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Default Unsurpassed Mysteries - Does anyone want these?

Hello all,

As many of you know several dvd compilations of various UM episodes were issued. While many of these dvd sets such as the ones on UFO's and Ghosts were fairly inclusive and included nearly all the segments devoted to these subjects when it came to the set on "Bizarre Murders" the selection was not as inclusive. The reason for this was obviously because compared to the "Unexplained" segments the cases involving Unexplained Deaths and wanted fugitives dwarfed those segments by quite a large ratio.

During the past few months I have put together several videotape sets of some of the very best of UM (from syndication) that I would like to share with members of the group who maybe are unable to watch UM or unable to tape the show. This could be called "The Very Best Of The Rest of UM" - Right now the set stands at five volumes and is unique from other compilations for two reasons

1) The tapes only contain segments devoted to "Bizarre Murders/deaths", "wanted fugitives" and "Missing Persons" with a few rare exceptions.

2) The tapes only INCLUDE episodes NOT FEATURED on the official dvd set.

The tapes each run over six hours and are NOT I REPEAT NOT FOR SALE! - I refuse to make money off of other people's misery. I am however open to trades or perhaps we can set up a tape tree I dunno. The tapes are generally good quality and a lot of time and effort was put into preparing them. They are all of course commercial free. Also Volumes 6 & 7 are currently being compiled and are forthcoming. One final note: these tapes also contain several "Updates" segments not listed in the following segment listings.

Here are the listings for Volumes 1 & 2 of the series:


Son Of Sam Pt. 1 - In 1976 and 1977 the "Son Of Sam" murders gripped New York City in a wave of terror. Eventually David Berkowitz confessed to all of the "Son Of Sam" murders and was sentenced to life in prison. However, author Maury Terry has put forth a theory that Berkowitz was not the lone gunman in the slayings and puts forth eyewitness testimony of the final "Son Of Sam" slaying of Stacy Moskowitz as proof that several other people as well as Berkowitz committed the infamous murders.

Son Of Sam Pt. 2 - Maury Terry's investigation into the "Son Of Sam" murders continue. Terry states that a satanic cult of which Berkowitz was a member of, operating in Yonkers, New York were responsible for all of the "Son Of Sam" murders. Furthermore it is alleged that this cult was still active and recruiting new members as late as 1987 ten years AFTER Berkowitz's arrest.

Annie Laurie Herrin - Robert Herrin was a millionaire living in Mississippi. After one of his companies "School Pictures" elected to file lawsuits against several people his wife Anne Laurie was abducted from their home on 7-26-88.

Gail DeLano - Gail DeLano was a single mother living in Maine who sought out companionship through the personal ads. On 6-21-86, Gail Delano left home to meet a date at a local "Howard Johnsons" restaurant. She promptly vanished leaving her family to wonder did Gail engineer her own disappearance or was the victim of foul play?

Barbara Jean Horn - On 7/12/88 four year old Barbara Jean Horn was playing in her front yard when she was abducted. Several hours later Barbara Jean was found bludgeoned to death with the only clue being the Hitachi Television box she was found stuffed into.

"Freedom Fraud" - On 11/12/81, Bob Dozier, Kristin Tomlin, John Russell and his wife Suzanne set sail for Tahiti on Russell's boat "The Freedom Two". Hours later Russell and Dozier washed up on shore in San Francisco claiming that their boat along with their two companions were lost at sea. In the following days however several inconsistencies arouse in the men's stories leading authorities to believe that the men were guilty of fraud, drug trafficking and possibly murder.

Charles Sigmund - At first glance Charles and Anne Sigmund seemed like the perfect husband and wife. However, Anne's interest in Satanic worship drove the couple apart and Anne eventually moved in with a new boyfriend Gary Goft. On 10/26/86, Charles Sigmund showed up at Goft's house apparently at Anne's insistence. By the end of the evening Charles Sigmund was dead and in the following weeks both Anne Sigmund and Gary Goft vanished.

Jeremy Bright - Jeremy Bright was thirteen years old when he attended the Coos County Fair in Oregon. On 8/14/86 while attending the fair Bright mysteriously vanished. In the following weeks ugly rumors began to surface regarding Jeremy's disappearance and likely death at the hands of some local bullies who apparently used him for target practice while he swam in a local lake.

Jenny Pratt - On 4/25/87, Carlsbad, California teenager Jenny Pratt was out with her boyfriend Curtis Croft. Jenny was on the back of Curtis's motorcycle when they were attacked with Jenny getting hit on the head with a 2x4. This attack left Jenny Pratt brain damaged and the evidence points to the fact the attack was not intended for Jenny at all but for her boyfriend Curtis Croft who was involved heavily in drug deals.

"Sea (Lion) Sabotage" - In the fall of 1988 two sea lions named "Bruno" and "Bobo" were murdered at the pier surrounding Rodondo Beach, California. The individual responsible for these senseless murders as well as his motives remains a mystery.

"Overkill" - Clarence and Geneva Roberts were wealthy well respected members of their community in Nashville, Indiana. However by the early 1970s, Clarence began to encounter some financial difficulty. On 11/18/70 a fire broke out at the Roberts home claiming the life of an individual many believed to be Clarence Roberts. Exactly ten years later another fire broke out at the Roberts home claiming the life of Geneva Roberts and an individual again believed to be Clarence Roberts. The question remains to this day if Clarence Roberts did not perish in the first fire who did? In addition was Clarence Roberts himself responsible for BOTH fires?

"Riding On" - On 11/12/88 Lee Selwyn was out riding his motorcycle with a number of friends when they encountered and irate motorist who eventually ran down and killed Lee Selwyn.

Michael Rosenblum - Michael Rosenblum had struggled with drug addiction for several years. After several attempts to get their son help Michael's parents banished him from the house in Baldwin, Pennsylvania on 2/13/80. The next day after refusing treatment at a local hospital Michael Rosenblum vanished. Since then Michael's father Maurice has turned up disturbing evidence that the Baldwin, Pennsylvania police department had a hand in Michael's disappearance and possible death. These allegations eventually lead to the police chief being fired and later reinstated. Even so, Maurice Rosenblum still has no idea as to what happened to his son.

"Heartbroken" - Arthur Frankfort was the type of man whole steals women's hearts and then their possessions. He did exactly that to "Mrs. K." on 7/29/88 making off with numerous possessions and jewelry.

Matt Flores - Matt Flores was a successful military officer and was beginning a new job in the Silicon Valley. He was also happily married with a newborn daughter. On 3/24/94, Flores was gunned down in his office parking lot by an unknown assailant. The murder had all the earmarks of a professional hit leading officials to believe that Flores was the victim of mistaken identity.

Richard Rouf - Richard Rouf was a successful designer who was also a clever con-man. He created a fictitious company called "AdTech" in order to bilk his company out of thousands of dollars. When the authorities began closing in on Rouf he disappeared along with his teenage daughter Heather.

Dr. Michael Swango - Whether he was working at a hospital, first aid squad or nursing home murder seemed to follow Dr. Michael Swango everywhere her went. During the eighties and nineties Swango was responsible for several deaths in the hospitals and clinics at which he worked. Dr. Michael Swango has since vanished.

Manwell Marino - Manny Marino was a con man who duped investors into investing in bogus land development projects of his. When a reporter named Fran Fry exposed Marino as a fraud, Marino dropped from sight.

Taylor Kramer - Phillip Taylor Kramer was once the bass player for the rock band "Iron Butterfly". By the early 90s Kramer was a successful computer whiz perfecting a program to help track missing children. However on the verge of this breakthrough Kramer called 911 on 2-12-95 informing the operator that he was about to commit suicide. Taylor Kramer was never heard from or seen again.

"Scammers" - Carl and Mary Denny were a pair of ruthless con artists who specialize in insurance fraud. After a botched attempt to collect money on their boat "Sly Fox" which they claimed had sunk and with the FBI on their trail the scammers dropped from sight.

Jim Kimball - Jim Kimball had suffered from depression and anxiety since his father's death in 1982. On Easter Sunday of 1993 after being unable to program a stereo at his mother's house Kimball stormed out of the house and disappeared.

Leroy Dirth - On Memorial Day in 1968, Leroy Dirth's car crashed head on into a tree. Officials ruled the death a suicide but over twenty years later Leroy's sister has made it her mission to prove that her brother was murdered by his girlfriend’s family.

Bonnie Haim - Bonnie Haim disappeared from her home in Jacksonville, Florida on 1/6/93. Some family members feel that Bonnie's husband Michael was responsible for her disappearance and possible murder.

Claudia Kershock - Claudia Kershock was a young businesswoman who was marooned on Jamaica in May of 2000 while awaiting a flight back to the United States. However Kershock would never return back to the States and her friends and family have not heard from her since.

Raymond Young - On 4/6/93, Raymond Young went scuba diving with his son and mysteriously vanished. While his family members insist that Young is dead, officials contend that Young is still very much alive and engineered his own disappearance in order to escape his conviction pertaining to tax evasion.

Ryan Stallings MMA - On 7/9/89, Patty Stallings of Jefferson County, Missouri brought her young son Ryan who was violently ill into the hospital. Although doctors were able to stabilize the youngster's condition they concluded that he had been poisoned by his own parents. Several weeks later tragically Ryan passed away and a similar conclusion of poisoning was reached. Patty Stallings was convicted of murdering her son and sent to prison all the while proclaiming her innocence. Some doctors agree with her and feel that Ryan died from a rare genetic disorder known as "MMA".

Su Terascawitz - Su Terascawitz was the ramp supervisor at "Northwest Airlines" in Massachusetts. While the job gave Su authority over several male employees at Northwest it also caused her to be subject to threats and sexual harassment by some of her co-workers. On 9/14/92 Su was found murdered and her body was stuffed in the trunk of her car. It has been alleged that Su was murdered by some of her co-workers who were operating an illegal credit card fraud ring.

"In The Wind" - On 4/1/93 Albert Leon Fletcher and his cousin Doug Porter went on a wild rampage which eventually ended up in a brutal murder. Fletcher and Porter were later convicted of these crimes and sent to prison. On the way to a county courthouse on 1/11/95 however, Fletcher escaped and was "In the wind".

"Murder In Greenwich" - On 10/30/75 Martha Moxley along with her friends including Thomas and Michael Skakel went out for an evening of pranks. The following morning Martha was found dead a few feet from her home having been murdered with a golf club. In the following years allegations of a cover up began to surface as the Thomas and Michael Skakel who were relatives of the Kennedys were apparently the prime suspects. Incredibly new evidence including a confession by Thomas Skakel puts him with Martha at the exact time of her death on that night.

Vince Foster - On 7/20/93 White House counsel to then President Bill Clinton, Vince Foster was found dead with a suicide note lying nearby. Officials agreed that Foster had indeed killed himself however some people believe due to the fact that Foster may had had intimate knowledge regarding the "Whitewater" scandal he might have been murdered.

"Code Red" - In July 1986, US Marine David Cox along with several others initiated a Code Red hazing on a fellow marine. This incident later became the basis of the movie "A Few Good Men". After the film's release Cox began to speak out about the incident in great detail over the radio and in print. Several months later Cox himself was found dead.

Doris Duke - Doris Duke was a wealthy tobacco heiress. By the early nineties Duke's health began to fail her and she was put in the care of a Dr. Kibblewitz. On 10/28/93 Doris Duke passed away at her home after being given many injections of morphine. Soon rumors began to surface that Dukes death was "arranged" by Kibblewitz and Duke's butler Bernard Lafferty.


"To Be A Freeman" - In the fall of 1994 officials arrested Robert Joss, a leader of a radical right wing militia group called "The Freemen". Soon after Joss's capture one of his running buddies Timothy Combs attempted to murder state trooper Bob Harper. Combs is still at large.

Shelly Malone - On 10/18/92 Shelly Malone and several friends went out horseback riding in the Plains, Virginia. According to her friends on that day Shelly was the victim of a tragic accident and was trampled to death by her horse. Shelly's family however claims she was murdered.

Sarah Powell - On 11/16/93, Houston, Texas teenager Sarah Powell awoke in her bedroom disorientated not knowing who she was. Her house was ransacked and she was bound and gagged on the floor. Months later Sarah began experiencing violent seizures which caused her to regain her memory surrounding the events of 11/16/93. Sarah claims she was attacked by several strangers who broke into her house and proceeded to terrorize her. The police however were never able to find any physical evidence of any intruders in the house and believe that the entire incident is a figment of Sarah's imagination.

"Sons Of The Gestapo" - On 10/9/95 an Amtrak train was derailed by a terrorist group outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The group known as the "Sons Of The Gestapo" claimed the attack was retribution against government officials. The attack left many injured and one man dead.

Timothy Good & Dave Freeman - On 11/14/94 police in West Virginia were called to the farm of Timothy Good who had not been heard from in several months. Good's body was found decomposed in his basement. Soon a twisted tale of "mind control" and murder orchestrated by Tim Good's friend/employee Dave Freeman, a man who was a self styled preacher who used religion and influence in order to make Tim Good a prisoner in his own home and steal all of Good's money. When Tim Good began to question Dave Freeman about his actions, Freeman apparently murdered Tim Good.

Dana Sutterfield - On 7/21/95 in Robuck, South Carolina the body of Dana Sutterfield was found in the storage room of her salon. She had been raped and stabbed to death. Ironically at least two eyewitnesses got a good look at the murderer as he fled the crime scene and watch out for that LAZY EYE!

Susan Walsh - Susan Walsh was a reporter who tended to investigate the seedy side of New Jersey nightlife reporting on strip clubs and "vampire dens". On 7/16/96 Susan Walsh vanished without a trace.

Aimee Willard - On 9/19/96 star college athlete Aimee Willard was found murdered on the side of a Pennsylvania road. Later allegations were brought to light that on the night of the murder Aimee was pulled over by a man pretending to be a police officer who might have had something to do with her murder. Also three mysterious eyewitnesses surfaced all claiming to be at the scene of Aimee's murder.

Detrick Moore - On 4/22/95 the body of young Detrick Moore was found stuffed in the back of his mother's car. Detrick had died due to several high impact blows to the back of his head. Police initially assumed that Detrick's mother Ora Moore murdered her son but she was eventually found innocent of the crime. Then strange reports started to surface that Detrick was murdered by the boys he was playing with on the day he died.

Patrick Kelly - The strange odyssey of Patrick Kelly came to a deadly end on 5/5/96 in Mexico. Kelly a film student in California had no reason to be in Mexico and yet was found dead the apparent victim of a hit and run accident or at least that’s what the Mexican authorities contend. Patrick's mother contends that the Mexican authorities have been less than helpful and her son was murdered by someone in Mexico on 5/5/96.

Adam Emery - On 11/10/93 Adam Emery was found guilty of the 1990 murder of Jason Bass. Promptly after the trial Emery's car was found abandoned by a bridge in Rhode Island and some people feel that Emery along with his wife jumped to their deaths. Officials feel that Adam Emery however is still alive.

"Of Michael Jordan and Mr. Bean..." - Sammy Wheeler was found murdered in his car on 6/7/92. While officials claim Sammy's death was a random act of violence almost immediately Sammy's fiancÚ Pat Snead, her ex husband Bob Bean and Sammy's brother Danny began hurling allegations at one another about which one of them was responsible for Sammy's death.

Gordon Page Jr. - Gordon Page Jr. was an untreated and undiagnosed autistic. After finally being correctly diagnosed in 1991 Gordon's parents sent him to live in a group home where he would receive treatment for his illness. The only catch was that they could not visit their son for a period of two months. On 5/26/91 only four days after his arrival at the home, Gordon Page Jr. simply wandered off and disappeared.

“The Circleville Letters” - In 1976 the residents of Circleville, Ohio began receiving strange letters detailing personal information about its recipients. One of the first victims was a school bus driver named Mary Gillespie. The letter writer alleged that Gillespie was having an affair with a school official. Soon after the Circleville Letter writer turned violent and was suspected in the murder of Mary's husband and the attempted murder of Mary herself. In a bizarre twist it was determined that the lead suspect in the case was Mary's brother in law Paul Freshour. Freshour was later convicted of the crime all the while proclaiming his innocence. After serving a ten year sentence Freshour was released - During his imprisonment Freshour was kept in solitary confinement and yet the letters continued to arrive at the homes of various Circleville residents and several letters were even sent to Freshour himself while he was in prison. To this day the identity of "The Circleville Letter writer" remains an elusive mystery.

Stuart Heaton - On 7/23/91 high school sophomore Crystal Nabb was found murdered in her parent's trailer. The lead suspect in the case was Stuart Heaton a local carpenter and former friend of Nabb's brother Curtis. Police believed that the cuts on Stuart's hands came from the altercation in which he stabbed Crystal to death. Stuart has always contended he has cuts on his hands because he's a carpenter and a "carpenter without cuts on his hands isn't a carpenter, he's an observer". At the trial however, the prosecution presented strong DNA evidence which linked Stuart Heaton to the murder of Nabb. Stuart Heaton was eventually convicted and sent to prison however in the following years new evidence has surfaced which may prove that Heaton is in fact an innocent man.

"Chichester" - John and Linda Sohus disappeared in 1985 after proclaiming they had been enlisted by the government for some top secret work. Strangely shortly after their disappearance friends and family began receiving postcards from the couple sent from Paris, France. John's alcoholic mother Didi had claimed that John and Linda's former tenant Christopher Chichester was providing her with exclusive information that John and Linda were on a top secret "mission". Then just as mysteriously Chichester broke off contact and he too vanished. In a final bizarre twist in May of 1994 the remains of John Sohus were found buried underground on his own property.

Mike O' Mara - On 5/30/88 the body of Police Captain Mike O' Mara was found lying among the brush at a remote gas station. The police ruled the death a suicide but O' Mara's family contend it was murder linking the crime to activities dating back some thirty years when O' Mara was actively pursuing the Mafia in Chicago.

Kimberly Pandilious - On 2/29/92 a road enthusiast happened upon a beautiful woman at a remote camp site. The young woman later identified as Kimberly Pandilious was in the company of several scruffy looking men who quickly ran the road enthusiast away from the camp site. Several months later Pandilious' body was found, she had been murdered.

"Why Tim Why?" - Tim Barry seemed to have it all, a loving wife, two great children and the respect of family and friends. Then on 10/6/77 for some unknown reason Tim Barry threw it all away with the murder of his own sister in law, Nancy Brown.

"Fire!" - In Kansas City on Thanksgiving Day of 1988 a fire erupted at a construction site killing six firefighters. After the blaze was extinguished the telltale signs of arson were clearly evident.

"Wheres Loretta?" - Loretta Meyers family began to worry when she began displaying the early signs of Alzheimer’s. They began even more concerned when in October of 1993 she introduced them to her new boyfriend a man many years her junior. Soon after this man and Loretta took off on a cross country trip together and he has promised to never return Loretta Meyers to her family.

"Drug Runner Version 1" - On 10/17/84 a small plane crashed in the remote Virginia wilderness. It was the death knell for the drug operation of Wallace Thrasher one of Virginia's most notorious drug runners of the early 1980s. After the plane went down and the authorities were beginning to mount evidence against him, Wallace Thrasher took off for Central America. Family members claim Thrasher died in a tragic plane crash on route but police officials believe Thrasher is still alive.

Kristi Krebs - Kristi Krebs was an emotionally disturbed young woman who suffered a nervous breakdown when her car got stuck in the mud in Redwood Forest in California. With the help of her family and friends Krebs rebounded and began to resume normal day to day activities. However, on 8/10/93 Krebs again found herself in the same position of being stuck in the mud in Redwood Forest. She tore up pictures and identification and scattered them around her car. She then promptly vanished.

"Dub and Chance" - On 12/27/93 the body of Trish White was discovered at her home in Texas, she had been murdered. Police and Trish's family suspect that Trish's boyfriend Dub Walkerhagen who vanished around the same time that Trish was murdered is responsible for the murder. Dub's family however contends that both Dub and his son Chance were murdered by the same people who killed Trish.

Jonathan Palmer/Kern - Jonathan Kern is a skilled con-man who wines and dines women all the time impersonating race car driver Jonathan Palmer. In 1994 Kern, began to romance Elizabeth Grzeszcyk by the time their relationship had ended Kern had stolen countless amounts of money out of Elizabeth's bank account.

"Andy Cook's Rampage" - On 1/3/95 Grant Hendricks and his girlfriend Michelle were brutally gunned down at Lake Juliet in Georgia. For a long time the only clue to the vicious murder was a Blue Honda CRX that was seen speeding away from the crime scene after the murders. This CRX and the shotgun were eventually traced to Andy Cook, the son of a local district attorney.

Bobby Fuller - "B list" rock star Bobby Fuller scored a hit in 1965 with "I Fought The Law". However on the morning of 7/18/66 Fuller was found dead in his car, his body doused with gasoline. Police ruled the death a suicide however; Bobby's friends and family believe that Bobby was the victim of a Mafia hit because of Bobby's relationship with a girl who might have had mob connections.

"Boating Tragedy" - On 6/17/95 Stephanie Booker and her friends took a late night boat ride on Louisville Lake in Dallas, Texas. Out of nowhere a speed boat hurdled towards them, crashing into their boat and crushing Stephanie’s face. Then incredibly instead of going for help the speedboat simply turned around and sped away.

“Whitey” – James “Whitey” Bulger is the head of Boston’s Irish Mafia. The hot headed mobster however stutter stepped when he turned up the heat on former associate Tim Connolly in 1989. Connolly ran to the police and “Whitey” just plain ran and is still at large.

Melody Woods – In June of 1994 Melody Woods met Michael Short, a young man convicted of attempted murder out on bail. When Short was sent to prison their relationship continued to the point when on 6/7/96, Woods aided Short in his prison escape.

“Zip Gun Bomber” – Beginning in 1982 a mysterious mail bomber known as the “Zip Gun Bomber” began terrorizing New Yorkers killing one victim and injuring hoards of others.
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Default Volumes 3 & 4


“Jumper?” – On 11/10/96 the body of Sandra Oreanna was found sprawled out across the parking lot of a California hotel apparently having fallen from an upstairs balcony. Oreanna and her boss Robert Salazar were on a business trip in California at the time of Sandra’s death. Sandra’s family insists that Salazar is responsible for Oreanna’s death.

Alex Kelly – In February of 1986, Alex Kelly allegedly raped a fellow classmate Adrianne Bak while driving her home from a party. The wealthy Kelly promptly fled the country and stayed missing for nearly a decade before being brought back to stand trial. Recently however there has been some question as to whether or not (due to the make and model of the car) if the rape could have taken place the way Bak claims it was.

Tommy Zeigler – On Christmas Eve in 1975, Tommy Zeigler murdered four people in his parent’s appliance store in Florida. Zeigler was subsequently convicted of the multiple murders and put on death row. Ziegler however claims that a key eyewitness lied on the stand during the trial and Ziegler himself was railroaded onto death row by a judge with an ax to grind.

“Carlos” – In 1985, Carlos Garcia conned his fellow church members out of thousands of dollars. After his flight to avoid prosecution, officials discovered a vast labyrinth of fraud activities perpetrated by Garcia stretching back decades.

Tara Breckenridge – On 8/4/92, Tara Breckenridge of Houston, Texas simply vanished after leaving her job as a waitress at a local strip club. Her car was later found abandoned by the side of the road and some feel that Tara’s boyfriend Wayne Hecker is responsible for her disappearance.

“Log Home Larceny” – In 1991, Earl and Donna Chotvachs invested money with a slick con-man named Mark Mitchell for him to build them a log home in Colorado. Mark Mitchell soon vanished with the Chotvach’s and dozens of other investor’s money.

Justin Burwinkle – Justin Burwinkle was an officer in the United States Army. However during the summer of 1993 Burwinkle went AWOL and was never seen again. Almost immediately rumors began to surface that Justin Burwinkle had vanished due to some covert operations he was involved in swept into a web of cloak and dagger intrigue.

Dorothy Donovan – On the evening of 6/22/91 in Delware, Charles Holden picked up a hitchhiker on the way home from a fast food restaurant. While in Holden’s car the stranger began to attack Holden before fleeing. Minutes later Charles Holden spotted the same man on the property his mother Dorothy Donovan. Within minutes Dorothy Donovan was dead with the only clue to her murder being the strange resemblance that her killer has to television’s “Steve Urkel”.

Bob Arceari – In Phoenix, Arizona Bob Arceari was known as a fun loving businessman who was always willing to help members of his community. However, officials later learned that Arceari had taken out contracts for both murder and robbery including one on his friends Bill and Janet Reddick. In January of 1987 Arceari took a boating trip on the Colorado River with his nephew. Arceari’s family and friends say he suffered a heart attack on that trip and drowned while officials believe that Arceari is very much alive and on the run.

Michael Lloyd Self – On 1/3/72 in Webster, Texas the bodies of two teenage girls Rhonda Johnson and Sharon Shaw were discovered in a remote field. Michael Lloyd Self eventually confessed to both murders and was sent to prison. However many officials now believe that Self’s confession was forced by a crooked police officer.

Reggie DePalma – In 1981 in Danbury Connecticut, firefighter Reggie DePalma was a pillar of the community. He ran a local “explorers post” which included many of the local youth whom adored Reggie. However it was later brought to light that DePalma was in fact raping several of the young girls in his explorers post. DePalma has since disappeared.

“Larry’s Rampage” – On 2/12/88, military man Larry George defying a restraining order arrived at his ex wife’s Geraldine’s apartment demanding to see his children. When Geraldine refused, Larry flew into a violent rage killing Geraldine’s neighbors Ralph Swain and Janice Morris.

Rick McCue – On 10/18/87 the body of LuLu Corshane of Rochester New Hampshire was found in a dumping site outside of town. Police charged the man last seen with LuLu, Rick McCue with the crime. Rick McCue was eventually convicted of murder and sent to prison. However several people contend that the person who actually murdered LuLu was Russell Healey the brother of LuLu’s fiancÚ.

Randall Utterback – After breaking off her relationship with Randall Utterback Denise Richards’ life became a living hell as Utterback began to stalk her culminating in a wild abduction and attempted murder in January of 1984.

Al Henderson – Al Henderson was engaged to be married to his co-worker Jean Moore when the two set off on a trip to Loftland, Nevada in April of 1992. While in Loftland, Jean mysteriously vanished while at a local casino. When the surveillance tapes of the casino were reviewed it was revealed that Jean Moore was nowhere to be seen at any time. Jean’s children speculate that she might have not been in Loftland at all and Al Henderson is responsible for their mother’s disappearance.

Tommy Burkett – On Thanksgiving weekend in 1991, Marymount college student Tommy Burkett was found dead in his parent’s home in Virginia. Police almost immediately ruled the death a suicide but Tommy’s parents contend that their son was murdered. They have dug up evidence that their son might have been an undercover narcotics agent for the CIA who possessed information about drug deals going down on the Marymount Campus. They believe that Tommy was murdered by his own classmates and his murder has been covered up by not only the college but by state and federal police as well.

“A.J.” – A.J. Brough was a recovering alcoholic living in Louisiana. On 8/28/91 AJ suddenly disappeared. Soon after a note arrived at the local police department claiming that Brough had overdosed on a drinking binge and his body was thrown in a lake. However, claims have also been made that Brough was seen days after he vanished being driven out of town by some unidentified men.

“Drug Runner Version 2” – On 2/12/90 Brian Broughfield was arrested for trafficking and cultivating marijuana. This came as a shock to his neighbors in Orleans County, Vermont who knew Broughfield as a quiet horse lover. After his arrest Brian Broughfield skipped town and has not been seen since.

Jaclyn Dowaliby - In the early morning hours of 9/14/88 seven year old Jaclyn Dowaliby was abducted from her home in Illinois. Hours later Jaclyn’s lifeless body was found at a dump site a short distance away from her home. Police charged Jaclyn’s father David with the murder of his daughter and he was eventually convicted of that charge. Although David Dowaliby was eventually released from prison, Jaclyn’s killer has never been identified.

Nelson DeCloud – From outward appearances Nelson DeCloud of Liberty Missouri was a man of deep religious convictions who ran his own evangelist group. However on 9/17/92 Julie Cooper one of the women in DeCloud’s group reported to police that DeCloud had been abusing and raping her and other women in his group for years. DeCloud has since vanished.

“Roger Roxas vs. Ferdinand Marcos” – President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines ran his empire with an iron fist. In 1971 a local locksmith named Roger Roxas discovered a golden Buddha stuffed with diamonds along with a myriad of gold bars while on a treasure hunt. Marcos’ soldiers immediately seized the Buddha and tortured Roxas until he gave them the exact location of his treasure. To this day Roxas has no idea what has become of his treasure.

Kait Arquette – Kait Arquette was the daughter of acclaimed mystery writer Lois Duncan. On 7/16/89 Kait was gunned down while driving home from a friends’ house. The police assumed the death was a random act of violence. Lois Duncan however believes that her daughter was the victim of a Vietnamese gang murder because Kait’s boyfriend was heavily involved in such a gang which specialized in insurance fraud.

Gilbert Ortiz – On 3/11/82 in Redwood City, California, Gilbert Ortiz was found in full cardiac arrest in the break room of his place of employment. Ortiz had drunk an amino acid shake provided to him by his wife Elizabeth. It was later determined that Gilbert’s wife had poisoned her own husband in order to abduct and flee with their son Jonathan.

“LAFONT” – In the 70s while in Lebanon, Bashire Kouchaji was taken hostage for several days by unknown terrorists. Although he was eventually released Bashire never did learn the identity or the motive behind his abduction. In 1982 Bashire opened up a widely successful restaurant in California, almost immediately he began receiving threatening telephone called from a terrorist organization known as “La Font”.

John Cheek – CFO Real Estate agent, John Cheek mysteriously disappeared from his home in Memphis Tennessee on 12/2/93. There has since been at least one reported sighting of Cheek at a truckers rest stop. It is possible that John Cheek is suffering from amnesia due to a mental breakdown.

“Kachimba” – On 12/12/90 in Chicago Illinois, eleven year old Pedro Santiago Jr. was run down and killed by a street thug known only as “Kachimba”. “Kachimba” fled the scene of the crime and vanished.

Gary Grant Jr. – On 1/12/84 Gary Grant Jr. the son of an Atlantic City police officer was found murdered in a vacant lot. One of the first suspects in the case was a mentally retarded child named Boo Mason. Boo Mason was eventually found unfit to stand trial and months after cryptic messages began appearing on police cars and sidewalks alleging that Gary’s death was revenge for an arrest his father had made.

“Shaffa” – On 9/21/88 Nancy Salem of El Paso, Texas arrived home to find that her daughter Shaffa had been taken from her home. The lead suspect in the case is Nancy’s estranged husband Defallah Al Salem a defector of the Jordanian army who police suspect has fled the country with Shaffa.


“Without A Trace” – On 3/5/74 seventeen year old Amy Billig vanished from Coconut Grove, Florida. Within in weeks leads began to turn up that Amy Billig was abducted by a renegade biker gang known as “The Outlaws”. Amy’s mother Susan Billig has launched a crusade to find her daughter which has lead her to the seedy side of biker life and across the ocean to England where in the early 90s reports began to surface that Amy Billig might still be alive.

“Gordy” – On 4/19/91 Gordon Collins went fishing with his friends. The boat was rocked by a rough storm and nearly all of Gordon’s friends had perished, Gordon Collins however was missing. A few months later in a scruffy stranger resembling Gordon and responding to the name “Gordy” began wandering the streets of Mexico. Gordon’s parents are convinced their son is hopelessly wandering through Mexico stricken with amnesia.

“Beatty’s Bad Cousin” – David McLeod had the unique distinction of being both a movie producer and the cousin of movie star Warren Beatty. Throughout the late 80s however, dozens of allegations stemming from the Bronx were made against McLeod claiming the producer was a child molester. On the day of his trial, McLeod simply walked out of the court house and vanished.

Oliver Munson – Oliver Munson was a school teacher and car enthusiast from Baltimore, Maryland. When he purchased a car from a dealer named Dennis Watson he had no idea that Watson basically stole cars and then resold them with faked ownership papers. When the authorities closed in Watson they asked Munson to testify against him. On the morning of 2/16/84, Oliver Munson disappeared.

“The I-70 Killer” – In 1992 a serial killer went on the rampage murdering several women who worked in stores in Indiana, Kansas and Missouri. The only clues to the case were one eyewitness and the fact that all of the murders occurred along Interstate 70.

“Omar” – On 8/5/89 in Stockton, California a video tape was found lying on the side of a rural road. When the tape was viewed, police were stunned to see that an arsonist had apparently videotaped a house that he had set ablaze in 1988. Contained within the tape is a running commentary by the arsonist who makes references to Satanism and a mysterious character called Omar.

“Slaying The Beast” – On 10/31/89 a young man named David Stone was seen wandering around the desert in Tucson, Arizona. He claimed he was there to “slay the beast”. David was a member of the new age movement and sought spiritual enlightenment in his life. When David walked into the desert on Halloween of 1989 he was never seen again. The only thing that is certain it “it has something to do with his religion!”

Dan Wilson – Dan Wilson of Spokane, Washington had spent many years battling depression. On 8/24/88 Dan Wilson had a breakdown at work and set off to visit his parents in Colorado. A few days later Wilson’s car was found abandoned by the roadside in Montana. Dan’s family is unsure of what became of him although a possible lead is Dan developed amnesia due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Norman Ladner – On 8/21/89, Norman Ladner of Pearl River Mississippi was found shot to death within the brush of his parents farm. The police first ruled the death an accident and then a suicide. Norman’s parents believe their son was murdered because he wandered upon a drug drop on their land.

“Finding Kay” – On 6/25/83, a little girl named Nyleen Kay Marshall disappeared while on a camping trip with her family to the Elkhorn Mountains in Clancy, Montana. Several of Nyleen’s friends saw her speaking with a man in a purple jogging suit who told her to “follow the shadows” and she has not been seen since. In 1985 strange letters and phone calls began arrived to various “lost children” organizations from a man claiming he had Nyleen whom he called “Kay”. This man refused to surrender Nyleen to her parents.

“Trucker Tragedy” – In Chandler, Oklahoma on 11/12/88 a trucker named Dwayne McCorkendale was found murdered at a rest stop with the apparent motive being a robbery. As the investigation into McCorkendale’s murder was underway leads began coming in claiming that truckers throughout the Chandler area were being harassed by an unknown motorist threatening to kill them in the days prior and after Dwayne’s death.

Johnny Lee Wilson – On 4/13/86, the body of Pauline Marts of Aurora, Missouri was found dead in her home which had been burnt to the ground. Police soon concluded that the death of Marts was no accident but an arson/murder. A mentally challenged young man who lived in the area named Johnny Lee Wilson was brought in for questioning and confessed to the murder even though it was obvious he did not understand for what he was being charged. Johnny Lee Wilson was eventually sent to prison for the crime while his grandmother insisted that her grandson was a “homeboy” unable to commit such a violent act. In addition in the years after Johnny’s confession another man came forward with compelling evidence that he, not Wilson killed Pauline Marts.

“Redneck Brawl” – On 10/4/88 in Edmore, North Dakota two mechanics, Curtis Heck and Kenneth Engy got in a barroom brawl over which man would take the barmaid home with them. A few hours later Engy was found dead in his garage from carbon monoxide inhalation. Engy’s family insists that Curtis Heck who was at Engy’s house that evening is responsible for Ken’s death.

Oded Gordon – Oded Gordon was an autistic young man who was also becoming very reclusive. When Oded’s mother sent him to live at a facility in Greenville, New Hampshire, Oded simply wandered off and disappeared.

“Brian?” – On 6/4/89 thirteen year old Russell Evans of Spokane, Washington was found lying in the street the apparent victim of a hit and run accident. A few hours later due to injuries obtained in the accident Russell Evans passed away. Russell’s family is convinced that this was not a hit and run accident but murder perpetrated by a street gang that Russell had encountered earlier that evening. As he lay dying Russell seemed to call out for help from his friend Brian who seemed to be at the scene of the accident. When Brian was questioned he denied any knowledge of the event surrounding his friends’ death.

Brad Bishop – On 3/2/76 the bodies of state department employee Brad Bishop’s mother, wife and children were found burning in a park in North Carolina. Bishop of Bethesda, Maryland was distraught over not having received a promotion for which he was in line for. Police are convinced that it was Brad Bishop who murdered his entire family and then discarded them in North Carolina.

Lisa Lee – Lisa Lee was the head teller at a bank in Penbroke, Florida. On 12/20/90 it was discovered that Lisa Lee had stolen thousands of dollars from the bank vault. Lisa claimed it was to pay a man who was threatening to harm her children. When the bank chose to give Lisa twenty four hours to repay the money she promptly vanished.

Tracy Kirkpatrick – On 3/15/89, Tracy Kirkpatrick of Freddrick, Maryland was found murdered in the clothing store she worked in. A year later mysterious phone calls began coming into the Maryland police department from a man who had claimed to have murdered Tracy.

Steve Wilson – When Callie Thornburgh of El Rancho, California decided to end her marriage to Steve Wilson he murdered her father Bill on 5/29/79. Although Wilson was convicted of the crime and sent to prison on 8/3/84 he escaped!

“A Life For A Life” – Dennis and Marilyn Dupree of Cold Water, Michigan had a stormy marriage. When Marilyn filed for divorce, Dennis Dupree could not accept his marriage was over. On Easter weekend in 1990 Dennis abducted his ex wife at home and murdered her dumping her body near an abandoned church. Dupree has not been seen since.

Eric Kessler – In September of 1986 in Wisconsin, Eric Kessler conned a beauty salon owner named Catherine out of $75,000. Kessler’s whereabouts remain a mystery as do his true identity.

Caroline Smith – On 9/21/84 in Houston, Texas wealthy rancher named Charles Smith along with his father Chick Smith abducted Charles’ children from Charles’ estranged wife Caroline who had legal custody of the boys. Police fear that they have fled the country with the boys.

“Cult Murder” – From outward appearances Shane Stuart and Sally McNelly were an All American teenage couple. But in reality they were members of a dangerous cult in their hometown of St. Angelo, Texas. On Independence Day in 1988 this cult may have been responsible for their deaths.

Alex Cooper – On 4/4/87 Alex Cooper’s children found his car abandoned by the side of the road in Cranbrook, British Columbia. Alex Cooper himself however was nowhere to be found. Eventually Alex’s family fearing the worst had him declared dead. Soon after reports began to surface about a man who bore a striking resembled to Alex Cooper had surfaced in another part of Canada but again vanished before police could track him down.

“Sal and Sally” – When Sally Garedy of San Francisco, California met Sal Guardamo in 1985 she thought she had met the man of her dreams. Only a few months later of 5/23/85 Sally Garedy was found murdered the apparent victim of Guardamo, angry because Sally was going to break off their relationship.

“Pigeon Drop Part 1” – On 4/26/89 in Norwood Massachusetts a clever con woman named Josephine White stole $5,000 from an elderly victim by an advanced con game known as the “Pigeon Drop”.

Tommy Gibson – In Oregon on 3/19/91, two year old Tommy Gibson was declared missing by his father Larry Gibson who was a local police officer. Amazingly in the forthcoming weeks police not only began to suspect Gibson of being involved in his son’s disappearance but murdering his son as well.

Jim Burnside – On 2/17/88 in Manatee County Florida, a local butcher named Jim Burnside brutally stabbed his estranged wife Annette to death in a parking lot. Jim Burnside has not been seen since.

Mary Ann Perez – On 3/25/75, Mary Ann Perez vanished from her home in Shalmet, Louisiana. Several years later a confessed serial killer by the name of David Courtney confessed to murdering Mary Ann on the night she disappeared although her body was never found. However Mary Ann’s family has since been plagued by mysterious phone calls insisting that Perez is still alive and being held captive.

“Dr. Fraud” – During the mid 80s a smooth talking doctor going by the name of John Anderson conned many people out of large amounts of gold. When police began to investigate they discovered that the man’s name was not “John Anderson” nor was he a legitimate doctor.

Roger Dean – In Littleton, Colorado on 11/21/85 Roger Dean was murdered by an unknown assailant in front of his own home. Police have always contended that Roger Dean in one way or another was responsible for his own death but in the forthcoming years Roger’s family have received threatening phones calls from the man who claimed to have killed Roger. This man has demanded large amounts of money from Roger’s family or else they too would die.

Liza Montgomery – In December of 1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada, a beautiful woman named Liza Montgomery conned several businesses/people out of everything from furniture to jewelry to clothing and even slot machines. When people became suspicious of Liza’s lavish shopping spree she simply vanished with all of the stolen merchandise in her possession.

“Missing Clerks” – On 2/4/90 in Orlando, Florida a woman named Debra Poe vanished while working at the late night shift at a convenience store. When officials investigated her disappearance they not only discovered a possible eyewitness but that Debra’s disappearance may have been linked to several other disappearances and murders in the Orlando area.
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Default Volume 5


Beverly McGowan – On 7/19/90 the body of Beverly McGowan was found dead in a drainage ditch. The same day bizarre letters began arriving at the homes of Beverly’s family members alleging Beverly was taking off to begin a new life. Police soon determined that Beverly was murdered by her roommate, a woman known only as “Alice” who later was to assume McGowan’s identity.

“Mother/daughter Fraud” – In 1990 Yong Son Kim of Panama City, Florida returned home from a vacation to kind her roommates Penny and Tracy Donald has disappeared. Police were later able to identity the two women as skilled con women who not only robbed Kim of her possessions but her pride.

Phil Breen – In January of 1990 Phillip Breen of Detroit, Michigan was found to have defrauded his company out of massive amounts of money. He soon skipped town leaving his wife Kathleen holding the bag.

Jeffery Digmund – Jeffery Digmund was a Marine stationed in San Diego, California. On Superbowl Sunday in 1989 Digmund was found dead in his home. The police ruled it a suicide but Jeffery’s parents believe their son was murdered because he found out too much about drug use among the Marines.

Dan Tundervold – Ellen Berry was a wealthy heiress from Knoxville, Tennessee. As she began to age she took on a caretaker by the name of Dan Tundervold who made himself indispensable to Mrs. Berry. On 3/31/85 Ellen Berry arrived home from a short vacation to find that Tundervold had depleted her entire bank account and then vanished. Tundervold was later found dead although many seem to question as to whether or not he staged his own death. People also seemed to question if Dan Tundervold was really Mrs. Berry’s late son Hugh who was reported dead in 1961.

Chad Maurer – On 5/19/90, Chad Maurer of Madison, Wisconsin was found dead in a garage in Chicago. Although police originally assumed it was a suicide evidence was later uncovered that Chad may have been involved in running drugs from Madison to Chicago and this activity may have lead to the nineteen year old’s death.

“Pigeon Drop Part 2” – Another form of the “Pigeon Drop” fraud scheme is known as “Spanish Lotto” here we take a look at one of the experts of Spanish Lotto: Emma Figuroa who in 1991 conned Clysedia Gonzales out of thousands of dollars.

Larry Race – On 5/12/82, Larry Race and his wife Debby took a late night boat ride on Lake Superior. Debby was later found dead having apparently drowned when their boat began to sink. Larry Race was later convicted of his wife’s murder but many people including Debby’s parents believe that Larry Race is innocent.

“Evil Granny” – Ladonna Morrow of Hobbs, New Mexico often left her son Jared in the care of his grandmother Pat Farmer while she went to work. Pat Farmer used this time to expose her grandson to satanic worship. Eventually Pat Farmer began making wild allegations of abuse against her daughter and when that failed, kidnapped her grandson on 12/11/90.

“Bringing Em’ Home” – On 4/12/90 four fishermen set out from Richmond Hill, Georgia in their boat the “Casie Nicole”. The boat hit rough waters and eventually sank with the crew piling onto a lifeboat. One of them men, Nathan Neesmith eventually made it back to shore. His companions have not been seen since and their families fear they are being held captive in a foreign country. Credence is lent to this by a series of bizarre phone calls that they have received from an unknown individual claiming he is “going to bring the men home”.

“Cult’s Child” – In San Francisco, California, Arthur Koropolous is desperately searching for his young son Nicholas. Nicholas has been abducted by Arthur’s ex wife Levia who is a member of a bizarre cult. Neither Nicholas nor Levia have been seen since 6/21/89.

“The McDuff Files: Part 1” – In Clinton Missouri on 4/4/91, Angela Hammond a popular teenager was abducted by a man presumed to be serial killer Kenneth McDuff while she was phoning her boyfriend from a pay phone. She has not been seen since.

“Island Bones” – When Dr. Kerry Stanton of Santa Cruz Island, California passed away he left behind a pile of unidentified bones in his barn. Officials have been unable to locate the identity of this person.

“The McDuff Files: Part 2” – On 12/29/91 at a car wash in Austin, Texas, Colleen Reed was abducted by Kenneth McDuff. The only key to locating Colleen’s abductor lies in the three men who saw the car speeding away from the car wash on the night of the abduction.

“Psycho Babble” – An interesting profile and interview with convicted killer G. Daniel Walker.

“Florida’s Triple Death” – On 6/1/89, Joanne Rogers and her two daughters Kristi and Michelle arrive in Tampa, Florida. That afternoon the three were invited out on a boat with an unknown man. Hours later their lifeless bodies washed up on shore.

“Lost Time” – In Maryland, a woman named Sarah Degenerio underwent a risky surgery to repair a ruptured blood vessel in her brain. When she came out of surgery she discovered she had been stricken with a rare form of amnesia which caused he to lose sixteen years of memories.

Heim Weiss – On 11/1/86 police were called to a school in Long Beach, New York to investigate the murder of a young Jewish boy named Heim Weiss. The investigation went cold due to some members of the Jewish community refusing to speak out on the murder due to their religious convictions.

“Bur roughing Burglars” – On 6/6/86 a team of mastermind thieves robbed a bank in Hollywood, California in a very unique way. The thieves apparently dug holes in the storm drainage system in Los Angeles and used a variety of tools to borough their way underneath the bank. The robbers are still at large making off with thousands of dollars.

Dr. Kenneth Frank – Dr. Kenneth Frank of Bakersfield, California was convicted of administering a sedative and then raping a young woman named “Patty” at his apartment. Before he could be sentenced however Dr. Frank went on the lam.

Judy Hymes – “Judy Hymes is alive and she lives in Omaha!” Well at least that’s what the caller said when they began telephoning the Corral Gables Police Department in 1990. The last time Hymes was seen alive was in September of 1965 when she tried to have a illegal abortion. Some feel that Judy Hymes died during this abortion while others feel she just went to live in Omaha. The truth is out there somewhere…

Betty Field – Betty Field of Maryland abducted her son Christophe after a nasty divorce from her husband Bill Day. Bill Day and the authorities fear that Betty has taken Christophe to live in another country.

“Powder Magazine Murder” – In Bullhead City, Arizona on 4/3/74 Scott Johnson was found burned to death in a abandoned powder magazine not far from his home. The police concluded that the death was an accident however several eyewitnesses including one convicted felon have come forward insisting that Scott was murdered because he happened upon a drug drop.

George Owens – In July of 1985 George Owens was due to pick up his wife at a bus station in Nashville, Tennessee. George Owens never arrived and during the few days many people reported him wandering around disorientated in another part of the state. Owens eventually drove up a steep embankment, abandoned his car in the woods and vanished.

“Medicare Fraud” – In the early 80s Sheldon Weinberg and his two sons ran a successful clinic in Brooklyn, New York. Behind the scenes however the Weinbergs were participating in the largest Medicare Fraud scheme in history bilking millions of dollars by submitting false billing claims. In April of 1986 the authorities closed in and the Weinbergs were given various jail sentences. Before he could begin serving his time however, Sheldon Weinberg vanished.

“Mr. Jones” – On 9/18/91 Art Jones’ home in Fallowfield, Pennsylvania exploded due to a gas leak. Police searched the area for Jones or his remains however no trace of Art Jones could be found dead or alive.

Kurt Sova – On 10/28/81 in Newburgh Heights, Ohio the body of a teenage boy named Kurt Sova was found dead in a remote field. Strangely no cause of death could be determined. In the coming weeks, Kurt’s parents learned of several bizarre circumstances regarding their son’s death. Kurt had a apparently attended a party at a duplex on the night he initially disappeared. The woman who held this part initially denied and then admitted to having the party in the first place. Kurt’s friends noticed Kurt hanging around a mysterious man named “Franko” the day after the party and when they attempted to contact Kurt he ran away. A man who saw Kurt’s missing person’s flyer before Kurts’ body was found in a local record store told the clerk to remove the sign as the boy would be found dead in the next few days, the man then promptly vanished. Finally the day prior to Kurt’s body being discovered Kurt’s father was called to the duplex by the same woman who now claimed that “someone believed to be Kurt was sleeping in her basement.” When Kurt’s father arrived there was nobody asleep in the basement of the duplex. What happened to Kurt Sova?

“The Missing Medford Millions” – On 9/24/84 Steven Cox and Eugene Richmond fled Medford, Oregon after conning their friends and neighbors out of millions of dollars in bad investments. While Richmond eventually returned to face the music, Cox is still on the lam because in Richmond’s opinion he not only fled the investment troubles but was fleeing for his life at the time of his disappearance.

Bill Henderson - On 5/20/91 the body of Bill Henderson was found bludgeoned to death in his home in Washburn, Texas. Days later two young hitchhikers claimed they spent several hours with Henderson’s killer as the hitchhiked in the truck the killer stole from Henderson’s home. These two hitchhikers and the killer have yet to be identified.

Tammy Leppert – Tammy Lynn Leppert was a beautiful model from Cocoa Beach, Florida who was beginning a career as an actress. However in 1983 Tammy began suffering from paranoiac episodes and nervous breakdowns including one on the set of the movie “Scarface”. She claimed that people were going to try and kill her because she knew too much about money laundering. Her behavior frightened and alarmed her family some of which were not sure if Tammy’s fears were based in reality or not. On 7/6/83 after having an argument with a friend, Tammy was dropped off near a bank in Cocoa Beach and vanished.

“Love Triangle” – On 8/9/89, Christy Mutsfield of Hamilton, Indiana discovered the lifeless body of her boyfriend Todd Kelly at his home. He had been stabbed to death apparently by Christy’s former boyfriend Mafoos Huck. However Todd’s parents believe that Christy was involved in covering up Todd’s murder and aiding Huck in his flight.

Mark Dennis –Vietnam: 7/15/66, Navy Pilot Mark Dennis’ chopper was shot down and he was assumed to be dead. However, in the following years Dennis’ family have unearthed some disturbing evidence (including a bizarre newspaper photograph of a POW and an even more bizarre eyewitness) that Mark Dennis may be very much alive and is being held captive as a prisoner of war.

“Tex” – On 10/21/54, Francis Sherwood of Montreal, Canada saw her son Clifford off to school and he was never seen again. Authorities presumed that Clifford was dead the victim of a random act of violence but Francis insists that Clifford was abducted by her ex husband Tex Sherwood who used his military identity as “Edward Thorne” to create a new life for his son.

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That's a cool collection you have. I finally bought a DVD burner and capture card myself, and have been toying with the idea of making my own Unsolved Mysteries DVDRs. The biggest problem is figuring out how to group the episodes (as in by category, season, or airdate), and the fact that I prefer original NBC airings as opposed to Lifetime rebroadcasts, which are often edited or otherwise incomplete.

Being the completist that I am, I would probably want entire episodes rather than just a bunch of stories grouped by category. I would also put no more than two 1 hour episodes per disc just to keep the bitrates down and ensure high quality captures.

Perhaps someday I'll start this "project".

Reagrdless, I'm on your side. I feel that if the "powers that be" are going to give us incomplete and crappy DVDs, we as fans of the show must carry the torch ourseleves, so to speak.
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I'm definitely interested, but I fear you already have the segments I have on tape. But truth be told I'm interested in Volumes 1, 4 and 5 only.
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Well with nothing to trade I guess I'm out of luck..
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Originally Posted by justins5256
That's a cool collection you have. I finally bought a DVD burner and capture card myself, and have been toying with the idea of making my own Unsolved Mysteries DVDRs. The biggest problem is figuring out how to group the episodes (as in by category, season, or airdate), and the fact that I prefer original NBC airings as opposed to Lifetime rebroadcasts, which are often edited or otherwise incomplete.

Being the completist that I am, I would probably want entire episodes rather than just a bunch of stories grouped by category. I would also put no more than two 1 hour episodes per disc just to keep the bitrates down and ensure high quality captures.

Perhaps someday I'll start this "project".

Reagrdless, I'm on your side. I feel that if the "powers that be" are going to give us incomplete and crappy DVDs, we as fans of the show must carry the torch ourseleves, so to speak.

I agree with keeping only two episodes on the dvd when doing the transfer but when you are talking about videotapes the quality damage is minimal when going from SP to EP. The thing is that when putting full episodes together a lot of the segments on the episodes especially when you get towards the later years are pretty dull if not insipid. UM was truly a show that at a point in time "jumped the shark" but to each his own.

I would like to start what is known as a tape tree at some point for this - maybe echoes or crystaldawn could help me out since they have a superb site that I hope you have all checked out - I dunno I don't want to keep these to myself but share them with the fans who enjoy them

The problem of course with getting the NBC airings is very simple - those who have them are very hard to locate or don't seem to trade their eps.

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I'd be willing to help you out, you got a great collection there, alot of stories that I don't have and few I haven't seen before. I agree though, finding someone with the original NBC broadcasts is very hard, I only have so many of them, I still have some more that I haven't added to the site yet however.
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What exactly is a 'tape tree'?

I think I have an idea but this is the first time I've ever heard such a term.
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I am definitely interested. I sent you a PM; get back to me if you can.
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Default Update

Tee hee - I always wanted to post a topic with that title

Anyhow I've gotten a number of requests both on the bbs and from PMs from people who want these so I guess we'll go ahead with this. I waiting to hear back from a few people I emailed regarding logistics so just give them awhile to write me back. This will get done I promise even if we have to "weed" out each tape one at a time

Also since possibly some of the regulars to this board might not have internet access on weekends or choose not too access the internet on the weekend - I'll wait until at least Tuesday for the next update but if anyone wants these kept posting or sending the pms if you have not already - I will take any and all comers - I'm really not into the whole logistics of just holding this stuff back - I really think it would be cool if we could share this stuff amongst ourselves because as Justin alluded to I doubt that UM is gonna put out more dvds.

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Plz Mr Dante, check you Pms =D
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Default Tape Tree

A tape tree is basically a method of "pass it on" trading. So far the following people have expressed interest in the "Unsurpassed Mysteries" tapes:

Composite Sketch
Echoes Of Fear
Mr. Fuji
Missing Tiny
Kix Dude

At five people we could do a nice small tape tree - It's very simple - I'll start the tree off by sending a tape to a branch (any one of the five people listed above who can copy and send a dub of that tape to another person on the list) - that person copies and dubs for the next person on the list and so on and so forth. As for people who cannot reproduce copies of the the tape they will be "leaves" and moved to the bottom of the listing and recieve the tapes after ALL of the branches have been served. Thats the gist of a tape tree.

The only other thing is one person on this list is from Austrailia - Ideally since it's a bit more postage to send something there - the person who sends to this person should either be the first branch or recieve some sort of bonus to compensate him for the added postage. First off however - I need to know where you are all located!

Country and if in the USA - a state please! - I am in the USA living in the state of New Jersey. I have decided that the first tape to be treed out will be Volume #1 (which has among others the "Son Of Sam" documentaries) and we'll go from there

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I most certainly am able to dub for someone else.

I live in Canada as my profile states.

Just because I'm such a stickler, I'll have to correct you with "La Phont" (it's "L'enfant"). Also, Randall Utterback abducted his ex-girlfriend in 1994, not 1984. And it was 3 days before the Rogers family floated to the surface of Tampa Bay, not washed up on shore.

Yeah, I think that's all.
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Default Thanks for the corrections

I love UM but you have to imagine sitting in front of your tv for the better part of an hour (I divided the time up over a three day period) with a pen and paper and going ok - "murder took place on -----", "by ------", "location: ------"

after doing this for around ten minutes you probably wouldn't care if Randall Utterback abducted Mr. Magoo in Costa Rica - You just wanted it to be over with.

But thats how the descriptions of the cases came to be

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