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Drool "Happy Endings'" Elisha Cuthbert Crowned MAXIM's Most Beautiful Woman on Television

Our Chat With Elisha Cuthbert
February 8, 2012
by Rachel Rosenblit

Canada has gifted us many treasures (John Candy, maple syrup, hockey fights), but none have inspired such lusty American fervor as the pouty-lipped bombshell Elisha Cuthbert.

We really got to know Elisha in her breakout role as "24ís" catastrophe-prone Kim Bauer, where she routinely put her dad in near-death situations. (Hey, who hasnít?)

These days on ABCís "Happy Endings", sheís once again irresistible as Alex, an enthusiastic ditz whose passions include Woody Allen and, uh, oversize sausages.

So take a seat poolside and enjoy Elishaís fourth Maxim cover shoot. Bow down before the most beautiful woman on television!

Youíve been named Maximís Most Beautiful Woman on Television. Congratulations! Well-deserved.

Thatís very flattering, and I sincerely thank you, but I think youíre all crazy! To think that one person could be the most beautiful when thereís Kaley Cuoco, SofŪa Vergara, Zooey Deschanel? Theyíre all stunning.

Iím not gonna fight anyone about it, though. Iíll accept it with grace. But being on a show with two other beautiful women, this is gonna make going to work very uncomfortable. I donít know, this might be a curse.

"Happy Endings" is one of the funniest ensemble comedies on TV. Weíve noticed that the show never misses an oppor*tunity to take a crack at John Mayer, which we appre*ciate.

Weíll take a crack at any*body. No one is safe! I think itís genius on the part of the writers, because our generation is so saturated with pop culture that itís impossible not to incorpo*-rate it into our dialogue.

Bradley Cooperís been on the chop*ping block a few times. Even Ryan Gosling, for wearing man-scarves.

Arenít you supposed to be in love with those guys, like every other woman in America?

Itís funny you mention that, because in interviews everyone is always asked who their celebrity crush is, and I havenít had one since Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block, when I was 12.

Now I just say Oprah. I love that woman. Sheíll go to someoneís house and bring a huge bucket of oranges she picked from her Santa Barbara home. Oprah, when did you have time to pick two dozen oranges from your garden?

Did you tune in for her interview with the Kar*dashians? She went pretty easy on them.

Well, the Kardashians are pretty tough to reckon with right now. Theyíre kind of taking over the world. I wouldnít start any beef with them, eitherÖ

I love all the Kardashians!

You got your break as Kim Bauer on "24", an intensely dramatic show. How did the "Happy Endings" folks know you could do comedy?

Because of my ridiculous antics off-set. I donít think they hired me because I was funny, Iím gonna be honest. But during the first season, David Caspe, the creator, saw me goofing around doing a dance with an invisible hula hoop, and he was laughing.

When we came in to do season two, he said, ďYou wanna add your dance into this scene?Ē He passed me the baton, and it kind of snowballed from there. And now Iím at a place where Iím willing to try anything.

As in the hilarious scene from last yearís Christmas episode where you participate in a dance-off with a battery-operated ďHip-Hop SantaĒ?

I got a lot of love for that scene. It blows my mind that people were digging my moves.

Maybe they didnít expect me to have any sort of rhythm? I can move, guys!

"Happy Endings" isnít filmed before a live audience. How do you get comedic feedback?

Sometimes when Iím on a plane, Iíll watch someone whoís watching the show. Iím just secretly watching to see if theyíre gonna laugh.

Then they turn around, and I give a creepy wave.

Your costar Damon Wayans Jr. is basically American comedy royalty. Did you grow up watching his family like the rest of us?

Major Payne was always in my VHS. That movie was so funny. Iíll say the line, ďKill*iní is my business, laaadiiiees!Ē seven million times in a row.

And I actu*ally got the chance to talk to Damon Sr. and tell him what a huge film that was for me. I know itís not Schindlerís List, but itís awesome.

You recently became engaged to hockey player and fellow Canadian Dion Phaneuf. But was there ever a time in your single days when you could relate to the character you played in Old School ó the girl whoís totally cool with one-night stands?

No, not really. Thatís one of those characters that every guy wishes was the case. Thatís what movies are all about, the fictitious character you can only dream about.

Speaking of fantasy characters, your turn as a porn star in The Girl Next Door is pretty high up there on that list.

To be honest, I think one reason guys liked that character so much is because I didnít go fully nude. My character really could be the girl of every guyís dreams, instead of having them see her naked and going, ďOh, thatís not my thing.Ē

Remem*ber [I]Weird Science[/I"? Kelly LeBrock never got naked. She didnít show you every*thing. I think thatís why it resonated with more men than it probably should have.

One of the scenes in The Girl Next Door was shot at an actual porn convention. What do you remember about that?

I remember I had a lot of real porn stars tell me I was like their Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman. Nice sentiment but, you know, a little awkward.

So once and for all: Is the "24" movie ever going to happen?

Iíll be 60 years old by the time we do that thing! I know it exists. Itís out there. But when are we going to do it? Youíre asking the wrong person.

Kiefer is Jack Bauer, and Jack Bauer knows everything. Youíll have to ask that guy.
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