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Old 06-22-2018, 11:27 AM   #1
Frank Gannucci
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Default Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Poor People of Paris" & "Confusion Italian Style":

Honeymooners Episode Reviews: "Poor People of Paris" & "Confusion Italian Style":

Episode #174 (Syndicated episode #3)
DVD: Attached to "In 25 Words or Less" & "Fools' Ship":
Color Honeymooners Episode Title: "Paris' Poor People"
Lost Episode Title: "Plastered In Paris"
Air Date: 10/8/66

"Poor People of Paris":

The episode opens up with a hotel butler (played by Martin Green) and maids (June Taylor Dancers) and other cleaners are singing: "The Americans Are Coming" in which some of the lyrics are: "they are very rich." Sure. Isn't a coincidence that when a TV family goes to a foreign language-speaking country, they always run into at least one person that speaks their language? I read somewhere that Martin Green in this episode had the very same role in the ’57 version. Only by this time, he suffered a very serious leg injury which required him to have that leg amputated. So, he did this number on a fake leg. The Kramdens & Nortons arrive. Butler: "On behalf of Belle France, we welcome you to Paris." Ralph: "On behalf of Belle Brooklyn, we thank you again." The cleaners and maids leave. Ralph says that this hotel room is not what they are used to because it doesn't have the conveniences they got at home. Ed: "There is no sink in the living room." Ralph: "We have a suite like this for the servants. We have a maid, a butler, a cook, a washer woman, a cleaning woman, a handy man." Butler: "Did you bring all of them with you?" Alice: "Yes, he did and I'm pleased to meet you." The butler leaves. The girls freshen up. A bellboy (played by George Petrie) comes with their luggage and wants to put the entire luggage into the respective bedrooms. Ed brought a scuba tank because he wants to see the sewers of Paris. Ralph & Ed then argue over who's going to have the master bedroom and who is going to have the smaller bedroom. Ed wants to settle the argument democratically by a vote. Ralph: "There are only two of us." Ed: "One of them would be a secret ballot. I thought you would vote for me." Ed offers to flip a coin to see who would get the master bedroom. Ralph calls heads. Ed & Ralph now are arguing over who should get heads or tails. Ed offers to choose odds or evens to see who gets heads. Ralph gets odds. Ed is now upset because Ralph called odds. Ralph said he got odds because of the size of his fist compared to Ed's. Ed wins "Odds or Evens." Ralph goes to flip the coin. Ed chooses tails which proves that Ralph & Ed were wasting their time over playing "Odds or Evens." Ed wins the toss and now he has forgotten over what they flipped the coin for. Ralph said it was to see who got the SMALLER bedroom. Classic bit where Ralph screws Ed. Ed is now all happy because he won the smaller bedroom. The bellboy comes into the living room. Ralph says that since they are going out on the town, they have to change their dollars into francs. The boys go into their bedrooms. The bellboy calls Pierre and identifies himself as Henri. They plan on giving the boys counterfeit money.

Later on, Ralph gets his American dollars ready. The bellboy comes by with two friends that will give them a "great" exchange rate. They both come in as the audience applauds. Pierre is the tall one and Francois is the short one. They are from the "left" bank. Ralph & Ed wish to exchange $900. Ralph wants 10 francs for every dollar that him & Ed have. They don't get their wish because Pierre and Francois will lose their money so they offer him 9 francs for every dollar and throw in the suitcase. Ralph: "It's a deal." Francois says in French (with Henri translating): "It's been a pleasure to give YOU the business." Pierre says good-bye to Ralph and Ed the French way by "kissing" their shoulders. Francois tries to do the same, but can't. Henri and his boys leave. Ralph: "We are rich." They boys tell the wives of their good fortune and they are happy. They all sing: "Buy, buy, buy." I heard when this song was originally shown; there was a big glitch somewhere in the film that took place while Jackie was singing. MPI got rid of that glitch by showing the part where Ralph is singing something else then the audio would like us to believe.

At a French café called La Dome, the dancers are singing: "In Paris." Ralph & Ed order lunch. Ralph continues to badly speak French by saying to the owner that they want the table that is closest to the sidewalk. Ed: "We want something gutter side." They get their wish. Ralph: "Don't you want to aid Franco-American relations?" Ed: "What do I care of what spaghetti company thinks of me?" Ralph calls the waiter "Gargoyle." It is actually Garcon, I think. Ed says he may not speak French like Ralph, but he speaks Greek. He says "Stromberry." Ralph: "Norton, in the month of May, don't come out of the house because that is when they gather nuts." Ralph says he wants to eat before he drinks because he wants to eat on a full stomach. Ed: "Is you do that, then the bars will be closed." Ed wants a banana split. Ralph says that he will embarrass him by eating a banana split, so he asks him to change his order. Typical Ralph. Ed: "But, I want one." Ralph: "All right, embarrass yourself." Ralph calls the waiter and asks for a coup deglaze avec chandelier. Waiter: "All right. TWO banana splits." Ralph just embarrassed himself. A cop comes by and asks them if they want tickets to the Gendarme's Ball that is in four weeks. Ed says that they won't be here by that time and says no. Ralph says they will buy the tickets even though they won't be here because the ticket money is going to be used for charity. How did he know that? Ralph buys 15 of them and the cop and café owner is upset when the money they have gotten from those two is counterfeit. The cops arrest Ralph & Ed and take them to jail.

In jail, Ed imitates James Cagney. Ralph is upset because they speak English and the police don't and no one knows that they are there. Ed suggests that they stay put. Ed notices something written on the wall that says: "Let me out. Count of Monte Crisco." Ralph is sitting on an unmade bed and much to his dismay, Ed tries to make it. Ed irritates Ralph more by singing "Moon River." Ralph is upset at Pierre and Francois and wants to kill them. Ed says he knew they were crooks because he's the President of the Dick Tracy Crime Stoppers." Ralph says that people are coming for Ed with a net. Ed suggests breaking out. He saw Bruce Cabot do it in a motion picture. Ralph says that just because it happened once, it can't happen again. Ed: "Sure, it can. They remade the same picture 10 years later." The crowd claps because almost 10 years prior, the original Honeymooners sketches were made. Bruce Cabot and Primo Cabera are in jail and Primo's character acts like he's sick. The prison guard walks in and Bruce clobbers him while he's checking on Primo. Ralph & Ed try to do the same thing but Ed can't bring himself to hit the guard and when he does, he misses and hits Ralph. The girls come in. They are arrested for giving counterfeit money too. Trixie: "I have never been so humiliated. Being picked up like… I don't know who I am." She cries. This is the first time I have seen Jean Kean cry. Alice is fed up this time. They sing: "So Upset." After that, Myron Gregory from the American Embassy comes in and tells them that he's told everything to the proper authorities informs them that they are free to leave (when Alice was arrested, she called the embassy.) The Nortons leave. But Alice & Ralph stay for a while and Ralph literally sings the praises of Alice. Alice hugs him and forgives him.

The next day, at the La Dome, the Kramdens & Nortons are having some champagne. They want to enjoy their last day in Paris. Ralph & Ed then see Pierre and Francois come by with the suitcase full of phony money and nab them. They see a cop and Pierre claims that he will confess everything. Ralph, being that he doesn't know French and the cop doesn't know English, allows him too. Francois then lies to the cop about Ralph & Ed being counterfeiters and the cop puts Ralph & Ed in jail.

At the curtain call, Jackie claims that he had a slight sore throat when he was doing this episode and says for the first time in these episodes that the Miami Beach crowds are the best. He thanks the writers of the show and the songs. He then introduces some of the cast and says good night.

Episode #175 (Syndicated episode #4)
DVD: Attached to "Curse of The Kramdens" & "You're In The Picture"
Color Honeymooners Episode Title: "Confusion, Italian Style"
Lost Episode Title: "When In Rome"
Air Date: 10/15/66

"Confusion, Italian Style":

It should be noted that when Youtoo America TV showed these episodes, they and/or the company that syndicated them edit out I think four minutes from each episode except for this one. Not only that, but when this episode is shown on TV, it is shown with the ORIGINAL opening. Why only this episode got this special treatment is a mystery.

In Rome, a bunch of people (June Taylor Dancers) sing "You Got to Do as The Romans do". The Italian representative of the Flakey Wakey Company is waiting for the Kramdens & Nortons to arrive. They arrive in a rented convertible that they claim is small. I wonder how hard it was to get that car on stage. The Kramdens & Nortons have a bunch of bags and they are squished like sardines in a can. Ralph claims that when he saw the car, he thought it was a cigarette lighter. The representative checks for their reservations at the Hotel Excelsior. They try to get out of their car. Ralph can't because he's stuck (due to the fact that he was the driver and he's so fat). Ed suggests taking out the floorboards if Ralph doesn't mind walking around with the remnants of the car for the rest of his life. Trixie says if he managed to get in there, how come he can't get out. Alice: "It's a hot day Trix. Do you know what happens to dough when it is in the oven?" Alice blames Ralph because Ralph was so cheap that he had to buy this car. Ed tries to shake the car so Ralph can get loose but to no avail. Ed would like it better if Ralph got out to shake it. Ralph then asks Ed to put his ear next to the radiator in front of the car. Ed does and Ralph blares the horn in his ear shocking him. Trixie doesn't even scold Ralph for doing that to Ed. Ralph did that so Ed wouldn't have to hear himself (Ed) talking. Ed & the girls shake the car but Ralph complains of sea sickness. Ed then buys something in a store. Trixie then says if Ed drove, he wouldn't be in this fix. Alice says that it is not Ralph's fault because Ed was supposed to drive, but when Ralph was in the backseat the front of the car went up in the air. Question: Why couldn't Ralph just sit in the front passenger seat then? Ed comes out with Olive Oil. He claims that he used it on a guy who was stuck in the manhole and the olive oil set hi loose. Ed pours the Olive Oil on Ralph's lap. Ralph is upset. He gets out and it is revealed that the Olive Oil worked. Plus, if you look carefully, I don't think Jackie's lap wasn't really wet and for good reason too and I don't think I have to tell you why. Ralph & Ed then move the car to a garage. Ralph steers from the outside while Ed pushes. They leave and the girls run into a young little boy who just happens to speak English. The boy offers them postcards of Rome. The little boy than looks at Alice and says that she is so pretty. Alice is flattered. Boy: "You call me Tony lady. You are so pretty." Alice: "And you are such a flirt." The boys come back and claimed they found a parking place as they walk up the stairs of the Hotel Excelsior. Tony then asks Alice if he can give her a shopping spree of Europe because he's a classy guy and he can show her where to get real bargains. Alice loves the idea especially when he charges her nothing. They both sing and dance to a song that I think is called "You Will Always Be My Friend." During the song, the studio lights turn off to give the impression that is nighttime but then they get turned on again to show daylight. That was weird. I think that was one lucky boy to be dancing with Shelia. After the song, he kisses her and she responds by hugging him. They plan to meet each other at 10am outside of the hotel. Tony leaves. Trixie comes out with the news that Olive Oil is needed because Ralph is stuck in the elevator.

I should point out that in 2005; I got an e-mail from a guy who claimed to play the Tony (Jomar Cidoni) in this episode. He wondered where he can get this episode on DVD and what channel these episodes were shown on. I told him the fact that at the time, these episodes weren't available on DVD but, at the time, shown on Youtoo TV. I also read that the actor that played Tony had to get his haircut at Gleason's request because Gleason didn't like his hair.

At the Kramdens hotel room, a delivery boy has a rose with a note from Tony (Alice's Italian "boyfriend"). In the note, Tony claims that Alice (the person he calls "lovely lady.") has stolen his heart even though they met two days ago. Tony is planning on taking Alice shopping again and seeing her at the festival tonight. Alice claims that she fell in love with her schoolteacher and asks Trixie did she ever fall in love with an older man. Trixie says she did. Trixie fell in love with a doctor and wound up marrying on his patients. The boys aren't going to the festival tonight because they are going to see the wrestling matches. Trixie leaves. The phone rings and its Tony. Ralph comes out and overhears Alice talking with him. He listens to her saying that if she doesn't have any money, she will use Ralph's money which causes Ralph to misinterpret the words. He also hears Alice saying to Tony that she loves the flowers and loves him and calling him the sweetest boy she ever met. Ralph is thinking that Alice is cheating on him but doesn't let on. Alice: "In the meantime, Arrivederci." Alice goes into the other room. Ed enters. He just went sight-seeing and asks Ralph not to see the Roman Coliseum because the whole place is falling apart. Ralph tells Ed that Alice is cheating on him. He shows him the love letter and flowers and reads the letter to him. Ed: "It could be a business letter." Ralph: "It's a business letter all right. Monkey business." Ed thinks the letter could be for Trixie but when he reads lovely lady, he thinks it is for Alice. Ralph says to Ed all the things that he claims he heard Alice say on the phone. Ed: "Jumping the gun again. All you are dealing with are cold hard facts." Ralph is hoping he can stop this in time. Ed: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't grow moss on a stone." What? Ralph says that when he finds the guy, he will kill them. Ralph has clues. He knows his name. His name: Harry Vaderci (arrivederci). Ralph says that when he finds the guy it will be good-bye Harry Vaderci.

Later on, Ralph is having trouble finding his name in the phone book. Ralph is still upset. Ed says that she won't run away with him because she's in love with him but rather she's sick and tired of Ralph. Ed: "Alice and this guy are like two ships passing in the night and in two or three weeks, she will be coming back to the old tub." Ralph talks about these Roman Romeos and talks about Mrs. Murphy's affair with the ice man. Ed remembers when a girl was in love with him and he wanted to get rid of her. Then he went away for a little while and she forgot about him. His time away? Ten minutes. Either that girl must have had a very bad memory and/or was heartless. Alice enters the room and says she is going to the beauty parlor to make herself beautiful for her great big lover boy. Ralph: "Ha-ha." Ralph says that they are leaving. Alice is having none of it. Ralph says that he wants to go to Greece. Alice agrees…he can go to Greece while she stays in Italy for a few days and will meet up with Ralph. Alice wants to go to Italy and wants a reason on why she can't stay. Ralph: "I will give you a reason. HARRY VADERCI." Alice: "All right. Good-bye." Ralph can't believe. Ralph can't go the matches. He will go to the festival tonight to see if Alice is cheating on him and when he sees him, he will kill him. They both sing and dance to a song called "That's When You Are Glad You Are Married."

At the festival called the "Festa L' Uva", a bunch of dancers dance to an Italian song. Ralph and Ed arrive in disguise so they will look Italian. They look ridiculous. Ralph doesn't like spying on Alice and he hates this idea with every second. Ralph: "I woke up yesterday, sitting on top of the world. Now my world has collapsed." Ed: "With you sitting on top, no wonder." They see the girls without Tony and they plan to stay there until the guy shows up. They go somewhere. The girls see them and recognize them. Alice thinks that they said they were going to wrestling matches so they can come to the festival in disguise and surprise them. The girls then plan to pretend that they think that they are strangers and flirt with them. The amazing thing is that Ralph & Ed are only a few feet away and supposedly can't hear them. They call the boys over and they introduce themselves an Antonio (Ed) and Luigi (Ralph). Alice: "Our husbands are at the wrestling matches but don't talk about them with two cut boys like you around." Ralph claims he has more evidence. Alice: "What the old boys won't know won't hurt them." Trixie calls "Antonio" cute and loves his nose. Ed: "You like the nose? It comes with the glasses." Ralph is even more upset since Ed said that. "Antonio" then asks the girls if they go out when their husbands are at their Raccoon Lodge meetings. What's strange is that Ralph didn't get mad at Ed for saying that. Alice: "Those nights, we go out while our husbands come home at 1 or 2am." Ralph: "From now on, they come home at 9pm." The girls ask them to spend the night with them. The girls go to the powder room. Alice: "After we comeback, I want to go to a place where our husbands can't find us." Ralph: "I know a place. Up on the moon." The girls leave as Ralph claims that he has more evidence to his thoughts and calls Alice fickle. Ed suggests that they trade costumes while the girls powder themselves because this way, he won't have to dance with Trixie all night. They leave.

All of them are in the Kramdens hotel room. Ralph tells Alice to admit that they didn't know that it was them and they were flirting with them. Alice & Trixie tell the truth. Ralph says Alice went to the festival to meet the man that he claims that she is in love with. Ralph says that he knows that Alice was given flowers by her lover and shows her the love letter. Alice & Trixie laugh. The phone rings. Alice answers it. It's Tony. Alice asks for Tony to come on up to their hotel room. Alice says that it was the guy who sent him the flowers and note. Ralph is now madder than ever. Alice probably decides to have fun with Ralph and says that she loves her new "boyfriend." Alice: "You got to let me go Ralph. My place is with him." Ralph: "Oh, I want him to come up here." A knock on the door is heard. Ralph opens it. It's Tony. Ralph: "Get out of the way kid. There is going to be a massacre and I don't want you to get hurt." Alice introduces him as Tony and says that he is the person who sent her all the flowers and the note. Alice: "Tony was the person who was supposed to meet at the festival last night." Ralph: "What about Harry Vaderci?" Alice says the "name" that Ralph said was Italian for good-bye. Tony said that he couldn't see Alice at the festival last night was because his mom wouldn't let him out and he brought her some more flowers. Ralph is happy to know that Alice wasn't seeing another guy behind his back. Trixie offers to take Tony for some ice cream. Ed comes along. Alice is upset that Ralph went into another one of his jealousy rages. Ralph apologizes for embarrassing Alice but he does it because he loves her. Alice sings part of "You Will Always Be My Friend" to Ralph but replaces "friend" with "love." Ralph: "Bambino, you are the greatest." They hug and kiss.

At the curtain call, Jackie says: "Good Night!"

This is one of the few times, a kid is cast as a character on a Honeymooners show and even though he had two very small parts, it might be somewhat surprising to some people that Jackie allowed a kid to be a character in a Honeymooners episode since he never liked working with them because he was always afraid they would not perform on cue (he may have been even more receptive to having kids on his shows when they were performed live even though there were a few lost episodes that had kids starring as one of the characters). I like seeing an episode with a kid in it since those kind of scenes that have a kid perform were a good change of pace for these Honeymooners episodes (especially if the kid doesn't mess up their lines.)

Credit I think goes to (the original) Bill's 'Mooners Archives,,, Honeymooners Lost Episodes Book,,, Honeymooners Box Set booklet Honeymooners Lost Episodes DVD booklet,, Yahoo Group You're A Riot! &
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