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Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Move Uptown" & "Man In The Blue Suit":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Move Uptown" & "Man In The Blue Suit":

Episode #74 (Syndicated episode #95)
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Lucky Number."
DVD: Attached to "Lucky Number" & "Honeymooner's Greatest Battles." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Lawsuit”, “The Next Champ”, “Fortune Teller”, “Stand-In For Murder” (’54) & “The Man In The Blue Suit.”
Air Date: 4/24/54

Ralph and Ed are in Mr. Winter's apartment looking at it. Mr. Winter, Ralph's friend, is moving to Albany along with his wife. Ralph is thinking about moving out of his old apartment (an episode device that has been repeated a few times). He is thinking about buying Mr. Winter's place that looks fantastic compared to Ralph's grungy apartment. It only costs $15 more. Mrs. Winters shows Ralph some of the things in the apartment, including the great TV reception. Ed is in the kitchen so Ralph calls him out. Ralph: "We are going to watch TV." Ed comes out and the audience applauds. Mrs. Winters turns on the TV to one of Ed's favorite shows. She turns it off, much to Ed's chagrin. Ed is a bit upset. Ralph: "We are not here to watch TV." Mrs. Winters shows the radiator cover her husband made. The phone rings, so Mrs. Winter answers it. Ed decides that he wants to get a sour ball from the small bowl. Yeah, he ain't imposing. Ed gets his wedding ring stuck in there so Ralph tries to get it but his fat hand gets stuck. Ed: "How am I going to get my ring back?" Mrs. Winters comes back in and Ralph hides the sour ball bowl behind his back. Ed asks if they can have refreshments. Mrs. Winters complies and goes into the kitchen. Ralph and Ed get Ralph's hand out. Mrs. Winters comes back and Ed asks if he can have a sour ball in the bowl (his ring is still in there). She says yes and Ed spills the bowl all over the table. Ed: "I like the lemon one." Ralph: "You certainly are a lemon." Ralph and Mrs. Winters talk over business. She asks that do he and Alice have any wild parties. Ralph says no. Yeah, they don't have wild parties. They just have arguments in the middle of the night over Ralph's stupid schemes. Ed: "He hasn't even taken his wife out in the last five years." Gee, that's a great husband for you. Ralph says yes to the apartment but if he changes his mind, he will give her a $20 deposit. They leave and after that the landlord comes and Mrs. Winters gives the deposit to the landlord.

At home, Alice is packing and Trixie comes by. Trixie hopes that the Kramdens don't leave. She doesn't want to lose them. Ed Norton comes in. Ed (sings): "Glad to see you go. Glad to see you go. I hope the heck you never come back. I am glad to see you go." That's nice but Alice doesn't get mad. The wives go into the kitchen as Ralph comes home. Ralph gave out an ad for the apartment. Ed says that he has been looking for an apartment himself. He spots an ad in the paper that says: "Must be seen to be appreciated." That was the ad that Ralph put for his apartment. Only problem. His description doesn't even come close to matching what the apartment looks like. Ed: "If you think this is so beautiful, why are you moving?" Classic Ed. Ed thinks about him and Ralph having a toast but Ralph has to supply the wine since Ed saw the wine in the ice box and that is what gave him the idea. Before they drink, Ed says for the toast: "Down the hatch." Funny. Ralph is glad that he and Ed are hanging out tonight. Ed says that he has found a new bowling partner so he has to bowl tonight. Ralph gets mad at Ed. The girls come out. Ed: "Ralph, how about another toast?" Ralph: "Drink it with your new pal." Ed (taking the cup and wine): "Thank you very much." The Nortons leave. Ralph is really upset that he may miss the Nortons. Alice says that they have to sublet this place before they move. She is saying this while she is having trouble opening the can with the can opener. D'oh! Not something that was in the script. To cover for it, Ralph says: "You are beautiful with a can opener." Everything that the Kramdens have packed are in barrels so every time Alice needs something, Ralph has to go through the barrel to get it, which makes Ralph mad.

A couple of possible tenants arrive and when they see the ugly place, they flee. Another couple of possible tenants arrive and when they talk about what they will do with the furniture and when the lady goes: "Tsk. Tsk." Ralph orders them out. Mrs. Monohan, the superintendent, comes in and Ralph asks if they can move now without subletting this place. She says no. Ralph: "How are you going to sublet a place like this?" After she leaves, Ralph hatches a scheme. He will call his brother Charlie, ask him to come over, and they will move in the middle of the night, without Mrs. Monohan's knowledge.

In the middle of the night, Ralph comes out wearing a bunch of hats. Alice and Trixie come out with some of what the Kramdens stuff. Alice: "Where is your cousin Charlie with the car?" D'oh! Charlie is Ralph's brother. Ed shouts at Ralph from one of Ralph's windows. Ed is told what to bring for now, a bunch of pots and pans. Alice says that they are all nuts for moving out in the middle of the night. Ed falls down the stairs, with the pots and pans attached to him. Ha! Ralph gets mad. The girls go back to the apartment to get some more things as Ralph and Ed, in Ralph and Ed fashion, try to put everything in the trailer that they have (Charlie was going to help them tow it with his car). Ed goes back upstairs to get more things. He throws down a few things and hits Ralph. Ralph, furious, throws the object back at Ed and hits the building. When he does it, I think you can tell that the building is fake. Just when Ed throws down another thing, a cop (played by George Petrie) comes by and suspects that Ralph and Ed are crooks. Ed: "Are we being booked on an 802 or 605?" The cop gets the real story when Ralph shows him his driver's license. Cop: "I guess nobody will want this stuff." Alice tells Ralph that Charlie can't come, so Ralph and E decide to move the trailer down a few blocks and get someone to tow it.

Mrs. Monohan sees them and the gig is up. Mrs. Monohan: "After you move, me and the landlord will go down to the cab company and attach your salary." Cab company? Looks like another person goofed up their line. So Ralph thinks up an alternate plan. He goes back inside with the furniture and creates a big racket to break his lease. Ed helps him out as well with fire crackers that he puts in the trash can. Doesn't Ed know that by helping Ralph make a racket him and Trixie will get thrown out too? Mrs. Monohan comes in and says that he will meet the landlord. Ralph, has never met his landlord. How could he not meet him? They also paint the apartment with crazy colors. Alice thinks that Ralph and Ed are dumb for doing this and when she sees the mess, she thinks that Ralph will be sent to Bellevue. Ed Norton leaves but not before Ralph asks him to stomp on his floor so the plaster will fall after Ralph slams the door. During this scene, Jackie goes too fast and says: "That must be the landlord knocking." He says that before he hears a knock. When the landlord comes in, it's the landlord from the new building. He tears up his lease and gives Ralph back his deposit that he gave Mrs. Winters. Ralph finds out what landlord he is and slams the door when he leaves. The plaster from the ceiling falls because of Ed's stomping. Ralph throw out the cigars that he and Ed had a few minutes earlier in the trash can and the lit part of the cigars set off the fireworks, creating a big wet mess since the can was near the sink.

Episode #75 (Syndicated episode #60)
TV: Half-hour.
VCR: Attached to "Vacation At Fred's Landing" ('53 version or '54 version.)
DVD: Attached to "A Weighty Problem", "Lunch Box" and "Lost Baby." On the Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to "The Prowler" & "Box Top Kid." On the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Lawsuit”, “The Next Champ”, “Fortune Teller”, “Move Uptown” & “Stand-In For Murder” (’54 version).
Air Date 5/1/54

Ralph, Ed and friends are playing poker. It's late. One of the people says that they could have stopped earlier. He wonders why. Ed: "Ralph was losing then." After Sullivan, one of Ralph's friends calls it quits, Ed gives out the cards. After Ed makes a dumb move with a dumb explanation, Ralph says: "I don't know why I let you in the game." Garrity from upstairs yells at Ralph to stop the racket. Ralph says no. Garrity's response, dousing Ralph with water when he sticks his head out the window. That's funny. Everyone calls it quits. One of Ralph's friends calls him lucky. Ralph says to Ed that that person is a sore loser. Ed: "I saw a sore loser like him once, about three weeks ago when you lost." Ralph finds out he won $73.85. He wants to hide the money from Alice, who is away at her mother's taking care of her. He puts it in his blue suit that he hasn't worn in five years. Ed leaves and Ralph goes to bed.

The next day, Alice is home. Trixie comes in. Alice asks Trixie how Ed did at playing cards last night. Trixie: "Well, if you go down to the Pawn Shop downstairs and you see four bowling balls instead of three, don't be surprised. The fourth one is Ed's." They have a Pawn Shop in their apartment building? Alice complains of all the cleaning she had to do while Ralph was here alone. A man from the Help The Needs Society comes in. He asks that if Alice has any old clothes that she doesn't use anymore. She gets Ralph's blue suit (not knowing that there's $73 in the pocket) and gives it to the guy. He leaves. Ed Norton comes in and says that he met a friend of Trixie that she knew from school. He remembers everything but her name. Trixie says that that person must be 28 years old. Ed says that that person is 35. Trixie sarcastically says that he is a big help. Ed: "All I know is when she sees you, she will be happy." Ralph comes home and claims it was pretty lonely here without Alice. Trixie: "Ed, why don't you talk to me like that?" Ed: "I will if you go away once and a while." The Nortons leave. Ralph says that he played poker last night and gives Alice what he claims is all his winnings, that being $5.00. Ralph wants to go out. The treat is on him. He goes to get his jacket with the money and when he doesn't see it, he freaks out. Alice tells him the news. Ralph is mad. He says that that suit is his lucky suit. A suit that he hasn't wore in five years and he calls it lucky. Yeah, that sounds right...NOT! Ed Norton comes down. Ralph: "You [Ed] are coming with me. She gave my blue suit to the Help The Needy Society." Gee, that was nice of Ralph...NOT! He didn't ask Ed if he can come with him. He ordered him to. They leave to go to the Help The Needy Society.

In front of the place, Ralph and Ed try to hatch a plan. Ed: "The people in there are going to give a suit to someone who can not dress as well as we do." Gee, he's saying that Ralph and he dress well? Ed holds out his hand. A person sees it and gives him a coin. Ralph wonders why that person did that. Ed: "It happens two or three times a month." Ralph: "I will tell you why. You look like a bum." Yeah, that was nice of Ralph. Ed hatches a plan. He will fix Ralph up like a bum. He rips up Ralph's $8 jacket. Ed: "$8 from $73 got a lot left over." Yeah, he's smart all right.

In the center, Ralph tries to get his suit but is denied because he can't get clothes without a ticket. Then Ralph learns he can't get a ticket until he fills out some forms and is investigated by the society. He gives the clerk a nutty sob story. Ed gets all emotional when he hears it too. He is allowed to get a suit because of his sob story. He picks out the blue suit but he finds out the money is gone. He sees a person like him that has a blue suit on that he thinks is his. He picks a fight with him and Ralph and Ed are kicked out for being such troublemakers. Typical Ralph and Ed.

At home, Alice gives the real story. When Ralph and Ed left, the man from the Help The Needy Society came back with Ralph's poker winnings: $73.85. When Ralph gets home, Alice will teach him a lesson. Trixie leaves when Ralph comes in with what he claims is his lucky suit. Alice never knew that he was so superstitious. She also found out that she had some money that she didn't know she had: $73.85. Ralph claims that it is his. He rants and raves about the money being his. Ralph (yells): "THAT $73 IS MINE! ALL MINE! I MAY ROLL AROUND ON THE FLOOR IN IT." Can you imagine living next door to the Kramdens? Basically Ralph is ranting and raving in a crazy fashion. After all that, Alice gives Ralph the money. They hug and kiss.

Credit I believe goes to, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo! Groups You're A Riot &
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