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Default 48 Hour Marathon on TV Land December 6 and 7!

A last minute change for Dec 6 and 7 -- a Family Ties weekend marathon!!

Saturday, December 6 and Sunday, December 7, TV Land presents a "Family Ties" 48-Hour Marathon! Tune in to see Alex and the rest of the Keatons in family friendly programming. Starts Saturday at 6 a.m. and ends at 6 a.m. early Monday morning!

This will be a sneak peek, as Family Ties joins the TV Land line-up in January! Details on that will follow (and the rest of the January schedule, as well)!

Saturday, December 6
6:00AM 001 - Pilot The smitten Alex is thrilled at the thought of escorting pretty, budding socialite Kimberly Blanton to her country club's dance, but Steven and Elyse are appalled that their son would set foot in a restricted club and agonize over whether to impose their values on him. On the night of the dance, Steven shows up at the Carleton Country Club in an effort to persuade the horrified Alex to come home. Later, when father and son air their feelings at home, each is able to understand, if not accept, the other's point of view.
6:30AM 002 - Elyse D'Arc In her zeal for good causes Elyse devotes so much energy to committee work that a neglected Steven feels short-changed. Ecstatic to have won an award for his public television documentary, Steven arrives home eager to celebrate, but every effort is foiled by Elyse's obligations to her various projects. Finally the over-extended wife-mother-architect-committee volunteer begins to realize she's neglecting her most important commitment. .
7:00AM 003 - I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend Peer pressure to shun the opposite sex causes 9-year old Jennifer to give up her good friendship with Justin Perkins, but thanks to he mother Elyse, the kids come together at a jitterbugging "Nifty Fifties" birthday party.
7:30AM 004 - Not With My Sister You Don't A little weary of leaving the kids alone for the first time, Steven and Elyse finally depart for a weekend with their friends, the Davises. While the romantic holiday turns into a marathon sports competition instigated by Ron Davis and resented by Elyse, there's trouble brewing on the home front. Teenage brother and sister clash when Alex assumes the attitude of an overprotective father and lectures Mallory for leaving home late with her date, Eric Morrison. However, when Eric arrives at the Keaton doorstep with flowers, it's clear Alex ahs jumped to the wrong conclusion. He must now restore peace and tranquility by the time his parents return home.
8:00AM 005 - Oops Unable to face her own mother, Mallory's pregnant friend Cindy to discuss her condition with Elyse, who lends a sympathetic ear and then to her daughter's dismay, advises the girl to go home and be forthright and honest with her mother. When the overly strict Mrs. Sullivan can't cope with her daughter's revelation, Cindy runs away and finally turns up on the Keaton doorstep again. There, an emotional mother-daughter confrontation leads to a better understanding.
8:30AM 006 - Have Gun, Will Unravel The Keatons are burglarized, and a terrified Steven and Elyse wrestle with the previously unthinkable notion of buying a gun for protection. After a reluctant trip to the sporting goods store, they emerge with a weapon they hope to put out of sight forever. That evening though, a bump in the night and the sound of breaking glass force them to face the threat - one way or another.
9:00AM 007 - Summer of '82 When Alex delivers groceries to pretty college senior Stephanie Brooks, there's an immediate intellectual and physical attraction between them. Later, Stephanie phones and invites Alex to an economics lecture. Seduced by an "older woman" of 21, the hitherto inexperienced Alex is devastated to learn that just when he begins to fantasize about marriage, she thinks of their relationship as casual.
9:30AM 008 - I Never Killed For My Father Sensitive, liberal Steven and his macho, conservative father, Jake, clash as usual during the elder's annual visit - until Jake's startling news leads to a first effort to bridge the gap. Intent on going hunting with his grandson, Alex, the vigorous outdoorsman apparently shares many more interests and attitudes with Alex than with Steven. Yet, the undemonstrative Jake and Steven finally recognize that this could represent a last chance to come to terms with their relationship.
10:00AM 009 - No Nukes Is Good Nukes To the dismay of the Keaton children and their equally conservative grandparents. Steven and Elyse take time out Thanksgiving Day to attend an anti-nuke rally - and wind up spending the holiday in jail. When the couple end up behind bars after clashing with police, other cellmates agree to sign a statement that they will never again participate in a nuclear arms protest but the Keatons stick steadfastly to their principles. However, that doesn't stop the Keaton kids and their grandparents; they decide to take Thanksgiving dinner to their loved ones behind bars.
10:30AM 010 - Suzanne Takes You Down Soon after freelance architect Elyse Keaton hires her friend Suzanne Davis to handle clerical chores, she wants to fire the under-qualified, overly aggressive secretary, but Suzanne's marriage breaks up, making the new job her only salvation.
11:00AM 011 - Death of a Grocer Though Alex loves working at kindly Mr. Adler's "Mom and Pop" grocery store, to the old man's dismay he quits to "climb the corporate ladder" at an ultramodern supermarket.
11:30AM 012 - Give Uncle Arthur a Kiss Mallory is horrified and confused when a close family friend and older business associate o her father, Steven, makes a pass at her. Arthur Cantrell has been a good friend of the Keatons since the kids were toddlers. Steven has even written an on-air tribute to his admired colleague. However, Cantrell's mid-life crisis goes beyond his career, and there's no mistaking his moves toward Mallory at the station's fundraiser. When the embarrassed teenager reveals the situation, her parents must confront their friend and urge him to seek professional help.
12:00PM 013 - Big Brother Is Watching As the new editor of his school paper, Alex uncovers a cheating scandal and to everyone's chagrin prints a list of students who were caught - including his sister Mallory.
12:30PM 014 - A Christmas Story When a blizzard forces the Keatons to spend Christmas at home, Elyse's gift to Steven - an album filled with fascinating old photos - sparks flashbacks to the births of their three children.
1:00PM 015 - Sherry Baby When popular sorority girl Sherry Marshall befriends Mallory to get close to Alex, Mallory brings them together in hopes of joining Pi Nu - but her plan backfires. Eager to join the sorority, Mallory persuades Alex to escort Sherry to the Pi Nu dance. She even agrees to his condition that she attend the dance with the adoring, nerdy, Skippy Handelman
1:30PM 018 - Margin of Error Alex amasses a bundle by playing the stock market on paper for his economics class, and courts disaster by secretly investing his father's money. However, when a typhoon causes the stock of his choice to plummet, Alex must scramble to get out of a gigantic jam.
2:00PM 019 - French Lessons Mallory's handsome but shy French tutor, Jeff, finally musters up the nerve to ask her out and then courts disaster by enlisting Alex's advice on how to behave on the date Inexperienced at dating, Jeff seeks advice from the supremely chauvinistic Alex and even persuades him to show up at the scene, to coach him from the sidelines. Appalled by Jeff's behavior, Mallory runs out on him, and the shy teenager must find a way to win her back in his own manner.
2:30PM 020 - I Gotta Be Ming As Big Brother to a 10-year old Vietnamese boy, Alex tries to mold Ming into his own image, and he learns an unforgettable lesson when he breaks a promise to an adoring child. While the child would rather play baseball, than study economics, he wants to please his Big Brother more than anything. But it's more to bear when Alex schedules a meeting of the Young Entrepreneur's Club on the day of the Big Brother-Little Brother Circus performance.
3:00PM 021 - Stage Fright While gearing up to face the TV cameras as captain of his high school's team on "Quiz-Em," Alex panics at first when a teammate drops out - and then launches a tutoring program a la Eliza Doolittle for his sister Mallory. But Alex's behavior on the show is the biggest surprise
3:30PM 022 - The Fifth Wheel Alex gets stuck babysitting for his little sister, Jennifer, who is fed up with feeling in the way at his poker game and decides to disappear. Though it's Mallory's turn to take care of Jennifer, she strikes a deal with Alex to assume the duty so she can go out with Jeff. Already feeling glum about being a burden on her siblings, Jennifer agrees to go out with Alex to his friend's apartment for a poker game in hope the guys will let her play. They refuse and become so preoccupied with the game that no one notices when the sad little girl takes a walk. Frantic, Alex and Mallory quickly learn not to take their little sister for granted.
4:00PM 023 - Tender Is The Night When pretty Carrie Newman and her mother Julia come to visit the Keatons, Carrie's forward behavior sends Alex into a panic. Believing she needs a firmer hand than her worldly mother is willing to give. Alex gets up the courage to ask her out. But when the highlights of their date turn out to be bingo and a stop at the "Have a Nice Day" café, Alex oversteps his bounds so Carrie takes steps of her own.
4:30PM 024 - To Snatch a Keith Steven and Elyse realize how lucky they are when their friends come over for a visit, but are unaware that it will be for the last time. Divorced "Sunday father" Richard Bailey and his son, Keith, come to the Keatons before taking off on a secret flight of their own. It seems Keith's mother is moving to California with her new husband and plans on taking her son with them. When a satisfactory visiting arrangement can't be reached, Richard decides its time to make a move and it's up to Steven to put a stop to their travel plans.
5:00PM 026 - The Harder They Fall Alex anxiously await a crucial college recommendation from his English teacher and urges Steven and Elyse to butter Mr. Tedesco up on parents' night at school - but the obnoxious Tedesco is so insulting that Elyse slugs him, and a horrified Alex entreats Steven to make amends. Steven visits him and after being subjected to disparaging remarks about his wife, winds up repeating her deed. Finally Tedesco, who does recognize Alex's intellect, accepts an invitation to the Keaton home where he alienates everyone again. Alex must decide whether a glowing recommendation from an influential but disgusting man is worth groveling for.
5:30PM 027 - The Homecoming When Mallory's boyfriend Jeff arrives home from college and wants to go steady, she's elated, but it's soon apparent that he's a little awed by school and merely grasping at the familiar - and she must decide whether to "let go" and accept the change in their relationship.
6:00PM 028 - Batter Up Steven and Elyse worry that the coach of Jennifer's softball team is pushing the girls too hard - when Jennifer fails to jog all the way home he orders her to do 20 extra pushups. Alex takes his coaching seriously - and his players are leaving in droves. Two days before the championship game they don't have enough players to qualify as a team - unless Alex can convince Jennifer to persuade Skippy's klutzy sister Arlene to join the team. Arlene is happier making dresses, but desperately wants Jennifer's friendship and agrees to play ball - with some disastrous consequences.
6:30PM 029 - Not An Affair To Remember Steven's assistant at the stations bright, talented, funny, witty…and in love with him. And it looks like Steven may be returning her affections.
7:00PM 016 - The Fugitive Part I Elyse's younger brother, Ned, a go-getting corporate executive who is Alex's idol, pays a surprise visit and puzzles everyone with his cloak-and-dagger behavior. Several mysterious phone calls, replete with code words, arouse the family suspicions. Finally, and FBI agent turns up at the Keatons doorstep with astounding news - after Ned's quick exit.
7:30PM 017 - The Fugitive Part II With the FBI hot on Ned's heels for embezzling $4-1/2 million in corporate funds, Elyse's ethical brother - and Alex's idol - tells the family why and where he hid the money and flees with Alex, leaving Steven and Elyse in a quandary. Ned explains that to stop a merger that would result in the firing of 1800 people, he hid a portfolio of corporate records and assets in a company's computer. Alex is shattered by his idol's rejection of the business world but agrees to drive Ned to the airport, where they're spotted by FBI agent Carlyle. After a wild and crazy charade, Ned flees again and winds up back at the Keatons' where Carlyle and Ned's boss await him.
8:00PM 039 - Say Uncle Alex discovers that his idol, young Uncle Ned, has a serious drinking problem when the bright, but ill-fated corporate whiz kid returns for a visit after losing another job. Elyse's younger brother hasn't had a decent job in ages, and when Steven sets him up for an interview with his boss at the TV station, Ned starts celebrating immediately with a few beers. While cramming for an exam late one night, Alex finds his uncle imbibing at the kitchen table. The next day an intoxicated Ned shows up at the station for a disastrous job interview and then must face his family - and the truth.
8:30PM 036 - Go Tigers Alex is both amazed and furious when a critical admissions interview at Princeton University is shattered by his hysterical sister Mallory, who feels her anger over discovering her boyfriend kissing another girl is more important than his college education. Alex is overjoyed at going to Princeton for the interview, but not too keen about taking his sister along so she can visit her boyfriend Jeff at the university. He drops Mallory off at Jeff'' and heads for his important interview, only to be humiliated when he has to leave the meeting to comfort his weepy sister.
9:00PM 025 - Speed Trap Alex takes diet pills for a lift during midterms, his dependency level increases daily Alex is studying for several tests and convinces Mallory to obtain diet pills to help him stay awake. As his hyperness and irritability increase, so does his dependency on the pills. When he finally gets so desperate that he threatens Mallory to get more drugs, she becomes worried for his life.
10:00PM 077 - Mr. Wrong Mallory brings home her new boyfriend, Nick - a Rambo-type environmental artist - to meet her family, but Steven and Elyse are shocked by his crude appearance and gruff manner.
10:30PM 078 - The Real Thing, Part I Alex implements a fall-proof, and extremely unromantic, method of meeting the girl of his dreams: he picks her from pictures in the freshman directory. His selection, Tricia, seems to fit his requirements perfectly, but his plan goes off-track when he is strongly attracted to her roommate, Ellen. Ellen and Alex dislike each other instantly, and though he can't figure out why, he finds himself thinking about her constantly.
11:00PM 079 - The Real Thing, Part II Alex realizes he must make Ellen aware of his feelings, but she is on a train on her way to marry another man, so he takes drastic measures to stop the wedding. The usually cool Alex decides he must let down his defenses or lose the girl he loves.
11:30PM 081 - It's My Party Part I In her quest to become one of the popular kids, Jennifer invites her trendy classmates to her thirteenth birthday party. When they become bored and begin grumbling at her "lame" party (which includes a traditional puppet show by her father), Jennifer takes drastic action. With Mallory's guidance, she becomes a "valley girl," who then deserts her own party.
12:00AM 082 - It's My Party Part II In her quest to become one of the popular kids, Jennifer invites her trendy classmates to her thirteenth birthday party. When they become bored and begin grumbling at her "lame" party (which includes a traditional puppet show by her father), Jennifer takes drastic action. With Mallory's guidance, she becomes a "valley girl," who then deserts her own party. Yet it's only a matter of time before Jennifer realizes she isn't having any fun and she rebels against her new friends.
12:30AM 030 - Working At It When Elyse lands a job with a top architectural firm, the load begins to get to her - at work and at home. Elyse feels need to expand her horizons. She lands a job at one of the major architectural firms in the city. But twelve years of not working in an office have put her behind the times. When she becomes over-worked, she starts to neglect her family and the major presentation to the president of the company is jeopardized.
1:00AM 031 - Sweet Lorraine While working as a DJ at the school radio station, Alex strikes up a telephone friendship with caller Lorraine Ferrar, who shares his love of swing music, and he and the attractive 40-year old meet and develop a special relationship. Drawn to Lorraine's sexy voice and love of swing music. Alex invites her to a Big Band concert. On arriving at her home for the date, he's shocked to find that she's an older woman and the mother of one of his sister's classmates. But they develop a platonic relationship, enjoying each other'' company and discovering a wide range of shared interests. When Alex and Lorraine continue to "date," Steven and Elyse try to accept it but eventually ask her to stop seeing their son.
1:30AM 032 - This Year's Model After Mallory secretly submits a picture of Elyse and herself to an ad agency for a mother-daughter modeling contest, she's ecstatic to have won - but dismayed and jealous when the reluctant Elyse becomes the star model. Mallory is thrilled at the prospect of entering the glamorous world of modeling, but Elyse must be coaxed into participating. At the photo session, Elyse is showered with attention, while Mallory is shunted to the sidelines. To the chagrin of the teenager, her mother who is becoming seduced by the glamour, is offered a TV commercial for TV dinners - to be filmed in the Keaton home. The filming ensues, but Mallory is determined to create a few stumbling blocks.
2:00AM 033 - Birthday Boy On his 18th birthday, Alex defies his mother and goes off with some of his buddies to celebrate at an out-of-town nightclub, and to his dismay, the irate Elyse shows up and confronts him. With her husband Steven out of town, Elyse and the girls plan to take Alex out to dinner on his birthday. However, his friend Neil proposes a livelier celebration befitting a boy just entering adulthood, so Alex immediately scraps the family plans. When Elyse forbids him to go out on the town with the boys. Alex resents being treated like a child and takes off. He's having a grand time with his pals and several enraptured girls at the Camelot Inn when Elyse shows up to take him home.
2:30AM 034 - Diary of a Young Girl In the hospital awaiting a tonsillectomy, Jennifer fears she may never see her family again and, while writing in her diary, she flashes back to regrettable incidents with each family member. Jennifer conjures up memories of the time she deliberately ruined Mallory's date with a boy, and also recalls an incident when her stubborn refusal to rehearse a play with Alex caused him to lose out on the lead.
3:00AM 035 - Anniversary Waltz While plans are in full swing for the Keatons 20th anniversary party, Steven and Elyse are fighting and it looks like they may not make it that far. Elyse wants to have a big party to celebrate the Keaton's 20th anniversary and Steven reluctantly agrees. Steven's enthusiasm for the affair diminishes even further a Elyse's guest list expands and when the domestic problems begin to stack up, the happy couple are at each other's throats…until the kids decide they'd better do something if they want their parents to stay together.
3:30AM 038 - 'M' Is For The Many Things Elyse is shocked by her soon-to-be-divorced mother's quick and free-spirited plunge into the singles world, and sparks fly between the two women when Elyse can't help but interfere. Kate Donnelly is enjoying herself with a regular suitor, but her daughter Elyse is still hopeful that her parents will reconcile and can't keep from meddling. She worries about Kate's ability to handle herself in today's singles world and even waits up for her after her date with the family dentist. When Kate doesn't come home that night, mother and daughter "have it out."
4:00AM 041 - Ready Or Not Mallory turns to Alex for some advice when she begins to fear she'll lose her new boyfriend unless she agrees to his pleas for a more "adult" romance.
4:30AM 042 - Lady Sings the Blues Excited at the prospect of reviving her folk-singing career at a local nightclub, Elyse faces the skepticism of Alex and Mallory and an audience unattuned to the songs of the sixties. Though Elyse hasn't performed on stage since college days, friends of the Keatons are impressed when she pulls out the old guitar and sings such folk classics as "Turn, Turn, Turn," "The Times They Are a Changing'" and "If I Had a Hammer." They encourage her to audition at a small neighborhood club, and Elyse joins the Top Spot's slate of performers - to eye opening results.
5:00AM 043 - Double Date Alex courts disaster when he invites two dates to the senior prom and devises an elaborate scheme for escorting each of the unknowing girls on a night to remember. Prom chairman Alex is all set to attend the big event with an ecstatic Rachael Miller, when he finds that his heartthrob, Jocelyn Clark, has just broken up with her boyfriend. While consoling her, Alex invites her to be his date - and finds himself in a major jam. With Skippy's help he tries to juggle both girls, until the truth comes crashing down
5:30AM 044 - The Graduate Alex is so sure that he will be named valedictorian of his class that he can't cope with the thought of being defeated by a girl - especially his girl - so his budding romance with Rachael is threatened when she wins the honor. The dismayed and shattered Alex, who even memorized his valedictory speech, feels cheated out of an honor he felt was his destiny all through high school - and he proceeds to sabotage his relationship with Rachael.

Sunday, December 7
6:00AM 045 - Baby Boy Doe When Alex's pal Skippy accidentally discovers he's adopted, Alex helps him cope with the shocking news and accompanies the nervous teenager on a memorable meeting with his real mother.
6:30AM 046 - The Gambler Elyse is stricken with gambling fever on a business trip to Atlantic City, and while on a roll with Alex's "foolproof" blackjack system, she's oblivious to her family and job.
7:00AM 047 - Here We Go Again The news that their mother is pregnant sends the three Keaton kids into an angry outburst resulting in a family battle. The children react with panic and outrage a t the thought of having a bay around, and the Keaton household is in turmoil while Elyse tries to make them see the brighter side of the situation.
7:30AM 048 - Fabric Smarts Mallory's enthusiasm for her part-time job at a boutique causes her school grades to slip even lower than usual and Steven and Elyse agree that she must quit work, but Alex comes up with a proposal that could resolve the situation. Alex has h9is own reasons for wanting Mallory to keep her job - it keeps her away from the house - so he initiates a plan that will allow her to work and improve her grades at the same time
8:00AM 050 - Little Man on Campus Alex is thrilled to be taking a college course taught a college taught by one of his personal heroes, Professor Ephrain Bronski, but in his eagerness to impress the teacher he gets off to a bad start and is humiliated by his idol when he fails the first class assignment. Alex cannot believe that the brilliant paper he turned in received an "F" and tuns to his sister Mallory for advice on how to cope with failure.
8:30AM 051 - Best Man When his best friend, Doug, meets and falls in love with Eleanor, and decides to marry her, Alex resents the fact that someone has come between their friendship and refuses to be in the wedding. Alex cannot accept that he and everyone around him are growing up, and desperately clings to his old ways.
9:00AM 052 - Keaton 'N Son Alex reluctantly accepts a part-time job with his father at the non-profit station, and his dad is bursting with pride to have him following in his footsteps, but Alex feels his talents are being wasted. Steven is excited to have Alex working with him and begins planning their future together, but Alex tries to convince his dad that he has different.
9:30AM 053 - Don't Kiss Me, I'm Only the Messenger Alex plays cupid to help his shy pal Skippy get together with Jane, the girl of his dreams, but his good intentions go awry when the girl falls for him instead. When Skippy and Mallory find Alex locked in a passionate embrace with Jane, Skippy accuses him of stealing his girl.
10:00AM 054 - Love Thy Neighbor Little Jennifer is thrilled about a visit from Scott, a former neighborhood pal she hasn't seen in five years, but her happiness at the reunion is shattered when he ignores her in favor of her older sister, Mallory. To win Scott's attention, Jennifer dresses up in a flirtatious outfit and goes to the restaurant where he is having dinner with Mallory.
10:30AM 055 - Hotline Fever Alex is teamed up with long-time rival James Jarrett and assigned to work at a "hotline" crisis center to fulfill a course requirements, and the two up in a crisis of their own when they get a call from a suicidal student As an economics student, Alex finds it demeaning to be forced into a public service position, but his experiences at the crisis center gives him a new outlook on life
11:00AM 056 - Help Wanted Because of Elyse's pregnancy, the family decides to get a housekeeper, so Alex hires the lovely Karen Nicholson, a totally incompetent young lady whom the family immediately adores - but Steven insists must be fired
11:30AM 058 - Karen II, Alex 0 Alex's chance for acceptance into a smug college fraternity are dependent upon his having a knockout date for the pledge dance and when the girl cancels, he pleads with Karen, the housekeeper, to accompany him - but his problems are far from resolved when they arrive at the dance. Karen reluctantly agrees to go with Alex, but does not tell him why she is so hesitant to go.
12:00PM 059 - Auntie Up Mallory is crushed when her favorite aunt dies suddenly, but her feelings of sadness turn to anger when family and friends at the funeral seem to be taking Aunt Trudy's death too lightly. Mallory feels like she has lost her best friend, and is shocked that no one else seems to share her grief.
12:30PM 060 - Oh Donna Alex becomes involved with Donna, a young, unwed expectant mother from Elyse's natural-childbirth class - but his interest in her becomes an obsession when he starts planning for her child's future and acting as if they were a real family.
1:00PM 061 - Philadelphia Story The Keaton family is transported back in time when Alex dreams he is at the Constitutional Convention of 1776, but history is off track. Steven Keaton is Thomas Jefferson and has just turned down John Adams' request to write the Declaration of Independence, so it's up to Alex to convince him to do it.
1:30PM 064 - Cry Baby The Keaton family adjusts to life with the new baby - but while everyone caters to the new arrival, Jennifer struggles with her jealous feelings about not being baby of the family anymore. When Steven and Elyse realize that Jennifer feels left out, they overcompensate by trying too hard to make her feel loved.
2:00PM 065 - Don't Know Much About History… Alex and his good friend James go into business together as tutors for their fellow students at Leland. However, their competitiveness threatens to undermine their business - let alone their friendship - particularly when one of their students turns out to be a very attractive lady.
2:30PM 066 - Cold Storage With the rest of the Keaton family away for the weekend, Mallory is excited about having the house to herself - until she is accidentally locked in the basement with the person she'd least like to be with - her adoring neighbor, Skippy. The mismatched pair do, however, come up with a unique way to keep warm and share some tender moments while waiting for their rescue.
3:00PM 067 - Bringing Up Baby With two careers, three bickering children and one demanding baby, Steven and Elyse can't seem to find any time for each other. But when they do finally take the time for a quiet evening alone, they miss all the chaos.
3:30PM 070 - Designated Hitter Jennifer takes on the class bully to defend her boyfriend and unwillingly humiliates him by undermining his masculinity - and Alex is devastated when Mallory scores higher than he does on an IQ test. Jennifer tries to apologize to Adam but discovers that all the boys at the school are making fun of him - and he won't speak to her.
4:00PM 071 - Return of the Native Cousin June returns to the Keaton household for a visit after a three-year stay in London. All of the Keatons are eager to hear her tales of England, but they just can't seem to let her get a word in edgewise.
4:30PM 072 - Matchmaker When Mallory comes home from her sixth disastrous date in a row, Alex tries to offer comfort and then help. He will find her a new and perfect boyfriend using a computer that the Keatons have gotten for Jennifer's "educational" use. Yet, when Roger and Mallory don't hit it off, Alex refuses to give up on getting this "perfect couple" together.
5:00PM 073 - Family Ties Vacation, Part I In a special four-part adventure, the Keaton family visits historic London, England for a vacation to be remembered. The Keatons embark on a trip to London when Alex earns a study scholarship at prestigious Oxford University. Aboard their flight, Elyse befriends a fellow passenger who has possession of a microfilm hidden in a hairbrush. Upon arrival, the passenger secretly slips the brush into the Keatons' luggage. Once Alex arrives at Oxford, he desperately seeks acceptance from his noble roommate, Lord William of Cureton, and his fellow students, who in turn make Alex the butt of various pranks. In the meantime, Mallory is charmed when William falls madly in love with her. Unbeknownst to the Keatons, a couple of spies are tracking their every move in an effort to retrieve the brush and microfilm. After several bungled attempts, the spy's vow that it's time to get serious!
5:30PM 074 - Family Ties Vacation, Part II While the spies frantically search for the hairbrush, the Keatons bicker over what sights to see in London, and Alex finds life at Oxford tougher than he'd ever imagined. After quarreling over their sightseeing itinerary, the Keatons split up and go their separate ways: Steven and Elyse explore museums and landmarks, while Mallory and Jennifer head for stores and restaurants. Meanwhile Alex, having taken enough abuse from his peers, confronts them before a history class and sets them straight. William, admiring Alex's stand, invites him to fill a vacancy on his canoeing team, Alex graciously accepts. After Steven confides to Elyse his nagging suspicion that they're being followed, they wise up to a stranger who is indeed following them. Identifying himself as a police inspector, he explains the situation involving them and the microfilm - the Keatons have become embroiled in international espionage. When William invites the Keatons to his estate for a weekend visit, Steven and Elyse are surprised to find the inspector disguised as a servant. He assures them that he and his other disguised colleagues will protect them from danger. Unbeknownst to anyone, however, the spies are also disguised as servants!
6:00PM 075 - Family Ties Vacation, Part III During a weekend visit to the Cureton's estate, William and Mallory share tranquil moments together while Steve and Elyse attempt to decipher the strange events surrounding them during their vacation. Romance blossoms between William and Mallory once he reveals that he is failing in love with her. Meanwhile, Steve, Elyse, and the inspector realize that all of the strange occurrences involve a hairbrush - the microfilm must be planted in one of their hairbrushes! The spies are listening in on the conversation when Jennifer remembers that she placed an unfamiliar brush in Alex's belongings. Alex is about to enter the canoe race when he is forewarned of ensuing trouble, so he passes the brush on to William's father. The spies enter the race in hot pursuit of Alex. After the race, the spies confront Alex, who claims that he knows nothing. But when Mallory inadvertently blows his cover, the spies take Alex and Mallory hostage.
6:30PM 076 - Family Ties Vacation, Part IV While everyone frantically searches for Alex and Mallory, one of the spies inform the Keatons of Alex and Mallory's abduction and possible whereabouts. The spies escort Alex and Mallory to the House of Lords where they retrieve the brush from William's father, the Earl of Cureton. Afterwards, the Keatons arrive with the police to find Alex, Mallory, and several others bound and gagged. Disguising themselves as judges, the spies seek refuge in a courtroom, but when Alex recognizes one of the spies a fight breaks out, allowing the head spy to escape. Alex pursues the spy and finally reaches him. As they struggle, the brush breaks free and Alex is able to retrieve it. The police arrive and all is back to order. Before returning home, Alex receives gifts and good-byes from his Oxford peers, while Mallory receives roses and a profession of love from William.
7:00PM 040 - Ladies Man Alex pretends to support the Equal Rights Amendment to impress a pretty feminist and winds up behind bars after championing the cause at a debate that turns into a riot. To get a date with Deena Marx, the conservative Alex starts spouting feminist rhetoric. While it's all a sham, he gets in over his head when he accompanies Deena to a debate, stands up for a feminist being heckled and is carted off to jail following a near riot. He's a hero to the women in his cell, but when he's asked to be the keynote speaker a t an ERA rally, he realizes the charade has gone too far.
7:30PM 045 - Baby Boy Doe When Alex's pal Skippy accidentally discovers he's adopted, Alex helps him cope with the shocking news and accompanies the nervous teenager on a memorable meeting with his real mother.
8:00PM 049 - Lost Weekend Steven and Elyse plan a nostalgic weekend with the kids before the baby arrives, and are crushed to discover that the children are not at all interested in reminiscing about old times - they'd rather be with their friends. Elyse's camping trip with Mallory and Jennifer is cut short when she realizes that the girls are bored to death, while Steven's plans to spend time with Alex at home are crushed when his son leaves on a date.
8:30PM 057 - 4 Rms Ocn Vu While Steven and Elyse are away on vacation, the Keaton house becomes a hotel for the weekend after Mallory accidentally crashes her parents' car into a telephone pole and the kids need to raise money for auto repairs.A lot of people are in town for the Leland homecoming game so Alex decides to take advantage of the situation and rent out rooms - but suddenly he's swamped with renters and the house looks like a three-ring circus
9:00PM 062 - Birth of a Keaton Part I To help Steven during pledge week at his TV station, the Keatons reluctantly agree to be part of the entertainment, but the audience gets an unexpected show when Elyse goes into labor right on camera while in the middle of a song. Elyse realizes that the baby is on the way. She and the kids begin to panic when they realize that Steven had to rush home to fix a plumbing problem and is now trapped there by a snowstorm. His TV set shows him what's happening at the station.
9:30PM 063 - Birth of a Keaton Part II Still trapped at the television station, Elyse realizes she cannot make it through the snowstorm to the hospital and prepares to give birth in Steven's office. Meanwhile, stuck at home by the same storm, Steven enlists the help of Bud the plumber and his truck, and heads for the hospital, thinking Elyse will be there. Elyse makes a plea on camera to Steven - wherever he is - to come to the station, so Steven, the doctor, the plumber and Skippy all frantically head for WKS, hoping to arrive in time for the birth.
10:00PM 123 - "A" My Name is Alex, Part I When Alex's friend Greg dies in a car accident, Alex is thrown into a state of shock and begins to question the meaning and purpose of his own life. Having been asked to accompany his friend on the fatal trip and refusing because it wasn't convenient, he is overcome by guilt. He tries to fathom why he was spared in the face of such selfishness, and begins to have encounters with Greg's ghost. His family urges him to get help. Alex seeks counsel of a monk, Father Timothy, about changing his life, but ultimately decides against joining the order because of the chastity vow. Still hallucinating and tortured, Alex agrees to see a psychiatrist. In trying to come to terms with Greg's death, he talks about his life-long love of money and experiences flashbacks, which reveal periods of his "selfish past." During these flashbacks, Alex asks the various members of his family how they feel about their lives and about death, and comes to anew appreciation of them as individuals. When, Alex is asked if he believes in God, however, he realizes that he does. With this breakthrough, he is able to accept himself, deal with Greg's death and preserve his friend memory by resolving to become the best Alex Keaton he can be.
10:30PM 124 - "A" My Name is Alex, Part II When Alex's friend Greg dies in a car accident, Alex is thrown into a state of shock and begins to question the meaning and purpose of his own life. Having been asked to accompany his friend on the fatal trip and refusing because it wasn't convenient, he is overcome by guilt. He tries to fathom why he was spared in the face of such selfishness, and begins to have encounters with Greg's ghost. His family urges him to get help. Alex seeks counsel of a monk, Father Timothy, about changing his life, but ultimately decides against joining the order because of the chastity vow. Still hallucinating and tortured, Alex agrees to see a psychiatrist. In trying to come to terms with Greg's death, he talks about his life-long love of money and experiences flashbacks, which reveal periods of his "selfish past." During these flashbacks, Alex asks the various members of his family how they feel about their lives and about death, and comes to anew appreciation of them as individuals. When, Alex is asked if he believes in God, however, he realizes that he does. With this breakthrough, he is able to accept himself, deal with Greg's death and preserve his friend memory by resolving to become the best Alex Keaton he can be.
11:00PM 175 - They Can't Take That Away From Me, Part One Alex' relationship is tested when he becomes infatuated with a young music student. While Lauren is out of town attending a psychology conference, Alex begins teaching a freshman seminar in economics at Leland College. As he begins his first lecture, he is interrupted by a late arrival, music major Marty Brodie, a rather scattered young woman. She disrupts his class twice more, by sobbing. Alex dismisses class early and attempts to find out what is bothering her. Marty confesses that she has had a terrible week, she has broken up with her boyfriend and she is terrible in economics. She convinces Alex to tutor her for $15.00 an hour. When Alex arrives at Marty's dorm room for their first music lesson, he tries to divert her attention away from her piano. Unable to get excited about the concept of supply and demand, Marty soon teaches an enthusiastic Alex the basic melody line to Gershwin's "S Wonderful" on the piano, then joins in with a brilliant accompaniment. Fascinated by each other, the two end up spending a great deal of time together until Alex realizes that his feelings for Marty are beginning to threaten his relationship with Lauren. Things become even more complicated when Alex presents Marty with a piano-shaped music box and their mutual attraction draws them into a spontaneous kiss.
11:30PM 176 - They Can't Take That Away From Me, Part Two Alex finds himself on an emotional rollercoaster when he is forced to choose between Lauren and Marty. When Lauren returns from her conference, she notices Alex acting distant and distracted. After an uncomfortable silence, Alex admits that he has become interested in another woman and needs time to sort out his feelings, leaving Lauren confused and angry. Things become even more awkward after Lauren and Marty in the school cafeteria. After an embarrassing confrontation, both women leave the dining room in a huff. Alex returns home to work on his valedictory address for graduation, but remains pre-occupied with how he's going to work his way out of his love triangle. Conjuring up the issues of Freud, Sartre and Shakespeare, he calls upon the great minds for advice in matters of love. Ultimately, when Alex realizes that his immediate plans can not include either Marty or Lauren, he approaches both women individually. Before Alex is able to say a word, Marty reads his mind and does the breaking up for him. And Lauren, refusing to compete for Alex's affections, also beats him to the punch. On graduation day, he is comforted by Elyse and Mallory as he says good bye to one chapter of his life and looks towards an exciting, if uncertain, future in New York.
12:00AM 080 - The Old College Try When Mallory informs her parents that she has no intentions of going to college after graduation, they are sure she is being influenced by her boyfriend, Nick, a high school dropout. Elyse is crushed by Mallory's decision to forego a college education, and Mallory turns to Nick for support.
12:30AM 083 - Don't Go Changin' Alex does some fancy footwork on the dance floor to impress Ellen when he thinks he is losing her because of their divergent interests. Alex feels he has to compete with Ellen's artsy friends for her attention and attempts to change himself to fit into her world.
1:00AM 084 - My Tutor Alex hires a tutor to help him with math but his "teacher" turns out to be a 13-year-old genius who suddenly becomes more interested in Jennifer that in helping Alex. When Eugene, Alex's tutor, meets Jennifer he loses his concentration and Alex comes up with a scheme that will benefit both him and Eugene.
1:30AM 085 - Mr. Right Mallory's boyfriend, environmental artist Nick Moore, swaps his T-shirt, camouflage pants, combat boots and earrings for a three-piece suit and a haircut to impress Mallory's parents, but while Steven and Elyse love the new Nick, Mallory is ready to leave him. Nick seeks Alex's help and advice on how to fit in more comfortably with the Keaton family, and ends up taking a "normal" job and going to extremes to be accepted
2:00AM 086 - Just One Look Steven's old college buddy Richard Schofield is in town for a visit and Steven looks forward to reminiscing about old times - until he learns that Richard and Elyse share some memories he wasn't aware of. Steven loses his normally cool composure and becomes insanely jealous, imagining that Elyse and Richard are secretly attracted to one another.
2:30AM 087 - How Do You Sleep Alex, who prides himself on being in control of his life, is embarrassed to admit that he is having a problem with insomnia, which is creating stress in his personal life as well as in school. Although Alex refuses to discuss his sleeping problem with anyone, his restlessness is disrupting the whole family.
3:00AM 088 - The Big Fix When Terry Bridgeman, a colleague of Elyse's, confides that he has broken up with his girlfriend, Elyse decides to fix him up with a family friend, the beautiful Liz Obeck. What Elyse doesn't realize, however, is that Liz has been seriously involved with someone else for two years.
3:30AM 089 - You've Got a Friend Mallory begins to feel severe guilt after reporting a young girl to the police for shoplifting - especially when she learns that the girl is from a home for abused children. Mallory visits Jessie at the home but is suspicious of the girl's intentions. Nick warns Mallory that she can't change Jessie overnight, but Mallory is sure that she can at least be a good influence.
4:00AM 090 - Nothing But A Man Steven gets the promotion he has been waiting years for, but as the new regional manager of the station, he is required to put in long hours at the office and soon realizes he has no time for his family. Although Elyse and the kids are happy about Steven's new position, they begin to miss the days when he would be home for dinner every night and have time to take part in day-to-day activities.
4:30AM 093 - The Disciple Alex offers to help Jennifer with a speech project and winds up creating a monster - the speech is such a success that she is asked to repeat the performance for an awards panel. Jennifer does her class project perfectly but doesn't understand what she said because Alex coached her on most of the material. So when asked to present it to the panel of judges, her nerves get the best of her.
5:00AM 091 - A Word To The Wise Part I The Keaton family fills in his girlfriend, Ellen, on some of the more humorous events in Alex's life before they met in this special one-hour episode. Flashbacks to previous episodes include some highlights from the series' past shows.
5:30AM 092 - A Word To The Wise Part II The Keaton family fills in his girlfriend, Ellen, on some of the more humorous events in Alex's life before they met in this special one-hour episode. Flashbacks to previous episodes include some highlights from the series' past shows.
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Ill definately be tuning in!!

I cant wait to see where this will show up on the regular lineup.
Im guessing it'll take one of the "Beaver" airings
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The only reason "Family Ties" is being added is because of TV Land & Nick@Nite's new "Family Table" campaign. The promos started airing last Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I'm sure you'll see them during the 48-hour event this weekend. So Family Ties' regular run starting in January could be for a limited time. Possibly only until April or less, when Green Acres comes. So record every episode. Nick@Nite was already stacked with family sitcoms like Full House and Cosby Show.

Info on the campaign:
TV Land, television's home to the best programming from the past 50 years, and Nick at Nite, the home of modern classic sitcoms, have unveiled a new pro-social initiative entitled TV Land & Nick and Nite's Family Table -- Share More Than Meals that will make its on-air debut on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2003. The announcement was made today by Larry W. Jones, Executive Vice President and General Manager, TV Land and Nick at Nite.

The two networks have committed over $6 million in on-air promotion over the next year for the initiative, which TV Land and Nick at Nite will support in a variety of ways. The on-air campaign will launch with five public service announcements (PSAs) debuting on Thanksgiving Day and will continue airing daily on both networks. The first round of PSA's, include three spots starring television veteran Malcolm-Jamal Warner of The Cosby Show__ -- currently seen on Nick at Nite -- which address the television tradition of family mealtimes and their relevance to viewers' lives today. The spots will run through early 2004 and be refreshed periodically.
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dandelion wine
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Yes! Yes! Yeeesssss!
Fans of Jon-Erik Hexum

Merry Christmas!
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Yes!! I cannot wait. I will be infront of the TV every chance I get this weekend. I am so mad because I have a college class on Saturday morning!!

However, TV Land is almost worse than N@N at schedule changes, so we all better enjoy this every second we can!!! I can't wait to see what time FT will air on TV Land in January!
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Oh, I know!!! So happy!! Family Ties at 11pm and Growing Pains at 12am on ABC Family. Can it get any better than this?

Finally, fantastic time slots for Family Ties!!

I am sooo excited about all this. However, I find myself bothered because I can't sit at home and watch all 48 hours worth and I feel like I am missing important episodes everytime I leave the house!!! I get uneasy when I know Family Ties is on air and I am not watching!! What a dilemma!
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I have not released TV Land January yet, but since TV Land has spilled the beans on two of Family Ties' timeslots, then I'll just release all of Family Ties' timeslots:

The new schedule is effective Thursday, January 1, at 9 p.m., all times E/P:
Mon-Sat 11 p.m.
Mon-Fri 2:30 p.m.
Mon-Fri 7 p.m.
Sat-Sun 6 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. (Twice as Nice)
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Thumbs up

WOW... they are showing a lot of it! Means they really are dedicated to it. I have been watching some of the marathon and am getting back into the show... I might watch it some on TV Land! Thanks Pav.
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I am glad that Family Ties will be airing
at 10:00 pm Monday-Saturday
at 3:30 am every morning
at 1:30 pm Monday-Friday
at 6:00 pm Monday-Friday
at 5:00 pm and 5:30 pm Saturday and Sunday (Twice as Nice)
Who Dat
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donald snl
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even though as ive said before i find it some what dated im watching some eps this weekend for old times sake . the funny one about the high school quiz off is on right now
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i'm so glad that my school cable service gets tvland...i'm watching it right now!
In Christ,
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i been watchin it too lol
been recording the shows too for about 12 hours now.
when i found out they cut FT from nick at nite i was so pissed!
i love this show, its my all time favorite tv show, and they took it away lol.
well, when i found out the marathon was on (i found out late) i started recording as soon as i could so i can watch it whenever i want goooo meeeee!!!!!
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Well, you only tape 2 hours, because you have it on SP mode. To get six hours, (or eight) you need to use the SLP (EP) mode. LP gets you four hours. Does that answer your question? Anyway, I've been taping EVERY FT episode since the marathon started, and I'll get the whole 48 hrs. when all is said and done.
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Yeah, now you can buy tapes that get 8 hours in SLP mode. That is what I do, so that I can get 16 episodes on every tape. I recorded most of the episodes on N@N and I used these tapes. However, as is expected, the quality of the picture is not as good as in the SP mode. However, I chose to sacrifice this in order to have all episodes in a manageable collection. I even have a directory for mine. I number the tapes and type what episodes are on each tape.
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When you program your VCR for the channel and time of your program, it will ask you for the tape speed. That is where you change the speed to whatever one you want. If you just put a tape in and hit the record button, it will probably record on the default speed (whatever speed you last programmed the VCR to record on). My TV tells me what speed I am in when I hit the "Display" button. I think my mom's VCR tells the speed where it displays the time.

Anyway, yes, the quality is fairly significantly better on the 2 hour speed, but for me, I prefer to record on the 8 hr. speed so that I can get all episodes in a economical way.

However, there isn't really any quality difference between the 6 and 8 hour tapes. I think just more tape is wound on the 8 hour.
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