Happy Days: Charles "Chachi" Arcola

Charles "Chachi" Arcola

Charles 'Chachi' Arcola

Charles "Chachi" Arcola was introduced in the 1977 season and eventually became a regular member of the cast. Originally, Chachi was something of a hoodlum. He wore a tattered vest over an old t-shirt and was a member of a local gang, the Lords. As he grew up, however, his rough edges were smoothed over and he became another clean-cut teen on the show.

Unlike his cousin Fonzie, Chachi was a one-woman man. The love of his life was Joanie, whom he affectionately dubbed "blue eyes." At first she was repulsed by this uncouth ruffian, but his tough-guy charm--or perhaps his dogged persistence--finally won her over. In 1982, Joanie and Chachi moved to Chicago to pursue a singing career. Meeting with little success in the Windy City, the two young lovers returned to Milwaukee for the last season of "Happy Days." In the final episode of the long-running sitcom, Joanie and Chachi were married.

The above profile is from the Nick-at-Nite site. I will be adding additional information that I have available soon. Please e-mail with any corrections or additions.

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