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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "A Little Man Who Wasn't There" & "Hero":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "A Little Man Who Wasn't There" & "Hero":

Episode #96 (Syndicated Episode No.: #104/105)
TV: In two parts.
VCR: Attached to "Goodnight Sweet Prince." On the rarely seen Readers Digest tapes, it is attached to “Songs & Witty Sayings” & “Suspense.”
DVD: Attached to "Goodnight Sweet Prince," "Ralph's Diet" & Gleason's
Honeybloopers 1. On the Best of Lost Episodes Collection Volume 1, t is attached to “Stand-In For Murder”, “Principle of The Thing”, “A Weighty Problem” & “Songwriters.” On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Cupid”, “The Hypnotist”, “Hero” & “The Great Jewel Robbery.”
Air Date: 2/12/55

According to John K’s book “To The Moon”, this episode’s title is: “The Little Man Who Wasn’t There.”

In 1988, the Honeymooners comic books did this episode in comic book form (complete with black & white images). Not all the dialogue from the episode made the comic though. This was the only episode that got this treatment.

MPI Video says that this episode goes down as one of the funniest Honeymooners episodes ever made. I disagree with that because although this episode is funny, it isn't one that will make you laugh until your eyes water (because of laughter.)

Ed comes into the unlocked empty Kramden apartment. Ralph comes home all steamed up. Some passengers on Ralph's bus who have been offended by him have complained to the bus company, so Ralph's boss orders him to see the company psychiatrist. Ralph thinks that the boss thinks he's crazy, and that this is the end of his career as a bus driver. So Ed decides to give Ralph a knee test (i.e. letting one person hitting your knee to see if it will go up.) Ed hits Ralph in the knee with a small hammer but his knee didn't go up. Both Ed and Ralph say that it should and that Ed should hit it harder. He does it, but it doesn't work. So he tries to hit his knee unexpectedly. He does and Ralph groans in pain and walks around in pain. Jackie's facial expressions and hollering in fake pain is funny if you know what I mean. Ed leaves. Alice enters and sings: "Crazy people" much to Ralph's chagrin. Today, she might have sung: "You Drive Me Crazy" by Brittney Spears. Ralph: "I hit my leg with a hammer but it won't go up." Alice: "If you keep talking like that, you will be taken away." Ralph explains what happened to him today and that Alice says that Ralph isn't crazy just because he is going to see a psychiatrist. Ralph calms down.

Ralph takes Norton with him to the psychiatrist's office and within minutes they're fighting (because Ed said that there would be no way that Ralph would be taken away in a straitjacket because there is no one straitjacket big enough. The doctor enters the room and finds Norton standing on a desk and Ralph threatening to beat him up. The doctor thinks that Ed is Ralph, but Ralph says that he is Ralph and that Ed is his friend. The doctor sits down and notices Ralph walks with a slight limp. Ralph says that it isn't because he let Ed hit his knee with a hammer today to see if his knee would go up. Yeah, the doctor doesn't think that Ralph is crazy at all. The doctor brings out a game for Ralph to play. He has to put shapes into their appropriate holes on a board. Ed: "Can three people play?" Ed also says: "You can't put a square box into a round hole?" Ralph: "No, then how did you get your head in your hat?" Ralph is getting frustrated with the game and when Ed leaves the room (after saying that Ralph is a sick boy), Ralph is able to concentrate. Ralph says that he has known Ed since childhood (despite the fact that in "Kramden vs. Norton" that they have known each other since the Kramdens moved in.) The doctor says that Ed is his problem and that if he hung around him any loner, he would get a nervous breakdown. Ralph leaves the place (without telling Ed what the doctor told him.)

At home, Ralph is thinking about how he should get rid of Ed. Writing a letter and slipping it under Ed's door is his only good option (or so he thinks). When Ralph is in the other room, Ed comes in with a friend to pick him up to go bowling. Ed sees the letter and thinks that Ralph will commit suicide. He decides to stick to Ralph like glue, to prevent him from killing himself. The friend leaves, saying that he can't bowl at a time like this, so he will play pool. In "Pardon My Glove" something similar happened. In that episode, when Ralph thinks that Alice is seeing a man behind his back, Ed asks Ralph to bowl and Ralph says he can't bowl at a time like this. So Ed asks for a game of pool. Ralph tries putting things together and when Ed comes down to go bowling, Ralph tries to get him mad so their friendship would be dissolved but to no avail. So when Ed leaves, Ralph is even more upset.

At a pool hall, the next day, Ralph is talking to a friend of his and explains that even though he hasn't been seeing him, he has been seeing him. Ralph: "I see him but I know that he is at work." The friend explains something similar that happened to a friend of his and his dog when the dog got sick. He kept on seeing the dog, even though he was at home, so the friend ended up being put away. Ralph tries to play pool and when he sees Ed, he is convinced (or so he thinks) that he is crazy.

Ralph races home and explains the whole situation of him seeing Ed but he knows that he is at work. Alice is convinced that Ralph needs medicine to calm him down and when Ed comes in, Ralph thinks it is her. Ed leaves. Alice comes in and Ralph said that she looked like Norton. The doctor comes in and gets told of the whole situation, so he thinks that Ralph is crazy. Ed comes in and explains that he has stuck to Ralph like glue because he didn't want to commit suicide like he said in the letter. Ralph explains that the letter was to tell him not to see him (Ralph) again because the doctor said that was made him (Ralph) crazy. After hearing this, the doctor says that Ralph and Ed need to remain friends so that Ralph can keep an eye on Ed at all times. The doctor leaves and Alice lies down. A man comes by dressed as Norton. Ralph sees the man and perhaps feels that maybe he is crazy after all.

Episode #97 (Syndicated Episode #97/98)
TV: In two-parts.
VCR: Attached to "Manager of The Baseball Team" (1953 version or '57 version depending on what tape you have.)
DVD: Attached to "Two Tickets to the Fight" & "People's Choice." On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Cupid”, “The Hypnotist”, “Cupid” & “A Little Man Who Wasn’t There.”
Air Date: 2/19/55

Tommy, a fatherless boy and newcomer in the building, comes by the Kramdens a lot and all he says to Ralph is: "Hello Mr. Kramden" & "Goodbye Mr. Kramden." Ralph thinks that the boy is a pest. When the boy comes by again, Ralph confronts him in a nice way. When Tommy sees Ralph opening a can of pickles very easily, he thinks that he is a very strong guy while others, according to him, thinks he's just a load of fat. Ralph says that all that stuff about him being strong is true. When Tommy mentions about how well Ralph played stick ball, Ralph agrees with him until Tommy mentions that the ball went into someone's window. Tommy: "I sure hope to become an athlete like you." Ralph: "It takes a lot of physical condition though. Got to work hard to get a body like this. I one time fought for the Golden Gloves Championship. I was called the 'wild bull of Bensonhurst.'" Ralph mentions other accomplishments that he "did" like: (The Wild Bull of Bensonhurst, they called him), that he almost pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers (he would have been playing today if he hadn't hurt his pinky), that he could lift four hundred pounds when he was seventeen, that he had a glorious football career (whenever he played the crowd said: 'Come on 'Snake Hips''), and that he was an Eagle Scout. Ralph: "I have put on a couple of pounds since then but I still go to the gym. My stomach is all hard." Gee, Ralph goes to the gym? He asks Tommy to punch him in his "rock hard" stomach, but stops when he sees Tommy wind up, getting ready to hit Ralph. Tommy says that a friend of his, Harvey, says that when Ralph gets hit with a punch, Ralph falls down. He asks Tommy to punch him in his "rock hard" stomach, but stops when he sees Tommy wind up, getting ready to hit Ralph. Ralph: "You might want to play the violin later on."

Ed Norton comes in and Tommy explains that Ralph was a great football player. Ed: "The story is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." Tommy: "Ralph was a great end in football." Ed: "Probably the biggest end in the business." Tommy leaves. Ralph says that Ed is jealous because Tommy idolizes him. Ed says that he can beat Ralph in a chicken fight. They chicken fight each other, just as Alice comes in with all of the accomplishments that Tommy told Alice about Ralph. Ralph says "fins" to stop the fight. Alice: "When was the last time you ever lifted 400 pounds?" Ed: "This morning when he got out of bed." When Ralph hears that Tommy is going to write a report about him, Ralph and Ed think it's time for Ralph to tell him the truth but not before Ralph thinks that Alice is jealous of him. When Ed resumes the chicken fight with Ralph, he accidentally knocks Ralph down into the bedroom. Alice: "'Snake hips just crashed through for another touchdown.'"

At the school, Tommy's teacher, Mrs. Halloway, is talking about Tommy's paper. She reveals to her friend that she had a student named "Ralph Kramden" 20 years ago. Tommy and Harvey have been fighting over Ralph. When the teacher leaves for lunch, she mentions a story about before she got married 20 years ago, her last name was: "Miss Touey." Mrs. Halloway: "Every morning, someone would write: 'Miss Touey is a lot of phooey' with an unflattering picture. She leaves and when Ralph and Ed walk in they go over the desks and the blackboard. Ralph: "This was my classroom twenty years ago." Ed Norton says he must have been his classroom too. Ralph says to Ed not to scrape a piece of chalk on the blackboard because the sound it makes drives him nuts. Ed does it anyway for one to two seconds but the mark on the board indicates to me that he couldn't have made a mark like that with so little time. Ralph goes nuts because of the noise and yells at Ed. Ralph also says that he used to have a teacher called Miss Touey and that every morning, he would write: 'Miss Touey is a lot of phooey' with an unflattering picture (that being an animal's head). Mrs. Halloway catches him in the act when she comes back and reveals herself to be Miss Touey. Ralph introduces Ed Norton to her whom she says: "I had two Ed Nortons. One was very smart." Ralph: "This is the other Ed Norton." Gee, that wasn't nice of Ralph. Mrs. Halloway goes over Tommy's paper that talks about all the fictional things about Ralph. Tommy is in search of a hero. When Tommy says that he and Ralph are going to do great on a father-and-son Eagle Scout trip this weekend. Ralph hears about what Tommy wrote from the teacher and instead of telling Tommy the truth about him and the fact that he won't do good on the Eagle Scout trip, he decides to practice for all the events on the Eagle Scout trip of course with Ed's help (much to Ed's chagrin). Ralph tries one of the events (tying a special kind of knot in 25 seconds) and when he ties a knot in 25 seconds, he invents a new knot. Ralph tries all the other events: "blowing a bugle, leaf identification (which he almost gets poison oak), and tracking and stalking." Alice and McGarrity are upset that Ralph is making all this noise. Alice goes to bed so Ralph tries to blare the horn to annoy her but only ends up hurting his eardrum. When Ralph and Ed try tracking and stalking (the idea behind tracking and stalking is that one person must literally drop clues with the head of the "clues" pointing to the direction that the other person must follow), Alice wakes up and according to her, Ralph is only thinking of himself. That idea falls flat when a cop sees them and orders them to stop. Alice (to the cop): "This pudgy scout is my little boy." The cop leaves. Ralph says that now he should try rubbing sticks together. Alice says no. Alice: "We are not going to have the fire department over here too." Alice shows Ralph the correct way to do all the things that he did (blowing a horn, tying a knot etc.).

The next day, Trixie comes by and talks to Alice. She wonders what will Ralph do as far as the Eagle Scout trip (Ralph was too stubborn to admit the truth to Tommy). She leaves and Ralph comes home from work (claiming his arm is injured). Alice claims that the injury is fake and Ralph doesn't want to compete and be embarrassed. Ralph says that it is real. Tommy arrives in his Boy Scout uniform, and Ralph tells him he can't participate because of his arm. Then Ralph's conscience takes over and he confesses that he's a fake. Tommy says he doesn't care, because they're pals and because Ralph was going to the Scout meeting because he wanted to, and not out of obligation like many of the boys' fathers were. By telling the truth, Ralph's an even bigger man in the end. Ralph says that he is a winner because he's married to Alice.

This episode marks one of the few times a kid had a very important role on the show and had to act as well. Jackie must have had a lot of trust in this kid because he didn't like having kids as his co-stars because he was afraid that they would never act on cue (and when he recorded a show live, that only intensified his fears.)

Credit I believe goes to, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo! Groups You're A Riot! &
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