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Flying Dutchman
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Default Want to be in Movie's? Here are the Do's and Don'ts

I will not go into allot of detail about all of this, but here are a few lines of advice from PERSONAL experiences.

If you live outside of L.A/Hollywood California—say a small town like Mansfield Missouri, and you want to become a Hollywood movie star, there are plenty of ways you can do it. But here are the ways you DON'T DO IT!

"Hey Mom," you say excitedly. "I just saved 2 thousand dollars and so after 4 years, I just quit my job at McDonalds and now I am going to hop a Greyhound to Hollywood California and become a big movie star and buy you that big beautiful house you always wanted. Don't worry about me," you say with a big smile as your walking out the door, suitcase in hand. "I will be just fine. Drop you a post card when I get there."

So Mom waits, and after several weeks, she still hasn't heard from you. She mortgages the house, if she owns one, then heads out to Hollywood to find you. After spending much of her money, she finds you on the street, perhaps doing drugs, or prostitution, or both and you tell her, with tears in your eyes,
that they didn't want you. In-fact you couldn't' even get a job at another McDonalds when you got there because some hustler, or low life lying scumbag promised you stardom and gave you lies and misery.

Here is the way you can DO IT!

Do your homework. All you need is a computer with internet connection. And if you're reading this, then you already do. Look online for acting schools. DO NOT think for a minute that you are going to get into even a TV Movie, let alone a motion picture, if you don't attend an acting school. L.A./Hollywood has plenty of them. STAY AWAY from the street hustlers. People promising you this and that when they don't even know you. Trust me, you will know them right away. Just think of it in these terms. If someone approaches you on the street, then most times they are Hustlers/Con artists.

I am sure common sense will dictate to you, if someone doesn't know you, why are they going to deliver the world to you? Form a plan and stick to it. I wouldn't go with only $2000 dollars. I would wait till I saved much more. Say, 8000 to 10.000 minimum. Yes it will take awhile living in Mansfield Missouri, but this is your life were talking about. Don't be too hasty. Buy a round trip ticket for Greyhound, there, and home, and put away a few dollars to eat with for the trip back, if you don't succeed there. WATCH YOUR MONEY CLOSELY. Keep it in a safe place. I wouldn't go with cash. Get a bank account if you don't already have one. Keep it there and use a debit card. Watch that closely too. Always check to make sure the card is on you, because if you lose it, anyone can use it. But if you know it's been lost, you can call your bank on your cell phone, and I do assume you have a cell phone, to cancel the card and be issued a new one.

When you arrive, get a cheap, but safe, Hotel/Motel while looking for a job, and an apartment. Don't worry about transportation. There are Buses that go everywhere in L.A. and all over the county. They run very late too. Get a monthly Bus pass when you arrive. You can look that up online too. Look also online and in the L.A. Times newspaper for an apartment and try to find one you can share with someone, preferably that has the same desires as you to be in acting. Many graduates coming out of UCLA or USC college are looking to share an apartment with an aspiring actor/actress. Believe me, they can help you and you can help them . . .practicing lines for an acting role. REMEMBER. You have to get into an acting school. Part of what the school will do for you is, show you what to look for in a con artist who is only trying to take your money. And STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. It is so easy to get pulled into that scene. It's okay to party some and drink a little, but DO NOT drive, and keep the partying at a minimum. You will have to blow off steam, especially with this career, but you can still do it safely.

If someone approaches you offering you something sweet, ask them for their card and say you will call them after you think about it. If they DON'T have a card, then RUN LIKE HELL. Every business person has a card. If they do, ask your acting teacher, or even your roommate about it. DON'T commit to anything until you know it's real and LEGAL. Remember that word . . . LEGAL!!!

Many aspiring Actors/Actresses work a job to put themselves through acting school. When you, your roommate, or best of all, your acting teacher thinks its time, go agent hunting. You need an agent to represent you and tell you where the auditions are. Trust me, there are tons of Agents in L.A./Hollywood. Many time you will hear about a part that you want badly, but your agents job is to also tell you if you're not right fore the part. That way you don't waste your time.

Be prepared to get REJECTED. That's all part of the acing world. REJECTION. You can let it discourage you, but act as though it doesn't. You need to keep trying. Remember, your an Actor/Actress, so discouragement should to you should be just another acting part. You may have to do small things, in-fact it's almost a guarantee that you will. Things like TV Commercials. Take all that you can. TV commercials are also jobs, and it is EXPOSURE. Many Movie studios and casting agencies get their players from TV Commercials.

Now how do I know about all of this? I once tried to be an actor. I live in New York now, but was born and raised in L.A. I was with an agency and went to acting school, while driving a TAXI cab with L.A. Taxi. I quit because I had a daughter, and her mother passed away, and moved here for personal reasons.

If you are persistent, eventually you will have your day, and may have a part in a TV Show or real Motion Picture. In the old days, TV players were Type cast and were passed on by Movie studios. This is what ruined Tina Louis and why she hated Gilligans Island. But today, many stars had their start on Television shows. Michael J Fox. "Family Ties" Jessica Biel "7th Heaven" Look at the Saturday Night Live comedians. Many of Hollywood's biggest stars came from SNL.

You can't give up. You must be persistent. Persistence is the word that best describes Hollywood. Now you may have to settle for being a character Actor/Actress instead of a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but you will be on a movie screen. I once met Brad Pitt. The funny thing is? I didn't meat him in Hollywood, I met him at Remingtons. A club in Springfield Missouri, his home town.

That's it. If you're going to do this, remember to do your homework online, and form a plan for your career. If you have saved money to do this, you already formed that plan, so it shouldn't be a problem. I am moving back to L.A. myself, and I am going to give my acting career a try once again. Of courser I will have to sign up to another school, as I have been out of the game for awhile. Maybe I'll see you in Hollywood. Good Luck.

P.S Something I wanted to put in here and forgot, so I am updating this. Please read and get familiar with the link below. This will tell you who's who in the movies and what they do, and you'll see why movies cost so much to make. There are so many people to pay.

Last edited by Flying Dutchman : 06-23-2013 at 04:22 PM.
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