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Old 09-22-2003, 12:50 AM   #1
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Default I had a really weird dream that involved Happy Days

I had this really weird dream. I've been having lots of dreams simmilar to this since we watched the movie "The Lottery" in English class at my school. Anyway...this one starts out without any obvious connection to Happy Days...except for the timeframe (it was set in the early sixties) and the fact that there was a guy who had come from Millwalkie.

Anyway, in the dream, I was a just-graduated senior who was looking into collages. I lived in New Hope, and thus planned to get out before June 27th (the day of the lottery) unfortuntly, it didn't work...I was told I could leave the day after. Well...this guy who had moved from Millwalkie to New Hope sevreal years before ended up drawing the black slip...and if you're fimmilar with "The Lottery" then you know what that means. If not...well...the person who draws the black strip is then stoned to death...and that's what happened to this one guy.

Well, I was chosen to go through his stuff the next day to come up with a reasonable excuse to give to outsiders about what had happened to him when I found a package that read "For Fonzie's eyes only" I opened it, and inside was a copy of a novel (forgot what really wasn't important) a silver bracelet, a leather jacket, and a sealed envlope. On the outside of the envlope was Fonzie's I decided to go there for the summer.

I put all the stuff back in the package and took it too Millwalkie. Found the Cunningham house (the adress that had been listed as Fonzies) took it up to the attic, introudouced myself, and explaned that a young man had died recently in New Hope and that I'd taken it upon myself to get a private package to him.

I started to leave, but Fonzie told me not to and explaned that this guy had been a friend of his...a member of The Falcons...he shared that the jacket had been this guy's Falcons jacket...but he'd ripped the emblem off when the gang was dismantled. The bracelet had been a birthday present from the entire gang, and the novel had been a shared favrete. It was the letter that caught his intrest. He read it out loud to me, and as a one of New Hope's many secret keepers, it scared me. Here's what it said...

"Dear Fonz,
If you're reading this, it means I'm dead. It also means that I didn't die a natural death. You see, I take this letter out and put it in the package every June 26...and put it back every June 28. That's because there's a murder every year on that date. A murder that the entire city partisipates in. I would've left by now...but I know I'd spill the secret. Fonz...I don't know what I think you can do about this...but I do know you'll do something. I just pray that if you do take action, it won't get you killed."

I flipped, I told him that his friend's mind hadn't been the same since a bout with pnunomia, and that the town doctor beleaved borderline insanity...but Fonzie didn't buy it...and he got the truth of "The Lottery" out of me. I was crying when I finished, suddenly realising how awful a tradition it was...and that we had no buisness contunueing it. That's when Fonzie made me a promess...he'd stop the Lottery for good.

One year later, it seemed to be happening just like always. A black slip was drawn, a person chosen...but before the stoning began...someone got up where Old Man Warner stood, shoved him asside and shouted "Stop it, right now."

Everyone, including me, turned to look. It was Fonzie. He then said "You don't want to do this. You're killing one of your do it every year. And what for? Because you're under the impression it'll help you prosper? One person dead every's more then's wrong." I don't remember exactly what he said after that...but slowly, everyone began listining to him. He talked about how bad violence was and how this was a community murder, not a tradition to be upheld. He asked the drawn victem straight out "Do you really want to die?" finally, people started calming down...and everyone realised just how true it was.

Then Old Man Warner up and ruined things by saying "No! We must have a sacrifice!" That got the crowd worked up agian...but Fonzie quickly put a stop to that.

Fonzie looked Mayor Warner dead in the eye and said "If your so set on having a sacrifice...then make it me, becaue I'm not letting you kill anyone else in this town."

Suddenly, I felt so guilty it was unbearable. I knew that I was responsable...that Fonzie wouldn't be walking over to the sacrifice ring if it wern't for me. I watched, toatlly helplessly, as Fonzie told the person who had drawn the black slip to go. Then he just stood there...and we just stood there arround him.

There was a plop a second later. Followed by another. People were dropping their stones onto the ground, and walking away. I joined them in dropping my stone, but I didn't walk away. It seemed like Fonzie was staring down every single resedent of New Hope. Then, once agian, Old Man Warner ruined everything. He threw his stone. The rock connected with Fonzie's head, knocking him off-blance for a second...but he was upright agian in a second, bleeding, but still able to stare like that...the way that makes almost everyone back down.

The crowd thinned out, until it was just me and about two dozzen other people. They were too stubborn...and even with only twenty-four people mob mantility took over...they threw the rocks at Fonzie...furious. But I was more then furious...I was scared and guilty and I just knew I had to do something.

I ran foward, and got hurt quite a bit. I grabed hold of Fonzie, who by this time was only semi-concious, and pulled him away. We got to my car and I took off, driving out of New Hope, onto the highway...and I didn't stop once until we got all the way to Millwalkie. I drove for almost three days straight...

When we got to Millwalkie, I took him to the hospital...something I should've done days before. Because of the delay my fear had made me cause...Fonzie almost died of infection and bloodloss...but he survived. He then thanked me for saving his life...and told me that he'd made arrangements to have me stay at his appartment...he'd assumed that he wouldn't be coming back.

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I think sometime during that past year...thinking about eachother as well as the insident that June 27th, we fell in love. About a week later, I married Fonzie and the two of us lived happily in Millwalkie.

Five years later, we had a two-year-old son and a newborn daughter. It was June 27th agian...and we left our kids with the Cunninghams to check up on New Hope. It turned out, that the year after Fonzie had been stoned, they'd tried to hold the lottery, but only a few people showed, and there were less papers to choose from. Old Man Warner was the last victem of The Lottery...and after that New Hope hadn't held it since.

It still held it's record for zero crime and the best farmland arround...but this time there was no anueal murder. Fonzie and I went back to Millwalkie, still happily married, and I guess you could say that last visit was our happily ever after.


Yes, I know that was long, and boring, and pointless. I just had to share that one with you. I've been having it for...gee...ummm...almost a week now. I figure maybe if I share it it'll go away.

Maybe I could give this thread a point by asking if you've ever had any weird Happy Days dreams? Any chance of them beating mine in strangeness?
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Old 09-22-2003, 10:12 AM   #2
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Default Re: I had a really weird dream that involved Happy Days

Originally posted by solidchristian_88

Yes, I know that was long, and boring, and pointless. I just had to share that one with you. I've been having it for...gee...ummm...almost a week now. I figure maybe if I share it it'll go away.

Maybe I could give this thread a point by asking if you've ever had any weird Happy Days dreams? Any chance of them beating mine in strangeness?
I do, but i rarely remember them, mine are never so focused as your story - my HD dreams mostly involve running around trying to scam enough money to buy Daphne a malted at Arnold's, but that evil Chachi's ties always outsell mine
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