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View Poll Results: Boned When...
Never Boned 6 46.15%
Day 1 1 7.69%
Became Too Cartoonish - Tim Becomes Wile E. Coyote 0 0%
Puberty - Ran out of good storylines once the kids got older 2 15.38%
JTT leaves the show - It was never the same without Randy 4 30.77%
Jill - What a witch! 0 0%
Becomes A "Dramedy" - Was it a sitcom or a drama towards the end? 0 0%
The final season - It just wasen't Home Improvement anymore 0 0%
Same Character Different Actor - Tool Time girl 0 0%
New Kid in Town - Tim's brother and nieces move in 0 0%
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Question Home Improvement Boned the Fish When...

Home Improvement is an American sitcom starring Tim Allen, which aired 1991 to 1999. The show was created by Matt Williams, Carmen Finestra and David MacFadzean. In the 1990s, it was one of the most watched sitcoms, winning many awards. The series launched Tim Allen's acting career and also was the start of the television career of Pamela Anderson, who was part of the cast for the first two seasons, even if only in an inconspicuous role. The show's title is a pun: it refers to physical improvement of houses, as well as to improving life with family, friends, work, and school.
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Old 10-01-2013, 07:16 PM   #2
Mace Dolex
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I followed it in the beginning only because it was on after Full House but then just stopped after it's 2nd season I just didn't feel the need to watch it anymore since it wasn't really that hilarious, it basically was Tim getting injured at the workplace and Jonathan Taylor Thomas becoming a teen idol all of a sudden.
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Old 10-01-2013, 07:22 PM   #3
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When JTT left the cast.
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Old 10-06-2013, 11:51 PM   #4
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I haven't heard of this one here yet but this home improvement sitcom probably one of the best things then to watch.
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Old 10-21-2013, 07:14 PM   #5
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Jonathan Taylor Thomas left the show in Season 8 back in Fall 1998.
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Old 10-23-2013, 09:32 PM   #6
JO Sweet Heart
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The show was still good, but it wasn't the same when Randy left and to me, he should have been a part of the final episode. Marty's twin girls being aged in that final year did not help either. The girls that played them in the previous season were so cute!

God bless you and them always!!!

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Old 11-12-2013, 04:17 PM   #7
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I'd say the 1997-1998 Season, the show went downhill...I didn't care for Randy "The Smartass" Taylor, he should've been disciplined more.

I may make a "100 Reasons why Randy Taylor is such a Brat" list someday.

You may disagree with my opinion on Randy Taylor, but is it me?
Thank God for kids who love Obscure Things.

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Old 11-13-2013, 12:58 AM   #8
JO Sweet Heart
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^^^ I agree. Looking back, I am ashamed of my being so crazy about him back then.

God bless you always!!!

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Old 03-06-2014, 07:05 PM   #9
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  • Other Thoughts:

    When the youngest son got taller than the middle one
    When Patricia Richardson came down with Rashad Disease and stopped doing anything but reacting to Tim.
    When the show started focusing more on Tim's family (or Al, or Wilson) than on Tool Time. Early shows were very Tool Time oriented (remember the Bob Vila lawnmower races); shows of late have given Tool Time only 30-60 seconds of each episode, largely to show us Debbe Dunning.
    Started Showing Wilson and his tidbits of wisdom 'every' episode.
    when tim allen was hired. reality check...a person like tim would never be tolerated by a cool neighbor like wilson or al... no wonder jill doesn't have enough self esteem to leave.
    This may be the most overrated show on the air today. Tim Allen's smugness and obvious pleasure at his own performance don't help, either.
    To those who say 'when Tim Allen was cast,' this show was tailor-made as a star vehicle for Tim Allen, based off his stand up routine. Just like Grace Under Fire was a star vehicle for Brett Butler, Seinfeld Chronicles was for Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen was for Ellen Degeneres, or the Jeff Foxworthy Show was for that redneck guy. Tim Allen was not cast for the show. The show was cast for him. If you don't like Tim Allen, then for you the show jumped the shark on Day One.
    While it has been holding on the last year or two, I feel that this year is the end. With two of the kids leaving, you realize how old the show is and how many times you've heard that same joke before. It has lost its edge and is shark bait.
    Puberty meant that it was all over for this one, yet it is STILL on the air.
    Not only does Wilson give his deep advice to Tim in every single episode, but Tim then has to go back in the house to tell Jill what he has learned, invariably screwing up Wilson's advice in EVERY EPISODE!! Can't the writers come up with a new joke? Seems to be suffering from Three's Company-itis to me.
    The Point at which "Home Improvement" Jumped The Shark was...the moment they signed all the cast. This is one of those strange shows that have been aweful from day 1.
    well as soon as i realized that it was the same show week after week. tim pisses off wife talks to wilson gets advise messes up the advice.
    As has been noted, the show was meant to turn off of Tim Allen's stand up routine. Man behave like ape, woman get mad. Fine -- but the show killed the humour by adding the "deus ex machina" of Wilson. When Allen did his stand-up routine, there was no faceless putz on stage with him, saying, "Tim, that really isn't the way to behave." Why? Because that would be as funny as a hangnail! It isn't any funnier on the show! Wilson allows the writers to be lazy on most episodes, just letting Wilson clean up every situation. Without him, they would have had to come up with new solutions to each conflict.
    When those little boys grew up...about that time, the same jokes started & --well it just sucks now.
    When the youngest kid became an obnoxious young adult.
    The show got very interesting for a while a year or so ago when Patricia Richardson had a baby and had a HUGE set of knockers for a long time!
    To me the show jumped twice-if you think that's possible. The first was when Jill started college, in less than a year she was psychoanalzing everyone, and was making references to work she wouldn't be doing that early in her academic studies. It was just a flat out absurd attempt at making her character develop. The second was when the middle child started becomming socially aware. There is nothing more anoying than a preachy kid whose political lean is left of center. It seems like alomost every TV show today has a vegitarian/help the environment type character. TV should have stopped with meathead, Reiner was the only guy who could pull it off as humor and not proselytizing.
    The show was funny when the kids were little and cute. Puberty really accents their lack of acting skills that they never had in the first place. And who decided that not seeing Wilsons' face was worthy of an ongoing "gag?" It was funny ONCE. The first time. Who cares? The show just focuses on Tim and his wifes' reactions now. Nobody has any depth, they just stand around waiting for Tim to say his lines. They could've done more with the boys characters - I mean, it's been awhile since I've been a teenager but I seem to recall a crisis every week!
    When it first came on I thought it was great. After a few seasons I started getting really disgusted with several aspects of the show: the nonstop idiotic jokes about Al's mom(they made me laugh when I was in about fourth grade), Jonathan Taylor Thomas thinking he was the biggest stud who ever lived, but most of all the fact that the show started working off the same formula each week - Tim does something really stupid, Jill becomes upset with Tim, Tim gets advice from Wilson, Tim uses Wilson's advice but screws it up, and Jill forgives Tim anyway and they live happily ever after. Throughout the episode, the kids make a lot of stupid jokes about Tim blowing things up. If you just remember this formula, there's really no reason for you to ever have to watch this show again.
    When the youngest kid turned from a weenie into a goth. Remember when he used to get bullied around by the others and got beat up at school; and all of a sudden he hits puberty and turns into a gothic? He started listening to that band "Puss in Boots" or something like that. Then he gets green hair. That was almost as stupid as when Randy got some horrible disease. It started to get depressing.
    This was probably the most unfunny "sit-com" I've never seen. I can proudly say I've never seen more than 45 seconds of this trainwreck. ABC can't do sitcoms. Period. Not since the early Happy Days episodes, anyway (and The Norm Show).
    When Tim burped right in his wife's face. That man is a filthy animal and an *******.
    Jump with the beginning of 1994-95 season, and Jill becoming the uber-psychoanalyst she never should have been. This show was amusing for its first three seasons, mainly because Patricia Richardson overcompensated for Tim Allen's bland jokes and awkward acting. And the only way for a show to go after being #1 for 93-94 is down. The least they could have done was have Jill and Wilson begin a torrid affair, and keep her crack psychoanalyses to a minimum until she at least got her degree. Now that could have been somewhat funny.
    As stated by another entrant, this show started to slide badly at the point when Mark outgrew Randy. At this point, Jill also stopped hanging Tim out to dry when he deserved it, and Tool Time lost its spot as the show's defining characteristic. Not coincidentally, I quit watching at this point because it's too dull to invest a half hour in a show hoping for (Maybe!) one laugh when the same show used to keep me in stitches for the whole episode!! It was a mercy when this show finally had its final episode, minus the egotistical money grubbing Jonathan Taylor Thomas. A great comedy brought down by a simple lack of laughs at the end.
    The "very special" episode where promos showed Jill in a romantic embrace with another man. Not only was the idea a sure sign of a shark jump, but to make matters worse the actual show revealed that the "affair" was only a dream. "It was all a dream" may be a whole new category of shark jumping!
    When the Beach Boys appeared as Wilson's "cousins" on "Home Improvement" I knew the end was near. Any time the Beach Boys appear on a series it's all over.
    The most overrated show ever. Total crap. And am I the only one to think the wife is a complete evil BITCH? She treated Tim like ****. I wish he would have given her a calk enema.
    The first couple times when we didn't see Wilson's face, I thought that Tim and the gang didn't see his face either and it was some brilliant f--king social commentary about how we don't really know our neighbors, yadda yadda yadda but THEN it became clear that the cast saw his face but that just we the audience didn't. What the hell's the point with that?
    When the oldest son got that haircut that was long on the top and shaved on the sides. He looked like a gangster and TIM LET HIM KEEP IT!!!
    In all modern TV shows, fathers are portrayed as know-nothing cretins that are always being made fun of and berated by their wives, kids, co-workers, neighbors, ad nauseam. This show was the ultimate example of the "father's-a-f**k-up" school of sitcoms. It was painful for me to watch Tim constantly being made fun of by everyone.
    when Bobby Slayton made a guest appearance or guest role more like. Bobby was bad, very bad.
    Home Improvement jumped the shark when the sons grew up and the show became too reality based. It was base on Tim Allen's stage comedy act and should have remained that way...
    Why in the world would anybody want to replace JTT with Ted McGinley? The producers really dropped the ball on this one. They should have offered more money to Jimmy Fallon. He'd have been superb.
    What are you talking about? JTT wasn't replaced by Ted McGinley. What are you, a comedian? Though the show did suffer quite a bit after his departure, it was still the best family comedy out there since Valerie's Family. You should be ashamed with yourself for saying such a horrible, incredibly stupid thing about Tim Allen. Shame on you!
    Home Improvement never jumped. It was one of the few family shows of our time, and it was still funny. If you weren't into the formula (Tim does something dopey, asks Wilson's advice, then becomes a better person -- while still screwing up the advice), then you weren't into it. I thought it was great that the boys grew up. This was the only show in my memory that was based around the kids but didn't try to replace them when they got too old to be cute. Bravo to Tim Allen for letting the show die when it had gone its natural life span.
    Brad uses drugs. They also did it when Randy moved to south america
    it was never all that funny but it was entertaining until puberty set in and that young kid became goth.
    This show was never good, Tim Allen is a moron who has never been funny.
    I have watched this show from day on and it still cracks me up every time. I love it!
    It jumped when it started taking itself too seriously and the episodes got depressing. Jill contemplating an affair, the oldest boy getting cancer. Not the stuff of good sitcoms.
    This show didn't ever jump the shark- as long as u disclude that thing with wilson hiding part of his face ALL THE TIME! OMG that drives me nuts!!! its the most annoying thing in the world- but it couldnt have jumped cuz omg did u see zachary ty bryant (the oldest one), ?!!? Hes so hott in the episodes near the end! OMG HOTT! And JTT is pretty hott too!!!! aw but i just dont like it when they are young!
    This show was the best show ABC and Fox has ever put on the air. It has never jumped.
    This show NEVER JUMPED! The best episode is the on where Tim goes to prison for trying to sell cocaine. Truly brilliant television.
    This show jumped the shark when Tool Time started having special effects, like Tim and Al going "Inside the Car's Motor" and crap like that. This was a PUBLIC ACCESS cable show. There was an episode where there was talk of it going national, but in the end they only expanded to ten stations. 10 stations and they have special effects every show? I can name network shows that can't afford special effects.
    this show never jumped the shark but when tim sent jill flying into the water when they were water skiing(he went around the ramp with the boat and she went for a ride) was pretty lame
    I thought this show was hilarious the first few years. Then I started working nights and didn't see much of it for awhile. By the time I got a chance to watch it much again,it was the last two or three seasons. Every time I turned it on, it was 'A Very Special' Home Improvement. Brad does drugs. Brad injures his knee, blames his Dad, probably blows his chance for a Soccer scholarship (Soccer?!??). Jill has a one-night stand (or was it almost has...). On and on. What a load of crap!
    When Jill lost weight, obviously got a face lift, and turned into the evil, bitchy Jill instead of the nice, sweet, funny-mom Jill, this show jumped. Weight-loss seems to do that to characters/actors, like Helen Hunt on Mad About You. The same thing happened to her.
    When the hell did Patricia Richardson become this super-serious actress??? That's when it jumped--the 'affair' episode, her getting the degree, it was all so-serious, so-high minded, so bull****. She was a comic foil, she was not there to act. She got a special on Lifetime: is this true?? For what--a 2-minute role in Ulee's Gold? You will hear nothing from her in the future until she turns up on a where are they now in 2005. First, the writers changed her from giving little comments to Tim to just being outright cruel--I know it was getting the show an edge, but even my wife would cringe. Tim should've thrown her over to that loser who hung out at the hardware store and taken off with that incredible looking reporter (when that jacket came off, what man did not swallow hard?). And they overused the Tooltime girl--she was a distraction. If I wanted Charlie's Angels, I'd watch re-runs. Then the disease episode--just what I want in my comedies, for sure. He was A STAND-UP COMEDIAN, for Chrissakes. Don't make him to other things--play to his strengths. Any time there was drama, it was time to let Patricia Richardson attempt to act and say overly-emotive things. (Tim--go over there and sit down off-set; we'll call you.) What a tragic waste of a concept.
    When I could no longer see PAMELA ANDERSON as the tool time girl!!!
    I don't think this show ever jumped the shark. I mean, okay, yeah, there were times when it sucked greatly, but it didn't jump. honestly, I think that if you all can sit here and comment on it jumping then you must have seen many episodes, and just outta curiosity, why watch something you don't like? *shrugs* I've noticed this with all the other shows I've read. I mean, if you don't like it then don't watch it... and if you don't watch it then you have no knowledge about it to say if it's jumped or not. And to those who say shows jumped on the 1st ep.... a lot of you mention eps afterwards. same deal, why watch it if you don't like it??? but I do have one comment to make here... someone mentioned Tim letting the oldest son keeping a haircut. uhm.. hello... what was he gonna say, "I'm sorry son but you have to glue your hair back on!"????? There really isn't anything you can do in a situation like that... you just have to deal. And I doubt they would have made him wear a wig until his hair grew back... lol!
    I loved watching home improvement, when it was mostly focused on tool time and AL. But especially during the last two seasons, when the boys grew up the show jumped the shark. Tim tried to solve family problems rather than producing tool time or the store chatting with his friends. I watched the show to hear stupid remarks about women and at least in this show men could behave like men ). I do not watch a comedy show in order to gain advice.
    In the final two season's they decided to start spouting of the producers philosophy on everything from the rain forest to discipline. The kids ruled the house and everyone set out to make the conservative Tim's ideas look like the ideology of a fool.
    This was one of the greatest shows ever! When it first started, it had classic written all over it. I'm not sure if they ever made it though to that level. The premise of Tim's life was the fact that men were different than women. In the final years, it all changed as Tim became more and more a woman whipped husband. It lost the whole meaning of the show. Then to top it all off, the boys all became nauseating jerks! Their whole existence in the show became their ability to slam their father. A cute joke was one thing (that was what they did early on), but eventually they became downright rebellious and hateful toward their dad (especially Jonathan Taylor Thomas). They should have stuck with the shows original premise, more Tool Time, less heavy plots. We would have had a classic if they would have left it ALONE!
    when the youngest one became a gothic
    This show was always great. I was very disappointed when they took it off the air. that was normal routine every night and then to have it taken away from me?! Not a good thing. I really started to like it when the boys got older anyway more than I did before. They were more mature and things got serious. It was like a real life situation.
    Wilson acted way to much like the old guy from Karate Kid..."yes Grasshopper"
    Living out of the US has the advantage that only the most successful American TV-shows are shown on television. "Home Improvement" belongs to the shows that are also extremely popular here in Germany. I have always been a passionate fan and so I don't think that it ever jumped the shark. The concept of the show changed over the years, not to the bad though. The characters moved on - that's what you expect as a viewer, don't you? The show never lost its wit, the great cast was convincing, the scripts were inventive, intelligent and always funny. Some episodes were weaker than others - of course - but in a whole this sitcom is, in my opinion, one of the very few examples to show that it is possible to create good entertainment even in television.
    In the episode where Tim takes the whole family on vacation, and then gets all intellectual, using lawyer-like terms "quid pro quo" "vis a vis" He gets all maudlin and honestly philosophical, AND WHO THE HECK WANTS TO SEE A PHILOSOPHICAL TIM??
    This show actually wasn't that bad. I used to watch this a lot when I was young. After not watching it for a while, I thought the show sucked beyond suckiness could suck. I DID see the series finale though I had absolutely no clue of what happened over the final season. But then I was in Sex-Ed class this year and they showed us the vasectomy episode of Home Improvement and I must say that that episode was quite funny I realized that the show wasn't that bad though the final seasons sucked. JTT's leaving had no absolute effect on me whatsoever.
    When Jonathan Taylor Thomas (a rather good actor) got a social conscience. No one likes a preachy, know it all teenager.
    During the last season, they did a TWO PART episode on Jill suffering from uterine fibroids (a female gynecological condition). They had her going into shock on the operating table, implying that she might DIE!! "I haven't been to the gynecologist for TWO YEARS !!" (actual line from the show). Kill off Patricia during the last year because she didn't have time to visit the OB/GYN?? Ridiculous and laughable !!!
    I don't think people have a sense of humor anymore this was one of the funniest shows that was on the air. Its was supposed to be stupid and silly. That what made it great!!!!
    This show jumped more times than i can list,Cancer episode ,Jill trying to make the show a drama,Wilson becoming a God.Jill has the acting talent of a jr.high drama student,if she wanted the show to be so damn serious she should have had an affair with Wilson or Al.Or if they wanted drama they should have had that little brat who was always picked on take everyone out with a pipe bomb (a very special Home Improvement...Mark loses it)Tim just before the explosion "He did this all wrong he should have used a bigger pip..BOOM.Jill.."Maybe we should have had a talk with Mark and tried to find out what was going on is his min...BOOM.
    This show (even though it sucked from day one) "jumped" when Tim babysat his niece, and suddenly wanted a daughter. The whole idea of the show was that this guy was living in a man's dream world (three sons, great job/money, hot wife, working with hands), and now he wants a daughter??? WTF?
    They tried to make you believe Jill was going to die. They tried to make you believe Randy was going to die. When Randy didn't die, they shipped him off to Bolivia. Why they didn't sooner, I'll never know. I liked it when Mark turned goth!! he was cute that way. Brad became such an arrogant SOB I couldn't stand it, and by the last season I had pretty much just stopped watching altogether.
    OK, I got very turned off (and insulted) when Jill started doing psychotherapy in a very large and comfortable office right after she started college. Notice: she never had to take the GRE, there was never a question of how she would pay for school, she never went to a single boring class about theories of counseling or evaluation and measurement, psychological testing, or did an internship (mandatory in such curricula). And seeing couples is a whole other specialty. Actually, psychology a very wide field in which only one branch (clinical) actually does therapy. Most psychologists do not perform therapy, and most schools do not set you up with clients in a lavish office with couches. We did our practicum in a very badly laid out (Wayne State University, Detroit) cubby hole of little tiny carrels with one-way mirrors so our classmates and profs could observe us and then fill out forms and there was an awful lot of paperwork). Jill not only breached confidentiality (which at my school would have caused her to have to stay an extra semester) she did in one season what I had to wait almost 2 1/2 years to actually start doing-- Actually seeing clients. And our clients were not middle class yuppies..they could afford private therapy. These people were often lower-income individuals who had no insight into their problems and some of them could not put together a sentence to save their lives. It was frustrating, tense, uncomfortable and not glamorous at all. Jill's amazingly accelerated curriculum not only jumped the shark, it jumped the gun.....BIG TIME. And Tim Allen's grunting was embarrassing and stupid. He also talked too fast and was an egomaniac. He got pulled over for drinking and driving (near where I lived at the time) and was not sent to jail? BIG SURPRISE! Have u ever noticed that these big time stars never wear glasses on the show but then wear really cool specs like when they are interviewed on TV? What an arrogant, egotistical son of a bitch!
    How did the Taylor family pay the bills? By Tim doing a Public Access cable TV show??? Since when do they pay you to do Public Access? And they sure had great production values for a cable show. Why was there a makeup area? NO such thing with cable. And how did they fill the audience each time? You would be lucky to get 10 people. And Tim would come home from "work" with a garment bag like he was coming back from some real important business meeting or something. He was doing woodworking and repairs on TV in what...a tuxedo? This show had nothing to do with reality.....NOTHING!
    It began it's jump when the middle kid turned into a typical Hollywood tree hugging, P.C., whiny, too-big-for-his britches know-it-all. "For Halloween, I'm going to dress up as the scariest thing I know... a Republican." Kiss my ass, Twerp!
    this show JTS when randy became a total dork!!! how many kids his age are like that? none!! the only teen character on tv that pulled off that vegetarian, "one with nature" crud was darlene conner from roseanne. randy used to be this cute kid who i'd want to date. he was funny and smart, and got into trouble now and then. now he's a squeaky-voiced dork!!!
    The House Divided episode where Tim blows up a house with natural gas. Once the writers could no longer come up with original, truly funny accidents for Tim, then the show had to try developing the minor characters, which is all too often the kiss of death. This show was hilarious when it first debuted. But then, almost like gravity and other laws of nature, a host of negative forces were unleashed on this show until it could not avoid jumping the shark. These forces were: 1. Political correctness - Once the show became a hit, the creators seemed to fear the Neanderthal humor that made the show funny. To compensate, feminism and other politically correct factors were introduced to the show. 2. Puberty - The other readers are correct, puberty was a destructive force on this show. Once the older boys could no longer treat Mark like a non-person, a lot of the best humor from this show was lost. 3. Lack of truly humorous accidents for Tim to be in. Once the writers could no longer come up with truly funny ways for Tim's "more power" philosophy to get him into trouble, they were doomed to have to develop minor characters, often the kiss of death. 4.Development and changes of minor characters - Mark becomes a Goth, Heidi become pregnant, the guys from the Construction company are on every other show 5. The show starts tackling serious issues - Here is another red flag for a comedy show, when the show regularly starts tacking serious topics, like Brad's drug use, Jill's hysterectomy, Benford's interference with Tool Time's content. Some shows can do the dramedy thing, Home Improvement at its best was too light natured to do this well.
    I thought the idea of not seeing Wilson's whole face was cute, for about the first season-and-a-half. Then it became annoying--especially when he was a major character (Unlike Carlton the Doorman on "Rhoda.")
    this show jumped as soon as they brought in the next door neighbor, Wilson. In an attempt to be funny, they decided to never completely show the neighbor's face. NOT funny, cute, or original...just annoying.
    The show's typical "Mars vs. Venus" plotlines got old. Tim would do some "male" thing, which would upset his "female" wife, by the end of the show their conflict is resolved. Sure, it was funny the first few times. But when they had to play this out over and over, eventually it got to the point where you realize that Tim and Jill have NOTHING in common, other than their children, and that there is almost NOTHING they can enjoy together, other than sex. At this point the show takes a complete break from reality. On what planet would two people with this little in common stay together as long as they do? And I never saw the show where Tim burps in Jill's face, but this suggests there were much bigger problems in their relationship than having so little in common. They should have been either in marriage counseling, or divorced.
    As soon as Mark became the adult brooding twig dressed in black, that was it for the show. Did you see the episode where he tried to film a video for his dad's show, came up with some metal thing, got all sad when it was rejected, and then compromised and did a video of "Greased Lightning" (which they actually showed in its entirety)? Inexcuseable.
    What were the writers of this show thinking? Now correct me if I am wrong, (sorry but I am not) the 94-95 Season used to beat out Seinfeld every single week in the ratings.. Viewers bury your head in the sand, because this show made Grace Under Fire the #2 show.. Now this show had a very clever formula. (by the way how often did he actually do home improvement?) Every episode you start off with Tim Pissing off Wife with some insensitive remark. He goes to Wilson and gets advice. He Screws up Sun Tzu's quote that week. Then he builds her something to show that he understands her feelings? Occasionally you throw in a power tool accident and some grunting. What I cannot understand is how people can get divorced over predictable sex, yet watch this formula again and again. Fans who think this show never jumped shark, you apparently do not walk by a library very often.
    Jumped day one. White bread America personified.....zzzzzzzzzzz. It's funny how middle america embraces a man as clean and wholesome, when he's been in jail for selling crack cocaine, and has had run-ins with the law regarding his substance abuse. I'm not saying that people aren't allowed to make mistakes...but I think it's horribly hypocritical for people to think of him as some sort of new-age Mike Brady. The show was boring, I couldn't even relate...and I'm white. Maybe it was a white trash/nascar/bad beer thing...he WAS working on hotrods all the time it seemed. And the tool show...yeah, trailer trash.
    Tim was a guest on an aircraft carrier and for the 100th time touched a control that he was told not to. There was a cutaway to a distant shot of the ship. Suddenly a load car engine sound was heard and the ship quickly propelled itself across the screen. The previous 99 times of Tom's self inflicted disasters, while far fetched, were still believable. This complete suspension of belief made me stop watching on a regular basis.
    Just about every episode followed the same damn plotline. Invariably, Tim would make some inadvertently sexist remark to Jill to put her into a snit. At this point, Tim would either be mystifed by Jill's angry reaction (her response: "If you don't know, I'm not going to tell you") or would try to apologize (her response: "You're just telling me what I want to hear; you don't really know why I'm upset"). Almost exaclty fifteen minutes into the episode, Tim walks over to his fence to talk to his neighbor Wilson, who is invariably indulging in some sort of offbeat hobby. Wilson then shares his own insights with Tim, using obscure historical and literary references to make his point. Tim then talks to Jill (or goes on his show), uisng Wilson's advice and completely butchering what Wilson said. They kiss and make up, I puke, the end. If you've made it this far, I've just described 90% of the episodes to you so you no longer need to watch it. You're welcome. :P
    I didn't even like this show much to begin with, but it got downright stupid when they veered away from a comedy format and turned it into some soap-opera. Why do an episode about Randy maybe having cnacer? It was rather nauseating, and the one where Jill went to the hospital and went into shock and "might not make it?" What's the point of all that seriousness? If there's anything I hate, it's when comedic actors are forced to be serious, because they never do it right. They're always all wooden, except for when the occasional "goofy" joke is cracked to "ease the tension" and it's just... all wrong. "Home Improvment" is a very good example of a not-great show gone terribly wrong.
    NEVER a funny show. Part of the curiously popular stylish, unfunny crap that led 90s TV: Murphy Brown, Evening Shade, Mad About You, The Golden Girls, etc. Second only in inexplicability to the all-time TV nadir: mid 70s, when Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, and Three's Company vied for #1. What a national disgrace that period was. Should have traded those shows for the hostages in Iran. Also, I agree with prior post re Tim Allen's smugness. He's right up there with Dennis Miller and Candace Bergen on the Smug-O-Meter.
    gad, it was the same damn thing every single week. i watched the first 3 or 4 seasons. then it was boring. as a side note to a poster: the cable access show tim worked on was sponsored by a tool company. and tim had no consideration at all for his wife.
    Home Improvement did go into decline (though it never reached its comedic potential)when the three boys entered puberty, but only because the show began dealing with serious issues, especially with Randy changing from wiseass to Ralph Nader. Had it been a forerunner of Malcolm in the Middle, it would have remained good. I think it would be possible to have a goth kid be funny. He just wasn't funny here. Of course Malcolm has more imaginative writers than this show ever had. And why does every kid with bluecollar interests have to go to college? I cannot see someone like Brad going to any college (let alone UCLA) on any scholarship. The show was always too yuppy. I doubt that the writers were capable of imagining a kid like Brad going to trade school rather than college.
    This was one of the most over-rated ,obnoxious shows of all time. The character of Tim Taylor was disturbing. He was an emotionally immature cretin who strutted his ignorance and vulgarity around as if he was proud of it. It was a perfect example of a child-like parent who was more interested in being "buddies" with his sons than in being an authority figure. (Parenting is not a popularity contest.)No wonder the kids would mouth off to Tim and belittle him with fresh mouthed remarks. I know I know.... it's only a silly sitcom; however I remember that Tim and Jill Taylor came in first on TV polls as the ideal TV father and mother while the show was on the air. They were even referred to as "The Cleavers for the nineties"??!! GOD HELP US!!
    I remember watching this show and really enjoying it during the first few seasons. Then, over time, it became less and less interesting. I can't really say if it was the repetition of Wilson, the recycled plots, or if I just starting watching other shows, but over a period of a few months I went from not missing an episode to forgetting to watch. I have a comment for some of the posters above who keep commenting on Tim's skills as a father: Remember, non of these people really exist; they are characters on a fictional TV show. Whether or not Tim displays child-rearing skills that are appropriate in real life is irrelevant to deciding if this show was a success or not. If it made people laugh then it was a success; if it didn't then it was a failure. What scares me is not what happens on TV; it's either those who watch TV and then apply what they see to real life or those who expect TV characters to act like real people should. TV is a fantasyland and an escape; the rules that we live by in the real world need not always apply.
    The very special episode where where Jonathon Taylor Thomas might have cancer. Watching him and Tim Allen try to act scared and concerned in this episode was so incredibly bad it defied reason.
    JTSed with the changing o'duh bodies... The premise was somewhat entertaining at the onset. More than a few guys were imitating Tim Allen's primal grunts at the office, and I'm sure Sears Craftsman tool department didn't hurt from the fame either. Hell, even Bob Vila found a short spell of job security. But how much farther can you go with tool gimmicks, Al's plaid shirts, Wilson's reticence to be seen by more than two people, and the ever-predictable simian grunt? Well, much of America was forced to bear witness to that answer.
    The kids on this show got really generic and annoying as the series went along. Brad became a typical "dumb jock", Randy became a activist, snotty know-it-all, and Mark became another stereotype "Goth" character. Once those characters developed to that level, it became unwatchable.
    Geez, why can't sitcom producers ever end a show on a high note? Take Home Improvement: I loved this show. I tune in every week to watch Tim Taylor screw up on his cable show, raise a family, progress on the hot rod, and listen to Wilson when he needs advice. However, it was on the air two seasons longer than it should've been. Most of the episodes in the last two seasons involve something tragic happening in the Taylor family. I tuned in every week for a laugh, not to cry at yet another "a very special..."! Also, they hardly showed any of the Tool time sketches. When they do, it ends with Tim being pissed at the new producer's idea. If only this show ended earlier...then I would've said something positive about Home Improvement.
    "Home Improvement" was one of the best sitcoms in TV history for roughly its first five seasons. The show jumped the shark though when they decided to give the boys more distinctive marks. It was a bad move to make Mark a gothic kid and Randy a crusading environmentalist. At that point the show went downhill. Of course an earlier bad move had been made when Al and Eileen broke up (they were perfect together) and Trudy was not a good replacement of Eileen at all. BEST EPISODES: virtually any Christmas episode, Tim and Al in jail, Al's Tool Time Game takes off, both Tom Poston guest appearances, and the Tool Time flashback episode.
    I never got this show or understood why people thought Tim Allen is so funny...just another cokehead with his own show.
    This show is crap every episode is the same. Tim makes mistake on show. Something happens to Jill or the kids. Someone Talks to Wilson. Wilson says a quote which is messed up by the person who says it, problem solved! By the way Jill is a Feminazi.
    I'm a nice person and have tried hard to think if anything ever caused HOME IMPROVEMENT to jump the shark. Actually, they quit just at the right time. One underlying symptom was showing: Mark going Goth. He looked absolutely ridiculous. The End.
    Home Improvement jumped the shark when Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy Taylor) left the show during the 7th season. The show wasn't the same without Randy.
    I believe this is the only show I know where the wife got a hysterectomy and the husband got a vasectomy. This show also began the rise of Jonhathan Taylor Thomas worship. Hey, anything can happen when Disney changes Tim Allen's comic routine into PG-rated material...
    Jill Dreams of being with Somebody Else Home Improvement was one of my favorite shows growing up. It was a very good family oriented show and didn't have that Brady Bunch type plot thing going on. However, I think it jumped the shark where Jill was seriously thinking on being with somebody else, and then later on in the year, kissing that somebody else. It just sucked and if I recall, this kicked off all those "A very special......" episodes. I think Tim Allen being in Rehab and not being a part of the production really killed Home Improvement as well. I don't think he would have fallen for all those "A very special..." episodes.
    This show jumped the minute the show's producers got the idea that anybody was interested in those three kids. I mean, c'mon, whole shows devoted to Randy's budding left-wing activism. Why not just feed me a 1,000 milligram sominex and get it over with? Of course, the show had begun to go downhill early with the wife's constant need to validate her own worth by putting Tim down. You get the distinct impression that Jill only married Tim so that she could have someone constantly around that she could feel superior toward.
    All of the Above, which essentially is a vote for Day One, which brings the actual Day One total to 13 at this time. The person who posted some 14 entries ago seemed to sum it up the best in the fewest words. I won't copy them but his/her post ended with in all-caps God Help Us. The rest that preceded and followed are all the same praise and/or gripes and I agree with most of it. At the risk of being repetitive, I didn't get Tim Allen's character/series. Tim played the immature, often-vulgar, born-loser type bumbling father while the castmates have endless smartass cracks (not "smart asscracks") at his expense. What no one seemed to comment on was this: How many people (especially men) watched this show for Tim Allen? They watched it for the Tool Time Girl (Debra Dunning) who was the decorative "tool" in the show within the show. As her popularity gained, she appeared more outside of Tool Time. And speaking of Tool Time, what I don't get is how Home Improvement spent so much production value and was too well-directed for a show within a show for the series' own good. The majestic pans and zooms usually as Tool Time Girl opens each episode was just a little over the top.
    This show was pretty funny for a while, but 3 seasons was about enough for me, how many jokes about tools can you tell before it gets tiresome. And I have to say that those kids on the show were absolute monsters, this show probably subconsciously has something to do with my decision to never have children of my own.
    When JTT left, it should have been a clue to all that the show wasn't going to make it much longer. Also, I don't know who voted in the Same Character/Different Actor category, but it was not the same character. If you had even watched the show, the first girl was played by Pamela Anderson, and she played Lisa. Lisa left to become a nurse and Debbe Dunning was hired to play Heidi. It's apparent that it's not the same character when Lisa come back to visit and Heidi is jealous of all the attention she is getting. Whoever voted in that is a moron because they never even watched the show, obviously.
    The show jumped the hark when Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Randy) left. That kind of ruined the show because he was more of the funny smart one. I know that once he left I stopped watching it. If he had stayed on for another year, there might have been more episodes.
    It WOULD have jumped when JTT left to go portray gay characters for other movies (literally - I'm not kidding), if it hadn't been for the youngest one's AWESOME metal band. They rocked it, man! I was headbanging along the whole time. I can't remember the lyrics, but they were something like "I hate clowns" and "Burn!" Metallica could take a lesson from that awesome group. Plus, Mark was wearing a Danzig shirt in one of the episodes. Home Improvement+Danzig shirt = Never jumped.
    This show was just stupid. Tim Allen's humor was stupid. It always followed the same formula: Tim wants to fix something around the house. Jill likes it the way it is and says "no." Cute "B" subplot with kids. A few pratfalls with Al on the set of Tim's show. Now Tim does what Jill said not to do. Things break. Jill gets pissed off. Tim goes to Wilson for advice. Tim and Jill kiss and make-up. Cute joke, fade-to-black. Now some shows like "Gilligan's Island" are stupid and follow a formula, but they're fun in a campy way. This one was just stupid and boring.
    When Jonathan Taylor Thomas left. This show was still great after he was gone.....but it was never the same! Because besides Tim Allen, he was the funniest ones on there.
    I think this show came close to jumping, but kinda never did. As a teenager, I thought this show was very funny and I liked the kids. Now that I'm a little older, I realize that the best thing about this show is that it always was just "a nice family show" Let's face it...Tim did/said something stupid, he gets Jill upset, Jill confronts him, Tim talks to Wilson and learns a lesson, and he apologizes to Jill and all is right with the world again. Meanwhile, the kids throw in a smart ass comment or two. Somewhere around 2010, I'd love to see a reunion show.
    When one by one, each boy's voice deepened and he almost instantaneously lost all respect for his parents. Yes, teenagers want independence and get mouthy and disrespectful in the process. And I can handle a little back-talking and smart-mouth from TV kids, and I don't expect "huggy" resolutions all the time. But as each boy showed how he didn't like his dad (not just once, but from show-to-show), it was hard for ME to like him, let alone like them too. Remember when the show hit it big and the boy actors skipped a day of rehearsal to show their importance -- and then the producers threatened to hire 3 new boy-actors? Somehow that arrogance got transferred into the real characters. (Ever notice how the boys and sometimes even Jill respected Wilson more than Tim?!) I'd have kicked them out and found some foster kids who really wanted to be parented.
    While watching the show over the seasons, one could almost see the good writers leaving one by one and leaving only a shell of a show. Jill and the kids turned into people I wouldn't want in my neighborhood, let alone on my TV. What is it with shows that start as light comedy and some how feel forced some time later to become "relevant"? Sometime around the end of the third season I told friends "You watch. Jill's going to have an affair, and I'm going to quit watching the show". Both happened.
    Whenever that one chick Maureen Binford came on. You know that annoying bimbo who always said "Producer". She had to be the most irritating character on any TV show. That killed the show for me right there. I'd have paid to see Tim take a ball peen hammer to her face.
    This show was utter dreck. And who authorized those cutesy computer graphic image segues to the commercials and other scenes? Ridiculous.
    Home Improvement jumped the shark when Randy became a politically correct vegetarian environmental wacko. Why didn't he complete the stereotype and "come out"?
    This was a great show, but in '97 it got silly and the kids were freaky! Wilson's face hiding was getting way old by then too.
    By this show's last 2 seasons, the writers seemed to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for funny material for a show that sadly had run its course. Case in point: notice how when Jill went back to school that jokes about her inability to cook seemed to abound? On one episode, she even had to have the pre-Goth Mark help her read a cookbook! But, the writers seemed to have forgotten about an episode from about three seasons earlier where Tim and Al fill in for Irma on her cable cooking show, Tim makes a fool of himself because he can't cook and Al turns the tables on him in the insulting department, and Jill gives him pointers on how to cook. Are we to believe that Jill gets so focused academically that she forgets how to bread a chicken breast?
    :Home Improvement never jumped the shark,it was funny it had a great cast and brilliant plots.Who cares if mark became a goth he looked cute that way and Randy didn't go to bolivia he went to costa Rica
    I thought for sure we'd see that youngest kid turn out to be gay in the show. That would have revolutionized sitcoms and brought family tv into the 21st century. And whatever happened to JTT in the last 2 episodes? Did he just up and quit or something? You don't work on the same show for like 10 years and then have a hissy fit and not even show up to the last episode. No matter what I thought of the producers or whatever his reason was, I would be there for the fans to show my gratitude for being blessed enough to collect such mammoth paychecks for so little work. I mean really, the only viewers he thought he was a good actor want to DO him, so.. I still find the show entertaining. It's fun to see what life will be somewhat like when you have kids. Even though it could have been a tad more realistic. Randy should be more obnoxious and brad should have gotten busted for more drugs, underage drinking, smoking and sex, and the youngest one- you know the one who wanted to go to see operas when he was younger should have and I had money riding on this, turned out to be gay.
    When Jonathan Taylor Thomas became too good for the show to pursue movies and skipped out on the last season. (Has he done anything since the America photo op movie?)The writers came up with this lame plot about how he goes to Costa Rica to save rain forests while his squeeze is doing pro bono pharmacy work with the Peace Corps. He came back for Xmas but everyone gave him the cold shoulder. Apparenty this was also true off the set. It's kind of hard to pin this on JTT as the show was about out of gas and approaching the ramp anyway but that is the defining moment or would have been except Tim made the ramp and it collapsed.
    I really enjoyed watching HOME IMPROVEMENT for years........what turned me off was when Jill's character had to have the hysterectomy. I know it was only a sitcom.....but maybe ASK someone what it is really like to see how to act. I went through mine about the same time the character of Jill had hers ( I was 34 years old) and I honestly thought that she was rude and demeaning to every woman that has to have that done for medical reasons. The PIG comments were horrible. Not being a woman anymore was horrible. That turned me off the show so much.
    Tim insults Al. Tim screws something up. Jill gets mad. Tim talks to Wilson. Tim misquotes Wilson's advice. And everyone lives happily ever after. *yawn*
    When Al kisses Heidi together in front of Tim even though they were together at her house. That was definely the worst episode I have ever seen in the 1998 season even after Randy left. The worst part was at the end of the show when Tim was given another advice to Wilson about them being together and Wilson said to Tim "Get a Hobby!" It's no wonder Home Improvement went downhill ever since!
    When Randy left, the last season. A sharp drop in quality coincided with this, and the lack of Jonathan Taylor Thomas contributed to the decline. Seven years of freshness and great quality, though.
    Okay people... do me one teensy weensy little favor today and stop already. How many people need to mention the obvious formula of HI before it gets older and more coma inducing than watching Randy's love interest Lauren try to act her role on the show? We get the picture. Don't write to speak about why Jill married Tim or what the characters were feeling at this point in time and how that either made or ruined the show. It makes me just as angry as listening to pompous jerkies trying to analyze what a particular poem means. Unless the poet said it, just leave it alone... (I'm not a poetry fan anyway.) it's okay to talk about that, but don't make it seem like it's fact. As far as Wilson's face goes... pretty simple. It is just one of those water cooler situations like what Norm Peterson's wife, Vera, looked like, or what state the Simpsons home of Springfield is. It may not have worked for you, but it obviously worked with plenty of others because the show was a ratings blitz machine for a long time, and that oh so tired formula you love to speak of had to play a major role in that. Many watch just to see if finally they'll catch that glimpse, or see that face, or have that secret revealed. It gave the show another distinguishing factor, like it or not. Jump the Shark should be based ultimately on just a few factors, did you watch and like the shows, was the acting convincing, and did the plots suit your desires as a viewer. It shouldn't be based on Tim's feelings or Jill's outfits or hairstyle or whatever... unless you are that superficial, at which point you can probably vote on any and all shows and do the exact same thing to them. To the comment about how Tim Allen couldn't be the new Mike Brady, at the risk of not being P.C, it wasn't like Robert Reed didn't have his share of problems, though that show was before my time anyway. And what does his private life mean, the ROLE MODEL was not Tim Allen, it was Tim Taylor if anybody, and I really don't think his character was structured to be a role model in any way, shape, or form. He was just a guy, who though he had whacked views at times... did nearly NOTHING wrong past a comment here and there. He didn't smoke, he wasn't a drunk, he didn't beat his wife or even come close, he was the ideal sitcom father but a little bit more edgier and that's what drove the show. To me, once Randy got into high school, he was pretty much useless as a character. He wasn't quipping one liners anymore and that made him expendable, which is why when he left the show didn't lose much steam. I hated watching Jill Taylor's feminism dominate and in WRONG fashion, for example, and this is pretty clear everytime I've seen this episode... when she decided to put in the pottery wheel to "do something for her, where she didn't have to think about the kids" and she was angry at Tim for wanting the garage all to himself... this is, as a man, what ran through my head. Okay, so if she wanted something for herself and to be alone, why in the hell would she place it where she knows her husband is going to be most all the time, and then get mad at him for making a comment? But without the problems between Tim and Jill, annnd more importantly without them causing us to relate to one or the other, the show pretty much was only a half-show, because Tool Time more than carried its share of the load. I could care less if they seemed to have a huge budget, but do keep in mind the character of John Binford was a rich man in charge of the biggest tool distributor in the country and was personally funding the show, which progressively did become more popular and left cable access, which is where it started. The point is... did you laugh at the show, did you talk about it with friends, or didn't you. If you're the latter, it jumped. So my opinion after just finally ripping into critics who have reasoning that doesn't fit the bill for me... it didn't jump, but it stopped right when it should have. The serious episodes weren't as funny as the funny episodes (imagine that) but watching the family grow and watching their characters gain some depth did not bother me as much as it must have to other people. But the best part of the show, basically every time out, was Tim Taylor and Al Borland's relationship, and certainly Debbe Dunning was much better than Pam for me... I'm a sucker for brunettes anyway. Tool Time made that show, and yes it should have been a focus later, the Bob Vila episodes were always hilarious and could have been done a bit more often... but so what, the show was entertaining, I liked it, I enjoy watching it in syndication, and NEVER is something not going to irritate. I respect everybody's opinion, but when you nitpick and try to play marionette with a television character, you've gone too far.
    The first three years of "HI" ('91-94) were easily the most enjoyable and fun. But by the start of the 1994-'95 season the writers were already out of fresh ideas, (ie: "Mark steals a knife", "Diner with Wilson"...zzzzzzz!). The JTS moment came in the spring of 1996 with that 'cancer' episode. That was the last straw for me! I wish Allen and co. had the dignity and class to end it then, the next three years were unwatchable!!
    the second it came on the air. it just took everyone a while to realize it. the best thing to happen to this show was luke duke. jill should have dropped tim and those dork kids and run off to hazzard county with wopat.
    This show suffers from the same problem plaguing Married with Children and Family Ties...One child cannot possibly be the offspring of the 2 parents. Here Jonathan Taylor Thomas is so much shorter than everyone else in the family. There is no way that Michael J Fox is the biological son of his 2 tv parents, both tall. And David Faustino cannot be Al and Peggy's. And no one ever comments on this on any of these shows.For this to credible the wives would have had to been impregnated by midgets and not told their husbands that the baby isn't his and the husbands and siblings never noticed these runts in an otherwise normal sized family.
    Typical episode of Home Improvement: Tim does something stupid, Jill gets pissed, Tim grunts, Jill's still pissed, the boys zing some one-liners, Tim goes to Wilson for advice, Tim screws up advice, gets cheap laugh, Jill finds it in her heart to forgive Tim for the 1,378th time. THE END.
    I would call this New Kids in Town, or perhaps endless desperate additions to the cast. It jumped after about 4-5 seasons. As many others have commented, the show's initial formula was utterly predictable, but for me, good writing and cast made it work anyway for several years. As the show (and the kids) started to age, it was painful to watch the additions of (a) half-witted neighbors (and I never understood the preponderance of Jersey accents in a show set in the Detroit suburbs); (b) co-workers like the Binford daughter and the guy from Night Court; (c) the gang at the hardware store, and (d) relatives like Tim's younger brother. Worst of all, NONE OF IT WORKED -- and the air slowly went out of the show..
    The show jumped with the "sandwich episode" where Jill really started to assert her own special brand of aggressive feminism. It was angering to watch Jill call her son a sexist because his girlfriend did his housework; the problem couldn't possibly be on the girlfriend's end, it must be the EVIL MISOGYNIST BRAD at fault because he LET her do his housework. In the end, everything was resolved, of course, when Jill converted everyone over to her point of view, aka the right one, including dimwitted Tim, who, of course, buckled under his wife's demands yet again. Was there ever a single episode where Tim said, "Tough crap, Jill, this time it's my way"?
    The high point for this show had to be the season ending in May 1997. When the show returned next fall, Tim was going through a mid life crisis and Mark was wearing all black the show seemed to have lost its edge. Tim returned to normal about mid-season and the show seemed to recover a bit but then JTT left in the fall and it was all down hill from there.
    Home Improvement, the show itself never really jumped the shark. I don't not understand all those stupid negative comments over these morons on a show like this. I mean come on just because it's sexist and how he screws up and the kids does all the pranks doesn't exactly mean it jumped the shark. It may jumped the shark when show focused on drama, puberty, new characters, special guest stars, and very special and how a main character leaves the show. But did not however have many funny moments, most likely when Tim screws up many projects he was doing on the show as well as Brad and Randy making pranks on the kids next door by using a cataput. But come on it was whole alot better than Rosanne like she gets humor if she wasn't a annoying S.O.B and it was on ABC the same way this show came. All in all it this show never really jumped the shark at this rate not at all.
    This horrible waste of electromagnetic radiation was already treading water by the time they turned the camera on for the first episode. The sharks were waiting for them. Tim Allen is a man of many faults. Ugliness is one. Being a snowblower is another. You know how sometimes you'll get sore muscles from laughing too much? Well, you never had to worry about that when watching Home Improvement. The saddest thing about this show is how popular it was. Sad might not be the right word. Disturbing is good. Frightening might be too strong. Maybe troubling. Yes, troubling, that's what it is. An utterly mindless show that was hugely popular. Troubling. I remember jet-propelled lawnmowers that sped around at precisely the same time that the film was sped up. No one could accuse the show of being subtle. Or well produced for that matter. If I recall correctly, didn't ABC "forget" to nominate Tim Allen for an Emmy one time? Something like that happened. Could it have been shame on the network's part? Shame that they hitched their star to that coke-fiend pantload? No doubt about it. Perhaps we can also blame this show for starting the trend of having attractive and otherwise intelligent women married to boorish morons with absolutely no redeeming qualities.
    The show had everything to be a good sitcom in the beginning (except for most of the actors); A regular-guy type character who gets excited over a new set of tires, who managed to get his own show on what he truly enjoys most in life - tools. OK, so they overplayed his accident proneness, and overdid the Dad-bashing by the kids. But after it drifted away from being tool-time based, it started going down the shark toilet. I still sit and watch it if I catch it by accident while channel surfing, but rarely laugh. I still don't get the bit about the neighbor covering his face - WTF? This is just stupid. It annoys the hell out of me that they make such an effort to keep doing it. Why? Is he deformed? Does he have a thing about brushing his teeth? Are the writers trying to tell us something?? Or are they building up to some kind of obscure finale - The Unmasking of the Neighbor! Big f****** deal. Wear a muzzle. Jeeeronimoooooo!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !
    Home Improvement was great for the first 4 seasons, but then many things started happening. They started putting in all these dramatic moments, like the cancer scare or the soccer injury, the show's plots took place in more social locations other than the house or Tool Time, they started showing Tool Time less, the boys hit puberty, they stopped being so mischevious and troublesome, the hardware store became more of a focus, along with Tim's friends and his brother, and Wilson belongs in the backyard, he was there to give advice to Tim whenever he screwed up, he doesn't transport well. There's no one episode that pinpoints this, it was merely a gradual decline. One thing that might be at fault was when Tim became famous and rich and lost sight of his comedic roots. It happens to most any comedian-based sitcom, it happened to Roseanne, it happened to Drew Carey, the only one it didn't really hit was Jerry Seinfeld. Tim's wisecracks were funny, then he was reduced to just making dumb comments and reactions, merely a caritcature of his former self
    Just some comments/observations on the above: Home Improvement is on 4 times within 2 1/2 hours every afternoon on my Dish. Overall I enjoy the later years versus the younger years, but, I can't pinpoint the reason why. I never watched the show in it's network run but, discovered it just recently and have gobbled it up. Wilson did not neet to be present each show. And the person who reasoned that "outing" his face midway thru the show's run would have been refreshing is absolutely correct. The youngest kid's experience in puberty I believe is handled realistically. I recall one episode where he's still running around in all black but has finally secured a date,,,,,,,he returns though and states that the girl dumped him, he is in pain.......Tim comes home (with the unnecessary empty garment bag in one hand/Christ, he harkens back to Jimmy Carter and his unnecessary empty garment bag in one hand) and trys to empathize with his son by stating: "I know what you're going thru."........WHAM! the kid violently retorts: "You don't know what I'm going thru, you don't know anyting about me!" and stomps off. That's it. The remainder of the show concerns itself with some other mundane and different situation but I thought it quite splendid to have this kid rebel like that,,,,,,,,,and not make it all better within the next 6 minutes of air time. Also, I think Tim's younger brother is a riot (they didn't use him enough), though they could have left his daughters outside the studio. Idiots had the annoying habit of watching the camera (like Seven did on "Married with Children"). Tim's elder bald brother is useless ballast. Once Jill started college she became overbearing, strident, and borderline hateful toward Tim. Makes one uncomfortable watching it sometimes. Another plus on this show was the waiter who appeared a few times in the restaurants that Jill and Tim would patronize. He was sheer delight. I never got to see this show once a week, each week, instead I'm watching 4 shows every day. That may skew my judgment.
    There's so much wrong with Home Improvement, it's almost impossible to choose a single defining JTS moment. Start with the Taylor's marriage dynamics. I've always believed very strongly that the woman should be firmly in charge of any relationship or marriage (deal with it guys: women have their act together, and we mostly don't). But the Taylor marriage is nothing more than a crude parody... Jill is strong and intelligent, but Tim is just an abject idiot. I disagree with many of the posts here, regarding the boys and puberty. Kids grow up. Inevitably, they change as they grow up. There's no escaping that. If you're foolish enough to feature kid actors right out of the gate, there's no way to conveniently write them out of the show later (all the more reason why children should NEVER be featured as regular or recurring characters on ANY television show). There's a reason why "Leave it to Beaver" ultimately lost its appeal (and the 90's equivalent to "Beaver grew up" is your youngest Tool Kid turning Goth). As for Wilson and his half-hidden face, THAT insipid idea was brain dead before it escaped Tim Allen's skull. The idea of an eccentric "Renaissance Man" for a next-door neighbor was a strong (VERY strong) concept, but they totally blew it out of the water with the face thing. Would I want to be Tim Taylor? Sure, if all I had to do was simply be married to Jill Taylor and do what she told me to. That'd be easy, and probably a pretty good life. But with those three little *******s in the house? And the Masked Moron across the back yard fence? With Al Borland for my best friend? No way in hell. Screw jumping: I'd rather dive into the tank and let the shark eat me. Home Improvement made the JTS Honor Roll on Day One.
    Oh my God I miss Home Improvement. This was the very best show on TV. It tackled REAL issues : The battle between men and women, adults and children, boss and employee. Tim and Jill REALLY fought, there were real consequences behind whatever Tim said. The kids were so tangible. Their characters were well defined and really reflected kids of Gen X. It just seemed so real and so honest, there was real passion behind this show. Now, the show jumped the shark when the kids got old enough to leave. Obviously, they couldn't help it...but I wish they could have stayed a young family forever. This is when cartoons are a good thing i.e. The Simpsons. Maggie has been a baby for...13 years? More? It is so difficult to let go of Home Improvement...but I guess it is inevitable. God, time sucks a lot, huh?
    I think there is something very special about this show: In my opinion, itīs one of the few shows that got better when the children grew up. They become more important and funny characters, and I think that the actors grew with their role. I donīt actually like the first episodes, but later it got one of my favourite shows. Randy is my favourite character, but why did he have to leave the show in season 7 or 8?! Maybe this was the time when the show jumped the shark...
    Home Improvement was a favorite of mine during its run. Tim Allen was fairly humorous as the "toolman who drove his wife nuts" shtick. However, there are reasons why Seinfeld pulled away from HI as the top sitcom on television. The plot became *very* repetitive. Every episode, Tim managed to tick off Jill (or on rare occasion, Al or his kids). Tim would seek Wilson's advice, and would bungle Wilson's quote while patching things up with Jill. Also in the midst of the episode, Tim would screw up on Tool Time and make a fool of himself. Repetiveness aside, the rapport between Tim and Al, as well as Debbe Dunning's breasts, kept me tuned in. However, Home Improvement jumped the shark when Randy became an agnostic, PC, tree hugging, anti-business, "enlightened" liberal. The show, in a subtle manner, was shoving their political views down the throats of their audience, alienating 50% of the country. The show should've been cancelled at that point, as it was evident that the writers no longer had any innovative ideas. I remember the moment I finally clicked off Home Improvement for good. Randy the social activist says in that twerpy voice of his, "For Halloween, we're dressing up in the scariest costumes possible: Republicans." So, how's your career going, JTT?
    I was never really a big fan of this show, but I did find myself watching it enough to follow it. This was a pretty solid family sitcom that had its fair share of good comedy bits, and actually added a few of its own original schtick to keep it fresh and somewhat different. I agree with people who don't like tim allen hes an ass, but this show did well ratings wise for quite a while and im shocked more people haven't voted on it. Someone was watching a top 10 show for more than a decade.
    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the 'Gracie' character--Tim's niece. Early in the season, Gracie's a twin, aged about eight, and a real holy terror. Near the end of the series, she's four and an only child. What's up with that?
    The ultra-serious episode where Jonathan Taylor Thomas found out he had some kind of disease and assumed that he was going to die. Then we find out that he just had to get a prescription for it and watch his diet. They built it up in both the scripting and the tone of the episode that you would think he had some incredibly rare and painful cancer. But his condition was so minor that the build up just wasn't worth it. They tried too hard to be amazingly sincere and fell flat on their faces. Even the mind-numbingly sincere Al would have thrown up his hands at this one.
    In my opinion it never jumped the shark, even though my favourite character (Randy) left at the beginning of the 8th season. Of course there were some annoying episodes but on the whole it was a great show. And I donīt understand people who are so upset about Wilsonīs hidden face for example. Ok, after a couple of episodes this joke was quite dull, but probably it should underline his mysterious character. And OMG, who the hell posted that the show jumped the shark because JTT was a bit shorter than the others??? What were they supossed to do after he grew older and still was quite short, kick him out of the show? Well, and also the serious episodes werenīt too bad. I mean, ok, of course there shouldnīt be too many dramatic moments because it was still a sitcom and not a soap opera, but I thought it was quite interesting to watch Tim and his family facing up to some serious problems from time to time. And in contrast to lots of other readers I donīt mind the puberty of the kids at all. Like someone already said, kids grow up, you canīt do anything to prevent this. But I donīt think they changed in a negative way, even though Randyīs natural and social engagement was a bit exaggerated, sometimes. But they were still funny and as entertaining as before (though I really loved it when they played funny tricks on everyone, especially on Mark, when they were younger). And I didnīt realize a hateful behaviour towards Tim. There always was a small lack of respect, but I never thought they were really offensive and obnoxious. They just behaved as many children their age do. And not everyone can be as perfect as the "Cosby Kids" who almost never had an argument with their parents or siblings. And talking about The Bill Cosby show, HI also didnīt have to create any new characters who are just annoying and absolutely unfunny little brats (like Olivia for example) to keep the dynamic of the show on a high level. Apart from the fact that I really couldnīt stand Lauren and those twins (Gracie and Claire?) because I really donīt know what function they had (except boring me out of my mind) I really love that show.
    I used to watch it. It was funny. I didn't care for the character Patricia Richardson portrayed. She was boring, frumpy (she wore the ugliest outfits), and just not a good match to Tim Allen's character. In reality, a woman would have to be similar to Tim for them to survive. (Like when he burped in her face. She should have punched him or burped in his face.) The littlest kid was cute, then they turned him into a weirdo. And from what I've seen of him as an adult, I wouldn't be surprised if it was at his request they make him a weirdo. JTT was so cute and got cuter as he got older. Yeah, it sucked when he left, but he wanted to go to college. So they made him aware of the plights of humanity. It was the perfect vehicle to send him off with. Zachary got cuter as he got older. They made his character a little more intelligent too. (What was with the billing of all these boys and their full names though? And then in the later seasons when Jonathan Taylor Thomas got that special "With" credit?) But the last season, I barely watched. They made them move. Something about that just wasn't right for them.
    When this show started out it was pretty funny. I especially liked the dynamics between the parents raising three young boy. The boys were young and cute and turned on the child star charm. But when the oldest boy told his mom "Stay out of my sex life!" it was time to throw in the towel because it wasn't cute anymore.
    The infamous Post-Stuart match-up per the previous comment was actually 5 hr's each, which at the time Stuart broke the record of 4, then Post matched him. This show never had a chance to just the shark, and is absolutely comical if you are a fan of baseball and the classic players, as compared to the primadonna's of today. Mark Scott is classically cheesy and hilarious. An example; Willie Mays kept hitting 2 homers in a row (3 got the players a $500 bonus, a monster amount of cash in those days) on while in the box, Mark Scott would remind the audience (And Willie, who could easily over hear him) about ther bonus as the pitch was coming in. Willie got angry (who, by the way, would say things in response to Mark Scott's questions that made no sense) and advised him to politely "shut up" when that situation comes up. The next time it happened Mark Scott very quietly leaned into the microphone and advised the audience of the bonus, and Willie didn't get it anyway. It then happened again (2 hr's in a row)and Mark Scott again, this time again loudly enough for Willie to hear, but added that since he blew the third HR when Mark was quiet, there was no jinx, but this was clearly a distraction to Willie, not a jinx as Mark thought he intended. So tragically funny. Mark Scott could never be replaced and have the same insane charm.
    Okay, some of you have this all wrong. This show may have gone all wrong, but I'm a Jonathan Taylor Thomas fan and I believe that most of this was somewhat about him. He had a problem with his throat and somehow ended up short, who cares. Also, he went to college, he didn't leave. Mark, on the otherhand, his going goth thing was totally out of hand, so that may have been while it slipped. Bra and Randy had nothign to do with it. ALSO, Tim somewhat had a drinking problem, so I believe it was that the show had to quit because Tim's problem, OR it was just because the people there sort've ran out of ideas! My favorite episode was The Longest Day.. because it was a TRUE story about JTT...
    This was consistently one of my FAVORITE SHOWS OF ALL TIME! But I must say that Tim let Jill control him WAY too much. Case in point, the episode in which Tim buys Pistons tickets and Jill treats him like a child i.e."The Look". News Flash Jill! He's 40 years old, not a child! If he wants to put up Christmas Decorations, etc, that is his business. If you can not grow up and let him take charge of his own life, then maybe you should get some help
    This show started out bad and got worse. I love the humor of Tim Allen (what man doesn't), but lets fact it: It was meant to be a stand up act. This was turned into a bad show with predictable dialogue. And the whole "Oops, I had an accident while working on the..." thing got way out of hand. It was just a very boring show.
    Home Improvement definitely jumped the shark when the youngest son went "goth." He looked like such a dorky retard, no one in their right mind would think he's goth. There's more to it than painting your fingernails black and wearing *gasp* black sweaters! What a loser.
    Two things killed HI. Length of run: They just ran out of funny ideas. When that happens, ya gotta fall back on dramatic ideas. Suddenly, no one's laughing at your "SitCom" anymore. The second was Formula: Every show used the same framing device. You can change the names, locations, whatever. But it still comes down to...Husband Pisses Off Unpleasent Wife. Husband Gets Disrespected By Piss Ant Children. Husband Asks Colorful Neighbor For Advice. Husband Gets It. Husband Kisses Unpleasent Wife's Ass To Smooth Things Over. Everything Works Out. I'd have paid good money to see Step 3 be: Husband Has Had Enough and Tells Unpleasent Wife To Kiss His F&%$ing Ass. Violence Ensues. But no. The ironic part is that the formula "worked" the first few seasons. The show was funny. Sometimes, laugh out loud funny. But it just went on too long. Once the money starts rolling in, it's hard to say, "Stop". The Brits are smarter than we are about this. Their TV series' are generally contracted for a specific run they call "Series". What we call "Seasons". That usually creates a situation where there is a beginning, middle and end to the story arc. If you review the shows on this site that are considered "Never Jumped", most of them had shorter runs. There was closure. This is rare. Usually shows are ridden until they drop. The cash cow is dry. Greed wins, not art and we, the viewers, are the real losers. The line between Format and Formula is pretty fine sometimes.
    I could not stomach this show from the beginning. Tim Allen is so bland, he makes vanilla seem exciting by comparison.
    Number one: Part of the reason the show used to be great was because Jill was a strong wife, who was no pushover but was also not a bitch. She was also a realistic looking housewife/mom-she wasn't model thin. As the show entered its later years, Jill (Patricia Richardson) lost tons of weight, changed hair and became a neurotic, nagging bitch. Also the sexual tension between she and Tim (which was prevelant in the early to mid years) disappeared. Number Two: Randy became socially conscious. Nothing wrong with a kid being smart or aware of politics but it was an incredibly boring storyline. No one cared about Randy's pet issues and it was only continued so they could explain Randy being gone after JTT decided to focus more on school. Number Three: Mark became Gothic. Again, nothing wrong with this-lots of kids look and dress like this character did but again it was boring. Were we supposed to be frightened by Mark? Entertained by Mark? Regardless, this storyline meant nothing. Number Four: "Tool Time" was always supposed to be a low budget cable access show but as the years went on it turned into a glossy network like show still going under the guise of a low budget one. Plus, "Tool Time" went from being funny to ridiculous and every storyline Al was in was stupid. Number Five: Every ****ing episode became a "very special one." Totally ridiculous. Tim gets a vasectomy, then Jill has to get a hysterectomy, Brad smokes pot, Tim and Jill's marriage has trouble, blah, blah, blah.
    I love this show but come on - it had jumped when JTT went to the islands. They should have ended when it it was on top
    I liked this show a lot in the beginning first few seasons, it was always funny, but then after JTT left and Mark went goth and Jill got all weird with her psychology crap, the show totally lost it's edge. I think that Tim Allen is hilarious and this show was too, but something happened to make it not so funny anymore, it got waaaay to serious. I think it all started when Jill went back to school because then everything got WAY too serious and she was always psychoanalyzing everyone and everything that they did. If I lived with someone that did that, I would totally not put up with that crap! Jill is the reason the whole show went down hill.
    I don't care what anybody says, it is necessary to repeat the basic plot of HI. The show would be this: Tim messes up and makes Jill mad. Tim goes to Wilson, Wilson gives advice from some unknown Philospher, Tim tells Jill what he has learned, goofs up quote, everybody loves each other again. There.
    HI jumped when Penn & Teller were special guest stars on Tool Time, and it was completely irrelevant to the plot!(The one where Brad hurt his knee.) Mind you, it was in the last season when it occurred.
    I agree with some of the other posters in that Jill was WAY too condescending to Tim. I kept waiting for Tim to get enough of that and start an affair with the Tool Time girl, Heidi. But then that would have been a "very special" episode and we would have had to listen to Jill psychoanalyze for 30 minutes.
    Someone has problem, talk to half of guy's face over fence. Repeat. Ad Nauseum.
    Seriously, when they were younger, I could tell them apart. When they reached their teens I couldn't tell who was who that much until one of them called another by name. I'm just not good with faces. Never have been.
    First appearance of the Harry's Hardware Store gang. Nevertheless, Home Improvement is the greatest sitcom ever and defined manhood in a time where it became a tougher task.
    After JTT left, there was way more emphasis on how bad of an actor Taran Noah Smith is, and how whiny and chiched Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan) was. The plotlines got too recycled. That was one middle kid you never should've ignored.
    Now, this show, when it first started was very funny. It didn't appear fake and the kids did things that normal kids do. For instance, Brad got detention the first day of school, Brad and Randy got thrown off the bus, they picked on Mark, and I can go on. Tim was a klutz but funny and Jill seemed like the normal mom, not some glamour queen from Desperate Housewives. Here's where this show went wrong, it can be summed up in one word: Jill. As this show went on it's amazing how this woman's brain worked. She had a guy that did whatever she wanted all of the time, yet her marriage was always in trouble. Every idea he had was always dumb and when the kids got older, and more annoying instead of punishing them or even yelling at them she wanted to be their best friend. Give me a break. When Mark went Goth, he should've be reamed out not allowed to continue acting like a twit. When Brad was caught with drugs, instead of going for the punishment she psychoanalyzes instead of grounding. Come on people, whatever happened to good old fashioned yelling and punishing the kid. And when she had that hysterectomy, oh God. Words cannot even begin to describe this, what's funny is that she couldn't wait to point out all of Tim's shortcomings (like when she was on that tv panel) but when it came to her own, she conveniently forgot them. Any guy would've told her to shut-up years ago and laid his foot down about some stuff. She was unreal and never realized or appreciated how good she had it. Also, a note, that episode with Randy's cancer, was over done, as someone who completely had their thyroid out, there is absolutely nothing to fear or to panic about. It's a very treatable disease that doesn't leave you "abnormal: as Home Improvement would've liked you to believe.
    I thought the show was a good comedy/drama storyline: The Longest Day, when Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) was told he a had the lump(cancer) on his neck and turned the storyline into a everyday life crisis. The performance by Tim, Pat, & Jonathan was pretty intense. Although in real life Pat(Jill) Pat's son had the same crisis as Randy did on the show. Her performance was out-standing and excellent to perform on the set with Jonathan(Randy) and thinking that her real son was in that same horrible delemia, it takes guts and strenght to go work and put on a show & not knowing how her life is going to change. It was kind of mixed emotions on the set & real life for Pat, (As Jill she was scared the bubble will burst), and in real life knowing to go on and think that her son has cancer that's pretty scary. So I have to say the show's storyline: The Longest Day, was good,excellent performance by all cast,breaking the boundries of T.V sitcom storylines (from comedy to drama) my rate is 10/10 and to the people with this crisis never give up hope & only the strong survives
    I don't know that there's a specific time that this show "jumped;" I don't perceive a specific point where the show suddenly became worse than what it was all along. However, this show suffered from the same problem of Everybody Loves Raymond, and unfortunately many other American sitcoms. Specifically, the notion that the Husband Is A Great Big Moron Always, while the wife is perfect in all ways and in the rare event that she makes a mistake, must never ever be held to account for it. I did think that it got especially annoying when a few months as a grad student, Jill started trying to psychoanalyze everyone. As in Raymond, it just got old having the same old "husband is dumb, wife gets mad, husband apologizes" routine show after show. Even when Jill screwed up, as in the episode where she rips on Tim on a TV panel, she still manages to turn on him. In general, I found it funny for some time, but a couple years before the end of the run I just got bored with it and stopped paying attention.
    The show was really GREAT! Like with many TV shows, there were some good shows and some not so good shows. With most of the Home Improvement (HI) shows were great. Any problem with the show (or any TV show for that matter) falls mainly (at least 90%) on the writers. If they can't come up with good, fresh, new material, the show suffers. While it is, the actors who take the brunt of the criticism, you need to look at the script. The same thing goes for shows that are great; it is (90%) thanks to the writers. For example, if "Jerry Seinfeld" was on TV and every joke he told was awful, does that mean he is a terrible actor or comedian? Look at the rest of the cast of Seinfeld. They were great as an ensemble, but each of their shows (unfortunately) failed. It all falls on the writers. Getting back to HI; one of the things that bothered me about the show (as mentioned in an earlier post), was how "Tool Time" was on public access television. How can he afford to pay his bills? YOU DON'T GET PAID TO DO PUBLIC ACCESS TV! Oh! But wait! Binford Tools sponsored tool Time. But wait! PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION IS NOT LEGALY NOT ALOUD TO PRMOTE ANY BUSINESS OR PRODUCTS OVER THE AIR! NEVER THE LESS HAVING A CORPORATE SPONSOR WHOSE NAME IS MENTIONED AND PLASTERED ALL OVER. Another thing that bothered me about the show was they should have followed through with the idea of Jill dying. While I enjoyed Patricia Richardson as Jill, she wanted to leave the show and the studio felt the show would not make it with out her. If Jill died at the end of the 8th season of the show, viewers would have had time to greave over the summer at her loss. Like in All In The Family (when Edith died), this would have made Home Improvement a totally new show. A better show! We would see Tim back as the original Tim (The Macho Man). We would see him falling on his face without having some one answer to. The show would have possibly gone on for another five or six seasons.
    I don't think the show EVER jumped the shark. A lot of these people are so incongruent, and not to mention IDIOTIC!! It beat Seinfield (SP) in ratings.And was number 1 for the longest time!! It was, and still is, one of the best family shows in history. Home Improvement is a slide splitting show for the whole family. Many people say, and/or think, that the show jumped the shark from day one due to Tim Allen. Well, if you never liked Tim Allen in the first place, why watch the show!!!! Honestly, some of you people are sooo stupid!! Others say it jumped because the kids went through puberty, and began to grow. Listen up, I've got news for ya..GROWING UP IS SOMETHING EVERYONE HAS TO DO!!! It wasn't their fault!! And, believe it or not, in many families it is not rare AT ALL for the youngest to go through a growth spurt and become taller than one of the oldest! I've read and many people have stated that they think the show jumped when Pamela Anderson left the show. It wasn't the shows fault! It's not like she was fired or anything. She left the show because she wanted to go and do Baywatch. Look, the show is a great, wonderful, lionized show. It always will be!! Some of you need to get over yourselves. You don't like the show, don't watch it and shut the heck up!! There are many others who love the show, including me! I'm not just saying all of this because I'm upset that someone has a different opinion than me. I'm saying this because there are some idiots out there, who don't watch the show, and feel they have to express their hatred,or whatever. I've also read that alot of people think Jonathan Taylor Thomas leaving the show made it jump. Ok, Jonathan was interested in his education. It wouldn't kill some of you to get one of your own! I respect Jonathan for that, and absolutely love the fact that he feels there are more important things than JUST acting.
    Im responding to the child who wrote the post above. You sound so cute, so ready to defend your favorite show. People are saying when the SHOW jumped for them. They are giving reasons, people leaving, kids growing up, etc... that made the show STOP being what it was and go over the great white for them. They are entitled to feel that way. If everyone felt the way you do, about every show, this would be the most boring site ever. THankfully people have all sorts of reasons why a show tanked. so calm down, and go rent a tim allen comedy tape. By the way, the show sucked day one. How Tim Allen ever got anyone to invest in him is amazing.but what do i know, this show ran for years.
    Home Improvement jumped the shark because the kids got to old and it was time for them to be going off to college or moving out to live else where, it was also that after Jonathan Taylor Thomas left it wasn't the same as it was with all three boys, I think the show was the best sitcom made, I watched it from the day it started to the day it finished, over 90% of the other comments are untrue.
    Home Improvement DID sort of spread it on a little thick what with Wilson giving advice to Tim,the boys,Jill and sometimes Al.But there were several episodes that were different.In those,TIM(!) gave advice-sound,too,to Wilson.
    I don't think the show ever jumped. I liked it from beginning to end. I notice that a lot of people have a problem with what happened to the characters of Randy and Mark as they grew up. I like that the three brothers were nothing alike. You had the dumb jock (Brad), the intellectual activist (Randy) and the rebellious punk (Mark). I'm surprised that people are complaining that Randy turned into a teen that ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT SOMETHING. Would you rather have him be vacuous, apathetic, in other words, a stereotypical teenager? Also, what is so wrong with Mark turning "goth"? No one has been able to say why it was such a big deal. I personally liked it.
    Home Improvement was formulaic, but I thought it was the best family sit-com of the 1990's. It had its share of lame episodes, but overall it helped re-capture masculinity in the home. I think it peaked from the Second to Fourth Seasons. The Fifth Season plateaued out when the kids got older. I honestly think the writers at that time did not have kids that old so they did not know how to write for teens. I did like the ones that dealt with some good issues. Two that stick out was when Brad let his friend talk him into a party, and when Brad was smoking pot. Another was the Vasectomy one, which changed my mind on that issue. I think it lasted one or two seaons too long. But Tim Allen was smart to quit while still ahead.
    I remember it was Mark who got caught with drugs, not Brad, but no matter, that's the episode that jumped for me. 1) Don't use a sitcom to preach to me, especially when the star of the show did time for selling cocaine back in his standup days. 2) Oh, he's holding the bag of grass for his friend? Hey, if you're going to tackle an issue then at least tackle the damn issue! Have the kid walking around like a sleepwalker saying "duuuude" all the time and give it three episodes to do something meaningful with it. 3) Found out later that the Clinton administration was actually paying ABC to insert these lame, cynical antidrug messages in various shows. Sad stumble for one of the truly great sitcoms of all time. Even though near its end it was getting a bit long in the shark tooth, it was still fairly enjoyable - but after this episode I boycotted it with extreme prejudice.
    JTT left the show lost its smart ass and everyone thought the smart ass was funny.
    Never really jumped. As a matter of fact, I liked the later seasons because, Patricia Heaton gained "MILF" status in my book. Also, one of the boys, I couldn't give a rat's ass which one dated that little blonde minx Courtney Peldon. Do an intenet search and Courtney still is built like a brick s*&t house wearing little sexed up outfits. Miniskirts and daisy dukes. I swore I saw some trim action! Getting back to Home Improvement; not that there's anything wrong with it but, I'm convinced Wilson was a "fagela"/fanook. The way he talked and was always fussy about his home and lawn. I know old Wilson was salivating about the fact that he lived next to three growing boys. He couldn't give a flying f about the MILF mommy. Oh no. He was scamming on those boys. The Wilson character had all those primo traits of a serial killer in the making. Living alone, in a big suburban house, being obsessive compulsive about little things that most of us just ignore. I say, lets make a CSI film/episode where Wilson goes ballistic over the fact that a bird s*&t on his pimped out Ford Excursion van and starts shooting up the neighborhood. Or better yet, Wilson hits South Beach and goes on a rein of terror kidnapping boys for his personal pleasures. Heidy Ho neighbor you're next!
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Originally Posted by MrCleveland
I'd say the 1997-1998 Season, the show went downhill...I didn't care for Randy "The Smartass" Taylor, he should've been disciplined more.

I may make a "100 Reasons why Randy Taylor is such a Brat" list someday.

You may disagree with my opinion on Randy Taylor, but is it me?
HI arguably had much more charm at the beginning, a really well made family sitcom that never became saccharine. As it declined, the running gag about Tim's clumsiness was blown completely out of proportion, becoming increasingly absurd. (Oops! Tim causes a nuclear meltdown!) The plots become melodramatic and heavy-handed (The cancer scare, the almost cheating, environmentalism) Rule: only watch the episodes where the kids are cute.
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I just have to point this out. Pamela Anderson and Debbie Dunning did NOT play the same Tool Time girl. Anderson's character was named Lisa and Debbie Duuning played Heidi, totally different people. I was glad when Pamela Anderson left, besides her physical "assets" she has no acting talent whatsoever. I can't stand her. I'll never understand why she's been so popular.

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Home Improvement jumped a couple of times. Puberty, the boys become teenagers and aren't cute anymore, the show got serious and started doing all these special episodes, the show got too repetitive, JTT leaving the show, bringing in Tim's twin nieces in the final season as cute kid replacements, less focus on Tool Time.

Earlier episodes when the boys were little were the best.
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