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View Poll Results: Boned When...
Exit... Stage Left - Cody 8 42.11%
Day 1 - Brady Bunch Rip-Off w/ a '90s twist 1 5.26%
Birth - Baby Lilly 1 5.26%
Dana goes blonde - Turns into a dumb idiot 0 0%
New Kid in Town - Jean-Luc 3 15.79%
Never Boned 2 10.53%
Special Guest Star - Steve Urkel 0 0%
Chuck Cunningham Syndrome - Brendan disappears 4 21.05%
New Kid in Town - Flash 0 0%
Mark gets horny - Kind of a bit creepy 0 0%
Voters: 19. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-30-2014, 06:47 PM   #16
Mace Dolex
Senior Member
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Posts: 2,227

Because I'm now rediscovering the last seasons on The Hub I really don't like this Jean-Luc guy or why having a kid into the show was needed with such an overblown cast already.
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Old 02-01-2014, 04:49 AM   #17
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I think if I had to narrow it down, I would say that it was either the addition of Lily or the addition of Jean-Luc, which was the "bone the fish" moment.

I really don't understand why the felt the need to add another kid to the household (other than I guess, the idea of having Frank and Carol have baby together would ultimately bring the step-siblings "closer together"). Anytime a sitcom brings a new kid to the household (and of course, magically aging her a few years the following season) regardless (the "Cousin Oliver" effect), you're basically asking for trouble. Of course, what didn't help was when in the final season (that aired on CBS), Brendan basically got "Chuck Cunninghamed". If they were going to add another kid to the Lambert-Foster household, they should've saved it for towards the end of the series instead of the middle (where it felt kind of anti-climatic).

About Cody leaving (due to Sasha Mitchell's legal issues at the time), I've heard it both ways. At one end, it can be argued that Cody's brain-dead surfer dude shtick (especially when he was more or less, aging well beyond the believable age of a guy in his early 30s) was becoming played out. It's sort of like how Jaleel White had to keep playing the Steve Urkel character (high, nasally voice and all) even though by the end of Family Matters, he had clearly outgrown/aged-out of the role to keep it plausible.

On the other end however, Cody was pretty much the "breakout" character or signature character on Step by Step (kind of like Urkel on Family Matters or even and I hate to say this, Michelle on Full House). In other words, it could be argued that most people watched Step by Step for Cody. So in essence, Cody's departure without warning arguably was the knife in the show's heart.

When a post-Perfect Strangers Bronson Pinchot came along as Jean-Luc (and instead of playing an annoying Greek guy, he's playing an annoying French guy), it seemed like Miller-Boyett had to go into the well and try to recreate their earlier successes.
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Old 02-01-2014, 07:29 PM   #18
Spark Of Spirit
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I didn't mind the baby coming at season's end, but I did mind aging her up. I don't think aging a kid up has ever worked and improved a show. Basically writing Brendon out as if he was never there was awful, but losing Cody for Jean-Luc killed much of the show's appeal to me.

Yes, Cody was the break-out character, but he also became the glue that held them all together as the show went on being that he was the only character on good terms with everybody (even Dana though she wouldn't admit it) and delivered most of the jokes. Once he was gone it was highly noticeable and the show never recovered again. It might have gotten old, but I think if the show was the same length it was and still had Cody for the whole run I don't think I would have gotten sick of him. Any longer than that? Maybe.

So yeah, I would have to say of all the events listed above it would be losing Cody.
A thing may be too sad to be believed or too wicked to be believed or too good to be believed; but it cannot be too absurd to be believed in this planet of frogs and elephants, of crocodiles and cuttle-fish.
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Old 02-21-2014, 10:11 PM   #19
Dan Tullis
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I voted Cody, but just as easily could have picked Brenden's exit, Jean-Luc, or Lily aging rapidly. I think the series was played out after the first 4 seasons, none of the characters showed any growth except for Mark and the always dependable Al.
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Old 02-22-2014, 01:02 AM   #20
Julie,Julie Anne,&Felice 4Ever
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Originally Posted by Dan Tullis
I voted Cody, but just as easily could have picked Brenden's exit, Jean-Luc, or Lily aging rapidly. I think the series was played out after the first 4 seasons, none of the characters showed any growth except for Mark and the always dependable Al.
There was character growth with Dana and her relationship with Rich, but other than that, I'm in absolute agreement with you, Dan.
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Old 02-24-2014, 06:37 PM   #21
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  • Other Thoughts:

    There are two sure ways to know a kid-related sitcom is in decline. One is to have a new baby, the second is to suddenly "jump the baby ahead" so that it is suddenly three or four while the rest of the kids haven't aged. Growing Pains jumped when it did it, and so did Step By Step.
    When Sasha Mitchell joined the cast. Call it the Urkelization of Step by Step.
    the reason the show jumped? One name - Patrick Duffy
    Just another stupid children's sitcom (****-com is more apt description)
    Another disgustingly cute family sitcom. Makes me want to thank Bob Newhart for never having children on any of his shows.
    UUUUGGGGHHHH! What a bunch of crap this show was from day one!! And to anyone who compared this show in any way to "The Brady Bunch", may God strike them dead! And it's the '90, couldn't any special effects wiz make the rollercoaster by the water look more believable. Hell, I'm from the midwest and even I know that Magic Mountain isn't near the water!!
    When Mark got too old and they had a baby!
    When it moved to CBS, and Dana got that hideous blonde makeover.
    From the was always the tradition of so many bad TGIF shows. It's only redeeming point was that Suzanne Somers was MUCH hooter here than she ever was in Three's Company. Whenever the Carol character decided she was ready to jump into bed with hubby Patrick Duffy, I found myself actually jealous !
    Wasn't Sasha Mitchell carted off to jail?
    Ok since i don't remember the show all that saying it never jumped...but what i do remember is that i heard that the guy who lived in the van...nearly killed his wife and went to jail for it
    This show jumped when the cast got older,when Dana had that ugly-ass blonde hair(it looked like a wig.),when Bronson Pinchot played that annoying French guy.When the baby was suddenly five years old,and she was annoying.When Al kept cutting her hair shorter week by week.When the show moved to CBS and nobody watched it,that's why it got canceled. Patrick Duffy was great on that show,he is god!
    It irritates the living crap out of me when a sitcom is so lame that the writers resort to a character saying "(Fill in name here) would never do that" and then they walk in doing exactly what they just said they wouldn't do. It's call Total Contradictory Humor, and it's asinine and makes me change the channel really quick!
    It jumped when Dana started dating J.T.'s stupid friend. It was so out of character. Also I think they guy that played Cody was falsely accused.
    When Frank said "Oh sure Cody I'd love to hear about your new job in Russia but someone's at the door, ok bye."
    The show jumped the shark when they decided to have a new baby (Lilly). The whole family really didn't want another child but they parents thought that it would be better for the family. It might be easier to bring the family more together. They had Lilly and everyone loved her. They decided that Lily would fit in great. The show ended a couple of years later. Lily didn't help the shows ratings.
    A spinoff of a spinoff, no less. (This was spun off of Family Matters, which was in turn spun off of Perfect Strangers.) I really saw the series go downhill the episode that Cody thought he was a werewolf.
    I must say this show was always very cheesy. But boy do I love cheese. You gotta know that when you see these types of shows it's gonna make you want to puke. But I guess I'm sick in the head because I love it! Step by Step follows in the tradition of The Brady Bunch and Full House. All three of these shows were so cheesy, yet I find them all very enjoyable to watch. It's almost like an escape from every day real life, and it doesn't take much brains to watch it due to lack of decent plotlines. I would say though that it did get bad when the baby jumps ahead 3 years though. And I always have had a crush on Staci Keenan. I kind of liked her with the blond hair.
    This show jumped the shark when it first appeared in 1991, and it continued to jump the shark again and again for seven seasons..What a horrible, horrible show. The likes of this, Full House, and Family Matters, are what ABC subjected us to on Friday nights, for what seemed like eternity. To think, all of this started from Perfect Strangers(seemed harmless enough at first). Thankfully, in the early 90's, I started highschool, started going out on dates, and started doing other things, so I wasn't subjected to this crap til the very end.
    I loved this show as a teenager. Had my walls covered in pictures of these guys. Wrote fan letters...was totally lame. I see this show now on A&E and just cringe. OMG....was I nuts? What was I thinking!!! It's embarrassing to watch it with my kids after I told them how hot these guys were. I may never live this one down.
    This show is one of the damn funniest shows ever to come on TV. Suzanne Somers finally got a good sitcom! She changed from dumb blonde to smart housewife. The only problem I have with the show is that Brandon and Mark's puberty look kinda abnormal.
    The idea behind step by step was two very different families coming together and recognizing that they all excelled in different things and all had something to add. But after a few seasons suddenly the gruff Patrick Duffy side began to surpass the Suzanne Somers side. 1 - Dana was the smart one on the fast track to success, but than Cody (Duffys nephew) did better than her on the SATs and went to same college as her. Score one for the Duffies. 2 - Suzanne Somers oldest daughter was supposed to be the pretty one, unfortunately after a few seasons Duffies daughter, the Tomboy hit puberty and turned VERY hot while "the hot one" went down hill very quickly to the point that her appearance on the sow became a rarity.
    I don't know if this would truly fall into the "A Very Special" category since it wasn't hyped as such, but the episode in which perennially bad student J.T. finds out he really has dyslexia (how many times has THAT been used?) would easily qualify as a shark jump. And he ends up being tutored by Cody, no less. Maybe this episode (and the one in which Cody is revealed as smart) belong in a separate category called "I've got a secret" in which we find something out about a character that totally contradicts what we've been led to believe. (Such as when the housekeeper on "Different Strokes" reveals she's epileptic because the episode dealt with that subject, or any show in which a character is outed as gay). I suppose I have a pet peeve about "dyslexia" episodes because it's always the con artist goof-off who is revealed to have it (nobody is simply lazy in a sitcom). Despite all this--God help me--I really like this show, if only for Sasha Mitchell. When he left, everything that made the show interesting left with him.
    Step by Step jumped in the episode when Debbie Gibson made a special guest appearance. As much as I love her, she didn't need to appear on this show.
    This show was always jumping. They always seemed to be trying new things from the very beginning to make the show more appealing. Carol hairdressing studio next to the house disappearing, losing the old lady and her fat friend from the first season. I actually liked Sasha Miller till he was funny and the other kids just could not act so they had to do something. To bad Sasha could not refrain from beating his real life wife and ending up in jail. The show was nothing but fluff but it was better fluff than most other family sitcoms. My favorite part of the show was anytime they showed Angela Watson. She played the pretty dark haired girl on the show. To bad they did not use her more. I will watch a rerun on occasion unless it has that irritating Bronson gut in it.
    Frank's younger son Brendan disappears without a trace when the show moves from ABC to CBS. No No one seems to realize he's missing.
    When Christine Lakin never wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans during the spring 1997 and 1997-1998 seasons. Christine Lakin was one of the hottest-looking young ladies on television during 1997-1998. She would have looked just awesome had she wore a plain white T-shirt and blue jeans during the spring 1997 (last ABC) and 1997-1998 (CBS) seasons. But alas, she never did, and young, red-blooded male viewers like myself (I was in my mid-20s at the time) were deprived of seeing just how beautiful Christine really was while wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, particularly if she would have had a really great suntan (I might point out Christine does wear a *yellow* T-shirt during the opening credits of the ABC episodes). Christine did look great in her blouses and sweaters, so that comes as a nice consolation. I was happy to see Christine's character, Al, grow from rebellious tomboy to awesomely beautiful teen-age dream to budding actress. She ended up being far more beautiful than her two teen-age co-stars Staci Keenan (who was nice-enough looking early in the series) and Angela Watson (also nice-enough looking but resembled Shannen Doherty too much by the end). I sleep better at night knowing Al didn't end up becoming some construction worker for Patrick Duffy's contracting firm.
    Lilly. luck all mediocre series, they thought the birth of a baby would help this sinking ship, boy were they wrong. also, when cody left the series just died.
    Obnoxious teens, Suzanne Somers sucks and Patrick Duffy made an ass of himself in this piece of crap. Old Bobby Ewing simply grabbing the check.
    I immediately stopped watching this disgrace to TV the episode where JT comes home and announces that he is getting his own show on public access called JT's world! Are the writers that stupid, that they didn't think anyone would catch on.
    "Step By Step" jumped the shark when the writers got the boneheaded idea of transforming Mark Foster (Christopher Castile) from a sissy-boy into a he-man. He was supposed to be the blond Steve Urkel, but during the third or fourth season (I forget) he started doing karate, watching porn videos, and smoking cigars. In short, he started acting WAY out of character. It might have worked with another actor, but we're talking Chris Castile here. He's the poster boy for pantywaists.
    This show went down when Cody left. He made Step by Step. They tried replacing him with pale imitations like Flash and Jean Luc. They didn't come close! It also went down when it became all about Dana and Al, my second favorite character, was hardly seen.
    In 1997 Step By Step took a nosedive. So much happened in the span of one summer. Lilly became a 5 year old over night and that dork from Perfect Strangers replaced Cody (Jean Luc was it?) I saw only half the first episode from that season and turned it off in utter disgust. I never watched it again after that. It was no longer the same show. It sucked big time.
    Wonderful fun....excellent characters all different from each other...guess what??? we did NOT need any more. Sorry, LILY, go take a grape juice break and bring Cody back. Bronson Pinchot joins the cast??? SSSTTTOOOOPPP!!!! Music critics say that albums have a few hits and a lot of filler. Well JT and Dana rocked with their constant fighting and criticizing each other, this was hysterical. After a while, everything else was just filler.
    This is another example of those horrible ABC sitcoms that for some reason look dated very quickly when you see them rerun. Think of how embarrassing a rerun of Three's Company is now and how you wonder how was it possible this was actually a #1 show. Same thing with Family Matters, Home Improvement, Mork and Mindy, Perfect Strangers, Full House, Who's The Boss. Then think of the sitcoms CBS and NBC had on at around the same time i.e Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, MASH, Cheers, Golden Girls, Murphy Brown, Seinfeld, even Family Ties, that you can still watch today and not cringe at the pop culture humor, fashions, or everybody hug at the end of the episode crap.
    Step by step was a good show and it was funny but when they had that baby it got worse it was still good but that little girl was annoying. The producers should of dumped her and found another kid play the girl.
    This show purportedly takes place in Wisconsin. OK, fine. Well, this is in regard to the seasons where the show's opening credits have the family at an amusement park. At the end of the theme song the camera shows an aerial view of the amusement park on what is supposed to be the shores of Lake Michigan. Only one problem: This shot has dry, brown, barren, desert-like MOUNTAINS in the background!!! Anyone who has been to Wisconsin will attest that at the most there are small rolling hills. Most of Wisconsin, particularly on the shores of Lake Michigan, is pretty much flat as a pancake containing green, rolling prairieland. Then, in this same shot, you see these waves crashing on the shores in front of this amusement park. On close examination, these "waves" are clearly computer animation. What the producers did was show the Magic Mountain them park in Valencia, California and then added water and waves to make it look like it was on a large lake. Typical lazy, pathetic producing. And I won't even start on the show itself!
    It was one thing when the fat grandmother and her daughter in the hair salon were replaced by the hipper, more '90's Cody... but when they added another child (Lily) and somehow 'lost' their original youngest son (Brendan) this show jumped the shark. Brendan, if you'll recall, was the youngest kid during the first four or five seasons of the show. Then they added a new baby, and, gradually, Brendan's role in the show was reduced to nothing. They even took him out of the opening credits during the final year the show aired! He only makes one small guest appearance that year. This was supposed to be a show about two families trying to blend into one after second marriages.. it turned into a show about family members being 'blended away'. Poor Brendan. And you really have to feel sorry for the actual actor, who probably was only about ten years old when he found out he got fired, while his supposed 'family' went on without him. Oh, and if the producers told him they didn't have enough money to pay for all the kids, why then did they add Dana's boyfriend and that awful French guy and whoever else to the show? Crazy. Reminds me of 'Family Matters', where little Judy Winslow, the third child, was written out of the show, and her picture was suddenly missing from the wall. Same producers for both shows, I think. Do they really think the viewers won't notice?
    This show jumped the shark from day one, and the longer this sappy show was on the more it continued to jump the shark. Suzanne Somers having a baby, and it aging to like three years old in 3 months was a shark jump. Brendan disappearing from the show without an explanation was a shark jump. I can't believe the producers of a show think that the viewers will not notice if one of the characters is missing. They must think the viewers are a bunch of dumbasses! Cody leaving the show was another shark jump. He was stupid, but he did make this pitiful show more interesting. When he left, it became completely unwatchable.
    This show jumped right when Patrick Duffy opened his no talent mouth. Not only did the producers find the most obnoxious actor but they put Suzanne Somers with him. This lethal pair destroyed many of my childhood Friday's night, when it was wedged in between the legendary Family Matters and Dinosaurs.
    i am surprised this wasnt mentioned before but if you remember the episode with jaleel white as the guest star as steve urkel.he landed in the back yard from a jet pack he invented. I think this definitely was jumping the shark
    Step by Step was a good show to watch if you wanted to have a few good laughs and enjoy a regular tv sitcom. But as the cast got older, you knew it was going downhill, and lily also added a lot to that downfall also, with her annoying comments, and her jump from 1 year old to 4 or whatever it was. I personally loved the good old episodes more than anything, and Susan Somers was a treat to watch as she was aging and still looking hotter than ever. And patrick duffy was all around the best actor on the show, he ruled!
    This show had three hot girls....Staci Keenan(dana), Angela Watson(karen), and Christine Lakin("al"). I got really pissed off when the writers made it seem like Karen was the only pretty one there, when they were all hot! Towards the end actually, Al gets to be the hottest of all. Dana gets that sick blonde makeover....And Karen gets these blinding bangs and she's all pail and gross. Karen bounces back to normal for the last few episodes...but Dana keeps that gross blonde thing to the end.
    I watched this show long ago and liked it but the episode where Mark does this girl's homework for her was retarded. She takes off her shirt and he runs out of his room screaming "Mommy!" Idiot.
    In syndication, this show appeared during a time slot in which nothing else was on, so I watched a lot of episodes. During my years as a little kid, I also watched a lot of Nick at Nite. I don't know if anyone else noticed these, but I remember THREE episodes in which the plot was ripped off nearly word-for-word from shows like Happy Days and Brady Bunch (well, duh) and other 60s television shows. I can't remember the other two presently, but the one I remember most of all is when Patrick Duffy's character's father announces he's getting married to a young girl, and the young girl turns out to be a stripper that Patrick Duffy saw. This was the EXACT same situation in Happy Days! He even found out the same way (in both Happy Days and Step by Step, the guy keeps thinking that he's seen the girl somewhere before, and only when she bends over do they realize). Bah! The show probably jumped before, but this was the point I became outrageously annoyed with it
    OK, this show so jumped the shark when Lily *magically* grew over night! I was like, OK, I'm cool with the baby being born (the two families are finally blood connected) but having her be four when the next season came along?! Totally wrong! Another thing...JT's friend/Dana's boyfriend was named Rich Hawking, he was played by Jason Marsden, I think he's a major fox, and, depending on where you live, can currently hear him in the dubbed version of the anime film SPIRITED AWAY as Haku. OK, there's my 2 cents.
    "Step By Step" jumped the shark at the beginning of its sixth season, as Lilly, who had been born at the end of the fourth, was now six years old.
    The show's supposed to take place in Port Washington, Wisconsin, right? Well, Port Washington is a small town on the shore of Lake Michigan in the State of Wisconsin. Check an atlas folks, there is no range of mountains anywhere near Port Washington, but HEY, look at the opening sequence . . . mountains appear in the background, along with a huge amusement park. I grew up in Milwaukee and lived in Port Washington for four years. Believe me, there is no amusement park nearby. I check of any atlas could have told the directors about the lack of mountains. And the worst sin of all . . with a show about a town in Wisconsin there wasn't even a single shot of a Holstein cow!!! For shame ABC.
    SBS was never good, because it was always original. The premise was just like THE BRADY BUNCH. Then they brought in the BILL & TED wannabe. Then they did the "This show stinks. Let's add a baby to the cast" routine. Then they had musical episodes, again like THE BRADY BUNCH, except with a country twang. Then they brought in Pepe Le Pew and made him look like Bronson Pinchot. It's Bickley-Warren at their worst.
    Step by Step was funny the first 5 seasons on ABC. Then it jumped the shark three times. 1. When Mark went from a whiny little dork to a teenage dork with a deeper voice. At least in the early episodes the way Frank's kids would pick on him was funny. 2. Cody was replaced with Balki form Perfect Strangers. 3. The show switched to CBS where it got to the point i could not watch the show anymore because JT's friend Rich was the worst character on the show, and Frank and Carol's little girl got on my last nerves with her whiny little voice. By the way, what happened to Brendan? you know Frank's youngest son in the last season? At least Al looked a lot better and cuter by the end of the show
    ok....some of you (well most of you) didn't like Cody. But Cody was the best part of the show!!! Those little "I got the blues" riffs made my whole day sometimes. Specially the one about the old folks home ("I got the sittin' around gettin' butt burn blues") and the best episode BY FAR was the one where Cody went down to the redneck bar to save "the Danaburger" and busted out his mad karate skills. Wow. I'm getting really exiting thinking about this one now. I miss this show. It got bad when Cody left...or got arrested....or whatever. He lived in the driveway for godsakes! in his Speaking of beautiful- Christine Lakin near the end of that series was a nice thing to look at too
    I always thought to myself, How could these foxes (Suzanne Somers, Staci Keanan, and Angela Watson) with voluptuous bodies and the sexiest asses and these nerds (Patrick Duffy, Christopher Castile, Brandon Call) be put in together? I wouldn't mind having two sexy sisters and one red hotass mama. I'll just shoot the losers away!! I thought it really gone down the crapper when the sexy Dana started dating that pathetic short kid. So what if i don't know his name. What a loser!!! ..and to those who said Dana looks ugly as a blonde...Will you please "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!"
    Why are you people so serious? For goodness sakes, this show simply wasn't MEANT to be anything but fluffy, light-hearted, and corny. Some people (me!) appreciate cornball, cute shows like Step-by-Step that give us a break from the morally and mentally corrupt world we live in. Pardon me for preaching, but nobody today will even watch a show unless it includes some sort of innuendo or sexual images. When it's an innocent, fun show, they accuse it of being "old-fashioned" and "corny." I think everyone needs to get over sex and get back to the basics of life!
    The show jumped the shark when cody left. cody wasnt dead weight some of the kids were. cody really kept that show in balance. it was a good show until he left and carol and frank had a kid who was a baby then the next season she was like a little kid? whats up with that? For one thing this show was pretty good i though. i though it was a cheesy brady bunch spinoff though. i liked cody. he acted like a total stoner. sitting in his van all day long smokin'. that was cool. also that youngest kid brandon or brenden or whatever left. thats wack. but i can see why he left. he was a dead weight cast member. oh yeah one more thing. karen was a total babe. the second oldest kid.
    Step By Step jumped more sharks than Cody rolled doobies, but the show was watchable until the end, just for the hot girls and general weirdness. The coolest thing about the show was how Patrick Duffy's kids actually looked like him, JT grew up to be a virtual double for him. Dana was the hottest girl on TV, she wasn't exceptional when the show started but she became a 10 in the later years. This show has a lot of good points, like how over time, it stopped being a rivalry between the Fosters and the Lamberts and they became more like a family. JT and Dana were the two best characters in how they hated each other when the show started, but later loved and respected each other like brother and sister. Dear God, Suzanne Somers has to be the 2nd hottest TV mom of all time (next to Katey Sagal). I liked how Frank was an everyman while Carol was always headstrong and overprotective, they made a cool couple. With all the good, there comes the bad, the show was preachy and had so much stupid stuff (Cody being a virgin, Dana getting drunk and showing her boobs, JT turning down sex with his hot professor, Dana and Rich hooking up, Mark becoming somewhat cool, Lilly aging rapidly...and so on). Every episode of this show really makes me laugh except until the very end when Cody came back, that was when the show had sunk so far even the Weather Channel was whooping its ass. Its hard to pick a good jumping point for this show, thats finding the biggest grain of sand on the beach, but it would be Bronson Pinchot playing Jean Luc, eww is all i have to say. That came when the show moved to CBS along with Family Matters in their ill-fated attempt to make their own version of TGIF, which would probably be like trying to make a great baseball team by putting Harmon Killebrew, Gaylord Perry, and Hank Aaron on a baseball team at their current ages and thawing out Ted Williams.
    I just realized two things about Step by Step. No.1 the plot of the show was a direct ripoff or remake (whatever you want to call it) of "The Brady Bunch", the only thing between the two shows is the Bradys seemed to always get along with each other with each other with everyone always smiling at each other where as Step by Step, the Foster and Lambert kids wanted to tear each other's eyes out. No. 2 Step by Step and Family Matters are basically the same show. Here are some examples of my point. Frank and Carol got into a whole lot of arguments just like Carl and Harriette and the wives always got the last word. Both shows stuck to the plot in the first few episodes in the first season then the cousin who lives in a van (Cody) or the nerdy kid next door (Urkel) come to the show and steal the show away from it's original plot. The funniest character leaves the two shows (Cody on STS) and here is where you all might disagree with me (Waldo on FM I liked him better than Urkel) and replaces them with the cute little kid (Frank and Carol's youngest child) and (3J, Carl and Harriette's foster child). The youngest child leaves the show (Brendan on STS) and (Judy on FM). And both of the shows went to CBS in their final seasons. Both shows went from very funny comedies their first few seasons into very stupid and unwatchable comedies in their last season. I know Miller and Boyett created both of the shows but did he have to make them basically the same plot?
    I would have given anything to see this show end with Patrick Duffy in the shower: "Honey, i had the craziest dream..."
    Lilly being born the aging quickly, and your right she was annoying. Kind of creepy too. SK's blonde hair was hard at first then it just became her, and she looked hot. When Sasha left it didn't get bad, but it also didn't get better. *** News flash, Sasha was arrested for fending off his wife. She would repeatedly beat the kids. Hence the bruises not the broken bones. If he wanted to beat her, he would have. Besides it was all cleared for him some time after. If he was abusive they wouldn't give him full custody and her few visiting rights while being watched during them.
    I just finished reading all the Step By Step comments.I especially liked the one where the Weather Channel kicked the show's ass the last season. Well,make that the last two.Yes,this show and Family Matters are exactly the same.I like both shows-Step By Step a little more. In my book the Cody character makes it better.He played the under-achieving black belt wearing cousin role to the hilt.I have wondered what happened to Sasha Mitchell. Thanks for clearing that up for me.Oh yes,I say the show jumped when he left.
    Lily pissed the hell out of me. What really irritated me was that she was a baby for about one season, and was about 5-6 years old in the next.
    After Sasha Mitchel(sp) was arrested and thrown off the show and they got some other moron called Flash to replace him for a few episodes...the most memorable being when the whole "gang" went to Disney world for a two part episode in which "Flash" was upset that a russian held the record for riding all the rides at Disneyland and decided(with help from Christopher Castille) that he would break the record and bring the title back home to the USA
    As horribly contrived as "Step By Step" was, I admit I watched it. Sure the plot just reeked of "The Brady Bunch", the writing was terrible as was the acting but it was one of those tv shows that you couldn't help but watch...just like a train wreck. "Step By Step" JTS the moment the kids had grown up, not to mention the birth of Lily which had "ratings booster" written all over her character. Another shark jumper was when the show jumped to CBS, three words...kiss of death.
    When Cody left definitively, he made the show. He was by far the funniest character and sometimes the only reason to watch it.
    I think this show jumped the shark, but not fully. It was gradual. Regardless, I think it was a good, light-hearted comedy. It was well written for a family show. Sure, some of the comebacks were stale after a while, but this show was filled with its funny moments. The problem was that it had the "extremes" of characters, ones you hated or loved. I really enjoyed the characters of Al, Dana (in the later years specifically), J.T., Frank, Cody, Rich, and J.T.'s girlfriend, played by the lovely Alexandra Adi. But I despised Mark, Karen, Carol (Suzanne Somers really annoyed me in this, but I thought Patrick Duffy did a good job), Jean-Luc, and the sister-mother duo from the first season. Overall, though, "Step By Step" was meant to be a family show and I think it was successful in that. It was funny and I have a lot of respect for it.
    This show jumped the shark when Christopher Castile disappeared from parts of the Season 1 intro credits with the theme music, and was replaced by another kid. If you pay attention, you see him 2 times, once holding Suzanne Somers hand, when the name of the show appears across the screen, and another soon after that getting money from her, right before they show her name in the credits.
    The show jumped when J.T. started dressing and acting like the legendary Andrew Dice Clay. Every other word out of his mouth was "Ohhhh!" or "Hot Soup! I'm ova here now!". One Dice in the world is enough.
    The episode where Dana defied her mother and went to some club and got into a jam...somehow Cody appears (with Mom and Dad right behind)...Cody takes out half of the "tough guys" with his martial arts skills...that was probably somewhat believable (if you can believe that all the "tough guys" decide to attack him one at a time)...but then Dad gets into the act...still almost believable...but then, some guy goes to attack the MOTHER, and she executes some kind of judo flip and looks shocked that she did that JUMPS THE SHARK!! I have spoken.
    Ah Step by Step. When did this jump? I'm gonna clear it up for you guys. To the posters above yes Sasha Mitchell (Cody) was arrested for domestic abuse. I recently caught him on an ep. of NYPD blue he is a muscle freak now. There's a jump Cody's arrest. Other jumps were A Very Special.....Marks a videogame addict which there is no such thing as one. Brendan was written off for no reason but it was said he quit I think. Puberty Brendan has a mustache in the sixth grade....well I did too. The birth of Lily. Also I think this went off in 1998. They got rid of Carol's salon in midway of the series that's a jump then they bring it back in the later season that is a jump. They got rid of Carol's mom and her sister who were a crucial part of the storylines about her salon. They never say why they left that's a jump. The last jump was the last episode shortly before they were cancelled. They decided they wanted to move. Moving is a shark jumper. Hell put me down for every category. To those who said Cody was an "urkel" to this show your wrong. If you've watched you'll see that his storylines are even with the family in all his episodes. Step by Step so many steps but never the step we wanted to see that step of the ledge.
    Adding another kid just doesn't cut the cake for a sitcom, and it never will. The birth of Lily wasn't contributive to this show; Cody leaving didn't help matters either.
    A new baby is just a messenger of death for any television show. That, combined with the exit of Cody sent this show over the ramp. Of course there was no choice with Cody since the actor who played him was beating the **** of his wife and split town. But what's the excuse for the baby?
    "Step by Step" started off decently. Two families, completely opposite, coming together as one. Then Cody was added for comic relief. He did a good job at it, wasn't on too much, and the show had a good balance. Then the writers realized they had two shows already that they wrote for: Family Matters and Full House. Running out of ideas, they gave Cody more leeway to be the comic relief and center of attention. Soon, Miller-Boyett pulled out the old "Urkel" move, just like the did on "Family Matters" with you know who and "Full House" with Michelle. Heck, even their "adult comedy" "Mr. Cooper" was given this treatment with Raven (which made the show turn juvenile). Then Cody has problems off screen with his family, and he gets the boot (I think he was in jail for a while) and the writers are scared because they don't know what to do. No need to fear, let's add a baby and an annoying French guy to double team and take Cody's place. For a while they even added "Flash", some remarkable guy who was friends with the kids, though I don't know why he was remarkable. The show jumped, jumped, and jumped some more. The only thing that made this show not jump was the maturation of Christie Lakin (Al)... she got HOT! And Patrick Duffy is never going to find another "Dallas", so why did he think this show was even going to be close?
    Rich was just totally out of character for Dana. Rich is another one of those characters that was only good in small doses. He should have never been made a regular. Plus, while she was dating Rich, Dana chopped off all her pretty hair.
    This show really jumped the show when Cody (played by Sasha Mitchell) left the cast. He was the heart and soul of step by step, which is really sad because it was supposed to be a show about opposite families joined together by marriage. When I was younger I really did look forward to watching this show and Family Matters, then one day both shoes were gone and what came out of CBS was ugly and horrid. They add a little girl with the whitest blond hair I've ever seen. She looked like one of those little kids off of Children on the Corn. *Shivers* Then they add that french guy with the worst accent I've ever heard. He runs around helping Susan Somers do house work? What the hell? Then the oldest daughter starts dating JT's short dark haired friend, another what the hell. And then the youngest kid disappears and no one notices. Same thing with Judy Winslow off of Family Matters. How could the producers find the heart to fire a ten year old boy? I guess no one in America has any heart left. All in all I'm glad it's over and we can finally put the disaster that was TGIF behind us.
    Of course, it just wasn't the same with the exodus of Cody....but a decent show nonetheless...the extreme characterization of the dopey blonde (only in this case brunette: Karen), the feminist, the tom boy, the bad boy, the geek and of course Brendan who served absolutely no purpose but to eventually become mayor of The Land of The Disappearing Characters (other members include Judy from Family Matters and Chuck from Happy days)...just like Brady Bunch the girls were in the kitchen, and the boys wore shirts to bed (who does this?)...still, a classic show of 90s.
    Ok how many bad sitcoms used the storyline where the men had to dress up in pregnant suites to prove to their wives that being pregnant was easy? I've been home sick this week, and the same plot device was used on Step by Step and Full House. Has anyone ever done this in real life? One would expect fake-pregnant men to be a common sight. Along with fake-pregnant belly stores. So on Step by Step JT and Frank could not handle being "pregnant" so they must admit to Dana and Carol that men are the weaker sex. Carol was pregnant at the time. But Dana didn't wear a pregnancy suite at all. Wtf? Dana just sat there like-- haha men are the weaker sex. But she had never been pregnant nor had she worn the pregnant suit. It really bothered me. I would say as soon as any man straps on a fake belly, the shark is probably jumping simultaneously.
    One thing that always irritated the FRICK out of me about Step by Step is that it is supposed to take place in Wisconsin. I don't even think ANYTHING from the opening credits is even from Wisconsin! It's annoying! I have lived around the Port area my whole life and there is NO roller coaster! Stupid people used to come into the local Wal-Mart where I worked asking where the amusement park was....years after the fact!!! To set the record straight, there is no amusement park in or near Port Washington Wisconsin!!!
    The parents on the show are a tad hard to take, and so is that little blonde kid Mark, but the other characters are alright, and when I'm feeling a bit homesick, I'll turn on Step By Step, because I used to find it pretty funny as a kid.
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Originally Posted by tlc38tlc38
It never really "boned" but I didn't like that they left Brendan in the dust and I hate when they age babies WAY too quickly like they did with Lily. Really, this show should have ended with the birth of Lily.
OMG I KNOW. In one of the season 7 episodes, Dana called Lily a six year old kid. WTF? Then wouldn't she have been introduced earlier in the series like season 2? Or did the series just JUMP a few years?
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Lily Foster-Lambert, Nicky Banks, Chrissy Seaver, and Andy Keaton must hold the record for the worst cases of Rapid Aging Syndrome.
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^^^ How many years were them characters aged? I am asking because little Ritchie from Family Matters jumped about three years after the first season was done and so did Boyd from The Last Man Standing.

God bless you always!!!

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Originally Posted by JO Sweet Heart
^^^ How many years were them characters aged? I am asking because little Ritchie from Family Matters jumped about three years after the first season was done and so did Boyd from The Last Man Standing.
About five years, more or less.
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