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Old 10-20-2009, 01:41 AM   #61
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Join Date: Oct 15, 2009
Location: New York
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Oh No Posts and Bumping?

Originally Posted by Pus$y Galore
Because unlike you, I have been a longtime member of this site and while undergoing my treatments last year, it was being bumped every few hours. You couldn't miss the title of the thread - I didn't even have to read the posts - the title alone was getting me down. If you read my entire post and the reasoning behind it, especially having a mother who's fighting the disease herself now, you should understand that. All I wanted was people to back off a bit on the running thread and maybe putting up a positve thread about celebrities who've beaten the disease (which there is one now). I would think you'd rather look at that one than morbidly trying to see how long your mother has.
And btw, I wasn't the only member being brought down by this thread. There were others.
I am not sure what being bumped means?The fact is that this thread may never end and some people here are probably here to look for fascinations beyond our imagination.There is really nothing you or I could do to stop their morbidity is there?About the positive thread,you could have started that yourself and I think it is great that it is here.And you are not me and you have no right to assume that you know what I am thinking or what brought me here.As for seeing how long my mother has,I want to find a way to give her MORE MORE MORE time! I took a look here and explained how I got here.Through a site called Care 2 causes.I guess that you did not read that part.What you think I am doing is of no importance to me anyhow.If you hate this thread so much,why do you keep reading it and posting on it?You could see the title and pass it by without looking to see what people are saying.That is something I do not understand about you.Why read this if it hurts you so very much.I read and looked at it once.You seem to have been here more then once.This time I am only here to reply to comments given to me.I have not looked or reread any celebrity photos or any facts about their deaths.I am so sorry you have to go through the trauma of chemotherapy and cancer.I do know how awful and tragic it is.If I could take my mothers pain away and give it to myself I would.She has always been a wonderful woman which is more than I can say for myself.For your own sake,try to stay away from here and find brighter and more uplifting things to read.I don't know what else to say!Wendy
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Old 10-20-2009, 01:58 AM   #62
Occasional Poster
Join Date: Oct 15, 2009
Location: New York
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Lightbulb Do you like to hurt people because you are hurting?

Originally Posted by Pus$y Galore
I hear ya Sweety. I too, am in remission, but every headache, every dizzy or nausea spell I wonder if it's coming back. It's still too fresh to put to the back of your mind. And I'm sure Marvin is being warned like me to stay away from huge crowds, etc. now because of the H1N1 virus and other things that really threaten our health. It IS a black cloud always hanging over you once you've been diagnosed.

To me, the poster who just posted once (and mysteriously went to a sitcoms site to check on cancer deaths?????) was nothing more than a spammer since they mentioned this "great site". If anything, the post should have just been deleted. And if they were truly "grieving" you'd think they would have some compassion for people still battling this hideous disease. You can't help but to read the title and like I said, it was being bumped umpteen times a day at that point.

Let's just say a lot of celebs and regular people die from it. Hopefully even more survive it.

btw, glad to hear Marv's doing well! Luv to ya both my friend!
If you are referring to me"The poster who just posted once was nothing more than a spammer since they mentioned this "great site".I believe you are talking about me.I posted once,yes,I was here for the first time.Everyone was here for a first time at one pointt,right?You act like this is your private website or something?Weird! I had to go take care of my mother who is very very sick right now as you know.I am not on the computer every day all day.I did mention a great site to maybe help some people here find a place to help them!So to call me a spammer is rediculous and you need to find help for your voyeristic fascination with this post!Please stop calling me names.I am not a morbid spammer.I am a loving daughter.I care deeply about humans and animals.I cry,I contribute my time ,money,and anything else I can do to help.I did look at this site,which is my freedom to do so.I wanted to see who died from cancer,that's all.When a star dies from a disease,do you read the article or do you think it is morbid and turn the page never to look at it again and pretend it never happened?I have seen alot of people here who have shown care and love for the celebrities that they loved.There are probably alot of rotten comments here also,which makes you very upset and angry.This thread will bring all kinds of people,including you.Please open up your heart to a grieving woman and understand that I did not come here to upset you or be morbid.Your comment about my mother hurt me.I would never say anything to try to hurt you.This is everyone's website whether you like it or not.Report abuse if you see it.If you continue to comment to me I will be back but otherwise,like I said,I looked one time.You don't like people to be here and after I only came once you called me spam?I can't figure people out?
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Old 10-20-2009, 03:06 AM   #63
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Old 11-20-2009, 07:34 AM   #64
lingeries name
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01 September 2009
Korean actress Jang Jin Yeong died of cancer
Actress in Korean drama, Lobbyist, died of stomach cancer on 1st Sept 2009.
Fellow Korean actors and actresses attended her wake, they included Lobbyist co-star Song Il Gook.
Also Han Ji Min, Kim Ah Joong, Song Hye Gyo, Lee Byung Hun, Jin Goo, Kim Jung Eun, Ahn Jae Wook, etc.
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