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Thank you all for your nice replies. It's not much, but here's a little more finally.
Chapter Forty-Nine

Jo smiled as she watched the twins run through the sprinkler. "Go right a little bit, Julia," She called. "Okay, jump!" Julia squealed as she jumped over the sprinkler and was splashed with water. Julia had initially just stood back and let the water hit her, but she had recognized how much fun Jamie had running through the sprinkler and they had figured out how to tell Julia when to jump. "Okay, your turn, Jamie. Go!" Jamie's initial squeals turned into giggles as she jumped over the sprinkler.
Jo took the final bite of the twins' birthday cake on her plate and turned to Bruce. "Thanks for setting that up for them."
"No problem." Bruce smiled. "I thought it might help them run off some of their birthday cake."
Jo returned his smile. "I appreciate that."
The party was winding down. Mrs. Garrett and Bruce had invited everyone over to celebrate the Fourth of July and the twins' birthday. Mrs. Garrett and Blair were in the kitchen putting away the left-over food from dinner. They had insisted Jo stay outside with Bruce and watch Jamie and Julia. Natalie had left right after the presents had been opened. She had to go home to finish a story she had due the next morning. Tootie had not been able to make it, but she had sent presents.
"Jump Sissy!" Jamie exclaimed. Julia tried to jump, but she tripped and fell over the sprinkler instead. Bruce got up and went to turn off the water. Jo sprang up and ran to pick up Julia.
"Moooommmmyyyy!!" Julia cried.
Jo picked her up and wiped the tears from Julia's cheeks. "It's okay. Come on." She wrapped Julia in a red white and blue striped beach towel and carried her back to the patio. She sat with Julia in her lap. Julia kicked her feet, getting the grass stuck to her wet feet all over Jo's bare legs.
Jamie walked up to Jo. "No more water, Mommy?"
"No, honey. Not today."
"Sissy got a boo-boo."
"A little one. She's okay."
Jo pointed to a scrape on Julia's leg. "Right here. See?"
Jamie leaned in and kissed Julia's leg. "Better?" Julia didn't say anything. "Sissy better?"
"Yes Jamie. Good girl." Jo replied.
Jamie stood dripping wet on the concrete patio. "Potty Mommy."
"Okay." Jo turned to Julia. "Do you have to go potty, too, Julia?" Julia shook her head. Jo set Julia in the chair and wrapped Jamie in a yellow and white towel. Bruce agreed to watch Julia while Jo picked Jamie up and carried her inside.
"No Mommy!" Jamie cried as she wriggled in Jo's arms.
"Jo?" Blair asked as Jo walked quickly past the kitchen. "Are you all right? Do you need help with something?"
"No Blair. We're fine." Jo said quickly as she went upstairs and shut the bathroom door behind her.
After Jo dressed Jamie in the shorts and t-shirt she’d worn earlier they went back out to the patio. When they reached the patio Julia was sitting in the chair shivering, her teeth chattering. Jo put her hand on Julia's shoulder. "Are you cold sweetie?"
"Uh-huh." Julia said through her chattering teeth.
"Okay. Let's go inside and get you into dry clothes."
Jo picked up Julia. Jamie followed them inside. "You okay Jamie?"
Jamie nodded and yawned.
A half an hour later Jo was dragging Jamie and Julia out to the car. Julia was crying and yelling for Mrs. Garrett, and Jo had no idea why Jamie was crying, but she kept shouting "No!"
Jo wrestled Julia and managed to buckle her into her car seat. Jamie was beside her, melting down in the driveway.
"Do you need help Jo? Do you want me to try to put Jamie in the car?" Blair asked. She was carrying presents and left-over food out to Jo's car and loading it into the trunk.
"No thanks Blair. I just need to get them to bed. I think they're just over tired." Jo picked up Jamie, who kicked and hit her. "No Jamie," Jo said sternly. She walked around to the other side of the car and wrestled Jamie into her car seat. She sighed as she shut the back door.
Blair slammed the trunk. "That's everything."
"Thanks Blair."
"Of course. I'll see you Monday?"
"Yeah. See you Monday." Jo went up to Mrs. Garrett, who stood on the portch. "Thanks so much for everything Mrs. G."
"Of course Jo. Let me know if you need anything."
"I will. Thanks again Mrs. G." They hugged and Jo climbed behind the wheel. Jamie and Julia screamed and cried almost the whole way home. When Jo pulled into her parking space Julia was suckingher thumb and Jamie was almost asleep. Jo carried them inside and dressed them in pajamas.
"Elmo Mommy." Julia said as Jo brushed her hair.
"No Julia. Maybe you can watch Elmo tomorrow."
"No Mommy. I want Elmo." Julia whined.
"No. Now it's bedtime. You can watch tomorrow." Jo repeated.
"No Mommy! I wanna seep with Elmo."
"You want to sleep with your stuffed Elmo? Your new one?"
Jo sighed. Julia had received a stuffed Elmo and Jamie had received a stuffed Big Bird as birthday presents from Tootie. Jo was grateful she hadn't gotten them the Tickle Me Elmo and Big Bird. Did they even make a Tickle Me Big Bird? It didn't matter. These didn't make noise, and Jamie and Julia could sleep with them. They were packed in the trunk.
"Mommy? I want Big Bird." Jamie said from where she sat on her bed.
Jo sighed and pulled the covers back on Julia's bed. "Lay down."
"No! I want ELMO!!"
"And Big Bird," Jamie exclaimed.
"I'll go look for them in a minute. Lay down and go to sleep."
"Yes. Come on. Lay on your tummy."
Julia reluctantly rolled over onto her stomach, but when Jo tried to rub her back she kicked and pounded her fists on the pillow. "I… WANT…"
Jo covered her with a sheet and went over to Jamie's bed. "Okay Jamie. Time to lie down."
"I want Big Bird Mommy." Jamie pouted.
"I know. I'll go look for him in a minute. But you need to lay down first." Jo tucked Jamie in and patted her back. She wiped a few tears from Jamie's cheeks. "Shhh."
When the twins were finally quieter, Jo went out to her car and unloaded her trunk. She set the bags on her kitchen table. She hastily dug through the bags of presents and found the stuffed Elmo and Big Bird.
She opened the door to the twins' room. Julia was asleep and had rolled over onto her side. Jamie lay still in her bed with her eyes closed. Jo wasn't sure at first if she was sleeping. She tiptoed quietly over to Jamie's bed and listened to Jamie's even breaths.
She laid Big Bird beside Jamie and walked over to Julia's bed. She laid Elmo beside Julia and smiled as Julia instinctively wrapped her arms around him in her sleep.
"Good night girls. I love you. Happy birthday." Jo whispered. She shut the door behind her and went out to put away the left-over food.
Jo: nice girls don't throw trees!
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Great post, can't wait for more!
I have died everyday, waiting for you
Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more
And all along I believed, I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more
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Thumbs up

very sweet post. can't wait till the next chapter! =)
Have you heard the ? Jesus saves!!!
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Thank you both for your nice replies. Here's more.
Chapter Fifty

Jo heard shouting coming from inside her apartment. Her thoughts of the boy she had counciled earlier that day and his uncle left her mind. She had been thinking about Peter’s uncle all afternoon. Had he been looking for her? Was it really just a coincidence that his brother’s son needed someone to help him through his mother’s sudden absence and had happened to ask him to take Peter that day? Was it a coincidence that Peter’s father had happened to choose her office and she had happened to be available? Surely he couldn’t have been looking for her after all these years. Their relationship had been brief and she had never expected to see him again. It was impossible for her to think he had pined for her all these years. He had recognized her almost immediately. It had taken her a few moments longer to realize who he was, but when their eyes locked she knew.
She opened the door and immediately saw Jamie and Julia sitting on the floor fighting over a toy.
“Nooo! My toy,” Julia exclaimed in her high-pitched whiney voice.
“No! Mine!” Jamie yelled as she pulled the See and Say from Julia’s hands and hit her in the chin with it. Julia immediately fell backward and started crying. Blair, who had been unsuccessfully trying to break up Jamie and Julia’s fight, helped Julia up and examined her chin.
Jo took the toy from Jamie. “No Mommy!”Jamie reached for the toy.
“No Jamie. You hurt Sissy. You need to go tell her you’re sorry.”
“No. Go tell her you’re sorry.” Jamie just sat there. “Now.”
Jamie reluctantly got up and went over to Julia. “Sorry Sissy.”
“Give her a hug.” They hugged. Jo was about to tell Blair how surprised she was that Jamie and Julia were on the floor calmly playing together when they erupted into another fight.
“Mine!” Julia screamed.
“I want it!” Jamie yelled back.
Jo turned around to see them fighting over Julia’s stuffed Tigger. Jamie held his head in both her hands, and Julia’s fist was clenched around his tail with the other hand pinching his back. “Hey guys,” she went over and knelt between them. “Stop. You’re hurting Tigger. Jamie. Let go.”
“No! I want it!” Jamie whined loudly.
“It’s Julia’s toy. You have Pooh. Maybe if you’re nice to her she’ll share Tigger with you. Let go.”
Reluctantly Jamie finally let go and sat on the floor and moped.
Jo started to get up.
“Mommy. Tigger got a boo-boo.” Julia said.
“Kiss him where his boo-boo is. Make him feel better.” Jo kissed Jamie and Julia and got up. Julia kissed Tigger’s tail, and Jamie frowned at Jo.
Jo went over to Blair, who was standing near the kitchen table. “Did they fighght like that all day?”
“Pretty much.”
“I’m sorry Blair.”
“It’s okay. Siblings fight.”
“How can you be so calm about this? Look at you. You let them do stuff to your hair and you didn’t take out any of the barrettes they put in. You didn’t put it back to how it was this morning. Isn’t your hair supposed to be your best feature or something?”
“My hair is my crowning feature,” Blair corrected haughtily. “and I didn’t have time to fix it.”
“What do you mean? Didn’t they nap today? Couldn’t you have done it then?”
“While they were napping I had to clean the kitchen and the living room. And I fixed it a little.”
“Why didn’t you fix it all the way?”
“I didn’t want them to get up from their naps and want to mess it up again.”
“You really think they would have paid attention? Julia can’t see what you do to it, and Jamie probably wouldn’t even notice.”
“I suppose.” Blair motioned to the box Jo had carried in and set on the table. “Who’s that from?” Jo was a little surprised Blair was changing the subject. She used to go on about her looks for hours, at least it had always seemed like hours to Jo, but now they had only been talking about Blair’s messy hair for a minute or two.
“It’s from my mom.”
“Any idea what’s in it?”
“I think it’s…”
Jo was interrupted by Julia yelling at Jamie. “Nooo! Top it! Mine!”
Jamie had ahold of Tigger again. Jo stood up and went over to them. “Let go Jamie.”
“No!” Jo managed to pry Jamie’s hands from Tigger and held her hands firmly. “I WANT TO PAY WITH TIGGER! SISSY…” Jamie was crying so hard Jo couldn’t understand her after that.
Jo held Jamie’s face in her hands, making her look at her. “You need to either go to your room and stay there or go find something else to play with.”
Jo sighed and picked her up. Jamie’s arms and legs flailed as Jo carried her back to her room and set her on her bed. “Stay here until I tell you to come out.”
“No Mommy… Please!” Jamie begged through her sobs.
“Are you going to pick out a toy and go play nicely?”
“Yeah.” Jamie replied through her sobs.
“Okay. But if you hurt sissy again you’ll be back in here. Go pick out a toy.”
“’kay.” Jamie sniffed.
Jo went back out to the living room. Jamie came out a minute later holding a stuffed Winnie the Pooh and a noisy Sesame Street toy.
“Do you need help with dinner?”
“I don’t even know what I’m making yet. Do you want to stay and eat with us?”
Blair looked thoughtful as she took the last pink metal barrette from her hair. She had taken out the other little plastic clips and metal barrettes while Jo was in the bedroom with Jamie. “Sure.”

Jo stared at the envelope she held in her hand. Her mother had included it in a box of birthday presents and cards for Jamie and Julia. Jamie and Julia had just opened their presents and were playing in the living room. Blair was wiping off the kitchen counter. Jo flipped the envelope over and read the note her mother had written across the seal:
Aunt Evelyn asked me to give this to you, so I thought I'd send it with the girls' presents. Kiss them for me.
Love, Ma

Jo slowly opened the envelope and read Evelyn's letter:

Dear Jo,
I am writing to ask you to please come visit me. I told your mother not to tell you. I want to tell you.
I'm back out of remission again. The doctor says it doesn't look good. The drug that they used last time was an experimental drug and there was a limited supply. There's one more experimental treatment that we're going to try, but the doctor can't guarantee it will cure me.
Your mother shows me all the pictures and videos you send. You look like you're doing well, and your girls are adorable. Please, please come visit. And bring the girls if you can. I'd love to meet them, and I miss you. Your parents miss you all very much.
Aunt Evelyn

Jo felt a hand on her shoulder. Blair stood slightly behind Jo. “What’s that?”
“It’s a letter from my Aunt Evelyn. She says she’s not doing well and wants me and the girls to come visit her.”
“Are you going?”
Jo looked down at the letter and then at Blair.
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It's been about a month since I last posted. I don't know how that happened! Sorry. Anyway, for anyone who's still reading, here's more, although it's just sort of filler until I figure out what's going to happen with Aunt Evelyn.
Chapter Fifty-One

“Mrs. G. I really appreciate you comin’ with us.”
“Oh it’s nothing, Jo. I thought you could at least use some help with the suitcases.”
Jo smiled. Jamie and Julia were running on either side of Jo, trying to keep up with the brisk pace Jo and Mrs. Garrett were walking in order to make their flight. Julia was fiercely trying to sweep her cane in front of her. Jamie tripped on her untied shoelace and landed on her hands and knees. “Mommy!” Jamie shouted.
Jo tried to bend down and help Jamie up, but the cary-on bag for the girls that hung around her neck and her heavy purse falling off her shoulder got in the way.
“Here Jo. I’ll get her.”
Jo sighed. Already, she was needing Mrs. Garrett’s help. “Thanks Mrs. G.”
Mrs. Garrett helped Jamie up and took her aside and tied her shoe.

“Jo!” Jo smiled at her mother as they walked toward her in the Miami airport.
“Hi Ma.” Jo hugged her mother. Julia and Mrs. Garrett had gone to find a bathroom, and Jamie was holding onto Jo’s leg.
“Hi baby.” Rose hugged Jo and kissed her forehead. She smiled down at Jamie. “Hi Jamie.”
Jamie didn’t say anything.
“Jamie. Say hi.” Jo instructed.
“No!” Jamie tried to hide behind Jo’s leg.
Jo tried to get her to let go of her leg and go to her grandmother. She fought back and wouldn’t part from her mother.
“Sorry Ma.”
“It’s okay Honey. How was the plane ride?”
“Where’s Julia? Did the girls behave?”
“Well, they were pretty cranky. Jamie was okay for a while with a book, and the flight attendant gave her some crayons, and that helped for a while. Mrs. G kept Julia pretty entertained, I think. They’re coming.”
“Mrs. Garrett came with you?”
“Yeah. I hope that’s okay.”
“Sure it is.”
“hi,” Mrs. Garrett said cheerfully as she came up behind Jo. “Sorry it took us so long. We had a little trouble finding the bathroom.”
“No problem Mrs. G.”
“Mrs. Polniazeck, it’s good to see you.” Mrs. Garrett smiled at Rose.
“It’s good to see you too, Edna.” Rose turned her attention to Julia. “Hi Julia.”
“Gamma!” Rose picked up Julia and kissed her forehead. Julia put her arm around her grandmother’s neck. She held her cane in her other hand and it dangled in the air beside her.
“Well, at least one of you is happy to see me.”
“Sorry Ma.” Jo appolagized again.
“Pop Pop?” Julia asked.
“You’ll see him in a little bit.” Rose told her.
They started to walk to baggage claim to get their suitcases. Jamie was still wrapped around Jo’s leg. “Hold on a second.” Jo said. She stopped and pried Jamie from her leg. “You need to either hold my hand and walk like a big girl or I’m gonna cary you.”
“No!” Jamie stamped her feet.
Jo sighed and picked her up. She knew they were all hungry and Jamie was tired. She was surprised how calm Julia was. It was after one in the afternoon and by this time most days Jamie and Julia would be taking naps.
“Mommy… No!” Jamie hollered as Jo carried her through the airport. They grabbed their suitcases and went out to the car.
Jo sat In the back seat between the twins. Mrs. Garrett sat in the passenger’s seat. There was relative quiet as Rose made her way onto the highway.
“Mommy?” Jamie said.
“Yes Jamie?”
“I want Big Bird.”
Jo knew Jamie wanted her stuffed Big Bird because she wanted to sleep. She dug in the bag she’d carried on the plane but didn’t find it. “I think he’s in the back Sweetie. We’ll get him when we stop okay?”
“No!” Jamie squealed. “I WANT BIG BIRD!!”
Jo sighed and reached over to try to rub Jamie’s back or stroke her hair—to do something to try and calm her down—but Jamie was moving around too much.
Jo sighed. What was she supposed to do? Ask her mother to pull onto the shoulder of the highway so she could stand on the shoulder and dig through the suitcases packed carefully in the back and maybe find Jamie’s stuffed Big Bird?Maybe she should. At least It might make Jamie less upset.
“Mommy? Julia interrupted her thoughts.
“What do you need Julia?” Jo put her hand on Julia’s shoulder.
“I’m hungry.”
“I know. We’ll be there soon and have some lunch.”
Jo looked at Julia. She wasn’t crying, but she looked upset. She started to kick her feet. “No.” Jo tried to hold her legs still with one hand and dug in her bag to see if there was anything she could give Julia.
“I have some Cheerios,” her mother said from the driver’s seat. Jo looked gratefully at the back of her mother’s head and the rearview mirror. Mrs. Garrett handed Jo a Ziplock bag of cereal, and Jo turned to Julia.
“Grandma has some Cheerios. Do you want some cereal?”
“No. we don’t have crackers. You’ll have to have cereal or wait.”
Julia let out a sigh. “Okay.”
Jo handed her the cereal and Julia ate it somewhat reluctantly. They had eaten some airport food while waiting for the plane, but it wasn’t much. Jo hadn’t anticipated the flight delay. She had packed their stuffed Big Bird and Elmo in a suitcase, thinking they’d arrive at Becky's, eat lunch, and take a nap. She hadn’t anticipated that the only food they’d offer once the plane finally took off would be green peanuts, which she refused, and one package of graham crackers for each of the twins, which Jamie and Julia had gobbled up in all of ten seconds.
Jo closed her eyes and sighed. Julia seemed okay eating cereal, even though Jo would have liked for her to have eaten some real lunch, and the motion of the car had calmed Jamie down a little.
The next thing Jo knew the car had stopped moving and Jamie was pulling on her sleeve. “Mommy?” Jamie sounded irritated.
Jo opened her eyes. She noticed the empty seat beside her. Someone had taken Julia inside already. “Okay Jamie. Hang on.” Jo climed out of the car and carried Jamie inside.
“Can we get Big Bird nooow?” Jamie asked.
“Yeah. Let’s go find the suitcases.” They met Rose at the door.
“Sorry Jo. I took Julia inside to find your father and Mrs. Garrett took the suitcases. I was just going out to get you and Jamie.”
“It’s okay.” Jo adjusted the bag hanging from her shoulder. “I’m sorry about all the noise on the trip over here. Thanks for the cereal.”
“It’s no problem. I’m glad I still had it in the car. I had it for Jessica a few days ago and just never took it out.”
”Me, too.”
“Mommy?” Jamie whined.
“Yes. Jamie. Let’s go.” Jo turned back to her mother. “Do you know where Mrs. G put the—“
“Up the stairs, and it’s the second door on the left.” Rose pointed to a set of carpeted stairs to Jo’s right.
“Thanks.” Jo was about to ask where everyone was, but Jamie was pulling on her sleeve. She knew she needed to get upstairs and put her down for her nap. She figured Julia was with her father, wherever he was, and she knew she was either falling asleep in his lap or was too excited to fall asleep. She'd go find them once Jamie was settled.

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Hey everyone! This board has been really dead lately. I've been watching FOL all afternoon and felt like writing. I'm not sure if anyone's still reading this, but I wanted to share a bit more.


Chapter One

“Here’s to Julia being five years cancer free,” Mrs. Garrett exclaimed, holding up her red plastic cup.
Jo smiled and cheered along with everyone else. She glanced at Jamie and Julia sitting near her, then at Blair, Natalie, and Tootie who sat beside her, and at her parents and Mrs. G sitting across the table.
“Mommy, can we eat cake now,” Julia begged. She’d been asking Jo that question all afternoon, ever since Jo had made the mistake of telling her Mrs. G was bringing it over.
“Please?” Jamie bounced around in her seat.
Jo took a drink of her soda and stood. “Yes, I’ll go cut it.”
“I’ll help,” Rose offered.
Jo took a knife out of the drawer while her mother uncovered the white-frosted cake. “Ma, are you okay?”
“Jo, it’s been a year since Evelyn died. I wish you’d stop asking me that. I’m fine, I promise.”
“I’m not asking because of that. I’m asking because you seem like you’re having some trouble,” Jo set down the knife. “Would you get the smaller plates from the cabinet in front of you?”
“Sure.” As Rose bent, Jo noticed her put her hand on her lower back. She kept it there until she came up and set the plates on the counter.
“Something wrong with your back?”
“Then how come you’ve been holding it like that every time you’ve bent over today?”
“Like what?”
“Ma,” Jo said sharply as she put a piece of cake on a plate. “Have you seen a doctor?”
“And? What did he say?”
“We should get this cake out to the table. The girls have been really patiently waiting.”
Jo stopped her. “Ma, tell me what’s going on.”
Rose set the plates on the counter. “The doctor wants me to have surgery.”
“At the end of the month.”
“Well, you’re gonna do it, right?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Ma!” Jo shook her head. “If the doctor thinks you need surgery you should go through with it. You don’t want to not do it and have your back get so out of whack you can’t walk anymore, do ya?”
“Jo, I’m fine.”
“Just promise you’ll think about it some more, please?”
“Well,” Rose hesitated. “All right. I’ll think about it.”
“Thanks. Now, let’s get these plates out there before Julia eats the plastic table cloth.” Jo followed her mother out to the table.
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I still creep around when there are updates. Excellent post! I hope you'll post more frequently
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Originally Posted by RosewoodPrettyLiar
I still creep around when there are updates. Excellent post! I hope you'll post more frequently
Thanks! Here's a tiny bit more.

Chapter Two

Jo sat at her kitchen table a few weeks later looking at a magazine. Jamie sat beside her working on homework. Jo’s head snapped up when she heard Julia storming out of the bedroom.
Julia slapped her hand down on the kitchen table and exclaimed, “I don’t want them anymore! Make them put the old ones back in!”
“What?” Jo was confused.
Julia lifted her hand to reveal her prosthetics lying on the kitchen table. Jo hadn’t noticed Julia had taken them out. When she looked at her, she saw Julia's cheeks were wet with tears.
“I don’t want them anymore! I don’t want to use a cane! I don’t want to read Braille! I don’t want to be blind!”
“Julia…” Jo began, but before she could finish Julia ran back to her bedroom and slammed the door.
Jo wiped her hand across her brow and sighed. She stared at the prosthetics lying on the table.
“Mom,” Jamie began. "She took out her eyes. She's not supposed to do that."
"No, Jamie, she's not," Jo replied quietly.
“Are you gonna go yell at her?”
“No, I’m not.”
“Because I don’t think it’ll help.”
Jamie looked at her. “Jamie,” Jo hated to ask her this, but she had to. “Are the kids nice to Julia at school?”
“Uh-huh,” Jamie nodded. Jamie looked at the paper in front of her, and asked, “Could you help me with this one?” She pointed to a problem on the worksheet.
As Jo helped Jamie with her homework, they could still hear Julia crying in the bedroom. A few minutes after they were finished, Julia became quieter and came out to the table.
“Yes, Julia?”
Julia didn’t say anything, but she climbed onto Jo’s lap and buried her face in her chest. Jo held her close and stroked her hair . Julia continued to go on about how she didn’t like that the teachers had to modify things for her and they didn’t have to for Jamie. Jo calmed her down as best she could and eventually got her to put her prosthetics back in.
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I am seldom on here anymore, but I was excited to see a story updated! Hope for more soon!
*Formerly FactsFan*

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Originally Posted by RosewoodPrettyLiar
I still creep around when there are updates.

Hi Meghan! Haven't seen you around in a while. Congrats on the engagement. The ring looks pretty (in your avatar pic.)
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Originally Posted by ZeldaGilroy
Hi Meghan! Haven't seen you around in a while. Congrats on the engagement. The ring looks pretty (in your avatar pic.)

Thanks! This picture doesn't do it justice!
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Hi Everyone,
Well, I definitely didn't mean for more than a year to go by without an update on this story. I've been busy finishing school and working on my own (non-fanfic) writing.
Anyway, here's more for anyone who might still be interested.


Chapter Three

The next few days were calm. By the end of the week, though, Julia was clearly upset again. Jo was late coming home from work, so she'd asked Mrs. Garrett to pick the girls up from school.
"Hi, Mrs. G," Jo said when Mrs. Garrett opened the door. "Sorry I'm a little late. Thanks for watching the girls."
"Of course, Jo. You know they're never any trouble."
Jo smiled. She knew as well as Mrs. Garrett that Jamie and Julia, as much as they loved each other, fought frequently.
"Hi, girls." Jo greeted them. They were kneeling at the coffee table with a board game between them. They were playing the game Trouble, and it looked like whoever was playing with the green pieces, probably Jamie, was winning.
"Aw, Mom," Julia whined. "We're almost done."
"Sorry, honey. It's time to go."
"But I was winning," Jamie whined.
"You can play again another day," Jo said. She was tired and wanted to get home and make dinner.
"But mom," the twins whined in unison.
"Come on," Jo urged. "We'll go home, and I'll make you guys some of my pizza."
"Oh, girls," Mrs. Garrett said, reaching to pick up the lid for the game box from the floor. "Your mom makes the best pizza."
Jamie and Julia didn't need coaxing. When Jo mentioned her pizza, Jamie and Julia started cleaning up the game immediately.
"Did you girls have fun with Mrs. G today," Jo asked as Jamie and Julia put on their coats by the door.
Jamie nodded. "Uh-huh."
"Yeah," Julia agreed. "Mrs. G makes the best cookies."
Jo smiled. "Don't forget your cane, Julia."
"Do I have to use it?" Julia didn't usually complain about using her cane.
"Of course you have to use it, Julia."
"Can't I just hold your hand instead?"
"You can use your cane with one hand and hold my hand with the other."
Julia frowned and mumbled a 'thank you' to Mrs. Garrett.
"Thanks again, Mrs. G."
"Any time, Jo. Bye girls. Enjoy the pizza."
Julia moped the whole way home.
Jo offered to let Julia help her with the pizza, hoping she'd get a chance to talk to her daughter and figure out what was really bothering her, but Julia refused. "My head hurts," she said.
"Do you want to take anything for it?"
"No, I just want to go lay down for a little bit."
Jamie was engrossed in a coloring book at the coffee table, so Jo quietly made the pizza herself.
"Mom, can we watch a movie," Jamie asked after dinner.
"Sure," Jo replied.
Julia came out of the bathroom, where she'd been washing her hands.
"Julia, do you want to watch a movie?" Jo asked.
"Okay," Julia said, sitting beside Jo on the couch.
"It's Jamie's turn to pick. Go ahead, Jamie."
Julia moped a little while Jamie took her time picking a movie.
"You'll get to choose next time," Jo said gently, putting a hand on Julia's shoulder.
Julia seemed fine until Jamie laughed at a visual scene in the movie. "What's so funny," Julia asked.
Jamie tried to explain it to her, but she was laughing too hard. Jo tried explaining it to her, but all Julia said was, "Oh," and she didn't laugh. Instead, she got up, went into her room, and shut the door behind her.
"Jamie, I'll be right back," Jo said after a few minutes.
"Yeah, okay, Mom," Jamie replied, clearly too involved in the movie to notice if anyone else was in the room with her.
Jo rose, sighing as she walked to Jamie and Julia's bedroom door and knocked. "Julia, can I come in?"
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Nice to see a fanfic resurrected over here. It's been a while. I'm glad you're back and writing again.
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Originally Posted by ZeldaGilroy
Nice to see a fanfic resurrected over here. It's been a while. I'm glad you're back and writing again.
Thanks. I'm glad someone's still interested. Here's some more.


Chapter Four

When Jo opened the door to Julia's room, she found Julia lying face down on her bed, her face buried in her pillow.
Jo sat on the edge of the bed and put her hand on Julia's quavering shoulder. "Julia, can we talk?"
Julia spoke into her pillow. "No, go away."
"I'm not going anywhere." Jo sighed, "But if you don't want to talk, I'll just have to sit here and wait until you're ready to tell me about what's bothering you."
There was a long silence that was only broken once by the sound of Jamie's laughter in the living room.
Julia, her cheeks wet with tears, sat up slowly after a few minutes. "Mom?"
Jo put her hand on Julia's shoulder and said gently, "I'm still here. What do you want to tell me?"
Julia hesitated a little. "Jamie and everyone else can see, and I can't."
"I know that's really been bothering you."
"Julia, you know it isn't something that can change."
"I know." Julia frowned.
"And you know you have to use your cane to keep you safe and help you see what's around you."
"But I can hold your hand and you keep me safe. And you and Jamie and Aunt Blair and Mrs. G tell me about what's around and when there are steps."
"I know, honey, but someday you won't be with me or Aunt Blair or Mrs. G all the time. And other people don't always let you hold onto them or tell you when there are steps, right? When you're on mobility lessons with Miss Carmen, she doesn't do either of those things, does she?"
"No, she makes me use my cane the whole time."
"Doesn't that make you feel good, knowing where steps are and if something's in your way when you're walking without someone having to tell you?"
"I guess." Julia paused. "Mom?"
"I know you don't mind doing it, but I don't always like it when you have to describe movies and stuff to me."
"Julia, it's the only way you can know what's going on."
"I know. But like tonight with the movie. After you told me what Jamie was laughing at, I didn't think it was funny after you described it to me. Maybe it would have been funny if I could have seen it myself."
Jo looked at her seriously. She wasn't sure what to say.
Julia continued, "And Jamie and Maggie are nice, but sometimes they laugh at something they can see and I can't." Maggie lived next door. She was the same age as the twins, and they all got along well.
"You and Maggie and Jamie are good friends, aren't you?"
"Julia, maybe it would help if you had other friends who can't see."
"Where do I get friends like that? I'm the only blind person at school."
Jo wasn't sure what to say. She thought for a few minutes. "Maybe Mr. Alderson can give us some ideas." Mr. Alderson was one of Julia's teachers. "I'll call him on Monday, okay?"
"Do you feel better?"
"Yeah, a little."
"Good." They hugged.
"Sissy, are you okay?" Jamie stood in the bedroom doorway and started walking toward Julia's bed.
"Yeah." Julia said.
Jamie sat beside Julia and hugged her.
Jo watched them hugging each other tightly and hoped Mr. Alderman could help her help Julia.
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Poor Julia. I do think it would be good for her to be with other blind children. She needs peers she can relate to better. I like this story and am anxious for more.
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