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Old 02-08-2012, 12:11 AM   #1
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Join Date: May 14, 2006
Location: Pittsburgh
Posts: 83
Music Looking for Howard Stern Stuff

I'm looking to trade for howard stern dvds. I would prefer the uncensored on-demand shows/specials, but am also interested in the E! shows and appearances on letterman, etc. I already have about 50 or so dvds, so please provide me a list of what stern stuff you have on each disc, so I don't duplicate. I have a huge trade list with thousands of dvds, so I'm sure we can work out a deal...
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Old 02-08-2012, 10:38 PM   #2
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Default howard stern

i have a few episodes of the howard stern show from channel 9 show. looking for episodes of the new tom green show circa 2003.
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Old 10-21-2015, 04:58 PM   #3
Frequent Poster
Join Date: Dec 16, 2013
Location: USA
Posts: 33

I'm looking for Howard Stern E! Shows as well. If anyone has any and could let me know, I'd really appreciate it! I have lots to trade or I will pay. I'm looking for episodes with Suzanne Somers and Heather Locklear in particular. I have the airdates of some I'm looking for if that helps.
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Old 10-27-2015, 04:31 PM   #4
Forum Regular
Join Date: Dec 06, 2001
Posts: 569
Default Howard Stern Footage

I have these:

THE CONCERT FOR N.Y.: 10-01 w/David Bowie, Billy Crystal, Bon Jovi, Jay-Z, Goo Goo Dolls, Susan Sarandon,
Robert DeNireo, Billy Joel, Destiny's Child, Harrison Ford, Eric Clapton, Christy Turrlington, James Lipton,
Adam Sandler, Meg Ryan, Backstreet Boys, David Spade, Melissa Etheridge, Halle Berry, The Who, Mike Myers,
Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Howard Stern, Macy Gray, Hillary Clinton, Jerry Seinfeld on video, Bill Clinton,
James Taylor, Michael J. Fox, Jimmy Fallon, John Mellencamp, Kid Rock, Hilliary Swank, Janet Jackson, Elton John,
Richard Gere, Jim Carrey, Paul McCartney, Reggie Jackson, John Franco, Rod Gilbert, Willis Reed, Al Leiter,
Many N.Y. Athletes 5 1/2 hrs Color EXC #1180, 1181, 1182A

1)1987 w/Elvis Impersonators 60 min COLOR FAIR #286A
2)1987 w/Frank Zappa 60 min COLOR FAIR #286B

HOWARD STERN WWWOR OUTTAKES & BLOOPERS: 1990 Outtakes & bloopers from the 1990 show that ran on
WWOR in N.Y. 2 Hrs Color VG- DVD


3)10-18-84 w/Howard Stern, Tony Danza, Carl Lewis #1646B
9)1989 w/B.B. King, Howard Stern #1646H

5)10-93 w/Howard Stern 60 min Color EXC- #297B

I also have most of the WWOR ch 9 Show
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Old 10-27-2015, 08:31 PM   #5
Frequent Poster
Join Date: Aug 23, 2014
Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 44
Default Howard Stern


I have this...

Howard Stern ( Howard's best on the E! channel)

.1) Ba Ba Booey loses the Gary Puppet
Hank the Angry Dwarf goes on a Date
Hank the Angry Dwarf in a Easter Bunny Costume
Pamela Anderson promotes the Thong she is selling part 1 & 2

.2) Anna Nichole Smith 1st appearance part 1 & 2
Pamela Anderson gives Howard a lap dance part 1 & 2
Ba Ba Booey gets a freckle removed from his lips

.3) Extreme Fan Challenge; Handicapped Star Search; Jason loses virginity on porn vacation; Beatlejuice and Camille (wants to apologize to the world) and wants to date Beetlejuice

.4) Politically Incorrect II - Beetlejuice,Carver,Gary the Retard & Slow Adam
Howard farts in Ba Ba Booey's face part 1 & 2
Gary the Retard's Birthday Party part 1 & 2

.5) Howard,Ba Ba Booey,Jackie measure their penis's part 1 & 2
Porn Star Jasmine St Clair promotes her Gang Bang porno part 1 & 2
Porn Stars Jill Kelly,Jenna Haze & Jeff The Drunk

.6) Politically Incorrect- Beetlejuice,Crackhead Bob,Croix,Elephant Boy Part 1,2
Porn Star Houston gives a naked massage to a girl part 1 & 2
Scoot the Engenier has trouble doing Howard's music bumpers

.7) Howard in New Orleans part 1,2,3,4,5

.8) Pamela Anderson 1st appearance 1994 part 1,2,3
Gary Busey part 1 & 2

.9) Howard & Stutterin John argue about use of the phone
Wack Pack Porno with Porn Star Dynamite part 1 & 2
Hypnotized Scores Strippers part 1 & 2

.10) Susan Selles- porn star and lawyer; Jennifer wants a breast exam; Sable (Rena Mero) from WWF; Jennifer in bikini, but only after staff does too.

.11) Jesus Twins preform live in Howards Studio
Andrew Dice Clay part 1 & 2
Hollyweird Squares part 1 & 2

.12) Ba Ba Booey gets a new set of teeth,Jackie borrows a toothbrush
Halloween Show 1997 with The Amazing Kreskin part 1 & 2
Rodney Dangerfield & Jackie's $1000 debt part 1 & 2

.13) Stutterin John at The Red Ball Party part 1 & 2
Elliot Offen & Hi-Pitch Eric argue & man who thinks he's Jesus
Stuttering John at Oscar Party
Porn Star Jevon and Jon King

.14) Las Vegas 2001 Show part 1,2,3,4
Howard meets Hank the Dwarf

.15) Ozzy Osbourne 1st Appearance Pt. 1 & 2
Stuck on You Contest: Jeff the Drunk 1,2,3

.16) Porn Star Annie "Vaginal Millionaire" 1,2,3
Kennith Keith Kallenback's Porno
Ozzy and Marylyn Manson

17) Ralph take Lie Detector Test to See if he's gay Pt. 1&2, Howard
Meets the Jesus Twins Pt. 1&2, A Guy Drinks Howard's Toilet Water,
Girl gets Naked in Park for Husband's Band, Hi-Pitch Eric v. Crazy
Cabbie in a Race

18) Staff measure their genitals Pt. 1&2, Beetlejuice auditions for
Jackie's job, The Crew takes gay lie detector tests, UZO moves to LA

19) Homeless Jeopardy Pt. 1&2, BaBa Booey loses Howard's Mail,
Robin becomes Gary & Scott's Boss, Grillo thinks he has aids

20) Scott the Engineer & Gary sings, Howard steps in Dog Crap &
Benjy does pushups, BaBa Booey at the Learning Seminar, Howard
farts in Gary's Face Pt. 1&2

21) Porn of the Month Club w Janine L., Howard smells girls to see
if they are on their period, B-Real, Colt 40 Feinburg, & Mr. Skin
evaluate girls for Playboy

22) Gary the Retard directs a porno, Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf
v. Mark McGrath in Rock n' Roll trivia, Gary hooks Howard up to the
Sega Channel, Grillo becomes Gunga Din, Sal the Stockbroker's prank
phone calls to BaBa Booey

23) The Real Doll, Fred has Sex w the Real Doll, Gary & Interns
drink all of Howard's water, ICP argues w Sharon Osbourne, Howard
interviews "O.J." in the studio, Howard brings East & West Coast
rappers together

24) Porn star Houston has sex w listener Pt. 1&2, Beetlejuice v.
Gary the Retard Trivia Contest Pt. 1&2, Stuttering John's practical
joke on Jackie

25) Scott the Engineer's pushup challenge Pt. 1&2, BaBa Booey's
efficiency expert, Staff pees in diapers, Howard gets mad at Scott
for not doing music bumpers

26) Gary the Retard's Bday Pts. 1 & 2 (1st of many the show has
celebrated), Penthouse Pet Strip Trivia Pts. 1 & 2 (Janine's first

.27) Steve-O from Jackass, Kelly LeBrock, Ralph smells Howard's Farts, Fred Quits pt1 & pt2, Crackhead Bob sings Van Halen

.30) Jenna Jamison and Nikki Tyler Lesbian Dating Game; Stephen Baldwin promotes “Fled”; Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowen; Scores Girls Get hypnotized by Paul McKenna pt. 1

.31) Nikki Shiering, Price is Right model promoting FHM shoot; Scores Girls get hypnotized by Paul McKenna pt. 2; Tabitha Stevens, porn star pt. 1; Scores Girls get hypnotized by Paul McKenna pt. 3

.32) Tabitha Stevens, porn star pt. 2; Charity, Scores stripper lived with Charlie Sheen; Fran Drescher; Nico Treasures, porn star

.36) Brad takes porn star, Houston to his prom. Pt. 1; Scott the Engineer and his weight problem and betting..loses bet and has to walk down street in bikini; Houston prom date pt.2; Fan, Sean Lennon says he will do anything for a Private Parts package.

.39) Rose McGowen promotes “Charmed”; Lesley, Skye and Taylor nude carwash; Small penis contest; Beetlejuice dressed as a leprechaun auditioning for Jackie’s job; turkey callers; Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (cut off)

40) Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne; Stacy and Laura want to be evaluated for Playboy pt. 1; Fabio; Stacy and Laura Playboy evaluations pt. 2

41) Linda wants to eat cake out of Fred’s ass for a Private Parts package; Meghan wants to be Howard’s girlfriend; Beetlejuice; Porn star Dynamite wants to bang 21 guys for her 21st birthday; Kid Rock promotes new record

45) Robin’s horse show; Stuttering John and Baba Booey emcee Ms. Spice Channel contest; Motley Crue; Jen wants breast implants

48) Howard’s love doll he ordered, 2 girls from “Night Calls” Playboy TV- Julie and Doria; The Bacon Brothers; Suzanne Somers pt.1 and pt.2.

50) Howard rags on Ralph, then Gangi; Howard talks about calling a psychologist; Fred the Elephant boy and his girlfriend; Salt and Pepa and Spinderella

51) Savannah from Scores; Zurnya, Queen of Dreams; Mary, stripper from Dallas; Veronica Webb, super model; Fran Drescher; Robert Duvall


Jim J. Bullock
Cory Feldman
Paul Anka

Tracy Morgan's Divorce
Lisa Lampanelli Grammys

Richard Pees in a Diaper 5-03-08
Richard at Rocklahoma
Richard Drumming Special

Steve Guttenberg 05-06-08
Jackies 75th Jokehunt 04-29-08
Jay Thomas 02-26-08

Bowling Beauties 1 & 2

Bowling Beauties 3 & 4
Marlena Intern Tryout

Kid Rock
Artimus Pyle
The Ramones

Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay 4/26/06
Artie and Norm
Artie's First Show (1998)

Same Disc..
Howard Stern 08/22/95 "Beavis & Butthead" creator Mike Judge - part 1 / Proshot (A+++) 100:44 1 DVD
Howard Stern 08/23/95 "Beavis & Butthead" creator Mike Judge - part 2 (Gary's failed joke on Mike) / (A+++) 100:44 1 DVD

Howard Stern 05/10/96 Jackie v. Andrew Dice Clay


*08/05/96 Jackie vs. The Dice Man: Andrew "Dice" Clay promotes his "Assume the Position" HBO Special /30:15 1 DVD

*09/09/96 David Lee Roth appeared on the talking about 2 new van halen songs / Proshot (A+++) 39:24 1 DVD

*06/17/98 Chuck Zito talks about beating up Jean-Claude VanDamme at Scores nightclub / (A+++) 29:04 1 DVD

*06/27/01 Gene Simmons of KISS with Imposter / Proshot (A++) 44:55 1 DVD

*03/16/05 Sylvester Stallone visits to promote The Contender - part 1 + 2 / Proshot (A+++) 44:07 1 DVD

*05/03/05 Ace Frehley visits and Sal fights with Howard / Proshot (A+++) 58:47 1 DVD

*04/26/06 ROLLING THE DICE Andrew Dice Clay fights with Benjy / Proshot (A+++) 51:17 1 DVD

*08/01/06 Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed Visit Interview On Demand / Proshot (A+++) 84:55 1 DVD

*07/31/08 Hulk Hogan Visits / Proshot (A+++) 61:13 1 DVD

*09/18/08 Chevy Chase Visits / Proshot (A+++) 1 DVD

*10/13/08 Christian Slater Visits / Proshot (A+++) 43:15 1 DVD

*06/03/02 Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth Visits

Hosting MTV Headbangers Ball 4/25/87- Howard stern & leslie west 2 hrs B
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