtis, Erika Eleniak as Stephanie Curtis, Kellie Martin as Heather Curtis

79. Yesterday Cafe

Charles tutors history in Lilian's '50's cafe.

Guest Stars: Mark L. Taylor as Professor Krick, Peter Parros as Eugene, Ed Beechner as Victor

80. Fatal Obsession

A persistent coed sets her sights on Charles.

Guest Stars: Erika Eleniak as Stephanie Curtis, Suzanne O'Donnell as Alex

81. Walter Gets a Dodo

Walter dates Professor Bunt's visiting sister .

Guest Stars: Marcia Wallace as Dodo, David Agress as Professor Bunt

82. Ladies' Night Out

Jamie and Sarah try to sneak out to a nightclub.

Guest Stars: Stuart Mabray as Policeman # 1, Mark Marrone as Policeman # 2

83. Chargin' Charles

The children run Charles' credit card to the limit just before a date.

Guest Stars: Charlie Brill as Jamal, Eva Larue as Daphne Prentiss

84. A Fish Called Buddy

Charles stands vigil over unconscious Buddy in the hospital.

Guest Star: Kelly Ann Conn as The Nurse

85. Second Banana

Jamie loses out to Sarah for a part in a TV ad.

Guest Stars: Paul Provenza as Todd Sterling, Barbara Bush as Veronica Radford

86. Still at Large

Buddy and Charles think Jamie's teacher is a fugitive.

Special Appearance: Sally Struthers; Guest Stars: Patch Mackenzie as Ruth Lemay, Tina Andrews as Linda Murphy

87. Poetic License

Charles borrows Sarah's poem to impress a girl.

Guest Stars: Graham Jarvis as Lester Worley, Judie Aronson as Luanne

88. Charles Splits

Charles calls himself "Chaz" and acts strangely. (Part 1 of 2)

Guest Stars: Denise Miller as Tiffany Kovac, Hope Marie Carlton as Jocelyn Brooks, Daniel Baldwin as Daryl Furman, Nick Toth as Reverend Bob

89. Charles Splits

The family is stunned when Charles brings home a bride. (Part 2 of 2)

Guest Stars: Kelly Ann Conn as Nurse Bennet, Denise Miller as Tiffany Kovac

90. Curing the Common Cult

Jamie falls under a shady guru's spell.

Guest Stars: Charles Nelson Reilly as Abba-Kahn, Bobby Jacoby as Peter, Shannon Beaty as Kim

91. Room at the Bottom

Jamie wants the remodeled basement to be her room.

Guest Stars: Bryan Datillo as Jeff

92. A String of Pearls

The Powell's former sitter plots against Charles.

Guest Star: Liz Keifer as Julie Mercer

93. Walter's War

Walter borrows World War II souvenirs to impress a woman.

Guest Stars: Marlyn Mason as Julia Meyers, Clive Rosengren as Delivery Man

94. The Organization Man

Charles plots his schedule with a computer.

Guest Stars: Jerry O'Connell as David Landon, Marcy Kaplan as Mike Lewis

95. The Big Bang

Charles writes an essay about growing up.

Guest Star: Blake Boyd as Richard Travis

96. Triple Threat

Charles and Buddy's involvement with triplets causes confusion.

Guest Stars: Kym Gold as Charlene Murray, Michelle Gold as Marlene Murray, Traci Lee Gold as Darlene Murray

97. Aunt Vanessa

Jamie debates attending school in New York.

Guest Stars: Jill Novick as Leslie, Shannon Beaty as Kimberly

98. It's a Blunderful Life

Charles dreams about the Powell's lives without him.

Special Appearance: Don Most as Lottery Winner; Guest Star: Stanley Brock as Bernie

Note: Don Most starred as Don Most with Scott Baio on Happy Days

99. Bad Boy

Charles tries to reform a juvenile delinquent.

Guest Star: Rodney Eastman as Danny Holland

100. Buddy's Daddy

Buddy assumes trouble when his father visits alone.

Guest Star: Lewis Arquette as Clarence Lembeck

101. Summer Together, Fall Apart

The Powell children decide to have no rules.

Guest Star: Tony Dow as Preston

102. Get Thee to a Nuttery

A brush with death convinces Buddy he should be a priest.

Guest Star: John Roarke as Father Michaels

103. Three Dates & a Walnut

Walter makes three dates for one night.

Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Gloria, Marcia Wallace as Dodo, Marlyn Mason as Julia

104. Out With the In Crowd

Jamie befriends a snob to join a clique.

105. There's a Girl In My Ficus

A girl tries to come between Charles and Buddy.

Guest Star: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen as Jennifer; Special Appearance: James Karen

106. Judge Not Lest Ye Beheaded

Beauty-pageant judge Charles has ties to four contestants.

107. Baby Bummer

Buddy's advice leads Adam astray.

Guest Stars: Molly Orr as Hillary Smith, Kristina Coggins as Mrs. Smith

108. Paper Covers Rock

A tabloid links Charles and a rock star.

Guest Stars: Samantha Fox as Samantha Steele

109. Child Hoods

Charles romps with visiting pals from high school.

110. Advice and Consent

Jamie stays with a boy only because Charles disapproves.

Guest Star: Bryne Offutt as Cliff Randal

111. Daffy Doc

Buddy enters a mental hospital to do research.

Guest Stars: Ben Stein as Stanley Willard, Mary Lee Andres as Melody, Geno Ghijelli as Bruno, Jack Bannon as Dr. Clay

112. Buddy Flips His Disk

Buddy gets to be a disc jockey for a day.

Guest Stars: Phill Lewis as Bernie, Frank DeVol as Leonard Griffin

113. Don't Rock the Vote

Sarah and Jamie vie to be class president.

114. Brain Man

Buddy has visions of Charles' future.

Guest Stars: Mary Ward as Lily, Roberta Bizeau as Miss Spelling, Tom Williams as Mr. Stevens

115. Let's Quake a Deal

Charles tries to market an earthquake simulator.

Special Appearance: James Karen as Austin Miller, Guest Star: Richard Sanders as Professor Smalley

116. Up Your I.Q.

Jamie wants to convince a boy she is not shallow.

Guest Stars: Brooke Mills as Karen West, Douglas Bryant Johnson as Todd Gordon

117. All That Chaz

A bump on the head turns Charles again into Charles.

Guest Stars: Kelly Ann Conn as Nurse Bennett, Denise Miller as Tiffany Kovac

118. Frankie and Mommy

Lilian is ambivalent about an old flame.

Guest Star: Robert Ridgely as Frankie Romano

119. Lost Resort

Buddy's identical cousin takes Charles' job at a Hawaii resort.

Guest Stars: Jeff Bennett as Mitchell Hunt, Susan Jennifer Sullivan as Tippi Brewster, Brian Backer as Leonard Burley, Frank Ferrante as the Human Fly, Lisa Melilli as Woman, Dick Gautier as Karl Higler

120. The Dead Puck Society

Charles learns an illiterate boy is using Sarah.

Guest Stars: Paul Walker as Russell Davis, Valerie Michaels as Mindy

121. La Cage Aux Foools

To protest against animal experimentation, Charles and Buddy are locked in a cage.

Guest Stars: Millicent Collinsworth as Christine Kelly, Mark Clayman as Ray, Ben Stein as Stanley Willard

122. Teacher's Pest

Walter enrolls in a history class taught by Charles.

Guest Stars: Mary Sheldon as Jenny, Pamela Anderson as Chris

123. Almost Family

Charles helps save his aunt's (Ellen Travolta) carwash.

Guest Stars: Rodney Eastman as Bobby Nijinsji, Billy "Sly" Williams as Tyrone Sampson, Molly Orr as Emily Perdue, Crystal Carson as Penny Hennesy, Jeff Davis as Lewis "Spiderman" Burch, Jack Bannon as Arthur Stingley

124. Seeing is Believing

Charles asks a girl out, then learns she is blind.

Guest Star: Keely Christian as Kelly Morgan

125. Fair Exchange

Sarah vists her relatives in New Mexico.

Guest Stars: Cecilia Hart as Elaine Colfax, Michael Manasseri as Michael Colfax, Olivia Burnette as Melanie Colfax, Ivan Gueron as Nikki, David Graf as Steve Colfax

126. Charles Be DeMille

Charles offers to direct a show to fund Sarah's class trip.

Guest Star: Bryan Clark as Professor Haskins

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