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Old 04-19-2017, 06:01 PM   #1
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Default Plots that don't quite make sense

In The Monkees' episode "Some Like It Lukewarm" Davy was forced to dress like a girl by Mickey, Mike and Peter so they can compete in a music contest in which there must be male and female band members. (Davy is the most feminine). There was another band of all females who forced one of their members to dress like a boy for the same reason. Then there is a tie between these two bands and they must come back another day to face off. Davy is depressed that he has been forced to fake it. The other Monkees decide to go out for the evening and invite Davy to come, but Davy just wants to stay in bed and sulk. But when the other Monkees leave, Davy decides to go out by himself to a restaurant. He dresses in his normal men's clothes but brings his women's clothing with him in a bag. He gets to a restaurant and is given a seat in a quiet room but in that room is the female member of the all-girl band who was also getting away for a while because she is depressed about being made to fake it by her band mates. Davy and the woman flirt with each other a while but when Davy sees his band mates come in the restaurant he flees and the bewildered female tries to call him back telling him he left something behind, which is a woman's high heel shoe. Then the next scene shows Davy in bed. He managed to run home before his band mates came back , and then Mickey, Mike and Peter come in saying they thought they saw him in the restaurant they went to.
The next day it is time for the band face-off. Davy is now depressed that
he had to abruptly leave the woman he met in the quiet room the other night. He walks out his dressing room and when he sees the host of the TV show coming by, he walks into another door which turns out to be the dressing room of the woman who he met the other night and who also had to dress like a guy in her all-girl band. Then the climax is that the two bands get together and they are a band of male and female players for the TV show.

1) When Mike, Peter and Mickey invited Davy to go out with them I think it was indicated that they did not want Davy to dress in his regular guy's clothes because someone might see them and realize that Davy was not really a woman. Still with the elaborate trick they played by dressing Davy as a girl in the first place, it seems they could have just told anyone who asked that he is the twin brother of the female band member, or Davy could have worn a fake mustache to look less like a female, or they could simply just deny that Davy is the female band member. After all if anyone wanted him to prove he is a guy (or not female), he could .

2) Why did Davy bring his women's clothing with him when he went out ?
Of course it could be reasoned that if he suddenly sees Micky and Peter and Mike that he could quickly put on the clothes so that they don't know that he snuck out in his regular guys clothing. How much sense does that make? Sure in the restaurant, when he saw his band mates, he could have gone in the bathroom as quickly as possible to put on his women's clothes but then he would have had to go in as a man and come out as a woman.
Somehow it seems he was expecting his band mates to find him without his women's clothing on. If he was so sure, why risk going out in his guys clothing?

3) Of course as far as the silly plot, the reason for his bringing his women's clothing with him is so that then when he meets the female member of the all-girl band in a quiet restaurant , he suddenly has to run out when he sees that his band mates come in the same restaurant, and he leaves behind his women's shoe just like Cinderella left her slipper at the ball. But then, why didn't the female who he met at the restaurant, think that Davy is a cross-dresser, or that maybe that he has another girlfriend or a wife?

4) Who won the contest? The bands merged, but that was not the deal of the TV show. It was supposed to be a competition.

In The Monkees "The Christmas Episode" The Monkees did not want to baby sit the nephew of a rich woman until she offered to pay them well for it. But then the rest of the episode shows them spending or losing money because they are trying to entertain the young boy , and in one scene they take the kid to a store to buy Christmas presents, and Peter gets injured while playing with a motorcycle in the store and Mike has to pay money to the store owner for the damaged goods and he also has to pay a doctor for Peter's medical treatment since Peter got injured, and then a bit later on, Davy falls from the top of a Christmas tree as he tries to show the boy how to put a star on top of the tree, and Mike has to pay again for medical treatment for Davy. Sure it could be said that the money that the rich woman will give to the Monkees after they are done baby sitting her nephew will replace the money that the Monkees lost in medical bills and paying for damages , or maybe the funny thing is supposed to be that the MOnkees realize that they are not going to break even by caring for the young boy and spending money for sudden accidents and mishaps because the money they lost is greater than what they will receive for baby sitting, but nowhere is that it indicated in the plot.

OK, with "The Monkees" the plots were particularly surreal and depicted zanier things than what would happen in real life. But other TV shows were supposed to be a bit more realistic.

I will post about others here..

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Old 04-19-2017, 06:26 PM   #2
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Odd plot of "Pin it On Danny."

First the kids and Rubin are all singing happy birthday to Shirley. Lori brings out the cake. Shirley notices that the cake is decorated to read "Happy Birthday Sylvia" Danny explains that the cake was bought in a second-hand way at the cake shop since the person who had the cake made for Sylvia's birthday did not pick it up. Shirley does not seem to feel offended that the cake was never originally for her.
Next scene When Shirley is opening her gifts Danny says some down-putting things about Keith and Lori giving her a toaster and about Rubin giving her a photo of himself. Shirley very mildly reprimands Danny. Then when she opens Danny's gift, a brooch pin, she asks where he got it and Danny says he picked it up somewhere. Why isn't Shirley offended that her son would pick something up from the street to give to her?

Later when Danny finds out from his friend that there is an ad in the newspaper that states someone lost a brooch, Danny realizes that the pin he gave to his mother is probably the one mentioned in the ad. He knows he has to find a way to give it back to the owner but how is he to take it from his mother?

Keith learns this and spitefully tells Danny that he intends to tell their mother that the pin is wanted by its rightful owner. Danny begs Keith to help him to instead find a way to bring the pin back to the owner but find a way to do it without telling mom that the pin really isn't hers because mom would be "crushed" to find out that Danny never really bought it for her. Strange. She did not mind that her kids only bought her a cake because it essentially was about to be discarded by the baker, it was not made special for her.
But also, why didn't Shirley get suspicious when Danny first gave her the pin since it is such a beautiful fancy pin that her son Danny could not just afford it, or he just would not spend money to buy such an expensive looking pin? And if Danny literally said he picked it up somewhere, why wouldn't she suspect that it might belong to someone?

But, Keith agrees to help Danny since there is a reward for the lost pin.
It's confusing. Keith tells Danny there is only one solution, and that is to bring the pin to the original owner and buy mom a different pin for ten bucks. It is not clear enough if Keith means that Danny ought to take mom's pin outright to bring it back to the owner, or if there is another way to get the pin from her which would only be to ask her for it back, and you have to wonder why they don't choose to ask mom for the pin back since taking it will mean worse consequences such as hurting moms feelings and making her angry for stealing from her, as well as making her believe that she cannot find where she put the pin.

Of course what happens is that Danny and Keith try to take mom's pin after a rehearsal when Keith feigns having something in his eye and tells mom to remove it while Danny tries to take the pin from mom's sweater which is lying on a table but he can't because it is pinned too tightly on her sweater.
So then, Keith and Danny go in mom's room at night and take her pin from the night table. Lori finds Keith and Danny sneaking out of mom's room, but when Danny explains the situation to Lori, Lori agrees to keep silent because she does not want mom's feelings hurt. So the next day Keith and Lori act innocent when Shirley tells them that she lost the brooch that Danny gave her.

Later, Danny and Keith try to find a matching pin at the jewlers for their mom. The jeweler is annoyed that Danny is looking closely at each pin to see how much it matches to the one he found, and he tells him to hurry up and choose. Danny just settles on buying one pin and (pardon the overuse of the word), it is unrealistic that he happened to find a pin that looks exactly like the one he found.
Then Keith and Danny go to the home of the lady who put the ad in the paper for the lost pin, but the lady tells them that the pin they brought her is not hers. So Danny is stuck with two pins and no reward money.

If Danny is to going to have to eventually tell mom that the the pin belongs to someone else, then why go through with taking it from her and making her think she lost it? Then won't she get mad for Keith and Danny playing such a trick on her instead of leveling with her right away?

SOmehow if Keith and Danny feel that mom would be disappointed because she thinks that Danny bought the pin for her, then why wouldn't she feel the same way if she learns that Danny found the pin on the floor, (and actually he did say so to begin with) and then decided to give it to her as a present, and then after that, he decided to take it from her to give it to someone else and give her a cheaper or different pin? After all won't Danny and Keith eventually have to tell their mom that they took the pin from her?
How were they so sure that they would find a matching pin at the jeweler's?
That was very unlikely.
Also after Danny and Keith found out that the pin did not belong to the lady who put the ad in the paper, Danny and Lori and Keith were talking about it and Lori told Danny that the pin he bought at the Jeweler's is pretty enough so why does he not give mom that one and "tell her the whole story." It indicates that the two pins are not exactly alike. If Danny intended to put the second pin he bought back in mom's room to replace the one he took from her, then won't she notice it is not exactly the one that he originally gave her?

Also why is Lori suggesting that Danny give the latest pin he bought to mom? It is apparent that the first pin did not belong to the lady who put the ad in the paper. So Danny has two pins but there is an indication that he and Lori and Keith know that the first pin belongs to someone else which is not revealed until later in the show when Danny's teacher announces to the class that she lost a pin.

Furthermore, at the very end of the episode, Shirley is due to go into the class for a "parent -teacher" meeting and she is the only parent in the class. Danny attempts to make his mom NOT wear her jacket with the pin showing so that the teacher does not see it. He follows her in the classroom telling her it is too hot to wear the jacket, but, the teacher eventually sees the pin on Mrs Partridge's jacket. It is then that Danny must confess that the brooch that he gave to his mom for her birthday is the one that the teacher lost, and it is the one that belongs to the teacher, but how did he just know when he already attempted to return it to the lady who coincidentally put an ad in the paper for a lost pin and when he tried to bring the brooch to that lady she said that the pin is not hers ? Danny pulls out the second pin he bought and gives it to his mom telling her that he actually bought that one for her. It is as if Shirley suddenly understands that Danny must have taken the brooch from her in the first place. But if the brooch looked exactly like the one the teacher really owned, then why didn't the teacher and Shirley start asking Danny and each other which is which?
The second brooch had to look different enough from the first one for all of them not to have been wondering who was getting which pin, and it was indicated by Lori earlier in the episode that the pins don't look exactly alike. But if Danny and Keith intended to originally switch the first pin with the second pin, then it would have confused Shirley to have "lost" the pin and then a following day, found the pin but then it did not look exactly like before she first lost it.

I edited this a few times.

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Old 04-19-2017, 07:42 PM   #3
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threads like these really should be posted on the "General Discussion" board - you'll get a lot more views and responses there.
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Old 04-19-2017, 09:11 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by robyrob
threads like these really should be posted on the "General Discussion" board - you'll get a lot more views and responses there.


How to move it?

But I 'm still working on it
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Old 04-30-2017, 10:09 PM   #5
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All In The Family, the episode in which Archie Bunker gives mouth -to-mouth resuscitation to a female impersonator thinking that it is a real woman.

I thought it was strange since Archie considers himself to be a morally upright and god-fearing man, that when Beverly came to pay Archie Bunker for the cab ride after Beverly had passed out and Archie Bunker revived her, Archie takes the money and says "I never said 'no' to a lady" and Beverly says "I am not a lady" and Archie says "How you earn these twenty dollars is no business of mine" meaning that he thinks Beverly is saying that she is a prostitute. It is then that Beverly removes his wig and says that he is not female does Archie get all furious and ashamed and appalled.
However why would he not feel as appalled to have given mouth-to-mouth to a prostitute since they can have contagious diseases, also why would he not feel that he touched an "ungodly" woman?

Also how can Beverly think that with the way he is dressed so as to look so convincingly like a woman, that people can know that he is really a man?
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Old 04-30-2017, 11:11 PM   #6
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A Seinfeld plot hole: Jerry's apartment is fumigated, but Kramer goes in and his taste buds are damaged. When his taste buds come back, it's the last day to eat delicious mackinaw peaches, and Newman has eaten the last one. But, Kramer went into Jerry's apartment in the first place to put one of the peaches in Jerry's refrigerator, so theoretically that peach should still be there.
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