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Old 01-22-2017, 10:10 AM   #1
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Smile 5000 Episodes And No Commercials. The Ultimate Guide To TV Shows on DVD

There is a book I've been reading by the same name as the title of this thread. I've been thinking about it , and I'm going to post some of that book on here for you to enjoy. I've changed the wording slightly as to not get into trouble for copyright issues


When DVDs were first introduced in 1998 , nobody could have known the role television would have in its success. The Original goal was aiming to replace videocassettes with a newer digital format that could hold a movie plus special features, at a price which would make buying DVDs more appealing than renting the film at a video store. Although movie purchases have been brisk , collections of TV shows are what shocked the industry watchers with their popularity. Fans of TV shows are routinely paying anywhere from $20 to over a $100 for full seasons of their favorite shows.

For the first time in television history , television has become a collectible commodity. This is great news to hear , certainly for those who are old enough to remember when the only way we got to watch our favorite series was in syndication. Back then , we were fortunate to be reunited with our old friends a few times a year. But today , thanks to DVDs, we can relive the moment when Rob Petrie fell over that chair , or when Lucy crammed all those chocolates in her mouth, whenever we wish.

Ever since May 2000, with the releases of The X-Files And Sex and the City became the first series to be collected on DVD, more than 700 sets have reached the market. According to Video Store Magazine, sales of TV DVDs are outpacing all other categories, surpassing $2 billion in 2004. "What seemed like niche market is now firmly engulfed in the mainstream and contributes big money to the bottom line of various studios".

Sales are spread throughout the whole spectrum of television programming. Recent shows in syndication, like Seinfeld or Friends, sell well. Shows that appeal to younger audiences , such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, rank within the formats top sellers. Collectors recognize that no television library is complete without the all-time classics , including I Love Lucy And All In The Family. Even short lived shows such as Sports Night Or My So Called Life , have an enthusiastic following on DVD.

What'll be in the book.... And what won't

5,000 episodes and No Commercials: The Ultimate Guide To TV Shows On DVD lists and rates every show on DVD , whether it be full season sets or best of compilations, from 0-5. The goal is to let television fans know what is available and whether its worth picking up.

Different fans have a variety of expectations from the format. Many are delighted just to add their favorite shows to their entertainment library, while others will refuse to buy a series if its audio is in Dolby Digital 2.0 , rather than 5.1. While it may be nice to have every release in the highest quality picture and sound in the format, most consumers don't have a DVD player that can tell the difference. But consumers do have every right to expect the video and audio quality of the DVDs to be of equal or superior to how the series looked when originally aired , and its by the previous standard that they are judged here.

Music rights is another troublesome problem. As television networks couldn't have for told the idea of their shows being released on DVD, no effort was made to secure the music rights that was used in the show beyond their original and syndicated runs. This is a serious issue with shows like WKRP in Cincinnati and Moonlighting. In some instances, an effort was made , often at big expense, to preserve the original music , while some studios opted to use a more generic equivalent of the original music. The instances have been cited here, so the buyer can be informed.

Although fans might let the studios slide on some song substitutions, theres a practice that may cause a deal breaker, and that is the use of syndicated- episode cuts. Most commonly found on cheaply produced public domain DVDs which have neither the budget nor the inclination to do the job right. But this egregious practice has made it mainstream, on big series such as Roseanne and The Cosby Show. If DVD is to be regarded as an archival format for the TV medium , there is no reason for releases of complete shows.

There's the 1st one. I'll do another later.
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Old 01-23-2017, 04:14 AM   #2
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Originally Posted by Crusinforabrusin
Different fans have a variety of expectations from the format. Many are delighted just to add their favorite shows to their entertainment library, while others will refuse to buy a series if its audio is in Dolby Digital 2.0 , rather than 5.1.

That's true of me and M Squad: I'm delighted to have it to see as much as I want because of how good Lee Marvin was in it-- hang the complaints of abysmal picture quality (that's just me, though-- YMMV).
"CBS Sports presents...The Prudential College Football Report, sponsored by The Prudential, offering a full range of insurance and other financial services. The Prudential: the's strong, it's on the move, it's bigger than life."

(Don Robertson's spiel for The Prudential College Football Report in the 1986 season; modified from what it was in 1985)
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Old 01-24-2017, 05:55 AM   #3
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Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Posts: 1,821

The A- Team(1983-1987)

How do you schedule a rated r action movie in a family hour? Stephen Cannell found a solution with The A Team: Destroy cars , blow up stuff, and shoot all the bullets you can from automatic weapons, just make sure no one is hurt when its over. The result was ridiculous, but it was still entertaining, if you didn't think about it a lot.

Stories rarely strayed away from the usual formula: Hannibal, faced, B.A., and Murdock, wrongly accused Vietnam veterans on the run , offer their services to people in trouble, whilst evading Colonel Decker.They joined in season 1 by Amy Allen , an investigative reporter looking to expose the team. Her character was written out in the middle of season 2.

The DVDs offer no extras , but any excuse to bask again in the wonder that is Mr. T is worth the investment, and its a treat to see the original pilot, with Tim Dunigan cast as Templeton Peck.
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