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Old 07-07-2002, 11:36 PM   #1
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Default The New Ghostwriter Mysteries

This is such a good show! It sadly only made 13 episodes and aired on CBS. It now airs on 'The N' (formerly Noggin, which only airs kid shows now). I've seen it a few times. I'm assuming the ratings wer LOW! This show would probably last longer if it would have been on PBS like it's original...Does anybody watch or remember this show?
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Old 07-17-2002, 06:40 AM   #2
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Cool GhostWriter

I didn't really care for the new one, now the old one with the original kids was the bomb.
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Old 07-17-2002, 10:45 PM   #3
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my sister and I used to watch the original Ghost Writer on PBS. It was a good show.

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Old 07-18-2002, 06:00 AM   #4
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Yeah I wish they add it to the sitcomsonline message board as a show with a message board.

He's a ghost and he writes to us. Ghostwriter.

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Old 09-08-2002, 02:58 PM   #5
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Default Ghostwriter

I didn't like the new Grostwriter show. The old one was the best!!! My favorite character was about you guys?

P.S. What was that show that was on PBS with the detectives Friday and...I don't remember the other one...?
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Old 10-06-2017, 12:00 PM   #6
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I posted this on another thread, but then I found this one and it seemed appropriate to add it here too. Here is my review of "The New Ghostwriter Mysteries" as compared to the original "Ghostwriter" series.

I've recently been watching "The New Ghostwriter Mysteries" series! It's nice to finally be able to see this show. I have a number of observations about it and comparisons to the original series. But I will say my overall verdict first. It's nowhere near quite the same as the original and I don't think it would ever displace my love for that show....but, despite its many flaws, I still find myself liking it anyway. It is a pretty fun little show.
Here are the main similarities and differences I've noticed. First of all, it is still some form of Ghostwriter because it is made by the same people. But this is a half hour version that was created because that better fit CBS' airing schedule, from what I understand. That may also have affected things because it didn't run on the same schedule throughout the week like the original series. However, I think the half hour version did work well enough for the most part. Yet time and again, when I've seen it attempted, I've noticed that half hour mystery shows also seem to be way too compact to follow well. (I'm also a fan of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books and a similar scenario exists there. In the late '70s, there was a hour long show called "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" that did a great job adapting the series. In the mid-'90s there was an attempt to do new half hour versions for both The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. While I enjoy these shows too, I also have the same complaint- the mystery is way too compact to really follow very well in only half an hour. Everything has to move so fast because of that and it makes it hard to follow the story sometimes.
There are other details to consider with this show as well. The basic premise is still the same, but there are totally different human actors/actresses. Emilie, Camela and Henry are the three kids who see Ghostwriter in this show. Now, I actually like the new three leads pretty well. All of them do a great job with their roles. But it's not the same as having the original gang. Ghostwriter has appeared to a number of people and has recruited numerous people for the team, including some who only appeared in one episode and never showed up again. It seems totally fitting that he could have recruited some more team members. The problem is that there seems to be no hand-off whatsoever. The show just jumps right in to the first case, assuming the viewer is already aware of the premise of Ghostwriter. It would have been nice to offer a quick origin recap of some sort for the sake of viewers new to the series. And while the series is still clearly set in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY- (as evidenced by the Fort Greene pizzeria that the gang often hangs out at), this seems to be about the only connection. I have yet to see any mention of Zora Neale Hurston Junior High but I presume that's where the kids go to school. Ideally, I would have loved to have a pilot that featured some of the original gang in cameo roles to offer some sort of hand-off. Maybe Ghostwriter wanted to maintain a presence at the middle school since the original gang would have been in high school at this point. And they might be busy solving cases there with his assistance, even as he worked with the middle schoolers (Emilie, Camela and Henry) too. In any case, something to explain why these three kids now saw Ghostwriter would have been nice for way of explanation.
Ghostwriter still maintains his basic shape but only appears in either gold or silver colors. Also, and I know this is kind of weird to say for this character, but Ghostwriter on this new show doesn't seem to be quite the same personable character he was on the original series. It seemed like the kids had much more of a relationship with him and that he would interact with them more too- and not just about cases. They also celebrated each other's lives together. To be fair, Ghostwriter still does this some in the new series. He has sent congratulatory messages to members of the new team. But it's different with how the kids connect with him. It's probably a consequence of the half hour format that time constraints keep things curt. The kids only seem to call on Ghostwriter to help them find clues. It feels more like they just order him around than anything. Again- this is probably because of the constraints on the series in order to finish the episode and mystery in a half hour. For this reason most likely, the kids only seem to refer to Ghostwriter when writing as "GW". They do say the name Ghostwriter in conversation at least and the original team certainly used the abbreviation GW at times- but it does get a bit irksome sometimes.
Another component that seems to be hugely lacking is the educational portion of the show. It is still there in limited fashion- the kids use reference materials like a dictionary to look up the meanings of words and a phone book to find someone's address. They have had to crack codes and use some similar English Language Arts skills and strategies the original show did here and there- but it seems it’s been very limited, which again is not surprising, given the time constraints of the show. At least it’s still there (usually) in some limited fashion.
I suppose those are my major complaints. There are some good points though. The standard Ghostwriter logo is still intact in the title, though the theme song is quite different. This series seems to have a thing for nicknames, as all three characters have them, though they’re not all used all the time, of course. Emilie Robeson is also known as Em, Camela Gorrick is often known as Cam and Henry Strickland is usually called Strick. And in keeping with that, Ghostwriter is often referred to as GW in conversation and pretty much always in writing (though they do say the whole name a number of times as well.)
The mysteries seem to be mostly in keeping with the tone of the original show. There are a number of crooked operations brought down, including gambling rings, housing development bullies, sabotage plots, thievery and the like. The team searched out suspects and followed up on clues and often called upon Ghostwriter to look into places they couldn’t get to in order to find information. However, then they would have to find additional proof since they couldn’t explain to anyone how they had come across the information Ghostwriter provided. A number of times they were able to use such information to catch someone in the act.
The theme of a fairly diverse group of young people working together to solve mysteries and stop crimes is still there and that’s always fun. The supernatural angle of Ghostwriter certainly adds a lot to that. I wish his character could have been utilized more in regards to normal conversations with the kids. The show could have provided a place to find out more of his backstory. It would have been very interesting to see the flashback story of when Ghostwriter was still alive as a human, which the writers talked about doing on the original series. It doesn’t look like we get much of anything further as to clues about Ghostwriter’s identity or anything like that. We don’t seem to get any mentions of the original gang or past adventures. The parents are essentially non-existent on this show; I’m not sure if any of them even make any appearances. It is mentioned that Emilie’s father is a lawyer though, as she sometimes talks about the cases he’s worked on. It is established that Henry Strickland was once a juvenile delinquent and had been to a juvenile detention center for a time. Em and Cam both work for the school newspaper and contribute articles often based on the mysteries they solve as a team. I’m not sure if Strick works for the paper too or not, but probably so.
Since the series only ran for 13 episodes, there wasn’t room to see what could have been. It would have been nice to have 2 part episodes at some point. I would have particularly enjoyed seeing Ghostwriter’s backstory and having cameos and/or full out guest appearances from the original gang. Because of the short run of the show, I don’t believe it got any accompanying merchandise, like the original series did. (And the original show got tons- VHS releases, a book series running close to 50 titles in number, magazines, board game, PC game, contests, appearances, etc.) As I said though, despite all its flaws, I still find it a fun and enjoyable series.
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Old 10-10-2017, 01:51 PM   #7
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I recently finished watching all of "The New Ghostwriter Mysteries".
It's nice to say now that I have seen all of the Ghostwriter series through both its incarnations. And while I certainly prefer the original series, I actually found myself liking the new series as well. And I can now confirm that Em's dad does show up in at least 2 episodes and offers some advice to the gang. I've already pointed out the many issues I found with the series, but I did notice that in the last few episodes of the show, some of these issues seemed to be addressed. It does seem like Ghostwriter and the gang were made to be more personable. The last two episodes even seemed to hint that a friend they had helped out may discover the secret about Ghostwriter. At least, he was certainly asking questions about what they were writing and what "GW" means. That was neat; too bad the series didn't continue for that storyline to go anywhere. Also of note- the last episode actually deals with spirits and curses and made for an interesting episode since the team obviously believes in ghosts. The supernatural angle, oddly enough for a show about a ghost, never seemed to get played up much on either series, so it was neat to see this connection made in the last episode.
"The New Ghostwriter Mysteries" is certainly different and it has its share of flaws, but I still actually like this series fairly well. It takes some getting used to for sure, but it isn't so bad overall. I just wish a connection to the original series could have been made beyond just GW. It'd be great for all of the Ghostwriter series to get completely released to DVD!

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