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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "The Hypnotist" & "Cupid":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "The Hypnotist" & "Cupid":

Episode #94 (Syndicated episode #87)
TV: In two-parts.
VCR: Attached to "Glow Worm Cleaning Powder."
DVD: Attached to "Principle of the Thing", "Alice's Aunt Ethel" & "Glow Worm Cleaning Powder." On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Cupid”, “A Little Man Who Wasn’t There”, “Hero” & “The Great Jewel Robbery.”
Air Date: 1/29/55

Ralph and Ed are at a Raccoon meeting with a couple of guys. Ed suggests that since they are playing cards, they should play Knuckle-Knuckle. After he goes over the game's bizarre rules, he says that all the wet cards are wild. (He usually plays this game down in the sewer.) Ralph says no. This whole scene would be done again in "Catch A Star." Ed says that hey can play "Bunkhouse." Ed: "Everything is wild in that game." Ralph: "Including the players." The meeting is called to order. The president says that they are in for some entertainment. All of the guys are very excited. The president says: "I'm sorry boys. We couldn't get her (probably meaning Marilyn Monroe.)" She is in Union City." Ed: "I make a motion that we have our annual Raccoon convention in Union City." Hey, what a great group of faithful husbands...NOT! The president goes over the Raccoon convention that will be held in Chicago. Ralph gets up and talks about the convention, saying that they are going to be staying at the Sheraton Hotel (same place as last year.) He says he got a letter from the manager of the hotel stating that some Raccoons went into the bar last night after closing hours. Everyone (except Ralph and the president of the Raccoons) say that they went into the bar after closing. Ralph says: "Don't do it again." The president says for their entertainment, he will bring in a Raccoon from Bayonne, the Great Fatchamara -- "the world's greatest hypnotist" His real name is Michael Case (and he is played by George Petrie.)

His first act is bringing Ralph and Ed up and hypnotizing Ed into thinking he is at his job. Ed walks around in the "sewer" and sees Ralph and thinks that it is Moby. That is funny. Ralph: "If he wasn't under a spell, I would fracture his skull." Gee, what a nice thing to do to your pal...NOT! He hypnotizes Ralph (who says that he doesn't believe in that stuff) and Norton and tells Ralph he is Norton, and Norton, Ralph. He tells them they're at a bowling alley, and each acts as if he's the other: "Ralph" is angry because "Norton" wants to bowl first; "Norton" rolls a strike and finishes off his turn with a Nortonesque flourish of the arms. Before Fatchamara brings them out of their trances, he gives them a posthypnotic suggestion: whenever they're seated and hear the name Chicago, they'll think they're sitting on a bed of red-hot coals. After he snaps Ed and Ralph into their usual selves, Ralph says that he can't be hypnotized. When Mike asks everyone where that convention is going to be held, they yell: "CHICAGO!" Ralph and Ed yell because they think that they are sitting on a bed of hot coals.

At home, Ralph tells Ed that he is bringing Ralph's bringing a toy gun, a trick glass, chattering teeth, an electric prod, and paper bags to drop out the hotel window. Ed says that during a Raccoon convention in New York, the police ordered some Raccoons in hotel to stop throwing water bags out the window. Ed didn't obey. He kept on throwing water bags out until he almost drowned (the window was closed.) Ralph: "That figures, with you doing it." Ed told a variation same story in "Unconventional Behavior." A Raccoon convention in New York? Ralph and Ed probably wouldn't have had to travel far for that one considering that they live in BROOKLYN. Ralph says that he has no money and he will get it from Alice. Alice comes out. Ralph tries the flattery routine to coax some money out of Alice, but she's having none of it--she's saving the money for furniture. Ralph says that they got nice furniture. Sure! Alice: "Just because, you are a Raccoon doesn't mean that they have to live in a whole in the ground." Ha! Alice says that the Raccoon conventions are crazy and goes back into the bedroom. Ralph has one of his all-time-great brainstorms: they will get the Great Fatchamara to hypnotize Alice so she'll tell Ralph where she's hidden the money.

The next day Alice is in the candy store, making a telephone call, and in walk Ralph and Norton to call Fatchamara. They don't know its Alice in the telephone booth, and while they're waiting for her to hang up they discuss Ralph's scheme. Ralph says that Mike will comply with Ralph's scheme because they are Raccoons. He also mentions the Raccoon slogan: "E Pluribus Raccoon!" Gee. Ralph: "I'm the one in my family with it up here (pointing to his brain.) Ed: "You got plenty of it down there too." They try to get "the woman" out. Ed concocts a scheme. They will go across the street, call here, and tell this lady that she is wanted home and they will go back here and call Mike. Ralph says that that idea is stupid because this phone would be busy if they did that (this episode was obviously done before call waiting was invented.) Ed says that they will go across the street to call Mike, but they don't have to call here. Ralph thinks that that is a good idea. They leave. Alice calls the library and asks for information on hypnotism.

At home, Alice is with Trixie. The boys (along with Mike Case) arrive. Ed says that Trixie should leave to get some iodine for that black eye that she will get if she doesn't go upstairs. She leaves. Ralph introduces Mike Case. Ed: "Professionally known as the Great Fatchamara." Ralph acts as if Ed almost blew his whole plan. When Fatchamara tries to hypnotize Alice, Alice is ready for him and fakes being hypnotized while the boys accidentally get hypnotized. When Mike sees this, he snaps the boys out. Ralph: "I wish you would hypnotize me. I just want to see how it feels." When Ralph asks Mike to ask Alice where the money is, he says: "You might think that this is a little underhanded, but alls fair in love and war." Ed: "In this family, it's a little bit of both." Under hypnotism, Alice shows Ralph where she's hidden the money. Ed: "Alice is a regular Theda Bara." Who's she? As Alice is trying to show the money, she is showing where certain things are in order for her to get the money. Getting agitated, Ralph says, if there is another key, he is going to belt her if she is in a spell or not. The money is shown but he decides to play it smart and take it just before he's ready to leave for Chicago so Alice won't know it's missing until too late. Ralph asks Mike to ask Alice what she thinks of Ralph. Alice sings: "I don't want him. You can have him. He's too fat for me." Ralph (to Mike, yells): "SHUT HER UP!" Mike snaps Alice out. Alice leaves the room. As Ralph and Ed talk about the convention, Mike says that he can't go because his wife won't let him.

On the train to the convention, the Raccoons are filling the car with belly laughs as Ralph relates the whole story. Ed suggests a toast. He says the founding father of the Raccoons is Toots Mondello (despite the fact that it was Herman Hildenbrand in the episode entitled: "Songwriters.") They toast. What is the toast? "Fingers to fingers, thumbs to thumbs, watch out below, here she comes!" When the black waiter brings the check for the Raccoons' drinks, Ralph offers to pay. Ralph: "That is the only way Alice would want it to be." He opens the money box, but instead of finding the cash he finds some toy snakes and a note -- from Alice. Ed reads it: "Dear Ralph, I may not be a hypnotist like the Great Fatchamara but I have made a monkey out of a Raccoon. Then, to add insult to injury, when the waiter tells Ralph he must pay up before the train reaches "Chicago," Ralph and Ed get "burned" again. This scene had to be one of the rare times people saw a black actor on TV and because this is a lost episode, we may never find out who played him.

Episode #95 (Syndicated Episode #: 62/63)
TV: In two parts.
VCR: Attached to "Manager of The Baseball Team." (1953 version.)
DVD: Attached to "Vacation at Fred's Landing" (1954 version) & Gleason's Honeybloopers, Vol. 2. On the Restored Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “A Little Man Who Wasn’t There”, “The Hypnotist”, “Hero” & “The Great Jewel Robbery.”
Air Date: 2/5/55

Ralph and Ed are at a restaurant where even though Ralph is on a diet, he orders a lot of food for himself. They run into Ralph and Norton run into Herman Gruber, a boyhood friend of Ralph's from P.S. 73. Herman isn't married yet, so Ralph decides to find him a girl. They see another girl across the table where Ralph tries to get another sugar bowl and the girl's attention (and not only does he fail to get the girl's attention, he accidentally gets her dress dirty because he spilled her food.) Ralph: "I accomplished something didn't I?" Ed: "You sure did. You got us two sugar bowls" Ed also says that by looking at her, her name is Hildegard; she is a seventh-grade teacher among other things. Ralph says that Ed is wrong and by looking at her, he can draw up some of his own facts about her. The restaurant owner comes by and confirms that Ed's facts are right. Ralph accuses Ed of knowing her and Ed denies it. Ralph calls Evelyn Fensterblau and asks her what she's doing the following night, and she hangs up on him. He has better luck with Charlotte Stadtelman from the bus company, who agrees to date Herman. When Ralph lets Herman speak to Charlotte, all Herman says is: "Hi Charlotte!" The phone conversation ends and the date is set for Herman and Charlotte. After Herman leaves, Ralph says to Ed to not tell Alice what they did (or something like that) and that they are lucky to be married and they should greet their wives with flowers tonight.

The next day at home, Trixie comes by and she says that at the beauty parlor she heard the latest gossip -- Ralph called Evelyn and asked her for a date! Trixie tells Alice, and at first Alice doesn't believe her. Trixie leaves. Ralph comes by with flowers and says to Alice: "Hello sweetheart face!" This video clip of Ralph saying that to Alice would be used in an Anderson Windows commercial earlier this year. When Alice confronts Ralph about what she heard, Ralph tells her the truth. Alice doesn't believe him. Alice thinks that Ralph is having an affair. Isn't this a reversal of the traditional Kramden antics? Alice says that she knows that Ralph is seeing other women. So what does Ralph do, he says that Alice is right. Ralph: "Every night, I am out taking cabs and spending money." He also says that he asks for kisses and hugs from girls and he says that the bus says: "This bus is for lovers only." He's only making the situation worse, isn't he? Ralph brings down Norton and asks him to tell Alice the truth. Ed: "After bowling last night, we went home." That doesn't work. He lied because Ralph told him not to say what happened last night. Ralph decides to go to Charlotte's apartment to bring her and Herman home with him to explain things to Alice. He and Ed leave, but Ed brings up the flowers that Alice rejected from Ralph to Trixie. Trixie comes down as Alice is packing clothes for charity and is sending them in a suitcase. Trixie says that what she heard at the beauty parlor was false and that Ralph wasn't setting up a date for himself but for someone else. Alice: "Ralph was telling the truth." Alice feels awful and with Ralph gone out for a walk, she feels it will take him a long time for him to cool down. Trixie also says that Ed just brought her some flowers.

At Charlotte's apartment, Charlotte and Ethel are talking about Charlotte's blind date. She is also is talking to her old boyfriend Mike and saying that she never wants to see him again. Mike desperately wants so see Charlotte While Ralph is there, Charlotte's jealous ex-boyfriend Mike shows up and Ralph has to bluff his way out of a broken head. Herman also comes by (unbeknownst to Charlotte, Ethel and Ralph) and Mike beats him up in the hallway. With that, Herman and Charlotte don't meet at the time they were supposed to meet each other for the first time.

At home, Ralph says to Norton that he is the hard luck champion. Ed says that he saw Alice walking with a suitcase and that she might be leaving her. Ralph: "Why didn't you do something about that?" Ed: "the subway wasn't far away?" Ralph is convinced that Alice is gone and that he doesn't want to hear her name anymore. Ed complies but says that she will come back (and when he says her name, he uses a different name because Ed said that Ralph didn't want to hear that name again.) Ed also brings up some of the bad points of living with Ralph, so Ralph kicks him out. Charlotte shows up to explain everything to Alice, whom Norton spots coming up the block. Ralph and Norton think Alice will never understand Charlotte's being in the apartment, so they try to sneak her onto the fire escape. Alice catches them and thinks its proof that Ralph is seeing another woman. But in walks Gruber to confirm Ralph's story and save the Kramdens' marriage. Herman and Charlotte make another date (he couldn't date with her tonight, because he is tired. Probably because of the beating he took from Mike.) Everyone leaves.

Alice: "Gee Ralph." Ralph (yells): "DON'T 'GEE RALPH' ME." Ralph talks about the whole situation. Alice apologizes and the two hug and kiss. Yup, this whole idea behind this episode was a reversal of the traditional Kramden antics.

Credit I believe goes to, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo! Groups You're A Riot! &
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