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Default My first Golden Girl fanfic

If you love Rose and always like seeing her happy then you'll love this new fic that I wrote about her. Check it out!

I would love some feedback about the story so leave your comments here or at and I'll be grateful to all who reads my first Golden Girl fanfiction.
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I wasn't able to access it; it says you have to log in.
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A Second Chance At Love

Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year (for some). This day started off great the girls had so much fun getting ready for their dates for this holiday that when each got a call from their boyfriends telling them that they would be a little late, one excuse was "I have to work" another excuse was "I'm running late hon I'll call you later" but when the girls ended up eating cheesecake in their evening dresses each remember back to when they first had gotten married to their husbands.

"Oh, Dorothy you don't have a date for Valentine's Day?" Blanche asked as she walked into the kitchen where Dorothy was eating some cheesecake and looking really bummed out.

"No, no Luis is running a little late so i'm waiting for him to call me." Dorothy said eating another piece of cake.


"What happened to Ryan?" Dorothy asked wondering why Blanche is still in the house all dressed up.

"He's running late at work but he said he will pick me up soon.

Blanche sat down and cut herself a slice of cheesecake also looking bummed about still being home on the most special day.

As Blanche and Dorothy sulked about their dates being late Sophia walks in the kitchen all dressed up and still waiting for her date to call or arrive to pick her up.

"Oh, ma do you not have a date for this evening?" Dorothy asked

"I do, he just hasn't called me yet" Sophia said walking over to the fridge and taking out some milk to drink. "So what happened to your dates, I thought you two would be gone by now or at least Blanche would be on her back by this time." Sophia insults to Blanche didn't make an impact because Blanche wasn't paying attention to what she was saying.

"What Sophia?" Blanche asked after eating another piece of cake.

"So where is Rose? Did she leave yet?" Sophia asked sitting down at the table.

"I don't know, I guess she left already" Dorothy said looking at her watch to see what time it was. "It's getting late, how long does it take to close a deal?"

"Based on experience usually 15 minutes debating on how fast he's willing to finished." Blanche blurted out.

"Yeah, you would know" Sophia said wondering why everyone is so depressed.

After a few minutes has passed Rose walked in the kitchen.

"Oh, you girls are still here?" Rose asked dressed up in her evening wear.

"You look beautiful Rose" Blanche said looking up at Rose as she stood watching everyone eat cheesecake and sulk over their dates.

"Thank you, so what happened to your dates?" Rose wanted to know because after a fabulous evening with Robert she was worn out from dancing and parting the last two hours.

"Why are we all sulking, why don't we just forget about our dates and just have a good time here talking and eating cheesecake.?" Dorothy was angry about how her evening went that she wanted to cheer herself, Blanche and Sophia up so she decided to just forget about her plans and talk.

"So, how was your evening Rose?" Dorothy asked smiling up at Rose who was getting a slice of cheesecake.

"It was wonderful, Robert took me to Southern Lights where we ate and danced." Rose said while eating a piece of cake and smiling remember the great time she had on this evening.

"That's so sweet of Robert to take you to Southern Lights. I've been wanting to go there for a long time but haven't, I don't know why though it looks like a great place." Blanche said finally smiling after being depressed about her date blowing her off again.

"Yeah, it was great Robert was great he's just a great guy i'm starting to fall for him." Rose said daydreaming about maybe moving things along with Robert and possibly date him more or try and become his girlfriend.

"Aw, that's great honey it's great that you found someone that you like and who likes you. I'm very happy for you!" Blanche was a bit envious about Rose's new found romance with Robert that she 'thinking to herself" wondered if she would ever find someone again after George. George was the only man that Blanche truly loved and she now realizes that after all this time playing around with so many men that maybe the second mister right would come along again.

"I wish I could find someone like George again. He was everything and I never had that feeling of Love again with someone."

"Yeah, you usually go for the one time deal" Sophia said leaving the kitchen after hearing the doorbell ring.

"I remember my first Valentine's Day with Charlie, it wasn't the best first holiday as husband and wife but we made the best of it." Rose said remembering how horrible her first Valentine's Day with Charlie went terribly wrong. "It was great over everything that happened that day." Rose now starts to reminisce about her first Valentine's Day being Mrs. Charlie Nylund.


Charlie gives rose a special gift for their first Valentine's Day together as a married couple.

"Rose, are you ready?" Charlie asked before Rose walked down the stairs looking elegant in her light blue dress and matching heels.

"Yes Charlie i'm ready" Rose said walking over to Charlie as he stood at the bottom of the steps looking at how beautiful Rose looked.

"You look amazing" Charlie said extending his hand so that Rose could take it.

"Thank you, I told you this dress was special" Rose said taking his hand.

"You were right it's very special" Charlie said looking Rose up and down and smiling at his wife.

"So where are you taking me?" Rose asked and Charlie walked her over to the door and opened it walking outside to his car where he had a surprise for Rose inside it.

Charlie then opened the door to his car carefully helping Rose inside before closing the door and going to the other side to the drivers seat.

"We are going to a party at Kings" Charlie said starting to drive the car down the road.

A few minutes later Rose and Charlie arrived at Kings for the Valentine's Day party that they were having.

"This place looks packed you think we an get inside there?" Rose asked not knowing that Charlie not only had one surprise but had two surprises and one of them was this party.

"Don't worry Rosie I already made reservations." Charlie said helping Rose out of the car.

"You really are fast, making these reservations so quickly"

"I made these reservations 4 months ago"

"Oh, it's my favorite restaurant and every time I come here they always make me favorite meal." Rose said as they walked inside the restaurant looking at everyone having a good time dancing and partying.

"I know that's why I took you here, I know how much you love coming here and how much you enjoy their food." Charlie said as the hostess walked them to their table.

"So what happened after you and Charlie had your meal." Dorothy interrupted wanting Rose to finish her story.

"He had a surprise for me, he gave me this pendent that his grandmother gave him before she passed away." Rose had this very thing she was talking about on her dress and took it off to show Blanche and Dorothy.

"It's beautiful" Said Blanche taking it in her hand to look at it more closely.

"It really is beautiful Rose" Said Dorothy smiling.

After sometime talking the phone had rang and Rose got up to answer it. It was Robert calling to ask her out for the next night. Of course she said yes and when she got off the phone she wondered why Robert was sounding weird while talking to him. "Maybe he wants to end things" Rose thought to herself as she took her pendent and went to her room. Before going to her room Rose didn't want to jinx things and decided not to tell the girls about her phone call. As she slept that night she wondered and thought about what it would be like to have that special something with another guy that is not Charlie Nylund.

End of Chapter 1

"Rose Nylund, will you marry me?"

"Yes, I will marry you Robert."

This was playing around in Rose's head all day and her friends were getting worried that Rose had a secret that she wasn't telling them.

"I wonder what Rose is keeping from us?" Blanche asked wondering what Rose was keeping secret from them when she always told them everything.

"I don't know, all I do know is that Rose seems happy and that's all that matters." Dorothy said also wondering why Rose is so secretive and hoping that whatever happens this evening at dinner that Rose is happy and not upset or disappointed.

"You're right Dorothy, Rose's happiness is all that matters." Blanche stood up at the very moment that Rose walked into the kitchen.

Rose was wearing a long light pink dress with new earrings that Robert had bought her on their second date. Rose smiled as she walked into the kitchen all happy as can be and waiting for Robert to pick her up.

"Wow, you look beautiful Rose." Said Blanche smiling back at Rose.

"Thank you Blanche" Said Rose as she sat down at the table waiting for the doorbell to ring.

"So, do you know where Robert is taking you tonight?" Dorothy asked wanting to know where Rose would be going on this night.

"Yes, he is taking me to Labearce he took me there on our second date when he bought me these earrings." Rose answered pointing to the earring she is wearing.

"Oh, did Robert tell you what he wanted to say last night or did he want to wait for tonight to do that.?" Dorothy asked trying not to push too hard for answers cause she didn't want to get Rose mad.

"No, he just told me that he had something very important to tell me and that he wanted to do it in person." Rose answered still wanting to know what Robert was holding back from her and she was getting very anxious herself.

After sometime talking the doorbell rang and Rose got up to answer it.

"Hi honey" Rose said as she let Robert inside the house after giving him a hello kiss.

"Hi sweetheart how are you this evening?" Robert said with his voice nervous and wanted to get the thing he wanted to ask Rose over and done with already.

"Are you ready to go Rose?" Robert asked taking Rose's purse off the table behind the couch.

"Yes, I've been ready since yesterday" Rose said smiling and blushing as Robert took her hand, which was sweaty and walked out the door to Roberts car.

Robert opened the car door, helping Rose get inside safely then got inside the car himself. They drove to the restaurant and as they pulled up to the restaurant the lights were turned off and Rose wondered why the light weren't on when the lights of this restaurant is always on until the last hour of dinner time.

As they pulled up to the front of the restaurant there was 2 men standing outside awaiting for this couple to show up, "good evening madame good evening sir." The nice gentlemen said.

Robert got out of the car and then helped Rose out. They walked into the restaurant where there was only a few lights on in the very back of the restaurant. Rose smiled knowing that Robert had booked the restaurant in advance because he wanted the place to be private and only for them.

"Robert, this is so romantic" Said Rose as she and Robert walked to the back of the restaurant to where there table was.

"You" getting choked up and more nervous than ever Robert wanted to just get the thing he wanted to do over with badly but he was to nervous to propose right at this moment so instead he sat down across from Rose at the table, the table had two already lit candles and one exquisitely beautiful rose that sat in the center of the two lit candles.

It was perfectly done everything that Robert previously wanted had been set up perfectly for the evening that would probably be the best moment of his life.

"Robert, this is so beautiful how in the world did you do all this.?" Rose asked looking around the room and then back at Robert.

Robert took Rose's hand in his and smiled. "This is all for you my love." Robert was truly head over heels in love with Rose and he wanted to let the world know how much she means to him.

"You, you are incredible I love you Robert." Said Rose as Robert got up from his chair and went around to give Rose a kiss.

"This is it, I have to do this now, I am ready." Robert said in his head, getting down on one knee Robert took out a small blue box and Rose had started crying. Robert then opened the small square box and Rose had lit up when she saw the ring that was inside the box.

"OMG" Said Rose as she kept bawling with tears running non stop down her cheeks.

"Rose Nylund, will you marry me?" Robert said smiling up at Rose who was still in tears. Rose tried brushing the tears away from her face but the tears just kept rolling down but she contained her emotions to give Robert the answer that he had been waiting for since he had laid his eyes on the woman who he thought was the most stunningly gorgeous lady.

"Yes, Robert I will marry you" Rose now had contained her emotions and was smiling at the ring that Robert put on her finger.

"I love you Rose!" Robert said as he stood up from the floor and took Rose in his arms to give her the biggest kiss of his life. The employees of the restaurant were standing all around gearing and clapping for the newly engaged couple.

After all the excitement had died down Rose and Robert ate their food and danced until the sun was up and it was the next day.

End of Chapter 2!

The next chapter will be the last part of this story.
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