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Old 05-25-2018, 07:19 AM   #1
Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: “Framed In Spain” & “I Remember Mau Au":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: “Framed In Spain” & “I Remember Mau Au”:

Episode #164
DVD: In disc 14 of the Lost Episides DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”, “Curse of The Kramdens”, “I Remember Au Mau” & “Manager of The Baseball Team” (’57 version.)
Lost Episode Title: "Framed In Spain."
Color Episode Title: "You're In The Picture."

"Framed In Spain":

The beginning of this episode is unique in that apparently it is the opening of the Jackie Gleason Show with fireworks in the background. No sponsor plug this time. Much like in the Color Honeymooners, a camera zooms in on a Glee Girl as they announce the stars’ names. All the Glea Girls are dressed like Spanish girls. Jack Lescoulie comes out. Jack says that the Kramdens and Nortons have arrived in Spain.

The June Taylor Dancers are dancing and singing to “Every Smile, Every Glance.” After that, they leave. An evil woman named Rosetta and an evil man (played by George Petrie) cook up a scheme. They leave. The Kramdens & Nortons are shown in Madrid, Spain. Ralph says that one place in Europe is better than the other. They all sing a song that I think is entitled “In Spain, I Feel Like A Hero.” When the girls sing, Ralph dances for a little bit in the background. They begin taking pictures. Ralph takes home movies of the Nortons & Alice. Ralph wants to have a theme for his home movie, so he asks Norton to act surprised when he sees the girls so he can take a picture. Ed acts surprised in typical Ed Norton fashion which gets Ralph upset. Ralph thinks he will do better in the home movie so people will know what country he is in. He grabs a bullfighter's hat and puts it on the wrong way. Ed is going to carry a pair of bullhorns and act like a bull and when that happens, Ralph will act as a matador. Ralph holds the cape in front of Ed and act like he's saying: 'Toro! Toro!' Ed charges and misses the cape when Ralph jumps out of the way. Ed says that they need to do that again since a matador just wiggles his hips to move out of the way. Ed charges again and misses when Ralph wiggles his hips but "gores" Ralph anyway for the fun of it. Ralph isn't amused. A man comes out and says that this is not a playground and grabs the cape and horn from them. Ralph says that they were looking to buy those souvenirs. The evil man emerges in the background and sees his victim (Ralph). The girls go inside to do some shopping. The evil man approaches Ralph and asks if he wants his picture taken. Ralph says no because they have their own camera. Alice comes out for money and Ralph gives it to her. The evil man sees how much money Ralph has and leaves. Alice says she wants to get something for Aunt Hazel. Alice: “She has been good to us. She gave us a wedding present.” Ralph: “A silver kumquat fork.” Ralph gives her the money (which I am sure is fake) anyway. Ed goes in. The evil woman comes by says to him that a man is following her and asks Ralph to be her boyfriend so he will go away. The "boyfriend" comes, so the woman forces Ralph to engage her in a kiss. Ralph isn't happy since if Alice saw him kissing her, she will get mad. Ralph: "Wives are always misunderstanding things." She leaves. The Nortons & Alice get out. Alice: "That looks like lipstick on your face." Ralph: "I cut myself shaving." Alice: "And now it is starting to bleed?" Ralph: "All right. I got tired blood and it just came to the surface.” They leave for the hotel. The dancers come out and sing a reprise version of: “Every Smile, Every Glance.”

At the hotel room in which apparently the Kramdens and Nortons are sharing, Ralph comes out dressed as a Cabrello. Ed comes out dressed as dressed as a matador. They all are going to a Spanish fiesta. A knock on the door is heard. It's the man who asked if he could get a picture of Ralph. The man shows the picture of Ralph getting kissed by that woman. The man charges $500 Ralph to have the picture. Man: "Pay me the $500 or I would give it to your wife." Ed: "Let him give the picture to Alice then you can have the picture for nothing." Ralph then rips up the picture, thinking that will stop his plot. He asks him to get out. Man: "I have 16 more copies plus a negative." The man wants to talk business with Ralph. Ralph asks for more time. The man says that he can have until 10am tomorrow and leaves. Man: "Asta-manyana (sp?)." Ralph says he will never pay a cent. Ralph hopes that the woman isn't married because he thinks that the woman will blackmail her too. Ralph thinks about telling Alice the truth. Ed advises against that. The boys then sing a song that I think is entitled: "It Doesn't Pay to Tell Your Wife The Truth." After that, Alice comes out and Ed goes to see Trixie. Alice is dressed like a very pretty senorita. Ralph says to Alice that a situation in which a bellboy was involved in. It's the same situation that he's in only that he substitutes himself with a bellboy. He asks Alice if she was the bellboy's wife would she believe the waiter's story. Alice: "If she does, she's a bigger fool than I am." Ralph: "I'm dead." The Nortons come out. Trixie is also dressed as a senorita. The girls leave. Ed suggests to Ralph that he should grow a beard and a mustache. Ed: “That way Alice may not recognize you in the picture.” Ralph thinks that Ed should go to a nut house. They leave.

The next day, the boys are back in the hotel room. It is almost 10a and he doesn’t have the money. Ralph is worried about his marriage falling apart. Ralph: “You can be calm. Your marriage may go on forever.” Ed: “You don’t have to get nasty about it.” Ralph goes inside to put a cold towel on his head to make him feel better. A knock on the door is heard. Ed answers it and sees nobody. Ed: “The place is haunted like that place that we went to in Ireland.” A knock on the door is heard again. Ed answers it. It’s the evil woman. Evil woman: “I wish to see senor Kramden.” How did she know Ralph’s name? Ed recognizes her as the girl in the picture with Ralph. Ed goes to get Ralph. Ralph is glad to see her. Ralph explains the whole situation. The evil woman explains that she will tell Alice on how Ralph fell in love with her and flirted with her on the street etc. Ralph then realizes that she is in on the blackmail. The woman says that Ralph should give him $500, so she will keep quiet. Ralph says he will get the money from Alice. Woman: "I will give you a half hour." Ralph tries to escort her out but he sees Alice in the hallway. Ralph hides the woman in the closet. The boys try desperately to hide the woman from Alice. Alice comes in. Ed: “We didn’t do anything. We didn’t do anything.” Ralph: “Oh, shut up.” Alice wants to hang up her coat herself. Ralph, claiming that he wants to be a gentleman, says he will hang up the coat himself. Alice: "All right, you can get my slippers." Ralph: "Get your own slippers." Gee, what a gentleman huh? Trixie comes in. Ed claims that there was a phone call and someone wants to see Trixie in the lobby. Trixie leaves. Alice says she can’t find her slippers so Ralph tries to help out. Ed gets the woman out and tries to bring her downstairs but he sees Trixie and puts the woman back in the closet. Alice says that she put her slippers in the closet. Ralph (yells): “IN THE CLOSET?” (normally): “Let’s check every place in here first before we check the closet.” Ed gets the woman out and hides her in back of the curtains. Ed tries to secretly tell Ralph that no one is in there and he will go look for the slippers. Ed: "It is too dark in here." Ralph tries to make it brighter by going to open the drapes. Ralph opens up the drapes, sees the woman, and immediately closes the drapes without success. So, she asks her to hide behind the couch. Ed finds the slippers and sees the evil woman. Ed: "Oh, there she is." Alice doesn't know what Ed is talking about. Ralph says that Ed meant Alice when he said: "Oh there she is." Ralph asks for a measly $500. Alice wants to know why, but Ralph won't say the real reason. Alice says no and goes into the bedroom. Ralph asks the woman to go downstairs for five minutes. She complies and Ralph tries to go in to get the dough. Ed tries to escort the lady out. Ed sees Trixie, so the woman is again hidden in the closet. Trixie: "There was no one down there that wanted to see me." Ed: "I must be losing my mind." Trixie: "How could you lose something you never had?" Ha.

Alice comes out with the answer of no. A knock on the door is heard. Ralph, thinking that it is the woman, hides Alice in the closet but not before he says to Alice that the Mad Killer of Madrid may be on the opposite side of the door. Alice finally sees the woman. Ralph says that she is a blackmailer. Alice doesn't believe him. The woman gives Alice the hank-lanky photo. Alice: "Don't ever speak to me again Ralph." Ralph gets the door and it's a policeman. The policeman identifies the woman as Rosita. He tells the whole story about her and that her accomplice (revealed as Miguel) revealed everything. Alice finally got told the truth. Ralph is all happy. Ralph: “So you doubted me, huh?” What about all the times Ralph doubted Alice? Alice: “I am sorry. Will you forgive me?” Ralph: “Let me enjoy it for a while.” Ralph eventually forgives her. This is a reversal of the traditional Kramden antics, isn't it? Ralph kisses Alice. Ed comes out. Ed: “When you will ever learn? Alice is going to catch you again.” Alice: “Out! Out! Out!” Alice kicking Ed out? It happened. Ed leaves. The Kramdens sing: “Anything You Say Is True.”

On the streets of Madrid, the spotlight focuses on some of the June Taylor dancers as they dance to a Spanish song. All the lights come on during the number. After the number is over, the Kramdens and Nortons come out. The girls and Ed do some shopping. A woman comes by with her son. She holds a camera at Ralph. Ralph gets paranoid and scrams. The woman now wonders who will take a picture of her and her son. They leave as the June Taylor Dancers sing: “Every Smile, Every Glance.”

At the curtain call, Jackie thanks Ray Bloch, June Taylor, Lyn Duddy, Jerry Bressler, Marvin Marx, Walter Stone and Herb Finn. Jackie introduces the main cast. The announcer says that “next week” Old Gold Cigarettes will sponsor the first half of the Jackie Gleason Show. The Glea Girls (most dressed as senoritas come out one by one as the announcer reads the names and descriptions off all the people that weren’t on the credit roll.

Episode #165
DVD: On disc 14 of the Lost Episodes DVD Box Set, it is attached to “Mad Dogs & Englishmen”, “Curse of The Kramdens”, “Framed In Spain” & “Manager of The Baseball Team” (’57 version.)
Color Episode Title: "Petticoat Jungle."
Lost Episode Title: "I Remember Mau Au."
Air Date: 4/13/57

"I Remember Mau Au":

At a shop in Spain (I think), everyone is buying sporting equipment or doing other things sports-related. They dance as they sing to: "Everybody Lives In A World of Sorts." After that, the Kramdens and Nortons enter. The girls want to buy some bathing suits. They plan to go to the Riviera. Ed wants a bathing suit with strips with chartreuse and fuchsia with sequins. Ed: “I am the Liberace of the sewer. In 1937, I introduced the dootskin (sp?) boots lined with pussycat fur.” Ralph thinks that Ed is nuts. The man shows them a very small box that has six bathing suits inside that are popular in the Riviera. The audience laughs. He shows them a very revealing bathing suit that would still be revealing today and Ralph objects to it. Ed: "Get with the times Ralph. If Alice wants one, get her one." Trixie: "Can I get one two?" Ed: "You do and I will break your arm." Alice: “They are called bikinis.” Ralph: “I think I know why. It was left over after they dropped the bomb.” Ralph says that she will wear one of those one piece bathing suits or she will wear the one the one I gave you last year." Alice: "I can't wear the latter Ralph. It has a hole in the knee." The man (played by George Petrie) shows the girls where the dressing room is. They go to try them on. Ed goes to buy a bathing suit. The man asks Ed what his measurement is. Ed says that he doesn’t know but he remembers that he wears a 36 inch cummerbund. The man measures Ed and it is determined that his measurement is 36.5 inches. The man goes to measure Ralph since he wants a bathing suit too and the man's measuring tape doesn't even fit around Ralph's waist. The man goes to find a bathing suit for the boys. Ralph & Ed look around. Ed picks up a cricket bat. Ed: "What is it used for?" Ralph: "To kill crickets." Ed takes a sword out and Ralph tells him to watch it with that thing. Ed doesn’t and accidentally breaks a female mannequin. Ralph “repairs” it. He has the upper body facing the opposite way of the lower body. An old lady (played by Zelma Cunningham) sees this and Ed explains that it is the latest thing for swimming the backstroke. She leaves.

A game hunter (played by Frank Marth) comes in with his game hunting attire. He lives in Africa. He takes hunting expeditions and safaris into the jungle. He goes somewhere else in the shop. Ralph is all happy. He wants to go on a safari. They talk about the possibility of bringing to the Raccoons the head of a tiger that they caught. Ed then reveals a small piece of history about the Raccoons. It was called the Raccoons because one of the members ran over one with his car. The boys say that since they won the Flakey-Wakey slogan contest and because of that, they have the final say over where they should go. I don't know about you but I rather go to the Riviera than on a safari. They sing: “We Are A Couple of Hunters.” The man that did the measuring comes back and Ralph tells him the news that they are now going to Africa. Ralph instructs the man to get the big game hunter that is around because he wants to talk to them. They leave as the June Taylor Dancers sing “"Everybody Lives In A World of Sorts."

At a hut, the girls are bringing stuff in. Trixie and Alice are very tired. Ed scares the girls by wearing a witch doctor's mask. Ralph is busy talking to the natives. The natives don't like the idea of carrying Ralph over the rough spots. Ralph comes in with a ridiculous looking coat on. Ralph says that he wanted to become a big-game hunter and he explains what it would be like for him to catch an animal and when he gets to the part about him shooting an animal up in the tree, Ed says: “Don’t shoot Ralph. It’s me.” Ralph is not amused. The girls say that for them, going into the safari is dangerous. Ralph says it is not. He has taken all the precautions. Ralph says that one woman had bagged an elephant. Ralph "Would you like to bag an elephant Alice?" Alice: "I already did." Ralph says that, according to his guide, they have to be at the Whambezi River by nightfall. Ed: "Why? I will tell you why. Because if you want to take a bath in the Zambezi River, you should do it while the crocodiles are sleeping. It is not dangerous. But, if you lose the soap, don’t look for it." Looks like Jackie said Whambezi instead of Zambezi. Trixie says she can’t go because she has a headache. Ed tries to get rid of it by scaring her with the mask again. That doesn’t work. The girls leave the room. Ralph practices using his gun while not shooting it. Ralph: "Did you oil your gun?" Ed: "I didn't have to. It wasn't squeaking." Ed checks to see if it is loaded. He points the gun at Ralph which scares Ralph. Ralph: "You carry only the camera since if I miss anything, you can take a picture of it and run away." The guide comes to get everybody for the safari. Ed claims that the gun is not loaded. Ralph: “If it was, you could have blown my head off.” Ed: “You heal fast. You could grow another one.” Ralph finally lets Ed carry a gun that Ed claims is not loaded. As Ed has the gun, you can see a boom camera appear on screen for a few seconds. When Ed pulls the trigger at the ceiling, it is revealed that it WAS LOADED. The gun shot scares Ralph but the "bullet" touches nobody and only damages the hut.

At the camping site, the girls are tired of having to cook and do all the other things that Ralph and Ed tell them to do. They are scared of all the sounds of the jungle. Ralph, Ed and the guide are out hunting. Ralph & Ed have also been eating and sleeping and hunting while the girls do all the work as well. I would love to see an actual hunting scene with Ralph and Ed. The girls sing: "We Must Be Out Of Our Minds." Ralph and the big game hunter come back. Ralph says that the girls have been bored stiff. Ralph claims that he had a big day. He talks about hunting an animal. He killed it…a rabbit. A rabbit that doesn't even look like it was real, but one that you would find in a kids' bedroom. Alice: "You could have gotten that in Disneyland?" Ralph says that the rabbit lost a lot of weight when he was chasing him. Alice: "The chase didn't make you lose weight." Ralph goes to the natives with the rabbit to make sure they will skin it and stuff it. A gun shot is heard. It came from Ed's gun. Ed: "Is Ralph back from camp yet?" Ralph: "Yes." Ed: "Oh that was an elephant I shot." When Ralph hears that Ed killed an elephant, he gets jealous. Ralph and Ed want to get some sleep before dinner. Alice then says to Trixie to help her put the wet leaves on a grill that is right near Ralph's tent so they can blow smoke in Ralph's direction. Question: How could Ralph not hear Alice when Alice is a few feet away from him? I guess that we were supposed to believe that Ralph goes to sleep very fast. Ralph is coughing because of it. Alice says to Ralph that she is cooking. Ralph: "Watch out! I'm not on the menu." Alice pours water over Ralph's legs. Alice claims that she slipped. Alice: "Look out Trixie! There's a snake!" Ralph wakes up and accidentally forces the tent to come down. Alice: "You must have scared the snake away. Alice: “You are living just like Clyde Beatty.” Ralph: “If I was, I would be glad to be dragged in a cage of lions just to get away.” Alice and Trixie leave. Ralph and Ed say they are miserable here too. Ed: "Let's leave before the girls get back." Ralph concocts a plan to get them to leave here. Since the big game hunter shot a gorilla the other day, Ralph says he will disguise himself as a gorilla suit that will scare the girls. He leaves. Ed goes into another direction. Ralph comes back with the gorilla skin and wonders where Ed is. He leaves the site.

A "real" gorilla shows up. It is so obvious that the "gorilla" is not a real one. Ed comes by and thinks somehow thinks that the gorilla is Ralph. Boy is Ed dumb. Ed thinks that Ralph is hot in that costume and tries to get the “mask” off by wrapping his arms around the gorilla’s head. He can’t. The gorilla “lifts” Ed off the ground by a few inches a couple of times. The “gorilla” makes noises. Ralph comes by. Ralph: “There you are Norton.” Ralph is scared because he sees a gorilla. Ed hears Ralph but somehow doesn’t notice that Ralph is behind him until he turns around and gets scared. The girls come by and get scared. They scare off the "real" gorilla. Ralph says that they are leaving because he says he wants to protect the girls and because all of them are scared. He says that is the dumbest thing he has ever done. They all sing: “We Must Be Out Of Our Minds.” After that, they embrace.

At the curtain call, Jackie sets up a chair and says that he is dead. Jackie: “Did you see me climbing out of that tent? That tent for a guy my size, it is like a girdle. Last time, I figured wasn’t coming out.” Jackie introduces the “gorilla.” The “gorilla” comes out costume and all and walking and standing like a gorilla. Jackie: “This is not a gorilla. It is a new comedian that CBS is grooming. He is the only one strong enough to do this every week. You can go back. There will be peanuts and coconuts in the back for all.” The “gorilla” leaves. Jackie introduces the main cast. They leave with Art taking the folding chair. Jackie introduces Ray Bloch, the orchestra leader. The camera zooms in on Ray. Jackie introduces Lyn Duddy and Jerry Bressler. They come out and leave. Jackie introduces Marvin Marx, Walter Stone and Herb Finn. Jackie says that Marvin Marx is now a father to Gregory Marx and he and his wife are “now” in St. Michael Hospital in Newark, NJ. Jackie wishes them happiness. Jackie and the audience give them a round of applause just to show them how happy they are for them. Jackie also calls out Stanley Poss (who off-camera, is saying that Jackie has one minute) who him and his wife “just” had a kid. Jackie wonders if Stanley told the doctors had one minute left. Jackie: “I know I have a minute. A minute can be a long time when you have nothing to say. A funny thing happened to me and I wish I can think of it.” Audience applauds. Jackie says good night.

The announcer says that next week, Old Gold Cigarettes are going to sponsor the first half of the Jackie Gleason Show. The Glea Girls come out one by one as the announcer attempts to say EVERY NAME on the credit roll.

This episode is very similar to "Vacation at Fred's Landing." That episode was done twice (or three times if the Lost Episode DVD booklet and are to be believed) as a lost episode, again as a 1957 Trip to Europe episode so to speak and again as a color Trip To Europe episode. No wonder Jackie didn't do an official color remake of "Vacation at Fred's Landing." By this time, he may have gotten tired of remaking the episode after technically four or five times.

I should also mention that after this episode, Jackie said no more countries and that the main characters are back to Brooklyn.

Credit I think goes to (the original) Bill's 'Mooners Archives,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo Group You're A Riot! &
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