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     Brandon Cruz

Brandon Cruz was born May 28th, 1962. He was only 7 years old when he landed the irresistible role of Eddie Corbett on The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Only a handful of acting roles would follow for Cruz, who also appeared in feature films such as The Bad News Bears and The One and Only (with Henry Winkler). He eventually gave acting up entirely for music (punk rock), and turned up on a "Where Are They Now" program in the early '80s where he was re-united with a bewildered Bill Bixby (whom he hadn't seen in years).

Brandon is still a musician and is leader singer of a Los Angeles-based punk rock band called The Brandon Cruz Band (he sings solo now with some of Twister Naked's members in the band) and has just released Eddie Is A Punk, a compilation of songs he's performed that date back to his days as Eddie. Among the highlights on the album is a punk version of "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father Theme Song" which features Harry Nilsson on piano and was also recoded with ex-Monkee Micky Dolenz in 1995. Also included on the cd is an obscure song about pollution that Cruz and Bill Bixby recorded for a 1970 TV special called "Oh, Daddy... What If?".

Eddie is a Punk album

For more information on the cd and to order it online, please visit: .

He worked a day-job as the assistant editor on the potty-mouthed animated show South Park until they parted ways recently. He is active with A Minor Consideration (AMC), an organization which helps child actors like him maintain their careers even after they've outgrown those juvenille parts.

He is happily married to actress Liz Cruz and has a son who was born in 1995 who he named Lincoln Bixby Cruz (after Bill Bixby).

And the most recent update from Brandon Cruz himself (sent to me 5/26/99):

I am now working for U.P.N. as an editor. South Park and I parted ways in January. I am writing to you from work right now. Also, I have reformed my old band, called Dr. Know, and we are touring the U.S. and Canada this summer on the Social Chaos Tour. So i look forward to seeing the country and playing all of the old songs from the early punk days. Your site gets better each time i see it. Thanks for doing this. I appreciate all that you do. I have a new email address. . Feel free to post it on your site. Again, thanks, and take care, Brandon

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