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Old 08-04-2017, 08:15 AM   #1
Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: Ralph's Sweet Tooth/Game Called on Account of Marriage

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Ralph's Sweet Tooth" & "Game Called On Account of Marriage":

Episode #82
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Pickles" & "Cold."
DVD: Attached to "My Fair Landlord", "Cold", "Halloween Party" & "Lost Job." On the Remastered Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Game Called On Account of Marriage”, “Love Letter” (’54), “People’s Choice” & “Battle of The Sexes.”
Air Date: 9/25/54

Alice is cleaning the floor when Trixie comes in. Trixie gets told not to step on the floor so Trixie has to do her best not to get the floor dirty. According to her, it's like she is playing Potsie. Trixie asks Alice for shoes for Ed. Ed wants them to be yellow because they will go great with his Bermuda shorts. Alice doesn't have any. After this, Trixie leaves. Ralph comes in with the news. Alice tells him to stay on the paper not once, not twice, but three times. Ralph gets upset and says he will never tell Alice what happened to him today. This lasts for a few seconds when Ralph says: "You got to ask me what happened to me today." Ralph tells Alice that he is going to be on the Choosy Chew Symphony Hour and he is going to be interviewed by the Choosy Chew Roving Reporter about how he likes Choosy Chew Candy (something he has never tasted before). Every week the roving reporter asks a different type of person like a railroad conductor etc. Ralph is getting paid $100 for this. I wonder if that money would be increased if something like this was being done today. As Ralph is explaining the news, his thermos bottle almost rolls of the table causing Ralph to catch it before it falls off. I wonder if that was in the script.

Ralph rehearses his speech and says the parts that he put in, which is: "Yummy-yum-yum!" Alice doesn't like that part as well as the other part of the speech Ralph put in which is: "It's goody-good-candy!" Ralph goes into the bedroom just as Ed comes in with shorts on and loud socks which causes Alice to scream. When I saw this episode on WPIX, I thought that Alice screamed about the fact that Ed was wearing shorts and loud socks. When I saw this episode on tape, I found out that in the beginning (before Ralph came in), Trixie asked Alice for yellow shoes. So now Ed is also wearing yellow shoes. With all of that, why is that enough to scare Alice? Ralph comes in, sees Ed, and says that Ed is nuts for wearing that. Ed leaves but comes back when girls outside of the apartment look at Ed and scream when they see him. Ed: "The neighborhood isn't ready for this yet." Ralph: "They will never be ready for that."

Ralph explains the good news to Ed about him being on the Choosy Chew Symphony Hour. He rehearses his speech but has a lot of trouble so Ed helps out by reading the reporter's script. That doesn't help. Ed tries to study the reporter's script. Ralph explains that he has to know his script and Ed doesn't have to study anything Considering that the reporter's script is shorter, he says Ralph should memorize the reporter's script so he will have less to learn. Ralph of course probably thinks that Ed is dumb for saying that. Ralph rehearses the script himself but Ed thinks the "yummy-yum-yum!" part is funny and he would like to meet the guy who wrote that. Ralph kicks him out after that.

The night before of the show, Ralph gets a bad toothache so he wears something around his head to protect the tooth. He makes so much commotion that McGarrity from upstairs tells him to shut up. Ralph yells to McGarrity for that comment. Ed comes down and Ralph explains that he has a toothache. Ralph: "Why do you think I have this thing on for?" Ed: "I thought you was going to be a bunny rabbit on that TV show tomorrow." Ha! Alice says that since Ralph is afraid to go to the dentist, Dr. Durgeom, how is he going to go on the show? Ed offers buy giving him a drink that he thought was going to cure his pain but gives him the hiccups instead. So Ed gives him some water. Ralph drinks it. Ralph (yells): "OW! THE WATER IS COLD!" Ed (yells): "THE WATER WAS FOR YOUR HIC-CUPS, NOT YOUR TOOTH." Ed devises a plan to get rid of Ralph's tooth. He will tie one string on Ralph's tooth and tie the other end around a door knob and when he closes the door, the tooth will come out. Alice doesn't want any part of it. Ed does his plan, but it doesn't work, as the door knob falls out. Ralph now has a door knob hanging out of his mouth. Ed thinks of another similar plan. Only difference is the other end of the string will be on the back end of his car. Ralph: "You are an idiot." Ed: "Maybe I am an idiot, but I don't have a door knob hanging out of my mouth." This whole scene was shown on NBC's TV's Funniest Friends and Neighbors in 1995. Ed leaves. Ralph complains about the toothache more and says that a Choosy Chew will increase the pain. McGarrity (from upstairs, yells): "GIVE HIM A CHOOSY CHEW!" Ralph goes to the window and asks McGarrity who's late with the rent, who leaves his garbage outside in the hall etc and a lot of people shout with this answer: "RALPH KRAMDEN!"

The next day at the dentist, Ed accompanies Ralph. Ralph says that there is no pain, but to no avail. Ed tries to help Ralph too, but it doesn't work. The dentist wants to pull Ralph's tooth out and to do so, he puts some pain killer on the tooth to temporarily get rid of the pain. The dentist steps out for a moment, so Ralph grabs that pain killer and scrams. To make up for it, he gives the dentist's secretary $5. Yeah, he ain't robbing the dentist's office. The secretary explains to Dr. Durgeom what Ralph did. Dr. Durgeom: "What Ralph plans to do won't do him any good. In order for that pain killer to work properly, it must be refrigerated." D'oh! This is going to be a big surprise for Ralph.

The night just before the TV show, Ralph is rehearsing his lines with the Choosy Chew Roving Reporter and the show's director. It occurs to me that for anybody to rehearse this type of scene, it would be hard if they were reading the script, showing each food separately, holding the lunch box and biting into the Choosy Chew. When Ralph mentions the "yummy-yum-yum!" part, the director says he wants to see the guy who wrote that in his office on Monday. Ralph, of course doesn't mention that it was him and when he read the "it's goody-good-candy!" part, the director says nothing. The show is starting to start and Alice wishes Ralph good luck. She leaves. Ralph puts the pain killer on. He probably didn't tell Alice what he did. The show starts. When the show starts, you can see old CBS camera with their trademark logo on them. When the show goes to the Choosy Chew Roving Reporter part, at first it's a bad camera angle. Just watch this scene and you will know what I am talking about. But, that error disappears within seconds. Ralph, nervously, tries to open the door but he can't get in so the Roving Reporter (played by George Petrie by the way), opens it for him. Ralph messes up his lines a bit. (This was in the original script of this Honeymooners episode). As Ralph is reading his lines, a cue card lady helps Ralph by giving him the cue cards to read. Ralph says to the reporter that for lunch, he eats a slice of cake and some other foods. All of those foods combined would make a very big lunch. (This was in the original script of this Honeymooners episode). When Ralph bites into the Choosy Chew Candy Bar, the fun begins. Ralph walks all over the set, disrupting the Choosy Chew Orchestra, while screaming in pain: "OW! MY TOOTH! MY TOOTH! MY TOOTH!"

When you watch this episode on TV, the dentist scene is cut completely. That to me doesn't make any sense. It's like when Ralph bites into the candy during the last scene, anybody can say: "Why is Ralph screaming in pain when that medicine he took was supposed to work?" Also, during the last scenes, Jackie forgot which side of his mouth his character is supposed to have the toothache.

Episode #83 (Syndicated episode #41)
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Santa and The Bookies." ('53)
DVD: Attached to "Stars Over Flatbush" & "The Adoption." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Love Letter” ('54), “Ralph's Sweet Tooth", “People’s Choice” & “Battle of The Sexes.”
Air Date: 10/2/54

For a while, I thought that this episode was a two-parter, but I was wrong.

Ralph and Alice argue all throughout the night and into the morning. Ralph wants to go see a World Series game involving the New York Giants (now the SF Giants) and the Brooklyn Dodgers (now the LA Dodgers.) Alice wants Ralph to go to her sister Sally's wedding. Ralph complains that this is the first time he's going to see a World Series game in person. Ralph: "This is the World Series!!!" Ralph mentions some baseball players names. Alice wonders who they are. Ralph: "You are a Brooklyn Dodgers fan." In 2000 on, this was a topic of discussion. Why was Ralph a Giants fan and not a Dodger fan since the Dodgers played in Brooklyn and Ralph grew up in Brooklyn and in real life Jackie grew up in Brooklyn. A neighbor comes by and asks for something. Ralph asks him what he would do if he had the option of going to his wife's sister's wedding or go to the ballgame. He says the former so Ralph kicks him out before he gets what he asked for. Gee, that was nice...NOT! Ralph and Alice resume their argument. Alice says that if Ralph goes to the ballgame, she might leave him. Ralph: "I will just have to take that chance." The neighbor comes by again and says that he changed his mind and he will go to the ballgame. Ralph and Alice argue in a fashion usually reserved for a WB cartoon: Ralph: "I am going to the ballgame." Alice: "You are going to the wedding." Ralph: "I am going to the ballgame." Alice: "You are going to the wedding." Alice: "You are going to the ballgame." Ralph: "I am going to the wedding." A few seconds later, Ralph says that he is going to the ballgame. Alice and Ralph continue arguing and when Ralph leaves for work, Alice shouts: "YOU ARE GOING TO SALLY'S WEDDING." Ralph runs back upstairs and yells: "I AM GOING TO THE GAME!"

At lunch with Ed, Ed talks about the above argument Ralph and Alice and and it was so loud that one of the floors and him are betting that he goes to the wedding. Ralph says that the floor and Ed are going to lose. Ralph talks to Ed about the wedding and the ballgame. (Ralph is going to the ballgame with Ed by the way) Since Ed thinks that Ralph will go to the wedding, he wonders who will he take to the game with him. During this, a sewer worker asks Ed for three bucks that he needs right away down in the sewer. Ed explains it to Ralph saying something like today is pay day and the sewer worker are betting money down there and he says that they are playing a crap game that floats. Ralph is not amused. Ralph then thinks up the perfect scheme. Him and Ed will get Stanley (the groom at the wedding) to elope with Sally. Stanley owns one of those old movie houses and him and Ed will go down there after work. Ralph leaves. But, something is wrong in Ed's sewer. Fearful of an explosion, everyone is getting out and as they are doing this, you can really tell that the city background is fake.

At the movie house, Stanley (played by George Petrie) is reading a newspaper. Ralph and Ed come in. Ralph tries to do all the talking as Ed wants to see the movie as it is being played. Ralph mentions that Sally has a former boyfriend named Larry Spencer and he came from South Africa just recently though at first he says "South America." Ralph confirms this with Ed and Ed says that Larry is still down there. Ralph secretly tires to tell him that he is in New York. Finally, Ed gets what Ralph is trying to tell him to tell both Stanley and Ralph that Larry is home in New York. He finally convinces Stanley to elope with Sally. Ed, looking at the film reel that is going to be played next on the camera. The previous film reel on the camera ran out, so Stanley has to take the film reel that Ed has. The film reel manages to become ruined. So, after seconds without seeing anything in the movie theater, the people start to make noise. Ed tires to get their attention by giving away the ending.

At night, Stanley arrives near Sally's apartment. Ralph and Ed arrive late. Ed felt it was necessary to decorate the ladder for the occasion. The ladder is set up, but Stanley is afraid of heights so Ralph climbs up the ladder. Sally gives Ralph her luggage to give to Stanley. The luggage is so much that Ralph says: "The Allies invaded Normandy with less than this." When the luggage is all outside, Ralph asks Sally to come on down, but then says to do outside by going out the front door. I think this was not in the script. I think Sally was supposed to come down the ladder, but Jackie noticed that the ladder was broken a little and didn't want her to get hurt. In front of 80 million viewers, he tries to ix the ladder. Sally comes out. Stanley says that she has packed too much. They get into to an argument and call of the wedding as they walk down the street. Ralph and Ed try to get the luggage back inside. Ralph gets up the ladder. Ed hands the luggage to Ralph who tosses it in Sally's window. Ha! He misses one piece of luggage. Sally and Stanley come back and they say the wedding is back on. Ralph, knowing that some of he luggage is back in Sally's apartment, says that he has done enough for them and they should pack up and go. Sally: "Where's my bird's birdcage?" Ralph (sarcastically and in a mean fashion): "I'll give you a birdcage." Stanley and Sally leave Ralph and Ed's sight.

As Ralph is taking down the ladder, a cop shows up and demands an explanation. Ralph tells him the whole story, and then the cop gives him the bad news: The NY Giants won the series earlier today by beating the Dodgers in four straight games. An afternoon World Series Game? Gee, I didn't think that MLB ever did that. The cop sends Ralph and Ed to jail. Ralph is till happy about the Giants though. I wonder what would happen if Alice was ever told about this.

This is a rather unique episode. I read that after this episode, Jackie came out and said that the show had to be rewritten because the Giants really did win the World Series earlier that day. (This episode was shown on October 2, 1954. That's early for the World Series in today's day and age.) Also, I read that George Petrie's wife played Sally in this episode and after Jackie Gleason told her in character to not go down the ladder and instead deviate from the script by going out the front door, she became so shaken up due to her having to deviate from the script on live TV, she considerated quitting show business.

Credit I believe goes to, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo! Groups You're A Riot! &
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