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Default updated have list

*please feel free to ask me any questions you may have

Complete series/seasons
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 50’s/60’s version complete seasons 4 - 7
Alfred Hitchcock Hour complete series
Alfred Hitchcock Presents 80’s version complete series
Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion, 10 discs worth
Andy Richter controls the universe complete series
Amazing Stories complete second season
Bob (Bob Newhart) complete first season
Brotherly love complete series
Carol & company (Carol Burnett) mostly complete second season (missing one episode: “Noah’s Place”)
Center of the universe, all aired episodes
Committed complete series
Complete savages complete series
Dana Carvey show complete
Darkroom complete series + accompanying Nightmares movie
Fernwood 2 nite complete series (uncut episodes)
Four Kings complete series (including unaired episodes)
Freddy’s nightmares compete series
George & Leo complete
Hijinks, complete first season
Hitchhiker complete series
I’m with Busey complete series
Less than perfect all aired episodes
Malcolm in the middle, complete 2nd-6th seasons
Monsters complete series
New WKRP in Cincinatti complete series
Night Gallery complete series
Night Shift (Stephen King) 4 episodes
Night visions complete series
Nutt House complete series including unaired episodes
Promised Land complete series with all crossover episodes
Quintuplets, complete series
Real world New Orleans, all regular episodes plus reunion and stuff you never saw
Sausage factory complete series
Science fiction theater complete series
Second Noah complete series
Some of my best friends complete series
Still standing complete series
Soul man complete series
Tales from the darkside compete series including lost episode ‘attic suite’
That 80’s show complete series
Time express compete series
30 seconds to fame complete series
Welcome to paradox complete series
WKRP in Cincinatti complete series with original music

Non-complete series/seasons/specials
A & E Biography
-Andre the Giant
-Buddy Holly
American Masters
-James Brown
Carol Burnett related
-Carol Burnett show finale from 1978 (Not on any of the Columbia House volumes)
-Carol + 2
-Carol Burnett: the special years
-Carol Burnett interview by Bob Costas from Later in L.A. (1993)
-dating games
-loving Madeline
David Blaine
-frozen in time (Blaine’s cut)
-street magic
Eunice pilot (with original commercials, original airdate 3/15/82)
James Dean related
-Family Theatre – “Hill Number One”
-Campbell Playhouse – “Something for an Empty Briefcase”
-Armstrong Circle Theatre – “The Bells of Cockaigne”
-General Electric Theater – “I Am a Fool”
-Schlitz Playhouse of Stars – “The Unlighted Road”
-James Dean items:
-James Dean: The Rebel
-James Dean: At High Speed
-James Dean Collection
-James Dean story
-200th episode
Oh Madeline
-mummy dearest
-portrait of the artist with a young man
-all the world’s a stage
-book of love
-to ski or not to ski
-chances are
-the write stuff
-ah, wilderness
-Monday night Madeline
-the lady and the lamp
-:things that go bump in the night
- my mother the carnal
Saturday Night Live
-Eric Idle/Kate Bush, only Kate Bush appearance in the U.S. that I know of
-Madeline Kahn/Bush
Soup: Best of talk soup
Twilight Zone original pilot episode: the Time Element, aired as an episode of DesiLu Playhouse
Unsolved Mysteries, several hundred segments/few dozen complete NBC episodes, including lots of rare, never aired on Lifetime segments
VH1 Behind the music
-The day the music died (Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper)

It’s Pat

Jean Shepard movies
-Phantom of the open hearth
-Ollie Hopnoodle’s haven of bliss
-Great American 4th of July and other disasters
-Starcrossed romance of Josephine Rosnowski

-Big event
-Bobby Heenan show, all 4 aired eps plus bonus disc of extras
-Fabulous Moolah & Sherry Martel vs. Judy Martin & Penny Mitchell, from Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, 6/5/82
-Heroes of wrestling (yeah, I know J)
-Paul Boesch retirement card from Sam Houston Coliseum, 8/28/87
-Prime Time Wrestling: 4/20/87
-Saturday Night’s Main Events: (audio is weak on some of them)
-Women’s battle royal from Wrestlerock 86
-Wrestlefest 88
-Wrestling classic uncut

-Best damn sports show period special: 50 greatest bloopers

Game show complete series:

Game shows complete series

Gameshow Marathon complete series (CBS – Ricki Lake)
Brande Rodderick, Kathy Najimy, Paige Davis, Tim Meadows, Leslie Nielsen and Lance Bass. Celebrity panelists on Match Game include George Foreman, Kathy Griffin, Bruce Vilanch, Adam Corolla and Betty White

You’re in the picture (Jackie Gleason, KIN)
-first is the actual episode, usually regarded as one of the worst shows ever to air on television
-second is with Jackie Gleason spending the entire half hour talking about how horrible last week’s show was.

Game show specials

Most Outrageous game show moments #’s 1-5 (various, NBC)

Play it back – 70’s game shows (Caroline Rhea, GSN)

Play it back – 80’s game shows, (Caroline Rhea, GSN)

Game show non-complete series/single episodes

FAM – Family Channel
GAME – Game Show Network
GAS – Nick Gas
GSN = either no credits or “credit crunch”
NICK - Nickelodeon
KIN – Kinescope transfer
SM – Studio Master
TNN- The Nashville Network

*there are some codes in parentheses at the end of the episode descriptions, you don’t have to do anything with these, they are codes to help me remember where each episode is located. Thanks.

$1.98 beauty show (Chuck Barris, GSN)
– episode with Anson Williams and Mabel King among judges (LIGHTD)

$100,000 Pyramid (various, various)
-tournament wins 1-11. (Dick Clark, GAME/GSN) (LAPRATT)/(MALINOVSKY)
-Week of episodes with Lois Nettleton and Nipsey Russell. (Dick Clark, GSN)
-Leann Hunley & Terry Lester are guests, Lisa vs. Carol (Dick Clark, GSN)(
-3 episodes with Theresa Ganzel and Howard Morton as guests, first is Cheryl vs. Sidney, second is Sheryl vs. Janice, third is Cheryl vs. Sidney (Dick Clark, GSN)
-Audrey Landers and Charlie Seibert are guests, Janice vs. Sidney (Dick Clark, GSN)
-100,000 tournament win!, guests are Clifton Davis and Adrienne Barbeau, Kris vs. Kristin (John Davidson)
-100,000 tournament win! Guests are Jason Alexander and Robin Riker, Baron vs. Mary

$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime (Jim Lange, non-gsn).
-Steve & Connie Rutenbar win the million (first couple to do so) (MCLINN)
-George & Kim Brittan win the million (MCLINN)
-Cheryl & Bill Gilmore win the million (TILLER)
-Dan & Laureen Crisafulli win the million (quality is meh, some end credits)
-Michael & Andrea Foster win the million (missing first few minutes) (SPIVACK)
-Jay & Judee Esker win the million (SPIVACK)
-Bob & Judith Haut win the million, with original commercials from Lousivlle, KY (SMALLCASE)

1 vs.100. (Bob Saget, NBC)
-Last man standing episode. (SPIVACK)

$20,000 Pyramid (Dick Clark)
-guests are Billy Crystal and Sal Viscuso, clips of Billy’s record breaking win are shown, Therese vs. Maggie (GAME)
-finale week (all 5 shows) with Bill Cullen and Lois Nettleton, with original commercials from New York City, NY, 6/23/80 – 6/27/80 (except finale) (ABC) (SMALLCASE/DOWNS4)

$25,000 Pyramid, Billy Crystal and Lynn Redgrave guest, Ted vs. Jenny, Billy goes to the top of they pyramid in 32 seconds, almost breaking his own record.

$64,000 challenge (Sonny Cox, KIN)
-episode starts off with Gloria vs. Andy in spelling, Vincent Price is a contestant

$64,000 question (Hal March, KIN)
-episode with Randolph Churchill (Winston Churchill’s son) as a contestant

All about faces (Tom Reynolds, KIN)
-episode starts with actress Margaret O’Brien. With original commercials, including one with the Untouchables featuring Robert Stack.

All Star Blitz (Peter Marshall, ABC)
-Premiere ep from 4/8/85, with original commercials. Colleen vs. Tim, with original commercials. Guests are Leslie Uggams, John Byner, Abby Dalton & Robert Mandan. (MCLINN)

Balderdash (Elaine Boosler, PAX)
-John Ratzenberger among guests, Cindy vs. Robert (KENNETH)

Baby Game (Richard Hayes, KIN)
-George & Caroline vs. Gloria & Lloyd.

Bargain Hunters (Peter Tomarken, non-gsn)
-Starts off with Debbie vs. Mark (KENNETH)

Beat the clock (various, various)
-episode from 10/13/51 and begins with Mr. & Mrs. Greiger with Bud Collyer hosting. (KIN)
-episode from 9/15/56, historic $64,000 win with Bud Collyer hosting. (GSN) (MCLINN)
-episode with Brad & Sue Ann vs. Brad & Peter with Monty Hall hosting. (GSN) (TEXAS)

Beat the odds (Mike Stokey, KIN)
-Starts with Arnold vs. Mildred, with original commercials.

Big Payoff (Bob Page, KIN)
-pilot episode, Arthur vs. Dr. Sykes

Big Showdown (Jim Peck, non gsn)
-only episode known to still be in existence, Host Jim Peck falls down the stairs to start. Andy/Diane/Mike (MCLINN)

Bingo at home (Monty Hall, KIN)
-with original commercials

Blackout (Bob Goen, CBS)
-Markie Post among guests, Lisa vs. Jan. (MCLINN)

Blankety blanks (Bill Cullen)
-Anne Meara and William Shatner are the guests, Bill vs. Kathy. (CRYSTALDAWN)

Body Language (Tom Kennedy)
-guests are Vicki Lawrence and Jamie Farr, Jean vs. Gary (CRYSTALDAWN)

Boggle (Wink Martidale, FAM)
-Alex/Ken/Regina/Deanna. (MCNAMEE)

Break the bank (Bert Parks, KIN)
-one episode

Break the bank (various, GAME)
-premiere episode from 4/12/76, Barbara vs. Ralph, celebrities including Jan Murray, Lynda Carter, Liz Torres, Abe Vigoda, Robert Hedges, Dick Gautier and Joann Pflug. Tom Kennedy hosts (MALINOVKSY)/(MCLINN)
-Fred vs. Dixie, celebrities including Anson Williams, Lee Meriwether, Liz Torres, Janet Du’Bois, Tom Bosley, Pat McCormick, Alex Karras, Sandy Duncan and Jan Murray. Tom Kennedy hosts (GAME) (MCLINN)
-episode with stars including Nipsey Russell, Shelly Winters, Orson Bean, Pearl Bailey, Jan Murray, Vicki Lawrence, Anne Meara, Bob Barker and Jimmie Walker, Jack Berry hosting (GAME) (KENNETH)

Break the bank (Gene Rayburn, non-gsn)
-From 9/19/85 with original commercials from St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN. Ron & Gale vs. Cynthia & Merv, 23k+ bank broken (MCLINN)

Bride and groom (Johnny Gilbert, KIN)
-Anne Goldman & George Robert Nathan, with original commercial, runs about 15 minutes.

Bumper Stumpers (Al Dubois, GAME)
-Rick & Gary vs. Dave & Bill (MCNAMEE)/(CRYSTALDAWN)

Bullseye (Jim Lange, various)
-Chuck vs. Jill (GSN)
-Judy vs. Wemkea, last civilian episode (USA) (MCLINN)

Caesar’s Challenge – (Amhad Rashad, NBC)
-Babette/Gordon/Ashley (MCLINN)

Camoflauge – (Johnny Gilbert, KIN)
–with original commercials, starts off with Wendy Taylor

Can you top this (Wink Martindale, KIN)
-episode with Richard Dawson among guests

Card Sharks (Jim Perry, GAME)
-Norma Brown wins the maximum $28,800 in the bonus round, only player ever to do so

Challengers (Dick Clark, USA).
- From 4/1/91, Kurt – champion, Mike and Meredith – challengers. An April Fool’s Day joke is played on the contestants (immensely difficult categories).(MCLINN)
- Early episode from Labor Day, Doak – champion, Charlie and Tony – challengers (CRYSTALDAWN)

Chance of a Lifetime (Dennis James, KIN)
-John Gegley returning champion
-Stanley Gruber returning champion

Classic Concentration (Alex Trebek, NBC)
-1000th episode: Judy vs. Dave (MCLINN)
-Wendy vs. Sean (TILLER)
-Jason vs. Renee (CRYSTALDAWN)
-Clyde vs. Paula (DOWNSA)
-Glenn vs. Sandra (DOWNSA)
-Jason vs. Susan (DOWNS3)
-Paula vs. Linwood (DOWNS3)
-Larry vs. Gabe, show starts 4th year, pre Cinco de Mayo special, (DOWNS3)
-finale, Amy vs. Bob (DOWNSA)

College Mad House (Greg Kinnear, non-gsn)
-Washington State Huskies vs. Oregon Ducks. (MCNAMEE)

Crossword (George Fenneman, KIN)
-pilot episode with Michael Landon is among guests. Ari vs. Patti. Fenneman messes up here.

Dollar a second (Jan Murray, KIN).
-Episode starts off with Bernice as contestant.

Double Dare (Alex Trebek, SM)
-Alan vs. Tony from 1976, 13th episode

Double Dare (Marc Summers)
-Greg & Monica (The Wit Pains) vs. Joy & Casey (The Ghastly Goobers) (MCLINN)
-Tanya & Mike (Titans) vs. Todd & Mattie (The No-names) (GAS) (MCLINN)
-Andrea & Josh (Jetsons) vs. Eric & Jamie (The Dyanmic Duo) (GAS) (MCLINN)

Double Talk (Herny Pollock II, ABC)
-Premiere episode from 8/18/1986, Betty White among guests, Babs vs. Alice (GAME) (MCLINN)

Dream House (Mike Darrow, KIN)
-Pam & Doyle vs. Susan & Jerry, with original commercials

Eye Guess (Bill Cullen)
-Starts off with Mildred playing the bonus round. (GAME) (MALINOVSKY)

Face is familiar (Bill Cullen, KIN)
-Premiere episode, Nathan vs. Phyllis

Face the music (Ron Ely)
-Buddy Wertz as returning champion (NORTHCAROLINA)

Family Challenge (Richard Combs, non-gsn)
-Fields vs. Cohens, Combs is hyper here. (MCNAMEE)

Family Feud (various, various)
-pilot episode with Moseleys vs. Abramowitz, recorded 7/7/76 (DOWNS5) (GAME)
–the famous “September” answer, with Richard spending half the show laughing hysterically (Richard Dawson, GSN) (KENNETH)
-York vs. Lewis and a horrid fast money playing (“name an animal with three letters in its name” “frog” “alligator” (Richard Dawson)
-third is a game with lots of bad answers (the “morning, night, tea bag episodes) (Richard Dawson, GSN) (LAPRATT)
-finale with Richard receiving a standing ovation and giving an emotional farewell speech, with a few laughs as well (Richard Dawson, GAME)
-WWF superstars play from 1993 (Macho Man Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Tatanka, Big Boss Man, Repo Man, Jimmy Hart, Papa Shango, Slick, IRS and Crush (Ray Combs, GAME)

Finder’s keepers (Wesley Eure, GAS)
-Tia & Ryan vs. Scott & Andrea (MCLINN)

Fun House (J.D. Roth, NICK)
-New York day, Jeremy Miller and Soleil Moon Frye guest (MCLINN)
-New England day, with original commercials from New York City, NY, 1989. Pam & Adam vs. Barbie & David (MCLINN)

Gambit (Wink Martindale, NBC)
-Livingstons vs. Ferraros, Livingstons have an amazing bonus round run. (MALINOVSKY)

Get the message (Robert Q. Lewis, GSN)
-final ep, guest stars include Orson Bean, Arlene Francis & Mitch Miller. (LIGHTF)

Go! (Kevin O’Connell, various)
-Premiere episode with guests including Richard Kind. (MALINOVSKY)
-finale from 1/20/84 with Didi Conn vs. Charlie Seibert. (GAME) (MCLINN)

Going, going, gone (Richard Lwelleyn, KIN)
-Tom Reynolds announcing, Richard is not a fair auctioneer.

Gong Show (Chuck Barris, GSN)
-Guest judges include Steve Martin and Arte Johnson. Judges get booed at one point (LIGHTF)

Haggis Baggis (Dennis James, KIN)
-Ms. Sheehan decimates all of her opponents on this episode, with original commercials.

He Said/She Said (Joe Garigoila, GSN)
-John Davison, Sally Field, Nanette Fabares, Alejanrdo Rey, and their spouses. (LIGHTB)

High Rollers (Alex Trebek, NBC)
-Mary Ann Sanders vs. Cheryl Van Rensler, with original commercials from New York City, NY 1980 (LIGHTG)
-Gene vs. Jackie
-finale (bad quality) with Alex Trebek drunk, saying all sorts of weird things like “$700 is casharoo” and “Stayin’ alive with the Bee Gees”, Richard vs. Betty. (TILLER)

Hit Man (Peter Tomarken, NBC)
-Diana/Marlen/Carol, topics are Marlin Brando and Presidency of the U.S., meh quality (TILLER)
-final ep with the famous “Wanna be a contestant on Hit Man, forget it!” by Rod Roddy. From 4/1/83, Topics are Gene Kelly and vice presidents, Maureen/Randy West/Janet (MCLINN)

Hold that note (Bert Parks, KIN)
-Tina destroys all of her opponents.

Hollywood Squares (various, various)
-episode with original commercials from New York City, NY 5/7/80, hosted by Peter Marshall and guest stars include Vincent Price, Skip Stevenson, Judy Landers George Gobel, Mary Crosby, Jan Murray, Didi Conn, Wayland and Madame, and Barbara Mandrell, Bob vs. Verlena, (NBC) (LIGHTB)
-episode with original commercials from New York City, NY. 3/20/80, hosted by Peter Marshall and guest stars include Vincent Price, Julie Landers, Lanny O’Grady George Gobel, James Brogan,, RoseMarie, Earl Holliman, Wayland and Macklehoney and Tom Poston, JD vs Kathy (NBC) (LIGHTC)
-episode is hosted by John Davidson, guest stars include Joan Rivers, Shadoe Stevens, Jim J. Bullock, Gladys Knight, Todd Christnense, Donna Pepsco, Shadoe Stevens, Jackie Collins and Rich Little, Phillip vs. Laura (USA) (LIGHTB)
-episode is with Peter Marshall hosting and guest stars include Paul Lynde, Harvey Korman, Doc Severinsen, Sandra Dee, Amanda Blake, Joey Bishop, Karen Valentine, Wally Cox and Sandra Dee (GSN) (TEXAS)
-episode with Peter Marshall hosting and guest stars include Roddy McDowell, Paul Lynde, Dom Deluise, Ernest Borgnine, Jonathan Winters, Elizabeth Montgomery, Rose Marie, Theresa Merritt and Jimmie Walker, taped October 4, 1975, Judy vs. (GAME) (DOWNSA)
-episode with Peter Marshall hosting, and guests include Paul Lynde, Jean Stapleton, Wally Cox, Sandy Duncan, Rose Marie, Tony Randall, Buddy Hackett, Charlie Weaver and Shirley Jones, from March 1972, Linda vs. Joe (GAME) (DOWNSA)
-episode with Peter Marhsall hosting and guests include Paul Lynde, Glenn Ford, Marty Allen, Gayle Fisher, Suzanne Phlesette, Wally Cox, Mel Brooks, Vincent Price and Connie Stevens, Verone vs. Denea, from October 1972, a dog in the prize package (?!) (GAME) (DOWNSA)
-episode with Peter Marshall hosting and guests include Paul Lynde, Redd Foxx, Shirley Jones, George Gobel, Mark Milner, Ernest Borgnine, Karen Valentine, Jonathan Winters and Robert Blake (boo! Hiss!), from August 1975 Fran vs. Matt (GAME) (DOWNSA)

Hot Potato (Bill Cullen, GSN).
-Accountants vs. Car saleswomen (TEXAS)

I’ll bet: (Jack Narz, KIN)
-episode with Phil Crank and Richard Long and their wives

I’m telling (Laurie Fazo, FAM)
- epiosde originally aired 12/19/87, Daphne & Elliot vs. Alitzah & Josh vs. Molly & Casey (MCLINN)

It’s anybody’s guess (Monty Hall, non-gsn)
-Joe vs. Denise (MALINOVKSY)

It’s Your Bet (various, KIN)
-from 10/2/1969 with Tom Reynolds as host and Imogene Coca and Lyle Waggoner as guests.
-episode with Hal March hosting and Michael Callan and Jan Murray are guests.

I’ve got a Secret
-episode with Cliff Robertson as guest. Bert Convy, Richard Dawson, and Jayne Meadows among panelists. (LIGHTG)
-episode with Rod Serling as guest and Richard Dawson among panelists. Steve Allen hosts Also includes actors who are the voices of Snoopy & Charlie Brown. (GAME)

Jackpot! (Mike Darrow non-gsn)
-Starts off with Cyndi as Queen of the hill, super jackpot win of $8,200. (MCLINN)

Jeopardy! (various, various)
-from 3/2/79, hosted by Art Fleming. Charlie/Susan/Doug (GAME) (ALDRIDGE7)
-appears to be from the mid 80’s, a triple $0 tie (Greg/Lynn/Paul) (SPIVACK)
-celebrity episode from 1992: Carol Burnett/Donna Mills/Regis Philbin
-Ken Jennings/Nancy Zerg/David, Ken Jennings final regular episode
-Nancy Zerg/Katie/Nathan (DOUBLEB)

Joker! Joker! Joker! (Jack Berry, GAME)
-Bobby vs. Christina. Bobby is very anxious and hilarious (NICKRJ)

Joker’s Wild (various, GAME)
-debut ep, the audience constantly chides Ed for picking the feminine categories over the masculine ones. (GAME) (LIGHTB)
-starts off with Ken vs. Cathy. The hysterical Bing Crosby/horseracing episode! (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-day 12 of tournament, record breaking $500,000 win, 1980 (GAME) (CRYSTALDAWN)
-starts off with Linda vs. Ethel, 1982 (GAME) (CRYSTALDAWN)
-starts off with Hal vs. Kathy, meh quality (GAME) (CRYSTALDAWN)
-starts off with Paul vs. Kimberly, hosted by Bill Cullen (GAME) (DOUBLEB)
-starts off with John vs. Kathy, then goes to Kathy vs. Sophie. Sophie is a very hilarious contestant (GAME) (TILLER)
-starts off with Kathy vs. Sophie as they finish the game, then Kathy becomes the first contestant to ever break the Joker’s jackpot and wins $13,800! (GAME) (TILLER)

Junior Partner Pyramid (Dick Clark, non-gsn)
-civilian episode.
-with original commercials from New York City, NY. 9/2/79 celebrity episode with guests including Tony Danza and a young Rob Lowe: emotional win.

Knockout (Arte Johnson)
-Maxine/Jack/Anita (NORTHCAROLINA)

Last Word (Wink Martindale, non-gsn)
-Edie McClurg among guests. Dick vs. Alex. (MALINVOSKY)

Las Vegas Gambit (Wink Martindale, NBC)
-O’Neills vs. Petersons. (LIGHTG)
-Roetemeyers vs. Prevites (with original commercials, missing intro)
-Nessa & Leon vs. Ray & Janice (finale)

Legends of the Hidden Temple (Kurt Fog, NICK)
-Mask of Shakazulu ep, record-breaking win. (MCLINN)

Liar’s Club (various, KIN)
-episode with Rod Serling hosting, and Betty White, Norm Crosby and Bill Bixby among panelists. Judy vs. Tom
-episode with Allen Ludden hosting, and David Letterman and Betty White among panelists.

Lucky Numbers (Alex Trebek, non-gsn)
-pilot recorded 5/18/85, Gerald vs. Dickie, meh quality (TILLER)

Make the connection (Gene Rayburn, GSN)
-Stogey Carmichael guests, Betty White, Eddie Baracken, Gloria DeHaven among celebrity panelists. Starts off with a woman who accompanied her daughter and son-in-law on their honeymoon. (LIGHTB)

Make the Grade (Lew Schneider, GAS)
-Jannelle/Frank/Liani, Frank destroys his opponents (MCLINN)

Masters of the Maze (various, FAM)
-Stuart & Melanie/Matthew & Mikey, Danielle & Ian, hosted by J.D Roth (TILLER)
-Frankie & Ernie/Mark & Robert, Fallon & Mary, hosted by J.D. Roth (TILLER)
-Jeremy & Travis/Samantha & Kristin/Steven & Andy, hosted by Mario Lopez (SPIVACK)
-Greg & Brian/Megan & Heather/Darren & Riley, hosted by Mario Lopez (SPIVACK)
-Becky & Debbie/Wendy & Erin/Jerry & Bethany, hosted by Mario Lopez (TILLER)

Match Game (Gene Rayburn)
-Pilot A from 5/19/73, Arlene Francis, Jack Klugman, Berty Convy, Joann Pflug, Richard Dawson, Betty White (WYLIE)
-episode from 1973, Nipsey Russell, Loretta Swit, CNR, BS, RD, Betty White, Cathy vs. (GAME)
-episode from 1978, panelists include Brett Summers, Charles Nelson Reilly, Dick Martin and Fannie Flagg, Rocky vs. Julie (GSN)
-the infamous “Cuckoo, friend and Ollie” episode, with a riot breaking out on stage.
-episode with Jack Klugman going nuts after contestant wins 20k on super match (GAME) (NICKRJ)

Monopoly (Michael Reilly, ABC)
-Final ep. Reilly says the show will be back for next season which never happened. From 9/1/90, Tom/Debra/Tripp (MCLINN)

Music Bingo (Johnny Gilbert, KIN)
-Carol vs. Hein, with original commercials

Name’s the same (various, various)
-episode starts off with Jesse James, panelists include Gene Rayburn, Joan Alexander and Miss America Beth Myerson, Dennis James hosts. (KIN)
-episode starts off with Rita Hayworth, Xavier Cougat guests, panelists include Joan Alexander, Robert Q. Lewis hosts.(GSN) (MCLINN)

Neighbors (Regis Philbin, KIN)
-Gale vs. Sharon

New Battlestars (Alex Trebek, NBC)
-with original commercials, debut episode, stars are Jim J Bullock, Vicki Lawrence, Glen Scarpelli, Erik Estrada, Debbie Reynolds and Tom Wopat. Hilarity ensues as Debbie Reynolds keeps getting her questions wrong.

Newlywed Game (Bob Eubanks, various)
-episode from 1966 with original commercials. Johnsons/Millers/Robinsons/Gacciones (KIN)
-original version emotional finale from 1974 (GAME) (LAPRATT)

Now You See It (Jack Narz, various)
-starts off with Ann & Pat vs. Rosie & Peggy (GSN)

Number, please (Bud Collyer, GSN)
-from 1961. only surviving episode. Mrs. Secord vs. Mrs. Dewitt (LIGHTD)/(NORTHCAROLINA)

Oh my word! (Jim Lange, KIN)
-episode with Buddy Greco and Sal Mineo guesting.

On your way (Bud Collyer, KIN)
-with original commercials

Pantomime quiz (Mike Stokey, KIN)
-Vincent Price among guests.

Password (Allen Ludden, various)
-episode with Lucille Ball among guests, with original commercials. Dick Patterson vs. Esa Patterson (husband and wife)
-episode with Carol Burnett among guests, Bill vs. Julie. (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-1975 finale, Susan vs. Helen (MALINOVSKY)/(NORTHCAROLINA)
-episode with Jack Klugman and Brett Somers guesting, only episode of this version known to be in existence, Mary vs. Diane

Password Plus (Allen Ludden, various)
-week of episodes with Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence (episodes #11-15) (GSN) (SAVAGE)
-episode with Carol Burnett show (Carol Burnet/Vicki Lawrence) vs. Hello Larry. Allen Ludden hosts. (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-episode with guests Betty White and Dick Martin, the French/France blooper. Tom Kennedy hosts. (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-2 episodes with Sarah Purcell and Bill Anderson as guests, first is Elaine vs. Marc, second is Marc vs. Betty (GSN) (SAVAGE)
-2 episodes with Robert Walden and Judy Norton-Taylor as guests, first is Marilyn vs. Alan, second is Marilyn vs. Mark (GSN) (SAVAGE)
-1 episode with Linda Kaye Henning and Richard Paul as guests, Adam vs. Ann (GSN) (SAVAGE)
-2 episodes with Barbara Rhodes and Pat Harrington as guests, first is Addie vs. Sandi, second is Gary vs. Addie (GSN) (SAVAGE)
-2 Christmastime episodes with Carol Burnett and Bert Convy as guests, first is Tere vs. Dana, second is Tere vs. Phyllis (GSN)

Pitfalls (Alex Trebek, non-gsn)
Sonny vs. Sharon. Sharon is the all-time champ at this point. (TILLER)

Place the face (Bill Cullen, KIN)
-Guests include Joann Gilbert and Xavier Cougat. Cullen is hyper here, with original commercials

Play your hunch (Merv Griffin, GSN)
-episode with Johnathan Winters guesting (LIGHTB)

Play the Percentages (Geoff Edwards, USA)
-Edwards accidentally reveals an answer in this ep. Bernstein vs. Williams (MCLINN)

Press Your Luck (Peter Tomarken, unless otherwise noted, various)
*please note that a lot of the 83 and 86 eps are meh quality
-1978 Second chance pilot, Maggie Brown/Jack Campion/Lynn, hosted by Jim Peck, pilot to what is basically an early version of press your luck (SM)
-1983: unaired pilot: (studio master): Jack Campion/Maggie Brown/Matt featuring Jack Campion and the omnipotent Maggie Brown, rare prizes such as Delta Queen (which is hit), different theme and set (Outer space motif) (BRIANMOORE)
-9/19/83: Premiere ep! (CBS): Lana/Linda/Phil, rare prizes, Lana’s answer to a question is blooper reel-worthy (BRIANMOORE)
-9/22/83: Robert/Jim/Terry (CBS) with original commercials from New York City, NY (SMAQUP)
-9/23/83: Dave/Shirley/Robert (CBS): with original commercials from New York City, NY. rare prizes (BRIANMOORE)
-9/27/83: Debbie/Maggie/Harold (CBS): with original commercials from New York, NY only time sun tan bad is hit and won. Rare prize cluster ring also hit and won here (SMAQUP)
-9/28/83: Donna/Rocco/Maggie (WASHINGTON4)
-9/29/83: Randy West/Pam/Maggie (CBS) with original commercials from New York City, NY, Randy West’s first day (SMAQUP)
-9/30/83: Randy West/Kathy/Alan: Randy West’s (future game show announcer) second episode. He hits and wins the car (first person to do so) on last spin of the game in one of the most thrilling finishes (SPIVACK)
-10/14/83: David/Jessica/Jeanne, Jeanne is hyper and David from the intros, trampoline hit, ending cut off a bit but winner is revealed (USA)
-10/27/83: Kim/Patti/Mark, Kim’s big whammy loss from the intros, spins round only (USA) (WASHINGTON2)
-10/28/83: Regan/Patti/Sam, with original commercials from New York City, NY (CBS) (WASHINGTON7)
-11/3/83: Dave/Janis/Ted, AWESOME spin battle between Dave and Janis, joined in progress at first round big board (USA) (WASHINGTON5)
-11/4/83: Dave/John/Robin (CBS): David and Robin from the intros (SMAQUP)
-11/8/83: Jim/Joan/Dan (CBS): first known episode with intro clips, though there’s no background music to accompany them. Video disc player on board (SMAQUP)
-11/2/83: Jack/Laurie/Ted, with original commercials from New York City, NY (CBS) (WASHINGTON7)
-11/15/83: Tony/Dan/Cre (USA) (WASHINGTON2)
-11/22/83: Jay/Arlene/Elinore (USA) wood stove on board, also 2 motorcycles, some end credits (SMAQUP)
-12/2/83: John/Toni/Scott (USA): game show veteran Scott Hostettler’s first episode, 17k+ win (NICKRJ)/(WASHINGTON2)
-12/5/83: Tawann/John/Scott, Tawann and Scott’s spins from the intros, Sebring hit, spins rounds only (USA) (NICKRJ)
-12/6/83: Marsha/Brent/Tawann, I helped introduce this episode to the trading circuit in early 2009 (USA)
-12/9/83: Ellie/Cathi/Michael Hanes (CBS) with original commercials from New York City, NY. Michael Hanes from all those intros! (NICKRJ)
-12/12/83: Beth/Michael Hanes/Jeff: with original commercials from New York City, NY. Michael’s second episode, and he has a great quote: “If I’m going to die, I think I’d like to kill myself…I’m going to press my luck” (NICKRJ)
-12/13/83: Chris/Dave/Jeff, with original commercials from New York City, NY (CBS) (WASHINGTON6)
-12/19/83: Glenn/Barbara/Pam, spins round only (USA) (WASHINGTON4)
-12/23/83: Nancy/Tracy/Pierre, wood stove on the board (USA) (KENNETH)
-12/26/83: Carlotta/Tracy/Steve, with original commercials, New Year’s whammies shown, Sebring hit (CBS)
-12/27/83: Stephen/Carol/Dawn, exciting finish, video disc player hit, big boards round only (USA) (WASHINGTON4)
-12/29/83: Suanne/Scott/Kennie (24k+ win, joined in progress at first round question) (USA) (WASHINGTON4)
-episode from 1983, Barbara/Greg/Steve, with original commercials (CBS)
-1983 ep: Tony/Sam/Aradine (CBS): with original commercials from New York, NY Cookware is on board, picture is a little dark (SMAQUP)
-1983 episode, Barbara/Greg/Dave, with original commercials from New York City, NY (WASHINGTON7)
-1/3/84: Tom/Vicki/Troy: Troy, the hyper male contestant with crooked glasses from the intros, breaks his buzzer and celebrates prematurely, but wins anyway. Crystal decanter set hit. Big board rounds only. (USA)
-1/4/84: Dalene/Jeff/Troy, Dalene and Troy’s spins from the intros (USA) (NICKRJ)
-1/23/84: Beth/Tom/Kimberly, missing first few seconds and ending cut off a bit but winner revealed (USA)
-1/26/84: Jim/Mimi/Mark (USA) great game between Jim and Mimi, 21k+ win (NICKRJ)
-1/27/84: Mimi/Irene/Kirk (USA) (NICKRJ)
-2/21/84: Richard/John/Ann: this was the first ep to be aired on game show network, Richard will go on to become first big champ on the $100,000 Pyramid, Ann’s spins from the intros, hot crowd (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-2/22/84: Jim/Cyann/Richard: Richard Mahaffey’s second show, 3-wheeler hit (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-3/1/84: Bob/Kathy/Margaret: interesting second round as each player has only one earned spin, Margaret calls out for a trip to China?! (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-3/2/84: Kathy/Jane/Andres: Kathy’s answer to a question gets chuckles from Peter and the audience: it would find its way into the blooper shows (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-3/8/84: Michael McSweeney’s win. Michael is a bit of a fan favorite, excitable contestant. (starts at first round big board) (GSN) (TILLER)
-3/9/84: Michael McSweeney/Bob/Maggie Brown, great game with great contestants, the omnipotent Maggie Brown and the excitable Michael McSweeney, first time double your money is hit (though there’s no spin with it yet) Rod flubs: “dinet gorming” while trying to say “gourmet dining” and breaks himself and the audience up, Peter chides him for it, missing first moment of first round big board (GSN)
-3/12/84: Maggie/Burt/Laureen: The omnipotent Maggie Brown (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-3/13/84: Laureen/Dolly/David (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-3/16/84: Bo/Donna/Liz, starts at first round big board (GSN) (TILLER)
-3/22/84: Susie/Cliff/Joanne: One of the most exciting games ever, tons of passed spins, and Joanne is down over $16k with three whammies in her face, and she beings to mount a huge comeback, final spin decides it. (GSN) (TILLER)
-3/23/84: John/Jill/Pamela: awesome game with lots of big bucks hit, huge comebacks, a huge whammy loss and a 19k+ win (GSN)
-4/2/84: Karen/Rich/Mae: Karen Martin’s first episode, one of the funniest, loudest, most hyper contestants ever on the show. Video is meh. (GSN) (VASQUEZ1)
-4/3/84: Sue/Karen/Bill, Karen Martin’s second episode, she calls for a “pool table for Dan” and hits it (GAME)
-4/4/84: Jimmy/Catherine/Sue (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/5/84: Richard/Karen/Jimmy: lots of big bucks and a spin at the end, emerald pendant hit (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/6/84: Pam/Kathy/Clifton: good game with lots of extra spins at the end. Kathy is kinda hyper, one of her spins is on the intros (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/9/84: Kathy/Joanne/Greg, good game between Kathy and Joanne (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)/(BARKOW1)
-4/11/84: Tony/Laurie/Audrey: Laurie is a hilarious, shrieking contestant, a bit of fan favorite, close game (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/12/84: Laurie/Nancy/Jim: Shrieking Laurie day two, Jim is from my area (Lansing, Michigan) (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/13/84: Colleen/Nancy/Yogi (GAME) (JIMOUSINE)
-4/17/84: Joe/Laverne/Diane: only episode that has video game cartridges, which is hit. Lots of big bucks and huge whammy losses on this episode, Peter is shook up at the end. Quality is meh (GSN) (VASQUEZ1)
-4/18/84: Miguel/Laverne/Patti: Patti mounts a huge comeback with 3 whammies in her face, first time double your money with a spin is hit and it’s a big one too: Patti’s hyper reaction from the intros (GAME) (JIMOUSINE)
-4/19/84: Jeff/Patti/Bette, Peter does a funny dance during the Michael Jackson whammy (GSN) (SINGLE)
-4/20/84: Lynn/Fredda/Rick, Rick Perrie’s first episode, his final spin is on some of the intros (GAME) (JIMOUSINE)
-4/23/84: Jerry/Linda/Rick: Rick Perrie’s second episode (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/24/84: Sue/Rick/David: Rick Perrie retires (GAME) (BRIANMOORE) (JIMOUSINE)
-4/27/84: Sally/Larry/Stephen: Sally gets a big win despite 3 whammies in her face, rare astronaut whammy shown, Swiss Alps won here (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-4/30/84: Scott/Sharon/Sally, joined in progress at first round question (GSN)
-5/1/84: Darrell/Scott/Cheri (GSN) (TILLER)
-5/3/84: Lisa/Jeff/Cheri (GAME) (BRIANMOORE)
-5/7/84: June/Scott/Veronica, Veronica has one of the funniest moments ever on the show, where she says her husband made her quit her job as a mortician after she put an ear in his lunch, Veronica with a 20k+win (GAME) (TILLER)
-5/8/84: Veronica/Catherine/Bob (GAME) (TILLER)
-5/9/84: Bob/Pamela/David: near 19k whammy loss, and the audience really sympathizes. Huge double your money + a spin hit (GSN) (TILLER)
-5/14/84: Barbara/Menard/Keith: Menard’s big bucks spin from the intros, exciting end game between Menard and Keith (GAME) (TILLER)
-5/16/84: Brad/Brian/Theresa (GAME) (TILLER)
-5/18/84: David/Becky/Paul, one of the best episodes ever, everyone gets a lot of big bucks, tons of passed spins, big whammy losses and a 33k+ win, Peter is nuts, Rod loses his voice describing all of the won prizes, Peter walks over and congratulates Becky in a rare moment. INTENSE game (GAME) (KENNETH)
-5/21/84: Ruth/Carolyn/Jake, 2 crushing whammy losses (GSN)
-5/22/84: Geron/Chris/Ruth, Ruth pulls out the win by $10 (GAME) (KENNETH)
-5/23/84: Ruth/Kathie/Phil (GSN)
-5/28/84: Oneidra/Ralph/Phyllis (GSN) (VASQUEZ1)/(GAME) (SMALLCASE)
-5/30/84: Jimmy/Loreen/Cindy, one of the most exciting games ever as Cindy is so nervous she doesn’t want to stop the board. Jimmy was playing for someone in my city. (GAME) (KENNETH)
-6/4/84: Karyl/Jim/Pat: Pat is a fun contestant (GSN) (VASQUEZ1)
-6/5/84: Vicki/Drew/Pat, very funny episode
-6/8/84 – 6/11/84: Michael Larsen parts one & two, one of the most famous episode in game show history, Larsen memorizes the board and milks the show for an unprecedented $110k+ Crowd is loud. (GSN)
-6/12/84: Mike/Jo/Jeffie (GAME) (BARKOW3)
-6/13/84: Jana/Jobe/Jeffie (GSN)
-6/19/84: Wes/Reva/Sandi, gigantic 24k+ win (GSN) (VASQUEZ1)
-6/22/84: Kathy/Cameron/Richard, Kathy’s big double your $ + a spin hit from the intros (GSN)
-6/26/84: Quincey/Gil/Allen (GSN) (SINGLE)
-6/27/84: Vicky/Allen/Brad, great winning celebration (GSN)
-7/12/84: Clark/Colleen/Charles: Colleen wins over 27k in one day, one of the biggest one day wins ever, she joins the elite ‘retire in one day’ club, Olympic phone, rare prize, (GAME) (JIMOUSINE)
-7/16/84: Tom/Karin/Suzanne: only time Lake Powell is hit and won. (GSN)
-7/19/84: Dave/Jani/Nancy (GAME) (JIMOUSINE)
-7/23/84: Gene Snyder/Carol/Nancy: Crazy Gene Snyder’s first ep: one of the more hyper male contestants, he points everywhere, refers to himself in the third person, and chants
“$80,000” on his spins. He wears jeans with a sport jacket. Nancy is kind of hyper too (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-7/24/84: Gene Snyder/Joy/Bob: Gene Snyder’s second ep, Joy is kind of hyper too, she is a friend of Beverlie Peters from the 8/13/84 and 8/14/84 eps (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-7/26/84: Nyna/Rick/Stacey, very exciting ending as both Nyna and Stacey have about 15k and Stacey hits the car to win (GSN)
-8/1/84, Rich/Eric/Adriana, $0 winner and 11 whammies hit (GAME) (KENNETH)
-8/2/84, Jim/Eric/Toni, 27k+ win as Toni joins the elite ‘retire in one day’ club, rare pole vaulting whammy shown here (GAME) (KENNETH)
-8/10/84: Randy/Lori/Cathy, probably the best PYL episode next to Larsen, Cathy loses $31k+ to the whammy after a 5 minute spin battle with Lori, probably a record. Lori and Randy also have a spin battle. Crowd gets loud (GSN)
-8/13/84: Lori/James/Beverlie Peters: first episode of the hyper, cross-eyed Beverlie Peters. Beverlie is a friend of Joy from the 7/24/84 show (GAME) (TILLER)
-8/14/84: Beverlie Peters/Ernie/Susan, Beverlie makes her famous face (GAME) (KENNETH)
-9/3/84: Denise/Rick/Jeff, intro & first round question round missing. 9 whammies hit on Labor Day, Denise makes all sorts of errors, Rick wins game against all odds. Peter to Rick: “Rick, you’re holding on by your teeth.” (GSN)
-9/4/84: Sande/Rick/Joyce (GAME) (KENNETH)
-9/5/84, Martha/Frank/Rick (GAME)
-9/18/84: Deedee/Nelson/Laura, devastating 19k+ whammy loss when he already had 3 whammies, intro missing and first round question clipped a bit (GSN) (KENNETH)
-9/21/84: Betty/Tissa/Bob (GSN) (SINGLE)
-9/25/84, Lina/Rick/Edwina, good ending with a 19k+ win (GSN)
-9/26/84: Scott/Debbie/Edwina, devastating near 20k whammy loss, Scott is one of the few players to get the maximum 12 spins in a round, hot crowd, Debbie pulls out the win by only $76. (GAME) (KENNETH)
-10/4/84: Patrick/Maria/Kent, Kent Norelle starts his run of wins (GSN) (BIGCASE)
-10/5/84: Glenn/Barbara/Kent (GAME) (BIGCASE)
-10/8/84: Joe/Clarice/Kent (GAME) (BIGCASE)
-10/9/84: Claudia/Kent/Ron (GAME) (BIGCASE)
-10/18/84: Brenda/Bruce/Paula-Jo, Great winning celebration by the hyper Brenda and her microphone falls off twice, nice come from behind win by Brenda (GAME) (KENNETH)
-10/22/84, Mark/Caren/Mabel, Mabel becomes one of the few $0 winners, Peter is shocked when it happens (GAME) (VASQUEZ1)
-10/25/84, Cynthia/Chris/Debbie, Chris survives 7 passed spins with 3 whammies in his face (GSN)
-10/31/84: Bob/Pat/Barbara, featuring the rare Halloween whammy and Peter’s hilarious Halloween dance while wearing a Frankenstein mask (GAME) (VASQUEZ2)
-11/1/84, Kevin/Liz/Pat, 22k+ whammy loss, Kevin passes all of his spins in round two without taking any for some reason (GAME) (KENNETH)
-11/8/84, Adele/Bob/Lee, Adele with a near 29k win, she goes 16 spins without a whammy! (GSN)
-11/9/84, Laureen/Alex/Adele, Alex, a Russian immigrant, wants “Big American money and nit whammies, Alex passes all spins in round two before taking any…but it works. Adele has a late hot streak, but it runs out. Alex’s wife and daughter join him on stage after win. (GSN)
-11/12/84, Alex/Mitch/Margo, Alex part 2. (GSN)
-11/15/84, Susan/Sharon/Mike, Sharon Carlton starts her run of wins (GSN)
-11/16/84, Sharon/Tim/Wesley (GSN)
-11/19/84, John/Sharon/Kathi, poor Kathi hits 5 whammies total this game, missing first minute (GAME)
-11/20/84, Sharon/Michael/Ayne, Sharon Carlton’s fourth win, devastating 19k+ whammy loss, Thanksgiving whammy show. (GAME) (KENNETH)
-11/21/84, Sandy/Chris/Sharon, Chris Kass starts his run of wins, Peter dresses up as a pilgrim and the whammies wish you a happy Thanksgiving (GSN)
-11/26/84, Chris Kass/Dom/Diane: the first of 2 triple $0 ties, hot crowd (GSN)
-11/27/84, Chris Kass/Dom/Diane: the rematch, missing first minute (GSN)
-11/28/84, Kacey/Chris Kass/Skip, Chris’s fourth day, HUGE spin battle between Chris and Skip, Peter collapses on podium at end (GAME) (WASHINGTON8)
-11/29/84, Chris Kass/Paula/Ron: Chris’s final day, he dares the whammy and wins, he wins a flokati rug, Peter walks over and shakes Chris’s hand in a rare moment. Chris is one of the few people to win 5 shows and is one of the show’s all time biggest winners.(GSN)
-12/3/84, Kate/Ed Yu/Christy: hilarious episode as crowd chants “You You You” (or “Yu Yu Yu”) on Ed’s spins and Peter makes a lot of bad jokes (GSN)
-12/4/84, Cindi/Ed/Cheri: more Yu jokes and chants, Ed hits 4 consecutive whammies, one of the few people to do so. (GSN)
-12/12/84: Wendy/Greg/Robin: good episode with several extra spins on the last spin of the game, Greg sprays whammy repellent into the air around him, Robin hits a car from the intros
-12/19/84: Robin/Carolyn/Frank (GSN) (BIGCASE)
-12/20/84: Robin/Randy/Diane, Randy starts his run of wins (GAME)
-12/21/84: Adrian/Randy/Jim (GAME)
-12/24/84, Ron/Randy/Suzanne, Christmas Eve ep with Ron’s whammy wand, 2 different Christmas whammy animations (sleigh and falling Christmas tree), caroling whammies, Suzanne’s big bucks spin from the intros, and a special holiday wish from Peter (GSN) (MALINOVSKY)
-12/25/84, Janet/Randy/Eric, 24k+ win, Randy retires with $61316, one of the biggest winners ever one the show (GAME) (KENNETH)/(MCLINN)
-12/26/84, Bob/Cynthia/Mark, Bob Brown starts his run of wins, missing outro (GAME)
-12/27/84, Jeff/Bob/Tricia, exciting game with a crushing whammy loss and a thrilling ending featuring a 21k+ win (GSN)
-12/28/84, Bob/Greg/Jo, Bob Brown’s 3rd win (GSN)
-12/31/84, Mike/Bob/Sue, Peter in a tux for New Year’s Eve, Bob wins a car and retires with over 58k!, special New Year’s wish from Peter (GAME)
-1/2/85: Cydney/Sam/Jill: rare New Year’s whammies shown, Sam mounts a huge comeback with 3 whammies in his face, one of his spins is in the intros (GSN)
-1/4/85: Sam/Rick/Esmeralda, Esmeralda dishes out the whammies to her opponents, according to Peter Tomarken (WYLIE)
-1/7/85: Ryan/Jeanne/Esmeralda (GSN) (WYLIE)
-1/8/85: Buddy/Mary Ann/Esmeralda (GSN) (WYLIE)
-1/9/85: Brian/Annette/Buddy, near 20k win, Budd is funny here, Peter mocks the diamond pendant (GAME)
-1/10/85: Karen/Buddy/Jerome (GSN) (WYLIE)
-1/16/85: Donna/Paul/Lesley, Donna, a Raiders cheerleader who would come back on a future show due to a technical error, almost survives 7 passed spins, but gets nailed on the last one, resulting in a heartbreaking 18k+ whammy loss. From the Peter Tomarken tribute marathon (GSN)
-1/17/85: Andra/Lesley/Brad, exciting game with over 60k hit in the second round and the whammy eats up quite a bit of it (GSN) (SMAQUP)
-1/18/85: Brad/Will/Christine, Will and Christine are very excited, Will needs a towel to wipe off the sweat. From the Peter Tomarken tribute marathon (GSN)
-1/23/85: Andrea/Al/Rita, 11 whammies hit and a $0 winner. From the Peter Tomarken tribute marathon (GSN) I also have a USA airing of this episode
-1/24/85: Nancy/John/Rita (GSN) (KENNETH)
-1/28/85: Jennie/Terry/Nancy, Jennie Jones first episode (future talk show hostess), Jennie wins on an unlikely move. Jennie and Terry become best friends. From the Peter Tomarken tribute marathon (GSN)
-1/29/85: Michael/Jodi/Jennie Jones, Jennie’s second show (GAME) (VASQUEZ2)
-1/30/85: Melodee/John/Jennie Jones, Jennie’s final show, Melodee has a 24k+ win (VASQUEZ2)
-2/4/85: Barbara/Jody/Evan, a USA airing with contestant plug (USA)
-2/5/85: John/Steve/Jody, good game with a 19k+ win (GAME)
-2/6/85: Steve/Myke/Robin, Myke “Gemini’ Horton is a former NFL player and future American Gladiator. 19k+ win (GSN)
-2/14/85: Seth/Pat/Kathie (GAME) (VASQUEZ2)
-2/19/85: Dean/Jeff/Carolyn
-2/20/85: Cathy/Dean/Robin (GSN)
-2/22/85: Sam/Susan/Janie (GSN)
-2/25/85: Lissa/Guy/Sam (GSN)
-2/26/85: Sam/Jim Hess/Pamela: the extremely notorious and infamous Jim Hess, Jim swears after losing, makes a snide comment to his opponent after getting passed the last spin of the game on a fluke move, one of the more exciting first round big boards.
-2/27/85, Scott/Pamela/Lisa, Scott Haven’s first episode, probably the most hated PYL contestant in history, audience chants like nuts for him to hit a whammy (GSN)
-2/28/85, Scott/Suzanne/Bob, Scott’s second ep, audience cheers like nuts when Scott hits a whammy. Bob Milliken starts his run of wins. (GSN)
-3/1/85, Dale/Norma/Bob, Bob’s second win and 11 whammies hit (GAME) (VASQUEZ2)
-3/4/85, Bob/Victor/Romey, Bob wins again and Peter doesn’t look too happy about it. (GSN)
-3/5/85, Johnny/Jennifer/Bob, Bob wins a fourth time (GSN)
-3/6/85, Bob/Phillip/Lynette, exciting game with lots of devastating whammy losses, Phillip wears sweatpants (GAME)
-3/7/85: Steve/Sam/Phillip, exciting finish and a 21k+win, Phillip wants a “motorsicle” and gets it (GAME)
-3/8/85: Mike/Marlene/Philip, extremely exciting ending, Marlene would come back on a future show (GAME)
-3/11/85: Mike/Donna/John, 19k+ win, Donna is back from a previous show (GAME)
-3/18/85, Linnea/Richard/Lynn, Lynn teaches Peter how to bellydance, nice come from behind win by Lynn – who wins game after hitting 4 whammies (she lost a whammy at one point), Montana Ski Trip (rare prize) won (GSN)
-3/25/85: Tyler/Pam/Wade (USA)
-3/27/85, Denny/Tonyy/Michele, “The Mistress of the Pass” Michele debuts and passes a whammy to an oppoenent (GSN)
-3/28/85, Michele/Joe/Susan, Michele passes a whammy to an oppoenent, 17k+ loss on last spin of the game (GSN)
-3/29/85, Jack/Michele/Patti, Michele causes a 17k+ loss on last spin of the game, Peter is shocked and disgusted (GSN) Michele returns in a week due to…

College Week:

-4/1/85: Steve (Notre Dame)/Ruth (Columbia)/Michael (USC), Ruth’s classic winning celebration (GSN)
-4/2/85: Sonya (UCLA)/Lana (Alabama)/Stuart (Northwestern), Lana is often considered one of the funnier PYL contestants (GSN)
-4/3/85: Elizabeth (Ohio State)/ Cliff (Arizona)/ Trey (Harvard) (GSN)
-4/4/85: John (Wake Forest)/ Laurie (Texas)/ Tim (Nebraska), Puerto Rico hit (GSN)
-4/5/85: Brian (Missouri)/ Terri (California)/ Chris (Pennsyvlania) (GSN)

-4/8/85: Michele/Drew/Val, Michele causes another huge whammy loss towards end of the game (GSN)
-4/10/85, Katherine/Jim/Mark Lambrecht: Mark’s second episode and a huge 21k+ win (GAME) (VASQUEZ2)
-4/11/85: Mark/Vern/Nancy, Mark’s final day. One of those weird games (GAME) (VASQUEZ3)
-4/16/85: Mike/Therese/Marlene, one of the rowdiest episodes ever, Mike is extremely hyper, Marlene, returning from a previous show, does a Tarzan yell and rooster call, audience is NUTS, Peter almost loses his voice, INTENSE episode (GSN)
-4/17/85: Tracy/Therese/Jon, Tracy Brown starts her run of wins, great winning celebration, Jon is insane (GAME)
-4/18/85: Harry/Jan/Tracy Brown, Tracy’s second win as she pulls it out by $300, 1st round question clipped a bit (GAME)
-4/19/85: Tracy/Jim/Diane: Tracy’s 3rd win (GAME)
-4/22/85: Tracy/Helen/Marty, Tracy’s 4th win (GAME)
-4/23/85: Terri/Jeff/Tracy Brown: Tracy becomes one of the few players ever to win 5 shows, retires with over 57k, Peter walks over and personally congratulates her in a rare moment
-4/24/85: Kirk/Jonie/Joanie (GSN)
-4/25/85: Jonie/Dave/Denise: Jonie has a monster 25k+ win with 3 whammies in her face, National Parks Tour won (GSN)
-4/26/85: Jonie/Lance/Cynthia: Switzerland won, Jonie tries to stop the board before it even has a chance to move yet
-4/29/85: Rich/Jennie/Lance: British Tour won
-4/30/85: Lance/Susan/Tommy, joined in progress at first round big board (GAME) (TILLER)
-5/1/85: Cindy/Curtis/Tommy, Cindy Morgan starts her run of wins (GSN)
-5/2/85: Duncan/Cindy/Jackie (GAME)
-5/3/85: Jamie/Cindy/Kurt (GAME)
-5/6/85: Cindy/Pat/Tony, Cindy’s fourth win (USA)
-5/7/85: Coleen/Cindy/Joe, Cindy Morgan’s last show, Coleen’s hilarious hyper winning celebration from the intros (GAME) (VASQUEZ3)
-5/8/85: Coleen/Shequita/Dan (USA)
-5/9/85, Ken/Shequita/Lela, Lela is a hyper contestant, mounts huge comeback with 3 whammies in her face, gives peter a hug after winning and her microphone falls off. (GSN)
-5/13/85, Steve/Shauna/Jimmie, Jimmie Lawson’s first ep – former NFL player gets the big bucks and his classic winning celebration from the intros (GAME) (VASQUEZ3)
-5/14/85, Amy/Jimmie/Joey, Jimmie Lawson’s second ep – Jimmy announces he played in the first Superbowl (GSN)
-5/15/85, Joey/Damon/Queta, Damon earns no spins in round one, but manages to win that round…and the game, Damon’s classic winning celebration from the intros, crowd is loud at the end. (missing first few seconds of first round big board) (GSN)
-5/16/85: Patrick/Linda/Damon, Patrick: one of the more hyper male contestants, celebrates prematurely but wins anyways, goes nuts after winning and kisses Linda spontaneously on the lips, Linda blows the game (GSN)
-5/17/85: David/Patrick/Norma, fan favorite, Patrick is hyper, Rod Roddy makes an on-screen appearance (GSN)
-5/20/85: Mark/Norma/Lucia, great game with a lot of extra spins at the end, considered by some to be one of the best episodes of the year (GSN)
-5/21/85: Roy/Norma/Shelley, great game with a heartbreaking near 20k loss (GSN)
-6/6/85: Al/Lisa/Paul, whammybusters in audience, they keep the whammies away from Al & Lisa, but let Paul get 4 in a row. (GSN)
-6/10/85: Myrna/Martin/Al, a 17k+win (GSN)
-6/14/85: Pam/Sam/Jerry, the Sylvester call in ep, the whammies eat the wardrobe man (supposedly), Pam is hyper and 2 bracelets in first round big board? (GSN)
-6/17/85: Bill/Christy/Pam, great game, Pam is still hyper, Christy is on a roll, but gets too greedy and suffers a near 21k loss, Pam has another nice come from behind win. (GSN)
-6/18/85: Andrew/Pam/Lisa, a 18k+win (GSN)
-6/19/85: Nina Jo/Andrew/Paul: CLASSIC ep with Nina Jo pulling out the win by $3. Huge spin battle between Andrew and Paul, crowd gets LOUD. Although this is a GSN airing, it runs about 25 minutes long, which is 5 minutes long for a GSN airing (GSN)
-6/26/85: Allison/Theodore/Ted, wow, what a game! Lots of big bucks hit and a huge spin battle between Allison and Ted, Allison’s heartbreaking 20k+ whammy loss from the intros, 20k+win (GSN (VASQUEZ3)
-7/5/85: Tom/Jim/Sonja, 20k+win (GSN)
-7/12/85, Lisa/Judy/Steve Bryant’s first episode, former NFL player and famous for chanting “big bucks and no whhhhhaaaaaammmmiiieeees” (GSN)
-7/15/85, Steve/Kent/Lynn, Steve plays the house (GSN)
-7/16/85, Kathy/Steven/Steve, Steve’s final ep (GSN)
-7/26/85: Mike/Melodie/Joe, one hell of a game with lots of big bucks in the second round, a huge double your $$ + a spin hit, lots of passed/extra spins and a hot crowd
-7/30/85: Bobby/Yvonne/Kathy, Yvonne’s reactions to whammies are hiliarious, Yvonne’s constant stalling annoys Peter, Peter chides Bobby for calling out for dinnerware, Peter collapses at the end. (missing intro) (GSN)
-8/1/85: Bobby/Thorne/Melanie: monster 26k+ loss, plus another 15k+ loss, Bobby hits the car from the intros (GSN)
-8/5/85: Kimberley/Thorne/Gary: Kimberley is one of the few people to hit four consecutive whammies, Peter notes that the odds of that happening are about 1300:1 (GSN)
-8/7/85: Christy/Lee/Tricia: good game w/ a huge double your money + a spin hit, Tricia as a really hyper contestant, and Lee mounts a huge comeback with three whammies in his face (GSN)
-8/8/85: Debbie/Dennis/Lee: a 15k+win (GSN)
-8/13/85: Cindy/Kurt/Bill, 19k+ win, Cindy blows a gasket upon hitting Paris from the intros (GSN)
-8/20/85: Marcia/Mike/John: 22k+win, nice spin battle between Marcia & Mike (GSN)
-8/22/85: Mark/Toria/Marcia: funny moment as Marcia owns the last spin of the game and is down $9000. She initially signals to spin, but Mark (who is in first place) chants for her to spin. She gives him a nasty look and passes it to him, much to his chagrin. (GSN)
-8/23/85: Jacklynn, Mark, Matt, 11 whammies hit and Mark plays the house. (GSN)

Back to School week (high schoolers)
-THE LOST EPISODE: Jacquie/Matt/Roxie, 11 whammies hit and Matt plays against the house, never aired on CBS. Extremely rare magic mountain prize is on the board, only episode with that distinction (it was never hit or won)
-8/26/85: Katie/Ramon/Craig
-8/27/85: Elliott/Jake/Christy: Disneyland (rare prize) won (GSN)
-8/28/85: Monica/Missie/Chris: Monica pulls out the win by $380, Monica hits a stereo in round one, loses it, then wins another in round two.(GSN)
-8/29/85: Vicki/Mona/Greg: Emotional win, crowd EXPLODES towards the end (GSN)
-8/30/85: April/Janis/Mike: only time L.A. Chinatown and Knott’s Berry Farm are hit and won (GSN)

-9/2/85: Feargus/Nancy/Mark: great game with lots of extra spins at the end, monster 25k+ whammy loss – Peter and the audience really sympathize, Nancy is one of only a few people to get a perfect round (maximum 12 spins). Mark sure knows how to annoy his opponents, that’s for sure. (GSN)
-9/3/85: Vernon/Maxine/Mark: Maxine: “I came here to see you and the price, er, press your luck” drawing boos. Mark whammies out of nearly 16k on the last spin, leaving Maxine with an emotional 20k+win (GSN)
-9/9/85: Jin/Bill/Edith: Jin is one of only a few players ever to play against the house. (GSN)
-10/7/85: Maxie/Jean/Donarae: Suspenseful ending with several extra spins. Contesants channel their innermost Karen Martin by calling out for prizes and getting them. (GSN) (TILLER)
-10/8/85: Jeannette/Nickie/Maxie: one of the best episodes of the year IMO, great game between Maxie and Jeanette, crowd is super jacked, Maxie is nervous, Maxie is the contestant that sets PYL past the 6 million dollar mark, so Peter presents him with a flokati rug. (GSN)
-10/9/85: Vicki/Christine/Maxie (GSN)
-10/16/85: Bob/Doris/Carolyn, 19k+ win (GSN)
-11/5/85: Debi/Russ/Tinker (USA)
-11/12/85: Mark/Carolyn/Yolanda, missing first round big board and clipped a bit at start (USA) (WASHINGTON2)
-11/13/85: Yolanda/Kurt/Michelle: only time Japan by rail is hit and won (GSN)
-11/14/85: Helen/Sheila/Kurt, great game with lots of passed spins and everyone ending up with over 20k at the end of the game, Sheila’s big bucks spin from the intros, missing first few seconds of first round big board (GSN)
-11/22/85: Jon/Carla/Shirley, the huge Sweepstakes spin on an all-cash board, celebration follows (USA) (MCLINN)
-12/19/85: Ruth/Gerard/Gene, intro missing and ending cut off a bit but winner revealed (USA)
-1/3/86: Marla/Joyce/Chris: last episode in 10:30 time slot, set is decorated for Christmas.
-1/6/86: Marla/Kent/David: first episode in 4:00 time slot, rare Willie Nelson whammy shown (USA)
-1/7/86: Kimberly/David/Tommy (USA) (WASHINGTON8)
-1/8/86: Ann/Betsy/Tommy, with original commercials from New York City, NY.exciting game with some devastating whammy losses, a few brief blackouts in second round big board (CBS) (WASHINGTON3)
-1/9/86: Betsy/Sam/Jenea, with original commercials from New York City, NY (CBS) (WASHINGTON3)
-1/17/86: Nancy/Lisa/Mando, Lisa starts her run of wins (USA) (WASHINGTON6)
-1/20/86: Kathy/Lisa/Oliver (USA) (WASHINGTON5)
-1/21/86: Eric/Mitchell/Lisa, 17k+ whammy loss on last spin of game, Peter leans on podium as a result, clipped a bit at end (USA) (WASHINGTON6)
-1/23/86: Lisa/Sherly/Don, Lisa’s fifth show (USA) (WASHINGTON4)
-1/24/86: Karen/Don/Carolyn, Carolyn returns from a previous show (USA) (WASHINGTON2)
-1/31/86: Chris/Michael/Joe (WASHINGTON5)
-2/3/86: Dorothy/Wayne/Joe, the second of 2 triple $0 ties, Peter is shocked when it happens (USA) (MCLINN)
-2/4/86: Joe/Wayne/Dorothy: the rematch and Joe’s fifth day. Wayne is nervous in stopping the board. No end credits.
-2/17/86: Grace/Hal/Randy, most of spins rounds only. Grace has a hilarious moment as she says she wants a trip because she “hasn’t been alone with her husband in 21 years” and Peter gives a WTF look and she wins a trip on that spin. Hal is back from a previous show. (USA)
-2/24/86: Zena/Robert/Ellen, heartbreaking 21k+ whammy loss (USA) (WASHINGTON4)
-2/25/86: Bill/Zena/Deanne: Bill has a blooper reel worthy moment, infamous carpeting prize hit and Peter mocks it. Deanne is back from a previous show (USA)
-2/28/86: Michael/Jeff/Etta, clips of second round big board only. Michael survives 10 passed spins with three whammies in his face and has a 33k+win (USA) (KENNETH1)
-3/27/86: Susan/Rick/Karl
-4/1/86: Kate/Robert/Bob: new to trading circuit in June 2009! 30k+ whammy loss on last spin! Awesome game with a great spin battle, lots of big bucks and big whammy losses and Peter falls on the floor at the end. Robert returns from a previous show (USA) (DOWNSA)
-4/3/86: Sandy/Rob/Leslie, with original commercials from Lubbock TX. devastating 19k+ whammy loss, missing last minute (CBS) (WASHINGTON8)
-4/10/86: Ken/Lisa/Mark (WASHINGTON1)
-4/14/86: Don/Maria/Robin, a VERY exciting game with lots of big bucks, Vienna hit and won (WASHINGTON6)
-4/18/86: Mindy/Pat/Scott, rolltop desk won (WASHINGTON6)
-5/12/86: Mark/Susan/Rita
-5/22/86: Erica/Rich/Joan, great game (USA) (BARKOW3)
-6/12/86: Billy/Jo/Tim, most of second round big board only, Jo is funny, Billy says “whammy be damned”, rare prize Alaskan cruise hit
-6/13/86: Jo/Robert/Donna, Jo is funny and pulls out the win by $72 (CBS)
-6/16/86: Bruce/Jo/Paige, Paige’s first day, she’s a Raiders cheerleader. Add-A-one hit for $10, compact disc player on board (USA) (MCLINN) (TILLER)
-6/17/86: Scott/Paige/Jacques, with original commercials. Paige’s bad day, she hits add-a-one and double your money + a spin for low amounts, and the ‘N’ falls off her podium (CBS) (MCLINN)
-6/18/86: Bill/Yvonne/Paige: Paige’s last day, with original commercials and ticket plug (CBS)
-6/19/86: Yvonne/Lauren/Dave, Dave hits four consecutive whammies, Rod Roddy with an on-screen appearance, with ticket plug, quality is meh (CBS) (MCNAMEE)
-6/20/86: Howard/Yvonne/Sue (USA) (WASHINGTON8)
-6/23/86: Yvonne/Paul/Annemarie, intense game with lots of big bucks and passed spins and a gigantic 27k+win, Nice hit and won here, carpeting and Napa Valley hit, circus car, kite and judge whammies shown (USA)
-6/24/86: Annemarie/Dailyn/Robert, some weird edits as dvd recorder cut out a few seconds here and there (USA)
-6/26/86: Keith/Linda/Jim, Nassau is chosen on a PAC hit! (USA) (WASHINGTON1)
-6/30/86: Jim/Greg/Patricia, lady’s watch hit and won here (WASHINGTON1)
-7/11/86: Sam/Todd/Mary: Todd says “this is my game.” And “I own this game.”, lots of big bucks and a near 20k whammy loss, Todd flips out after winning and shakes Peters hand, quality is meh. (USA) (WASHINGTON3)/(VASQUEZ3)
-7/2/86: extremely rare portable organ prize on board, rare prize tote boat is hit, Greg is Mr. Vegas (USA)
-7/4/86: Jane/Cynthia/Robert: lots of big bucks and a spin, 19k+ win, missing intro (CBS)
-7/7/86: Lillie/Robert/Gary (USA) (WASHINGTON1)
-7/8/86: Michael/Gary/Marlise, Marlise has a cow upon winning (USA) (WASHINGTON5)
-7/9/86: Paulette/Marlise/Dan, Dan was apparently jipped $200 (WASHINGTON3)
-7/10/86: Dan/Marlene/Same, Dan is awarded the $200, 19k+ whammy loss, missing first round big board and outro clipped a bit (USA) (WASHINGTON3)
-7/11/86: Sam/Todd/Mary: Todd says “this is my game.” And “I own this game.”, lots of big bucks and a near 20k whammy loss, Todd flips out after winning and shakes Peters hand, quality is meh. (USA) (WASHINGTON3)/(VASQUEZ3)
-7/15/86: Michelle/Dave/Todd (USA) (WASHINGTON8)
-7/16/86: Margo/Dave/Curt (USA) (WASHINGTON5)
-7/22/86: Debbie/Chris/Andre: considered by many to be one of the best games of they year, Peter gives away his clothes (CBS)
-7/23/86, Rick/Steve/Andre (USA) (WASHINGTON1)
-9/1?/86: Kathy/Joe/Danny: rare episode on trading circuit, from next to last week of shows
-9/26/86: Andy/Karen/Bill, unannounced finale, one of the largest double your money + a spin hits, one of the largest whammy losses, the whammy outhouse and fee plugs and full credit roll. Napa Valley hit
-2003: Big Bucks: the Press Your Luck scandal, Larsen documentary, features previously unaired footage from the Larsen eps. (GAME)
-2006: Gameshow Marathon episode of PYL, Ricki Lake hosts, contestants are Leslie Nielsen, Kathy Najimy and Tim Meadows, huge win with a great spin battle between Kathy and Tim, audience is LOUD (CBS)

Price is Right (Bob Barker, unless otherwise noted)

*please note that I have done the best I can with the dates. Some of them may be wrong.

- 1950’s episode with Bill Cullen hosting. Contestants can bid more than once in contestant’s row and freeze bids. (Mr Kraft/Ms. Bivens/Ms. Caplante/Ms. Gillion) (non-gsn)

-1972 Demo: Mark Goodson tries to sell the new version of the show, with Dennis James as host (?!). A different version of 10 chances is played, and a clip of Dennis James hosting Let’s Make a Deal is shown (subbing for Monty Hall) (non-gsn)

-9/4/72: Debut ep with original commercials. The first car is given away (and the second), Connie is loud, Paul is only $4 off in showcase (first four: Connie/Myra/Sandy/Paul, games played: any number/bonus game/double prices) (MALINOVSKY)/(PROGROCKTV)

-intended air date 9/4/72, I’m guessing this is the original pilot with Dennis James as host, contestant gets $7.00 exactly in grocery game, great line from Dennis “if you get the piggy bank, I’ll die a little.”, double prices is played for two prizes (?!) (first four: Betty/Jim/Sally/Carol, games played: grocery game/any number/double prices) (MALINOVKSY)

-9/6/72: Bob Barker’s 2nd episode from 1972 with original commercials, retired game Bullseye I is played and lost by $3. (first four: Lillie/Doreen/Pauline/Dottie, pricing games played: Grocery Game/Bullseye I/Double prices) (LIGHTB)/(NORTHCAROLINA)

-9/8/72: Bob Barker’s 3rd episode with original commercials, (first four: Connie/Jerri/Irene/Fannie, games played: grocery game/bullseye I/double prices)/(PROGROCKTV)

-9/7/72: Bob Barker’s 4th episode with original commercials, Pearlene is rude, Bob doesn’t reveal ARP of second showcase for some reason (first four: Jenny/Sue/Pearlene/Lillian, games played: any number/bonus game/double prices) (MALINOVSKY)

-9/5/72: Bob Barker’s 5th episode, Boo-Boo is hilarious (first four: Boo-Boo/Jeannie/Lynne/Libby, games played: grocery game/Bullseye I/double prices (MALINOVSKY)/(PROGROCKTV)

-episode from 11/29/72, (first four: Debbie/Irene/Brenda/Vivica, games played: 5 price tags/grocery game/most expensive) (GAME) (NICKRJ)

-episode from 4/17/72, counter on the screen, not much difference in the prices on 5 price tags (less than $100 separates most expensive from least expensive), with original commercials (first four: Barbara/Terry/Ava/Jan, games played: grocery game/five price tags/range game) (DOWNS1)

-episode from 5/8/73, retired game double digits played (first four: Effie/Francis/Denise/Judy, games played: hi-lo/double digits/range game) (GAME) (BARKOW2)

-episode from 1973, any number exacta! Ruthie is fun (first four: Joe/Ruthie/Donna/Vicki, games played: any number/bonus game/clock game) (GAME)

-11/29/73, debut of now-retired Mystery Price game, Maryblye wins showcase with $10 difference, (first four: Penny/Maryblye/Denise/Lisa, games played: mystery price/any number/clock game) (GAME) (WYLIE)

-episode from February 1974, Are Bert Convy and Anitra Ford making out? Lots of mini errors from staff today (first four: Angela/Deborah/Gilda/Jeanne, games played: temptation/hi-lo/clock game) (GAME)

-episode recorded August 74, nervous contestants today, woman guesses $404 on IUFB…and she’s right! (first four: Sharon/Judy/Susie/Vicki, games played: hi-lo/money game/double prices) (GAME) (BARKOW1)

-from 09/74, retired game give or keep played (first four: Anne/Shauna/Jane/Linda, games played: lucky seven, give or keep, double prices) (GAME) (ABASJDS)

-Thanksgiving time episode from 1974: lots of great contestants today, horrible clock game player: she doesn’t win either prize (first four: Lydia/Neva/Audrey/John, games played: clock game/5 price tags/range game) (GAME) (NICKRJ)

-12/25/74, Christmastime episode with Dennis James subbing and Johnny Oleson playing Santa Claus and Christmas themed showcases, including a rare one where the contestant gets to go down and see their showcase up close. (games played: grocery game/any number/most expensive, first four: Betty/Karen/Cindy/Sheryl) (GAME) (MALINOVKSY)

-5/12/75, Dennis James hosts this nighttime episode and 3rd season premiere, four seasons showcase (first four: Carol/Rosalinda/Patti/Martha, games played: one right price/any number/grocery game) (Studio Master) (LIGHTC)

-episode from 5/23/75: Mary is a riot (first four: Mary/Cheryl/April/Sharon, games played: clock game/give or keep/any number) (CBS) (SPIVACK)

-8/19/75, golden road debuts! (first four: Kathy/Theresa/Edwina/Sandy, games played: hi-lo/most expensive/golden road) (DOWNS1)

-12/6/75, Guadalupe cries constantly and Bob runs from Pamela, who is a very hyper contestant (first four: Deborah/Guadalupe/Catherine/Pamela, games played: lucky seven/shell game/clock game/most expensive/card game/hi-lo) (GAME) (WYLIE)

-episode from 3/19/76, with Miss USA and future Sale of the Century hostess Summer Bartholomew in the audience, (first four: Carmella/Penny/Connie/Raynetta, games played: most expensive/three strikes/grocery game/danger price/5 price tags/double prices) (GAME) (ABASJDS)

-5/14/76, Janice: “this is your strife” showcase, Natalia has a bad day (first four: Patricia/Linda/Elaine/Natalia, games played: grocery game/three strikes/clock game/most expensive/danger price/five price tags) (GAME) (WISE10)

-9/15/77, Yolanda has a wardrobe malfunction in what is probably the most memorable game show moment ever, Theresa almost has a similar mishap. Debut of secret x and retired game hurdles played. (first four: Susan/Yolanda/Janice/Betty, games played: clock game/secret x/any number/double prices/ten chances/hurdles.) (GAME) (LIGHT1)

-11/14/77, debut and one of only a very few playings of Professor Price, the only pricing game to require general trivia knowledge to win and not allow help from audience. The set goes haywire upon its win. Perfect game with 3 cars won in the pricing games (first four: Pamela/Kathleen/Clifton/Alice, games played: bonus game/poker game/Professor Price/double prices/any number/grocery game) (GAME) (LIGHT1)

-episode appears to be from late 1977, Janice smashes her 2nd of 3 cars. Bob is in great form today as he has suspenseful reveals and great dialogue with the contestants (first four: Sheryl//Mimi/Michelle/Constance, games played: dice game/secret x/race game/card game/hurdles/double prices) (GAME) (SMALLCASE)

-3/12/80, nighttime version episode from 1980 (first four: Kenneth/Debra/Alda/Kelli, games played: Money game/cliffhangers/one right price) (WYLIE)/(LIGHT5)/(LIGHTC)(ALDRIDGE2).

-episode from 6/2/1980, Vanna White is a contestant, who stays down in contestant’s row for the entire hour, Bob tells her during the last IUFB that she isn’t paying attention because she keeps looking at herself in the monitor (first four: Michelle/Richard/Bertha/Vanna White, games played: hi-lo/lucky seven/poker game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/money game/cliffhangers) (GAME) (ABASJDS)

-9/15?/80, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA. grocery game cash register is broken, fur coat offered, (first four: Karen/Jessi/Greta/Gilda, games played: Range game/poker game/punch-a-bunch/one right price/ten chances/grocery game) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-11/3/80, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA. Caribbean cruise prize offered but it has a French Riviera banner on it, home viewer showcase “showcase of the future” is offered and some nice acting by the models, bob is pretty mean to Willie, 2 1k winners on wheel, overall excellent quality but some issues toward end of episode (first four: Linda/Donna/John/Jeanne, games played: switcheroo/double prices/take two/clock game/hurdles/any number) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE1)

-11/14/80, in a classic moment, Pauline chases Bob all around the stage after becoming the first 10k winner on the Grand Game (first four: Jesus/Cindy/Deborah/Phyllis, games played: shell game/danger price/dice game/most expensive/grand game/range game (GAME) (BARKOW1)

-episode from 1981, premiere of superball, lots of agonizing close calls today, Dian has turntable trouble, money game exacta (first four: Darren/Kathleen/Gracie/Brenda, games played: danger price/hole in one/clock game/squeeze play/superball/money game) (GAME) (WISE2)

-episode from 1981, man changes number in temptation…and PAYS for it, weird bidding in IUFB2, a clock game skunk (first four: Jennifer/Keith/Valerie/Kathleen, games played: temptation/clock game/cliffhangers/most expensive/hit me/money game) (GAME)

-episode from 1981, my favorite episode that I’ve seen: Double showcase winner: he was off by only $4, 3 way spinoff at second showcase showdown, and then the wheel gives away money, mountain climber falls off but she won! Barker’s Bargain bar and cliffhangers have technical difficulties. Bob has lots of great banter with the models today and gets a standing ovation for making his first putt in a long time. Roger Dobkowitz makes an on-screen appearance (first four: Susan/Carol/Grace/Lillian, games played: Barker’s bargain bar/race game/hole in one/safecrackers/3 strikes/cliffhangers) (GAME) (NICKRJ)

-episode from 1981, Diane accidentally grabs someone’s purse on the way down to contestant’s row, Bob gets booed while feigning illness during hole in one putt, all 4 in contestant’s row get booed when they all overbid, Bob goes to the wrong door on the way to a pricing game, Bob has funny conversations with Starlet whose last name is Smelly, Crabby Hallstrom showcase (first four: Diane/Starlet/Christine/Laura, games played: safecrackers/hole in one/danger price/squeeze play/give or keep/money game) (GAME) (PENNSYLVANIA)

-3/16/81, with original commercials from Boston, MA. fur coat won (First four: Sally/Gustava/Mary/Cindi Li, games played: shell game, ten chances, squeeze play, danger price, money game, bullseye) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-episode from 4/1/81, April Fool’s pranks, Bob’s first entrance from the back (first four: Deanne/Hersley/Linda/Sally, games played: temptation/danger price/cliffhangers/double prices/hit me/any number) (GAME) (WISE1)

-4/22/81, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA (first four: Anges/Helen/Lydia/Keely, games played: danger price/hole in one/Barker’s Bargain Bar/clock game/card game/give or keep) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-episode from 1981, episode starts off weird with Bob making an error during first IUFB, then car comes out while Bob is talking to the contestant during first PG, Christine has to go to the bathroom and Bob warns her not to become the next to have a Yolanda moment, missing a few seconds here and there (first four: Sandra/Brenda/Dereck/Mary Kay, games played: lucky seven/most expensive/bullseye/clock game/give or keep/money game) (GAME) (MISSOURI4)

-episode from 1981, Joanne wins 3 cars, TPIR models and cheerleaders showcase, retired game it’s optional played (first four: Carol/Carolyn/Joanne/Ralph, games played: give or keep/it’s optional/safe crackers/double prices/grocery game/any number (GAME) (MISSOURI4) / (BARKOW2)

-9/11/81, final episode from 10th season premiere week.(first four: Luz, Bonnie, Loretta, Diana, games played: any number, hit me, most expensive, race game, dice game, shell game) (GAME) (WYLIE)

-10/16/81, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA. the models are a bit revealing in this episode, Rajinder becomes one of the biggest all time champs at this point with $27,456, with original commercials (first four: Diane/Mary/Edwin/Julie, games played: lucky seven/danger price/punch-a-bunch/most expensive/ten chances/bullseye) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-episode from 1982, Bob can’t talk today, Bob forgets to have Johnny read descriptions on products during check-out game, then it malfunctions. We learn everyone’s middle name around pricing game four, (first four: Barbara/Terri/Richard/Rebecca, games played: double prices/check-out/dice game/safecrackers/five price tags/check game (GAME) (PENNSYLVANIA)

-episode from 1982, 2 1k winners on the wheel and a $1 bid on showcase (first four: Sherry/Betty/Anna/Helen, games played: clock game/temptation/trader Bob/squeeze play/penny ante/it’s optional) (GAME) (MALINOVKSY)

-6/1/82, squeeze play malfunctions again (first four: Laurie/Elanor/Bradley/Marilyn, games played: Barker’s Bargain Bar/ten chances/hit me/squeeze play/switcheroo/double prices) (GAME)

-episode recorded June 82 (first four: Sharon/Dudley/Imogene/Barbara, games played: temptation/squeeze play/pick-a-pair/poker game/switcheroo/range game) (GAME) (WYLIE)

-9/6/82, 11th season premiere and retired game Trader Bob played, one right price played for a car (first four: Kari/Donna/Kelly/Yvonna, games played: blank check/double prices/Trader Bob/clock game/ten chances/penny ante (GAME) (WYLIE)

-episode from 1982, ouch! Card game loss by $15. Bob and Frances rub noses, Bob interrupts John and Dian tells Bob to shh!, Bob & Frances predict a loss on Trader Bob and they’re both right, exceedingly close range game win, contestant bids $1 on a showcase as she thinks other player went over, she couldn’t have been more wrong…double showcase win, she was off by only $9 (first four: Pearl/Harold/Patricia/Catherine, games played: card game/trader Bob/range game/race game/ten chances/penny ante) (GAME) (MISSOURI3)

-episode from 10/6/82 1982 with Bill Cullen on to promote Child’s Play. (first four: Patricia/Janice/Alberto/Velma, games played: safe crackers/hole in one/one right price/poker game/cliffhangers/money game) (GAME) (LIGHT1)

-12/24/82, Bob is wearing a holiday suit, great contestants today, very quick three strikes loss, showcases feature Johnny Olsen sitting by a Christmas three telling stories (first four: Kimberly/Sheldon/Karen/Joretta, games played: lucky seven/safecrackers/punch-a-bunch/take two/three strikes/bullseye) (GAME) (WISE)

-1/3/83, plinko debuts!, with a very different set. Bob says it’s an immediate hit. Loretta has black eyes, Rosco gets applause for his physique, there’s a wheelie and Bob jokes that someone was spun under the wheel on one occasion (first four: Judy/Susan/Barbara/Loretta, games played: any number/plinko/most expensive/poker game/three strikes/pick-a-pair) (GAME) (MISSOURI3)

-episode from 1/14/83, a pink take two board?! Reveal in five price tags says it’s a loss, but it’s actually a win as Bob accidentally pulled the win sign off (first four: Rebecca/Lillian/Michelle/Donna, games played: golden road/squeeze play/grand game/take two/five price tags/range game) (GAME) (MISSOURI3)

-episode from 4/12/83 with original commercials from New York City, NY, Johnny Olesen gets a kiss, Holly trips modeling a greenhouse, and later has trouble putting together a boat with Janice, Robin encounters all sorts of bad luck, some disc issues around pricing game four (first four: Jacinta/Tina/Maryanne/Glenda, games played: blank check/one right price/hole in one/danger price/bonus game/three strikes (CBS) (LIGHT2)

-episode from 1983 with retired game phone home game played, Obi-wan Kenobli showcase (first four: Deborah/Maria/Glenda/Christine, games played: safe crackers, switcheroo/danger price/squeeze play/walk of fame/hi-lo (GAME) (LIGHT2)

-episode from 1983, Bob admires Carla’s outfit of legwarmers and a miniskirt, perfect playing of penny ante (first four: Andre/Linda/Beverly/Deborah, games played: safecrackers/any number/trader Bob/danger price/penny ante/card game (GAME)

-episode from 1983, Jeffrey gives the wheel a one handed spin, one of the products in grand game is missing its description sign (first four: Theresa/Carol/Jeffrey/Deborah, games played: temptation/shell game/double prices/race game/money game/grand game) (GAME) (MISSOURI4)

-9/12/83, 12th season premiere and debut of the phone home game. Another retired game, bonus game, is played. 2 1k winners in first showcase showdown, time capsule showcase (first four: Deborah/Suzanne/Dolores/Marvin, games played: range game, danger price, phone home game, Barker’s Bargain Bar, bonus game, card game) (WYLIE)

-9/13/83, (first four: Barbara/Maryanne/Diane/Cynthia, games played: lucky seven/punch-a-bunch/race game/one right price/dice game/now or then (GAME) (WYLIE)

-9/14/83, time constraints have Bob a bit cranky today (phone home game playing and lengthy showcase showdowns), keys showcase & Main Street showcase (first four: Cynthia/Steven/Sandra/Constance, games played: safe crackers/phone home game/most expensive/three strikes/cliff hangers/money game) (GAME) (WYLIE)

-9/15/83, Priscilla becomes one of the shows biggest winners at this point, including a 22k+ Corvette win in the Golden Road, Johnny the Roving Reporter showcase and department store/elevator showcase (first four: Lillian/Rebecca/Viola/Priscilla, games played: golden road/double prices/pick-a-pair/clock game/ plinko/poker game (GAME) (WYLIE)

-9/16/83, final day of Premiere week for 12th season and phone home game played (first four: Judith/Robert/Elizabeth/Willa, games played: squeeze play/Barker’s Bargain Bar/phone home game/take two/any number/ secret X) (GAME) (WYLIE) (ALDRIDGE6)

-11/2/83, double showcase win ($21 off), Holly has a run-in with a freezer, Toni’s constant confusion gets her a lot of screen time, which causes Bob to make several sarcastic and hilarious remarks (first four: Scot/Toni/Linda/Cynthia, games played: master key/take two/most expensive/safe crackers/any number/hit me (GAME) (WYLIE)

-episode from 1983, with original commercials from Los Angeles, CA, models sing happy birthday to Bob, hysterical playing of phone home game (first four: Jack/Judy/Angela/Cathy, games played: most expensive/phone home game/poker game/safecrackers/money game/cliffhangers (CBS) (LIGHT3)

-episode from Christmastime 1983, quality is shaky, give or keep won by $1, ouch!: three strikes skunk (no numbers pulled) home viewer showcase (nice one too), squeeze play played for a car, Olsen family tree showcase part two (first four: Rosemarie/David/Elvira/Jennie, games played: give or keep/walk of fame/three strikes/safecrackers/squeeze play/penny ante) (GAME) (WISE11)

-12/23/83, Christmastime episode with a perfect show, Trader Bob goof, suspenseful reveal on temptation as last digit takes a long time to reveal (first four: Karen/Heather/Doris/Chauncey, games played: temptation/trader Bob/double prices/take two/dice game/now or then) (GAME) (BARKOW2)

-episode from 1/10/84, where is Susan? Susan takes an eternity to come on down, Bob gets even, moans from the audience means…check game, a plant gets in Dian’s way while modeling a prize, Bob with a great quote: “The couple that watches Bob Barker together, stays together”, woman wishes for money during the big wheel so she can see her relatives…and gets it! (first four: Janey/Luma/John/Susan, games played: check game/danger price/hole in one/double prices/bonus game/card game) (GAME) (MISSOURI4)

-episode from 1984, the retired Phone Home Game is played and Ada and Betty have a hilarious and big win. Clock game played for a car. (first four: Cynthia/Julia/Barry/Kristine, games played: clock game/danger price/phone home game/double prices/switcheroo/range game (GAME) (ABASJDS)

-episode from 1984 with original commercials from Charleston, WV. retired game on the nose – baseball version – debuts and is won, Bob does the inspiration throw (?!) and gets booed when he misses and blames it on his foot slipping on the carpet, we are hot today: 5 games won and two perfect bids in contestant’s row, quality of this episode is meh (first four: Alexx/Tammy/Patricia/Donna, games played: shell game/on the nose/squeeze play/poker game/Barkers’ bargain bar/grand game (CBS) (BARKOW4)

-episode from 11/28/84, retired game on the nose (tennis version) played, perfect playing of penny ante, meh quality (first four: Trancle/Margie/Francine/Laurie, games played: Barker’s Bargain Bar/on the nose (tennis)/trader bob/range game/money game/penny ante) (SMALLCASE)

-2/1/84, episode with Betty as a hilarious, excited contestant, Cynthia totally botches the Secret X game (first four: Rosa/Beth/Dolores/Kathleen, games played: range game/clock game/hole in one/Barker’s bargain bar/secret X/money game) (GAME) (WYLIE)

-2/11/84, episode with Hayloft Ethel and Patricia’s knees won’t stop knocking (First four: Phyllis/Deborah/Robert Denise, games played: lucky seven/hit me/safecrackers/take two/master key/one right price (GAME) (WYLIE)

-episode from 1984, the doors get stuck while Bob makes his entrance and he has to push them open, he doesn’t comment on it. Contestant confusion and audience moans can only mean one thing…it’s check game! Janice forgets to come out and model for PG3 (she was watching the show in back) (first four: Helene/Kathy/Camilla/Gary, games played: most expensive/check game/phone home game/squeeze play/cliffhangers/dice game) (SKINNER4)

-episode from Christmastime 1984: exceedingly close clock game win, pregnant woman wins race game in 9 seconds (I believe tying the record), wrong product description read at plinko (first four: Cynthia/Diane/Anna/Sherry, games played: double prices/clock game/hole in one/race game/squeeze play/plinko) (GAME)

-Christmastime episode from 1984, retired game walk of fame played, Bob asks the models what they want for Christmas, $1 bids doing well today, Bob goofs on pick-a-pair leading to an easy win for the contestant, extended showcase showdown leads to a funny remark from Bob (first four: Edward/Carol/Christine/Leann, games played: check game/one right price/master key/walk of fame/money game/pick-a-pair) (GAME) (SMALLCASE)

-episode from 1985: double showcase win! Same guy also had an exceedingly close range game win. Some exciting showcase showdowns too: first one has a couple of agonizing close calls on the wheel, second features a 3 way spin-off…then a 1k winner. Retired game on the nose – football version played, Bob cuts off Johnny (first four: Cathy/Ann/Stephanie/William, games played: bonus game/on the nose/range game/most expensive/money game/hi-lo (GAME) (NICKRJ)

nighttime episodes (Tom Kennedy)
-9/5/85, Tom Kennedy nighttime premiere, ultimate spy showcase (first four: Lisa/Vicki/Katherine/Brett, games played: lucky seven/grocery game/danger price) (GAME) (LIGHTE)
-episode recorded 3/85 with range game played for season tickets for 2 to all 4 Los Angeles sports teams and every room in the house showcase (first four: Lorraine/Robert/Karen/Laurie, games played: money game/pick-a-pair, race game) (GAME) (LIGHTC)
-episode recorded 4/85, a train wreck of a playing of one away (first four: Theresa/John/Brenda/Nina, games played: shell game/one away/one right price) (GAME) (PINKMEMOREX)
-episode recorded in April 85, (first four: Marion/Paula/Gregory/Alicia, games played: any number/take two/grand game) (GAME) (WHITE)/(SKINNER4)
-episode recorded in April 85, (first four: Dennis/Laura/Wanda/Maria, games played: squeeze play/race game/grand game) (GAME) (WHITE)/(SKINNER9)
-episode recorded in April 85, agonizing plinko play: four consecutive $0’s and the chips get stuck so many times that Dian sits down mid-way on the stairs, salvaged on the last chip with 5k (first four: Janet/Judy/Brian/Kathleen, games played: double prices/plinko/danger price) (GAME) (WHITE)/(SKINNER8)
-episode recorded May 85, (first four: Monika/Larry/Marilyn/Theresa, games played: lucky seven/secret x/squeeze play) (GAME) (SKINNER5)
-episode recorded May 85, (first four:Julie/Michael/Faye/Aquanetta, games played: three strikes/grand game/clock game) (GAME) (PINKMEMOREX)
-episode recorded August 85, (first four: Marilyn/Kimberly/Secorro/Robert, games played: lucky seven/clock game/secret x) (GAME) (PINKSONY)
-episode recorded September 85, (first four: Stella/Robin/Lisa/Ardelle, games played: money game/pick-a-pair/race game) (PINKSONY)
-episode recorded in October 85 (first four: Julie/Richard/Mary/Frank, games played: grocery game/one away/take two) (GAME) (PURPLESONY)
-episode: (first four: Irene/Mary/Wayne/Linette, games played: golden road/hi-lo/double prices) (GAME) (PINKSONY)/(SKINNER7)
-episode: (first four: Julia/Gary/Lucy/Carolyn, games played: any number/pick-a-pair/safecrackers) (PINKSONY)
-episode with the first ever perfect Switcheroo playing (first four: Maryann/Robin/Lisa/Patricia, games played: switcheroo/danger price/range game (GAME) (PURPLESONY)
-episode with an appearance by the TPIR Tugboat (?!) (first four: Cynthia/Richard/Roberta/Wanda, games played: lucky seven/shell game/one right price) (GAME) (PURPLESONY)
-episode with treasure map showcase (first four: Roberta/Patricia/David/Bonnie, games played: money game/most expensive/shell game) (GAME) (LIGHTF)
-episode from October 85 with Gene Woods on the announce position and Janice spends a night at home showcase (first four: Leslie/Mona/Pauline/Julia, games played: cliffhangers/squeeze play/race game (GAME) (LIGHTF)
-episode with around the world showcase and models bribe teacher Johnny Olesen showcase (first four: Paula/Jacklynn/Robert/Candace, games played: any number/pick-a-pair/range game) (GAME) (LIGHTC)
-episode recorded 6/85 with Camp Bel-air showcase (first four: Christopher/Clarence/Robin/Patricia, games played: money game, plinko, most expensive) (GAME) (LIGHTE)
-episode recorded October 85 with unforgettable prizes showcase (nice one), (first four: James/Donna/Robert/Sarita, games played: punch-a-bunch/three strikes/most expensive (GAME) (SKINNER3)
-episode with Roxanne totally botching the grand game and Mr. Vacation showcase (first four: Paul/Lucy/Carol/Roxanne, games played: grand game/any number/double prices) (GAME) (LIGHTE)
-episode with Tom making various errors (games played: any number/grand game/one right price, first four: Mary/Richard/Nina/Mcrina) (GAME) (MALINOVSKY)
-2/1/86, this is a strange episode with Holly dressed up as a mouse to model a grandfather clock, and Tom calling the audience a bad audience. (first four: Denise/Deena/Charlie/Mandy, games played: dice game/danger price/cliffhangers) (GAME) (KENNETH)
-episode with an instantaneous danger price loss (first four: Jody/Jacqueline/Scott/Karen, games played: danger price/lucky seven/grocery game) (GAME) (SKINNER6)
-episode recorded February 86, (first four: Joy/Susan/Karen/Leland, games played: race game/money game/safecrackers) (GAME) (PURPLESONY)
-episode with race game malfunctioning, leading to an automatic win for the contestant (first four: George/Dawn/Regina/Harry, games played: range game/grand game/race game) (GAME) (SKINNER3)
-episode with original commercials from Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (first four: Patricia/Marilyn/Linda/Ronald, games played: safecrackers/switcheroo/one right price (CBS) (PINKMEMOREX)
-finale, meh quality (first four: Holly/Jeannie/James/Elizabeth, games played: golden road/cliffhangers/double prices) (PINKMEMOREX)

-episode from 1985, CBS airing, shaky quality, Gene Woods announces, Christmas wishes showcase (home viewer showcase, nice one too), dice game contestant rolls all sixes for an easy win, odds of that happening: 1:1,296 (first four: Lana/Adrian/Phyllis/Clarence, games played: grocery game/one right price/dice game/Barker’s bargain bar/secret x/money game) (CBS) (WISE11)

-1/10/86, Rich Jeffries announces, Bob Eubanks cameo to promote Card Sharks, one of the more popular retired games, Bump, is played. (first four: Maria/Bryan/Alice/Collette, games played: bump/hit me/temptation/safe crackers, cliffhangers, dice game) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-Prime Time special #1 from 8/14/86, (first four: Donnette/Mary/Douglas/Rosalinda, games played: most expensive/one away/plinko/clock game/hole in one/take two) (GAME) (SKINNER8)/(MCLINN)

-9/8/86, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA 15th season premiere with special appearance by creator & owner Mark Goodson, who donates $5,000 to Bob’s widow’s charity, Ralph gets booed constantly, (first four: Lawrence/Toletha/Ralph/Teri, games played: safe crackers/any number/grand game/clock game/double prices/switcheroo) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-Prime Time special # 2, lucky seven goof as the wrong door reveals, leading to a much easier win. Bob and Rod are in tuxes, TPIR gives away a ton of loot today, 10k in both grand game and punch-a-bunch, and 3 cars including a Lincoln Continental and a Firebird, range game can’t be restarted for a day and a half this time (first four: Suzanne/Graham/Anne/Keith, games played: lucky seven/race game/grand game/range game/punch-a-bunch/any number (GAME) (SKINNER9)

-Prime Time special # 3, money game played for a sailboat (kind of weird to see a picture of a sailboat on there. Contestant uses the old front and back strategy, deemed ‘bow and stern’ strategy by Bob), first time contestant punches the four corners in punchboard (that’s how I’ve always wanted to do it), Thelma attacks Bob after winning 11k on wheel, around the world showcase and new kitchen/dining room/living room and motor home showcase, quality of episode is meh (first four: Wendell/Karen/Virginia/Velma, games played: clock game/hole in one/money game/race game/punch-a-bunch/one away) (SKINNER9)

-9/11/86, special # 5, Bob is wearing a tuxedo, Mariella faints after winning two convertibles and a Caribbean cruise in the showcase, retired game Superball played (first four: Carol/Jeffrey/Janice/Joseph, games played: any number/superball/most expensive/grand game/race game/shell game) (WYLIE)

-Prime Time special #6, Emma is hilarious when she wins her way on stage, Tracy wins 6k on wheel and 1k as a bonus on clock game, both showcases have 5 prizes for the 5 senses (first four: Donna/Gloria/Emma/Gayle, games played: superball/money game/danger price/plinko/one away/clock game) (GAME) (SKINNER8)

-episode from 10/86, Rod’s first day as permanent announcer (unannounced), we are hot today: 5 of 6 games won, the one lost game was temptation and while she didn’t win the car, she won the gifts, and then she won 11k on the wheel, and then she became the biggest all-time winner on the show, winning a Jaguar in the showcase and with a grand total of $54,772! Temptation troubles: Dian has to rip off a price tag and Jan has trouble bringing out the a/v center. Rod is wearing headphones here (first four: Gerri/Steven/Barbara/Wendy, games played: master key/one right price/take two/clock game/temptation/bullseye) (SKINNER7)

-1986 episode: pristine quality with some original commercials from Boston, MA. most of episode (missing showcases, though) with some original commercials, range game can’t be restarted for 2 and a half days this time, a good day as everyone wins at least something in their pricing games (first four: Shelly/Charles/MaryBeth/Maureen, games played: master key/range game/race game/most expensive/one away/grocery game) (CBS)

-3/27/87, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA TPIR becomes longest running consecutively network daytime game show in television history, special appearance by owner & creator Mark Goodson, Holly & Dian escort Bob for his entrance (first four: Wayne/Gail/Jack/Dena, games played: temptation/plinko/clock game/double prices/pick-a-pair/range game) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-10/14/87, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA. Bob's last dark hair day with original commercials, photo album showcase and air, sea & land showcase (first four: Julie/Michael/Angela/Jeanene, games played: lucky seven/check-out, poker game/double prices/temptation/plinko (CBS) (WYLIE)

-10/15/87, pristine quality with original commercials from Boston, MA. Bob’s first grey hair day, Phyllis is horrible at everything, but managers to win her way on stage and the showcase, old school pick-a-pair played with the Ferris Wheel of items, TPIR compass showcase (first four: Phyllis/Natalie/William/Sherry, games played: most expensive/3 strikes/punch-a-bunch, take two, pick-a-pair, any number) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-episode from 1988 with original commercials from New York City, NY: 17th season premiere (first four: Lavon/Tori/Robert/Donna, games played: golden road/now or then/one right price/take two/bonus game/three strikes) (CBS) (LIGHT3) (ALDRIDGE3)

-9/15/88, spelling bee debuts, race game won in 11 seconds, tying the record, Martin is funny, contestant blames PG loss on audience (first four: Greta/Martin/Timothy/Paula, games played: spelling bee/range game/race game/Barker’s Bargain bar/add ‘em up/grand game) (SKINNER4)

-episode from 9/12/88 with original commercials from Milwaukee, WI, home viewer showcase Santa’s workshop is shown, audience is rowdy today, 2 1k winners on wheel (first four: Brent/Carol/Cynthia/Bruce, games played: five price tags/clock game/ danger price/Barker’s bargain bar/squeeze play/penny ante (CBS) (SKINNER4)

-12/16/88, with original commercials from Los Angeles, CA. Rod has 2 very embarrassing flubs right at the start, in one of those very weird circumstances, the only game lost today is bullseye, 2 1k winners on wheel, Bob calls winner of Christmas Home Viewer showcase (first four: Michael/Margarita/June/Dorothy, games played: Barker’s Bargain Bar/dice game/bullseye/most expensive/three strikes/secret x) (CBS) (ORANGEMEMOREX)

-12/21/88, with original commercials from Los Angeles, CA. Bob mentions his trouble with Somoans, ending clipped a tad but showcase winner is revealed (first four: Willamina/Denise/Joseph/Ashley, games played: bump/range game/master key/clock game/three strikes/checkout) (CBS) (ORANGEMEMOREX)

-episode from 1988, retired game add ‘em up played, Thomas is a grocery store worker and wins penny ante without any mistakes (first four: Janet/Thomas/Juanita/Joseph, games played: most expensive/plinko/add ‘em up/take two/penny ante/any number (GAME) (BARKOW4)

-3/3/89, TPIR staffer blunders lead to Sandra winning 10k at punch-a-bunch by default, and Imogene winning a car on one away by default, Johnathan is horrible at pricing things on hole in one, but manages to win from furthest back line (first four: Samuel/Marena/Johnathan/Janice, games played: bump/hole in one/poker game/double prices/punch-a-bunch/one away) (CBS) (WYLIE)

-3/6/89, several great contestants today (Nigel, Janet and Winsome), Nigel looks at his bid in contestant’s row to make sure they got it correct, Janet is a teacher playing hooky and plays the race game in high heels, 11k won on wheel, the 2 smaller prizes on master key are not described, close range game win (first four: Janet/Dena/Anthony/Denise, games played: bullseye/lucky seven/squeeze play/race game/master key/range game) (GAME) (MISSOURI1)

-episode from April 1989 with original commercials from Milwaukee, WI. Money game gets groans again, Catherine is a fun contestant, staffers make a last minute change so that woman has a chance to win car themed bunk beds for her two young sons and she wins them, everybody wants to greet Bob before winning their way up on stage today, check came confusion (what else is new?)…and a loss by $5, newsbreak reports funeral locations for Lucille Ball (first four: Amy/Robert/Rhonda/Karen, games played: money game/hi-lo/credit card/one right price/five price tags/check game) (CBS)

-episode from 1989 with original commercials from Milwaukee, WI: Bob makes a mistake in pathfinder, Janice has much trouble with a trash compactor, great winning celebration on lucky seven, 4 seasons showcase (first four: Gloria/Robert/Denise/Elisio, games played: one right price/pathfinder/make your move/Barker’s Bargain Bar/hit me/lucky seven) (CBS)

-9/11/89, 18th season premiere with original commercials from Charleston, WV. Bob comes out with Holly and Dian, make your move debuts, Bob has a funny conversation with Arthur before IUFB5 (first four: Kathleen/Darrell/Diane/Harry, games played: make your move/plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar/double prices/three strikes/grocery game) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE3)

-episode from 1990:. TPIR gives away a boatload today: both showcases awarded to respective players due to pricing error, 49k+ Jaguar won on golden road, 10k on Grand Game and 1k on the wheel, Holly has minor trouble with a trash compactor, and Dian has trouble opening the safecrackers door (first four: Carmen/Noelle/Susan/Carlos, games played: golden goad/clock game/grand game/safecrackers/dice game/give or keep) (CBS) (MCNAMEE)/(SKINNER5)

-9/10/90, 19th season premiere, debut of retired game Gallery Game, golden road played for a Cadillac convertible, then the most expensive prize ever offered on the show at 57k+ (first four: Angela/Mary/Rex/Sally, games played: golden road/plinko/gallery game/Barker’s bargain bar/dice game/bullseye (CBS) (LIGHT4)

-episode from late 1990, $1 bid on a showcase (first four: Donald/Christine/Reva/Mia, games played: squeeze play/grand game/one away/2 for the price of 1/pathfinder/gallery game) (CBS) (BARKOW3)

-Christmastime episode from 1990, Kathleen is announced as a permanent Barker’s Beauty (first four: Casey/Sherri/Vincent/Mae, games played: squeeze play/grand game/one away/clock game/pathfinder/make your move) (GAME) (WISE10)

-12/3/91, 1st Samoan Bob had trouble with is in the audience, immediate danger price loss from a moronic contestant, Travis is a fun contestant, a rare triple overbid on IUFB6, bad audience scares Edie away from an excellent showcase bid on 2 trucks, but she wins anyways (first four: Travis/Maryanne/Marjorie/Pamela, games played: danger price/plinko/one away/Barker’s Bargain bar/super saver/dice game) (CBS)

-episode from 1991, John wins big: a Cadillac in one away and a corvette in the showcase, over 65k in prizes, Mariana walks up to meet Bob immediately after being told to come on down, Renee gives Bob a necktie, instantaneous loss on grocery game, Kathleen and Holly have trouble getting the tarps off some jet skis and Holly falls down (first four: Emily/Susan/Renee/John, games played: one away/one right price/grocery game/squeeze play/lucky seven/plinko) (GAME) (MISSOURI1)

-episode from 1991, grocery game has the shell game banner (first four: Michael/Kim/Katherine/Illuminada, games played: spelling bee/Barker’s bargain bar/gallery game/clock game/one away/grocery game) (CBS) (SKINNER5)

-episode circa 1991 (first four: Kimberly/Gwendolyn/Lloyd/Tiffini, games played: Barker’s bargain bar/punch-a-bunch/temptation/take two/lucky seven/hit me) (CBS) (SKINNER1)

-9/9/91, 20th season premiere, debut of swap meet, flashbacks feature Janice’s run-in with a freezer and Aileen fainting after winning a showcase, Mark Goodson appearance, amazing Cliffhangers win, extended 2nd showcase showdown features Bob getting embarrassed…twice, a spin-off and a 1k win (first four: Andrew/Kelly/Francis/Manuel, games played: three strikes/swap meet/grand game/Barker’s bargain bar/cliffhangers/double prices (GAME) (LIGHT5)

-9/10/91, 2nd episode of 20th year celebration week, Bob remembers Johnny Olsen and Rod has a touching memory of him (first four: Julie/Matthew/Cheryl/Laura, games played: most expensive/plinko/lucky seven/squeeze play/pick-a-pair/money game) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE4)

-9/11/91, 3rd episode of 20th year celebration week. Pristine quality. Some great players today: one away exacta and grocery game won in one purchase. (first four: Stephanie/Ronald/Jenna/Carlton, games played: one away/one right price/secret x/range game/dice game/grocery game) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE5)

-9/12/91, 4th episode of 20th year celebration week, with original commercials, Angela has rotten luck on the wheel (first four: Stacy/Maria/Christopher/Lisa, games played: safecrackers/switcheroo/double prices/bump/hi-lo/make your move) (CBS) (ALDIDGE6)

-9/13/91, 5th episode of 20th year celebration, agonizing check game loss, clips of previous shows, Eunice is funny, Margaret is afraid to look at wheel but she gets the dollar, wheel gives away money several times today (first four: Margaret/Marbolosa/Laura/Helen, games played: check game/punch-a-bunch/any number/two for the price of one/squeeze play/penny ante) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE7)

-episode from 9/17/91, premiere of new money game set, George is a hilarious contestant who finally comes on down on his 44th taping: he gets a $100 bonus for perfect bid, (great line: “Those are MY encyclopedias, Bob”) (first four: Stephen/Charles/Jennifer/Tamiko, games played: superball/Barker’s bargain bar/money game/make your move/pick-a-pair/any number) (GAME) (MISSOURI2)

-2/25/92, half hour episode. Pick-a-number played for a car, $1 bid on a showcase pays off…barely (first four: Emma/Alissa/Roger/Michael, games played: lucky seven/cliffhangers/pick-a-number) (CBS) (LIGHT2)

-5/26/92, with original commercials, special appearance by Carol Burnett!, perfect bid of $623, Bob interrupts Rod, plinko wand is missing today (first four: Scott/Patricia/Jason/Daniel, games played: most expensive/ten chances/plinko/one right price/three strikes/hit me) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE7)

-9/23/92, Only perfect superball playing in its entire 17 year history, an agonizing dice game loss is the only loss in this otherwise perfect show (first four: Elaine/Terry/Diane/Maureen, games played: superball/check game/dice game/one right price/any number/penny ante) (CBS) (LIGHT4)

-11/19/92, some weird come on downs as Thomas almost trips and Rod tells Karina to hurry up, ugly cars today, 6k won on wheel (first four: Kimberly/Kevin/Lupe/Jennifer, games played: superball/switch?/lucky seven/squeeze play/check-out/money game) (CBS)

-10/30/92, mediocre quality. Make your move played for a car, John suffers one of those annoying secret x losses, then has an agonizing close call on the wheel, and then there’s another one. (first four: Eric/Danita/Michelle/John, games played: make your move/grand game/check game/buy or sell/secret x/card game) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-2/11/93, Pathfinder exacta!, another agonizing check game loss, 6k won on wheel, close difference in showcases (first four: Micahel/Beverly/Tracy/Claudia, games played: safecrackers/pathfinder/buy or sell/check game/dice game/penny ante) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE8)

-4/14/93, this would be the infamous crocodile dentist episode. Bob gets flowers from someone in the audience. Models are wearing matching sparkly gold outfits today. (first four: Greg/Kisha/Denise/Jane, games played: credit card/pick-a-number/pathfinder/Barker’s bargain bar/hit me/lucky seven) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-episode from 1993, a switcheroo record: first player to go from zero right to five right, squeeze play malfunctions again and Bob has to karate kick the sign, immediate grocery game loss (first four: Juan/Angela/Christopher/Robin, games played: safecrackers/switcheroo/magic number/squeeze play/grocery game/one away) (CBS) (SKINNER1)

-10/19/93, a contestant named General Mills, unkown model, funny episode, check-out malfunctions (first four: Dawn/Cathy/Brian/Darilyn, games played: safecracker/money game/race game/pathfinder/pick-a-number) (CBS)

-11/8/93, major: Jana gets a dollar on the wheel in a combination of two spins, but Bob miscalculates it as 95 cents, no correction made on episode. On screen appearance of Roger Dobkowitz, come from behind cliffhangers win, Trisha is modeling here and gets applause for wearing nothing but a towel, day was going along good: 5/6 games won, until a double overbid on showcases (first four: Vicki/Jana/Shirley/Elizabeth, games played: supersaver/ten chances/magic number/squeeze play/cliffhangers/cover up) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-11/30/93, I believe this is one of Dian’s last appearances, wild contestants today, 3 1k winners at the wheel, another wins 5k in bonus spin, penny ante played for a car, on camera appearance by Fingers Greco, contestant takes $2500 on spelling bee, but would have won the car…twice over. Ouch! Models as lawbreakers showcase (first four: Eileen/Amanda/Arturo/Robert, games played: spelling bee/magic number/take two/dice game/pick-a-number/penny ante) (CBS) (TEMTATION)

-1/20/94, Samoan contestant, but it’s a male, so Bob is o.k., more mishaps for Holly as she falls off a treadmill in Danger Price, then the button doesn’t work, Holly does inspiration putt in hole in one, Mindy is a model this week (first four: Hector/Nakia/Patrick/Alaiban, games played: safecrackers/hole in one/double prices/danger price/plinko/money game) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-1/21/94, lots of stuff to report here: Bob is wearing a black suit with pinstripes, horrible clock game contestant (guesses $50 on a baker’s rack, then moves up in $10 increments, he goes through all 30 seconds without winning first prize), range game can’t be started again for 33 hours this time instead of 37, close win on that game too, a rarity in contestant’s row: all male on 2 occasions, Holly gets applause, Eric is a great hyper contestant, winning showcase contestant does spayed and neuter plug (first four: Jason/Cherrelle/Brenda/Chia, games played: five price tags/clock game/range game/most expensive/temptation/hit me) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-1/24/94, Racquel has no idea how to play cover up, but wins anyway (first four: Freddie/Racquel/Richard/Leo, cover up/grocery game/credit card/squeeze play/switcheroo/Barker’s bargain bar) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-1/25/94, as the big doors open, Bob is caught reading a book, it turns out to be Janice’s book “husband, lover, spy” and Bob plugs it (first four: Christine/Christopher/Carla/Harry, games played: switch?/pathfinder/pick-a-number/buy or sell/grand game/10 chances) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-1/26/94, Bob throws a souvenir into the audience, a copy of Janice’s book “husband, lover, spy” is given away with second IUFB, Holly thinks Jason is cute, close Magic number win ($10), trip to China offered in showcase (?!), Janice, Kathleen and Holly pose as mannequins for showcase (first four: Marlinda/Stacy/Jason/Irma, games played: safecrackers/dice game/penny ante/make your move/spelling bee/magic number) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-2/7/94, Albert does a funny Fire Marshall Bill impression (very early Jim Caarey character), perfect playing of money game, 40 cents wins 1st showcase showdown, Holly falls down and Bob says its nothing new, meh quality (first four: Albert/Ginger/Deborah/Joseph, games played: switch?/supersaver/money game/danger price/spelling bee/safecrackers) (CBS) (PURPLEMEMOREX)

-2/14/94, joker debuts, lots more male contestants today than usual, Bob doesn’t do spay and neuter plug today for some reason (first four: Gregory/Kyle/Leah/Hector, games played: joker/race game/lucky seven/squeeze play/grocery game/money game) (CBS)
-2/23/94, 43k+ Lincoln won in golden road, poor Kathleen gets attacked by an area rug on her birthday nonetheless, very early appearance of Chantel (first four: Stacy/Bruce/Nancy/Monina, games played: golden road/squeeze play/joker/one right price/money game/now and then) (CBS) (PURPLEMEMOREX)

-2/24/94, with original commercials, a contestant named Price, extremely interesting 1st showcase showdown, Bob is all over the place at showcases (first four: Leslie/Larry/Cambria/Tomas, games played: switch?/punch-a-bunch/three strikes/make your move/hole in one/pick-a-number) (CBS) (BLUEMEMOREX)

-4/4/94, with original commercials, Bob is very tongue twisted during card game (first four: Andrea/Thomas/Megan/Vernon, games played: clock game/switcheroo/double prices/buy or sell/card game/hi-lo) (CBS) (BLUEMEMOREX)

-4/6/94, with original commercials, call this the remarkable wins and losses show: remarkable 5 price tags win (she only had one choice after losing the first 3 choices), credit card lost on two purchases, an artist bids great on artwork, much discussion about Bob’s missing button which Monique sews back on (first four: Fransisco/Wendy/Karen/Welton, games played: five price tags/make your move/credit card/pick-a-number/supersaver/lucky seven) (CBS) (BLUESONY)

-5/2/94, Meeka is a model here, Bob interrupts Rod at one point (first four: James/Cindy/Mindy/Karen, games played: three strikes/grocery game/swap meet/clock game/plinko/lucky seven) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-5/3/94, almost a winless show, I believe this is an early appearance of Gina Lee Nolin, Range game can’t be restarted for 43 hours today, rare occurrence of both contestants bidding the same on the showcases (first four: Adrianna/Patricia/Mark/Carmen, games played: range game/temptation/punch-a-bunch/one right price/money game/hit me) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-5/4/94, goofs abound around PG4 as staffers signal that the wrong person has won the IUFB (Bob gets it right anyways), then Kathleen reveals the price tag upside down. Bob to Kathleen “That’s a Holly trick” Ha! (first four: Tess/Donald/Betty/Francis, games played: supersaver/switch?/card game/most expensive/shell game/one away) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-5/5/94, race game won in 10 seconds (first four: Brian/Jacklynn/Tiffany/Myrna, games played: make your move/pathfinder/squeeze play/race game/cover up/grand game) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-5/6/94, safecrackers played for a car, vacant seats, that’s rare. Bob interviews Gina Lee Nolin and says she looks like Marilyn Monroe, Officer Jan showcase, ouch! $41 overbid on showcase (first four: Edwin/Kristin/Kenneth/Anna, games played: safecrackers/hole in one/credit card/double prices/dice game/cliffhangers) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-5/9/94, Rod flubs today: “enjoy longer skin”, Bob teases him for it. Ouch! Double overbid on showcases. Ouch #2, one was by only $30! (first four: Daniel/Kelly/Alain/Ryan, games played: five price tags/check game/danger price/2 for the price of 1/pick-a-pair/any number) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-episode from 1994, 23rd season premiere, Gina Lee Nolin is the new permanent model, one of the longest, most exciting three strikes playings ever (with a jacked crowed), and it all comes down to one number and one strike left in the bag. Debut of Barker’s markers, Bob calls three strikes “lucky strike”, range game can’t be restarted for 33 hours…exceedingly close win on that game (by 75 cents according to Bob), Holly gives contestant a kiss, Bob enters from back but no golden road today (first four: Gwendolyn/Tyler/Nicole/Juanita, games played: three strikes/Barker’s Markers/grand game/range game/secret x/lucky seven) (CBS)

-1/17/95, great entrance by Bob, Ruth teaches the others the ‘tush push’ during second showcase showdown (first four: Cherrie/Daniel/Graciela/Caroll, games played: check game/three strikes/hi-lo/take two/master key/pick-a-number) (CBS) (BLUESONY)

-2/22/95, freeze frame debuts…and malfunctions, Kathleen gets funky to the jukebox, several moronic contestants today (first four: Terry/Donald/Amanda/Steven, games played: freeze frame/card game/joker/magic number/pick-a-pair) (CBS)

-3/23/95, world record breaking 100 year old shotput champion in audience, credit card malfunctions, Kathleen gets applause for her great Tahitian dance, Leah and Rosalinda discuss trading their prizes during the second showcase showdown, Carrie’s nametag keeps falling off, Gina Lee Nolin modeling here. (first four: Rosalinda/Jason/Carrie/Elsie, games played: credit card/dice game/pick-a-pair/double prices/plinko/cover up) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-3/24/95, nice come from behind win on cliffhangers (first four: Lindsey/Steven/Suzanne/Lauren, games played: one away/squeeze play/cliffhangers/Barkers’ markers/card game/hi-lo) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-3/30/95, Bob notes that Rod is dressed conservatively today, Claston is a moron that tries to bid ten cents on a wine cellar, Bob does not accept the bid, Gina Lee Noliin gets applause for wearing a swimsuit (first four: Lisa/Tracy/Susan/William, games played: check game/one away/punch-a-bunch/switch?/now or then/lucky seven) (CBS) (TEMPTATION)

-9/11/95, 24th season premiere and it’s a nightmare, Bob is funny today (first four: Erin/Robert/Stanley/Cynthia, games played: golden road/plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar, double prices/pick-a-pair/lucky seven) (CBS) (ALDRIDGE4)

-episode from 1995: double showcase win (first four: Dominique/Ronald/Lorenzo/Desiree, games played: hi-lo/swap meet/any number/one right price/shell game/lucky seven) (CBS)

-episode from 9/27/95, (first four: Queen/Deborah/James/Susan, games played: cover up/poker game/?/switch?/money game/cliffhangers) (CBS) (MISSOURI2)

-1/26/96, famous episode with Chantel’s debut and PG3 featuring Brian giving back 5k on punchboard and gets 10k, Bob still recovering by PG4, range game cant be restarted today for 33 hours (first four: Brian/Monica/Jody/Samantha, games played: range game/split decision/punch-a-bunch/most expensive/ten chances/supersaver) (CBS) (SKINNER11)

-8/23/96, Price is Right 25th Anniversary special from 1996. Contains clips from all its years on the air. Big prizes & big winners too! Premiere of Chantel Dubay as a model. $50k Plinko for the first time. (first four: Angela/Eileen/Jason/Rona, games played: lucky seven/plinko/one away) (CBS)
-episode from 1996, Fritz is a fun contestant, he hugs Kathleen after she sinks the inspiration putt, Janice almost drops bag of golf clubs, 10k winner on punch-a-bunch (first four: Fritz/Sharon/Wendy/Rosemarie, games played: switch?/hole in one/side by side/buy or sell/punch-a-bunch/one away)

-episode from 1996, range game can’t be restarted for 41 hours today (and it’s played for a car), immensely exciting punch-a-bunch playing, exciting 1st showcase showdown, Deon ticks off the USC fans in the audience, 5k won on punch-a-bunch and rest of games won and 2 1k winners on wheel (first four: Brandi/Jay/?/Kathleen, games played: range game/punch-a-bunch/buy or sell/squeeze play/one away/hit me) (CBS)

-episode from 1996, a ball in superball gets stuck, very exciting showcase showdowns as 3 get the thousand dollars, Candice annoys John, Rodrigo is a fun contestant (first four: ?/Troy/Rodrigo/Candice, games played: superball/money game/one right price/easy as 123/grand game/two for the price of one (CBS)

-episode from 1996, contestant in contestant’s row changes her bid at the advice of someone in the audience…and PAYS for it, Barbara has no idea how to play cover up but wins anyways (first four: Melanie/Tom/?/Darrell, games played: lucky seven/most expensive/it’s in the bag/side by side/cover up/secret x) (CBS)

-10/10/96, we are hot today, first ever perfect dice game playing, 5 of 6 games won and 1k given away on wheel. Rod flubs a couple lines today. (first four: Cynthia/Karen/Nagatha/Vincenzo, games played: squeeze play/bullseye/dice game/race game/secret x/money game) (CBS) (SKINNER11)

-episode from 1997, 4 contestants get the dollar on the wheel!, another gets it for 10k!, however an elderly contestant doesn’t get the wheel all the way around on the bonus spin and she doesn’t get to spin again, somewhat surprisingly, podiums in showcases have old labels on them (someone forgot to change them) (first four: Nathan/Jennifer/James/Mimi, games played: one right price/money game/hit me/magic number/temptation/secret x) (CBS)

-episode from 1997, some prizes in credit card go unmodeled for some reason, Bob interrupts Rod (first four: anthony/Melissa/aquanetta/tina, games played: credit card/card game/pick-a-pair/Barker’s Bargain Bar/cliffhangers/coverup) (CBS)

-episode from 1997, make your move brings groans (?!), 11k on wheel, Ken has a I © TPIR license plate, cool IUFB6 – a collection of mini classic cars (first four: Angelique/Sheldon/Tamika/Visille, games played: lucky seven/make your move/hit me/easy as 123/money game/plinko) (CBS)

-episode from 1997, weird happenings during IUFB1, (first four: Rosa/Rebecca/Theresa/Douglas, games played: any number/race game/grocery game/double prices/punch-a-bunch/one away) (CBS)

-episode from 1997: Rod the Rapper showcase, a pretty good day with 39k+ Lincoln Mark 8 won on three strikes and 6k given away on wheel (first four: Shannon/Laura/Keith/Kristin, games played: check game/three strikes/hit me/most expensive/cover up/plinko (CBS)

-episode from about 1997, range game can’t be restarted for 47 hours today, Terrance is the weirdest contestant I’ve ever seen, Rod tells us his real name and talks about his disc jockey days, cliffhanger loss by $1, extended showcase showdowns: first has a 3 way spinoff, then a spinoff, second has 2 get 1k, then one of them gets 10k (first four: Candice/Jay/Charlie/Courtney, games played: clock game/it’s in the bag/range game/switch?/money game/cliffhangers) (CBS)

-9/8/97, 26th season premiere!: Lucky Seven goes nuts!: Janice dents the van and Rod forgets to do the car plugs, so Bob gives contestant $3 back! 5 of 6 games won, lost game was plinko – contestant won 2k, cover up played and won for 45k Lincoln Towncar (first four: Chad/Debbie/Jason/Michelle, games played: coverup/plinko/clock game/double prices/lucky seven/pick-a-pair) (CBS) (SKINNER6)

-episode from 4/9/98, an original airing. 5000th episode and a car offered in all 6 pricing games (first time ever) and in both showcases. Items up for bids are also very expensive, and the wheel gives away money too. (first four: Florita/John/Sybyl/Bridget, games played: lucky seven/cliffhangers/any number/double prices/one away/five price tags) (CBS)

-episode from 1998, 11k winner on wheel, and 2 1k winners. A very cheap showcase today (first four: Jeffrey/Julie/Jasmine/Charley, games played: range game/pathfinder/make your move/most expensive/lucky seven/grand game) (CBS)

-episode from about 1998, master key skunk (no keys won), excellent check-out playing, Ist time ever $500 awarded for a perfect bid, double showcase win w/ a sportscar! (first four: Ian/Andre/Jamie/Christopher, games played: clock game/master key/double prices/checkout/fortune hunter/dice game) (CBS)

-episode from about 1998, my favorite golden road playing that I’ve ever seen and Herman is hilarious (a record is set) , Bob makes several mistakes today, grocery game cash register malfunctions again, 11k won on wheel. Highly recommended episode (first four: Rashaad/Denise/Rebecca/Herman, games played: golden road/clock game/plinko/double prices/grocery game/range game) (CBS)

-episode from 1998, last known playing of Superball, Jedediah is a fun contestant, horrible money game player doesn’t get pick either pair of numbers, squeeze play brings moans (?!), somebody other than Rod does “contestants not appearing on stage..”, two 1k winners on wheel (first four: Jedediah/Amelia/Sherri/Laquita, games played: superball/money game/switch?/squeeze play/three strikes/penny ante) (CBS) (WISE1)

-episode circa 1998, non-descript episode (first four: Jennifer/Chevis/Dennis/Susan, games played: lucky seven/one wrong price/punch-a-bunch/pushover/hole in one/Barker’s bargain bar) (CBS) (SKINNER10)

-episode circa 1998, Gregory is hilarious (first four: Timmy/Dawn/John/Courtney, games played: clock game/check-out/money game/one wrong price/punch-a-bunch/any number) (CBS) (SKINNER10)

-episode from 1999, 27th season premiere, debut of clearance sale, most expensive prize to date, Bob interrupts Rod (that didn’t sound pretty), pick-a-pair played for a car, close differences in showcases, (first four: Eric/Phllyis/Theresa/Catherine, games played: golden road/clearance sale/pick-a-pair/double prices/plinko/lucky seven (CBS)

-2nd episode of 27th season, possibly the closest check game win ever, Bubba is fun, perfect show! (first four: Laura/Elaine/Richard/Allyson, games played: check game/pathfinder/easy as 123/Barker’s Bargain Bar/ten chances/grand game) (CBS) (WISE9)

-episode from 1998, first time ever!: 2 11k winners on same showcase showdown, it is extremely exciting! (first four: Suzanne/Jacob/Cherelle/Lindsay, games played: squeeze play/ten chances/cliffhangers/Barker’s Markers/money game/pick-a-pair) (CBS) (WISE9)

-episode from 1998: Janice wears glasses for the first time during grocery game, temptation display is doing weird things, rare temptation loss on second digit, he had all other numbers correct (first four: Caroline/Jay/Ceola/Gary, games played: easy as 123/grocery game/temptation/squeeze play/plinko/money game) (CBS) (WISE9)

-11/11/99, non-descript episode, (first four: Ryan/Victoria/Trina/Jacob, games played: Barker’s bargain bar/pathfinder/freeze frame/Barker’s markers/hit me/any number) (CBS) (SKINNER2)

-episode from 1999, Easy as 1-2-3 malfunctions and Kathleen has to bump the sign, worst secret x game player ever (puts her first x in left center, then second x in left top, fails to win third x, then she thinks she only gets one spin at the wheel) (first four: Amy/Maria-Nelly/Matthew/Brad, games played: easy as 1-2-3/three strikes/secret x/Barker’s bargain bar/card game/grand game) (CBS) (SKINNER2)

-28th season premiere from 1999, Chantel announcers her departure and Nikki Ziering is brought out as her replacement (first four: Amy/Adam/Delores/Bryan, games played: any number/let em roll/double prices/most expensive/plinko/money game) (CBS) (WISE9)

-episode from 6/1/2000, Linda is hilarious and Bob has fun with her, Rod has a funny flub, guy buys over $40 worth of vitamins in grocery game (first four: Yolanda/Brady/Kevin/Jamie, games played: one wrong price/cliffhangers/temptation/flip flop/dice game/grocery game) (CBS) (WISE8)

-episode from 10/2/2000, 29th season premiere, triple play debuts! One IUFB has bids of 1100,1101,1102 & 1103 (first four: Amber/Shawn/Jonathan/Tina, games played: triple play/plinko/most expensive/double prices/dice game/bullseye) (CBS) (WISE8)

-episode from about 2002, another one of those agonizing dice game losses, cliffhangers exacta! (only the second ever), Bob really screws up IUFB6 (first four: Greta/Floyd/Pamela/Todd, games played: easy as 123/dice game/it’s in the bag/pushover/cliffhangers/coverup)

-30th season premiere from 2001. old clips of Barker shown, biggest plinko winner to date, switch played for 2 cars, a lot of loot given away today (first four: Kelly/Willie/Theresa/Armando, games played: triple play/plinko/double prices/grand game/squeeze play/switch?) (CBS) (WISE8)

31st season premiere from 9/23/2002, pass the buck debuts (first four: Robin/Christopher/Kelly/Charles, games played: triple play/plinko/pushover/most expensive/pass the buck/double prices) (CBS) (WISE8)

-30th anniversary special from Las Vegas in 2002. triple play win and the wheel gives away money. Clips of memorable moments throughout the years are show. (first four: Joshua/Laureen/Kristin/Linda, games played: triple play/it’s in the bag/squeeze play/plinko/one away/double prices) (CBS) (SPIVACK)

-episode from 10/29/02, a big day: double showcase win and a 71k+ cabin cruiser won at golden road, miraculous bullseye win (first four: Christie/Lamar/Tara/Abagail, games played: golden road/one wrong price/plinko/Barker’s Bargain Bar/money game/bullseye) (CBS) (LIGHT5)

-million dollar spectacular # 3, Bob flubs all over the place today (first four: Eugene/Betheny/Justin/Darlene, games played: spelling bee/it’s in the bag/freeze frame/cover up/Barker’s Bargain Bar/money game) (CBS) (WISE6)

-special episode from 2002 or 2003, salute to the United States Marines, Bob enters from back, Marines send their wishes to family, a pretty good day: 6k won on wheel and 5 of 6 games won, but golden road with a 90k+ motor home is blown. (first four: James/Jennifer/Kurt/Bryan, games played: golden road/grand game/bonkers/cliffhangers/any number/squeeze play) (CBS) (MICHIGAN1)

-6000th episode from 6/1/2002, Syd Vynage comes in and lies all over the place, Roger Rose announcing, biggest winner to date (first four: Amy/Karen/Kylie/Kurt, games played: lucky seven/any number/it’s in the bag/pushover/dice game/range game) (CBS) (WISE3)

-salute to Army! 40k plinko win (first four: Adele/Ryan/Honey/Maurice, games played: plinko/temptation/make your move/it’s in the bag/lucky seven/double prices) (CBS) (WISE3)

-salute to U.S.Air force, Burton Richardson announcing, exciting showcase showdown with lots of close calls (first four: Starr/Laura/Gilbert/Darrell, games played: lucky seven/it’s in the bag/one wrong price/one away/punch a bunch/range game) (CBS) (WISE3)

-million dollar spectacular, race game played for four trips, 2 perfect bids including one at 2759 (first four: Kristin/Cameron/Michelle/Anthony, games played: three strikes/plinko/race game/pushover/grand game/double prices) (CBS) (WISE3)

-million dollar spectacular, 25k win on grand game, grocery game won in one purchase, less than 200 separates differences of showcases, no million dollar spin despite it being promised (first four: Sonja/Sara//Keith/Sheryl, games played: golden road/one away/punch-a-bunch/squeeze play/that’s too much/grocery game) (CBS) (WISE2)

-million dollar spectacular, remarkable clock game player – she won both prizes in 7.5 seconds total including one on first bid, lucky seven has weird digits today, Jane does a walk-up (goes to see Bob before winning IUFB) (first four: Nicholas/Rachel/Stephanie/Candice, games played: triple play/it’s in the bag/clock game/lucky seven/range game/cliffhangers) (CBS) (WISE2)

-special episode from 2002 or 2003, Salute to the United States Navy, Bob enters from the back, Navy sends their wishes to family, a picture of Bob from his Navy days is shown and he jokes that he was in the war of 1812 (ha!), Burton Richardson announces here, 6k won on wheel (first four: Sharon/Peter-Dennis/Dedric/Melinda, games played: plinko/three strikes/push over/grand game/cover up/switch?) (CBS) (MICHIGAN2)

-salute to Armed Forces & Veterans, Randy West on the announce position (first four: Lisa/Bradford/Trent/Jeffrey, games played: golden road/it’s in the bag/coming or going/switch?/most expensive/that’s too much) (CBS) (WISE5)

-million dollar spectacular #4 from 2003 (first four/ Christine/Mark/Orelia/Deron, games played: five price tags/grand game/pushover/dice game/one right price/easy was 1-2-3) (CBS) (MICHIGAN)

-5/10/2003, nighttime million dollar spectacular #5, lots of agonizing close calls today, including a hair away from a million dollar winner. (first four: Siena/Zachary/Jennifer/Candice, games played: let ‘em roll/any number/make your move/plinko/lucky seven/double prices (CBS) (MICHIGAN)

-episode from approximately 2003, 32nd season premiere, time is money debut, lucky seven won for 40k+ Cadillac (first four: Christopher/Kimberly/Jessica/Travis, games played: lucky seven/time is money/pushover/plinko/dice game/squeeze play) (CBS) (WISE7)

-ep from 2003, brief Rod Roddy tribute at beginning of program, all 3 contestants on first showcase showdown get the dollar, one of them gets it again for $10,000. Burton Richardson announces, bad ideas/good ideas showcase (first four: Robbi/Jennifer/Bryan/Wendy, games played: make your move/hole in one or two/range game/secret X/that’s too much/switch) (CBS) (ANGLEMARK)

-million dollar spectacular from late 2003 and Bob’s 80th birthday celebration, many celebrity appearances, Randy West on the announce position, one wrong price played for 3 cars, 5 of 6 games won, an interesting showcase (first four: Daniel/Chantay/Isabel/Jessica, games played: one wrong price/grand game/pushover/lucky seven/squeeze play/double prices) (CBS) (WISE6)

-million dollar spectacular and salute to colleges and universities, Randy West announcing (first four: Sara/Kevin/Jennifer/Dereck, games played: triple play/bonkers/plinko/flip flop/dice game/pick-a-pair) (CBS) (WISE5)

-million dollar spectacular and salute to teachers, another agonizing dice game loss (first four: Christine/Deborah/Eugenia/Jeffrey, games played: plinko/ten chances/2 for the price of 1/most expensive/dice game/grocery game) (CBS) (WISE5)

-million dollar spectacular and salute to young voters from 2004 (first four: Emily/Rafael/Noah/Jillian, games played: lucky seven/it’s in the bag/pathfinder/range game/temptation/switch?) (CBS) (WISE5)

-million dollar spectacular celebrating Bob’s induction into the television hall of fame, money game exacta, heartbreaking loss on 60k+ showcase (first four: Sadie/Paul/Rebecca/Michael, games played: three strikes/grand game/coming or going/money game/safecrackers/double prices) (CBS) (WISE4)

-million dollar spectacular, biggest prize won to date: a 105k+ Cabin Cruiser, Gary makes a rude joke in contestants row (first four: Jenea/Rita/Deena/Gary, games played: golden road/one away/it’s in the bag/coming or going/that’s too much/pushover) (CBS)

-million dollar spectacular, audience ruins triple play for the poor girl, range game can’t be restarted in 48 hours today (first four: Wesley/Nicole/Caitlin/Anthony, games played: triple play/plinko/?/double prices/grand game/range game) (CBS) (WISE4)

-episode from early 2004 with Burton Richardson announcing, some agonizing close calls today (first four: Doris/Tonya/Timothy/Livoris, games played: triple play/grand game/one wrong price/squeeze play/one away/secret x) (CBS) (HUDKINS)

-episode from early 2004 with Burton Richardson announcing, Bob has static cling today, Richard has no idea how to play money game (first four: Richard/Mia/Jenene/Ann Marie, games played: money game/plinko/make your move/buy or sell/pass the buck/one right price) (CBS) (HUDKINS)

-episode from 2004, non-descript episode (first four: Vanessa/Bethany/Ryan/Matthew, games played: step up/coming or going/on the spot/Barker’s bargain bar/card game/hi-lo) (CBS) (HUDKINS)

-episode from 9/20/2004, 33rd season premiere (first four: Lance/Kathleen/Jean/Darlene, games played: triple play/plinko/most expensive/pick-a-pair/money game/double prices) (CBS) (WISE7)

-million dollar spectacular from 4/16/05, one of those annoying half off losses (first four: Amy/Willie/Stephen/Phillip, games played: half off/lucky seven/clock game/cover up/grocery game/double prices) (CBS) (SPIVACK)

-episode from 2005, 34th season premiere, 5 of 6 games won and money given away on wheel (first four: Zane/Dustin/Babette/Natalie, games played: golden road/half off/pushover/switch?/dice game/pick-a-pair) (CBS) (WISE7)

-episode from 2006, episode introduced by Lousiana Senator Mary Landrieu, Darrin has great luck doing everything barefoot, 3 perfect bids today (first four: Anthony/Joanna/Darrin/Dorothy, games played: switcheroo/range game/easy as 123/one right price/now or then/one away) (CBS) (WISE7)

-episode from 2006, episode introduced by Louisiana Senator David Vitter, audience member guest announces, cracking Rich up in the process, hi-lo played for a car (first four: Catherine/Monica/Trisha/Rachel, games played: pushover/temptation/clock game/side by side/cover up/hi-lo) (CBS) (WISE6)

-gameshow marathon ep from 2006, Ricki Lake hosts, Brande Rodderick, Kathy Najimy, Paige Davis, Tim Meadows, Leslie Nielsen and Lance Bass play for charity. (CBS)

-episode from Christmastime 2006, Burton Richardson is subbing for Rich here (first four: Claudia/Wayne/Valerie/Daniel, games played: golden road/grand game/balance game/Barker’s Bargain Bar/that’s too much/secret x) (CBS) (WISE6)

-Bob’s final million dollar spectacular from 2007 (first four: Blythe/Robert/Felicity/Thomas, games played: golden road/it’s in the bag/more or less/cliffhangers/lucky seven/pushover) (CBS) (WISE4)

-Price is Right/Bob Barker 50 years on television, a retrospective featuring Bob’s record-breaking tenure, features lots of classic TPIR clips, a few Truth or Consequences clips, and other Barker appearances. A few pricing games are played including a huge Triple Play win and a huge showcase win. (first four: Nicole/Noah/Peter/Robert, games played: triple play/it’s in the bag/plinko (CBS)

Queen for a day (Jack Bailey, KIN)
-first contestant is Girth, one of only a few episodes still in existence.

Remote Control (Ken Ober, MTV)
-Bob Eubanks as special guest in this ep. Colin Quinn appears. David/Lisa/Ted (MCLINN)

Sale of the century (Jim Perry, various)
-episode is with Tim Holloran winning $166,875 in cash and prizes. (USA) (LIGHTB)
-episode with Mark DeCarol winning $115,257 in cash and prizes (very exciting episode, very close game throughout)
-Lynn/Joe/Janice, meah quality (CRYSTALDAWN)
-finale from 1989 with Frank/Jody Lee/John, with original commercials (CRYSTALDAWN)

Scattegories (Dick Clark, non-gsn)
-guests include Kelsey Grammer, Brian Austin Green & Chuck Woolery, Dana’s team vs. Matthew’s team, meh quality

Scrabble (Chuck Woolery, USA)
-from teen week, starts off with Shanah vs. Jeremy, Chuck makes a complete fool out of himself in this episode (LIGHTE)
-from game show hosts week, starts off with Bill Rafferty vs. Tom Kennedy, then Chuck moves from host to contestant to face John Davidson with Marc Summers hosting (TILLER)

Second Chance (Jim Peck, SM)
-pilot with Maggie Brown/Jack Campion/Lynn, from 1978

Seven Keys (Jack Narz, KIN)
-episode starts off with Gloria Roberts going for her 3rd key
-episode starts off with Sgt. Robert Stewart going for his 3rd key

Shenanigans (Stubby Kaye, KIN)
-Debbie vs. Kenny

Shopping Spree (Rob Pierson, FAM)
-Sally’s team vs. Susan’s team. (TILLER)

Small Talk

Split second (Monty Hall, FAM)
-Brian/Barbara/Melissa. Final episode to be aired on Family Channel. (MCLINN)

Strike it rich (Warren Hall, KIN)
-Starts off with Ellen Carlson & Peggy Doyle.

Super Jeopardy (Alex Trebek, non-gsn)
-Dave/Bruce/Bob, second part of quarter of million dollar challenge, meh quality

Super password (Bert Convy, various)
-premiere episode with Gloria Loring and Pat Sajak (GSN) (LAPRATT)
-episode with Vicki Lawrence and Dick Gautier, Sherry vs. Glenn (GAME) (NICKRJ)
-episode with guests Patty Duke and Rip Taylor, Rip tears off his toupee during a hilarious riot.(GAME) (NICKRJ)
-finale with guests Betty White and Christopher Hewett, Betty destroys the magic toaster and Bert gives an emotional farewell (GSN) (LAPRATT)

Talkabout (Wayne Cox, USA)
-Rob & Debbie vs. Laura & Nicola

Take a good look (Ernie Kovacks, KIN)
-with original commercials. Starts off with women’s champion harness driver. (MCLINN)

Tattletales (Bert Convy, GSN)
-Celebrity couples include Betty White & Allen Ludden. (TEXAS)

Think Fast (Michael Carrington, GAS)
-Michelle & Dave vs. Henry & Shannon (MCNAMEE)

Three’s a crowd (Jim Peck, GSN)
-debut episode. Guy/Art/Bob (LIGHTD)

Three for the money (Dick Enberg, KIN)
-Linda Kaye Henning, Tony & Donna vs. Dick Gautier, Kim & Art.

Three on a match (Bill Cullen, non-gsn)
-From 2/6/74, with original commercials. Fred/Marilyn/John (MCLINN)

Tic Tac Dough (various, various)
-episode with a pair of contestants that keep tying: Captain Michael O’Rourke vs. Martin Dowd. Dowd asks for a new question when he overhears an audience member, and is commended by his opponent, the host, and the audience.
-2 episodes with Thom McKee’s last opponent, Thom wraps up a world record breaking tenure of 88 matches, 44 opponents and just over $312,000 in cash and prizes won, Wink Martindale hosts (GAME)

Top Card (Jim Caldwell, TNN)
-Sandy/Barry/Debi (MCNAMEE)

To Tell the Truth (various, various)
-episode is with Bud Collyer hosting, panelists include Don Ameche and Kitty Carlisle (KIN),
-episode with Bert Convy hosting, Loretta Lynn among guests, and panelists include Robert Q Lewis, Peggy Cass, Kitty Carlisle and Orson Bean (LIGHTB)
-episode with Joe Garigoiola hosting, Darth Vader among guests and panelists include Bill Cullen, Peggy Cass and Kitty Carlisle (GSN) (LIGHTD)

Treasure Hunt (Geoff Edwards, various)
-episode with Susan and Vera going on the treasure hunt, with Vera swarming Geoff and fainting after winning a 1937 Rolls Royce (GSN) (TEXAS)/(DOUBLEA)
-episode with one of the $25,000 wins (Ruth), from the 50 greatest game shows (GSN) (LIGHTE) (DOUBLEA)
-episode with the parrot skit
-episode with Winter Wonderland and the Treasure Hunt Hinters skits (DOUBLEB)
-episode with “hottest thing on wheels” and talking plant skits (DOUBLEB)
-episode with baby/costume skit (DOUBLEB)
-episode with Treasure W. Hunt Sr. and genie skits (DOUBLEA)
-episode with Rose having a “Jamaica feeling” about box # 8, and Geoff responding with “Jamaica mistake?”….50k win and Rose bearhugs Geoff (GAME) (KENNETH)/(DOUBLEA)
-episode with 20k grand prize win (DOUBLEA)
-episode with toy and opera skits (KENNETH)
-episode with omelet and Oriental Package skits (KENNETH)
-episode with Minnesota Flats skit (GAME) (KENNETH)
-episode with one of the prunes skits and glamorous glue skit (GAME) (KENNETH)
-episode with lion tamer skit and fortune teller skit (very funny episode) (GAME) (KENNETH)
-episode with bum segment and contestant giving away box that contained $50,000 in order to keep $920, audience goes nuts (joined in progress at first skit) (KENNETH)
-episode with Treasure Hunt rulebook skit and tickets skit (GAME) (KENNETH)
-episode with oil well and eat your answers skits (SPIVACK)
-episode with magic lamp and fairy tale skits (GAME) (SPIVACK)

Treasure Isle (Jim Bartholomew Tucker, KIN)
-Marie & Bill vs. Vicki & John, with original commercials

Treasure Mall (Hal Sparks)
-Kristy and Jordy vs. Kevin and Truly. It’s comical to see Hal Sparks in such a corny show.(NORTHCAROLINA)

Trivial Pursuit (Wink Martindale)
-Colleen/Paris/Steve, meh quality (TILLER)

Trivia Trap (Bob Eubanks, GSN)
-Seniors (Haig, Fran & Pat) vs. Juniors (Denise, Eddie & Robin)

Trump Card (Jimmy Cefalo. Non-gsn)
-premiere ep from 9/10/90, Donald Trump makes an appearance, meh quality
-Ron/Rich/Jason, meh quality

Truth or consequences (various, KIN)
-episode with original commercials and Jack Bailey hosts. Episode starts off with 4 men singing “Row, row, row your boat” in 4 different languages simultaneously.
-episode hosted by Bob Barker, starts off with cyclists (NORTHCAROLINA)
-episode hosted by Bob Barker, starts off with baby races. (HUDKINS)

Two for the money (Sam Levenson, KIN)
-Ed McMahon announces, Mr & Mrs. Reed Richards

Video Village Junior (Monty Hall, KIN)
-Sherry vs. Harry

We’ve got your number (Jack Berry, KIN)
-pilot episode, Bill vs. Susan

What’s going on (Lee Bowman, GSN)
-Audrey Meadows guests, celebrity panelists include Kitty Carlisle. Starts off with window washing at Empire State Building (LIGHTB)

What’s my line (John Daly, various)
-episode from 1954 with original commercials. Randolph Churchill and Kim Novak guest, Desi Arnaz among panelists. (CRYSTALDAWN)
-episode with owners of NY baseball team, Walter Pidgeon. Celebrity panelists are Robert Lewis, Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis and Bennett Cerf. (GSN) (LIGHTD)

Wheel of Fortune (various, GSN)
-episode with Chuck Woolery hosting and Susan Stafford as letter turner, Gerry/Linda/Lee, Linda is all time winner at this point. (GSN) (LAPRATT)/(DOWNS5)
-first episode with Vanna White as permanent letter-turner, Pat Sajak hosts from Philadelphia, with shopping. Robin/Louis/Linda (GSN) (TEXAS)

Whew! (Tom Kennedy, non-gsn)
- Randy Amasia wins $25,000. (MCLINN)

Winning Streak (Bill Cullen, GAME)
-only known existing episode. Kathi vs. Paul (MCLINN)

Wipeout (Peter Tomarken, non-gsn)
-Kaylene/Cameron/Dean, quality of this episode is meh. (MCNAMEE)

Wordplay (Tom Kennedy, NBC)
-final episode of series. Jamie Farr and Marsha Warfield among panelists. John vs. Elizabeth (MCLINN)

You don’t say (Tom Kennedy,)
-From 4/15/63, Betty White among guests, David vs. Hope, with original commercials (MCLINN)
-Rod Serling and Jaye P. Morgan are guests, with original commercials Connie vs. Susan (PROGROCKTV)

Your First Impression (Monty Hall, KIN)
-Mary Tyler Moore among panelists, Jerry Mathers makes a guest appearance

Yours for a song (Bert Parks, KIN)
-Barbara vs. Tony, with original commercia
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