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View Poll Results: Boned When...
Exit...stage left - Valerie Harper 3 37.50%
Never Boned 5 62.50%
Day 1 0 0%
Voters: 8. You may not vote on this poll

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Question Hogan Family Boned the Fish When...

The Hogan Family is an American television situation comedy that aired from March 1, 1986 to July 20, 1991. It was produced by Miller-Boyett.
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Never. This is one of the few shows that stayed good despite losing the series lead.
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Never, even though the Sandy years came off as typical Miller-Boyett slapstick silliness at times.
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Oh No They Left Out the Most Important Reason Why....

I am surprised the poll-taker didn't give us the option

"Move to CBS/Adding Edward Hillerman"...

To me, as I mentioned elsewhere, Hillerman was better known for his role on "Magnum P.I." and played the previously-unseen grandfather much as though he were riding herd on Tom Selleck.

"The Hogan Family" lost much of its charm--and its honesty--after that point.
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  • Other Thoughts:

    They thought just because "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" didn't go downhill when Valerie Harper left doesn't mean it wouldn't happen here, and it did.
    Sandy Duncan for Valerie Harper? You're flying.
    Edie McClurg was the only interesting character on this show, she should have gotten a spinoff!!!!
    When the producers refused to add cousin Hulk or uncle Colonel to the cast. (sorry, I've had that joke in my head for years. Now it's yours)
    It was already dead on NBC, but when it moved to CBS i got ridiculous. Instead of adding a baby, they added an old man! The Grandpa moved in and destroyed the plot. Same thing happened to Blossom.
    I know I hated this show plenty, but the one thing I hated was when Valerie Harper left the shows's name changed!
    I realize that Valerie Harper was a pain and she ended up quitting the show, but to replace her with Sandy Duncan!?!? Ugh!
    the minute this show jumped the shark was when cbs announced the hogan family which came over from nbc would be seen on saturday night which was then a graveyard for the eye with the exception of 48 hours all of cbs's primetime saturday shows that season were canceled the hogan famiy did not even get a final episode which was terrible.
    I used to love the Hogan Family, but then Valarie Harper was killed in the lamest plot ever. A fire! How stupid is that? Then they brought in Sandy Duncan (no stupid jokes about her eye either) was that supposed to improve the show?
    As you may or may not be aware, this show was originally called "Valerie", named for it's star, Valerie Harper. I'm sure there were other shark-jumping moments later on, but this show is unique because it *began* by shark-jumping. Killing off the main character and replacing her with a glass-eyed Scoobie-Doo regular certainly qualifies, wouldn't you say?
    Despite what some people here say, the Sandy Duncan episodes weren't too bad. After Valerie Harper left (her character died in a car accident, incidentally; the fire took place in a later episode - a very special episode, I guess), the show produced some funny episodes. Such as when the one son got stuck in the chimney, and the reporter holds up a picture of him as a baby. Or when Mrs. Poole has the cooking show and gets her eyes dilated, so Jason Bateman helps her... **** up, that is. But when the show moved to CBS and added the old butler dude from Magnum, P.I., the show was no longer interesting. The move to CBS confirmed that the show was on its last legs.
    The shark-jumping is so textbook - Valerie dies, they get one-eyed Sandy Duncan to replace, Jason Bateman has sex, ratings plummet, show gets cancelled. P.S. - I love you all
    This show was the best. Valerie, Sandy, it didn't matter. Although I'd have to admit I believe the Paris episodes spelled the end for this great series, it is one of my all time favorites! It never really jumped other than those three part episodes, listed above. I think a reunion would be perfect for this show, don't you? Sorry, I just had to add that in there!
    It Jumped the Shark when Jason Bateman's friend died of A*I*D*S. They had the teary hospital goodbye, the teary funeral and an awful, awful montage of Jason and the friend together with that song from the "Fox and the Hound" in the background.
    Valerie's Death and addition of the Husband's sister to take her place The producers were so stupid that they thought no one would notice. I don't think I would have noticed if I missed the "after-fire" episode.
    I liked Sandy Duncan better than Val. She has always been my dream girl (I took a lot of crap for it but I loved her since Scooby Doo). The Show jumped when the had the fire. One week the house is burned to the ground and the next it is back with all the same stuff in it ? No way. The show just forgot about the fire and went on.
    Never, this was the greatest show ever! I loved every minute of it. I would eat popcorn and watch the show, the week was a dark dank place when this show wasn't on, Thank God I taped the shows, endless hours of fun and eternal happiness.
    Valerie Hogan did not die in a fire. She died in an automobile accident, determined in the first episode of the second season. There was a fire episode, and Jason Bateman mentioned mom, but she was already long gone.
    I liked the show when it was "Valerie." I think the show jumped the shark when NBC had Valerie Harper fired, but wanted to save the show by her star power. So, they re-titled the show "Valerie's Family." NBC also added "The Hogans" afterwards. From the information that I was given, Valerie Harper had taped one episode of the official third season ("Valerie" premiered as a replacement series in March of 1986) before her dismissal. The episode that was shot was the "fire" episode. They re-did the episode with Sandy Duncan. During re-runs of the third season, NBC then renamed the show "The Hogan Family" The show never re-gained the warmth that "Valerie" was developing. Valerie Harper played well off of Edie McClurg's character Mrs. Poole and the rest of the Valerie/Hogan family. Who knows, if Valerie Harper never was fired off the show...this sitcom may have been a real hit and could still be airing in reruns for generations to share with the like of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" or "I Love Lucy!"
    They had a fire that destroyed the whole house and in the next episode, everything was back to normal (even the decorations and furniture) They could have at least made the house look new.
    My all time favorite same character, different actor was when Valerie Harper got her own show, called "Valerie" and when she held out for more money the dumped her and replaced her with Sandy Duncan. I believe it may be the only time that a title character in which the show is named after her "real" name was dumped and replaced in the inaugural season.
    It was so cool when then weatherman and 100 year old advocate Willard Scott stopped reprising his role as Mr. Poole. Him and Edie together only brought sunshine to the screen. Plus they were nice and let the Hogans live with them while there house was being fixed from a fire. Such a tear jerking episode from Jason.
    This show was terrible with Valerie Harper!! After they made a wise choice by killing her off, the show became a favorite of mine. I think Sandy Duncan is better at comedy than Valerie. After Val was killed off, it seems like they hired better writers too- so the show was fun, instead of trying to teach you some moral lesson.
    This Show never jumped. I Remember as a child watching reruns after school and still watch reruns at nite. The whole cast was great especially Shultz and Klink!
    When Valerie Harper's character was erased. But you know what, that woman just can't take no for an answer. She sues the network - she sues SAG when she loses the election - she's making herself a joke. Perhaps she herself is jumping the shark.
    Operation "sleepgear" once again. This is my new JTS category. Mark was often seen wearing a robe!!I mean come on!!! What's with these phony portrayals of life!!! I sure don't have time to put on a robe just to walk to the kitchen. And sweat pants and a t-shirt to bed??? What guys in real life wear shirts to bed??? Someone please shed some light on this confusing topic. And the day outfits were ridiculous too, but then again those were the times. Mrs. Poole was best dressed.
    To address the person who made the comment about Mark always wearing a robe in the kitchen...Mark was the most modest member of his family, so I don't have a difficult time believing that he'd often "cover-up" around the house. As far as the boys wearing t-shirts and sleep pants to're probably right, most guys would sleep in just their boxers...but this was the late-80's and TV wasn't quite as daring back then as it is today. So the producers probably were a little cautious about the idea of showing the guys in their underwear especially as teenagers. Now to comment about the show itself: I always enjoyed Sandy Duncan, and I thought Valerie Harper was extremely annoying and bitchy. I think the show IMPROVED when Valerie left and Sandy came aboard. Also, as a guy who never grew up with brothers of my own, I always liked the idea of having dudes like Dave, Mark, and Willie as brothers because they weren't stereotypical jerks (UNLIKE Kevin Arnold's older bro on The Wonder Years). And Mrs. Poole was awesome, she was my favorite character!
    This show jumped the shark when, in a "Very Special" episode, Sandy Duncan and Barbara Eden had a cat fight to win the honor of a mambo with Ron "Mister to You, Buddy" Montez.
    I wonder how anyone could get through a whole entry without mentioning the most BEAUTIFUL voice in the world. That, of course would be the voice of Miss Roberta Flack! Say what you will about her genre of music, but her rendition of that song alone was worth tuning in for. Great show though!
    I always liked Valerie Harper so I was an avid watcher of the show. When she left I was sad but it was ok because I always liked Sandy Duncan too. Then the FIRE! What a sad and touching episode. I couldn't wait until the next episode. I knew that they would be living somewhere else, after all the house was nearly destroyed. I couldn't believe it. The house was perfect! Not a doo-dad out of place! I never watched it again.
    When Valarie was fired it definitely jumped. Sandy Duncan was a good replacement but the show was different. BTW Valarie owned part of this show. So even after she got dumped she retained profits from it. I believe her financial interest in seeing the show stayed on helped this weird situation. Mark always seemed out of place, like David and Willie didn't like him. He played Mark too gay. I didn't buy those guys were twins. Jason Bateman as straight laced and resposible? Don't buy it. And if they had an extra bedroom why did mark and willie share. I assume this is true as Val and her husband shared and Sandy did not.
    When I was almost 6 years old in 1988, we lived in rented house before moving into our permanent house. My twin brother claims to this day (and we're almost 21 years old) that our next door neighbor was Mrs. Poole. He's been saying this for years. Regardless, we really liked this show, and watched it for its full run.
    Good, clean family fun! Still entertaining even after Ms. Duncan joined th cast. Random thought: Has anyone else noticed that Madonna is starting to resemble Valerie Harper?
    Come on, this one is a no brainer, it jumped when Valerie Harper left and they changed the name of the show.
    It JTS when Valerie Harper left the show and was replaced by the shrill voiced, toothy, horribly blonde and OVERLY perky Sandy Duncan. I would rather endure nails scraping down a blackboard then hear her screech out "David! Willy! or Mark!". When they got rid of Valerie they ruined the chemistry in the show. Only two actors made it even bearable after that. The gorgeous and talented Jason Bateman - the man with the x-factor. And Mrs Poole. What a gem of a comic actress Edie is. But the rest of the cast - redundant!
    I'm glad to see others mention the absurdity of the Hogan household being in perfect condition immediately following the fire. That drove me nuts. Despite that really bad episode I don't agree that is when the show jumped. I think it hung on until the trip to Paris where, of course, David dates a princess. Come On! They might as well have had him find Vincent Price in a cave! I loved the way the boys interacted. They seemed very believable to me. I never understood, though, why the producers decided to add Sandy Duncan after Valerie left, yet never ever did anything interesting whatsoever with her character. I adored Mrs Poole, but admit I'm a huge Edie McClurg fan. And even though I never liked Willard Scott, I think he and Edie went very well together.
    This one's pretty easy. Valerie Harper didn't just get top billing, she was the title character. She'd waited a long time to make her triumphant return to television and it was all too brief. Harper was quite convincing contrasting her trademark role of Rhoda. When producers weren't able to keep her, they should have opted to end the show then. But "Valerie" had potential with a great supporting cast, so NBC wasn't willing to swing the ax. The show was built around Harper. Without her, the original premise was hopelessly lost. I don't dislike Sandy Duncan, but her talents are better spent hawking Wheat Thins, "one right after the other."
    I can't believe I'm actually saying this but NBC's THE HOGAN FAMILY actually got better after they fired Valerie Harper and brought in Sandy Duncan. Don't get me wrong, the network's treatment of Harper was atrocious and to just dump her from a show that was originally named after her was not right. Unlike when Lisa Bonet was dumped from A DIFFERENT WORLD...that was justified. Bonet was bad. But something about the addition of Duncan to the show seemed to re-energize it. Perhaps all the tension that was probably present on the set during Harper's tenure showed onscreen but I know I enjoyed the show much more after Sandy Duncan joined the cast. They gave Josh Taylor as the father increased screen time and anytime with Jason Bateman is time well spent. I also liked Jeremy Licht, who played Mark. The fabulous Edie McClurg is one of the best character actresses in the business and was welcome comic relief. This show actually jumped back when Harper left.
    VALERIE-THE HOGAN FAMILY does not even show up on the radar of the history of television. It was just another mediocre sit-com which I had totally forgotten until I watched an episode this past weekend on TV Land. I always liked the theme song sung by Roberta Flack, however.
    The next season after Sandy Duncan replaces Valrie Harper, there is a fire. Then they are in the kitchen crying and whining about something, then they mention "Since Mom DIED". I thought that was funny that they killed off her character.
    Definitely jumped when the house "burned down" but was restored in perfect condition the very next episode. Producers need to make up their minds, is the show telling a story in which the characters will grow and change, or will the status quo always be restored at the end of every episode?
    Many people believe the Hogan Family jumped when their Mom Valerie Harper left. That's not true the show wasn't the same but it was still good, until the Hogans went to Paris. I mean Jason Bateman falls in love with a girl who might be a PRINCESS. Valerie/The Hogan Family was actually one of the more realistic family shows of the 80s before they went to Paris. Then it became like Growing Pains, Full House, and Step By Step.
    I lived in Missouri at the time and our local NBC affiliate in Paducah, Kentucky threatened not to air the show where David buys condoms for a date. What was stupid about it is when it did air, they didn't even show the box. They had some stupid mix-up with drug-store bags and David and Aunt Sandy (?) get the wrong ones. Sandy gives David's back to him, but with a ton of "please don't do it" advice. Trust me; it would have been a better message if they had just let him go. It's called trust, and Jason Bateman's character was in college at the time. Not to mention, at least he did think responsibly.
    Never jumped. They handled their AIDS storyline, when David discovers his friend Rich is dying of AIDS, very well. It was pretty daring for a primetime network *family* show in 1990.
    I think it JTS when David witnessed his teacher have a heart attack, save him, he later dies, and Dave questions the meaning of life. I know they did not have a specific episode dealing with their feelings over their mom's death, but he seemed to be questioning life and it's meaning more over that teacher than his own mother. And since his mom hadn't died that long before this, I think it was just strange that they made it feel like he was dealing with death for the first time. Otherwise, I loved the show. I think Valerie was awesome when she was on, but I don't think the show would've lasted longer or been better had they not replaced her with Sandy Duncan. Sandy was a fun mix with the family and it seemed like the boys got more freedom without their preachy mom. By the way, Sandy is blind in one eye, but it is not a glass eye! Lastly, someone commented on the show not showing real life because guys slept in t-shirts and sweatpants. Sure, most guys sleep in just their boxers, but the show was a family show, and will we complain next because they had no scenes with David/Jason Bateman waking up in bed in the morning with a woody? I think not!
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Other Thoughts:

I realize that Valerie Harper was a pain and she ended up quitting the show, but to replace her with Sandy Duncan!?!? Ugh!

Valerie Harper was not a pain. She did not quit, she was wrongfully fired. She then turned around and sued the production company and won millions in a settlement.
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Originally Posted by TMC
Other Thoughts:

I realize that Valerie Harper was a pain and she ended up quitting the show, but to replace her with Sandy Duncan!?!? Ugh!

Valerie Harper was not a pain. She did not quit, she was wrongfully fired. She then turned around and sued the production company and won millions in a settlement.
To make a long story short, Valerie Harper was angry that her part in her own show Valerie kept getting reduced in favor of her co-star Jason Bateman, who played her teenage son. Since the show had become a minor hit thanks to Bateman, the producers had no interest in listening to Harper's gripes. She eventually refused to go to work and was fired. She sued (claiming she was owed the rest of her contract even though she willfully refused to report on set) and won but didn't return to the series, which had been made over in her absence.

Harper had done the same walkout maneuver toward the end of her Rhoda series. That time, the network caved and she returned to work. However, the show was canceled the next season.

With that being said (and not that she was necessarily 100% wrong with the Valerie/Hogan Family case even though she at the end of the day, still had a contract that she breached) this wasn't the first time that Valerie Harper behaved like what could be considered a "troublemaker". When she agreed to star in Herb Gardner's play Thieves on Broadway in the 1970s, she was apparently very demanding during the Boston previews.
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