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Dannie IsNotHere
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Default A New Beginning, pt 2

* * *

Moments later, Rebecca returned from the restroom. Carla quickly jumped up. “Hey, Becks. Nice to see you. Listen, sorry about your husband,” she said.
“Thanks you, Carla,” she said, looking somewhat confused. I wasn’t surprised. Carla used to be so... mean to her.
“I told everyone, so you wouldn’t have to go through with it again,” I said.
“Thank you, Sam.” To my surprise, her voice sounded a little startled.
“How have you been, Rebecca?” asked another voice.
She turned around and saw...
“Frasier?” She jumped back.
“Rebecca, sorry to have startled you...” He leaned in and kissed her cheek.
I didn’t see her face, but she must have looked very bewildered, because Frasier looked at her and said, “Just trying to make you feel better.” I chuckled at his remark. Tears sprung to Rebecca’s eyes when she turned and looked at the door. I turned and faced the same direction and saw Don walk into the bar. Rebecca ran into the office and locked the door.
“Rebecca?” Don knocked on the door.
“Get outta my life, you swine!” I heard Rebecca call out. Rebecca must have said something else because Don quietly said “All right, Rebecca,” and walked out of the bar. When he left, I ran to the office and knocked on the door.
“Rebecca, sweetheart?” I knocked again.
“Sam? Is that you?” Rebecca came to the door and unlocked it. When she opened it a crack, she stood and stared at me. I stood there, and she told me to come in. I did, and she talked to me about what had been going on since she left Cheers. We talked about everything but Don. She sat on the couch and I sat next to her. She leaned against me, which made memories flood my head.
“Sam?” she whispered.
“Yeah?” I replied, softly.
“Doesn’t this remind you of the time that Evan Drake left for Japan and you came back to my place and comforted me?”
“Yeah...” I began to daydream. “So many things have happened between us since then...” I trailed off.
Rebecca sat up. “I really loved Don,” she said, staring downward.
“I know you did.”
“I remember when I first met him...”
“Yeah... and Diane came back. And you and I pretended to be married.”
She remained quiet. She looked at me, and I looked into her eyes. I brought my hand to her face and wiped away the tears dripping down her cheeks.
I remembered feeling this way somewhere else... a long time ago.
The yacht. Evan Drake’s yacht. She was lying on our bed crying, and feeling hopeless after she saw Evan go into my girlfriend’s cabin. Suddenly, we both leaned closer... and closer to kiss, until Evan interrupted us.
But that time, I was there stroking her cheek. I started to lean in closer. She leaned in, too. Our lips had just touched when there was a knock on the door. We both pulled away and our gazes turned to the door.
Evan Drake. I heard Rebecca gasp.
“Sam?” Evan didn’t notice her. I held back a laugh, remembering this experience once before.
”Evan? What are you doing here?”
“I just thought I’d come visit. I heard about Rebecca getting married and leaving,” Evan replied.
“Uh... divorced. He’s leaving me,” Rebecca pointed out.
“Oh, well that’s too ba- Rebecca?” Evan’s eyes grew wide.
“Yes, Mr. Drake. It’s me. I came to Cheers when Don announced he was leave-” Her voice got choked up and she stopped. Another tear escaped. I knew she was embarrassed to be crying in front of her old boss. I put my arm on her shoulder and gave a sympathetic smile.
Evan went on about his life. Rebecca seemed 100% interested, but I began to daydream...
This was what happened about 15 years ago... I don’t want to see Rebecca get hurt by Evan again.
“Isn’t that right Sam? Sam?” Evan snapped his fingers in my face and I woke up.
“Oh... right,” I said, pretending I heard every word.
“Mr. Drake? I have something to tell you,” spoke up Rebecca.
Oh, please don’t be in love with him, I thought. He is now way too old for you!
“Years ago... when I first started working for you, I had this... thing going on.”
“What kind of thing?” Evan looked a little suspicious.
“I... oh, how can I say this?” Rebecca put her hand up to her head as if she was getting a headache. “Mr. Drake... I was truly, madly, head-over heels in love with you!” Rebecca froze, waiting for Evan’s reaction.
“So that’s why you always acted so crazy...” Evan smiled. “Rebecca, you are a beautiful woman. Anyone you’ve been- or will be- in love with is one lucky son of a gun. Never forget that.”
“He’s right, you know. You’re a caring, intelligent, sweet, loving woman,” I added.
“Thanks.” Rebecca smiled and her eyes sparkled.
“Well, I must be going. It was great seeing you guys, Take care,” said Evan, walking to the door.
“You, too, Mr. Drake,” said Rebecca.
“See you later, Evan.” Evan left. “Glad you got that off your chest, honey?” I asked, not looking at her.
“Yes... I am. I’m glad he’s doing well.”
“I’m glad... you’re doing well, Rebecca.” I turned and looked at her. She looked at me. “Rebecca... would you like to do something together sometime? You know, so we can catch up on each other’s lives?”
“Like a date,” replied Rebecca. It was a statement, not a question.
“Well, yeah. How about tonight at 8:00ish?”
“Well... all right. I’ll meet you here.”
“Gotcha. Bye, Sam.”
“Goodbye, Rebecca.”

* * *

I had just packed and left Don. I was staying in my old apartment, which, luckily, had been for sale again. It felt just like old times.
Believe me, leaving Don was not pretty. I was packing and listening to the radio, and he came in apologizing. I turned the radio up louder in response and resumed my packing. I wasn’t about to listen to his apologies. When he realized what
I was doing, he looked at his feet. I had to admit that he looked like a little puppy dog, but I wasn’t about to give in. All of a sudden, he looked up and walked to the radio. He turned it down, walked right over to me, and slapped my cheek. I could only stare at him, my mouth wide open and put my hand up to my cheek.
“How dare you slap me?” I said through clenched teeth. I turned away and continued packing.
“Rebecca... would you listen to-?”
“Look, buddy! After the way you’re just walkin’ out on me, why would I want to listen to you?” Don walked over to me. He grasped my shoulders tightly. I tried to pull away but couldn’t. Suddenly, Don leaned in and kissed me. That calmed me down. “Why did you do that?”
“Trying to calm you down.” It was like he could read my mind.
“All right.”
Don and I talked some more, and had two more arguments before I left. I walked around, looking for a place to stay and finally went to my old apartment. I was delighted when I found that my apartment was back for sale, and I didn’t hesitate in buying it back. When I got settled, I walked around. Nothing had changed. All the furniture was still there, in the same places- except for the stereo. It had been moved to another wall. I struggled to move it back. Then I got ready for my date with Sam, wearing a black leather skirt with a purple top, the outfit much like me sister Susan’s. There was a white sheet of snow on the ground, so I put on my coat. I parted my hair on the side like usual and pulled back one side with a purple clip. I brushed on some make-up and grabbed my purse. I walked back to Cheers and wondered if this would have happened 17 years earlier, when I hated Sam. I paused, and then opened the door. Sam was pouring a beer for Norm. I had to admit that he looked really hot in his tux. He glanced looked at me and did a double-take. I giggled quietly and walked behind the bar.
“Oooh... Sammy, you got Rebecca yet again!” yelled Norm. I could feel my face turn red. Sam put his arm around me, and I pulled away.
“Sam... not yet,” I said with a smile. Sam apologized and we headed up to Melville’s, our usual place for a date.
“Rebecca...” I looked at Sam. “I, um... I’m glad you came back.”
“Really, Sam?
“Yeah. I’ve missed you. I was just thinking about you the other day.”
“You were?” I moved a little closer to him and he scooted closer to me. “What were you thinking about?”
“Truthfully...?” I nodded. “Well... us, actually.”
“Us?” I looked right at him. “What about us?”
“You know... everything that’s happened between us. You hated me at first, I always tried to get you to like me, we were close friends, we went on a few dates, we even tried to have a baby together.”
“So...?” I looked into his eyes. He stared into mine, as if being hypnotized. Then he suddenly turned away. I turned back to my meal, assuming Sam wouldn’t say anything else. Before I took another bite, I glanced at Sam. He had his head in his hand, looking like he’d just been humiliated. I patted him on the back. “Sam? Is everything okay?”
“Oh, Rebecca, I’m so confused right now! I don’t know how to deal with your coming back here!” I backed away. I slowly stood up from my chair.
“Sam,” I said, leaning my head on my hands, my elbows on the table. “If you want me to go back and not come back, I will.”
“Rebecca, sit down.” I sat. “I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t mean it that way.”
“Then what did you mean?” I was confused. What was Sam trying to say?
“I miss the days you worked at Cheers.”
“So do I. I even miss Cliff’s stories.”
Sam laughed. We scooted closer to each other again. “Rebecca... I really didn’t mean what I said that way I said it.”
“I know.” I smiled. Sam gave me the look he always gave me when he was about to make a come-on. I quickly turned away, trying to avoid it.
“Rebecca, I think I love you.”
I looked right at him. “What?” I could feel my face get hot.
Sam turned away, looking as red as I felt. We just sat there, both of us stunned. Sam clapped his hand to his mouth and squeezed his eyes shut.
“Sam?” I could feel beads of sweat pouring down my face. I took my napkin and causally wiped my forehead.
“Yes?” Sam didn’t look at me.
“I got my apartment back. Wanna go see it?”
“Sure.” Sam looked surprised. Also anxious. I began to feel nervous, not knowing what he had in mind.
“Sam? Nothing is going to happen,” I said, smiling.
“I know.” I couldn’t help seeing the sly smile forming on Sam’s face.

"Word to the wordiness of the word."

Proud EO shipper. *sigh* How did that happen?

Isn't it ironic?
Don't you think?
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Dannie IsNotHere
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_* ___* ___*
On the way to Rebecca’s apartment, my words kept repeating in my head. “I think I love you... I think I love you... I think I love you...” I must have looked really dazed because Rebecca grabbed my hand and smiled at me. I smiled back and let my mind go blank. I looked at the snow everywhere.
“It’s so beautiful out here, isn’t it?” Rebecca’s soft voice startled me.
”Yes...” Not as beautiful as you, I thought looking at Rebecca’s hand holding mine.
We finally reached her apartment. She opened the door, and I held in a gasp. The apartment hadn’t changed a bit. Rebecca had told me that the former owners of the apartment had had four kids, and nothing was broken or different. Rebecca noticed me staring.
“Amazing, huh?” she looked at me.
“Yeah, it is.” I continued looking around.
“I’ll be right back.” Rebecca turned and walked away. I wondered what she was doing.
I walked around, remembering every time I’d been there. Lots of things had happened in this very apartment. And now I’m back.
Rebecca returned. She had taken her coat off, and changed into a much more comfotable looking black... night... gown... I felt a tiny bit nervous. Rebecca must have sensed it because she then said “I thought this would make you feel more comfortable since it’s not really short...”
“Oh! Okay!” I walked over to her. We didn’t say anything. She suddenly leaned up and kissed my cheek. I saw her face turn a light shade of pink. “Wanna dance or something?”
“Oh, all right, sure! Close your eyes.” Rebecca sat on the couch and squinted her eyes shut. I went to her CD player and put in the record of her irresistible group, The Righteous Brothers. The music began.
“You never close your eyes, anymore when I kiss your lips...”
She smiled and opened her eyes. I took her hand and lifted her off the couch. We began to dance. When the song was almost over, Rebecca was leaning against me. Her eyes were closed and she was humming along. The song ended, and the next one came on.
“Oooh... my love... my darlin’. I’ve hungered for your touch...”
Rebecca looked at me. “This reminds me of the day I almost got married to Robin, she said, her eyes shining. I smiled. When she leaned against me again, I began to sing along.
“The time... goes by... so slowly... then time can do so much... are you... still miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine... I need your love...” Rebecca smiled again. I stopped singing. She looked up. “Why did you stop? That was so cute.”
I didn’t say anything. We stopped our dancing around the room and started swaying in one spot. We looked at each other. The moment was so perfect. We leaned closer... and her lips touched mine. Before I knew it, I was lost in a kiss. I’d never felt a feeling like the one I did just then. Even with Diane.
We pulled away. “Rebecca?”
“Shhh...” Rebecca put her finger to my lips to hush me. We started dancing some more.
All I could feel was Rebecca’s touch. It was so soft. I remembered feeling it years ago. Nothing had really changed. She leaned her head against me. I began to smooth her hair. Her hair was still the chesnut- brown color.
After two more songs, we stopped. Rebecca offered me some coffee, and I accepted. We sat on her couch and drank. Rebecca began to sing along to the album, which had started over by then. I grinned, remembering how she’d always go weak at the knees when The Righteous Brothers’ songs would come on. She looked at me and stopped singing. Before I knew what was happening, Rebecca’s lips were pressed against mine. I was smoothing her hair again, and she wrapped her arms around my neck.
Suddenly, Rebecca leaped up. I jumped. “I’m sorry Sam, but I think it’s time for you to go,” she said nervously.
“What? Why?” I walked toward her.
“Sam... I can’t do this. I don’t know how to put it, but I just can’t.”
“Rebecca, wait. Why... just think and maybe it’ll come to you...” I leaned close and kissed her again. It seemed to distract her, but she pulled away again. “Bye, Sam!” She ran into her room and shut and locked the door. I felt a lump in my throat. I took my coat and headed home.
___________________* ____* ___*
Dear Sam,
I’m sorry about the other day. I know you really wanted me then and there, and I wanted you. It’s just that... I really don’t know how to explain it.
I crumpled up that paper and threw it in my overflowing trash can. I decided to forget about the letter.
I was trying to write an apology letter to Sam, but it was so hard. I remember he said he loved me, and I did a lot of thinking... and I realized I loved him, too. It scared me. When he first started working for my, I always put off Sam’s come- ons.
Yes, the divorce between Don and me was over and done. I was free. It had been three days since the incident with Sam. I decided I really wanted to talk to him.
I walked to the phone and dialied the number to Cheers.
“Cheers,” a voice answered.
“Carla?” I replied.
“Yeah... who is this?”
“It’s Rebecca.”
“Oh. What do you want?”
“Can I speak to Sam?”
“Uh... he’s kind of busy right now.”
“What’s he doing?” I asked suspiciously.
“He said he’d be in his office doing somehting about some girl.” Carla sounded slightly annoyed. I winced, imagining him all over another girl.
“Carla, I’m gonne come down there. I’ll see you in a few minutes.” I hung up, not wanting to hear any of Carla’s stupid remarks. I put on my coat and ran to Cheers.
“Where’s Sam?” I was startled by my own voice. My teeth were clenched, and I sounded angry.
“Miss Howe?” Woody looked at me with wide eyes. “Why do you look so upset?”
“Oh, I don’t, I don’t look upset. Um... and if I do, I’m sorry. Woody, where’s Sam?”
“In the office.”
“Thanks.” I looked around and saw Frasier sitting with Cliff and Norm. I remembered how he had divorced Lilith recently.
“Frasier... will you come here for a second?”
“Sure.” Frasier walked over to me. I waited for Sam to come out of his office. A few minutes later, he walked out saying, “Woody, cover for me. I have to take this... to...” He saw me. I was kissing Frasier.
“Rebecca?” Sam had hurt in his eyes.
“Sam!” I pulled away from Frasier. Frasier looked at me dazedly.
“Rebecca... oh, my dear Rebecca. Wherefore art thou Rebecca...?” Frasier suddenly snapped out of it and his face turned red. He ran back to the barstool he was sitting on.
“Why, Rebecca?”
I glanced down. “Why? Why? What about you? Carla said you were taking care of something in your office about some girl! Why shouldn’t I have someone, too? I-”
“Rebecca, slow down! The girl Carla was talking about... was you. You can check the office if you want!”
“Sam. I’m sorry.” I hugged him.
“You’re not getting off that easy,” replied Sam. My face fell.
“I’m sorry...” I began to walk up the stairs.
“Rebecca, I didn’t mean it like that.”
Then what did he mean? I turned around. “How could you not mean it like that?” I felt tears well in my eyes. I’d been hurt again- both by men I loved. I turned back to the door and when I touched the doorknob, a hand was placed on top of mine.
“Rebecca. Will you marry me?” I gasped as he held out a beautiful diamond ring surrounded by sapphires.
Then, without thinking, I ran out of the bar.

*______ *______ *

_____________________________________ ______ Sam


_______ I watched as Rebecca ran out of the bar. I looked at the ring in the box in my hand. I snapped the box shut and walked to the office. When I got there, I sat down and began thinking. I’d gone through a similar thing with Diane. I proposed, and she refused. This time it was Rebecca. It must be a commitment problem with me.
_______ I wished Rebecca would call me or come back or something. I put my head in my hands, and heard a knock on the door. _______ “Yes, it’s open.” The door opened and Carla walked in.
_______ “Sammy, Rebecca ran out of here... what happened?”
_______ “Carla... I proposed to Rebecca and she left.”
_______ “WHAT??” Carla nearly fell.
_______ “I... proposed... to... Rebecca...”
_______ “Why?”
_______ “I realized... I loved her.”
_______ “Oh, Sammy... it’ll all be okay. But pinch me right now and tell me this is a dream!”
_“Carla, it’s not a dream. But now I wish it was.”
_______ “Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. Well, there are some people out there I was serving. Gotta get back to them.”
_______ “All right, sweetheart.” Carla left.
_______ The next thing I knew, I was picking up the phone and dialing Rebecca’s number.
_______ “Hello?” answered Rebecca’s warm voice.
_______ “Rebecca? It’s me, Sam.”
_______ There was a long pause. “Sam... I’m sorry about running out on you. I just... it was by instinct. I didn’t know what to say, and...”
_______ I cut her off. “Rebecca, I get it. And I’m sorry I surprised you. I was just calling to make sure you’re okay.”
_______ “Oh, yeah I- I’m fine.” There was an awkward silence.
_______ “Um... well... have you thought about my proposal at all?”
_______ “Not really... Well... a little... Yes, I’ve thought about it.”
_______ “Have you made a decision?”
_______ “Yes... I have actually.”
_______ “And...?”
_______ “Sam, I don’t want to marry you.”
_______ I let out a breath I didn’t even know I’d been holding. I heard Rebecca slightly gasp.
_______ “All right...” I hung up without saying goodbye, or waiting for a response from her. I sat and stared. Then I realized I wanted to see her. I ran out of my office and went to the door. I grabbed my coat and put it on.
_______ “Sammy, where are you going?” Norm asked.
_______ “No time, Norm. I’ll tell you later!” I ran out of the bar.
_______ I walked to Rebecca’s apartment and knocked on the door. I heard The Righteous Brothers’ playing. It was turned up really loud. I knocked again. “Rebecca?”
_______ Still nothing.
_______ “Rebecca, I know you can hear me.” I knocked again.
______ The door finally opened.
_______ She was a mess. She looked the exact same way she had when she walked into the bar a few weeks ago.
_______ “Sam?” She opened the door wider. “Come on in.”
_______ I walked in. I opened my mouth to say something, but Rebecca cut me off.
_______ “Sam, I’m so sorry.” She hugged me.
_______ “It’s okay.” I squeezed her tight. We pulled apart and her head hung down.
_______ “Sam?” Rebecca said, looking up at me.
_______ “Yes?” I gazed into her dark green eyes.
_______ “Sam? I... I have to tell you something.”
_______ “Yes?”
_______ “I’m pregnant with Don’s child.”
_______ I was out cold on Rebecca’s couch.
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Elizabeth B. Malone
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it's good....but uh...where does diane come in the story? lol sorry I was looking for her.

You are a very original writer, I like the fact that you are switching points of view and formats, instead of just using one. Keep it up! You got me and i'm probably the ultimate Sam and Diane fan.
Strange Fascinations, Fascinating me
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Dannie IsNotHere
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Okay, this is the part where Diane comes back. But she's at the very end, and she's not exactly mentioned. I'm still working on that part.

*______ *______ *
_____________________________________ __
_______ I felt terrible about telling Sam, my possible future husband-to-be that I was pregnant with my ex-husband’s child.
_______ “Sam? Sam?” I shook him. His eyes remained closed. I went into the kitchen and got a cold glass of water. I gently splashed it on his face. He still didn’t budge.
Finally, I gave up. I went into my hall closet and got the quilt that my great-grandmother had made for me years ago. I also got the extra pillow from my
bedroom. I put the pillow under Sam’s head, and covered him with the quilt. I walked back to my bedroom, got my pajamas on, and crawled into bed.
_______ The next morning, when I woke up, I found Sam sleeping peacefully by my side. He looked like a baby. I leaned over and kissed his forehead. He stirred, and he looked up.
_______ “Rebecca?”
_______ “Hi, Sam.” I stroked his cheek. “How are you?”
_______ “I don’t know. I remember waking up on the couch after hearing about you being-” He stopped and his eyes lowered. “Are you gonna go back to Don?”
_______ “No way! He hurt me, Sam. I hate him now. I don’t like being hurt. No one does! Don’t worry. This baby will be yours and mine.”
_______ I’d just then realized what I said. And I realized something else- it’s what I wanted.
_______ Sam’s mouth opened and his eyes became wide. “You- you mean it, Rebecca?” A huge grin spread across his face.
_______ I sighed, squeezed my eyes shut, opened them and said, “Yes.”
_______ Sam suddenly jumped up and ran out of the room. When he came back, he had the ring. He put it on my finger and I smiled. We hugged. We pulled away, and pulled
together again for a kiss. It was a long passionate one. When we let go, I was in a daze. I quickly snapped out of it and stood up.
_______ “Well, Sam. Would you like something to eat?” I asked.
“Sure.” Sam stood up and wandered to my window. He looked outside, looking dreamy. I’d never felt so much in love with him then at the very moment. I walked
into my kitchen and made a special meal, put it on a tray, and walked back to the bedroom. Sam was still standing at the window.
_______ “Hey. Here you go.” I held out the tray. Sam turned around and accepted it.
_______ I smiled and sat down on the bed, still a little in shock because of my decision to marry Sam. Sam noticed, put his tray down, sat next to me, and put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned into him and patted my stomach.
_______ I suddenly sat up.
_______ “What? What is it?” asked Sam, alarmed.
_______ “I- I thought I saw someone at the window.” I glanced out the window, warily. No one was there. My heart was pounding.
_______ “Rebecca? You okay?” asked Sam.
_______ “Um... yes. I guess so.” I glanced out the window again. When I saw no one was there, I cuddled against Sam. He kissed my head. We broke apart, and Sam and I ate. After we finished, we decided to go on a walk. We bundled up and walked outside. We strolled around, not to any paricular place. We ended up at the park. We looked at the glistening snow on the ground and trees. We watched little kids throw snowballs, build snowmen, and sled. A snowball hit me on the head. I turned around and saw a little girl giggling.
______ “Oh yeah?” I picked up a bundle of snow and formed it into a ball and threw it at her. It hit her stomach and she laughed and ran away. Sam and I began to walk
_______ After about ten minutes, we were sitting on a park bench. I was cuddled in Sams arms, and we were watching a group of children laughing and dancing around in the snow. Sam and I began to talk softly.
_______ “Sam?” I said.
_______ “Yes?” he replied.
_______ “I’m glad we’re getting married.”
_______ “Me, too.”
_______ We stared at each other. He brought his hands to my head and began stroking my cheek. I knew we were going to kiss, so I leaned in and he did the same. Our lips
were centimeters apart until we were innterupted.
_______ “Freeze!” We froze. “Than man’s coming with us.” I was startled and I looked up. Standing before us was a tall police officer. But he wasn’t alone. Someone
stepped from behind a tree.
_______ “Don?” I nearly fainted.

*______ *______ *

_______ I sat on the park bench, very bewildered. Why were the police after me? I hadn’t done anything wrong, had I? That’s when I saw Don. I was sure he had something to do with it.
_______ “WHAT are you doing here?” asked Rebecca, through clenched teeth. If it weren’t for the police there, I know she would have killed him then and there.
_______ “We’re taking you downtown, sir,” said the officer.
_______ “What? Why?” Rebecca and I said at the same time.
_______ “You know why,” spoke up Don.
_______ “This man,” the officer pointed to Don, ”Told us that you kidnapped this young woman.”
_______ “What?! I would never do that!” I stood up. “Rebecca and I are getting married!”
_______ “Yeah! Don, why’d you do that?” Rebecca looked as if she wanted to kill Don.
_______ “Calm down, Ms.” The officer looked warily at Don. I walked to Rebecca and put my arm around her shoulder.
_______ “If you’re so much in love... let’s see you kiss,” Don said. He realized he was in trouble for lying to the police, and was trying to get out of it. Don stared at Rebecca, watching her eyes suddenly fill with love. Not for Don, but for me. Me. Even Diane didn’t look at me that way. I’d never felt more happy then and there. Don’s mouth fell open as we leaned closer and closer, until finally our lips were
touching. That kiss was filled with so much passion, and I knew then it was love.
_______ I was so wrapped up in the kiss, that I didn’t hear everyone else leave. There we were, alone in the park. It was great.
_______ We finally pulled apart, and we walked home, hand-in-hand.
_______ “Sam?” A voice was calling me. I started to shake. I realized I was in the middle of a dream.
_______ “Rebecca...? What time is it?”
_______ “Sam...? Oh... it’s 2... 30 in the mor....... oh!”
_______ “Rebecca?” I was wide awake, and I sat up. Rebecca was squirming. Her eyes were squinted shut.
_______ “What is it?”
_______ “I think... that... oh... it’s time...”
_______ “Say no more.” I knew the baby was coming. I leaped out of bed and rushed to her side. She seemed to be in pain. I got her suitcase together and called an
ambulence quickly.
______ Before I knew it, we were bored out of our minds at he hospital. Rebecca was fine at the moment, and we were waiting for a nurse.
_______ “Sam?” Rebecca’s voce echoing the the quiet room startled me.
_______ “Yes?” I looked at her.
_______ “I love you.”
_______ I took her hand. “I love you, too, Rebecca.” I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly, Rebecca began squirming around again. “Sam...? Get a nurse in here... now... please... I think it’s... time... ugh!”
_______ I panicked, and called for a nurse.
_______ Just a few long moments later, there were a bunch of nurses crowded in our room around Rebecca. Pretty soon, it was all over. A nurse wrapped the baby in a
blanket and handed it to me. Staring up at me was a beautiful baby...

* * *

It was a girl. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I cried tears of happiness as the baby was placed into my arms. She was precious. Not crying, and her eyes were closed. Then, for a brief second, they opened. I saw that they were a deep brown. I held her tight.
Sam kissed my head and looked at the beautiful girl. “Hi, sweetie.”
“They have to take her now Rebecca,” said Sam.
I reluctantly gave them my baby and laid my head back. I then realized that was incredibly tired, and fell asleep.

“There she is...”
“She looks tired.”
“Wow, look at her. She looks great.”
I groaned, hoping the voices were part of a dream. I opened my eyes and saw who was there. All the gang from Cheers. I smiled and sat my bed up. We began to chat, and I realized how happy I was to see them.
“Hi, Rebecca,” said Carla when she realized I was awake.
“Hi.” I yawned. “How are you?”
“We’re fine. How’s the baby?”
“We named her Ashley. And she’s fine... 6 pounds, 7 ounces. She’s beautiful.”
That’s when I realized something.
Sam wasn’t with them.
I looked at Carla. “Where’s Sam?”
Carla looked back at me. “He had a few things to do... uh... call people about the baby and stuff,” she replied.
“Oh.” My face fell. I didn’t believe Carla. She’d sounded a little uncertain of everything. I tried to hide my feelings, though. I continued talking to my friends, until they all left, one by one. Then I was alone.
I rolled over and picked up my hospital phone. First, I dialed Cheers. The phone rang, but no one answered. I figured that Cheers had been locked up since they all were visiting me. I put the phone back on the receiver and turned on the TV. All of a sudden, the nurse came into my room.
“Rebecca, you can go home tomorrow,” she said cheefully.
“Well, that was quick,” I replied.
“Ashley’s in great health, and so are you!”
“Great! I can’t wait.”
The nurse left and I began watching the TV. Suddenly, the phone rang. I rolled over and answered it. “Hello?”
“Rebecca? It’s me.”
Sam. “Sam? Everything okay?”
“Not exactly...” My heart began to pound.
“Rebecca, when are you coming home?”
“All right. I need to talk to you. Good-bye.”
“Sam? You’re coming to pick me up tomorrow, right?”
“Yes. ‘Bye.” He hung up. I became nervous. What was with Sam?

Luckily, it didn’t take long to find out. The next day, I woke up, and there was Sam. I was so grateful to see him as the nurse walked in with Ashley. Another nurse followed with a wheelchair. I slowly got up and pushed myself to the chair. I sat down and held Ashley in my arms. The nurse pushed me down to Sam’s car. I noticed that Sam hadn’t said much since we were in my hospital room.
“Sam, is something wrong?” I asked.
“You’ll see,” he replied.
I didn’t like the way he was talking. It scared me. He pulled into the parking lot to my apartment, and helped me out. We slowly walked up the steps and I was led to my apartment, where a big “WELCOME HOME!” sign was draped across the door. Sam opened it, I went inside, and I heard a yell.
Of course, Ashley began wailing. I cuddled her and walked her to her bedroom.
I didn’t like the way he was talking. It scared me. He pulled into the parking lot to my apartment, and helped me out. We slowly walked up the steps and I was led to my apartment, where a big “WELCOME HOME!” sign was draped across the door. Sam opened it, I went inside, and I heard a yell.
“WELCOME HOME REBECCA!” I found my friends from Cheers jumping out from various places.
“Aw, thanks guys!!” I exclaimed. There was lots of excitement as people came up to me and looked at Ashley. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.
Of course, Ashley began wailing. I cuddled her and walked her to her bedroom. I slowly reached down and placed her in her crib. I went back to see who was at the door. When I looked around, I didn’t see anyone. I was surprised. I decided to forget about it and walk around to talk to the guests.
After awhile, I realized I was thirsty. I went into the kitchen to get some water. That’s when I found out who was at the door earlier. I saw Sam and some lady I remembered seeing years ago... the day Don asked me to marry him.
They were kissing.
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Elizabeth B. Malone
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Again though, aside from my juvenile rants, it is a well written story!!! You are an excellent writer!
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Dannie IsNotHere
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I've written more, and I've even added Diane's point of view.

...But her part isn't done yet, so I'll post it later.
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Elizabeth B. Malone
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Originally posted by RebeccaHoweNo.2
I've written more, and I've even added Diane's point of view.

...But her part isn't done yet, so I'll post it later.
Yay!! Well I'll be here waiting!!
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Dannie IsNotHere
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* * *

Diane. It had been ages since I’d last seen her. This was the woman that, years ago, I had had the worst relationship with. But I spotted her days ago sitting alone on a bench in front of one of the shops. I barely recognized her. She had changed so much, and was now more beautiful then ever. Her eyes sparkled when she saw me, and my heart melted when she smiled at me.
“Hello, Sam,” she said to me.
“Hi there... Diane. How have you been?” I replied.
“Oh, not bad. How about you?”
“All right. Um, if you don’t mind my asking... what are you doing here?”
“Just for a visit. I’ve actually been considering moving back here. It’s been almost a week now. Right now I’m in a fabulous apartment. But other then that, nothing much here.” I listened as Diane went on.
“Each day, I try to step into Cheers just to see you, but I somehow just can’t do it. I would put my hand on the doorknob, and something in my heart kept telling me to stop. So I never went. Sam? I am glad I ran into you, though.” Diane stood up and we began walking. We didn’t talk for a long time. I had a million things to say to her. A part of me wanted to scream at her for ever walking out of my life, and another part of me wanted to scream at myself for realizing I was falling for a woman that I couldn’t have, since I was going to be a future husband. Diane’s presence was all I needed, though. Something about her being there by my side was making me happy.
Eventually, we had stopped in front of Cheers, where a big reunion came about. All was forgiven between Frasier and Diane, and Carla was being a little better toward her. After the reunion, Diane and I went into the office.
“Sam... oh, so many memories here. I don’t know what to say.” Diane sat down, as if everything were too much for her to handle. I sat next to her. “Nothing’s changed at all.” Her eyes shined and it looked as if she were about to cry. I put my arm around her for comfort and she sunk into my arms. My conscience was making me feel really guilty. I looked at Diane’s face and spotted a tear running down her cheek. I brushed it away and Diane looked into my eyes. We stared at each other for a long time, and all of a sudden, before I knew it, our lips were pressed together.
So now, a week later, Rebecca figured it out. Up until then, I had been so scared to talk to her because I didn’t want anything to slip out. But now she knew. I pushed Diane away.
“Rebecca. I-I-I’m sorry,” I said. “It just... happened.”
“Why is it that when you find your true love,” she began, tears streaming down her cheeks, “something always happens to make it terrible for me.”
“Sam... just don’t say anything. Obviously, I’m just another one of your little ’projects.’ Just... goodbye, Sam.” Rebecca ran out of the kitchen. I followed her, as she took her child and started toward the door. She put her hand on the doorknob, then froze. I saw her close her eyes, as if she was realizing everything that had just happened. I walked up to her, and kissed her for what I thought would be the last time. When it ended, she looked up at me and said, “Don’t you have a girlfriend waiting for you in the kitchen?” And she left.

* * *

It had been so long. And seeing Rebecca for the second time in my life was surprising. But seeing her while Sam and I were having an intense moment was not expected. I had no idea that she and Sam were getting married, and now I felt terrible. If I had known, I wouldn’t have interfered with the relationship, since it had obviously been very deep. As I watched Rebecca storm out of the house, I realized that I would feel horrible if I had been cheated on. I was so angry. At Sam for never telling me about his fiancee, at Rebecca for wanting to marry Sam in the first place, and at me for going along with everything. My feelings were so mixed up, and I didn’t know what to think.
The next day, I found myself at Cheers. I was alone in the pool room sitting and thinking. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped.
“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” said a voice. It was Sam. I looked up at him. It was then that I realized the reason I hadn’t wanted to go to Cheers. It was because I was afraid of what his impression of me would be. When I had seen him on the street just a few days earlier, I was hoping that he’d be happy to see me. I could tell he was happy, but it didn’t satisfy me for some reason.
But I saw him now and saw a changed man. The only good I could get out of it was that he had chosen me. Not some sexy woman who walked into the bar, but me. The woman whom he used to hate, then loved, then hated, then loved again. But everything else was tearing me deeply inside.
I wanted to leave, but something was stopping me. I gazed deeply into Sam’s eyes, awaiting for what he was about to say. I braced myself for a fight, but realized that it wouldn’t me necessary, since I di not intend to fight with Sam.
“Diane. I’m not sure how to put this. I feel terrible,” he began.
“So you’ve come here expecting me to forgive you,” I said. “Am I correct?”
“Let me talk to you first.”
“Fine. Go ahead. I’m not going anywhere.”
Sam sighed. “Well, it all started a few weeks ago...” Sam told his story. I listened intensely. After the entire story, his eyes were shined with tears, and I was a little teary myself. But when he added his last few words, it all spilled over.
“Diane, after seeing you I realized something. I realized that you’re the only one I’ve ever been in love with, besides Rebecca. When I saw you, I figured out that Rebecca wasn’t the love of my life like I thought. It’s you. And now I feel terrible.” He looked down. I walked over to where he was stanfing and gave him a kiss.
“Sam... that was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.”
“By the way, you look great. You’re as beautiful as ever.”
“Thank you. You look great, too.” I kissed him again.
“Yes, Sam?” I looked up at him, realizing another tear was running swiftly down my cheek.
He wiped it away, and after a long moment of silence he said, “I want you back. And nothing will tear us apart this time.”
I knew he was right.

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Awww!! Sniff sniff it's good, but would you mind a little criticism?

For one thing if Diane is visiting...why does she have an apartment?

Another thing I would do is increase Diane's vocabulary a little bit. Like for one thing she wouldn't say a"I'd laid off" she would say " I would not have wanted to obstruct such a bond" lol You write great for Sam and Rebecca ...but Diane, Frasier, and Lilith ESPECIALLY Diane though, are characters of many words..never a one word answer and are always trying to analyze and complicate the problem.

I loved it though!!!

More soon please
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Haha... I got you. I'm gonna go back change it a little. This is where my thesaurus comes in handy since I have a very low vocab!
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Okay, I just change it. There will be more soon.
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Dannie IsNotHere
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* * *

Seeing Sam with another woman was definitely not what I expected. I went for a long walk, wondering why. Why did Sam let this happen? Why did that blonde have to come back? Why did I end up falling for Sam? Why me?
After all these years, I thought I’d finally found love. But no. Everything changed once again, and I felt like a failure. My dream of dying an old lady all alone was going to come true.
I kept walking and wondering. I suddenly bumped into a man who was walking in the opposite direction of me. Somehow, I lost my balance and fell to the ground.
“I’m sorry, miss,” he said.
“Oh, it’s okay,” I replied, dazed. The man helped me up, and I fell forward into his arms. I looked up at him. He had such a nice face. His eyes were a dark brown, almost black, and his hair was brown. I looked into his eyes dreamily, and suddenly realized we had just met. “Whoops, sorry,” I said awkwardly. I regained balance, and he held out his hand.
“Thomas Markee,” he said.
“Rebecca Howe.” I took his hand and we shook.
“Would you like to join me for lunch? I was on my way to that new restaurant.”
“Um... well... sure.” I’m not very fond of dates right after I meet a man, but I thought it would be the nice thing to do since I had bumped into him.

For the next few weeks, Thomas and I got to know each other very well, and had brought on a relationship. Sam and I had obviously called off the wedding. It was a friendly breakup, and I had somehow managed to forgive him, and we were friends again. But still, it was awkward for both of us.
Ashley was a very sweet baby. She was 10 months now, and was very content with everything. The day I introduced her to Thomas, she loved him so much. Whenever I needed to go out, I had him come to watch her. She was so happy when he came over, which was very frequently.
Thomas and I went on many more dates, and I couldn’t say I loved him, but I certainly liked him more than a friend.
A few days later, I decided that I should take him to Cheers. When we got there, Sam stared at me. I could feel it. I looked at him and saw Diane (who, I had finally been reintroduced to) gazing at Sam. Thomas put his arm around me but I pushed it off, not wanting to start anything. I walked behind the bar to get a drink, and Sam continued to watch me.
“Sam?” I heard Diane say. “Sam?”
“Yes?” He finally looked away from me.
“Sam, you need to calm down.” I could tell Diane was sensing the same thing I was. I mouthed “Thank you” to her and she nodded. I walked back and poured Thomas and me some champagne. We drank, and talked for a long time.
I thought that I was beginning to fall in love with him. He always told me how beautiful I was and made me so happy.
“Rebecca? Rebecca?” I snapped out of it and looked at him.
“Yea?” I replied.
“Will you marry me?”
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* * *

I watched as Rebecca walked out of the bar with Thomas. It was weird to see her with another man. But I turned to Diane and told her that we should leave. She agreed, and we left, hand in hand.
We got to my place, and spent a great evening together. When it was over, we shared a long, passionate kiss, and Diane said she had to leave. She did, and I was alone. I sat on the couch, and had nothing to do. I just sat, thinking about all my relationships throughout the years. Serious ones and short ones. Plus all the one-night-in-a-hotel relationships. After awhile, I realized that nothing had been bigger then mine and Diane’s relationship. Even with Rebecca. We were going to get married and raise a child together, it just wasn’t as serious as with Diane.
A box caught my eye. It was sitting on the table in front of me. I remembered taking it when Diane left years ago. I hadn’t opened it, afraid of what what in it and what kinds of memories it would bring. I figured that now that Diane was back, I could look through it.
I opened the box, and the first thing I saw was the wedding ring.
The wedding ring.
I was surprised to see that. It was still perfect- not a trace of rust anywhere. I put it aside, and continued looking through the box. I saw many cards from me, and many of her poems. But one of the poems caught my eye. The first words I saw on it were scribbled across the top:
“DEAR SAM,” I read it. “Please tell me / How can it be true? / We've denied it for so long / And I don't understand / How can it be? / When we're apart I'm miserable / But when we're together I can't stand you / Is this the way love is? / Just a mixed up feeling? / A feeling that tears you apart? / All I know is that / We can make it work / No matter what comes in our way / We'll always be together / Even if the world comes to an end / We'll go to heaven / And live peacefully / Forever and ever”
I didn’t know what to think. I put it aside, remembering those times I had with Diane. Times of our love/hate relationship. Our moments together. Our moments apart. I continued searching through the box. I pulled out another poem, written messily on a pink sheet of stationary.
“As I look into his eyes / It’s as if he’s in disguise / I see his love, deep through the hate / It makes me feel incredibly great / The feeling inside that he loves me / Is just as good as it could be / Knowing I love him with all my heart / Makes me know we’ll never part / And even if we cannot stay / We know that love will find a way / To see his eyes, full of despise / His love is there, it never lies.”
I put the poem away and put the box back on the table. I laid back, thinking. I was suddenly interuppted by the phone. I jumped, and picked up the receiver.
“Hello?” I said.
“Sam?” cried a choked up voice.
“Who is this?”
“Rebecca... Sam, th-this is really important.”
“What is it?”
“Sam, Ashley... she’s... she’s gone.”
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awww come on!!!

you can't do this to me!!

lol now i know how you guys feel...i don't like waiting....

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