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Default My newest have/want list

-2000 Today footage
-The ABC's of Schoolhouse Rock
-Afterschool Specials
-Anything from Cartoon Network
-Celebrate the Spirit! Disney's All-Star 4th of July Spectacular 1992
-Cheers Last Call (1993)
-Crystal Light Aerobics Championships w/o/c (especially 1988, which is the most iconic one)
-Great Pretenders episodes from Fox Family
-Hee Haw episodes
-I Love Liberty (1982)
-Lucy Comes to Nashville (1978)
-Mary Tyler Moore tribute specials from CBS and ABC
-The New Original Amateur Hour (1992)
-Night of 100 Stars 1985
-The Royal Family
-Super Fun Night
-Today Show episodes from pre-2000
-Tonight Show episodes from any era
-Unaired or unsold pilots from pre-2000
-Basically anything I already have on the list if it's more complete (i.e. if it includes commercials and/or is a first run as opposed to a rerun), especially any of the following:
**Macy's Parades
**Awards shows
**Songwriters Hall of Fame 20th Anniversary

TV SPECIALS (things with commercials are in bold)
-1982 Saturday Morning Pac Preview Party (ABC special)
-20/20 10th Anniversary Special (1988 ABC special)
-4 Days at Dragoncon (2010 PBS special)
-The 50th Barbara Walters Special (1988)
-The ABC Saturday Preview Special (1983)
-All In The Family 20th Anniversary (1991 CBS special)
-All-Star Inaugural Gala for President Ronald Reagan (01/19/1981 ABC special)
-Ann Margret: Hollywood Movie Girls (1980 special)
-Archie and His New Pals (1969 special)
-Battle of the Network Stars 1 (11/13/76 special as aired on Trio)
-The Bell Telephone Jubilee (3/26/76 special)
-The Best of 60 Minutes (1984 video special)
-The Best TV Shows That Never Were (2004 special)
-Bob Hope’s Super Bowl Party (1/21/1989 special)
-Bob Hope Buys NBC? (1985 special)
-The Bozo Show’s 30th Anniversary Special (9/8/91)
-Brought To You By… Santa (1993 special)
-Bullwinkle’s New Years Special (12/31?/1987)
-Cathy’s Valentine (2/14/1989 CBS special)
-Championship Ballroom Dancing (1/13/86 special)
-Charlie Brown All-Stars (1969 repeat)
-A Charlie Brown Christmas (12/1996 repeat from YTV)
-Cheers 200th Episode Special (1990 NBC special, from original airing, beginning missing)
-Cher and Other Fantasies (1979 special)
-Chicago Polish Constitution Day Parade 1995
-Christmas Comes to Pac-Land (1982 ABC special)
-The Christmas Computer Caper (12/17/1983 local Miami special)
-The Christmas Raccoons (12/17/1983, last half only)
-Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Featuring Santino Fontana and Sesame Street (2015 PBS special)
-Crossing Carolina At The Fair (1994 local special)
-A David Foster Christmas Card (1989 special)
-Diana, Queen of Hearts (1997 PBS special, beginning missing)
-Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve '82 (1981 special)
-Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve '85 (1984 special)
-Dionne Warwick: Souled Out (1969 special as aired on GetTV)
-Dom Deluise and Friends IV (4/9/1986 special)
-Elvis' Graceland (1987 special, incomplete)
-Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (12/15/1980 airing)
-An Evening With Friends of the Environment (9/13/1990 special)
-Fireworks at the Fountain (2014 local Florida special)
-Fox New Years Eve Live ’92 (12/31/1991 special)
-Free To Be... A Family (1988 special, incomplete copy)
-Freedom Fest: Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Concert (1988 special, highlights)
-Garth Brooks: Ireland and Back (3/4/1998 special)
-General Electric’s All-Star Anniversary (5/29/1978 special)
-Goldie and Kids: Listen to Us (5/8/1982 special)
-Grand Ole Opry 65th Anniversary (1/19/1991 CBS special)
-Happy Birthday Bob (1983 special)
-Heroes of Rock N Roll (2/9/1979 ABC special)
-Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show (12/20/1992 CBS special)
-Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn’t Happen (2006 ABC special)
-Hollywood Christmas Parade 1983
-How the Grinch Stole Christmas (12/23?/2008 airing with bonus behind the scenes special hosted by Tom Bergeron)
-I Love Lucy Christmas Special (2016, colorized versions of the Christmas episode and “Lucy Gets in Pictures”)
-I Love the Holidays (2005 VH1 special)
-It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (2015 uncut airing w/You’re Not Elected bonus special)
-Jim Henson: In Their Own Words (2015 PBS special)
-Julie Andrews: One Step Into Spring (1978 special)
-Julie Andrews: One To One (1975 ABC special)
-Julie on Sesame Street (1973 special, repeat from 1977)
-Just For Laughs Festival 1991 (incomplete/highlights)
-Just For Laughs All Access: The Muppets All-Star Comedy Gala (2012 Canadian special)
-Kenny and Dolly: A Christmas to Remember (1984 special)
-Kenny Rogers: Working America (1988 special, incomplete)
-Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade 1995 (incomplete)
-Lady Gaga and The Muppets' Holiday Spectacular (2013 ABC special)
-Loretta and Crystal: Going Home (1988 special)
-Lucy (1989 CBS News special)
-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 85th Anniversary Special (2011)
-Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 90th Anniversary Special (2016)
-Magic with the Stars (1982 special)
-Making Magic: Macy's Balloon Bash (2007 special)
-Marty Robbins: Super Legend (1986 special)
-Marvin: Baby of the Year (3/10/1989 CBS special)
-Mary Tyler Moore 20th Anniversary Special (1991 CBS special)
-A Matter of Trust: Billy Joel In The USSR (1988 special, missing first couple minutes)
-Michael Buble's 3rd Annual Holiday Special (2013 NBC special)
-Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever (1983 NBC special)
-A Muppet Family Christmas (original uncut 1987 ABC airing)
-NBC 75th Anniversary Special (2002)
-A New York Christmas to Remember (2013 CBS special)
-Nick and Noel (Christmas special - 1996 airing)
-Night of 100 Stars 1982
-Night of 100 Stars 1990
-The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles (2014 CBS special)
-The Nutcracker on Ice (12/25/1997 ESPN special)
-Oh Brother! (1995 Nickelodeon special)
-Our Happiest Birthday (1977 retrospective of American bicentennial)
-Perry Como: Spring in New Orleans (4/7/76 special)
-Pretty in Pink Premiere Party (2/27/1986 MTV special)
-Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (2 different airings – 12/1979 from WISH; or 11/29/1996 from WTOL)
-Sammy Davis Jr.: 60th Anniversary Celebration (6/3/1990 special, 2 discs)
-Sega Star Kids Challenge (1992 special)
-Sesame Street’s All-Star 25th Birthday: Stars and Street Forever (1994 ABC special)
-Something Spectacular with Steve Allen (1981 PBS pledge drive special)
-Songwriters’ Hall of Fame 20th Anniversary: The Magic of Music (1989 special, missing several minutes at the beginning)
-The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978 CBS special)
-Superstars and Their Moms (1987 special UPGRADED)
-That's What Friends Are For: Arista Records 15th Anniversary (1990 CBS special)
-A Tribute to Ricky Nelson (1987 special, incomplete)
-TV’s All-Time Funniest Holidays (1996 special)
-We Day (8/28/2016 ABC special)
-When Television Was Young (1977 special)
-Whitney Houston: This Is My Life (1992 special)

TV SHOWS (things with commercials are in bold)
-100 Huntley Street (1 episode 1998)
-70’s kids shows featuring Pink Panther, Osmonds, Harlem Globetrotters and more (message me for more info)
-A&E Biography - Mother Theresa (1997 airing)
-Adventure Time (misc episodes from Cartoon Network On Demand)
-AM Northwest Christmas Day special (1982)
-Amen (one episode from original airing)
-American Dad (one December 2006 episode)
-Anderson Cooper 360: Michael Jackson tribute (2009)
-Animaniacs misc. rarities disc
-The Arsenio Hall Show (misc episodes with varying degrees of completeness and w/o/c, see below)
-Baywatch (1 episode from syndication)
-Boogie’s Diner (1 episode from rerun)
-Brand New Life (complete series with Barbara Eden)
-Cartoon Saturday Morning mishmash 1986-87 (message me for complete info)
-Captain N and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (misc. episodes, plus other shows – message me for complete list)
-Chico and the Man (4 discs of episodes from syndication, plus a bonus episode of The Daffy-Speedy Show)
-Classic 1960s cartoons (incl. 1 episode each of Flintstones, Peter Potamus, Jonny Quest and Top Cat – PLUS some bonus classic cartoon intros from the time period)
-Dempsey and Makepeace (misc episodes from original airings, 1987)
-Designing Women: Their Finest Hour (one-hour episode from original airing)
-The Dick Cavett Show – Bob Fosse (1980)
-Entertainment Tonight 12/4/1987
-Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2010 episode with the Muppets, from original airing)
-Father Dowling Mysteries (1990 episode from Family Channel [US] repeat)
-First Person with Maria Shriver (one episode 1991, missing final segment and credits)
-The Fitzpatricks (one 1977 episode from original airing)
-Free Spirit (complete series including 1 unaired episode) - 5 discs
-The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1 episode from syndication repeat)
-General Hospital (incomplete 1995 episode with Canadian commercials)
-Golden Girls (1 episode from original airing, only has first break)
-Hanna-Barbera misc. 1960’s shows (incl. one episode each of Frankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles, Motor Mouse and Autocat, Samson and Goliath)
-The Health Show (misc episodes from 1990 – ABC series)
-Hee Haw (3 episodes, see below)
-Hollywood Squares (2 episodes from November 1987)
-Jack and Jill (WB series - first two episodes from critics’ screener copy)
-Kids Incorporated: Rock In the New Year (one-hour episode)
-Lime Street (1 episode)
-The Loud House (misc episodes from Nickelodeon – 2 discs)
-Misc kids shows disc (incl. episodes of Talespin, Care Bears, Ninja Turtles, Club Mario and more – message me for complete details)
-Moonlighting (misc episodes from original airings, 1987-89)
-The Muppets (complete ABC series 2015-16)
-My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (misc episodes from Discovery Family – 2 discs)
-The Odd Couple (1 episode from MeTV)
-The Oprah Winfrey Show (misc episodes, see below)
-PM Magazine – last episode with Elaine Busby (12/4/1987)
-Pioneers of Television (6-episode compilation from PBS series)
-Pokemon (misc episodes from Kids WB)
-Regular Show (misc episodes from Cartoon Network)
-Ren and Stimpy (misc episodes)
-Roundhouse (complete Nickelodeon series 1992-94)
-Santa Barbara (10/18/1985 episode)
-Secrets and Mysteries (1 episode, last 11 minutes only)
-Sheep In The Big City (complete series)
-Super Bloopers and New Practical Jokes (1 episode 11/1990)
-Supertrain (1 episode from 1979)
-This Is America, Charlie Brown (random eps)
-This Is Your Life (partial 1987 episode with Tim Conway and Barbara Mandrell)
-Tiny Toon Adventures (3 episodes plus a bonus episode of Animaniacs)
-Under the Umbrella Tree (two 15-minute episodes)
-Valerie/Valerie’s Family/The Hogan Family (complete series 1986-91 – 21 discs)
-We Bare Bears (misc episodes from Cartoon Network)
-Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (2 episodes)
-World News Tonight – special report on the end of the Gulf war (1991)
-WXYZ-7 Sports Update (December 1989)
-You Can’t Do That On Television (misc episodes)

-111 Gramercy Park (2004 unsold pilot)
-About a Boy (2003 unsold pilot)
-American Family (2007 pilot)
-The Boys (5/16/1974 unsold pilot)
-The Camryn Manheim Project (2005 unsold WB pilot)
-Crumbs (original 2005 pilot)
-Electra Woman and DynaGirl (2001 unsold pilot)
-Emily’s Reasons Why Not (2005 ABC pilot, aired)
-Everybody Hates Chris (original pilot)
-Flesh and Blood (2005 pilot)
-Foster Hall (2004 unsold pilot)
-Gilligan’s Island (original unaired pilot as aired on TBS and hosted by Bob Denver)
-Hey Neighbor (2000 pilot, Nerdist watermark)
-Hi Honey, I’m Home (1991 unaired pilot as aired on Nickelodeon in 1999; includes commercials)
-Hollyweird (1998 pilot)
-House Blend (2002 unsold pilot)
-How I Met Your Mother (original pilot)
-In the Game (2004 unsold pilot)
-Jonny Zero (2005 pilot)
-Kat + 1 (2004 unsold pilot)
-Mindy and Brenda (2006 unsold pilot)
-My Life with Men (2003 unsold pilot)
-No Place Like Home (2003 unsold pilot)
-Our Thirties (2006 unsold pilot)
-Partners (1999 unsold pilot)
-Puppetman (1987 CBS Summer Playhouse pilot w/o/c)
-The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004 unsold pilot)
-Sawdust (1987 CBS Summer Playhouse pilot w/o/c)
-Septuplets (2003 pilot)
-Sick in the Head (1999 unaired pilot as aired on Trio)
-Silver Lake (2004 unsold pilot)
-Southern Comfort (2006 unsold pilot)
-Still Life (2004 unsold pilot)
-These Guys (2003 unsold pilot)
-Veronica’s Video (1997 unsold pilot)
-Whatever Turns You On (original 1979 CTV pilot w/o/c)

-6/7/86 (partial)
- 11/23/95 (partial)

-10/1/87 25th Anniversary special, no special guests (missing close)
-9/27/90 28th Anniversary special, no special guests

-2/4/90 with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers (8th Anniversary special)
-2/25/93 (last NBC show) with Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen
-2/19/96 Primetime Video Special (w/o/c)
-9/14/98 with Howard Stern and Katie Holmes (w/o/c, incomplete)

-1/16/74: Psst! Hammerman's After You!
-10/2/74: Sara’s Summer of the Swans
-2/5/75: The Skating Rink
-5/19/76: Dear Lovey Hart, I Am Desperate
-11/6/85: Don’t Touch (w/o/c)

-12/12/81 with David Frizzell & Shelly West, The Shoppe, The Million Dollar Band, and Oscar The Grouch (mid-90’s TNN repeat with commercials)
-09/27/86 with Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and Kathy Mattea
-10/11/86 with Mel Tillis and Randy Travis

-2/10/89 with Eddie Murphy, Sheena Easton and John Tesh (incomplete, no commercials)
-5/22/89 with LeVar Burton, Jim Henson and New Bohemians
-7/7/89 with Woody Harrelson and Donna Summer (incomplete, no commercials)
-12/15/89 with Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito and Terrence Trent D'arby
-12/16/89 with Robert DeNiro, Harry Hamlin and New Kids On The Block (missing close)
-2/13/90 with Kadeem Harrison, Sally Kirkland and 3rd Bass
-2/16/90 with Malcom Forbes, Faith Ford and Kool Moe Dee (missing close)
-5/10/90 with Tommy Chong, MC Hammer and Christopher Reeve
-5/16/90 with Tracy Chapman, Elayne Boosler and Kevin Johnson (half of episode)
-6/26/90 with Mickey Mantle, Howard Rollins and After 7 (missing intro)
-7/24/90 with Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy and Paul Young (incomplete, only has two full breaks)
-8/13/90 with Maria Shriver, Zina Garrison and Martina Navratilova (partial, mixed in with another episode from later that I can’t date – there’s still commercials in both)
-9/13/90 with Will Smith, Joe Piscopo and Styx (missing last 10 minutes)
-9/28/90 with Annie Potts, Cree Summer and NWA
-1/4/91 with Roseanne Barr, Whitney Houston, Brooke Shields and P Funk Horns
-3/20/91 with Rosie Perez, Kyle MacLachlan and Rick Astley
-9/9/91 with Patti Labelle and Prince (no commercials)
-6/22/93 with Louie Anderson and Billy Ray Cyrus

Note: The airdates for many of these are approximate, based on their presence on my old tapes. If you know the full airdates for these episodes, then please let me know!
-Autumn 1987 – Kenny Rogers and wife on relationships (missing intro)
-1989 – Clergy abuse (segments missing)
-8/20/1990 - MC Hammer
-Spring 1991 - Rising R&B Stars
-Spring 1991 - Female Comedians (missing beginning)
-10/5/1998 - Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Canadian commercials)

-Welcome to the “World” (1975) – 1998 repeat from Disney Channel
-Christmas at Walt Disney World (1978, no commercials) – late 1990’s repeat from Disney Channel
-Magical Disney Christmas (1981)
-A Walt Disney Christmas (1982, no commercials, missing a segment)
-A Disney Christmas Gift (1983, heavily re-edited version of A Walt Disney Christmas)
-Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Celebration (1984)
-Disneyland's 30th Anniversary Celebration (1985)
-Disneyland's Summer Vacation Party (1986, missing first two breaks)
-Great Moments in Disney Animation (1987 special)
-Walt Disney World 4th Of July Spectacular 1989 (no commercials)
-American Experience: Walt Disney (2015 two-part PBS special)
-Disney Cruise Line: Reimagined Magic (2015 TLC special)
-Behind The Magic: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2015)
-Toy Story At 20: To Infinity And Beyond (2015)
-The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration (2016)
Christmas parades
-1983 Disney Christmas Parade
-2005 Disney Christmas Parade (joined in progress and is thus missing the first half of the opening number)
-2008 Disney Christmas Parade (last break is partial, several breaks before then are skipped)
-2013 Disney Christmas Parade
-2014 Disney Christmas Parade (Frozen Christmas Celebration)

-1980 Academy Awards (w/o/c)
-1987 Academy Awards
-1989 Academy Awards (incomplete, bulk of the show was taped over with a movie)
-1998 Academy Awards (Canadian broadcast w/o/c, incomplete, first third only)
-2014 Academy Awards (3 discs, first two are w/o/c)
-1987 American Comedy Awards (highlights)
-1987 American Music Awards
-1988 American Music Awards
-1990 American Music Awards
-1991 American Music Awards (credits cut)
-2001 BET Awards (w/o/c, upscaled, watermark on the lower left corner)
-1990 Canadian Country Music Awards (missing intro, includes most commercials)
-1987 Country Music Awards (beginning missing)
-1991 Country Music Awards (w/o/c, missing credits)
-1987 Emmy Awards (incomplete)
-1989 Emmy Awards (2 discs, missing a few short segments)
-1987 Grammy Awards (Canadian broadcast w/o/c)
-1991 Grammy Awards
-1990 International Rock Awards
-1989 Kennedy Center Honors (highlights)
-1990 Juno Awards (Canadian Grammys) - Rick Moranis hosting
-1987 People's Choice Awards (incomplete/highlights)
-2005 Tony Awards
-1989 Video Music Awards (incomplete, sound drops frequently, I might have the first half on another tape)
-1993 Video Music Awards (2 discs)
-1994 Video Music Awards (w/o/c, 2 discs)
-The Best On Record: The Grammy Awards Show (1969 post-show special w/o/c)
-The Movie Awards (1991 CBS special)

MOVIES (stuff with commercials are in bold; most films from PBS affiliates or pay cable stations have ads at the beginning and/or end of the film)
-Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops (WXYZ 1990)
-Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (WXYZ 1990)
-American Graffiti (TNT 1997, 2 discs)
-Applause (WNET 1986)
-Arsenic and Old Lace (WJBK 1990)
-Batman and Robin (TBS 1999)
-Beauty and the Beast (WCVB 2016)
-Brand New Life (WBZ 1989)
-The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Movie (WTVJ 1984)
-Captain's Courageous (WJBK 1990)
-Call Me Madam (WDIV/SFM Holiday 1990)
-Cannonball Run II (HBO 1985)
-Christmas Comes to Willow Creek (WUSA 1988)
-The Christmas List (Fox Family 1998)
-College Swing (CBC 1990)
-Dark Side of the Rainbow (fan film combining Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd)
-Detective School Dropouts (Comedy Central 1997, 2 discs)
-The Divorce of Lady X
-Donovan's Reef (YTV 1991)
-A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes: The Annette Funicello Story (KDKA 1995)
-Earth Angel (WXYZ 1991)
-Easter Parade (WNEW 1984, missing first few minutes)
-Easy Money (HBO 1985)
-Ernest Saves Christmas (Showtime 1994)
-Eternally Yours (WTVS 1990)
-Falling From the Sky (WTAE 1995)
-Foreign Legion (WXYZ)
-Free Willy (HBO 1994)
-Frontier Gal (CBC 1991)
-Getting Married in Buffalo Jump (CBC 1990)
-Ghostbusters (WCHS 1987)
-Godspell (WOR 1983?)
-Goldfinger (TBS 1999)
-Gorky Park (HBO 1985, 2 discs)
-Halloweentown (Disney Channel 1998)
-Hands Across the Table (CBC 1991)
-Heidi (WDIV 1991)
-High Time (WTVS 1991)
-Hold That Ghost
-Houseboat (YTV)
-I Cover the Waterfront (WTVS)
-Invasion USA (TBS 1997 w/ PAZ timeshift)
-Irish Eyes are Smiling (Family Channel [Canada])
-It's Love Again (WTVS)
-Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow (Lifetime 2015)
-Johnny Belinda (CBC 1990)
-The Journey of Natty Gann (WXYZ 1987, missing first few minutes)
-The Kid from Brooklyn (WDIV 1990)
-Letter of Invitation (WTVS)
-Little Giant (WXYZ)
-Little Miss Broadway – rare color version (Family Channel [Canada])
-Lost in Alaska (WXYZ 1990, last few seconds cut off)
-The Man Upstairs (WBAL 1992)
-Mannequin (HBO 1988)
-March of the Wooden Soldiers (WPIX 2016)
-Marty (WTVS 1990)
-Mary Poppins (WFRV 1987)
-Mexican Hayride (WXYZ)
-Moonraker (WABC 1990)
-The Muppet Movie (WNEW 1985)
-Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Smart Story (WHDH 1991, no closing credits)
-The Naughty Nineties (WXYZ)
-Once In A Lifetime (WPXI 1994)
-Old Yeller (KPDX 1988)
-Paris Holiday (WDIV 1990)
-Patton (WPTT 1986)
-Pot o’ Gold (WTVS 1990)
-The Princess and the Pirate (YTV 1990)
-Project ALF (KTXS 1996)
-Ride Em Cowboy (WXYZ 1990)
-Road to Rio (WDIV 1990)
-The Secret Garden (Cinemax 1994)
-A Shriek in the Night (WJBK 1990)
-Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (KXLY 1985)
-Star Wars: A New Hope (WNEV 1984, hosted by Mark Hamill)
-Sing You Sinners (CBC 1990)
-South Pacific (YTV)
-The Spy Who Loved Me (TBS 1999)
-The Sweatbox (unreleased 2000 Disney documentary, workprint copy with timecode)
-Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story (WPXI 1994)
-The Thin Man (retail)
-Three Stooges marathon (WWCP 1990, 2 discs)
-To My Daughter (CTV)
-Tonight’s The Night (WJZ 1987, missing opening)
-Trial by Fire (WTAE 1995)
-Uncle Buck (USA Network 1993)
-Voice of the Turtle/One for the Book (CBC 1990, cuts off just before the end)
-Weekend at Waldorf (Family Channel [Canada])
-Who Done It (WXYZ 1990)
-Whose Daughter Is She? (KDKA 1995)
-Without Love (Family Channel [Canada] 1990)
-The Wizard of Oz (WISH 1980)

-1981 (upscaled)
-1983 (2 discs, missing the first break)
-1984 (missing a few minutes at the start)
-1989 (mostly complete but missing the commercial breaks and other footage from the first hour along with at least two chunks in the middle)
-1990 (missing first few minutes/songs)
-2002 (missing all the commercial breaks from the first hour and one in the second; otherwise nothing important is left out)
-2007 (no commercials)

ABC Friday night 4/28/1989 [WPLG 10 Miami/Ft. Lauerdale]: Perfect Strangers “Teacher’s Pest” (some commercials) / Full House “Luck Be a Lady (part 1)” / Mr. Belvedere “The Ghostwriter” (few commercials) / Just The Ten Of Us “Rock N Roll Fantasy”
-ABC Sunday Night 2/11/1990 [WXYZ 7 Detroit]: America’s Funniest Home Videos (missing first two minutes or so) / Elvis “The Storm” (no commercials)
-ABC TGIF 6/??/1994 [WOKR 13 Rochester]: Family Matters “Best Friends” [repeat] (credits only) / Boy Meets World “Risky Business” [repeat] (syndicated from CJOH 7 Ottawa) / Step By Step “Way Off Broadway” [repeat] / Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper “Pros and Convicts” [repeat] (missing end credits)
-ABC TGIF 09/27/1996 [WXYZ 7 Detroit]: Family Matters “Paris Vacation, Part 3” (missing first few seconds) / Sabrina the Teenage Witch “Pilot” (missing about 30 seconds from end of the second break and 1.5 minutes from the episode itself) / Clueless “To Party or Not to Party” / Boy Meets World “Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow” (half of episode) / BONUS: Clueless “As If a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp” [11/29/96 repeat] (partial, 15 minutes)
-ABC Tuesday Night 2/6/1990 [WXYZ 7 Detroit]: Roseanne "Hair" / Elvis "Money, Honey"
-CBS Primetime 10/30/1996 [WCBS 2 New York]: Pearl “Ticket to Ride” / Almost Perfect “Heaven’s Helper” (unannounced finale) / Public Morals (only aired episode)
-CBS Summer Playhouse 7/3/1987 [WCBS 2 New York]: Puppetman / Sawdust
-CITV Edmonton 11/??/1997: Suddenly Susan / Fired Up / Caroline in the City
-Fox 1/15/1996 [WZTV 17 Nashville]: Seinfeld “The Boyfriend” (missing start) [syndication repeat] / Melrose Place “Sydney, Bothered & Bewildered” / Ned & Stacey “A Tender Trap” / Partners “How Was Your Date With Dad?” (partial)
-Fox Kids 9/2000 [WUHF 31 Rochester]: Digimon “Iron Vegiemon” (missing first few seconds) / Escaflowne
-KATU 2 Portland Late Night Block 2/28/1988: George Schlatter’s Comedy Club / DC Follies
-KTVU 2 San Francisco Afternoon Block 03/10/1989: Alvin and the Chipmunks "Alvin in Analysis" / The Woody Woodpecker Show "For the Love of Pizza / Operation Shanghai / Hypnotic Hick" / DuckTales "Launchpad's First Crash" [repeat] / Fun House “Salute to Mexico - Faizah & Derrick vs. Kimberly & Seth” (copyright 1988) / Punky Brewster “Bye Bye, My” [syndication repeat] / Silver Spoons “A Little Magic” [syndication repeat] / Three's Company (The Ropers) “Moving On” [syndication repeat] / The Jeffersons “Baby Love” (partial, 18 minutes) [syndication repeat]
-Kids' WB! Saturday morning 11/18/1995 [WLVI 56 Cambridge/Boston]: Animaniacs "The Sound of Warners / Yabba Dabba Boo" / Pinky and The Brain "Meet John Brain / The World Can Wait / The Helpinki Formula" / Freakazoid "Hot Rods from Heck / A Time for Evil" / Earthworm Jim "Bring Me the Head of Earthworm Jim"
-NBC Primetime 2/15/1990 [WDIV 4 Detroit]: A Different World / Cheers (both incomplete)
-NBC Thanksgiving Morning 11/25/1993 [KIEM 3 Eureka]: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1993 / Classic Concentration / NFL Live Thanksgiving (partial, 30 minutes)
-Nickelodeon SNICK 05/01/1993 (Nick Takes Over Your School): Clarissa Explains It All “Total TV” [repeat] / Roundhouse “Beauty” [repeat] / The Ren & Stimpy Show "The Great Outdoors / The Cat That
Laid the Golden Hairball" [repeat] / Are You Afraid of the Dark? “The Tale of Laughing in the Dark” [repeat]
-Nickelodeon SNICK 09/25/1993: Clarissa Explains It All “Babysitting” / Roundhouse “Pets” [repeat] / The Ren & Stimpy Show "In the Army / Big House Blues" [repeat] / Are You Afraid of the Dark? “The Tale of the Hatching”
-Nickelodeon SNICK 10/23/1993: Clarissa Explains It All “The Cycle” / Roundhouse “Best Friends” [repeat] / The Ren & Stimpy Show "Svën Höek" [repeat] / Are You Afraid of the Dark? “The Tale of the Dark Dragon” [repeat]
-Nickelodeon SNICK 10/30/1993 (Snick or Treat): Clarissa Explains It All “Darling Wars” [repeat] / Roundhouse “Fear” [repeat] / The Ren & Stimpy Show "Haunted House / Mad Dog Hoek" [repeat] / Are You Afraid of the Dark? “The Tale of the Dream Machine” [repeat] (last break is partial)
-Nickelodeon SNICK 12/11/1993: Clarissa Explains It All “Hero Worship” [repeat] / Are You Afraid of the Dark? “The Tale of the Midnight Madness” [repeat] / The Ren & Stimpy Show: "Son of Stimpy" [repeat] / Roundhouse “Christmas”
-WCIX 6 Miami/Ft. Lauerdale Cartoon Block 2/5/1984: Looney Tunes/Bugs & Porky “8-Ball Bunny (missing intro) / Hook, Line and Stinker / Napoleon Bunny-Part / Lumber Jerks / It’s An Ill Wind / Zoom and Bored” / Woody Woodpecker and Friends “Have Gun Can’t Travel / Gooney’s Goofy Landing / The Goofy Gardener / Jeep is Jeep” / The Jetsons “The Good Little Scouts” / Tom and Jerry “Heavenly Puss / Hold That Pose / Landing Stripling” (cuts off during a commercial break)

-1980's-1990’s music video compilation taped from various sources (MuchMusic, Friday Night Videos [NBC], Video Hits [CBC], YTV Rocks, The New Hot Tracks [syndication] and various others)
-The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (4/20/92 concert special, 4 discs, Canadian coverage with commercials)
-Friday Night Videos (full episode from 10/23/83 w/o/c)
-Harry Connick Jr. Swinging Out Live (official video release)
-Jerry Nelson: Inside the Studio - Recording Truro Daydreams (DVD given out at Museum of the Moving Image on 10/27/2012)
-Madonna: Blonde Ambition Tour 1990 (MuchMusic airing, missing first third or so)
-MTV First Day – 8/1/81 (first 4 hours w/o/c – 2 discs)
-MTV Year-End Top 20 Countdown– 1/5/85 (missing first 9 videos)
-The Muppet Show Live (live proshot performance at Muppetfest)
-Simply Mad About The Mouse (1991 direct to video Disney compilation film)
-The Three Tenors concert (c.1991 PBS pledge special)

-AMC short documentary on film preservation (1993)
-The Entertainment Tonight/Blockbuster network (2 hours of Blockbuster’s in-store video from spring 1997)
-Hockey Night in Canada (2 hrs from early 2001)
-Mother Theresa funeral coverage (1997)
-NHK (Japan) block 1/3/96 (date mislabeled?) w/o/c (includes an edition of the annual “Kōhaku Uta Gassen” New Year’s competition and a drama)
-Princess Diana funeral (partial coverage 1997)
-Project Florida (1971 Walt Disney World short film)
-Reagan inauguration/hostages arriving from Iran (1981 news coverage, 2 discs)

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Ciao, baby!
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What's all the bolded stuff mean? New items?
I love John Larroquette.

And Harry Anderson too.
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Originally Posted by MikaelaArsenault
What's all the bolded stuff mean? New items?
Bolded items in TV Specials, TV Shows and Movies have commercial breaks.
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Originally Posted by fragglevision
Bolded items in TV Specials, TV Shows and Movies have commercial breaks.

I'm thinking of re-transferring some of the copies I sent you.
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Originally Posted by fragglevision
Bolded items in TV Specials, TV Shows and Movies have commercial breaks.

Thank you.
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I have these

-Hee Haw episodes
-I Love Liberty (1982)
-Lucy Comes to Nashville (1978)

-Night of 100 Stars 1985
-The Royal Family

-Tonight Show episodes from any era
-Unaired or unsold pilots from pre-2000
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Default Pilots

What pilots do you have 1999-2000?

Originally Posted by siblis
I have these

-Hee Haw episodes
-I Love Liberty (1982)
-Lucy Comes to Nashville (1978)

-Night of 100 Stars 1985
-The Royal Family

-Tonight Show episodes from any era
-Unaired or unsold pilots from pre-2000
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can we do a deal fragglevision please privately?
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Send a message via Yahoo to adderallrules

This is what I'm interested in getting from you.

VH1's I Love The Holidays
Kids Incorporated: Rock In the New Year (one-hour episode)
Ren And Stimpy
Hi Honey, I’m Home (1991 unaired pilot as aired on Nickelodeon in 1999; includes commercials)
David Letterman: 9/14/98 with Howard Stern and Katie Holmes (w/o/c, incomplete)
-1/16/74: Psst! Hammerman's After You!
-10/2/74: Sara’s Summer of the Swans
-2/5/75: The Skating Rink
-5/19/76: Dear Lovey Hart, I Am Desperate
-11/6/85: Don’t Touch (w/o/c)
Ernest Saves Christmas (Showtime 1994)
The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert (4/20/92 concert special, 4 discs, Canadian coverage with commercials)

My DVD Collection tape list website is in my signature.

PM me if interested.
Check my DVD collection website.
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