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Old 06-11-2009, 09:19 AM   #1
Brad Russ
Forum Veteran
Join Date: Feb 17, 2002
Location: Portland, Oregon
Posts: 10,084
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Question Question for those who are unemployed, or on disability??

Most people I think pretty much know by now that I'm on disability, and I have a question for other's in this position, and to those who are currently unemployed. The question is pretty simple, what do you do to get you through the days?? In other words, what are your daily activities?? I ask because my life is pretty dull right now, and I find it hard to think of things to do. I really only have one close friend in real life, but she owns her own business, and so I can't hang out with her except for on Sunday, which is her day off. Since I have so few friends, I pretty much live as a hermit, staying in my room most of the day. I hate daytime television, and never watch it. I wake up and watch Mike & Mike on ESPN, and Espn's first take, and that's the only tv I watch until the evening. Aside from that, I go on the internet, clean my room (but how many times can you do that??) I'll occasionally go for the ride when a roomate or my mom go somewhere, but other than that, I don't really do anything too productive throughout the course of the day. So basically I post this for two reasons, number 1, because I'm curious as to what other's do who are in my situation. Number 2 is for selfish reasons. I'm trying to get ideas for things that I can do throughout the day. I do plan on being well enough to work one day, but for now, this is my life, and I need ideas on how to make my life more exciting? Thanks in advance for the responses!!
St. John 15:13 - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

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Old 06-11-2009, 09:28 AM   #2
Two Valeries! <3
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PZelda's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 15, 2002
Location: I'm STILL missing NYC. :(
Posts: 78,180

That was basically my life when I wasn't working (I was on disability then... I technically still am, but not getting any money now since I don't need it anymore, due to having gone full-time as of almost two months ago).

I'm pretty much next door to downtown, so I can get to whatever I want to by foot. The mall, the grocery store, the library, any fast food place. I used to spend my days people-watching at the mall and taking my time at Target there.

And, hmmm, that's about it. Oh yeah, I was also in college and an editor for my school's paper at the time so that took care of some of the things too.
Cheers behind the couch!
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Old 06-11-2009, 10:11 AM   #3
Forum Veteran
Join Date: Jun 18, 2008
Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Posts: 18,882

I'm currently unemployed right now so I have loads of time on my hands. I am currently going to school but I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have my radio show on Monday. During the rest of the weekday I try to do things to fill up my time like reading or hanging out in libraires, or occasionally going out. I try to go and hang out on weekends with my friends. Other than that I usually dont do much. I dont watch a whole lot of TV becuase after an hour or so sitting in front of the tube I get bored.
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Old 06-11-2009, 01:24 PM   #4
Andy Gibb aged 12
Senior Member
Sharop's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 03, 2004
Location: Courthouse Square, Hill Valley, beside the clocktower, 10:04 p.m., November 12th 1955
Posts: 3,907

Do you like reading or writing at all, Brad? I often enjoy spending a good couple of hours reading a book or writing stuff of my own. Are you interested in drawing or painting at all?

Photography can also be a pleasant pasttime - walking around, finding scenic views and photographing them. It's also something that can be done alone.

I know you're unable to get a job at the moment but have you consider maybe volunteering at a charity shop of some kind? I would imagine that working there would be mostly stress-free and fairly easy (I don't know for sure, though) - so maybe it's something you could consider doing a few days a week.

Astral projection is something I would recommend, although it takes different people different periods of time to learn how to do it. Once you've masted astral projection, though, you basically have a world of opportunities - you're able to leave your physical body and get onto higher planes of existence and basically go anywhere, do anything, see's a great thing to be able to do and I hope to learn it myself.
My new astral projection forums

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Old 06-11-2009, 03:46 PM   #5
05/26/2013. Taste the happy.
Forum Veteran
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Join Date: Dec 17, 2001
Location: Oroville, California
Posts: 15,446

I'm on disability, but my days are quite full. They're spent volunteering for my church. I do things like make videos and maintain the website/YouTube channel/Facebook page. It's really rewarding and quite fun. These projects are my babies!

I'm glad I'm able to do these things. If I had to sit at home and watch TV all day, everyday, I'd go insane.
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Old 06-12-2009, 02:35 AM   #6
Jason is waiting.
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snowcreature23's Avatar
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Location: Kenai,Alaska.
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I do have a disabilty SSDI ,This is the money that i HAVE WORKED for all my life, Plus i do 4 hours of work at my local Food Bank, from 11 am to 330, so that taked up the afternoon, I live alnoe but,I do have somefriends in my apartment complex, after work sometimes on Mon ,Wed and Thrusdays I got to my AA MEETINGs I drink only on Fridays then I go tothe bar and sing karokee. Yes I Know lame, but on Sat I usally clean my place and do laundrey sometimes spend a night at moms on the week ends to hepl her cut gras,wacth the green house on week ends, by the time I get home on week days I am tired ,but like I said I do go to A and this town really has nothing to show for it ecomanee wise the city of Kenai KEE-NI, but we have other things my hobbys aregoing to the gym sometimes I go fishing Kenai river has the largest Kings fish and it is that time of year.I live by the oceon also.So I walk on it sometimes and on Sundays usually nothing thats a slow day for me. I do got a real good friend which I do go out with her and her friend to go to concerts that they have here sometimes, but I'll will send u some things about my hoem state, and town.
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Old 06-12-2009, 11:36 AM   #7
Forum Veteran
Join Date: Aug 20, 2002
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Posts: 10,643

I didn't know you were disabled Little Mel. When did you get diagnosed? I think i have a learning disability because i haven't been able to get a good job all this time i've been working. I'm not good at learning new jobs. Janitorial work is the only job i can keep because it's not hard and it's not challenging but i want to do something else making more money. I'm tired of living like this and that's why i think about suicide often. If i died today or tomorrow, i wouldn't care and i wouldn't miss this ugly crazy world. I'd miss my parents, my brother and a few family members but that's it. Sometimes i worry where would i be living if my parents weren't around. I don't make enough money to get my own place and i would probably have to live in the ghetto if i wasn't living with my parents and i'd rather die than live in the ghetto. I applied for low income housing but i haven't been called yet. Do you get a check every month Little Mel? If you do, how much is it?(you can pm me and tell me in private if you don't want everybody knowing how much you get.)Is it enough to take care of yourself? The government gives disabled people a check every month but what pisses me off about that is they should give them a check every other week instead of every month. What are disabled people supposed to do for money while they're waiting to get a check every month? If i was disabled and i wasn't working, i'd watch tv all day hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love watching tv.
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Old 06-14-2009, 12:07 AM   #8
Senior Member
Furienna's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 22, 2006
Location: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Posts: 5,608

I'm mostly at home, but you wouldn't believe how much I have to do. I want to go into town a few times a week, but other than that, I'm happy with being at home, because I have so much to do. I read, I write, I'm at the internet, I watch TV, I go for walks... And there are also some more practical things, that I can do, like cleaning my room (even though I really hate doing that) and baking or cooking, not to mention organizing my VCR tapes, my DVDs, my books and my magazines.

To a lot of people, it might sound like I have a boring life. But since I have Asperger's syndrom, I'm not that social, and I don't really need to meet people that badly. After all, I have my parents, my brother, my sister and our three cats, and to be honest, I'm mostly satisfied with that.

And by the way, it's not like I don't have jobs, even though I don't work full time. But I'm between two jobs at the moment, and I'm off for the summer at the moment, so I won't go to work again now until August 17th. And I would also love to go to a "real" college some day. Maybe I will do that next year.
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