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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Great Jewel Robbery" & "Peacemaker":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Great Jewel Robbery" & "Peacemaker":

Episode #98 (Syndicated Episode #45)
TV: A half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Guest Speaker."
DVD: Attached to "Guest Speaker", “Lawsuit” & Jackie Gleason Valentine's Special that MPI made. On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Cupid”, “The Hypnotist”, “Hero” & “A Little Man Who Wasn’t There.”
Air Date: 2/26/55

Ralph is collecting money from all the bus drivers for a wedding present for the boss's daughter. He hopes the gift will mean a raise for the drivers--and maybe a promotion for himself. He meets with Ed for lunch and I think this is the scene where Ralph switches lunches with Ed Ed's lunch is so bad (and/or probably hot) that when Ralph eats it, he stands up, has a weird look on his face and yells in pain for water. So Ed throws a cup of water at him. This whole moment is so funny that you would be in stitches (probably from Jackie's PRICELESS expression on his face when he eats the food and his PRICELESS yell in "pain"). Soon after that, Ralph & Ed go to Steinhart's Jewelry Store to get the watch and have it mailed to the apartment.

It's also Alice's birthday and when Alice's mother comes by with an expensive gift, she basically says it's terrible that she is married to Ralph. She also says that he forgot it was Alice's birthday. Ralph comes home. Alice's mom: "Hello Ralph." Ralph: "Hello. How could you tell it was me?" Alice's mom: "I can hear the floor sag." A battle royal of an argument between the two of them starts which includes trading insults like Ralph saying to Alice's mom: "You were never Alice's age." Ha! A delivery boy from Steinhardt's jewelry store arrives with a package that contains a watch Ralph bought for the boss's daughter. Alice thinks it's her birthday gift and is ecstatic. She praises Ralph up and down to her mother and saying that he's the best husband in the world. Sure. Ralph is ashamed to admit the truth that he forgot Alice's birthday.

At the poolroom with Ed, Ralph tells him about his problem and they come up with a scheme on how to get the watch back without letting Alice know it isn't hers. Norton will get one of his pals to pose as a burglar, hold up the Kramdens, and take the watch. He ends up calling his friend on a pay phone and it's a party line so his friend doesn't want to reveal where he works so Ed says that both he and his friend, who is an amateur actor, work in a bank and that Ed saved his friend from drowning in the loans department. Ha! The plan is set. While Ralph and Norton were devising their plan, a real crook overhears them and decides to show up at the Kramdens' before Norton's friend gets there. When he shows up saying: "Stick 'em up!" Ralph thinks he is Norton's friend and is acting badly and asks him to come in again when Alice is in the room. When he shows up, Ralph thinks he's Norton's friend and practically hands him the watch. While the crook's examining the goods, Alice plunks him with a frying pan and knocks him cold. She rushes out to call the cops, but Ralph revives him and sends him on his way, with some extra loot to boot. Ralph thinks that the title of "amateur actor" really belongs to Ed's friend and that is the last time that he ever listens to Norton. When Ed's friend really shows up, Ralph realizes what he has done.

Later, Ralph says that he will not go down to work tomorrow or anymore (he won't dare say the real reason why). So he covers it up, by saying that Arabia is looking for welders and he wants to apply for the job. Ralph tells Alice the real story about him forgetting her birthday and the watch. He apologizes. The cops come in with the news that they have caught the crook and retrieved the watch. Alice is heartbroken, but she returns the watch. Now Ralph must decide between giving the watch to the boss's daughter as planned, or giving the watch back to Alice and being in debt to the guys at the depot. He gives Alice the watch. He doesn't care if some guys beat him up down at the bus depot or not. He cares about Alice. He thinks about what he said for a few seconds before asking Alice for the watch back.

Episode #99 (Syndicated Episode #79)
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Kramden Vs. Norton."
DVD: Attached to "Brother-in-Law" & "Santa and the Bookies" ('53 version).
On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to "Adoption", "Stars Over Flatbush", "One Big Happy Family" & "A Weighty Problem."
Air Date: 3/5/55

The syndication and until 2011, the home video version of this episode started abruptly with Ed Norton fixing Ralph's alarm clock. The dialogue between Ed and Alice was missing. The Restored Lost Episode DVD Box Set version is the first one that has the full episode. Why, that is, I don't know. Maybe another reel was found. At 11pm, Alice is preparing Ralphs' lunch. Ed comes down. Alice explains to Ed that Ralph has to get up at 5am. Alice wants to see Trixie upstairs to borrow shampoo. Ed says that Trixie is upstairs watching TV. She is watching a Charlie Chaplin film.He actually says "Charlie Chan meets Liberace in Big Town," the joke being that his set gets three channels at the same time. Ed says that they only have three channels. Quite the contrast to what we have today. Ed goes to the ice box to get milk. Ed notices that the alarm is set for 5. Alice explains that he wants to sleep until the last minute. So if the alarm clock is in the kitchen, he doesn't have to reach it to turn it off. He then puts on his clothes, kisses Alice on the cheek, and leaves here with his eyes closed. No breakfast except for sometimes orange juice. Alice says that is crazy but that's what Ralph wants to do. Ed suggests setting the alarm clock to 4:45 so he will get plenty of time. Alice says no and if she did that, he will be upset. Alice leaves to see Trixie. Ed Norton tries to set Ralph's alarm clock so it will go off at 4:45. Ed Norton accidentally sets off the alarm clock at 11pm but he tries to make sure Ralph doesn't hear it. It doesn't work. Ralph comes out like a zombie, kisses Ed (I wouldn't blame Art Carney and Jackie Gleason if they didn't like going through with that), and gets what he thinks is breakfast. He leaves. Alice comes in and Ed explains that this is one morning in which Ralph won't be late for work. Ralph comes in all ticked off at Ed (when he got down to the street he knew that it was 11pm). Ed hides in the bedroom. So Ralph says that he won't harm Ed. Ed comes out and Ralph yells at him. Ed leaves. Ralph complains to Alice that he needs some sleep and when he lies down, he needs an hour to go to sleep. Alice: "Remarkable, every night for 59 minutes you snore before you go to sleep." Ralph says he doesn't snore and if Alice paid as much attention to him as she does to the plant in the house, Ralph will be happy so Alice says that she will water him four times a week. Ha! Ralph eventually falls asleep sitting down so Alice manages to put him in bed. When you watch this episode on TV, what I mentioned above is edited out so much that viewers won't know why Ed is so upset at Ralph later on...

Upstairs, Trixie and Ed have a fight which results in Ed leaving. Ralph gets woken up and Alice tells him to go try to find Ed. Ralph says no (he has to get to sleep.) Alice says that his conscience won't let him sleep if he doesn't find Ed. Ralph reluctantly tries to find Ed. He thinks he is nuts trying to find him.

Ina ice cream parlor, Ed says to the waiter that all a man needs is his bowling ball. Ha! Ralph comes in and complains that he has looked all over for Ed and he wants him to come home. Ed says no because he doesn't love Trixie anymore. They eventually talk about going to Africa, but that goes nowhere. Ralph reminds Ed of all the gourmet meals that Trixie cooked for him. Ed: "Ralph, take me to the woman I love."

At home, Ralph says that he has brought Ed home and he is asleep, much to Trixie's happiness. Ralph goes to sleep. Trixie thinks and comes up with something. If Ed can come home and go to sleep and not have any thoughts about what he did to Trixie tonight, then he has some nerve. She leaves and Trixie and Ed end up fighting each other upstairs again. Ralph wakes up and tries to barricade the door and window because one of them is going to try to come in. Ed does, saying he needs a place to sleep. Ralph says: "Sleep in the sewer." Ed says he can't, because the sewer can't be used for personal pleasure yet in "Songs & Witty Sayings", Ed and the crew of sewer workers uses the sewer to hold parties on the job because they think that no one will replace them. Ralph gets out the folding cot, and that he won't go to sleep until Ed goes to sleep. Ralph is getting real anxious about going to sleep. Ed finally lies down and Ralph goes to bed. Ed decides to get up and yell out the window to Trix: "I'M NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE!" That gets Ralph up, but he sees Ed sleeping. He goes back to sleep. Ed gets Alice to get Ralph in here to tell him a message. Ralph comes in. Ed: "When you wake up, try not to make any noise to wake me up because I don't have to be up until 8."

With that, Ralph brings Ed up to Trixie. He twists Ed's arm to get him to apologize. Nothing doing. Trixie doesn't accept it. Ed tells a story about his father smoking so much, that his face was hidden for seven years. I think if that really happened to someone, they would die of cancer. Ed also says that if he didn't marry Trixie and married a woman whose father was a pretty big man in town, he would get a better job than the one he has. The job? Driving his own garbage truck." Ralph: "He must have been a pretty big man in town." Ed goes outside so Ralph can talk to Trixie. Ralph brings up when he saw Ed in the ice cream parlor, Ed was all sad over leaving Trixie. One thing leads to another and Trixie apologizes to Ed. She should have been the one who is sorry. Ralph finds out that the argument that they were having was over him. Ed says that the way Ralph treated him earlier as far as the alarm clock goes, that Ralph is mean and he is going to stay that way. Trixie was defending Ralph in that situation. Ralph wants to kill Norton. He chases Norton and slips and injures his arm slipping on of the Manicotti's kid's skates.

At home, Alice is helping Ralph nurse his arm which isn't broken. Ralph still wants to kill Ed now but Alice says it isn't a good idea. They talk and Ralph brings up the fact that he is right and she is wrong all the time. Yeah sure. Ralph calms down and apologizes to Alice for yelling at her. He goes into the bedroom to go to sleep but the alarm clock rings. It's 5am. Time to go to work. Ralph now has a weird expression on his face that is so funny that you can tell that Audrey is trying her best not to break character and laugh. Ralph (yells): "IT'S FIVE O' CLOCK! IT'S FIVE O' CLOCK! WAKE UP EVERYBODY. IT'S FIVE O' CLOCK AND I'M TAKING THE CLOCK WITH ME."

Credit I believe goes to, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo Groups You're A Riot! &
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