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Default Let's say Alf had a season 5...Let's make up an episode guide...

Major Guest Stars

Robert Sherwood
Neal Tanner
Raquel Ochmonek
Trevor Ochmoneck
Eric Tanner

Okay, let's try to remember they used song titles as episode titles, so I will do my best, even if the titles are basic, ordinary titles rather than radio hits...
Not sure if these episode titles have been used before...some of them might have.

Pretend this would be the true final season:

1990-1991 Season 5

1. "Consider Me Gone PT II"

The ATF captures ALF and they cage him up. The Tanner's are afraid of what will become of him. Willy tries to reason with the leader in charge and explains to him just who ALF is and how he came on earth, along with all the mishaps he caused (flashbacks shown). In the end, ALF is about to be injected with a needle, and just before it goes into his arm, he wakes up. It was actually another one of ALF's dreams turned bad. What really happened was ALF was asleep and dreampt up the whole thing about Skip/Rhonda contacting him and the ATF closing in on him.

2. "The Farmer In The Dell"

Kate's mother Dorothy and Whizzer move to a farmhouse in the San Fernando valley area, complete with horses and other animals. Kate is happy her Mom is so close by, and at the housewarming party, ALF causes total disaster by attempting to ride Tonto, the over-excited horse and causes a lot of destruction to the fences and property.

3. "Feelings"

Brian begins to finally develop feelings for girls when a new girl named Alicia moves in across the street. ALF teaches him to be suave and tells him stories about he and Rhonda on Melmac. In attempt to make Brian look good for his first date with Alicia, ALF accidentally leaves the water on in the bathroom and goes to the garage when nobody's home, running Willy a higher water bill, and a flooded bathroom and house for a second time when the sink overflows.

4. "Sometimes You Want To Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name"

Raquel notices Trevor has not been his old self lately and begins to take fits at the house and comes home late at night from wherever it is he's going to. She wonders what's wrong with him, then realizes he is secretly addicted to drinking and he tells her she never wants to have fun with him, they always do dull things, so he got with a crowd of people who taught him how to have fun, but he'd rather do fun things with her. ALF, in this process, discovers that Trevor's going to bar's and tells the Tanner's this. He even gets caught at the bar with Trevor and his friends but they're all too drunk and believe ALF was just a figment of their imagination. ALF talks Trevor into going back to Raquel and doing fun things with her than drinking with the boys.

5. "Sing"

ALF puts together another rock music video, this time, for Kate and Willy's
20th Anniversary. Brian and Lynn also help out, as does Jake, who's back with his aunt and uncle since his mother's now in rehab for being a cleptomaniac again! We find out he went back to live with her in 1989 and after a year she stole in a store and they put her away and sent Jake to live with his aunt and uncle again. Jake is sad, and ALF tells him a story about his aunt and uncle who he went to stay with when he got a weird Melmacian disease that none of his house had before but his aunt/uncle did and stayed with them. In the end, Jake tells Trevor and Raquel he loves them and they're like his real parents, even though he never showed them before they were. Everyone, including Jody, Larry, Dorothy, Whizzer, Neal and Lynn's boyfriend Robert, gather's at the Tanner's for Kate and Willy's anniversary and ALF hides in the kitchen.

6. "Beat It!"

After a series of bullying happens at Brian's school to many classmates, and Brian is the latest target. ALF tries to talk everyone into signing Brian up with Karate Classes. They agree. Brian gets good tips on how to defend himself, even without fighting. Brian stands up to a bully. In the end, ALF reveals himself to the bully outside the Tanner house when Brian Karate chops him, but then after ALF disappears, Brian tells the bully he was seeing things because he kicked the memory out of him!

7. "Joy To The World Pt I"

It's Christmastime at the Tanner house again! Everyone's looking forward to Christmas Eve together at the house and everyone is invited. ALF, of course, hides in the kitchen, but he then decides to "crash the party" in his own way, dressing in a santa suit and disguising himself as good as he can to protect himself from Raquel, Trevor and Robert, who haven't seen his face yet. In the kitchen, shortly after ALF leaves the party and goes back to hiding, he tells Willy he has one Christmas wish, that he doesn't have to hide from all of their friends and relations anymore and it's been 4 years of the same thing with Trevor and Raquel. Willy says he's doing it to protect him, they both are nozy and though they are good neighbors to them, they don't want to take any chances. ALF explains the times he went to see both of them, Raquel in the yard/TV and Trevor at the bar. He tells Willy if he can talk to them and get them to believe that he's real and not a threat to society. ALF really wants to meet them now because they know a certain Melmacian game that nobody else on earth knows how to play, it's a game they thought up and nobody understood it but the Melmacians play a similar form of it and only ALF knows they know the right way to play it. That night, ALF goes to their house and wants to wake them up and explain himself to them, but then he decides to chicken out when he sees a UFO magazine by Trevor's nightstand and numbers to call if they spot a UFO or creature. Trevor wakes up and looks at ALF and wants to know who he is. Alf says "I'm the ghost of Christmas Past."

8. "Joy To The World Pt II"

Trevor meets ALF and ALF tells him to go back to sleep. However, Trevor realizes it's not a dream. Raquel wakes up as well and they both remember meeting ALF at different times and he's certainly real. He explains his time with the Tanners and he wouldn't mind being friends with them, as long as they don't turn him in. He says he enjoys the game they play and on Melmac he played it there, only it was called something else. The next day is Christmas Day, and Willy and Kate have no idea that Trevor and Raquel know about ALF. In they walk and down Willy drops when they say hi to ALF as they walk in and he walks from the kitchen into the livingroom. 911 is called and Willy appears to be okay. He just feinted. Raquel says "It's really alien to her, Willy's been such a healthy guy." Trevor says "It's so out of this world, kind of." Willy knows they're up to something, but then the paramedics leave and the two tell Willy not to worry, they'll keep the secret, as long as ALF can come over and mow their yard from time to time. ALF is upset at this idea, but agrees to make Raquel a bargain, he mows the lawn and she bakes him more pies than she's ever left on her back door. ALF is happy things are now starting to go okay. Just then, the doorbell rings, ALF goes into the kitchen when he realizes it's Robert, someone he still hasn't met. They tell him to hide. Robert comes in and proposes to Lynn. ALF, from the kitchen, says "Go for it!" Lynn says "That voice you just heard, you'll be getting used to that pretty soon, trust me."

9. "My Funny Valentine"

Brian is upset because Alicia is talking to Roger, a new guy in his 6th grade class, and he realizes that she might go with him to the junior high dance. ALF tells him not to worry and to woo her with jokes. So ALF helps him write a few. In that process, he gets Willy upset at him, and Brian decides to be a comedian and gets in trouble at school by acting up. In the end, Alicia tells Brian he didn't have to interrupt the class and try to be funny, she was going with him to the junior high dance afterall.

10. "The Facts Of Life"

Brian and Alicia are caught kissing and Kate gets upset at him and says he's too young to do that, he still doesn't know the absolute truth about the facts of life, to which ALF barges in and tells him the absolute truth on Melmac and how if you kiss, you're married. Brian is scared by this and tells Alicia that they're like husband and wife now. She thinks he's crazy, but in the end, ALF tells Brian not to think everything he says is for the planet earth as well, Brian's 11, he should know better than that. Brian is relieved he's not married. In other news, Lynn begins to plan her wedding and has two friends she wants as her maid of honor, in the end, she chooses both so they don't keep arguing. Also, ALF wants to meet Robert, and in the end, Lynn introduces the two finally.

11. "Memories Pt I"

ALF complains to Willy that the house never goes through any changes. Technology is changing and he wants a new TV, perhaps big screen, maybe a reclining chair for his next birthday. Just then, the Tanner's house is shaken by a devastating earthquake! As they go through room by room, they remember all the good times that happened in them (flashbacks).

12. "Memories Pt II"

The Tanner's continue to reflect upon past times gone by, and then Willy tells ALF that as strange as it may seem, this was not his fault for once! In the end, we see the new and improved Tanner family house, complete with a big screen TV and reclining couch, just what ALF asked Willy to get him for his birthday.

13. "Baby Talk"

The family continues to wonder when Eric will begin to talk as he's now one year old and still just laughs and cries. ALF decides to make a bet with Willy that if he says his name he ows him several things he bets on, Willy says if he doesn't, ALF has to clean the garage, which he messed up in the first place. The family and neighbor's gather for Eric's first birthday party. At the party, there are other babies there, and ALF is allergic to them and his sneezing starts up again! Everyone tries to keep ALF as hidden as he can be by sending him to the garage, which he makes even more of a mess of it. In the end, Eric says his first word "ALF"! Now Willy owes him and Willy has to clean up the garage himself!

14. "Where The Boys Are"

Willy begins to wonder why Neal does not have a steady girlfriend since he and his wife have officially broken off their marriage and have divorced. ALF follows Neal one night on his walk home and is surprised to figure out that he's going to a gay bar. ALF runs into Neal outside and Neal talks about how his ex wife may be the end of women for him. He just likes hanging out with the guys nowadays. In the end, Neal tells Willy about his new experience and lifestyle change and he's accepting of him, after all, he's accepting of an Alien who's overstayed his welcome for over four years and broken everything in the house.

15. "The Ring Of Fire"

Lynn takes off her engagement ring and puts it on the bathroom sink when she goes out for a day at the spa to get a manicure, and ALF is rough housing as usual in the house, goes into and out of the bathroom, and then thinks he lost it when it's not there. He goes crazy to find it, even taking the sink apart and flooding the bathroom and house for a third time, but in the end, Brian took the ring and put it in Lynn's room for safe keeping.

16. "Last Dance"

While dancing to some jazz tunes in the living room, ALF slips and falls and injures his leg. He thinks he's a jinx now and decides never to dance again, afterall, he's nothing but a mess-up whatever he does in the house or wherever he goes, always breaking something. He goes into a state of depression and the Tanner's try to talk him out of it, but try as he might, even as he walks on crutches, he continues to knock things over and be a pain. He decides not only will that be the last dance but also the last time he ever moves again, he decides to live on the couch. When his foot gets better he becomes very mean and demanding, wanting food from the Tanner's and them to be his slaves as usual, but then he has to go to the bathroom and he agrees only to get up for that, and he continues messing up and breaking things. It gets so bad that Larry comes over and decides Jody is the answer. Jody explains to ALF that she's blind and she could also feel his pain, as sometimes she may even bang into things as well. In the end, ALF decides to close his eyes and dance with Jody, banging into stuff and breaking more things in the Tanner house, much to Willy's disappointment.

17. "Danny Boy"

Neal introduces the family to Danny, an orphan he met stowed away in his apartment building that he decides to adopt. ALF considers it similar to Punky Brewester. Danny is six, and it is easier for him to learn about ALF, so the family tells him about him and Danny and ALF become good friends. However, Danny misses his mother and father who died in a plane crash. ALF tells the story to him about how his planet exploded and he will never see his mother and father again, but he has Kate and Willy who are like parents to him and he's like their son and Lynn, Brian and Eric are like his brother's and sister and Danny's now like his cousin. Danny feels better, feeling welcome in the Tanner family home.

18. "Achy Breaky Heart"

Whizzer and Dorothy have another one of their fights at the Tanner house, resulting in Whizzer having a heart attack, but only a minor one. The Doctor's tell Whizzer he needs to take it easy now and restarain from a lot of pressure and work and he's afraid he'll never be the same again, and won't have use for his music anymore. ALF talks Whizzer into not feeling bad for himself by throwing him a surprise welcome home party when he returns home from the hospital, complete with a "Whizzer this is your life" theme, where he plays tapes of Whizzer's music he made over the years and it makes him feel better that he accomplished something in life. Dorothy tells Whizzer that now that he needs to relax they can go travelling now, just as they always planned to someday.

19. "Material Girl"

Lynn begins to sample dresses and other things for her upcoming wedding and she begins to go out of control with money, spending more than she should for a simple family wedding. Willy tells her in the end that her and Kate didn't have much when they got married, all they had was each other. The wedding will be a small family wedding, no need to go overboard. However, ALF sees that he could help and desides to make a dress for Lynn himself by using Kate's white window curtains, destrying every one of them and getting into serious trouble in the process.

20. "Hey, Hey, The Gang's All Here"

At Lynn's Bridal shower, the immediate family and guests are invited, everyone knows ALF already, and they gather for the shower. However, at the shower, ALF has a mis-understanding and believes a shower means to turn on the hose and have a shower in the house, wetting everything in the house for a 4th time, and making Willy catch another cold after getting wet. ALF decides to nurse him back to health and helps clean up the mess, but only because he didn't fully flood the house like the past 3 times he mesed up with water in some way in the house.

21. "Get Me To The Church On Time Pt I"

The Tanner's are rejoicing for so many things lately. ALF does not have to keep in hiding for Trevor, Raquel or Robert anymore, the entire family is safe after the earthquake and the house looks amazing and newly remodeled inside with new furniture they got from insurance they had, and Lynn's wedding day has arrived! However, ALF realizes he can't go. They tell him they'll think of something, maybe put him in a basket and say one of the family members has a bad habbit of carrying it around, they leave this honor to grandma Dorothy as insults are thrown back and forth at ALF/her. However, when Grandma Dorothy is left at home with ALF and the others go to the church in a Limo, ALF insists they take Willy's hunk of junk old station wagon, and that it's too bad the earthquake didn't crush it either. However, the car stalls on the road.

22. "Here Comes The Bride Pt II"

Dorothy and ALF are stranded in the woods and Lynn decides to postpone the wedding. Everyone thinks they should have had it at the house, so none of this would have ever happened. In the end, ALF fixes the car and it makes it back to the house just before it smokes and blows up after he and Dorothy get out of it. Willy blames ALF but Dorothy tells him ALF is fine, the car has had it. It's a hunk of junk! Everyone then gathers at the Tanner house for Lynn and Robert's wedding, including everyone ALF met in the 4 year's he's been on earth...Jake, Larry, Whizzer, Neal, Trever, Raquel and Jody. In the end, ALF tells Lynn if he can finally get her room instead of staying far up in the attic. She tells him yes. After the wedding, ALF settles down in his new bedroom Lynn gave him. He has a lot of plugs plugged into outlets, and even has his own microfridge where he mirowaves some food with some dangerous material on it. He leaves the room and the room explodes. He says "Oops!" as Willy yells "ALF! Not again!"

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